Visual Schedule Planner

2.4 (12)
116.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Good Karma Applications, Inc
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Visual Schedule Planner

2.42 out of 5
12 Ratings
8 years ago, CaseyJoEllen
Liked it at one time.
This app has a lot of great features. I like how it's pretty age neutral for my middle school students. However, they have taken off the "set a reminder" capability and this leaves it pretty useless to me. I'm working towards independence with my students and if I have to tell them to check their schedules, it's not helpful. If this is fixed I'll up my review to 4-5 stars. It can be tricky and a little time consuming to set up initially as well.
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7 years ago, WideAwake816
Easy to program
I have just started using this app for an elementary student at church who struggles with transitions. I love the integrated timer feature and the interactive I created a couple activities very easily on my iPad. I am having trouble sharing to iCloud so I can print it from my computer. The option within the app says the copy has been sent to iCloud but I am unable to access it that way on my iPad either. I look forward to
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6 years ago, Liz118will
Cannot sync between devices
This is a great app for individuals using visual schedules however the backup feature does not work. I’ve tried all the suggestions by the developers but I still cannot transfer the schedule from my son’s iPad to his phone (and it is running on the same operating system). If developers could figure out how to correct this, it’s definitely a 5 star app worth the money.
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2 years ago, sao ma kho qua vay
Not able to use the app
After paid and downloaded the app. We tried to create 1 schedule but not able to check it off. So disappointed.
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5 years ago, Hopeqing
Cannot start the app on our new 6th generation app.
Would you please make it compatible with iPad 6th generation? When I try to start the app, it won’t start. Thanks!
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2 years ago, 14gear54dear*
One of my favorite features was the timer and it doesn’t even work.
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6 years ago, mom23blessings
Complicated to use
Bought this for my 15yo autistic son to help give him a daily visual reminder of what needs to be done. This is so complicated to use that I’m sorry that I spent $12 on this...
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5 years ago, MindyAnn4
Super old and hard to use. Do not buy
Do not buy!!
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11 years ago, Normal is a Dryer Setting
Excellent App For Individuals Needing Help With Scheduling
I have two children with special needs...a 5 year old diagnosed with Autism/Apraxia, and a 15 year old diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, and a Disorder of Written Expression (a specific learning disability). I originally found Good Karma's apps while searching for anything reasonably priced on the market that would assist my little guy with communication, and have been a customer of every app developed ever since! When I came across this app, I immediately saw it as potentially benefitting my older child, who has issues with organizing and prioritizing his time, as well as needing frequent reminders to accomplish simple daily tasks and self help skills (chores, hygiene, etc.) After piloting this app with my older son with HUGE success, I have decided to give it a try with my younger son as well. I cannot believe how much money I have wasted over the past couple of years on apps that cost twice, three times, even four times the amount that this app costs...with minimal features and lackluster customer support (I can be a little technologically challenged myself and am in frequent contact with Good Karma's customer support...I've been pleasantly surprised by how responsive and helpful they've been. I'm incredibly grateful for affordable, user-friendly apps like this, and hope to see even more from Good Karma in the future!
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13 years ago, sandy52002
Great App and Awesome Customer Support
So happy to have found this app for my sons iPad. We now easily are able to take his Schedule with us everywhere we go. His teachers love it too. We use the notes section to write back and forth to each other about his day. I love the ease of editing and modifying as needed. Plus having social story videos embedded within his schedule is very helpful. The customer support is amazing! My questions have been answered immediately! Very supportive and helpful! I highly recommend this app!
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12 years ago, TeaCH SpEd 2
Great resource for parents and teachers
I'm so impressed with the ease of use of this app and the functionality of this planner. The set up will take a bit of time, but it's easy to use and provides a very complete snapshot of an individual's day. Thanks so much for a quality app. Looking forward to an iTouch version in the future.
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12 years ago, LAURA9878
Promising App
Looks good and promises a lot. But unfortunately it doesn't deliver. I like the interface and the ease of the app. But it has a ton of bugs. It crashes a lot, freezes, and erases data already entered. We have this on 3 iPads and they all have the same issues. I regret buying this app. Had it been cheaper it wouldn't have been such a big deal. But for the price it should deliver more. I hope the creators fix the problems and continue to improve it. Also, you should be able to check off tasks as they are finished.
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11 years ago, Tammy Hadley
Wonderful app. Great for my son with autism
I loved the app from the begining. My son has a need to have everything scheduled out. This has cut down on a lot of his behavior issues. I love that he can just look at the I pad and see what is coming next. Wonderful app with great support on the facebook page.
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13 years ago, MommySquare
Thank u for this wonderful app. It is an awesome way to limit meltdowns. OTs use a paper version of scheduling, but this is much more user friendly, portable and easy to edit. Thank u again for designing apps that make life with special needs children easier.
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9 years ago, Cgraue222
It is ok.
I like the fact that it is not as glitchy as my choice works calendar app, however it says you can link an activity schedule to an event and that doesn't really seem to do anything. Also, when you do a repeat event you don't have the option to enter an end date such as, repeat every day until August 6.
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11 years ago, Dicetail
Great customer service!!!
Good karma apps has the best customer service I have ever seen. Even better then any retail box store. If you have to contact them about their app all you have to do is send an email, they get back to you right away!!! Thank you for being so outstanding!!!
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11 years ago, Tamaraann1978
Downloaded for my autistic 4 year old about an hour ago. I am unable to do ANYTHING on this app other than upload photos. I tap on a button for any date & NOTHING happens. Contacted Apple Support, and I uninstalled & reinstalled twice. No dice. They told me to contact the manuf support, and whomever answered my complaint email obviously did not read the message at all, as the information they gave me was about viewing past events, and editing. NOTHING WORKS WHEN I TAP THE SCREEN. NOTHING. WASTE of $15.
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11 years ago, Monkeyhelpme
Not for ADHD
I will be asking for a refund. I should have went with my gut and not bought it. The timer doesn't work and to hard to set tasks. I have never written a review on anything I have bought but having children with needs I felt I should so another parent doesn't waste there money and find this useless. The app is a nice concept but to hard and unless you are glued to your iPad you have no clue when to start the next task
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8 years ago, tunester1500
Pretty good
This app has nice pictures and can be used by people of all ages. The ability to set a reminder both as sound and vibration is needed in the next update . Compatibility with Iwatch and a vibrating alarm would mean a child could receive discrete prompts without a parent needing to be around.
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10 years ago, Dawnaf80
I expected a lot more for $15
I expect a lot more for $15. The Prod -you can use your own pictures -it's relatively user friendly -if the major issues listed below it would be a 5 star app unfortunately the issues are major. The BIG cons -No sync capabilities between devices except manually through the iCloud. If the screen times out the clock timer stops working properly. This is a major problem when my autistic son still sees time on the timer when in reality the timer should have ended several minutes prior and moved on to the next (several) item(s).
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12 years ago, spectrum Mum
Super helpful!
Super helpful! My Autistic son loves to check his schedule and use the custom steps to remember what he needs to do next. Thank you for an app that is so customizable to his special needs and schedule.
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12 years ago, Emv loves c
C's mom
This is a great app. Easy to use, easy to understand. Used my daughters voice for her favorite places to go. Thank you so much for this app.
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10 years ago, Beththeisen
Not worth it
This app is so hard to figure out how to program. There are no instructions; at least I think there are none. If there are, I can't find it. Still haven't been able to program it, so I'm giving up. Don't bother!
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10 years ago, :) Abby :)
Visual Schedule Planner
I love the new updates. Thank you for making it smoother. I now can use it all the time. Great job keep it up! :)
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13 years ago, USSH
I love this app. My 2 1/2 year old loves to check his schedule.
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12 years ago, Nancy MacLean Davidson
Waste of $
I want a refund. The app looked promising, but it is useless. I cannot enter any information beyond today's date. There is no home screen, tutorial, or help feature. The worst part is that it isn't cheap.
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13 years ago, AAC Girl
Most comprehensive and flexible! Useful for many people!
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12 years ago, KariLaPrade
Waste of money!
I'll give it 1 star for the idea. Like where you they were going with it, but too expensive when what it does (nothing). Looks wonderful in the screenshots/description but don't let that fool you. It is not easy to enter information or plan ahead (and I am a web developer, very computer savvy). I WANT A REFUND, please!? Can that happen? At least improve it, please...I feel like I got majorly ripped off.
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10 years ago, RendiRae
I really wanted to like this app
I had high hopes for this app, especially for the dollar amount. I was sad to discover that it is unbelievably cumbersome and useless for a practical person that has more than a few things to schedule. I am a behavior analyst that works with children on the spectrum and was trying to find electronic scheduling apps that would be practical for clients. The app has potential, but it takes HOURS to actually create "Activity schedules" (task analysis routines) and then you have to go in DAILY to assign these schedules, after creating an event for each and EVERY schedule item. You cannot just assign a created activity schedule to a start time and move on. In addition, the app defaults you to the current date of the day you're working on the schedule, so you have to manually go in for every SINGLE event and change that. Therefore, if you're working on a daily schedule in the next month, each event you will have to manually change the date and time, as it does not simply follow the date and time from the event proceeding it. This issue actually uses up a lot of time for the user. Another problem is the activity schedules have you assign time lengths, but these do not correlate to when you create events so you must have the exact schedule written down to make sure you do not overlap events on the daily schedule. For this app to have any practical purpose it needs to find a way to make creating schedules less time consuming, like maybe a desktop app that allows you to type everything in and then pushes it to the iProduct? As it stands right now, do not waste your time or money. There are far cheaper apps that allow visual task analysis. Basically, that is what this app does, as the scheduler is useless to most people. I hope the creators find a way to actually make this an efficient app.
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12 years ago, Conce47
Great Help
Great app, the designer shows great understanding of Autism.
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8 years ago, kevholmberg
Too compilicated
Waste of money. Too complicated to use.
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10 years ago, di721
Waste of fifteen dollars
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5 years ago, edwinporsche
Very complicated to use
I did bought this app for planning a schedule for my daughter,she is autistic and at school they use schedule planners for her,this app is very frustrating because I have spend two days already trying to set a schedule for a road trip for July 4 and I can’t even add pictures for that day,it only allows me to create an event name with the picture,is very frustrating and I am really disappointed of this app,is 14.99 and doesn’t help me at all!consider this before buying this app.
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12 years ago, Apps 3 all
Great App
Great App
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12 years ago, YoCatholicMamma
Great support from developer
I am changing my previous 3-star review to 5 stars, because the developer gave me a code to try their First-Then app, which is more appropriate for our son's developmental level. Maybe when he is older, the Visual Schedule app will be helpful for him. (Previous review): Great features and easy to use, but the pictures on the daily schedule are so tiny that you can't tell what they are. My 3yo son does not read yet, so tiny pictures with large text descriptions is the opposite of what we need. The Activity Schedule pics are a nice size, but the daily schedule is useless for us.
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