Voice Changer Plus

4.6 (42.1K)
77.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Arf Software Inc.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voice Changer Plus

4.61 out of 5
42.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Kosmks
This app is the best I’ve ever seen in awhile. As you all know, some games have been taking over the world recently, but a lot of the times when I don’t know if I should play these games, or this voice changer app, I would choose this voice changer app. It is a lot of fun. I have lots of fun saving a voice line, and then opening it back again and put on another setting. For example, I would do a voice line with the setting of “turtle”, and I would save it, open it back up, and to the “fastest” setting, to make a deep and speedy voice. I already said this, but this app is the best I’ve ever seen in awhile. No, I take that back, it is the best app ever made!
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2 years ago, brandoon5
I really like this game. Although there’s some things balancing it out. Firstly WAY TO MANY ADS it’s like one of those mobile games where you complete something and immediately get an ad. Secondly when I see the word “upgrade” in one of my sounds I think it means that there’s a newer version and I’m using an old version. So I tap “upgrade” and it begs me to give the creators of the app money to add a picture to the sound. It makes no sense. (Thirdly) Btw there’s some pretty bad reviews on this app. Maybe you could fix some stuff or make it that you don’t get that much ads for the premium ppl? I heard someone that’s premuim or something gets an ad after making only ONE sound. Yea. Maybe remove some ads. Anyways there’s also a lot I like about this. But I’m trying to make it short so that’s it. Bye thanks for reading my review.
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4 years ago, XNova_the_alien_catX
Really fun! Gets old though
(This is not a fake review) I really like this app! I like how you can save audio. I am the type of person that really likes nostalgia. And with this app I can go on and listen too all of the audio I made as a kid. I would like more voices that actually change your voice though. Things like the cricket sound affect get really old really quick, that brings me to my next Point, while there is A lot to choose from, I just feel like this app needs more variety. I do love this app though it’s really fun and I really like all of the voices that you get. My recommendations for people who want fun voices are the backwards voice, the bad harmony, the warped voice and if you wanna see what you would sound like as a different gender you can play with the “lower” and “higher” voices.
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11 months ago, The Gilewicz
Hi so this is really good so I once did something funny with my cousin and I saved it by pressing save then I pressed list then I was Laughing for days. Please if you wanna laugh for days download this and you can record for as long as you want it is so amazing I just love this game I wanna play every single second of my life maybe… Well I still love it now I recommend downloading this to laugh for days for your children to make funny things and for you personally… Please download to laugh by your own voice SO PLS DOWNLOAD NOW ALSO THiS IS FREeeEEeEeEeeEeE!!!!!!!!!! By/ Sofia👘👙👛🧖‍♀️💏💃🚶‍♀️🐥
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3 months ago, M L I R 13
Really fun app.
I’ve had this app for a few years. I like to record songs like TV theme songs and go through all of the different effects. Or try to see which effect sounds the most scary or funny if I sing something like a nursery rhyme. One of the last times I used the app I recorded a dog barking and howling to see which effect sounded the funniest. I would like to suggest a hexafluoride voice changer and a voice changer that slowly slows down and goes down in pitch so that it sounds like a toy that’s battery is dying.
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6 years ago, Heavensvalley
Okay, what’s the big fuss??? 🤷🏻‍♀️I’ve got some ideas.....
Sure, the game is okay....for little kids. But for me, I would definitely prefer the app if you could change your voice to another persons. Like Carrie Underwood, Summer Brooke, Brooke Aldridge, Dolly Parton, Lady antebellum...it could go on and on. Now that would be cool! Cuz after a while you don’t want to hear a robots voice or something similar. I’ve read some other reviews, and I’m not the only one who feels like that(thank goodness). Please please please make another app where you can make your voice sound like a real singer/celebrity. And something else you could add:::have this thing where you can type in somebody’s name and you can automatically click the right name and that be your voice. Have any voice possible. Please consider these ideas. 🙏👍🏼😊
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4 years ago, Young Rigby
Coolest app ever
I really like this app. I think this app is one of my top 10 best favorites. However, I do have some suggestions. When you’re importing an audio file. The file is in the aiff format. Is it possible that maybe you could add some features that could maybe make it be MP3 format. Maybe you could add two more effects to your selection to. I was thinking battery low, and shrinking. That would be funny as heck do hear my voice sound like a toy when it dies.
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6 years ago, Mike28729
Nothing special
I just tried it again and same as a year ago. This app isn't great, it's just the same as all the others. In all honesty it isn't terrible either. It basically can speed up your voice or slow it down, or make a robot a fact, but it's really not changing your voice. I would much rather have a changer that can make me sound like a real person who isn't me. If there was an app that can do this I would absolutely use it and pay for it. But this one is just not really effective for that. Also the user interface isn't great, it seems a bit dated. It would be great if there was a better voice changer out there. Maybe they could add a voice like Morgan Freeman and it would be better.
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2 years ago, Uri_da_panda
I like it
This app was very entertaining but it could be better. In my opinion I wish that when you saved the voice recordings it wouldn’t save as a video. Instead it could save as a sound. The sounds were very cool and entertaining. My favorite sound was probably the speaker one. There could be more sounds and better ones to; for instance you could do one that made it sound like you were singing. I really enjoy this app, but It could use some touch up at least.
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2 years ago, the frog for trump
Definitely some things to be added
Most of the voice changers are just making your voice really high pitch or adding sound effects in the background but some of the sound effects I find really useful and funny and I use them in my films I would suggest that you add something like a general grievous voice effect but do not make the voice deeper thank you very much for this wonderful app I hope you noticed my request and maybe you can make it possible
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3 years ago, ThatDonutGurl
Pretty Good App!; just some minor bug fixes
This app is really fun and well designed. I love that you can switch from voice to voice without changing the recording of your voice; plus every voice is really fun to play with. With that being said there are a few things I would love the app to have and some bug fixes: 1. I would love for their to be just a few more voices! As I have also seen some of them sound the same so I would love to have maybe celebrity voices and other animal voices. 2. When I try to import my voices it always fails in an error and I have no idea why! I hope this will get fixed in the future Like I said I still love this app, and it is very fun to mess around with. Not only that but all of the voice features on this app are free unlike many other voice changing apps in the App Store! Thanks for taking the time to read my review!
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6 years ago, CZimme2
Great app but..it needs more updates and more voice changers
It's a great app but they need to add a lot more voice changers I still love the app but plz add more voices like add some celebrity's voices and stuff like that that would be great but great app thought great app to waste time I sometimes use this app and save my sounds to prank my freinds at sleepovers great app but ads are pretty often but I ignore them and do something else waiting for them to be over but needs a new update to add new voices. Plz and thank you
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3 years ago, winneteevee
Love this game! Can’t stop playing!😁
Hi! I’m a eleven year old girl and I’m almost twelve, and I want to say is that this game is fun!🤩 love it! 😍🥰 Me and my brother do funny stuff on this app and I like how you save your audio! Even know you show ads but it’s just the one and then there’s no more! There is multiple different voice changers, and all of them are my favorite! (Especially the backwards one, thank you for adding that by the way!😊) Bye!😙😍
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7 years ago, Wmafranz .
Used to be good, then ads ruined it.
I remember using this app a while ago and it was a great way to kill a half hour or two. Now, it has ads after you pretty much record and play one recording. Whats more is they’re all obnoxious Smule ads. It’s very annoying recording something, then having to unexpectedly listen to some scratchy voiced woman sing rock-a-bye baby in a cringe inducing, 30 second ad. I remember the old version made you give money in a more creative way, I think it was not being able to save recordings until you bought “full version”, but now it’s pretty much unusable, and I am certainly NOT going to pay to remove ads. I probably will remove the app though.
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6 years ago, 368;93716$.6
Me and my cousin were playing this all day it was so much fun we played at McDonald’s we played it everywhere you put it outside and played it with our friend we did everything with it we even showed it to a bunch of other friends they loved it too now I’m gonna let my cousin talk to you and see her review we had so much fun playing Voice Plus I love this game I’m never going to delete my dad has it too it is so much fun
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3 years ago, DUDEMAN$12345
This game is good just needs fixing
Let me say this short, I just wrote two essays and my iPad died on me, sadly. Ok short talk, this game is wonderful and is (FREE) this game is really fun too okay for about an hour a day. I’m bored when I play this game fortnite, so I bought this to... mess around with people this is a pretty good app just for free. There’s some voice changers here that sound the same. I don’t know why they didn’t fix it and if you reading this please download this wonderful game.
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2 years ago, MorrisCrm422
Here’s an idea…
Hey guys you might have played this and deleted it like I did, but if you get really bored like really really bored, try this use the backwards voice changer and record songs! (also don’t forget to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) also imma try that now. If you don’t know the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it’s the name of a song in Mary poppins.
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3 years ago, ThatOneGuy who reviews crap
Used to be great but.....
I used to play around with this app all the time but now I hardly ever use it nowadays it’s ok it’s fine but it’s so much worse then how it used to be originally they didn’t bombard you with ads but now it’s a different I guessed they realized that no one gave a crap about their premium subscription and implemented a million sometimes it even interrupts recording if they at the very least fixed the ad problem it would be great and if they don’t fix it by next year I might delete this off my phone
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6 years ago, Ellie Makes
This is my honest opinion
So... I love the game! It's not the best game in the whole word... so that's y I rate four stars. Its not bad but it's not it the best. I like how you can sound like so many different things. It has a lot of options and all of them... at least the ones I tried was so cool. So... short story short... you should download it and see how it is and how you like it. Your style might be or might not be the same as me so I don't know if you'll like it or not but whatever. Bye!
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4 years ago, Han Solo 64
Great app! Use it often for everything!
Hey! This is a great App. I use it for many different things. It’s always entertaining. I’m still playing around with different things you can do To the developers, I’d love to be able to do a podcast using some of these effects. Simply wanted to get permission for doing so. And would even have you on the podcast as well!
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2 years ago, JJ&J Productions
Microphone access
I have had this app for years and made plenty of recording that I am proud of, but recently the app has been telling me that I need to “allow microphone through settings” Which I have already done, and when I go to settings there is litteraly NO way to allow it. I would give it five stars if it weren’t for the fact that all my stuff could be erased so easily. I’m going to keep the game in hope, but definitely delete it after a while if this doesn’t fix. I will change my review to 5 stars if this fixes rather quickly.
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5 years ago, Get to the point girl
Hi I’m going to try to explain the app as best as I can. So I’m enjoying it but if you leave the app on one of the things that change your voice it makes you have that voice on the part that is supposed to be your own voice. Other than that the app is pretty good no other complications really there aren’t a lot of problems or adds. I want to warn you that if you do download the app the option for Fuzz is really bad for headphone users. I hope you have a good play through.🤗🥳🤓
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3 years ago, good and fun but some problems
I dont know what the people who hate it are talking about, its good!
You know all those people who say “the people who love it are BOTS” they are bots. They probably have bad devices so it doesnt work on their ipads/ipods/iphones, but i have been using this app for a year. Its great. Sure the ads get annoying every now and then but i got used to it. But its a must have.
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3 years ago, the raging minecart
Please read
This game is awesome but there’s one thing that have to be fixed. For example the exterminator sounds weird. Another thing about this app that’s amazing is that you don’t have to wait a few minutes to hear the recording it’s instant! but other than that this app is amazing I recommend it!
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4 years ago, fr kxn
Old...but still fun!
This game is a little bit old for this time of age. But I really appreciate all the voice changer thingies you guys put in there! This is one of my favorite. I still enjoy these type of games, even them being old, my suggestions are more creative voices. These games are sometimes really crappy but still this is my favorite. :-)
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4 years ago, iTopGun
It does what you want it to at no cost!
I’ve been using this app for awhile and it’s been working great! I’ve been making stop motion and I’ve been able to make homemade sound effects which helps me out so much and it hasn’t bothered me at all. It would be cool if we got monthly, half a year, or yearly voice updates by adding and or fixing voices. Because there is a darth Vader voice and Bane so it would seem cool if there were more pop culture inspired voices like optimus prime or iron man! But apart from that, if you want a nice simple voice changer app that doesn’t push ads down your throat while not having to sacrifice voices, then this is honestly a great option.
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4 years ago, LilyBearHOTcocoa
Omg this is AWSOME!
This game is so cool if you are bored and want to change your voice to sound like hilarious things! The sounds sound exactly like they say, for example, the old telephone! Old telephone is my favorite! It sounds like you are ordering through the Mcdonalds drive through! Please check this app out! And if the creator is reading this, thankyou for making this app!
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7 years ago, barbecue static
Voice changer plus
That voice changer app was awesome, I love the fact, you could also have the ability to layer on more sound effect, when you’re using voice changer plus, I wish there was a way you could add them yourself instead of, ringtones, Santa fixed to add on to more sun effects, are awesome, five star review
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3 weeks ago, p.s.Makyo
Initial test killed by loud ads
I downloaded this app to see if it would be usable for our works’s occasional parties and teambuilding exercises. I recorded “testing testing” and after playing it back three times and different voices a loud obnoxious ad popped up that I could not close for a period of time. I’m sure you can pay to get rid of that, but it made it difficult to even test to see if the app would be useful enough to pay for. It wasted its chance and we are removing it.
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5 months ago, Warren page 200111
This is great… but why do I get ads if I pay
It’s a great app, not gonna lie, I have used this app again and again and I bought the plus… but I’m still getting ad after ad after ad, like you already got your money, you still need ads?!? It’s great though and the ads aren’t that long, if you are reading this you should definitely download.
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2 years ago, Alex K
Very cool, but can I make a suggestion?
I've had this app for a while now, and I enjoy how simple and easy it is to use. Can I make a suggestion, though? I think it’d be a wonderful idea, if we were able to import them into our files as sounds too, and not just videos. 😁
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1 year ago, atari 728
Pretty good for SFX
I don’t actually use this app for my voice, I usually use it to store sound files on an iPhone. It keeps them safe as they are automatically backed up, and I would recommend it. Definitely needs a few more options, and the existing ones can have a little work done to them. Overall it’s pretty good.
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4 years ago, Kitty_Powers1
Importing files needs fixing
This is a great app and I would highly recommend it. I loved the fact that you could import your own videos to voice change. Recently I’ve been having problems with importing them. They would not import right and its very frustrating. I understand it takes time and a lot of hard work to make apps. I appreciate that your taking your time and energy to make an app like this.
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3 years ago, ❤️🤣🤣
Utter disappointment
I write in regards to this atrocity of a creation. Thine review to thine public for thine reasoning being though art horrendously fake four ever daring to insult thy intelligence by claiming to be ones best creation yet utterly failed to live up to thine standards. My mere dissatisfaction and disappointment is one though will never fail to forget thy sadness. (5 stars because i ain't no holler back girl)
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4 years ago, 123lol2fj
I love this APP. There’s like one ad and that’s the only thing I didn’t see it for the rest of the days. There isn’t much but at least you can save it and make Memes out of it. You can import star light music and put it backwards. What I’m saying is that I love it highly recommend this if you want to change your voice just for fun.
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Really good! But…
The things are very good and actually sound good as well, but the main issue I have is that you can’t choose songs from your library of music that already exists? I just wish I could choose a song from my iTunes library and be able to use that with the filters to make some cool stuff
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3 years ago, PrinceSamMusic
Endless Fun!
I have been playing this for like years now, and I tell you, it never gets old! The filters allow endless fun with your voice, and the saving files option allows you to stack the effects and create some pretty cool stuff. 10\10
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3 years ago, Egirleditz
Best voice changer app out there!
I used to mess around with this app when I was younger and so I wanted to see if it was the same. Let me tell you right now, it’s the best app out there for a voice changer! Everything’s free and it’s not a scam. I recommend you download this app.
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4 years ago, mrwaffles132
A few tweaks would change this app! 🙂
Something I noticed is that there should be a bigger variety of voices, if you can add that in the latest update, then I'll give you 5 stars. Another problem I have is that sometimes the audio can glitch, and only record certain parts. If you add and fix these parts, then it's an obvious 5 stars. 🙂
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4 years ago, The Kirby Princess
Amazing! Should be rated 100 star!
I’m just a 8 year old girl that’s loves voice changing, And this was the app for me! So many voices to choose from,And the best part is when the regular recording is backwards and when I play it backwards it’s normal! I will tell my parents about the app to download it because it’s super fun!- Brianna Elizabeth Reyes.
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6 years ago, Soooooooo fun!!!!
Great Voice Changer...
It’s an amazing app and there is not anything wrong with it. no glitches or anything. If you just keep adding more voice sounds this app would be rated 5 stars from everyone. A famous youtuber named Denis Daily used this app and enjoyed it. I think this app is great. Thank you for making this amazing app.
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4 years ago, rumor102
I get on that game every day and I love it love it love it I also have other games but that’s the game I love to play on I don’t save any of the videos because I don’t save them but I like to listen to them over and over again on the different sounds of in India but it’s amazing
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7 years ago, Rhenne
Amazing app, but don’t save with iCloud
This has been one of my absolute favorite apps for quite a long time, but I don’t seem to able to listen to any of my past recordings. They’re all tied to my iCloud and for some reason it won’t let me play them because of it. Not sure how to rectify this. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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2 years ago, Charlie Chawah
I love this but it needs more stuff.
The voice effects are amazing. It has been the same way since 2014. I think the app could use an upgrade. Same design, same everything. It needs more voices inside the app.
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3 years ago, 53653653653643643543542542
When I import a file for audio it doesn’t work can you fix because I really want to have a video in my camera roll that I can change the sound voice or something pics because it doesn’t really work and it only goes blank……..
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5 years ago, spikeybubblez
I love this app
There is nothing I’m suggesting except a easy way to morph two or more voices together but other then that I think this app isn’t gonna get more updates but it is a great app if you’re making a game and your kinda pour but you need to make scary voices so it’s one of my most favorite apps like ever ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Donut Girl 🍩
Best review you will see in a while! (Read all, don’t skim)
This app is really cool. I have got this app before, and my baby brother loved it. Sadly, some of the changers are just sounds in the background, while you’re speaking normally. (Example: slot machines)I wish there could be more changers. The backwards is the best one.
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2 years ago, speedycar_234 roblox add me
Best app ever!!
It gives entertainment for a long time and we all enjoy playing this fun game! I love the downloading feature so I can share my voice stuff to my friends and family! I hope you are proud of your wonderful app, thank you!!
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3 years ago, Jaws 2018
Great application for endless fun...
I enjoy using this Application because there is an endless amount of ways you can have fun with this application, However, It would be a good idea to simplify the Application and remove the Advertisements inside the Application.
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4 years ago, sofi🔆
Good, but needs more options..
This app is GREAT for voice acting! I recently finished animating a movie and it’s just me and my 2 friends for voice acting. We had a variety of characters and this really helped. We just need more human sounding ones and it would be PERFECT! Anyways, this app is great overall.
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