Vocabulary Builder by Atlas

4.8 (7.7K)
99.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gorkem Caglar Sayan
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vocabulary Builder by Atlas

4.78 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
1 month ago, natsuunekoo
I’m using the free version right now, and I love it. If you want to expand your vocabulary this is an great app. you can watch an ad to unlock new chapters which will be a lesson for 5 vocab or a quiz, there’s also weekly challenges with vocabulary you will use in different scenarios and daily new vocab. They use flash cards, quiz you the definition, synonyms and spelling to help you memorize. You can basically practice just 5 words a day or if you want more, you can always do more sessions. Only the course need to watch an ad but not practices so practice as much as you want. I think the only things that bother me a little is that free version can only save 3 words from other places while premium version doesn't have limited, but they do provide other way for you to add the vocabulary to practice through the quiz or weekly challenge so I’m fine with that.
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2 months ago, Pineapples973
This app is awesome! This app is so well organized. It tests your current vocabulary level to see where you’re at so they can have you start at the level and upwards. It helps you learn words in different sets to different topics and tests you on them later on as you continue to progress. It has you learn new words in their challenges provide. The best thing I like about this app is that you can make your own journal with words you want to learn! You can add those words to your journal, practice learning them with flash cards then later test yourself on them to see if you have them memorized! This app is God sent! 5 stars!
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1 year ago, Timlmjr
Be more upfront with pricing after you’ve purchased
I love this app. It really is the perfect/best app for building vocabulary. That said, pricing info should be in the “account type” box. Your terms and conditions sheet says that that info is in the app, but it’s not. Just having the word premium there implies that it’s obvious what premium means. I had to go google it which is fine except now I have to assume that whatever I found by googling is actually accurate. The app should make as much as it does based on its quality/desirability, not making the account cancellation/adjustment process so barren of information that people end up accidentally paying more than they would have purposely. Also, grey out “restore purchases” if a user doesn’t have any purchases to restore. It’s misleading. It should not be selectable if there is no purchase to restore.
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10 months ago, i didnt ask <3
good app so far!
I just downloaded this app around two weeks ago and I already see amazing things. I love how it’s eye catching and will be the third of fourth option when you search for vocab. I am using this app to help me learn new vocab words for my HSPT (high school placement test) and just to learn new words. It gives you a test to see your level on vocabulary, and also gives you notifications for new words. It gives you categories and lists so you can quiz or test yourself on definitions for words. Would recommended it!
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2 years ago, Graham713Ab
To be honest, I am completely amazed how great this app is. It is easier to navigate through then the rest of vocabulary apps and it seems the most useful after just one day! Seeing that I’m making a book, knowing terms is helpful and this app is a great help for me. Highly recommend getting this just for fun also, as to test your brain with words and help train your brain to memorise said words.
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2 years ago, J. Ste
Good But Confining
I’m a subscriber and use the app to improve my vocabulary primarily through the creation of my own journal words and Flashcards. The problem: once a word is entered, the app makes you choose one definition and usage out of two (if there are two choices). I don’t understand why the developers would limit the definitions and sample sentences on a language app when language, by its very nature, is used in different contexts and different sentence structures. Yes - I can edit and add my own, but that’s extra work. I strongly suggest the developers fix this.
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2 years ago, im tidus
App is great but there are a few flaws/bugs
This app is definitely worth a try if you eager to extend your vocabulary but one thing that’s bothering me is in the personal words flash cards there’s option to change whether the word is on the front or definition, translation, etc but for someone reason it doesn’t allow me to change anything. I’d really prefer to have the definition on the front of the card that way I can guess the word. I hope someone sees this and makes changes. Otherwise the app is amazing.
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8 months ago, Dregs stray
Too many notifications
App is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for but the notification are ridiculous. I just want to be reminded to do a little bit each day but not reminded every 15 minutes after already using the app for 45mins. Other than that this app is perfect. My only other complaint is when you have to type out a word. I rather there be no letters than partial letters from the word for me it makes it easier to remember but doesn’t help me with the spelling. Despite those two things this app is awesome
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9 months ago, hapmoniym
This app is great
I really enjoyed learning new words with this app.I love the ai tutor features most, it can give you a very detailed information about the word you want to learn. In my opinion, if the app could add the reading of the whole example sentences and enable user to select the every words they saw in the sentence and could add them to word collection would make this app even better.
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2 years ago, lilfire788
It was great but…
This app was wonderful! I learned so much in just 5 min and it was fun! I would highly recommend this to anyone if they’re willing to pay 35 bucks every year lol. I was on it for about 5-10 min and immediately it wanted me to pay. And normally u can still play with out the premium but this app limited so much! Im barely able to do anything with out it😔 But overall the quality is amazing and could be super awesome with the premium!
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3 years ago, Ssoulist
I don’t have a problem with the vocabulary sections, although the synonyms are a bit wonky and could be used better. My main issue is the “Phrasal Verbs” section. For instance; when grading the participant based on their ability to make assumptions. Specifically, the Phrasal section teaches you what it means to “Run into someone” and then used “running into” without presenting the past-tense. It’s paramount that all possibilities are made obvious for the inexperienced. Other than the mediocre synonyms/variety, the app is decent.
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3 years ago, Polarsito06
Future content
Hi!! The app is amazing! Definitely worth purchasing, I was curious about your future plans for this app… will you include more sets? Maybe a different category for slang? It’s been a helpful resource to attain a better level of vocabulary with interesting words in each set. As a non native speaker I assure you this is literally the best app to practice and learn.
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1 year ago, HL1982
Please fix widget
Great App and very helpful. Been looking for something like this since the app store’s inception. My favorite feature is the widget app because I don’t get the chance to enter the app itself everyday, however it very rarely functions as it should- often displaying the same word for days. I have adjusted the settings to no avail. (Using on iPhone 12 pro). Please fix as I find this to be the most helpful feature, but it needs to learn how to update itself.
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3 years ago, GoogIe AIphaGo
What I wish...
A humanized, user-friendly vocabulary learning app like this should have a more humanized pronunciation functionality I suppose. So why not use dictionary audios, or human pronunciations from forvo instead? Guys, the robotic automatic reading(from google, I guess) might work but isn’t a good enough solution to help people master the words phonologically. It doesn’t match the tremendous effort you’ve made with this product and it won’t just satisfy the needs of a conscientious learner.
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6 months ago, RyanWeen
A good investment
When you are around 30yr old, it’s harder to remember new vocabs. But this app helps solving that problem. It provides a various of tasks that help you remember words. Pop-up widget reminders learnt words so you won’t forget it. It worth the subscription. I just wish the UI design and branding elements could be more inspiring. It’s still nice and subtle.
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3 months ago, 加桑诺娃101
I like it but…
I think it would be better to allow users to export the wordlists because I personally use anki to learn vocabulary as well, and frankly I think spaced repetition is really essential for long term vocab building. I think this app is great for LEARNing the word, but not RETAINing the word, so yeah, basically if the app developer is open to the idea of exporting the wordlists, then the app would definitely be a better companion to anki.
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2 years ago, Nana_Naomi📚💕
My English
I am thankful for this app! I am not the best at English because it’s not my first languages but it’s so hopefully when I can check if my answers that l choose are right or wrong and it helps me built up my vocabulary! I am trying and working so hard to get good grades with good English because God have provided me a great opportunity to learn it!
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1 week ago, Moni hermosa
I subscribed to this App recently
I really like because you can build vocabulary every day and you can also create your own vocabulary according with your interests, but I wish it has a listening feature to be used when I walk or I am doing something else. ✅
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10 months ago, thinker,08
I Like It
I love learning new words and this one allows me to without setting up an account. What I can’t figure out however is in the learning section where there are 2 words shown with no directions on how to use it. Even though I know the words, I get this section wrong because I have no idea what it’s looking for. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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7 months ago, dmlxv
The best AI app to extend vocab!
Amazing application! All that I was looking for. I tried many “AI-based” apps, but none of them attached importance to learning through context (examples, collocations, idioms, etc) as well as synonyms. I strongly recommend Atlas to everyone who has found the method of 'word-translation' ineffective and is ready to drastically widen their vocabulary!
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1 year ago, Swimsav
Fine app, poor vocabulary
Deleted the app halfway through the placement quiz. The app seems well built compared to others, but the quiz itself didn’t give me much confidence in the content. For example, they state that “assertive” means “to stand up for what you believe in while also being respectful of other opinions”, which is just blatantly wrong. The definition of “assertive” is “having or showing a confident and forceful personality” If you’re going to make a vocabulary app, don’t make up your own definitions for the words 🤦🏼‍♀️
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6 months ago, Zack Beeman
Very nice app and well rounded
It’s worth giving a shot if you honestly trying to improve your vocabulary. No scams and nothing that seemed to waste my time. I really like the fact that they quizzed my in the beginning too so I didn’t have to start at a base level of skill.
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2 years ago, Amai.Chyna
To the levels of advancement to the variety of words, this app is amazing. This app taught me that you don’t just need to read to expand your vocabulary. I’m in 10th grade and i love using this app in my free time. It makes it fun and rewarding, it’s easy to use, and it’s so well made. amazing! highly recommend
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7 months ago, SpikeGonzo
Loved this app
That is best app because I need to build better understanding of vocabulary so I can use various of words in my writing or communication. It provide me with different kind of define including with instance & example even used those in sentence and idioms is big bonus!
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2 years ago, LoriiBoo'
Cool App
It’s a good app, my only prob is with the type-in section. Wish it gave us a chance to lock in our answer before marking it wrong or right. I type very quickly and make an accidental typo and I automatically lose points. Otherwise I like it!
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4 months ago, Tapygar
Simply the best
I had been searching for an app that would help me to improve my vocabulary -as a learner of english- for a very long time until i found this one. every aspect of this app is great except that it's subscription is very expensive
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2 years ago, pipe tobacco
New to this program
Very helpful especially when I come across difficult words that might be rooted in other cultural languages. I would recommend this program. I am not getting paid to say this. Thank youProfessor Wright, oxford university England. Dictionary man, Monet
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1 year ago, Gavinirmala
Atlas Word App
I have been using this app for only one week and my new vocabulary and comprehension have easily increased with 15-30 minutes practice every day. If you want to expand your speaking and writing vocabulary, this program will do it!
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12 months ago, Not typically me
Useful and mind engaging
Keeps your mind active and engaged, not a waste of time like several other game apps. This is truly an exercise for your brain, helpful for tbi recovery and also just everyday staying fresh and sharp. This app is worth it.
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2 years ago, Believe BAHUN-WILSON
The Intro is perfect
I like what I see. The app had so far being going the same direction as my thought process. I do agree with the level of my proficiency. I do however worry was I not trying my best to beat the app ? An app, unbeatable… I have dreams
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1 year ago, cordial mango
Best Vocabulary App I’ve Found
Superb! The journal feature (allowing you to save, review, and practice vocabulary) is fantastic. I’ve been looking for something like this app for so long, and I couldn’t be more excited to have found it!
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1 year ago, Felixscore1
I enjoy this game so much that I played it every single day.
I recommended it to some of my friends already. Thank you very much for unlocking a lot of what I needed to memorize to my life-long desire to learn English very well. Thanks again! 👏🏆💯
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8 months ago, Senshin M
0 customer support, border bug
The widget has a 10px black border for a month, with no fix. I contacted customer support three weeks ago, but there was no reply. Edit: It's fixed after one month, but I'm still waiting for an interactable widget to speak the word and next word.
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3 years ago, FWMini
Helpful and fun
I really enjoy this app and am learning lots of new words. The app presents the words through definitions, synonyms (choose the ones that match or don’t match), matching (fill in thd blank in the sentence), and spelling. What a lovely variety!
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2 years ago, Valalalah
Glitches preventing further new words
If you even so tap a word it’ll give you points off and if you spell something in that portion incorrectly it gives you points off even if you aren’t ready to submit this is unfair and that’s why I’m giving it a one star until these glitches are fixed because I am now losing future vocabulary words because I can’t pass a 100 due to the glitch
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3 years ago, SpicySosaa
There’s a bug where I would delete words but they’re still notified and it kinda messes up everything
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2 months ago, Sonicjessica
Vocab Training.
I tried another vocab app last year and I really enjoyed it. So, when my annual sub was about to be up I decided to see what else was else was out there and found this. I really enjoy it. I love the format. It’s exactly what I was looking for.
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2 years ago, -willa leca
Not a Fair Service
I love the potential of this app! But you have to pay for a subscription after writing only two words!! I have 20 words to memorize in 2 days and only being able to write two words without paying is unbelievable. I am sorry but I do not recommend for people who don’t subscribe to apps like this.
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9 months ago, TitanicL0v3r
You have to pay for everything
To use the most of the features, you have to pay for it. It does have vocabular which is what’s advertised, but it makes you pay a membership to save your words for future reference in your journal
Show more
9 months ago, Mr. Chauncy
the part in which you have to pick unrelated 1word within 4 words is pretty boring and useless
I think the part you do in the test session in which you have to pick 1 unrelated word within 4 words is pretty boring and useless, please just cut out this useless part.
Show more
5 months ago, Dinzell Frazier
Smooth yet repetitive
This app is very simple and easy to learn how to operate which is optimal for growth. However, the tasks are kind of repetitive and not super engaging. However, I do believe it truly helps grow your vocabulary bit by bit.
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4 weeks ago, Faith lizzyanne
Incredibly Effective Way To Expand Vocabulary
I find the methods used to be sensible and very effective. The tests ensure your understanding of a word unlike other apps that provide only the word and definition.
Show more
7 months ago, SunnyPuff
Word Practice Improvement Suggestion
It would be good if the pronunciation of the work can be shown in the test. Thanks! Great app to build up vocabulary! Really enjoy the journal function.
Show more
2 months ago, LiloMischa
Great app but limited options
I enjoy using this app, but once you get through the hundred sets of words, there is nothing left. I would suggest adding more sets of words in a weekly basis for daily users
Show more
12 months ago, HeadphoneJackster
Just what I was wanted
Started using this and I can see that it is a great tool for those learning english and those born to english that want to expand their vocabulary.
Show more
10 months ago, Greginfla
Almost great
This really a good app; I wish you could turn off the missing letter exercises. Maybe its just me; I can’t spell the words even though I know the word’s meaning; so it counts as a miss and I don't get to advance to next level. This is a vocabulary and spelling app.
Show more
1 year ago, Nichokeek
Fun & great way to wake up
Switched over to Atlas first thing in the morning rather than social media. Helps wake your mind up. Book nerds like me will get addicted so moderate yourself
Show more
2 years ago, KwangLA
No sharing between two iPads
Could not share the progress between two ipads. Failed to register for my account and reset the password.
Show more
1 year ago, wave change
The new words I saved for future review only have one meaning and form, do not have all the options.
Show more
3 years ago, Brottamy
Just Started but Like it
So far it gave me a placement test, which was fun to do. I have high hopes that my vocabulary will increase by using this app! Thanks so much for making it 😃
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