VNL News

2.4 (163)
59 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for VNL News

2.39 out of 5
163 Ratings
4 years ago, supmaren
Great app but...
The app is great and easy to use but way too many notifications are sent, just minutes apart, that say the same exact thing. I've considered turning my notifications off for the app but I don't want to miss something important.
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4 months ago, markproulx2
Just. The. Worst.
80% of the stories you get are of fires, rapes, murders, and people in car crashes. If that’s your thing, then maybe you’d like this app which takes “if it bleeds it leads” to the next level. The local stories are horribly written by what appears to be middle school English students. Even the AP stories they pull in for filler are all of the things listed above, but just out of Florida or some other crazy state. As far as the app goes, it crashes every so often. But it’s not terrible. The content is just garbage. Like a tabloid at the grocery store check out line.
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4 years ago, PickupsAreNotTrucks
This app is worse and worse every year. It crashes constantly upon launch. It usually take 2-3 times to launch. Then once it launches, you’re forced to dodge ads to even get to the news. You scumbags, this isn’t a free game from the internet, I shouldn’t have to read all kinds of nonsense just to get to the news. To top it off, at one point or another, they added ads at the bottom of the news headlines that look exactly like the headlines! You’ll be scrolling along and click on an ad thinking it’s headlines!
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2 years ago, Brandon Vegas
Stream loading
Would be great if there was a stream that interrupted the LNN stuff whenever you went live on any channel. Ch 4s feed always has loading or stopping issues.
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4 years ago, neenah54
News app
A lot of times and it cuts out and sends me to my home screen and now those ads that pop I suppose they’re ok I can close em easily except it seems for the awful Joe Biden one I’m force to watch that crap when President Trump’s ad comes I can close when I’d rather watch his ad why are the two so different? VNL you were once my favorite bit lately your new has been biased and that breaks my heart .. please stick to the true news as you used to
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2 years ago, DeanDakota
Terrible update
What happened to this app? They totally changed it. The interface was so easy and understandable but now there is way to much going on. Before I would open the app and get to see the full radar and the extended forecast with out having to navigate around. Will be hopeful that it gets fixed.
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4 years ago, construction bob
Went in the dump!
This was a good app for a long time. Recently it was decided that ads were more important than users I guess. Advertising pops up at the outset and won’t allow you to see the news, the only reason I chose this app! Sometimes the ads have a hidden escape nearly impossible to find so you can move on. Grrrrrr. I hate that and I quit this stupid app
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1 year ago, amarieg212502
I don’t want 2 apps
I liked this app for the most part until today. Now if I want to check the weather I have to download another app whereas I could check the weather and the news from one app previously, and downloading the storm team app was just an option if I wanted more detail, which I don’t.
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6 years ago, AnonAnonymousous...
Keep Sports News if Sports were selected.
I don’t have sports notifications enabled, but I get news about the Bison, Vikings, and Carson Wentz all the time. Those stories shouldn’t count as “breaking news” or “trending” and should only appear if “Sports” notifications are enabled.
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4 years ago, Havella2007
News reports rarely added
Bad wether in area and I went looking for newscast in the video portion, for updated information. Nothings been loaded for 2 days. Don’t keep promoting an app that isn’t kept up.
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4 years ago, NateStich
What happened to this app....
I just want a news app that doesn’t bombard me with useless notifications. I had to mute it because of how many I was receiving. I swear I get at least 100 notifications everyday that show up on the app. Used to be a app that I use daily now I had to delete it.
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4 years ago, djconcept_2009
Great other than one bug
The app works great other than I have to delete and re-install the app for the temperature to update on the widget in notification center.
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4 years ago, Red River Valley Citizen
To many notifications
Unless there is severe weather I do not need to receive several notifications daily. I don’t mind a daily update but when I receive several a day telling me the same message it is very annoying. Please send notices only when necessary if it is not just a daily forecast. Thank you
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2 years ago, eatsomecobler
One of Few
Its one of few ways to get news for the growing city of Fargo. Thanks for that!
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6 years ago, givemenews!!!
Updates needed!!
I would love to actually read some news without the app cutting out and sending me to my home screen, I would love to be able to read each article without having to go back and re find it. And I WOULD LOVE TO NOT BE ASKED TO CONSTANTLY FOLLOW YOU ON FB, I don’t have it I’m here for the news!
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7 years ago, Former photo
The app is fine, but....
Please, please have someone with a basic understanding of grammar and word usage edit your online stories. With the cloud of fake-news hovering over the media today it would help if your stories did not have missing words on a regular basis. Let the janitor proof-read them. You might be surprised.
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4 months ago, Mare111111
I look at this app every day a lot of times twice a day. Always informational.
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5 years ago, Hagar1947
Ads cover story
Ads are on top of part of the news article, so you can’t see part of it.
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7 years ago, newsperson123
News app
I can't read any news when I get to the home page I press news I can't read anything it's just white.😞
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5 years ago, Local Patient
👎👎👎Very Poor app!
This app has not worked for a couple of weeks. The news doesn't load and it's disappointing it has not been fixed. What's the plan? I miss the breaking news and reading the news especially when I'm out of town.
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2 years ago, cdwathne13
Gréât Coverage
My go-to viewing is KXJB and KVLY. I can also catch you LIVE on Paramount + Just an FYI and keep up the good work, Gray’s. Cheryl Davidson Wathne Roseau, Minnesota
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4 years ago, Nancy's I-Pizzle
Worst news app ever
You get a news alert. You click on the alert to read it. You’re forced to watch an ad for some game. The app crashes. You go back in and have to watch a second ad for some game. Bottom of the screen is crawling with clickbait.
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1 year ago, Terrynils70
I don’t like an ad to always pop up when I first go to app site. Can I block the ads that pop up first before I actually get to site?
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4 years ago, Nomew
Breaking news and alerts!
I don’t feel I need to be alerted to a snowmobile crash. I thought the breaking news alerts on my phone were for actual emergencies- not just every time a story breaks!
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5 years ago, Buckskinerr556
Worst news app/organization I’ve ever seen in my life.
This news outlet constantly posts their opinion and posts unsubstantiated claims in nearly every article they post. They also are rarely correct in their news reports. Save yourself the mental anguish and don’t get the app.
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3 years ago, Jen's Dad
Needs Work
Content is not always current and fresh, no need to know about Sundays approaching storm on Monday. Crashes often And interface could use some work. This app is an object lesson on how to not make an app.
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5 years ago, Rogue Dead Guy
Fire your App developer..
This app never seems to work on my iPhone 8S+. It will lock up the news article (if I can even get into the article) I like reading local news, but can’t on the app. Fire the person developing and maintaining this app and hire a real person.
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5 years ago, IceHole24
Still doesn’t work
I have deleted it, re-downloaded it, still doesn’t work. Crashes immediately after opening. Worked fine for me until this last update.
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4 years ago, Crap-on-a-stick
Crap Crap Crap!!!
Seriously the worst app ever!! It immediately closes when you open. I can’t access any of the articles. Their Facebook doesn’t doesn’t even have a link for the articles that are on the app. Waste of time. Do not get!!
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5 years ago, .
Constantly crashing!
More often than not when I open the app to read the news it’s shuts down and goes to my home screen! Other times it’s just crashes mid read! Please update
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4 years ago, uninformed12
Awful notifications
I only have breaking news selected however I am constantly getting sports notifications and notifications for what’s on at 6 or 10. It’s very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Reader 45678
Cuts out music
When you first open app it cuts off music streaming. Never used to. Please fix
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5 years ago, nicholass97
Horrible news channel/app
I have never read more bias opinions on any news site ever, they always make it seem like people are guilty of things that aren’t proven and only give one side of the story. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone
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7 years ago, d. a. kloss
Advertisements are no first
They have changed their Ads. U see them first, can't bypass them . And a considerable number of their stories are incomplete blurbs about something with no real information. Two thumbs down
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5 years ago, Rusty0385
Proof read?
I can’t believe how much they butcher grammar and sentence structures. Half of the articles are constantly in need of corrections. Obviously they don’t proof read and are only focused on throwing out as many subpar news articles as possible.
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6 years ago, urrii
This app supposedly has filters allowing you to select for notifications. However, sports are news since I have sports notifications turned off.
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4 years ago, Toolcat45
Annoying ads
Please get rid of the annoying ads at startup or at least alloy us to opt out of them.
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1 year ago, Kappelb
Do not update
Today there was this update and KFYR update both were working before update now neither will launch. I get just spinning wheel like trying to load. IOS 16.3.1
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1 year ago, Dan453
Removed weather from app.
App was already annoying to use. Now it sends the users to download their weather app that is poorly reviewed.
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1 year ago, 71pass
Poor app
I downloaded the app and it won’t open. Tried several times and same thing.
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5 years ago, HeyMan1726
It would be nice to actually read a full article without the app totally shutting down or sending me back to my home screen. Do not waste your time!
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7 years ago, Dynami77777
Ads have killed this
I can't even open the Local News or Headlines sections anymore due to pop up ads. I tap the section I want to open, and it takes me to a loop of ads I can't escape. Lame...
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4 years ago, 58078
Use to work before device upgrade!
I use to like this app but now you can not tell the adds from the news. I quit using it.
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5 years ago, V-kurts
Full screen clickbait ads? No thanks
Before I can even see any news at all I have to navigate a giant ad with Trump’s face or anti-immigration statements. Thanks for the clearly biased garbage, I just want to read local news. Goodbye VNL.
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1 year ago, BamBamBanana
News stories load up blank. Phantom news alerts that go nowhere.
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5 years ago, Bigmac2277
You need to fix this app!!!
It doesn’t work have the time, like right now it won’t even load other then advertisements!! Pure crap is what this app is!!
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3 years ago, Golfsleepmaster
KVLY News/weather
This app has become worthless. It crashes nearly every time it’s opened. You guys need to open a new can of IT guys. About as worthwhile as Hutch’s forecasts. (Storm Team?) Seriously!!!
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4 years ago, #fixurapp
VNL app
One of the least reliable apps I gave used. Hasn’t worked properly in over a week. It loads and then automatically closes.
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5 years ago, daytime news
Too many notifications
I don’t need a reminder the news starts in 10 minutes.
Show more
4 years ago, Savage&Ingram
Doesn’t work!😡
I JUST downloaded this app and it won’t even let me in! I push the icon, main screen comes on, and instantly kicks me off. Nice.
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