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User Reviews for Vivid Seats | Buy Tickets

4.73 out of 5
355.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Iloveavengers
First Time Buying Resell
I found out a little too late that Melanie Martinez was going on tour because her tour sold out fast. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was 17 and I’m 25 now so I really wanted to her in person badly. I was a little nervous buying resell tickets. Especially with all the scalping and ticket scams going around but I decided to give it a try. I didn’t think the tickets were that expensive considering it was GA and I’m a huge fan. I did run into a problem when Ticketmaster informed me in a vague email that one of my tickets had been canceled because the seller violated their user agreement. In a panic I called vividseats customer service and tried to understand the situation. The lady who helped me was super polite and friendly. They looked into the situation but I wasn’t too worried because I bought ticket insurance(which I recommend). After a couple days they sent me a new ticket at no additional charge and I had no problems after that. I called about a parking pass I purchased later on and a different lady on the phone helped me who was also extremely polite and helpful. Their customer service is some of the best I’ve seen. I ran into no issues getting into the concert and am extremely satisfied with vividseats.
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3 years ago, Nert24
Bad customer service
I sold four pga championship golf tickets on vivid seats. My original purchase of the tickets was later cancelled due to it being limited capacity. I still wanted to fulfill the sell order and was still able to do so by buying new tickets. I spoke with customer service through their chat function and made it clear I did not want to cancel the sell order. They confirmed that I could do this if I wanted to since they were just general admission tickets. When I was about to buy new tickets, vivid seats called me and said they had cancelled my sell order. I was set to profit $851 off the sale of those four tickets, so I wasn’t happy about it. The guy on the phone said he couldn’t do anything about it and if I wanted to complain to management, I would need to send an email. I emailed management asking them to reinitiate the sale. I received no response for several days. I then reached back out to vivid seats through their chat function to try to get them to resolve the issue. They tried telling me that I didn’t contact them and tell them I didn’t want to cancel the sale and therefore they couldn’t do anything about it. I then informed them that I had screenshots showing that I had talked to them multiple times about it and they had given me permission to still sell them. They then, went back to management to discuss again, before giving another excuse on why they couldn’t do anything about it. They made no attempt to rectify the situation.
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6 years ago, Kmac2894
Easy to use app and fees are better than competitive
I have used Vivid Seats dozens of times to purchase tickets to my favorite sports teams and artists. I love Vivid Seats because they make the ticket purchasing and delivery process so streamlined I can buy tickets to Cubs and Bears games up until minutes before the game. They do a good job of showing you if the ticket is an instant download, mobile ticket, or shipped ticket so you know right away what you will be getting. I also like that they have views from sections in lots of stadiums. It helps me get a sense of where every seat is and if it is worth the listed price. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, I am always sure to compare prices at checkout rather than the listed price because all of these secondary ticket companies list their fees and service charges differently at the end of the process. At checkout, Vivid Seats is usually the cheapest option as their service charges are always lower than competitors like StubHub and SeatGeek. I will continue to use Vivid as my primary source of tickets because of all these factors.
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11 months ago, Brieseyfbaby
Steals money
I would give 0 stars if possible. Withholds money from cancelled events and refuses to contact venue and tells you to wait. Literally put the TBD date as 2099 so they never have to refund you as it will never reach that date. They send same generic message that they are waiting on a new date and cannot refund you even though event is cancelled and completely cut off contact. Same generic answers from every customer service representative, the exact same automated answer, and then just stops responding. I will never use this platform again. Use stubhub! Their customer service actually cares and are real people and solve any issues. Just wanted to update since they decided to respond, it has been over a year since I have been trying to get a refund. I went to lengths to contact the original company that distributed the tickets since my ticket was a resell, and that company said I had to get a refund through vivid seats but they have refunded everyone that originally bought tickets through them. Every single time I contact customer service to tell them I have this documentation, they tell me “we are in constant contact with the venue” which is a lie because if they were, they would know that it is cancelled. Then they stop responding. They have cut me off contact and stopped responding 3 times now in the past year of me trying to resolve this issue. Now I am out of over 300$. Avoid them at all costs
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3 years ago, Erick284729
Shockingly horrible customer support
I’ve never had issues buying tickets through any third party ticketing app and I certainly didn’t expect any issues from a company such as VividSeats. I had ordered tickets last year (2020) for a showing of Wicked which was postponed until fall 2021. After seeing the new dates for the show I emailed and called vivid seats multiple times to get any kind of idea about when my new rescheduled tickets would arrive. Well days turned into weeks which turned into months and pretty soon there was only 2 weeks left of showtimes for wicked. I had continually reached out and the only response I received was that “we’re closely monitoring the situation and we’ll update you when the venue has confirmed any new dates.” I’m writing this review the day after the final showtime for my city has passed. So now I’ve spent money for a show I never got to watch and a constant headache as I try to navigate the customer support hurdles to talk to someone. They advertise a “100% money back guarantee” but I’ve seen no mention of it from them as I try to get my refund for these tickets. I also purchased the insurance for the tickets but apparently means nothing in this situation. I will never buy from vivid seats again and I strongly advise anyone who is considering buying from them to reconsider and buy elsewhere. Customer support is non existent and they will hang up on you if you keep persisting for a refund. Stay away!!
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3 years ago, JHAT1
Zero Stars
Bought tickets to an event 3 hours away and a week away. Never could accept the transfer due to some error. Contacted customer service all week trying to get it solved. Eventually, I told them how far away the event was and they said to try to contact them the day of the event before I started driving. The night before I got an email stating the tickets had been withdrawn. I got tickets through SeatGeek myself for the event as I had seen other reviews with this happening to people through Vivid Seats. I went to the event perfectly with SeatGeek. I got home and saw where they sent the tickets to me again 17 minutes before the event started. This feels like a scam to me as I never even got to try to accept them and not even sure they would have gone through. But, since they show they were transferred again-they did their part according to them. If you actually want a worry free time and not trying to wait at the event gate 3 hours away minutes before it starts praying for a possibility you get tickets if they actually come through without errors-go through a company that cares or at least one that will get you tickets at a time you could use them - SeatGeek was awesome! I will never use Vivid Seats again. I ended up spending twice as much as I should have for the same event due to their careless customer service. Hours on the phone and chat with no results. Surprised there is not a class action yet!
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3 years ago, LBelle*
Worst Buying/Customer Service Experience
If I could leave zero stars on this review I would. From the moment I purchased the tickets I had a problem. It started with purchasing 6 tickets and only receiving 2 of those 6. After being charged for tickets I never received, I contacted customer service to see if they could send me the tickets and if not, refund the charge for a product I never received. After waiting 45 minutes I was told by customer service they couldn’t refund my money, to “take the charge up with my bank.” When we did go to use the 2 tickets we had, we arrived at the game only to find that the time posted on the App, on the mobile confirmation and the ticket was incorrect. We could no longer attend the correct time so I again contacted customer service to see about reselling the tickets to get my money back, based on their error for posting the wrong time, I was told the event was already in progress (it wasn’t since they had the wrong time) and they couldn’t resell/refund my tickets. When I asked about the incorrect information they said they would transfer me to the correct department to “look into this”, which never happened and I was disconnected twice. Not only did I pay for a service and product I never received, but the customer service was no help in correcting their mistake or helping to get my money back. I will never use this company to purchase tickets again.
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1 year ago, AlbertMirto
Worst Customer Service Experience Ever
I’ve never written a review and this experience was so bad that I had to let others know to steer clear and not be scammed. I never got my tickets to the event and never got refunded. I bought 4 tickets to the giants vs eagles game for my 3 friends and I as we continue our yearly tradition. The game was in December and I bought them in August. The tickets never showed up ( the seller said he sent them). I called Vivid Seats 3 different times in the 2 upcoming days before the game. Talked to a variety of people at vivid seats. Tickets nowhere to be found. One man I spoke to said it was a problem on their end, another man from vivid seats said it was a problem on my end. They told me they didn’t know what to do about this situation. (It wasn’t on my end because I bought the parking pass on the phone with one of the men and the ticket came right through). My friends were coming from out of state so I bought tickets in the section next to our original seats. I tried to get my money back for the 4 original tickets I purchased since I never received them. Vivid seats told me no refunds. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge. After a couple weeks I got an update with an attachment from Vivid Seats that said (All purchases are final with no refunds.” VIVID SEATS USED to be my go to app for tickets. I will no longer be using them and I urge others to look for alternatives to Vivid Seats.
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7 months ago, Bferg 017
0 star experience - warning to all users
If I could give them 0 stars I would. Purchased tickets 4 hours before the game, figured I wouldn’t have access to my tickets until an hour before the game. Hour before the game arrived, no tickets. Contact support, they said I will have them 30minutes until game time. No tickets. Contacted again. They said 15 minutes until game time and if not, they will resolve the problem right away. No tickets. Contact them again. They said they are looking into it and contacting the seller. I told them game starts soon and don’t want to miss any of the game. This is a hockey game, they finally decide to try and get us replacement tickets, 20 minutes after the game has started. We had a choice of taking the tickets that we missed the whole first period or a refund. We drove an hour to get to the game, paid for parking and spent over an hour trying to get this problem resolved. Customer ended up just giving us a refund that will take 5 days. They should have just gave us replacement tickets right away and there would be no problem. Why would I accept paying full price and miss the whole first period of a hockey game. We did get a $10 credit though. Such a joke of an experience. Will 100% be using an competitor app. Why use the credit when this same situation will probably happen again. Just be warned when dealing with vivid seats. Worst experience ever.
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5 years ago, Kimberle T
Had to jump through hoops and Prices are INFLATED!!
I used Vivid Seats to purchase 10 Phillies tickets. Payment went through fine. I started getting all these emails that reference tickets had been “sent” but no actual email with tickets. I tried calling to speak with a rep and they don’t have anyone you can talk to, all automated and we know how wonderful that can be. I did a chat session and the first rep was ignorant, couldn’t walk me through how to get my tickets, and then told me the only way to get my money back would be to sell my tickets back! I ask “How do I sell tickets I don’t have???” He couldn’t answer me and continued to get more ignorant with me. After 45 minutes he disconnected my session and I was stuck. So I had to start ANOTHER chat session. This rep was helpful. Walked me through the many steps you have to go through to get your tickets and settled my issue in 25 minutes. I needed to purchase 14 tickets for another game and decided to shop a few sites this time. Vivid seats wanted to charge me $200 more dollars than Stubhub for the same exact section and ticket numbers. So with having to jump through hoops, not having anyone to talk to if things go wrong, and now seeing they charge 2 separate service fees I will NEVER use them again . They charge $7.75 per ticket for a service charge but provide terrible service, then $2.50 per ticket for an “electronic fee” ummmm why???? It’s just a way to gouge prices.. pure greed!! Go somewhere else.
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6 months ago, Danteites
Bait and switch. Deceptive company. If I could leave a 0 I would
I initially attempted to purchase tickets on Friday December 29, 2023 for the Super Bowl being held in Las Vegas on February 11,2024 after a notification came across my phone for 15% off. However when trying to finalize the purchase all Vivid Seats took off was $30. It was hidden so the only way I could see the line by line pricing was by clicking several drop down options. So instead of finalizing the purchase, I called Vivid Seats to explain my issue. But they were of no help. They kept asking me to forward an email. It took them a while to understand the 15% notification wasn’t in email but instead a push notification. But they did ask me to email me a screenshot which I did. They said someone would contact me the next day but no one did. I spoke to a Sam, then a Ryan at some point over the course of December 30 and 31. And I spoke to a Joe who finally told me the protocol was to FIRST, I had to purchase the tickets at full price. THEN I would need to call in to have them credit me the 15%. So, on December 31, 2023 I made the FULL PRICE purchase and called and spoke to Joe again who said I would hear from Vivid Seats via email the next day. But no one has responded or credited my 15%. And I keep getting the run around because I kept asking for a supervisor but was never transferred to any. These are deceptive and criminal practices
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4 years ago, Corbin Williams
Rip off company
I purchased tickets well before the pandemic hit and was excited to head to a concert as a Christmas present to my girlfriend last December. The concert was suppose to be May 2020 but for obvious reasons it was postponed. Which is totally fine and makes sense but a few months later around September 2020 they sent an email saying the event had been canceled which also totally makes sense and gave everyone 7 days to get a full refund, so I called.. I spoke to customer service who told me to expect a refund within 7 business days. After 2 weeks I called back and told them I never received the refund and this is where they started to scam me and try to say I never called them within 7 days of that email and for those reasons I was out of luck and could have a credit towards future events. But, How do I know this company will even exist after the pandemic?! They could go totally under with my “credit” and I’m screwed. I reached out numerous times via email, phone and even to the executives LinkedIn accounts and also had to call my bank to open a dispute which so far has gone in my favor because before the pandemic when I purchased the tickets there was no “7 day” restrictions if the event was canceled everyone was due a full refund. VividSeats is a gigantic rip off and I would use extreme caution when ordering any type of event tickets through them. Especially during this pandemic.
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5 years ago, Dario 2011
The Absolute Worst Experience I’ve ever had with Buying Tickets!!!!
The App is absolutely useless....It Doesn’t store your ticket it just shows that you paid for it?? Ok... Well the Venue doesn’t care about your transaction it just wants the Barcode so they can Scan the ticket... Well you can’t get it because you need to accept tickets through a barrage of emails that most get lost in your Spam Folder.... Then you call customer service and your calling a third world country where you can’t even understand what the hell they are saying... But they get mad at you and hang up on you because I couldn’t understand their broken English..... If I could give a Negative Star that’s what I would do... I will never buy tickets from them again ever or will I ever recommend someone to them....I arrived early just to sit and fight with customer service to locate this Parking pass that I paid to much for. I ended up missing half the game and had to pay out of pocket for a parking spot... I then call customer service to get a refund because the ticket was never used or Scanned... Bit the customer rep. Just laughed and said we give refunds even though you didn’t receive or use the ticket..???? Ok well then Vivid seats are a Fraudulent company ripping people off.... Oh and it took 45 minutes after getting transferred 3 times to get that answer!!!! ABSOLUTELY THE WORST!!!! DO NOT GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THESE CLOWNS!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, greci.mtz
I was scammed.
Very disappointed. I intended on purchasing Lakers tickets for my boyfriend’s birthday in February. The game wasn’t until April. Upon purchasing the tickets, vividseats claimed the tickets were “GA” and showed a picture of seats behind the lakers basketball hoop. I spent over $100 each for the tickets. After purchasing, I went to show my boyfriend the tickets, and the description of the tickets completely changed. It stated they weren’t tickets to the actual game, but tickets to a bar and club AT the game that you can’t even attend without actual game tickets. I immediately called the same day I purchased, and they were rude on the phone and not only would not help me resolve the issue, but spoke to me as if I were dumb. I called multiple times to get it figured out and no one I called spoke English well, and couldn’t fully communicate with me. I was polite and just trying to get some resolution, but was hung up on, and belittled. Customer Service told me the only thing I could do was sell the tickets. Not only were these tickets not the tickets described, but I never even received the tickets. I messaged a Laker’s fanatic, and he also informed me these tickets go for $25 on other websites. I was fully scammed, and lost out on over $200. Never again will I use vividseats, and I will tell everyone I know to stay far away from that website. f vividseats
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2 years ago, Taterbubbins1
Unimaginably bad experience
I can’t speak enough negative about Vivid seats. I started with an attempt to purchase 6 tickets for a show this month in Philadelphia, “Rocky the Musical.” I purchased the 6 tickets for the day I would be available but, somehow, I had also purchased 2 for the following weekend. Thinking that they would correct my mistake, I immediately contacted Vivid Seats and was told that the only option was to resell. In the meantime, some of my party couldn’t make my original date and now I had 4 tickets to sell for 2 different dates. It was incredibly difficult to even list the 4 tickets and the first date passed without reselling even though my price was the lowest. When I contacted, I was told that they never made the website listing because my information “didn’t fit our format.” Having lost 2 ticket sales, the nice gentleman on the line helped me properly list the other 2 for the following weekend. The following weekend, after the show, I received notice that the tickets had sold and that all it needed was “my approval.” I panicked wondering if I had missed another sale. When I called, I was informed that the sale didn’t go through as someone (presumably me) had “rejected” the sale on the afternoon of the show. I did no such thing and have now purchased 8 tickets for 4 tickets to a show.
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2 years ago, allowtimetoheal
Don’t trust these guys
I bought tickets. I paid for them. Their website listed my tickets as “confirmed” in big red letters on my account. But they never emailed the mobile tickets to me. On the day of the event I chatted online with customer service twice, both times the rep promised my tickets would be emailed before the show. The second person I talked to, “Christopher” said don’t worry the tickets will come. Just go even if they haven’t arrived. They will be emailed while you’re in line to get in. I’m sure you can see where this is headed. I went downtown. I paid for parking. I get to the venue. Still no tickets. Now I’m outside on the phone with vivid seats like an idiot for an hour while the show starts without me. I finally talk to some one who offers me a refund. We’ll see if it ever comes. When I asked why they didn’t just tell me that afternoon there was a problem, she said they didn’t confirm the tickets weren’t coming from their “seller” until 30 minutes after the show had started. THEN WHY DID IT SAY THEY WERE CONFIRMED ON MY ACCOUNT?? Ok I’m done venting. I know it’s just a show and life will go on. But don’t make the same mistake as me. Oh and the tickets were a gift for my wife, so I drug her into this whole debacle. Luckily she has a sense of humor and she loves me. If that refund ever comes, I’ll try to make this up to her.
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2 years ago, Batboymeister
BUYERS BEWARE! Never trust Vivid Seats!
Vivid Seats says they’re 100% buyers guaranteed. But are they really?… You should think twice when buying tickets from this fraudulent company based in “Chicago” because it’s really 50% buyers guaranteed. You are at greater risk of not receiving ticket(s) to concerts or sporting events and ending up paying for nothing. One time, I bought a ticket to a New Jersey Devils game close to the ice level and I never received a ticket from a seller. I was so upset I had to contact Vivid Seats on Twitter to see if there’s a way I can get my money back. And guess what. I didn’t get my money back and they were no help at all!!! I was totally scammed and never got the ticket. Had to buy one on Ticketmaster instead. Absolute joke! I highly recommend ALL buyers out there to NOT buy tickets from Vivid Seats. They are a fraud and untrustworthy under any circumstances. However, if you’re a wise person and still want to buy tickets on Vivid Seats, find the one that says “Instant Download.” That’s the only way you’ll know you’re guaranteed to receive a ticket in just minutes. Other than that, don’t waste your money. Buy tickets on Ticketmaster instead. They’re trustworthy and 100% buyers guaranteed. I hope Vivid Seats files for bankruptcy and will no longer exist in the near future!
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6 years ago, Kgrahamcracka
HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. Oh and did I mention, HORRIBLE. The company is a joke. The customer service deserves negative stars. I wouldn’t even give one star but I had to. I was surprising my husband with Eagles Vs. Cowboys tickets at Lincoln Financial field for his birthday and he’s never been there since we are Tennessee residents but are huge Eagles fans. So I get on this website and purchase 4 tickets for (what I thought) was Cowboys vs. Eagles tickets for November 11th. Well I actually bought tickets for the Eagles vs. NY Giants for OCTOBER 11th. Well literally not even 30 seconds after I had ordered these tickets, mind you they were $560( WHICH IS A LOT OF MONEY FOR ME ), I had realized this mistake and chatted them on their live chat right away and begged them to change the tickets or give me my money back. I BEGGED. But as anyone who does business with this site knows they do not do refunds or exchanges but by God they do have a spot where you can sell your tickets you don’t want! Isn’t that fantastic? (Please note my heavy sarcasm) So here I am in TENNESSEE trying to sell tickets for a game in NEW YORK. Wish me luck because this dumb site just cost me $560. Oh and if you have a problem don’t bother calling them you’ll just get the same rehearsed answer for your problem and be on hold for 15 + minutes. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. EVER. That is all.
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2 years ago, Tidepod549
Just wanted to say thank you!
A few days ago I reported that the app kept crashing. I deleted the app, paused a couple of days and reloaded. I did notice the user experience was a little different than before. Whether the issue was on my end or a true bug, I just wanted to thank you for acknowledging my challenge as an end user and reporting the feedback that I gave to the team. That, in itself, is a really big deal when it comes to customer service and the end user experience. Being a Developer or an Engineer can often be a “thankless” job so I just want to take some time to let the team know that there ARE folks out here that see you and we really do appreciate all the countless hours you put in to make the app world go around. I am happy to report that my user experience has improved and the app is now working as expected. I can see my tickets! Rock On Vivid Seats Dev Team and all teams involved 🤘🏼🤘🏼.
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4 years ago, Melly Laker Lover
A Financial Nightmare!Do NOT lose your $$!
I bought(or so I thought)tickets for the Laker game. On the way to the game, I called to verify seats because I had received a confirmation email and my card was charged but I did not get ticket info. I was told hat the seller had not confirmed so the tickets were canceled but I would receive my refund in a few days! They found other seats and my card was charged again and AGAIN the tickets for some reason could not be finalized. 30 minutes until starting time, seats were low but they found better seats but I had to pay more of course. I told them it is the only money I had left to PLEASE only charge my card if they were sure we would get seats! When we arrived at the Staples Center we got an email that the seats were sold!!! NO one could give me answers at VS and now hundreds of dollars ithe hole, my daughter had to buy her own birthday tickets from the box office because VS had taken my entire paycheck. I couldn't even buy my daughter dinnner. We were stressed, missed opening of the game and the saddest thing is I never got an apology or remimbursement for the nightmare or fees I later inurred from my bank. I had to wait over a week for the hundreds of dollars that Vivid Seats stole from me. Use Geek Seats or any other hub but this scam!
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7 months ago, I want Instagram back!!!
Never using this app again!!
I had a concert I had to go to and I was on call with customer service since at the ticket booth I was told I didn’t have my name on any of the seats. I had already sent vivid seats an email concerning this days before but no response? I ended being put on hold for over 40 mins, and they hung up on me so I was forced to buy new tickets at the event. The tickets from beforehand ended up being transferred right after buying the new tickets at exactly the time the event was going to start which is unfair considering the fact that I had already bought new ones in place of the ones that never arrived. Did they expect me to wait last minute for the doors to close on me?? I obviously was furious about this instance and had been waiting over two weeks for a response on my case as I was told to wait to receive an email regarding my case but never received anything back until I called today and was told I wouldn’t be receiving a refund. Even though I was put on hold the day of the event for over 40 mins while the event was almost going to start and no sight of tickets until the exact moment the concert had already started and I had already purchased new ones. Vivid seats do better!!!!
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3 years ago, ZRB121995
Non-Responsive Customer Service
Bought tickets to an NFL game a couple weeks ago. Immediately after making an order, I received an email from vivid seats claiming there was a link to claim my tickets (no link was present in the email). I also received a ticket transfer from Ticketmaster with a broken link. I had a busy week and assumed I would receive my working tickets by gameday. Come Sunday morning, I had to contact customer service because I could not claim my tickets. Customer service chat was responsive at first, but then their solution was to have the seller resend the tickets, and my chat was disconnected with no resolution. My only choice was to buy tickets right before game time - I did this through vivid seats and the email came through with a working link, but now I’ve paid for two sets of tickets. I call on Monday to get this resolved, wait on hold for over an hour, get put on hold by their rep, then the call is disconnect and I did not receive a call back although they had my number on file. Customer service has sent me a couple “still working on this” emails over the past week, but I’ve received no answers from them. Was forced to dispute the charge with my credit card company instead
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7 months ago, Bonewoman
The second time they have stolen $800 from us. We bought tickets to a rodeo just before Covid, and the event was canceled obviously. They issued us an $800 credit, in spite our many attempts to get a refund. A couple of years later we bought tickets to a sporting event and attempted to use our credits. They charged our credit card instead. When we called the company to cancel the order, they insisted it could not be done and to take up the issue with our credit card company. We did, and the credit card company sided with vivid. fast-forward to now, we are again trying to use our remaining $800 credits which they originally said never expired but now they claim expired in 30 days, and they immediately canceled our order saying that they will not sell tickets to someone who has disputed a charge with them in the past. Amazing how they can all of the sudden cancel orders (which they claimed it couldn’t be done, but it can be done when it comes to stealing your money). We have attempted to resolve this with them multiple times to no avail. They are crooked and they will steal your money no matter what they have to do to get it. Do yourself a favor and buy tickets through another website.
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1 year ago, Lilshafe1
If only zero stars was an option!
I’ve used vivid 6 times and they’re batting about 50%. 3 went smoothly, not so much on the other 3. I ordered 8 peach festival box seats that I thought were VIP, but turns out they weren’t. They included a VIP parking pass (which doesn’t do much) and were seats in VIP box section that didn’t include any actually VIP amenities or access at the other stage. The listing was something like “Peach music fest with VIP! peach fest 4 day pass. VIP parking. Box XX” etc. I’ve never seen box seats sold through the festival website that weren’t VIP, so the seller emphasized VIP parking and box seats without clarifying that the box seats didn’t include VIP credentials. Vivid collected their nearly $1k in fees and refused to do anything about it. Then I ordered phish tickets at the Mann that never came. Had to scramble and pay more just to get in. At least vivid refunded my money that time (as I would expect). Just ordered 2 tickets to Zepp is Funk that the delivery got screwed up on and apparently they wanted me to create a new AXS account. Again, Vivid did nothing. I understand the money went to the seller but at least vivid could waive their huge fees. Most of these 3rd party sellers are scammers but Vivid is the worst. Im done with them.
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2 years ago, cduncan3
Garbage App So Much Better Out There
This app and company are focused on catering to large sellers only. I purchased tickets from Vivid Seats that were e tickets that transferred through the Ticketmaster app and then could not attend the event. I went to sell the same tickets on the app and was told I could not because I was not a “large seller” (sells more than 10k in tickets a year) they require PDF tickets or Hard Tickets (neither of which were available for this event) . I was repeatedly told that I should just “Google for sites that allow you to sell your e tickets.” I will go elsewhere and have deleted this garbage app and will never use it again. I recommend any app other than Vivid Seats. Due the their response that again suggested I will go elsewhere, I have and will never spend money on this garbage app. It would be one thing if they didn’t let anyone do this but to let some sell them like this and force others out isn’t cool and frankly ridiculous you can not resell the same tickets on the app you just bought them on because you find out you cannot go. You’ve won Vivid Seats I will never use you garbage service again and I advise anyone considering this company to steer clear.
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4 years ago, ajn5231
As an avid concert ticket purchaser, with everything with COVID 19 going on... vivid seats was def not compliant with the situation. They gave us 7 days to respond well one I saw this email a little later into the 7 days , I call them immediately but nobody answered , I waited 3 hours for the chat online but nobody answered. Twice I did this and then decided to email them because this is ridiculous. And during this time I had a family member who was diagnosed with covid and in the hospital it was extremely upsetting. All they can tell me “ it’s past the 7 days”. Really? I am a loyal customer but from now on I will not be participating in their tickets. I will not be recommending this app to anyone moving forward. Actually , I’ve had a similar situation that happen with FGL tickets in homdel NJ as well last summer. They are awful with refund. I’ll go back to ticket master & live nation / stubhub. Thanks for not being understanding during this rough time, 7 days is truly not enough time especially being an essential worker and dealing with sick family members. They will only care when it hits home I swear. We are all in need of our money the proper way. Extremely disappointed . Never again .
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4 years ago, B Doran
Do not use this app especially to resell tickets
I purchased tickets for a comedy show and had something come up so I had to resell the tickets. So I went through the app and figured out how to sell tickets after about 15 minutes, entered in the information for the seats and thought I had listed everything needed. Vivid does not auto populate the information for you even though you purchased the ticket on their app. A few days later I get an email stating that my tickets have sold and I need to upload them. I called Vivid for assistance only to be told that my tickets were not able to be sold because they are mobile tickets. Vivid allowed me to list my tickets for sale only to tell me after they “sold” that I can’t sell those tickets. I listed the tickets for $100 less than what I purchased them for and Vivid is charging me an additional $144 as a penalty fee. So this is nearly $500 for two tickets for a comedy show. I am deleting this app and will never use it again. And definitely going to notify everyone I know that this place is a scam. I’ll admit there was probably fine print somewhere stating that mobile tickets can’t be resold but it’s definitely not easily found. For your sake don’t try to resell tickets with Vivid!
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9 months ago, Rombachj
Worst Ticket Scenario I’ve Ever Had
I accidentally bought a ticket to the wrong day so I reached out to customer service. They said I should resell my ticket since they wouldn’t give me credit or a refund. So I understand they have their policies but if I paid ~$8 more for ticket insurance on my checkout I could get refunded, funny how that works. But then I asked how to resell on their app then told me about the resell tab and such. There was only a pdf and physical ticket option. So I asked what option I should do. Welp, I was told I couldn’t because the ticket is now on a third party app. So in result they told me that they’re not set up to sell tickets from that third party. So I was told I’m unable to resell my ticket on the app that I bought it from but to resell another platform. And not only that theres fees from the purchase then theres fees from the resale. So ultimately if I don’t sell my ticket through a different platform for a way higher price to gain some of my money back then I just lose my money and the ticket. All because I accidentally bought the wrong day for a ticket. This is the 21st century and they haven’t figured this out. Worst ticket situation I’ve ever witnessed or been a part of.
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1 year ago, nastynate8532
Terrible Customer Service
I went on the app (on which I have a loyalty account) to look for Styx tickets. The loyalty deal is buy 10 tickets, get one free. I had 6 points prior to this experience. I received an email for a 10% off deal to try to get me to purchase the tickets. I decided to purchase three tickets through the email they sent me. However, apparently the email they sent me was for a different account of mine that I no longer use. And different than the one I was logged into on the app. The difference between the two email addresses was one underscore (_). I called customer service to see if they can just transfer the loyalty points to my other account since it was my intent to buy on that account in the first place and the only reason I didn’t was because I saw this email that was for some reason sent to my other account. Not to mention the fact that I am the owner of both emails, so I don’t see any reason for them to deny my request. They refused and said there is nothing they can do. The whole point of a loyalty program is to keep customers coming back. If this is how you treat said loyal customers then I don’t intend to come back
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5 years ago, Carlos0401
Horrribleeeeee !!!
The app tells you one price and ends up charging you a whole other price moreee expensiveee I was supposed to pay 290 for my two tickets, they ended up charging me 80$ more than that and they’re excuse was that it was for the service fee and that’s a toooo muchhh !! And if u want to get a refund you should’ve bought a 22$ insurance before you paid just in case you weren’t able to go or you wanted a refund on your order ! Like really why do they charge 80$ for service feee they don’t even do anything! It goes thru the app not them they don’t need that like wow I’m just so shocked and disappointed that they would do this when you wanna buy some tickets be aware that you’re gonna have to pay a service fee that’s prolly gonna be half of what you would be paying for your ticket beware because it’s gonna be a lot and the fact that they don’t even tell you there’s a service fee in the beginning is just dumb they really should tell you that there’s a service fee that’s expensive and also that’s there’s a shipping feee for sending the tickets online 🤦🏻‍♂️it’s just really dumb. Really bad website horrible experience never buying on here again 0 stars negative starsss no one should get this ..
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11 months ago, Randbrich4
What a difference great customer service can make
I purchased tickets over a year ago through Vivid Seats. I thought I bought front row in the balcony. Turns out, that was not the case. I bought AA tickets rather than A. I initially complained to a customer service representative. She informed me that it was my fault for not checking earlier. I became increasingly frustrated. I spoke with another customer service representative and they made it worse. I wrote a review on the Apple App Store over a year ago and still no resolution. I sent another review on the App Store after another poor interaction and someone actually read my review and addressed the situation honestly and kindly. They informed me that I was mistaken and apologized for the poor customer service in the past. I thank Vivid Seats for eventually getting it right. I made the mistake. I am willing to own up to it. I will once again use Vivid Seats to purchase tickets.
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1 year ago, ChrisR2201
Buyer beware, don’t buy from vivid seats
Customer service is horrible and they are crooks! I purchased tickets through vivid and they sent me disabled tickets that were not able to use at the gate. The tickets even said “pass disabled” I contacted customer service and they had no resolution for it but just go down to the concert to see if they work…well they didn’t as I expected because it said “pass disabled”. Claims department did not reimburse me because they said they did their part of transferring valid tickets, which is incorrect. I have called numerous times and no one will allow me to talk to a supervisor or claims agent. It’s a scam and they are crooks. I will continue to call until I get my money back. Please save your money and don’t use vividseats! Reached out again to Vividseats about my refund (5.29) same response, they said the tickets were valid when they sent them to me although the tickets said “pass disabled” and when I went to the concert they didn’t worked. Thanks developer response in telling me to reach out to your team. Your team feels they are above the law and a disabled pass is a valid ticket! Sure doesn’t make sense.
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9 months ago, SBLATL
Customer Service via Chat is a Joke
An okay site to buy and sell....until you need answers or help!! I go to probably 12-15 ticketed events a year...I'm no rookie at buying or sellng, tickets. I spent about 30 minutes on Vivid chat last night...first what seemed like forever before I could get out of the 'auto response' system and to real person. Tried with another question today, and gave up!!! Went to Stub Hub with the same questions, via chat, within 15-20 seconds, had real person, who immediately answered my question....done, and within 1-2 minutes! Forgot to mention, I went to email last night with my question first....have yet to get a response there! Last nite on vivid, when I finally got a live person, it went on probably 15 or 20 more minutes before I finally said, I have to move on...this person tried but gave answers that didn't even apply....he clearly didn't understand their systems or my questions. Sooooo....after I get the tickets I bought yesteday from Vivid, I am deleting this app and am sticking with Live Nation and Stub Hub going forward!
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2 years ago, Ray_todoroki
Lost 335 dollars :(
I’ve bought from this app one time, to go see stray kids, it didn’t work at first but somehow I managed to get in, I’ve got the tickets now in Ticketmaster. Since I’ve used this before I’ve decided I wanted to buy again from this app. So I did and the day before the event, i was supposed to receive my ticket, I’ve never received my ticket, so I called into customer service. They told me a bunch of stuff that didn’t help, but helped a little bit. I transferred my ticket to my mother’s email. I opened the email and clicked on the link and tried to do the progress, but it showed me the same thing that happened to me. I was upset since I already contacted them two times the day before. I contact them again and I told them about my situation again they told me the same thing on what to do but they did manage to retransfer the ticket to my email again. Today is my event and I’m pretty upset. I feel like I got scammed. Worst part is that I wasted $335!!! And apparently they can’t give me my money back bc it’s a reselling app. I’m really disappointed. Please do not buy.
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5 years ago, Lyndabythebay
Pink concert as promised!
I would first like to say that I was extremely nervous after reading some of the reviews that I would not get the tickets as promised and that my concert experience would be disappointing because my seats were not as promised! I worried for nothing and shame on those people that wrote those negative comments… I can only think that maybe they are competitors and trying to tear people away from purchasing their tickets on Vivid Seats. Vivid Seat is an extremely exceptional app. I arrived at the concert with my printed receipts as well as my app ready to go with just my thumbprint. It was easy Peezy! The seats were perfect and I can’t wait to go to the Rolling Stones that I also purchased on Vivid Seats. If you have any doubts let me assure you that Vivid Seat is the right app to use for any concert! Thank you so much Vivid Seat. And no, I was not paid for this review, it’s all true.
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1 year ago, Robb1207
Will never use them again
Ordered 5 tickets to an MLB game 2 hours before the event. My friend was being honored for his military service at the beginning of the game so I wanted to be in my seat at the start. I hadn’t got my tickets shortly after I bought them so I contacted customer service. They told me the seller would be uploading the tickets. About 5 minutes before the game started I still had not been sent the tickets so I bought tickets at the stadium so I didn’t miss my friend being honored. The tickets from Vivid ended up being sent to me 1 minute before the start of the game. Vivid would not give me a refund or a credit for the tickets since I received them before the game started. A minute before the game starts is not enough time for anyone to get to their seat to see the start of the game. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal except I needed to be in my seat at the start to see the award. I think it’s terrible Vivid thinks this is an ok way to run a company. Many people expect to be able to see the start of the game. Now I’m out $260. I thought Vivid would treat their customers better and have a better policy.
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2 years ago, becca sherman
This website is a third party seller and they are scammers!
I purchased four tickets on Vivid Seats app for a Nevada Wolfpack versus Boise state game that according to Vivid Seats website was supposed to Take Place November 19th, in Boise, Idaho at Albertson stadium. I was online checking the schedule for the game and came across the fact that this game is actually being played in an entirely different state, Reno, Nevada. Which is an almost 8 Hour Drive for me. If I had known the game was that far away, I would not have bought these tickets but due to your website falsely selling tickets to a football game that you’re claiming is taking place in a certain arena when it’s actually not. now I am out $357 . I called Vivid Seats customer service. They told me and confirmed that the game I bought tickets for is in Boise, Idaho .I just got off the phone with Boise, State Broncos master tickets seller and they confirmed to me that the that they have known vivid seats to scam people before and in fact that’s NOT where the game is actually being played. I contacted the University of Reno Nevada to see if my tickets through Vivid Seats would still be good for that game and they told me no.
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4 years ago, Tiffanimichele
Will NEVER Use Again
I purchased 2 tickets for an NBA game with the insurance to ensure that I receive my money back, per their 100% Buyer Guarantee as they promise on their website should something happen and I am unable to attend. Well the March 21st game was cancelled due to COVID19 pandemic and these people have refused to return my $335 because they claim that NBA games are “postponed” and not canceled. Since the promotion company has have changed their status, I and I’m sure hundreds of others have been forbidden to be reimbursed our hard earned money. I see that there is a class action suit against them for this very reason! I plan on joining it because they have basically conned us from our money. They are saying that once the promotion company changes the status to cancelled, then I would be eligible for my reimbursement. Until then, I have to wait to see if the game will be rescheduled, which we all know probably won’t happen because of the pandemic. If the game happens and the public are not able to attend, will they still keep my money? At the rate of this company and the response so far, I’m certain they will. NEVER will I go through a 3rd party vendor for tickets again!
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2 years ago, Northside ChiTown
Beware T&C if your buying
I purchased tickets on Monday for a concert Friday. I did not receive the tickets until after 5PM Friday for a general admission entry where doors opened at 6PM. Their terms & conditions protect only the seller. You’re left in limbo hoping the tickets get delivered and can do nothing but wait and pray as the seller has until the show start time to deliver the tickets. I will never use Vivid Seats again and would caution anyone from using them. In their reply Vivid Seats states their guarantee ensures you’ll get your tickets in time for the event. The problem is that the Terms & Conditions allow for a refund of your money in lieu of providing the tickets. Presumably one wants the tickets and to attend the event, not their money back. Also in the Terms & Conditions they do not specify what they mean by “in time” for the event but in my interaction with their customer service representatives it was stated that the seller had until the start time to deliver the tickets. This gives you no opportunity to try and source tickets from a reputable vendor. I reiterate this is a platform designed to protect and benefit sellers over the buyers.
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3 years ago, Marissa Stom
Horrible Customer service
Not the agent.. the agent did everything in her power. I’m talking about vivid seats policies especially for when sellers tickets just happen “to get switched to a new location”. I purchased tickets to an event 10 months in advance because I am a seat snob and I know I wanted particular seats. I got the seats and the hurry up and waited.. then I get the call 3 days before my event that my seats have been relocated.. and there is absolutely nothing they can do. They gave a 10% discount (big whoop) and the agent god bless her gave me a $50 store credit but there was nothing they could do... there were no more seats for single tickets left in my selection of seats that I wanted.. that I purchased 10 months in advance because the only ones available were for 2+ people. I ended up buying two seats because that’s how bad I wanted to go and wanted these particular seats... there really needs to be a policy in place that will not bump people’s seat locations at the last minute... I am very very very frustrated and after years of purchasing through vivid seats I will be taking my business elsewhere
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4 years ago, Zach Blondin
My friends and I planned on attending the Buku Music + Arts Project in 2020, but the event was soon cancelled due to covid-19. I purchased my tickets through Vivid Seats while my friends purchased theirs through the Buku website. My friends received a complete refund on their tickets leaving me as the only individual in the group stuck with no refund. For quite some time I have tried to call Vivid Seats about this issue and was never able to actually get to a representative as the automated menu system repeatedly glitched. Finally, after being on the automated menu page for a while today, I got a hold of a representative. He took all of my information and then found out I was calling about a return and he flat out hung up on me. The lack of communication and poor customer service is outrageous. I want the refund I deserve but since I bought my ticket through their site it looks like I will have to attend this festival alone. As I have told all of my friends and family- PLEASE listen to me and NEVER buy from vivid seats ever again. Hopefully their company will see this review and reconsider but i’m very doubtful of that. Very disappointed in this company.
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12 months ago, QB 25
Horrible customer service
I bought tickets from vivid to an event about a month ago, I recently found out I could not attend. I went to re sell them on vivid about a week before the event. One of the two tickets sold and I went to transfer the ticket. I realized I haven’t even gotten the original tickets I paid for. After emailed many times I finally got them after having to download another app and make an account. I had to obtain the buyers name, email and phone number from vivid. I checked to see if the second ticket sold and found out they took down my whole listing after one sold. This caused me to lose the money from the other ticket because they have a requirement you have to list two days in advance. When I got an email back, Team Lead Matt G of seller services said “We do not charge for listings, only for sales.” When I got five separate charges to my credit card, minimal charges but still charges. He also went on to say I listed the tickets as print at home, which again I didn’t and I double checked that. He ended this wonderful email with “Thank you, not”.
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4 years ago, Theresa Gossett
Refund policy
I give your company zero stars. My event was canceled due to the pandemic. You took my money immediately out of my account but would never put it back in after the events cancelation. You kept trying to get me to agree to reward credit. I sent numerous emails asking for it to go on my debit card, I kept up on the communication after the 4 weeks were up when you said I would see it in my account and never did. You again wanted me to put it on a reward credit and now you’re saying I didn’t respond fast enough for you so you put it on a reward credit and will still not give me my debit card credit. I have told you since March 13th in numerous emails I wanted my refund back on my debit card. You have taken advantage of this situation and have been awful to deal with. I would tell everyone to not buy tickets from your website. Your company has done nothing but take advantage of the cancelations due to the pandemic. You should just refund people their money back immediately the way they purchase the tickets!!!
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3 years ago, Adam1222233333
Poor customer service, won’t send me the tickets I purchased
I have purchased multiple tickets for a basketball game and after the purchase they do not send you the tickets. They make you download their app and create an account in order to get to the tickets. I have done this but it repeatedly tells me my password is incorrect. When I attempt to use the password reset function, the emailed link sends me to a page asking me to log in to my account. I can’t log in to my account because it has the incorrect password. Then it prompts me to ask for a password reset again in an endless cycle. I have repeatedly attempted to email, live chat, and call in order to gain access to my account but because my event isn’t happening within 24 hours they will not let me live chat or speak to an agent. They have not returned either of my emails as well. This is extremely frustrating and I don’t want to have to wait until the day of the event to be able to speak to someone to get access to the tickets I PURCHASED. I will never be buying tickets through vivid seats again.
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4 years ago, danoriel
Refund scam
I purchased tickets through vividseats for a Concert 7/4/20. On 5/9, I checked the status and realized it had been canceled on 4/30. I immediately sent an email requesting refund procedure aand was sent a reply that instructed me to check my junk mail for a 4/30 notification of the Cancelation. That email would contain the refund instructions. Sure enough. In my junk mail I found this notification with a 7 day time frame to request a refund otherwise I would be issued a credit. My plea for leeway with this rule give its direction to my junk mail has also been denied. I am left with an 1100$ credit towards tickets that has an expiration date. So that money could be l lost altogether. It is very important to note that I have their app and regularly receive notifications from them. I also get email that goes directly to my inbox. Neither method of communication was used to notify me of the refund process. I obviously would have seen it and been able to respond if they had, which begs the question if their communication method was deliberately misguided. Criminal. So disappointing. Please do not give them business.
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3 years ago, AngryDisappointed
Worst customer service I have ever dealt with
The customer service here brings out a side of me I don’t like. My tickets were “delivered “, but when I tried to accept them, it said they were accepted by another email. How is that possible. After several back and forth emails, most of which were replied with the same words just from a different person, we decided to try a retransfer. Well, the show is tonight. The vivid seats app tells me my tickets were delivered….but guess what I don’t have. That’s right, my tickets! I want my money back, but now they’re saying they only refund for canceled events. I have even provided screen shots to prove that I don’t have my tickets. I will never use vivid seats again. Oh yeah, yesterday I tried a live chat, but unfortunately was disconnected, possibly at my own fault. Then I decided to call. I was on hold for 35 minutes, talked to someone for a few seconds then was put back on hold while the person “looked into it”, so after about 5 more minutes of being on hold, the call was disconnected and no one even tried calling back.
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2 years ago, skinnyshark22
would give zero stars if i could
i ACCIDENTALLY deleted a confirmation email to accept my tickets and got on the helpline and chatted with them and they said they can request a retransfer of the tickets but there's no guarantee. i have proof i bought them and it literally says on vivid seats that i did purchase two tickets to the event, but since the email was deleted by accident with a bunch of other spam ones, i cant access the ticket with the barcode to get into the event. the people who helped me were not understanding at all and the concert is literally in less than 4 hrs. i spent almost $200 on these tickets and have proof i bought them but now can't go. i highly doubt i am the first person to ever purchase tickets thru vividseats and have my email accidentally deleted, yet they had absolutely no way to help me except say that they will request a ticket retransfer, and it's not guaranteed, and they have no idea how long it'll take. and i didn't even accept the transfer thru my email since i never got to open it. never buying from here again.
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5 years ago, OhManns
DO NOT BUY!!!! Horrible Customer Service
This is the first time I have used this app and NEVER AGAIN. I purchased two tickets to a Michael Buble concert for my wife and I. Tickets were advertised as Row A, and once tickets arrived they were marked ADA Section!! After calling the customer service I was informed that this was clearly stated in the fine print. Which it absolutely was NOT!!! Tickets were advertised as Section 107, Row A. After a couple phone calls I was told, there is nothing that can be done; no refund, or can’t even exchange seats for us...we are now out over 300 dollars...I am absolutely discussed at a company like this. We do not have money, as we are graduate students and this was going to be special outing as he is our favorite artist...Do yourself a favor and use literally ANY OTHER Company!!! VividSeats is nothing but a bunch of crooks who are only in it for the money... if you need anything they will gladly take your money and do nothing to make it right. Seriously; please use any other ticketing app...not worth the risk, and we paid the price...If this could be a negative star review it absolutely would be!!!
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2 years ago, LiveLeah2022
I would leave zero stars if I could
I’m not one to ever leave negative reviews but after my experience with this company I must warn others before buying tickets with them. I had a concert that was cancelled so I contacted customer service for a refund and they are refusing to give me my money back because they said the event is “postponed.” I sent them proof of event cancellation not postponement and they still are telling me it is postponed. I now have to go through my bank. The funny thing is that I never even received my tickets in the first place. That was another issue I had and the day of the concert I still had no tickets in my possession when I paid for them back in May. Even if the event wasn’t cancelled I don’t believe I ever would have received my tickets. The company itself does not sell tickets they get them from a third party which to me, is unreliable and I should’ve looked into it more before giving them money. I will not be using this company again and I recommend that you do not either unless you want to be scammed.
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1 month ago, $JG24
Never Got my Tickets!!!!
Don’t Use This Company! AVOID! I normally don’t write reviews but after my experience last night I have to worn people not to buy tickets through this company! I purchased 4 tickets for myself and other people to the concert a month before event. Got confirmation, payment went through and its says tickets will be released on the day of the event (which is not a problem I understand). The day of the event comes I didn’t receive my tickets. Started to contact customer service 6 hrs before the event they said no worries we are working on it. You will receive them shortly. I started to get ready as the concert is 3 hrs away and we all had to drive far. 1 hr later no tickets -contacted them again same response “we are working on it give us 2 hrs we are aware of the time of event. You have nothing to worry about”. Contacting them for the 3rd time 2 hrs before event same answer they are working on tickets and assuring me there is nothing to worry about. For the last time 4th time reaching out to them 45 min before event as we drove 3 hrs to NYC I reached out again we need tickets. Their response was “ Unfortunately we don’t have your tickets, we can process refund” I would never wish this experience for anyone!!!! Very stressful experience instead us enjoying and having a good time I was put through this experience! DO NOT USE THIS Company!!! Luckily I quickly found tickets online and purchased them immediately. Overpaid. Still not waiting on refund!
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