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User Reviews for Vocabulary - Learn words daily

4.8 out of 5
119.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Nolan Baker
A fellow pupil is my F block sports and entertainment marketing class recommended this to me and I couldn’t be happier. I CANT STOP SCROLLING!! I can’t describe my agonizing addiction to this app in words, only sounds in which my family is beginning to get concerned for my mental health. MY LOVE FOR THESE WORDS IS INDESCRIBABLY POWERFUL. I genuinely think I’d end it all if I didn’t get the chance to use this app again. I’ve sent hundreds of messages to all of my friends telling them to get the vocabulary app…I got blocked. I’ve lost so many friends and family on this fierce journey but it’s all worth it once I get that notification of a new word bright and early at 3:00 am. If I am being honest I haven’t been sleeping at all because the adrenaline rush of an anticipated word shoots throughout my body HAHAHAHAHAHAH😳 thousands of hours of my life wasted on this app. I miss my family. I miss my house. I’m living under a bridge mindlessly scrolling until I pass out and I can’t take it anymore. Beware of this app, it will change you…❌
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3 months ago, khlomaki*
Ads are extra annoying
This app is serious about annoying you into making a purchase with their ads. Often and loud! If you’re using the free version, do not open this app if anyone is sleeping by you. Then they want $5/month. If you can afford that, great, but for anyone on an extremely limited budget– well, i guess they think a one time payment of $30/year bringing the cost down to $2.50/mth is the answer (it’s not). I would do $2.50/mnth if I could pay monthly, otherwise, there are free options or even simply reading books and using the tap: dictionary that comes with your phone or kindle in order to learn these words. I’ve only seen 5 words i haven’t read in books so far. That said, if you use the daily alerts, that’s almost good enough. That’s free. You get the definition of good words there, and if you need anymore information, like sentence examples, then you can google them. 3 stars because most free apps with ads aren’t this annoying. Sometimes all it takes is a single scroll and you get a long, noisy ad, which i think is plain rude to those of us who have more important things to spend $5/month on. End rant. Update: after talking all this smack here, i realized if you deny the $30/year it offers $15/year. I still had to decline, even though it said “last chance” (had it been tomorrow when i got paid, i would’ve done it), but still, the offer was there.
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8 months ago, WaltBark
Displays Same Words Despite Disliking
I was ecstatic to find this app but disappointed to find a lack luster experience. The app displays the same words constantly. I could not get it to not show words that I am already familiar with or don’t care to learn. It was not easy nor intuitive to find the dislike button (which is hidden in the share menu… I have no clue why one would think that would be a logical place for it). Then when I finally found it after reading reviews here that rated the app poorly for the same reasons… I was even more disappointed to find out when you use the dislike button it actually does nothing too. So the same word repetitively shows up on my widget even tho I have disliked it. Doesn’t seem to be a hard thing to fix. And quite frankly is such a core use case to solve for (people being able to dislike or remove words they already know or don’t find useful). So can’t in good conscience recommend this app to anyone despite its promise. Going to try to look in to other alternative apps. It’s a shame because I did like the simplicity of this and the fact it had widgets you could use. But the inability to stop words from coming up over and over again is excruciatingly annoying.
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2 years ago, Lovetolearnnewwords
Way Beyond Expectations
This app makes it easy to learn new words. It has all sorts of additional helpful tools to do that, like a direct link to Google (though I do wish it was connected to Miriam-Webster because that dictionary offers comprehensive definition of the word, including its origins), so you can get a bigger definition. This is really important for me because I easily learn words if I know their origins. You can choose level of difficulty, which is perfect for me because I wanted advanced and other apps don’t have advanced. You can also add your own words. You can mark words as favorite so you can go over them again and again as a way to learn. The display is nice and clean — no clutter — so you can focus on the word. Anyway, I can go on and on about all I love about this app. This is what I’ve been looking for. I love learning words and this app has made me completely happy. Yes, happy.
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3 years ago, 1WHOSHINES
Great tool to improve your vocabulary.
In a world where you need to learn to choose your words wisely, it will be prudent to polish your vocabulary. I began to study a book on how to have good, productive conversation that people would want to hear what you have to say, I came across a section that taught how to polish your conversations by using the right words. The author advice to write words that one is not used to using. So I bagan to look for an app that would help me to learn in a simple practical manner. Since I spend most of the time on the phone communicating through texting I also got used to doing everything in it. Like reading and especially writing. So looking for apps I found this one and it has help me because it works like study cards. I memorize words that are commonly used by many people especially at the job, doing business in conversations except me. Awesome app.
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1 year ago, OrangeTiramisu
Great App! But with some room for improvement
I got the subscription and think it’s worth it! I like how you can customize the background and font depending on the user’s mood and personality. However, my only grievance here is that I mainly use it to broaden my Spanish words, but the pronunciation doesn’t sound native, and if anything sounds more like Spanish words spoken with an American English accent. Think “taco” pronounced as “taecoe”. I think it is a valid cause for aversion. Because if the app were to offer foreign (non-English in this situation) language then it should also be accompanied with the accurate pronunciation. Maybe I’m just being picky but if you imagine a native speaker looking up words in their native language and seeing how it’s being represented, you’ll understand how the person might feel.
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4 months ago, HmstrH485
Great app; some sentence examples need improvment
I’m happy with this app. I’ve been using the free version (I think) for a long time now. I appreciate getting daily notifications of new words and being able to change the background of the app to one of their beautiful selection of pictures. I agree with some that the advanced words could be more advanced, but it’s nice to be reminded sometimes, and it helps me realize that while I know some advanced words, I’ve been adding a positive or negative connotation to them for years without realizing. My one and only complaint is the sentence examples. Many of them are clunky with unnecessary info. They should be clear and concise. Some sound as if they were written by a high schooler trying to sound smart. We don’t need a short story. Also, some sentence examples have a bit of gender stereotyping to them, going both ways. I’d love concise and objective sentences. Thanks!
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1 year ago, EZE Ruthless
Thumbs down
I’ve had this app for a long time, but I really dislike the fact that they’ve apparently removed the “thumbs down” option. I like building my own word lists and use the “heart” far more often, but there are words (we all have them) that are grating and that I would add to a list that I’d personally avoid using, just for fun. Once in awhile, too, a sentence example will pop up that’s a little dated (I wouldn’t go so far as to say “offensive”, but maybe a little “insensitive”)—those, too, would end up getting a thumbs down. It was all in good fun and was an easy way to differentiate words while building vocabulary. Now, only a heart is available. Puppies and sunshine and unicorns for all! It’s silly. I’m far from “get off my lawn; the way things used to be” guy, but come on: are we really so collectively delicate now that we can no longer handle even the mildest rebuke imaginable: a virtual dislike button?
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4 years ago, noeldivaa
Absolutely Amazing App
This app has completely grown my brain.I was falling back in my vocabulary grades and my parents started to notice,I didn’t want to fail them so I was looking at apps to improve my vocabulary because that’s were I needed the most improvement. I tried all sorts of apps but this is the only one that works for me ,I absolutely love the fact that I can study words that apply to my learning and the time that I receive them , not forgetting that I can also listen to the words because they are a little lengthy. My vocabulary grades went from the 70s to the 90s and I am so happy to make my family proud again .I would definitely recommend this app to anyone struggling in any area of school work. Thank you to the creators for making such a wonderful and helpful app.
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1 year ago, Aaron Storms
Wants me to subscribe for a monthly/yearly fee
Downloaded this and then started a setup process once you open it. Asks about how many times a day you want to see notifications, what your vocabulary level is, etc. All questions I’m okay with until about ten questions in I get a screen that is talking about the subscription. $30 a year, but you can cancel at anytime, and you get a three day trial. Only option I saw was to continue, which I’d assume would mean accepting the subscription. I’m all for learning new vocabulary, but I’m sure there are better options out there that aren’t charging you money. I’d even understand a free app that has most functionality blocked until you subscribe. But making the app free to download, without making it clear it’s not useable without a subscription, seems wrong. At least let me test it out without subscribing, and a three day trial that I actively have to take steps to cancel doesn’t count. Immediately closed and uninstalled the app.
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5 months ago, k adrianna
This app just keeps getting better. They are always sending me new words to learn in my notifications. You can add it as a widget within your home screen and the lock screen as well. I love that so much! Today I opened the app to look more into how a word was used and a pop up showing me a how to for adding a word to the app from an external source was brought to my attention. I thought the app couldn't get any better, but that just did it for me. Mind you, I haven't paid a penny - so this is all free. This is probably the best free app I've ever downloaded, by far. Thank you Vocabulary :) This is not a paid review either, for anyone wondering. 😂
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3 years ago, BiggestStarWarsFan
Would Recommend if You’re a Knowledge Hungry Gryffin-Claw (Griffindor and Ravenclaw)
Honestly I’m sure any type of person would enjoy this app. Kids, teens, and adults alike (It lets you pick your level of vocabulary to improve your experience). And it actually (mostly) gives words that you (again mostly) don’t know. But I would say it’s a bit annoying that it continues to ask me to get premium. Which is dumb because it’s really not worth your money. Which is why it’s stupid that someone would keep these features from you. What is even the point of preventing people from having the best experience with this app and improving their lives (at least al little) when know one’s gon’ waist their money in it anyways. It’s POINTLESS!!! Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this app as I have.
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8 months ago, madwewetoon
Super App—Missing a Few Features
Of all the vocabulary apps in the AppStore, this one is the best. However, there are some areas for improvement. First, while in the app, it’s not possible to select text for copying. For anyone who wants to easily investigate a word further, this is an essential feature. For example, it would be helpful to be able to select a word, copy it, and paste it in another app to explore etymology (using the share function after selection would also be nice.) Second, the existing share options need to be disabled. For those of us who do not use social media, it would be great to eliminate those share options (maybe add a “copy word” button here?) Other than these issues, this app really is fantastic. The ability to create and customize widgets is a big win.
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1 year ago, c_hibbs54
Great idea, but not fleshed out for Quality of Life
This app is good so far and the idea of it is quite good! This app could use some updates on quality of life and usefulness. Pros: 1. A really great idea to help expand vocabulary -It’s nice to scroll through list of words to see what you don’t know and to learn them -Getting notifications about words you may or may not know 2. The International Phonetic Alphabet is used for pronunciation 3. Lots of themes! Cons: 1. Getting sent words that are not for an advanced level, such as “acute,” “husband,” “ethereal,” etc. 2. No dictionary reference to easily see synonyms, antonyms, etc. or to search words 3. Hidden menu under the share button to add to certain lists, etc. 4. Having a favorite button and a dislike button are a little confusing 5. Could expand on themes more, like having a color picker for background and fonts and being able to choose from a list of fonts 6. Words are locked behind premium In conclusion, this app has a bit of ways to go, but is heading in a great direction; the developer responses are on almost all of the reviews and we’re seeing updates that are reflective of those reviews.
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1 year ago, person3😜
Let me start out by saying this is not meant to sound pretentious in the slightest, although it may seem that way. Opening the app I chose the most advanced vocabulary it would let me, as I am an avid reader and user of large vocabulary words. I’ve gotten some good ones, I’d say about 1/3 of the words I have never heard before. However, that leaves 2/3 of the words that I feel are pretty common and not in the slightest bit “advanced” such as “counteract”, “demure”, “deft”, “despondent”, and “acute” to name a few. That being said, I have gotten some nice words to add to my vocabulary from this app. Their definition of “advanced” is very subjective. Maybe at the beginning they could institute a vocabulary test that would more accurately gauge a users vocabulary.
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10 months ago, Charrissaaaaaaa
Decent, but could be better
Starting off, I love this app. There’s not really any ads, but I am disappointed with almost all the themes being in a lockdown behind a paywall. -1 star for that, but I get they have to make money some shape or form. Also, sometimes they give out to much reminders. I once got 34 when I only requested 5. And this through 15:00-18:00. I had selected 15:50-17:35. -2 stars. It’s a great app, but don’t get it even if you want to learn new vocabulary. If you’re okay with ads and a paywall with decent features in a vocab app though, then this is probably for you. Know that this rating is kind of like 2 1/4. That’s it.
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4 years ago, gamaka12:
Love it, and killer customer service!
I got this app about a week ago and loved it. It will give me random new words throughout the day that give me guidance and inspire me to write. They will have the word, with part of speech (noun, adj. etc), pronunciation and a sentence example. I made a mistake on my end where the sentences were no longer coming up. I reached out and in under an hour it was all taken care of. I never really cared about vocabulary but I’m actually really loving it. There are some cool words out there you can add to favorites and make different folders for alike words as well. Like I said, great app and even better customer service. Don’t hesitate to download and pay the 19$ a year.
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1 year ago, A. Nonny Mouse Rate
Great App
This app has been my consolation after the divorce. It has been the only thing separating me from a bridge, if you know what I mean. The words, they give me hope. They inspire me to live. Ever since I stopped living at my house (to avoid the memories) and moved into the library, I knew I could just read books, but the words on the phone make my head hurt less. I am becoming evicted from my house, but it doesn’t matter to me. If I go to jail for living in a public library, so be it. I need the words. They are an addiction to me, not as bad as my terrible weed addiction, but still harmful. I need the words, I need the words, I NEED THE WORDS.
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1 year ago, GBurkhardt
Neat idea but not comprehensive
I was super excited about this but, after having the premium version for a few months, regret the purchase. I already know many of the words at the advanced level, and the lack of an internal dictionary within the app means that I can’t use the app to look up words I don’t know. I love that you can add your own words, but wish there was a faster way to do that than typing in the correct spelling and definition yourself. The widget and notifications are helpful, but I noticed the words repeating after just a few months. I also wish there was a way to pick a background and a font for the widget independently of each other. This app was fun while it lasted but ultimately not worth the price tag—especially when Merriam Webster offers a better version of a similar thing at a fraction of the price.
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4 years ago, Rubie T
Great app, one suggestion
I really enjoy this app, it has a lot of great words that I’ve never seen before and the definitions and examples are clear and helpful. That said, rather than having multiple reminders every day of different words, I would greatly appreciate (presumably other people too) if there was functionality where it reminded you of the same word various times throughout the day to really imprint it in your brain. I would much prefer learning one word really well per day versus getting lots of reminders on different words throughout the day. I find myself paying less attention to the app for this reason.
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2 months ago, TerryB-HOU
Just Change the Font!
Update! Got an email instructing me how to change the font. For free! Love the app! Would have given a 5, but that’s the deduction based solely on the font. Your font selection is very difficult to decipher for many of us with any of any degree of difficulty processing written input. Looking to understand the word better, I end up frustrated just reading and processing the definition. I hope you really do read the reviews. I suspect others may just not even continue with the app after processing your font selection. CHANGE TGE FONT!!
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1 year ago, alnima14
Can Live Without It
As a user of the vocabulary app, I was initially drawn in by the sleek and modern aesthetic of the interface. However, I was disappointed that the app was not entirely free and that advertisements and requests to purchase a subscription were a frequent distraction during my use. While I appreciated the various vocabulary-building exercises and word lists, the constant pop-ups urging me to purchase a premium subscription proved too distracting and detracted from my overall experience. Additionally, I found that much of the same information provided by the app was available for free on other websites and platforms. While the app is a useful tool for those looking to expand their vocabulary and learn new words, I ultimately decided to delete it in favor of other resources that offered similar benefits without the added distractions and pressure to purchase a subscription. Overall, I would recommend this app to those who are willing to pay for a more comprehensive experience, but caution that those seeking a completely free vocabulary-building tool may be better served elsewhere.
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8 months ago, Aabbllress
Fun app with room for improvement
Overall, this is a fun app I enjoy using when wanting to learn new words. I especially appreciate the widget feature. However, there are three things that vex me: 1. The word “serendipity” is automatically added to my “want to learn” collection and despite my best effort trying to delete it, the word magically pops back up every single time; 2. For some words that have multiple pronunciations (e.g., adept), the phonetic notation listed and the voice pronunciation included are different; 3. Mispronunciation: e.g., nadir, the phonetic notation is correct, but the voice pronunciation is wrong. I’m not sure if I want to continue my subscription when there are so many bugs.
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1 year ago, aharveyiam
Great design, insufficient levels!
This app’s idea of what constitutes an advanced vocabulary is… well, not very advanced. If you're a voracious reader with a college degree and a good memory, you won’t ever see a word you don’t already know— most words I’ve seen thus far are ones I actually *use,* not even just ones I simply know. I wanted this app because I love words, but that fact seems to have put me outside the bounds of the target audience. Would be excellent for those with lower reading levels or who are prepping for the SAT, I just wish they had an option beyond advanced, or even an option like “weird words” or “out of print” that have words no longer in common parlance.
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2 years ago, ILoveMy_Jennay
It’s good
I like it, it does show me words that I don’t know and would like to use. I used to try and google definitions to find different words to help me expand my vocabulary but it always showed me ones I already knew. The only thing I wish this app had, especially since there is a price to keep it. Is some type of exercises for the words. Just reading the words alone and the definitions won’t be enough for me to remember it. I’m saving words I’d like to remember but it’s hard when there’s so many. And honestly who knows when I will go into the ones I’ve saved and drill over them until I remember them.
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6 years ago, PhelineCat
If it's what you want
If it's what you want, it's good. I want something similar to what I had as a student in the 90's with unusual words we were unlikely to encounter or even use in conversation but sometimes knowing a word is enough to give context to an experience. Two come to mind because they've entered my lexicon to at least a small degree: Flews- dog lips. I see them as the ones on the sides with uneven edges Fire-fanged- overheating something in a microwave. I think we all agree it's different than overheating something any other way. Devs, oh talented devs- anyone can make a word a day app. It takes a special kind of developer to release a truly unique Word of the Day App. You can be that developer.
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1 year ago, Candice is the American Idol
I love this app but....
I love this app because I've been wanting to expand my vocabulary and for the first time EVER I was so glad that an ad popped up because that is how I found the vocabulary app. However when I installed it in my iPad it doesn't let me change the app icon like it does on my phone and I wouldn't want to have to uninstall it from my iPad and then reinstall and have to lose all the words I already have saved. Is there any way where I can still change my app icon on my iPad without having to uninstall and lose all my words?
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3 years ago, Potheadwithabrain
Could be more advanced.
I like the frequency and consistency of the app and the words it delivers, however, that being said I have been quite the loquacious individual since a young age, and have a significantly more diverse vocabulary than most. But the “Thesaurus” seems to have gone the way of the other “sauruses”, extinct. Diction as well as understanding and ability to communicate the information obtained, seem to be skills that are going away also. So keep it up, just up the content .
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3 years ago, roddadodda
Not sure what word to use to describe this app
Great idea for an app. However, I believe the descriptions used for the words are not entirely accurate which reduces the need for me to use this app. So canceled my subscription. Update: was contacted by the developer which was cool. I would also like to add that perhaps the team could look to do less words per day though with richer, super realistic, contextual dialog used to describe the word. For example people might like something along the lines of: “Today’s word of the day is X. You can use this word instead of Y to be more descriptive and concise. Here is an example dialog to help understand…”
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4 months ago, eichacker15
Change the font
I have no complaints about the app except for the fact that the lowercase “k” & “h” look virtually the same leading to often stumbling on words with those letters. (Like think how often you see “ck” and “ch” together for example.) I understand the font adds to the aesthetic of this product with minimal features, however readability should be seamless in an app all about learning words. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max running the current iOS (17.3.1) so maybe the font is bugged for me. Regardless, I hope you’re able to look into this as I find the app to be a tremendous help in expanding my vocabulary!
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7 months ago, AllMyNamesHaveBeenTaken30675
Really awesome but…
I love this app! I have widgets set up all over my phone so I can learn new words! However I’ve recently discovered something that is bothering me! For an example: today my widget showed me the word “Quagmire” with the definition “a difficult situation”. While this is most certainly a part of the definition of quagmire, it is not the full or even primary meaning of quagmire, which is “a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot”. This original definition gives context for the colloquial use “a difficult situation”. This time I happened to already know the word but it makes me worried that I might be learning other words incorrectly.
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1 year ago, EsMour
Look, I enjoy words. The app is simple. Swipe up, swipe down. Change how the background looks. That’s really it. I don’t care about backgrounds. Is it functional? Does it help? Will it help improve my vocab? Is it worth paying for? My answer is: No. Save your money, better off just being disciplined everyday and picking up a dictionary. I would have enjoyed this app if half the buttons worked and if you had the option to hide the definitions. I am not sure how this has been rated so high. Just download the websters dictionary for crying out loud and you will be better off. At least you will get more options. I am canceling ASAP. Nothing personal. Congrats on being brave enough to have something out there, but this is not cutting it. At least for me.
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12 months ago, oipomi
Recommend to English speakers !
This app is remarkable to learn new words if you speak English, or learning English. The difficulty of understanding the words vary from the settings you first choose, which I really like. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new words, or learning English. Only issue what I found, is that the fonts are a bit tough to read at some points. Sometimes the letters are either too close, or the characters look a bit odd. I also found the pronunciations of the words are tedious to read as well. Other than that, this app is amazing!
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6 years ago, Kplan23
Well done
This is about as simple as an app can get. I know 80% of the words but rarely use them in conversation. It’s difficulty factor is perfect for most of us. It’s a good refresher. Occasionally I can pick up a new word or the definition of a word I know, but definition I don’t or an alternate definition. In my case I choose to look at three words a day. It’s not overwhelming or bothersome so I keep using it. I’d make one small change. I only look a the Notification. I would leave the definition off the Notification. If I need the definition I can open the app from the Notification. It would keep me honest.
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2 years ago, YourFavoriteMadison
Download this app now. Better your life.
I believe that knowledge should be free. I absolutely love this app! I love learning new things especially when they’re completely free and help me better myself as a person. I do believe knowledge is power and being an entrepreneur myself I am very limited on where I spend my money. I absolutely love this app and appreciate the creators for giving other people the opportunity to better themselves and teach themselves. Thank you so much! I highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, srichmd
Could use a higher level
This is a really nice app. I’ve just used it for a few days. I very much approve of the words. They are all very useful words that are well worth knowing. I use them all the time. Which is the only problem. I have it set to Advanced, but so far, I already know all these words. I did learn a nuance or two that I wasn’t aware of, but it would be more useful to be learning new words. And it is not as though I am an English professor. I have read many books that sent me to a dictionary at least once on every page.
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4 years ago, LotsaCaffeine
Learn Something New Everyday.
Though I’m no fan of the subscription model...I understand it and accept it as a former small business owner. That’s my gripe. My praise is a nice, functional app that does what it claims. Everyday (or multiple times a day), I have the opportunity to expand my vocabulary with words I may have heard in passing or read at one time...but now understand their meaning. I love to write articles for my blog...it’s critical to maintain a diverse vocabulary in order to keep my postings fresh and engaging. Thanks!
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3 months ago, Yousif1102
This app is ineffable (a word I learned today)
This app is really helpful without a subscription or with one. If you are the person who doesn’t like learning new words, trust me, just get this add it makes it enjoyable. I really like the notifications throughout the time you set, how the app adjusts itself for your liking and gives you words of your rank in words. Again, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t like this app, it’s basically just a dictionary but better!
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1 year ago, Catchtrout
Great App!
I actually have no lack of motivation to go on this app and learn new words. I like the simple GUI and how convenient it is. This is noting against the app but if you’re a native English speaker some of the words are ones that you’ve definitely already known. For example, I just got the words adhere and pathogen today but I do know that not everyone with this app has English as their first language and there are only a limited amount of words that are simple and useful.
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1 year ago, JayMylo
Wrong pronunciations
For the price of this app, they could do better with the pronunciation of the words, namely, I would hear some words and obviously they sounded erroneous so I would plug in the word onto Google to hear the correct way it’s said. And I feel like that’s something that for a paid app they should be able to get rate quite easily. If I am to expand my vocabulary with this app, I need to know how to say the words that show up on the screen, otherwise, I’m just wasting time going between other platforms to find out its pronunciation. I hope they can fix this soon.
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1 year ago, gyuncdtikngf
Best app for writers
I just started using this app and it’s amazing! I especially like that you can organize the words that you like and there’s an endless amount of words to scroll through! Most of the other apps I downloaded similar to this one all required subscriptions but this app is top-notch for free. The widget setting is also very convenient and you can tell that the developers of the app actually designed the app to help others learn new words!
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2 years ago, curefan87
Not Reliable, Please Stay Away.
This app is untrustworthy. It will lead you to believe a word like “dither” is strictly a verb with only one definition. In truth, “dither” can be a noun and a verb. It also has a few definitions and uses. That is just one example. This problem persists throughout the app and its narrow representation of words. This app is a dangerously restricted depiction of the English language. If folks rely on this app alone, they will develop a prescriptive, rigid, and limited understanding of words. Please stay away from this app. Engage with more sources. Look for dictionary/vocabulary tools that define the full breadth of a word — i.e., all parts of speech and the various definitions of a word. This app isn’t worth it, even during the free three day trial.
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2 years ago, varsha90991837
Great app, easy to use
It’s a fantastic app and I love how you can customise your experience. One suggestion if I may add - I have set up 5 new words a day from a mix of Noun, Verbs and Adjectives category. It would be great if I can get another customer feature where I can set my calendar for categories for example Mon for Nouns, Tue for Verbs, Wed for adjectives and I also get a reminder before I start getting the new words notification that ‘Today you will be learning Nouns’. That’s it. Thank you!
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1 year ago, ijwhysilya
so cute!!!
i love this app so freaking much man!! i would have never knew these words existed without this app, but not just that, they’re not any words, they’re like unique and you wouldn’t find them if u searched up synonym for some word similar and that’s what i love is that their different and words that most people don’t use in their everyday lives. i’m just so happy i found this app and i’ve been telling my friends about it because OMG. i just love it🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
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7 months ago, Misztamara
This app WOULD be perfect if…
If you guys labeled the words in the Favorites section! I can’t see ANY words so i’m just clicking on cards to study words at random. There should also be a way to create a slideshow or flash cards of just the favorites (or any collection for that matter). I have to go backwards just to tap a different word and I can’t even SEE the word so sometimes i’m clicking twice. This is ridiculous and makes studying and retaining very difficult. This alone makes the app not worth paying for.
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1 year ago, GinaL85
Needs improvements
Beautiful app, great words! What I find frustrating is that when I get my notification for the word to learn, it disappears if I tap on it because when the app opens, it’s a different word there. This is especially irritating because I would want to check the pronunciation and save it to my list of words to review. But it’s gone. I also have the widget and that seems to work OK but even though I set the app up such that I only want to learn one new word a day, it the word shown keeps changing throughout the day. I would love if these were fixed!
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1 month ago, Leon8adrian
I like this app, but….
The words are great. It’s neat to have random words appear on a widget, and then be able to get the full definition and pronunciation. But to really learn, there needs to be daily challenges. Like, having a test option, so I can see how much I’m learning. Also, it would be nice to view words in flash card form. And it would be neat to have a pronunciation test, where I read the word, and then try to pronounce it correctly. Having features like these is what would really make this application shine. Maybe this app has these features, but I can’t find them. As of now, it’s just a shuffled dictionary to me.
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4 months ago, Giostonks
Don’t waste your time
I was looking to improve some vocabulary and was browsing there the App Store this one caught my eye so I downloaded it did the first 5 words they tell you to answer what you think it means and I did that right after I was prompted to pay for be able to use the app lol they couldn’t even wait for me to set up the app and were already expecting me to pay they off a 3 day free trial but want you to pay month after if I wasn’t promoted so quick to pay for a subscription I honestly would’ve paid but the fact that it wouldn’t even let me set up the app before they wanted my money tells me this app isn’t even worth trying.
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10 months ago, CHCHHADU
Could use improvements
I really like how there are groups and categories. Studies show that doing so improves memory of what you are attempting to memorize. I do not like though how there is a limited number of words within the category of emotions. I’m assuming it’s like that for all of the categories. I also don’t like how there is an option for favorite words. That will not help a person increase their vocabulary… It’s unnecessary. I’d recommend having the option of knowing versus not knowing the words and separating them in that manner versus separating the words by favorites.
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3 years ago, billiefan🌊
Wow! Amazing App
I absolutely love everything Monkey Taps published. This app is immaculate! The words are interesting and geared towards challenging the user’s vocabulary. The themes are beautiful and there’s one for every aesthetic! Also, there are so many categories and making your own “mix” is really fun. Finally, the widget system is so helpful and really makes my home screen look a lot better! You can customize widgets by changing the theme, size, categories, and times changed in the widget. Amazing app, would highly recommend!
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