Voice Changer '

4 (1.5K)
31.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
丽璇 陈
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voice Changer '

3.99 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Banana Girl 17
Umm it’s ok
So I was looking for a celebrity voice changer but I couldn’t find any and I found this downloaded it and thought well i would be able to find one with some more but the would be a 5 star if it had some celebrities and some other things
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1 year ago, sh1nf
it’s broken. completely. also expensive.
So, this game doesn’t seem actually that bad. But nothing works, at all. When you boot up the app, your started off with an ad. It’s not unusual, but a little frustrating. I clicked off to start with actual voice recordings. More then half of them require premium. I think it’s good that the game is able to advertise easily, also, it’s not that expensive. The problem was it was almost impossible to even hear yourself with the voice recording. I couldn’t hear anything, I clicked on another thing, but guess what, it was premium. I don’t want to complain about how it’s annoying with the over excessive advertising, but you can’t hear yourself, so what’s even the point of buying it if it doesn’t even work? (In my case, though. It might work for other people.). It has so much potential but if the game doesn’t work, what’s the point?
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2 years ago, QuestionKid
Download if you want an advertisement video to start playing that you will have difficulty closing.
Upon downloading this app you will be prompted to make a subscription before you can use anything. You can look around the app but that is it. If you try to use any of the voices it asks for a subscription before you can try anything. Then a video opens and after waiting the requisite seconds before closing the close button it does not close the video right away. When the picture finally leaves your screen the sound is still loudly playing. I went in this loop twice before I could close both the audio and visual of the video before it would let me out of this app. Horrible experience and I do not trust this company. I will not download anything by them again.
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10 months ago, Wishlist of wishes
Zero stars if I could
So first of all it’s amusing at first but after it gets old really fast second day I’ve had it and it’s old every voice after fist page is of course premium so you are stuck on the first page so you might as well watch paint dry and while you are doing that try to hear your voice in the recording yea you CANT. Number two the camera and recording are basically the same thing so I try to do different things but guess what it’s freaking premium so before the game amuses you it makes you mad I have written many good reviews before but zero stars if I could😡😡😡
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3 years ago, abc123abcALLY
Please look at this before downloading!
So this is a pretty fun app, but it said it could prank call. I couldn’t find the setting, and it was pretty easy to use! It was really fun… but it just didn’t accomplish all that I was expecting. It made your voice deeper/higher or fast/slow. When you chose the other settings like ‘ghost’ or ‘underwater’ it only added background effects. So it’s really cool for beginners, but a little bit too easy. Other than that, great app!
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3 years ago, 😑😑😐🤨😑
It’s ok, but mostly bad
It’s super slow and it doesn’t have many filters to change your voice with, and it has too many adds. I personally would not get it because I was trying to change the voice for a video and it wouldn’t load. I liked some of the filters, but the ones where the noises were played in the background were terrible cause I could barely hear my own voice. I recommend not getting this because I think that it is a waste of time and storage. Thank you for reading this.
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8 months ago, Nickname: IILoveplayin
Try harder developers, love you developers! ❤️❤️
You developers should try harder than this, first, you can barely hear it And the voices don’t work, like the rabbit voice, it doesn’t work it just sounds like the baby voice, and developers you should make some changes in this app, cause in the future it ain’t gonna end well for your app, your gonna have bad ratings, and low stars, so try harder developers, LOVE YOU!! ☺️
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2 years ago, fghhjvrhfjdfgx
¡Ay, este juego me duele! Ouch this game hurts me
Así que conseguí este juego para hacerle una broma a mis amigos, pero resulta que es una rana, lo siento, me refería a FALSO! También¡No puedes hacer bromas a nadie, ni siquiera a la familia! Además, los "filtros" solo cubren la basura y el retraso del juego Así que si quieres descargar este juego, lo único para lo que es bueno es hacerte llorar porque es tan ASQUILLOSOSo I got this game to make a joke to my friends, but it turns out that it's a frog, I'm sorry, I meant FALSE! Also, you can't make jokes to anyone, not even the family! In addition, the "filters" only cover the garbage and the delay of the game. So if you want to download this game, the only thing that is good for is to make you cry because it is so ASQUILLOUS
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4 years ago, BREAD COOKIE
So good!
So I was trying to find a voice changing app so I saw this I got it and omg so I was trying the male voice thing and it was the best I just I can I trying so much voices and they sound so real I wanted to make a voiced gacha life story and I had no friends that were boys so I had to do it and this. Works so well u prank people so good I just love it 5 stars get this app!
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4 years ago, CheziTacos9018
This is a joke
For starters, ads. WHY? I have tried MANY voice changers, and NONE of them had ANY ads at ALL! And I know I should expect some ads when I get a free app, but literally ALL of the other ones I had were LITERALLY ADLESS! Second, the voice quality is terrible. It sounds SO blurry! It sounds better over a TIN CAN TELEPHONE! Third and worst of all, the “filters” are completely fake. When I use “robot”, it just adds robotic noises in the background that drown out the already bad-quality recording! Do not recommend this garbage app
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8 years ago, Ezri1235
Ok so far
So to feel you the truth I'm just giving it 5 stars to get the upgrade...... But to give you a review you can't really use it for prank calling because you have to record your voice before you can talk. So for my true rating it would be a 1 out of five stars
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9 months ago, Chosendaking
Straight TRASH!!!
This app doesn’t give you specific voices. It just basically changes the pitch of your voice to sound more like a chipmunk but all the other features are trash. It’s really just sound affects behind your voice like fire and wind and robot sounds. The babies sound does it make you sound like a baby to sound like a higher pitched you or chipmunk sound. I really hate that I wasted my $9 for the year on this app!!! definitely not worth it
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6 years ago, Dodson554
I think is only for recording voices and i think is good app so far....so I give you 4 out of 5, kindly please work on the calling too, so we can use it to call as well or if you can build and app for calling like this. Thanks
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4 months ago, Lala 265
I was playing this gameAgain it didn’t give me any points I don’t like it it’s already stupid do you know why who ever download this game you have to delete it already it’s a scam totally a scam scam do you know what I don’t like about this I didn’t give me any points I didn’t like it I didn’t need to get a chance of getting my pointsOK goodbye.
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6 years ago, unknown123412367842
Great app
This app is amazing that helps you prank your friends and family are used it to prank my family they enjoyed it it gives you a few options and you can edit and review you guys should really try it
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5 years ago, On the radio with Mr. Tele
This app is unbelievably bad, all it truly does is record your voice with capabilities to speed the recording up and slow it as well heighten and lower the pitch, the “effects” it allows you to use seriously only add a background noise! Like the classic robot voice doesn’t do anything but make quiet buzz with the recording. I can honestly make a better voice changer by talking into a tin can while recording than to use this app
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8 years ago, BUGALA SHMOGALA
It's an awesome, good, amazing app!
It's a good app I guess, I just said the title and put the five stars to get the upgrade. I honestly don't know how to use it or how to change my recording. If you want to get this app then read other reviews...
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2 years ago, cyn🕊
Don’t ever get this scam
If I want this app to change my voice all it does is keep my voice until we figure out how deep or high we want it to be also way to much ads. This game is such a rip off, for example if you want to change your voice to a man it will make your voice very deep and you don’t sound like a man at all. I recommend not to get this app.
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5 years ago, SharenTitaniumEevee
Won’t Record
I downloaded this app hoping to play around with it only be disappointed... The app won’t record my voice and even with the volume on high I still can’t hear anything. What’s even worse is that the app spams you with ads every few seconds! You try to record, you get an ad, you try to play your voice, you get an ad! Don’t waste your time with this...
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8 years ago, Air Luii
That voice changer
I haven't used he whole app completely. But had fun changing up my voice and recording. Worth a try if you ask me! 👍🏼
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8 years ago, Sophee24
Fine app with the ability to change your voice into a lot of different things
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4 years ago, _sunny_morning_
Are you kidding me??
I’m a youtuber who doesn’t show their voice. But I need to make a video requiring talking. So I decided to get a voice changer app, and got this one. Every time I record my voice, I can’t even hear it! And I was hoping for some better quality. When I was recording my video I ended up using google translate. I am not a fan of this app. Don’t get this app, it’s just a waste of time.
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5 years ago, DRAGGINDREAMS
Really Good but Ads
I like how it does really change you voice but almost every time you record you voice it sends you to an add
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8 years ago, Ctall4
Honestly I'm just trying to see what are the other features on the app. I downloaded it about 30 seconds ago.
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5 years ago, {KIWI}
Didn’t work that well
I think this app is pretty good for the voices except I can’t give my honest opinion because it DID NOT WORK! I talked than I tried to play it back but It didn’t say anything so I turned off my phone and tried it again but it still doesn’t work😕. Maybe it was just my phone, I don’t know. The intent was there but it just didn’t cut it.
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8 years ago, Spacelady22
Love it!!!
I think it was a really good idea to get this app because you don't have to pay for all of the stuff. You can just write a rating.
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4 years ago, the animal lover 45
I found this app so good! You can adjust your voice if you don’t like the presets! This is definitely a five star app and it’s better than the others.
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8 years ago, JohnnyKx808
Just doing this for upgrade
I didn't even use it yet and it's asking for 5 stars so I can get the upgrade I would actually give it 1star
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7 years ago, Macdancer18
Eh 😪
I mean this app isn't BAD, it just doesn't have good quality and you can't really hear yourself if you put like the coughing filter on or something like that. But otherwise it can make you sound different and do that kind of stuff.
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8 years ago, La prinsesas
This app is great and the five stars mean the voices you get with the upgrade are great you should totally download it right now so stop and download load it it's also really fun <3
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8 years ago, Carmel 😃
Pretty cool app
Just started trying it out and so far seems like a pretty cool app. Works decent to do a voice change etc. Like it so far!
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3 years ago, 4th rifle expert
I wasn’t looking for anything special from a free voice editor but oh my god…the quality! when you make the slightest change to your voice in this app the quality from the audio drops by at least 50% this has to be the worst audio editor I have ever seen…
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4 years ago, CrafterSSK
This app isn’t working for me...
I cant even use this app. Every time I click any button on the screen a thing pops up telling me “ no voice now”. Also, there are so many adds that i cant do anything without getting frustrated with it. Reading the other reviews, It sounds like a fun app and I believe it is but it isn’t working for me.
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5 years ago, gymbackflip101
WAY to many adds
This app has way to many adds you go on the app for 2 minutes and you've seen like 3 adds. Also when you put your voice into the thing you want like a baby it sounds nothing like a baby. Also if you say hi! It will probably make it say he or huh. Over all I think you should just get another app
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8 years ago, Super Kevin!
Review are fake
Although I do like the app, people are just giving it 5 stars so they can unlock some features
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4 years ago, Adrianna/Anna
It was awesome I tried out the voices and later I’m going to prank my friends by recording it. Thank you! 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Nickname is taken😩😩😩
This app is so cool
I like this app because it has lots of cool voices that make me sound not like myself! They are so cool I would recommend it to a lot of people that like having fun with voice changing, like me!
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4 years ago, Tomato_Head_is_Great
I think it is a great voice changer app but the robot voice is not the best but I think you should try it. To many ads though.
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2 years ago, 🦄🐶👍
Terrible app
First of all there is an add every time you tap a button 🤬🤬🤬 Then when I was trying to listen to my voice after I recorded it nothing played!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 it also doesn’t even have that many affect’s literally just delete this app it is terrible
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5 years ago, lucy275682
A rip-off
I thought it would be great but no. Let’s say you clicked ghost and you. Thought you would sound like a ghost but no you sound normal and a ghost sound in the back. it’s such a rip-off.
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8 years ago, Kris46842
It's fine
I'm rating it this to unlock other options.
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8 years ago, Jasleyice
Great app
This is really fun, you should get it if your into pranking and all that. My friends use this app all the time and it really works 👍👍
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4 years ago, Azalia 2089
This app won’t work for me and no matter how high I turn my volume I can’t hear anything and it won’t record my voice. I have been unable to get the app to work even after fiddling around for awhile and being spammed with adds every time I try to do something in the app.
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5 years ago, hipbopbanana701
Ok, but...
This app is fun to use if you are trying to just change your voice, but it doesn’t actually give you the option do a prank phone call. This app is fun, but if you are really looking to prank call someone, this is not the app for you.
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7 years ago, Blox_Gamer4687
Good prank call thing pranked my friends they totally believed it I would recommend you to download this for pranks especially if you are a YouTuber
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7 years ago, Gum luck
I'm going on the one you want me and my sister is asking me for no one else to do anything else she is not
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2 years ago, Isiuhrfuiehrferfeiruhferferge
Never download it
I had purchased an ads free before they changed it to subscription based. Now they won’t let me use the app anymore and I have limited options. It is completely unusable. Don’t download it please.
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2 years ago, batm13brz
It worked but…
It used to work but now when I record my voice i only hear a lag so I can’t use it on my videos so sad!!!!!! 😠
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8 years ago, I can see barely
Only because
I'm only doing this because it says to for the rest lol
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6 years ago, Fareeha Khan
How does it work
How does this work? I tried recording and it isn't really playing??? Do I need headphones?
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