VIZIO Mobile

4.4 (20.4K)
415.3 MB
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Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for VIZIO Mobile

4.41 out of 5
20.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Vievide
Remote Update
So I’ve had a Vizio tv for a while now and have been using the previous version of the app. The remote used a swipe instead of tap for the arrow functions (up,down,left,right) which was pretty hard to get used to but I ended up being comfortable with it. The new update removed that and has now gone to a tap instead of swipe. All which is fine and the interface seems less buggy. The only issue I am having with this is where the watchfree and home button are located. They are placed extremely close to the up and down arrows respectively. Since the update, when trying to search for something to watch on an app, I keep accidentally hitting the home button and watch free button which automatically takes you out of that app. It’s just a little frustrating when I feel those buttons could have easily been placed elsewhere. Other than that I have no qualms about the update as of yet and actually prefer it a little over the previous version. I would have easily given 5 stars had it not been for that small issue.
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1 year ago, Beach Blonde
Paid for an ad machine and not a tv.
My Visio app will not keep the favorites populated. It often won’t connect to the Sling app on the first up to the fourth try. The TV apps stall and watching anything on Sling is awful. There’s constant stoppages and it will skip ahead to commercials and cut off parts of the shows. I’ve had the shows completely disappear half way through. It will stall and after the commercials that play, a new show is playing. It’s not just the Sling app that constantly stalls. The commercials work perfectly, I wish the apps did. The adds for Disney+ and other apps come on frequently when I start the tv instead of the Home Screen on start up. The ads get stuck and it is difficult to get to the Home Screen. The surround sound won’t work with the tv. I’ve had support tell me to reset the tv which I’ve done many times, this takes so long! After the long reinstall, I have to go to all of my paid apps and reregister. This takes a long time and it’s so irritating that it doesn’t fix anything. The router is next to this tv. The tv on the other side of the house made by another manufacturer works great. I wish I chose another product, I’m patiently waiting until this tv dies to replace it. I bought a defunct ad machine, they should be paying me for having to view all of the none sense when I should be watching the tv.
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12 months ago, M. Kenealy
Works great, easy to use
I have poor vision and had my vision accessibility on my phone set up to provide me with larger display (zoomed in). Originally, I didn’t realize that the app provided volume control because volume buttons did not show up on my screen. After turning off my vision accessibility settings, I realized that there was the ability to control the volume of my television. Idk if the developer can fix this issue but it would definitely benefit those with limited vision to have the volume controls appear on their device display. Still gave five stars because everything else is absolutely wonderful. I actually chose to just leave my vision accessibility turned off (zoomed out) so that I can control the volume. It’s difficult to see or read anything on my phone now, but I use this app every day and decided it was too much of a hassle to keep changing settings. If this can be fixed, I think it would definitely make this app even better than it already is. Thank you in advance for taking this into consideration 😊
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2 years ago, tshook55
Time to update my review
My last review was god-awful the remote was super slow couldn’t get connection. It would constantly disconnect, but over the past year they have improved it an extreme amount, even going to the extent of changing the look of it now in the latest update, which I kind of like but I wish they brought back the remote button feature where you could click the button on the phone and it made it look like the remote, and the swiping feature, I really do miss the swiping feature as well. That was great just some of the UI from the old date needs to be brought to the new update but other than that I really am enjoying it. I have no more connection issues and everything is fast and responsive. PS this is coming from a person with multiple Vizio smart cast TVs in the house. This app controls all the TVs in my home. We do not use physical remotes. Everything is done by the app so it is extremely important to me that it works well that is why we bought the Vizio smart TVs with smart cast.
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11 months ago, strawberry chainsaw
a glitch and a couple suggestions
overall the app works great. needed it to use as a literal remote since our physical buttons tend to become hard to use very quickly. however, today the app glitched. went to turn the volume up from about 20 to 45, and apparently i pressed the button too many times because it ended up continuing to raise the volume. it continued well past however many times i’d pressed the button. my dad and i tried to stop it for a couple minutes. i continuously pressed the lower button volume on the app, and my dad kept pressing mute, but to no avail. it only stopped when i closed the app. i went to look around for a place to report a bug and there’s nothing that i could find, so there’s my main suggestion: an easily accessible place in the app to report bugs such as these. it’d also be nice to hold down the volume buttons instead of tapping over and over :P feel like maybe it’d help a little bit in preventing this bug.
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1 year ago, taylorgirlfromtexas
New Remote Design Is Useless
I guess I need a manual on how to use the new app design! It looks exactly like my actual TV remote which is useless most of the time as well! I loved the old app design - I could control everything I needed to, now I must be too dumb to use or understand how to use it to control my TV. I can control the volume and any smart app or input I want to…. But I just want to be able to change the dang channel! I have always had it paired with my TV and our Dish provider; I could operate all functions right from my iPhone. I just need the instructions on how to operate my TV (change the channels) on this stupid app! If I’m on channel 241 and want to change it to channel 3 - how do I do that from this updated app? There are no numbers!!! Yes I see there is a keypad option - but it will not change the channel on my TV - I have tried!!! Am I supposed to use the voice control? I don’t want to - I want to actually punch in the numbers!!!! I have read MOSTLY negative feedback about the new app design - why won’t you change it back and give us our previous functionality??!? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!!!”
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6 days ago, Oms Skylar is da best
My rating
I feel like it’s good but sometimes is good all the time so yeah please get this app it’s easy to install and I like it a lot so like if you lose your remote if you lose your remote really help and it has like you can get to your apps easily it’s a lot of things that vizo has to offer sorry if I didn’t spell it right but yeah I really love it and I give it a five star so if you have a vizo TV you’re gonna like it a lot so please install the app today right now and first when I first got this app I didn’t really really look at the reviews so hopefully y’all look at the reviews for buy it. It’s free. It’s free. it’s free. It’s free. It’s free so yeah I know this is a really long paragraph and you guys really don’t wanna read it so yeah please get this app. It’s free. It’s good and good part is it’s free because for kids who like to get apps like your parents don’t have to worry about who is this app free or not yes it is like I love this so much and this comes from Skylar Louis
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2 years ago, Eden1101
Way Better Than Physical Remote!
I got this app after I lost my second physical remote (the first died for inexplicable reasons), and I'm never looking back. Both remotes would often not register presses. The only reason I'm giving 4 out of 5 stars is because there is a 1-2 second delay between pressing a button and the action happening. Even though the app registers every press and the delay might not sound like a lot, when you're typing a search term it's a little annoying. Love having access to the speech input Beta, even though it currently only processes simple terms/phrases like "home" and "go to [whatever streaming service]". My main feedback would be that searching for content brings you home even if you have an app currently open, whereas I'd prefer to search in-app.
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10 months ago, rificulous
Volume issue
Any time I tape the volume button, even one light tap, it goes out of control. Either turns all the way up or all the way down and keeps clicking. Turning tv off does not help. The only way to correct is to delete the app and reinstall. I used to have to do this about once a week since it got the tv in Dec. it got to the point where I had to delete and reinstall app daily and now it’s everytime I use the volume buttons. Up or down. I think I’ve reinstalled about 6 times in two days. I cannot use volume buttons at all today or it happens. So it’s off to hunt for my long lost remote or shop for a new one. It’s too bad as I have never had an issue in many years with my roku remote which I use on tv with roku stick and my previous tv that I replaced with this vizeo. I always have my phone with me and not happy about the inconvenience of always searching for remote. Next tv will be Roku controlled. I noticed other have complained about the same issue. I hope you can fix this glitch soon. Some people have said they didn’t have the issue when remote was slide not tap.
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1 year ago, Catspaw10
Requires Bluetooth, STILL cannot find sound bar
I got my TV and surround sound about 5 years ago. The sound bar absolutely would not pair via Bluetooth (Customer service tried but could not help). I connected via a wire and have been using the bare bones remote that came with it (the real remote was a phone app). Still having to reset and/or relink since then, and seems easily confused by the only Bluetooth app I use, which is only every month or two. And the sub woofer passes the test but has never functioned while viewing. So I do not use Bluetooth and do not trust it with this tv/surround sound setup. I thought I’d try the phone app just to control power and sound level (I use my Roku remote for these as well as streaming since I didn’t care for the smart cast app). Only to find out it only works via Bluetooth. It can detect the TV and turn it off via WiFi; cannot turn back on without Bluetooth. Cannot find surround sound at all, even with Bluetooth enabled. So, to sum up, this app is buggy, poorly thought out, and absolutely useless to me. But hey, it’s got a new name, so that’s something!
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2 years ago, bcorsi_25
If you’re looking to buy Vizio.. Don’t.
Countless issues on issues. Whether it’s the Vizio app, my Vizio 2020 V-series or my Vizio surround sound system. Let’s start with the app. I am constantly having to reconnect my devices. Most of the time there is a connection issue and the app is unusable. Not allowing me to change ANY setting on my tv or sound system. When I am able to change the settings, it is VERY glitchy. The bars will stutter back and forth. The tv itself is a great. 70in, great quality. But having to connect it to the app constantly is extremely frustrating. Even with a remote, I am constantly having issues. When I turn the volume up, the back button clicks. When I turn the volume up, the volume turns down. When I try to rewind on a show, the volume changes rather than rewinding. The surround system itself is also great. Crisp and loud. But when pairing, which is constant. There is a EXTREMELY loud connecting noise that shakes the entire room if not pressed quick enough. The volume will CONSTANTLY turning itself to FULL volume if turned up through the app.
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2 years ago, subjectmercury
Terrible update
The new layout update has made this app useless. Whenever I press input it now says I have to re-pair my tv to app. When you go through the steps it just keeps saying the same thing over and over. Strange thing is I can control the sound and channels the only thing I can’t do is change input. The last version I could at least tap the remote option to change to the visual style of old remote and was able to change the input. Add for developer response: it’s not the remote it’s the app I’m talking about and I have already done the unparing and reparing of the app. Even deleted and reinstalled. As I have said the app does not work. As a matter of fact if I try to use the app it will even mess with the text keyboard on all other apps to were it puts it in landscape position when the phone is upright (yes I have both turned off and turned on auto rotate) I have to totally restart the phone to fix that but the next time I attempt to use the app it happens again. Just let us know it’s an issue and you are (or not) working on a fix.
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2 years ago, Justauser364
Vizio soundbar app pairing is horrible
I’m not sure what this thing is trying to do but it utterly fails. I purchased two sound bars and they work great, but the Vizio app is really bad. My experience has been that I had trouble getting the soundbar in Access Point mode, but once connected, it asks me to pair. It finds the soundbar and then asks for WiFi for info (not sure why since it’s plugged into the LAN), I say ‘skip’. It realizes it’s actually connected and looks for updates. The sound bar says it’s up to date, and then the app re-enters pairing mode and won’t let me actually pair. It’s like the app ‘requires’ the sound bar to pair over WiFi and will not recognize a hard-wired config. I’ve tried pairing it via WiFi too only for it to not be able to connect to a hidden WiFi, even after putting the connection info in. It would also be great if I didn’t have to pair over WiFi. Both my mobile device and the sound bar are on the same network. Just broadcast a discovery packet of some kind. Still not connected after an hour of trying.
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5 months ago, mbrowwwn
Better than standard remote
First - I rarely write reviews unless something impresses me. The Visio Mobile App is one of those that I feel is deserving of a review. First - having a remote is always at your fingertips via mobile phone. No more searching for the lost remote that magically finds its way into the cracks of the sofa or under it. I was pleasantly surprised the mobile app was compatible with our older Visio TVs in the house. (5 total). With the OTA (over the air) updates each TV has regularly- ensuring compatibility was forward thinking on Visio’s behalf. Using the mobile app also ensures no interference with other devices that have IR receivers such as LED strip lighting. This allows us to control the TV without the annoyance of triggering LEDs that start changing colors or blinking in the adjacent book shelves or back-lit LEDs behind the TV. We have a game room with multiple TVs . The mobile app also ensures that we turn on / off and change the channels and other integrated apps of the correct TV; rather than all three at the same time that are otherwise in the field of view of the traditional IR remote. (We know this first hand). Like the aforementioned LED issue, having a dedicated IP address allows for better control than common frequencies In various IR remotes.
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12 months ago, creublin
I have not had the same problems as everyone else
This app works perfectly I haven’t had any problems with it, one of the greatest things about it is that if one of your family members is watching something and they leave the room you can change the channel without having to go on a hunt for the remote like it is a rare animal or something. There is no free trial for this app either so it is not like those other remote apps that only allow you to use any button by paying, there is one problem though I don’t know if it is like just the iPhone 13 but some of the buttons are at the bottom of the screen snd it will not allow me to scroll down although there is a little bit of the buttons showing so when I tap it i have to be extra careful about where I am tapping
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10 months ago, toots1epop
Not Reliable
I use this app to control my kids’ tv remotely especially when they’ve fallen asleep with their tv on. I just spent my early morning trying to turn off one tv with this app. I’ve deleted the app itself, re-added all tvs to no avail. While I was able to connect to one TV, the other was just not working properly. I was able to use all remote functions, but just could not power off that particular tv. I unpaired my device to then find out there is no option to re-pair the device and the auto pop up never even came. So now my phone is not paired with one of the tvs. Since I lost an hour of sleep, I decided to use the actual remote to power off the tv because what is the point of having this app??? This app is forever glitchy, not consistent nor reliable when needed the most. Even if I don’t use the app often, that should not strip the functionality of it when I’m ready to use. Vizio altogether is a brand that needs work on all of their products.
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4 weeks ago, It works in Japan
If you want a working speaker don’t buy vizio
The app can never connect to my speaker. The speaker cant connect to my tv and their support is a ai system that cant help. Don't buy Vizio, they were once good but now they only make terrible products and bad apps to match. Update: contacted the support team. After two tries of failing to help i gave up and plan to buy something else. Also their support person straight up hung up on me when she wasn't able to help. Very impressed by how bad an experience it was. Never using their support again. Terrible company and product. Additional info. The app doesn’t connect to my soundbar longer then a few seconds making it almost impossible to change the settings. The speaker often turns on, but wont produce any sound and my tv just says it is not working when this happens. This is a daily issue that the only solution i have is to yank the power cable and try again. Very frustrating when it takes multiple tries of yanking. Really bad product and bad bad support to boot.
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12 months ago, Xc'm
Absolutely terrible just dont buy a vizio tv in general
Vizio is a terrible app for a lot of reasons. the reason i had to get it is because my tv remote accidentally got thrown away and we didnt want to order a new one (because of money and it felt unnecessary with an app) so we downloaded the app and first off, now our tv starts to completely stop working out of no where. like quite literally. im so angry because i was just trying to watch greys anatomy and it just froze and wouldn’t let us click anything. so we had to get up and turn it off and back on manually but ofc that dosen't work. so we were just stuck. also i cant use my app anymore on my phone and i dont no why. it stopped connecting to the tv. im home alone a lot so if i want to watch something i cant on my tv. So now we have to order a remote and the thing is even when we have the remote the freezing thing still happens just less often and is easier to get around. The tv in general is terrible dont get the tv or the app.
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8 months ago, Can’t turn it off
Works about 10% of the time
I don’t usually write app reviews, but this one has caused me so much frustration that I need to write this one. I simply can only get it to work about 10% of the time. My TV works fine with a physical remote, but not the app. It’s not my phone, because I got a new one and I’m still having the same problem. It’s not Wi-Fi because the TV is blaring away, streaming using it. But for whatever reason, the one thing not working is this specific app. I did call support and they walked me through everything they had at their disposal and it didn’t help. Usually it will just say “not connected.” Other times is will flip back between connected and not connected, and then sometimes just say some nonsensical stuff that can’t all possibly be true at the same time. I’m constantly losing my remote so I thought this would help, but honestly I’m regretting buying a Vizio at this time because of this.
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2 years ago, ℌ𝔦
About the new update
New update recently remade the remote design. “Now easier to use with one hand.” Wow. This update was a massive step back. I loved the old design because it allowed me to swipe in whatever direction instead of having to look at my phone, tap, right, for example, and then look back at the tv. I can move in any direction and hit ok without looking at my phone. The new update also removes some buttons. No clue where they went and why they thought removing buttons would make it “easier to use with one hand.” Worst of all, they added promotions on the actual remote itself. Like what… How does a company stoop so low that they add ads on the remote itself. Sounds petty but there’s an entire section for promotions like that. But they decided to put the promotions on the remote section as well? Respectfully, do you think doing that will bring more attention? This app was beautiful. Didn’t always work perfectly but having a remote in my pocket was definitely worth it. But they’re slowly turning into those third party apps that force you to watch ads. In conclusion.. the update led me to the conclusion that Vizio thinks their consumers are idiots. Yes, idiots. The prmotional stuff on the remote is horrendous but I also understand they need to make some revenue. But remodeling the remote itself, and removing some buttons? BRING BACK THE SWIPING FEATURE. Removing that definitely hit hard.
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12 months ago, PhlyHawk
This is a pretty convenient app.
Listen, I have read a bunch of reviews about this app, and about eight times out of ten some crybaby is whining about the new remote design. It’s Vizio apps deal with it!! Anyways, that’s not my point. My actual point is this is a great app almost no bugs, smooth connection, and it’s easy to use! I don’t even see anything wrong with the new remote design (except the fact it’s hard to use the certain buttons on smaller phones) Heck, I love it! The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because when I put in the right account information it wont let me in so I have to make a whole new account I’m running out of emails and passwords man! Please fix that, but other than that keep up the great work!
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8 months ago, Sumaya.suleiman
A must have even if you have the original tv remote!!
We are a Vizio family. A tv in bedrooms and the living room. I absolutely love this app because I can use it to function all the different tvs easily just by selecting which tv at the top. You can save your favorite tv apps and then power on the tv by selecting your app ie Netflix and it will go straight to that app by simply selecting that app. It has a pop up keyboard so no more having to scroll through all the letters for login, passwords and searching titles . You still have access to all the settings like sleep timer etc. you can do everything that the original remote can and even more awesome things that make it so much easier. I originally downloaded this as I have LED lights in my room and everytime I would use the tv remote it would change the colors of my lights which was highly annoying. Now I don’t even use the regular tv remote even if the LED lights are off. I tried a few other multipurpose tv remote apps but they didn’t have any of these features and also had ads. Do yourself a favor and download this. I swear it makes everything so much easier!!
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2 years ago, kat21000
Great idea, iffy execution
Super grateful to have this similar to the concept of what you would have with an apple remote! It can be super convenient and easy to use! With that being said it definitely needs some further development as it rarely keeps me signed in which means i have to sign in multiple times a day sometimes and agree to terms each time when of course when watching tv you want everything to be as effecient as possible. Other than that for the most part I actually haven’t experienced any of the issues other reviews mention to my recollection BUT i also mainly just use it to easily navigate to tv ‘apps’ not so much for the remote function. I honestly have more issues with my vizio tv itself than this app. Overall, worth downloading could be better but could also be significantly worse
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5 months ago, WarSxNes
NEW UI makes my TV slow
The last firmware update makes my TV Vizio slow. I have two (V505-G9) and (D40f-G9) both smart tv. Both of them get really slow after last firmware months ago. I understand Vizio needs sponsors to get a income. But the last firmware has a lot of ads. I giving you 3 stars cuz I found a way to watch Local TV channels without use (Watch Free+) using this app. I do not understand why Vizio developers wants to force their customers to use (Watch Free+) to see local tv channels. Today I talk with “Joan” agent and his solution is to unplug and plug back every time the tv gets slow. That is not a solution. Vizio developers should let Vizio users to choose (Watch Free+) or not. And also let Vizio users to uninstall apps. Or better try to fix and release a new update solving those problems about why some TVs units get slow. Today I got an outage internet service in my area. And I need to go to settings and forget WiFi to use the TV. Cuz (Watch Free+) and (SmartCast) get in an infinite loop …. message saying loading…… If this persists probably I will return this TV that I got on BestBuy. I was so happy when I bought it months ago but now is very frustrating see it running too slow. Thank God I got I warranty for 5 years.
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1 year ago, Fyeah2am
A few functionality issues
This app works fine until they change something which completely screws up the app. This happens semi-frequently, enough to be annoying, but not enough to stop using the app. Although I will say, I do like the idea of a remote on your phone instead of having to search for the physical remote every time (which I usually cannot find). However, that doesn’t take away from the flaws this app has. Multiple times, when I open the app, it immediately closes, and this goes on for about 2-3 times. In addition (and this is VERY annoying) some of my ‘favorite’ apps DISAPPEAR and I have to re-add them EVERY TIME. For example, I currently have 7 ‘favorite’ apps. When I re-enter the app, 4 of them will have been ‘un-favorited’ and I have to go back to re-favorite them.
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2 years ago, coolgothdad
All the positive reviews must be paid…
This app is literally awful. I never write reviews but today I decided enough is enough. This app is horrible. Connection issues, bad UI, just everything about it is horrible. Like I’m literally about to save up and buy a new tv from a different brand just so I don’t have to deal with how AWFUL the connection issues are (both my tv and this stupid app remote). My tv and this remote never stay connected to each other/wifi. And I know it’s not me because I’ve had this issue in 3 different apartments in 3 different cities with 3 different wifis. I’m constantly having to reset my tv/this remote for it to be able to work. And even then it’s sometimes iffy. Like it never stays connected so it takes like 5 minutes to be able to get the thing to work. It’s actually so bad that I rarely use my tv. Either fix it or I'm buying a different brand tv next month.
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4 months ago, Tristan2102
Private listening PLEASE
The app works great, it does everything it’s supposed to do and quickly. I use it specifically for the ‘favorites’ tab to quickly load up whatever streaming service I want to use at that given time. The one thing it needs though is private listening. That’s my favorite thing about the Roku app but this one doesn’t have it. It’s so so useful if you live in a noisy household to play the audio through your phone or even headphones that you probably already have connected to your phone. Adding a private listening feature would bring this app to a 10/10 pls pls pls make it happen kind Vizio people
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2 years ago, Mattwin719
Enjoyed it at first
I just got my new Vizio tv last week and all was good until they updated the app design. I was able to swipe directionally on the mobile app and it was really convienent and then 2 days ago they changed the design so you have to look at your phone and tap the direction you want to go instead. It’s a step back the old layout functioned better and I wasn’t pressing the wrong directions. This may be unrelated or other people may be experiencing this too but last night with the new design it unpaired my app with the tv I’ve been trying to re pair the two for over and hour and I had it done in 10 minutes when I initially bought the tv a week prior. So with re connecting my tv to my mobile device and the new annoying tap instead of swipe just brought my functionality down to a 0 and a part of why I wanted Vizio so badly was for its mobile app which is now lame.
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2 years ago, akryano
Haters are idiots!
Dog chewed up one of my controllers and downloaded this app. It works on my living room 70 inch TV, my family room TV and my master bedroom TV. All Viszio. After my first Vizio (Black Friday special) purchase, I have been nothing but impressed with how good it is for the price. My pup chewed on one of my remotes and so I downloaded this app. It has worked perfectly as it says it would and now I’m sad that I spent money on ordering a new controller as I don’t feel I need it now. If you want to hate, my advice is; you need to spend more than double the money and purchase a “name brand” tv and complain to their customer service when it doesn’t live up to your standards. This App works great for me.
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7 months ago, annajayjaln
Do not download this app.
I have had this app for multiple months because I’m clumsy and lose my TV remote all of the time. recently I haven’t been using it so I didn’t see the big update that had happened. this big update ruined the entire app. First of all I have so many problems trying to connect to a TV even if it is on it will say it’s powered off. When you finally do get connected to the remote, it doesn’t work, but for only one or two clicks on the remote. This is not useful. When I’m trying to pick something to watch, it will go off and tell me that I’m not connected to Wi-Fi even though I am let alone the same Wi-Fi the TV is connected to. I have given this app so many chances since the update. I will not be giving it anymore. I will be finding another app that actually works. And I will be deleting. This is not worth your time or worth your storage to download this.
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5 months ago, K W E E N
Best invention
Having a toddler and a fast pace life nobody has time to keep locating a remote so this app has been amazing. I always suggest people having a universal remote on hand because when I moved I lost my remote and because the WiFi was not set up on my tv yet it was unable to connect to the Vizio app on my phone. so if it wasn’t for my universal remote I wouldn’t have been able to connect it 😂so I suggest they look into an option to connect it without being on the same WiFi at least for setup purposes via the app. Other than that this app is fire 🔥 Vizio has been my best T.v purchase yet and I plan on getting the brand again for my sons room.
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2 years ago, The Forestgirl
Visio & Smartcast is #1
After MANY flat screen purchases over the years(Toshiba, Sony, TCL, LG, Samsung-the worst BTW) I chose Visio for the specific reason of it’s smart TV software support and streaming capabilities. Integration of smartphone technology, Bluetooth capabilities and incredible variety of streaming platforms is what Visio offers that stands out from ALL other makers currently. You can stream SEAMLESSLY from any Bluetooth enabled device, in an instant, to Visio’s Smartcast interface. Pairing is a BREEZE, and my PC, laptop and phone all works together and is not restricted or reliant on CLUNKY APPS or OPERATING SYSTEMS. Get one! You will not regret it! The ease of use is simple and intuitive and user friendly for even a 60 something grandma like me!
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7 months ago, Ragnar#whowantstobeking!
Amaze balls!
Awsome application! Not like all the others that after changing two volume levels you are forced to watch ad after ad pertaining to a game you would never play or some sketchy app you would not trust on you dogs phone! Only down side is having to have WiFi. I understand the adds but how about sell application for 3 bucks and it works WiFi or not! We loose remotes all the time but cell phones are attached to the hip! I mean the phone does everything but change the channel on the tv now anyway. I think it’s a brilliant idea and would make millions. Put me in charge and I will make not only myself rich but all of you richer!
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2 weeks ago, shg71
Decent HW Horrendous SW
I’ve been happy with my Vizio soundbar, but this app experience is probably the most frustrating of all the apps I have. Often times when I switch to another source (using a remote), the volume controls stop responding. So I go to this app to fix it. But Connecting with this app is always a song an dance routine. Launch the app, it will say connecting, then after >5 seconds it will show connected. But tapping on Input will throw an error for at least the next three attempts. Eventually that resolves, however, I’ll be unable to control the volume for the soundbar. (In some cases other settings won’t work either, but it’s always the volume controls). So I next have to toggle to a different input source, let that resolve, then toggle back to the original source. About 8 of 10 times that fixes the issue. If not, I repeat until it works or until I throw my phone across the room. Even when it does work the though, the latency is ridiculous. I use various apps to control my devices and the others respond quickly…this one though it takes up to 3 seconds to respond to volume up or down Again, I like the soundbar, but I’d like it even more if I didn’t have to do this hacky workaround just to be able to control the volume.
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2 years ago, cannibalpudding
If it’s not broke…
I don’t think I’ve ever rated an app before, and if I have its very rare because I don’t give out my time for free. However, seeing as I use this app on a daily basis, the sudden upgrades have caused concern and is why I felt I must leave a review. My biggest issue is the loss of the central track pad. I don’t like clicking buttons one at a time and the track pad made it so effortless to use the app. It was without a doubt my favorite part. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the ad at the top as I’m watching tv…not the remote so it really doesn’t bother me. I do however miss the CC button… Something I’ve noticed during the previous update is when I use the “reboot” feature on the mobile app, it resets the entire tv and I have to dig out the original remote to set up the tv again. The main reason for using the mobile app is the lack of back light with the original remote. Yes we aren’t supposed to watch tv in the dark but I do and I can’t see what I’m hitting… This is me being knit-picky, but it would be nice if the keyboard feature was more universal. The delete button sometimes goes back a page or doesn’t type at all.
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1 year ago, Extremely Frustrated123
Extremely disgusted with recent versions of this app
The remote that came with the Vizio TV is worthless… can’t even navigate the SmartCast screen with it, so you’re forced to use the application on your phone… previous versions from several months ago seemed to work ok, it for the last month, once I get the app hooked up to the TV, it’ll work ok for a few days, but then the app loses connection with the TV and it’s nearly impossible to get reconnected. Again, since the “factory” remote has nearly no functions on it, it’s not like I can do anything to reset the network connection on the TV but it seems to indicate that it is hooked up to my wireless network. Extremely frustrating… I’m not sure what you changed but please change it back… can’t use any of the streaming apps on my TV without a ton of hassle or just getting so frustrated I just give up.
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5 months ago, Naomi 🩵
The experience..
This is Amazing, if you have a Vizio tv you need the app, it allows you to have access to a remote, you don’t have to buy a remote, do it on your phone! This is some great and smart technology, and I like how it does not glitch like a regular remote, you don’t have to get up from your cozy bed to grab your remote, that’s why this app is best, easy to use, simple to learn, I never experienced a more beautiful technology than this, this is a great invention I think people who make tv’s should make something like this too. This is my first ever experience and you should definitely download this. I hope you enjoy my review.
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2 years ago, Lluviamor
Something is wrong with this version
I’ve usually had a good experience with this app for our tv with the exception occasionally disconnecting from the tv and having to delete it in the app and re-add but as of late the app shortcuts are not opening the correct apps. I have a 2.5 year old who loves Mickey and we try to get into Disney+ but it opens Comedy Dynamics. I thought it was a fluke but the same happened on my husband’s. I tried to find Comedy Dynamics to see if it had Disney+ but apparently it shows the app shortcut but isn’t available to me. It’s incredibly frustrating. My daughter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but I do not. I’d prefer to watch something else but in order play it, I have to stream directly from my phone which means if I want to watch a video that was sent me, that video will take over my TV. Which my daughter doesn’t appreciate. 😅 Please fix this soon!
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2 years ago, frank2macho
Up there with Apple
I know there are people that just don’t like Apple just because they don’t know any better ! Or they just can’t afford it but then you have the other 75% of the world that knows quality and that’s exactly what this Vizio App is ! Top quality of Products right here ! I’ve been buying Vizio TVs for about 10 years and they are always ahead of the game ! And their sound systems or again Top Notch ! I currently have the 55” 4K with their surround sound system which is unreal ! And now I have a remote that controls everything together individual and as deep into the system and their original remote! Top Shelf 360°
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1 year ago, Bludzone
Worse TV EVER!
UPDATE! I went to the Vizio support like the developer instructed and they wanted me to pay to speak to someone for help. Seriously…… This is hands down the WORSE TV I’ve ever owned. I bought one and had to take it back because it wouldn’t stay connected to the internet. Every time I turn it on I have to reconnect to the internet and I’m lucky if it connects at all. More often than not….it will NOT connect. (None of my other smart TV’s have this problem. But they aren’t VIZIO) This new one I got has the exact same problem BUT since the update Vizio did the other day, I now have no picture. I have sound but no picture. I have to continually turn the TV off and on to get the picture to come on. VIZIO has changed the ability to enter your password for your internet to even try to get it to connect. So here I sit with a TV I can not even use. What a waste.
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2 years ago, BRUISINGSAINT
Mostly Useless
About 90% of the time, the remote control function is useless. Most times the app will just display a cached input and buttons will simply not respond. In various futile attempts to fix this, I’ve tried disconnecting the app from my TV, clearing my phone from known devices on my TV, and then pairing the app with my TV again. Sometimes the app and the TV will actually pair again, but the remote control functionality won’t necessarily be fixed when this happens. Other times the TV simply doesn’t show up when the app searches for wireless devices to connect to. Doesn’t matter that my phone and the TV are in the same Wi-Fi network and the same 2.4 or 5GHz band in that network. Complete unreliable garbage. For years and after many updates. Won’t be bothering anymore. Would give less than 1 star if I could.
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2 years ago, SpiderJayMan
So good, so great!
The remote to my smart tv broke and I really did not want to 1) have to spend money on a new one, and 2) have to wait for it to con in before I could watch tv. This was the perfect solution and a breeze to install. After using it, I discovered that it is better than the original remote because it has shortcuts for apps you can favorite, and you can use the keyboard instead of having to scroll through the in app search keyboard one letter at a time, especially since they all seem to have a different system. So much faster and easier to have everything streamlined!
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3 months ago, TheAustinNix
I recently bought a Vizio smart tv. I’ve had for 4yrs a Roku. I was very happy with the Vizio “smart tv” & most of the “remote features” from the Vizio app. One place it fell very short was the private listening section on the remote. Roku remotes always have an option where you can connect to your tv through your headphones from your phone app. Or you can listen directly through your phone. I was very disappointed that the Vizio app didn’t have this feature or anything like it. I really wish I had this feature. It’s a little thing but a VERY BIG THING! It makes a huge difference especially for parents who have babies sleeping in their rooms or late night movies where you don’t want to wake your spouse. Thank You for taking this review seriously
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11 months ago, KaylaCohen
so funny story…
My husband and I work nights, so when we get home it’s like 12 am to 1 am and all we have energy to do is shower and put on a show. We don’t have any devices connected to our TV so we use our phones and stream to the TV. That aspect of my TV is okay but whenever I try to turn down the TV from the Vizio app it starts SPAMMING the volume button. And we can’t stop it unless we close the app completely. We had to find this out the hard way when the intro to Family Guy blasted at MAXIMUM VOLUME at 1 am. We literally had to UNPLUG the TV to stop it. This also happens when we play on our PS5. Please address this bug and fix ot ASAP. This doesn’t just happen with my phone either. My husbands app does the same exact thing. Also my neighbors need a written apology 🤣
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1 year ago, AmplifiedLife
Elevate Vocal Menu is Too Loud & Cant’t Be Adjusted
Please turn down the voice of the guy who talks whenever Vizio devices connect (which is often, since I have to restart my devices several times a day to make them work properly). Doesn’t matter the time of day. After every reboot, a human voice suddenly and LOUDLY speaks “VIZIO DEVICE FOUND! ADJUST THE MENU…” etc. But we can’t turn that announcement volume down! We’ve never been able to change it. It’s just so unnecessarily loud. And it just has to play out the entire message. It can’t be interrupted. Unless you unplug it from the wall. Which causes it to start over. Old review - this hasn’t happened for a while; likely solved. Thanks devs. / in late 2022, after updating my software & firmware; my Elevate sound system was constantly turning my bass, treble, and sub woofer down by itself. Every time I start a new show I have to check my levels. I change them back manually, and then later that day, the system has changed them back. I never changed them to begin with (= fixed). Can’t recommend Vizio. My OLED 55 suffered an internal crack (thermal cracks are what the internet calls sudden, non-impact related, internal glass damage) shortly after warranty window closed.
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2 years ago, Jd.doubleu
Well designed app. Very user.
Was using an 11 year old Samsung smart tv. Upgraded to a new 43” Vizio and am amazed how far the smart tv has come. The Vizio app is well designed, and works seamlessly across multiple devices, some 6 years older than the new TV. My favorite app function is its ability to turn a phone into a remote control. Easily connects to devices, and has full functionality controlling the tv. Keyboard is great when searching for programs, apps, whatever. On my iPhone the speak to type function is a beta version, and works perfectly. Really great app, highly recommend!
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5 months ago, Can’tgetrightspect
Remote update
I like the app but the remote seriously needs to be updated. It delays constantly. Also is there a way to quick save shows to my watch list on different apps instead of having to go to each show scroll down multiple times save to my watch list then go back to browsing? On most remotes you can hold down menu or something to get a mini list for those options. It would be more convenient to make this remote something like a universal type that has quick ways to navigate without the delays. I honestly just want a remote sent to me. When my tv is knocked off the internet I can’t even link it back, that’s a whole different headache.
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1 year ago, dfghklllhgssetyhhcdy
Bring Back the TV Remote Layout!
I appreciated the old app which gave me a choice of a view that replicated an actual, useful, generic TV remote with buttons that I could look at and know what they are for without guessing. (unlike the useless, non-intuitive, physical remote that came with the TV and had only a few buttons) Now the app is just as useless as the physical remote, just up / down arrows - what are they for? Volume? Channel change? No way to plug in a specific channel #? But thank goodness you made some space for advertising because we don’t see enough of that already… :( After 5-6 Vizio TV purchases, Vizio’s ‘minimalist’ remote controls is one of the reasons my most recent purchase was an LG. That and the constant messages interrupting my viewing to tell me that my TV can’t use my HDMI cable, requiring me to power off/on, sometimes multiple times, then navigating back to my program/recording. (The HDMI cable works fine) I guess as my Vizios die, they’ll all get replaced with other brands. And no, I won’t go enter this feedback on your website. I’m thinking if your job is to monitor this feedback, it’s probably also your job to pass this feedback to the proper persons throughout your company.
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2 weeks ago, JGasmann
Way better than expected
My Samsung smart tv I had before this honestly sucked, it was slow, and didn’t do that much. But my Vizio is awesome, and they basically built in a firestick to the tv, which is really nice. The smart tv functions works really well, and I’ve even gotten updates sent out to the tv multiple times over the 3 years I’ve had it. Which is great because it shows they’re trying to make the tv last longer by giving it the latest software and smart features even though it would probably now be considered an older tv.
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4 months ago, LbozoAli
It started off great now it isnt
Ok so when i first downloaded this app it was perfect, I didn't always have the best angle from my bed for the remote to connect to the tv but this app didn't need the direct line to turn it on. But eventually it started having connection issues. Then when we had to change our wifi it suddenly completely stopped working. I made sure that the tv was plugged in right and it was on the same wifi as my phone but nothing was working and I know the tv was working fine bc the remote was working on it. The only thing that worked was force disconnecting the tv from my app and reconnecting it but its honestly getting annoying to keep doing that every time. I did realize that there was an update but it did absolutely nothing to help so im at a loss here.
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