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User Reviews for VoiceThread

1.14 out of 5
7 Ratings
2 months ago, CoinHolder27
Complete lack of effort
Yeah this app is total garbage. The interface is wonky and it’ll randomly jump between screens. Drawing while speaking kind of works, if your okay with random sketch marks all over the screen from “accidental touches”. It is barley functional. At a minimum if the screen could be useable, the app would be fine. But when you touch the screen and a Pandora’s box of different things could happen, there needs to be some changes
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1 month ago, Uncle T bags
The app is based on a good idea and clearly has the ear of the education community as a tool for online learning. Unfortunately, the app is clearly in need of improvement. It is far less than intuitive to navigate and use, and most annoyingly the app allows your screen to time out which completely dumps your recording. Stuck using it for the next few months, hope the developer takes this critique into account and makes some changes
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3 weeks ago, CiaoFrontier
Good idea but too many bugs. Presently I am no longer able to get into the app because it just goes to an update screen and, even though I updated it it remains stuck there and I can no longer enter the app. honestly, when I can use it, half the time the upload function doesn’t work and I find myself having to re-record stuff multiple times. Frustrating.
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3 weeks ago, amurpher
Updates don't initially work with iPad iOS
Whenever this is updated, the app doesn't recognize the new version. Rendering it useless until it gets patched. iOS for iPad Air. Latest version. This shouldn't be happening and certainly not more than once. However every update.
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2 months ago, unicornfriday
Not user friendly on iPhone
Using this for a graduate class and cannot see everything as I can on the computer screen Not easy to navigate Cannot minimize the rss screen to fully view the background So far, not a good app for the intended use
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5 days ago, TRICKY TRASHY
Glitchy and troublesome
I don’t like that I have to log in every single time I open the app. The log in process is inconsistent and time consuming and at times I’m not even able to access the material.
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1 month ago, fulcrum666
UI of speaker covers the power point LOL
This UI is trash a huge bubble with just a sound icon will take up most of screen so you can’t see anything while the lecturer is talking. Avoid if possible
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3 months ago, Harassed and bullied
Worst app
This is honestly the worst app/website I’ve ever used. My graduate school uses this app for assignments and it crashes constantly, loads so slowly, etc. I’ve had nothing but issues with it.
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3 weeks ago, N1ckn4nn3
The app tells me I have to update to the latest version despite having the latest version, so now I can’t access anything.
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2 weeks ago, Beferroni
Does not work
Keeps telling me I have an older version of the app and to update. Go to App Store and I’m updated to the latest version. This is ridiculous!
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3 months ago, starinureyes
The mobile app would probably be good if it didn’t crash 5 seconds into a voicethread.
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3 months ago, ShittyVTapp
This app can never work consistently. Very annoying when submitting your academic assignments over it. Hate this app!
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11 years ago, Idle artist
Just... No.
I would give this zero stars if I could. Both the app and the desktop website are absolutely terrible. They crash constantly, and the app requires you to log back in every two minutes... Until it just decides that logging in is for weenies and starts telling you that your login is invalid. And just to top it all off, after it tells you you're a weenie and can't log in, it crashes, because you know, it has a reputation to keep up, obviously. And now this is a personal message to VoiceThread itself. VoiceThread, we had a good relationship at the start, you know. There was me, a simple user with a whole new website ahead of me to explore and interpret (since I didn't want to watch that hour long intro video). And then you just crushed me out of your life, VoiceThread, my love. I miss when I could login to your server and be welcomed and accepted. And then you left me, blocked me, kicked me out from even your public gallery. What happened to my account? Our personal relationship, VoiceThread? I even tried to start over with you. I deleted and re-downloaded. And even then my login was rejected... Is your cruelty boundless? How many times can you crash before I burn? VoiceThread... Never again.
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12 years ago, Lee K
Great News!
Finally! This is something Voicethread users have been waiting for! VT is the perfect service for multi-sensory learning. I've been a VT user for years and can honestly say that it's a great way to reach all learners. Even if you're not an educator, VT is awesome for sharing ideas and even sending a greeting. Anytime you want to have a conversation around a piece of media, VT is the easiest and most robust way to do it. Now that there's an App, I can take my VTs on the road and not only share them with anyone at anytime, but I can also create them on-the-go. I've made lots of VTs with my students and friends but my personal favorite is when a bunch of my friends created one for me on my birthday. One friend inserted a video and then sent the link out to all my friends. Each one took a moment to leave a birthday message for me. There were text comments, audio comments and even a few webcam video comments. I downloaded it to my iPhone and still share it with people today. Along the same lines, I also created one for my principal when she was retiring. I inserted a photo of her and then sent the link out to all the teachers in my school. After everyone left their messages, we sent the link to her so she could enjoy our multimedia retirement card. She loved it! There are so many uses for VT and now that there's an App, it's much more accessible.
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11 years ago, Odidjfbdisjsizzkz
You could be so much better
I understand that many apps are created because they would be convenient compared to the websites they are such as Voice thread. Voice Thread is not all bad- because the iPad has a microphone, I was able to do the speaking part for my Voice Thread, however if paused or anything that did not stop it, the app crashed, how annoying do you think that is when working on a project for school, after finally finishing my Voice thread, I went to share it, now this was my fault when creating my account it stated that it could not send I looked and realized my mistake, I incorrectly put in my email, so just make a new one and re record the thread I thought. however i tried but no it would not let me make an account again, using my non school account, I made a new one and when trying to email it I could not because the school accounts would not allow me to send an email to them. Finding out a had to go onto the computer to copy the link, I could finally upload it to my blog and email it to my fellow partners. but that last part was on the computer and not the iPad shame on you Voice thread app creators. other people in my group had trouble to , one of them was never able to do the project, please fix it because it looks like a good program for projects.
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11 years ago, Teriblé
It's alright...
My AP World History class had to use this for one our projects. The goal of our project was to portray our character's reactions and feelings regarding a famous explorer's voyages (Zheng He, Ibn Battuta, Rabbani Sauma, or Marco Polo). In my opinion, the mobile app is pretty basic, as you can't really personalize your comments or add more than one picture to the voicethread. I much preferred the desktop version, but even that had its problems. The major thing that bugged me was the inability to move the location of comments, as sometime my comments would just bunch together at the end of my group member's voicethread, ruining the flow of the whole thing. I commented a little later than my group mates, and so, most of my comments sounded like the were just plugged in randomly at the end, negating my ability to actually have a conversation through comments like we had planned to. Sharing was a bit of a pain too, as sometimes my partners couldn't view my voicethread or couldn't see their comments on it at all. However, I did like the ability to use either recordings or text as comments, as that gave me some leeway and helped make my project a little more interesting. I probably wouldn't use it again, if I had the choice.
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11 years ago, Mattjamesmartin
My experience with VoiceThread was nothing short of disappointing. I was aware it was for creating videos and small clips or comments that could be used for projects or interactions; I used it for a project as well. Unfortunately, while it was relatively simple to use and play around with, I found it had many annoying bugs. My app very frequently crashed while in the midst of opening another person's presentation or video they made or even while writing a comment. I also found that the app did a poor job of explaining how everything contained in the app worked. It would have been very helpful if before or while playing around with this app if there had been a tutorial video or even small instructions on the screen when venturing to use new features you had not yet tried. Also, the app version lacked some of the features on the desktop version of VoiceThread. It would have been nice if the app had been a comprehensive combination of all the features. I wish it was more organized as well. The fact that you could not easily search and find other people's VoiceThread's was also irritating at times as well. The sharing process took longer than expected. This app shows potential, but some bugs need to be fixed first.
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12 years ago, tshata
Great teaching tool
Rather than having 9th grade students create tada tables and graphs and hitting "print," I have them narrate their graphs on VoiceThread. It is so easy for students to gather data, record data, generate a graph (often by following directions or by having a peer help them through), and ultimately have very little understanding of the information that was collected and that is being presented in the graph. By forcing them to narrate the graph, I get a better feel for the students' understanding of the material. Some students tell me that as they start narrating, they notice errors in their graph or missing labels and information. Otherwise, they would have just hit "print" and have given any additional thought to the process. A good narration is short and concise. Yes, it might take longer to "grade" than a paper datasheet and graph, but I believe there are significant advantages. VoiceThread on my iPhone and iPad gives me more flexibility in reviewing student work. I'm no longer tied to my computer. Now only if there is a "grade" feature integraded with my electronic gradebook on my LMS...
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3 years ago, Annoyed Prof.
Worst app ever
I use the VoiceThread website regularly on my laptop for work (I’m a college professor), and like it, as it allows me to add auditory lecture to existing PPTs. I purchased an iPad specifically to allow access to more features on VoiceThread, like being able to draw diagrams during my lecture. Unfortunately, on an iPad, you’re forced to access this program solely through their app, which is seriously the worst app I’ve ever used. I’ve tried to circumnavigate this by signing into VoiceThread through the Google Chrome app, but it just redirects you to the VoiceThread app. Each time I go to record, the app crashes. You can’t even get five seconds into a recording before the app crashes again. This is a brand new iPad I’m using- no device issues at all. The help section on VoiceThread is useless, as it just recommends clearing cookies, restarting devices, etc. I’m beyond frustrated with this, as it’s been difficult enough to transition to online teaching for all classes this year without added tech issues. Super disappointed in VoiceThread. :(
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11 years ago, svargh
I never want to use this app again.
This app was a little hard to navigate. Like many other apps, it can be helpful to have a step by step tutorial, or guideline bubbles. The app also crashed and deleted my work in progress. The app is also very unorganized. There is no option to organize comments, unless you are the owner of the original video. This wasn't very helpful for the assignment my class had to do. It would be better if the comments were easier to access rather than having to open the video itself and tap on the icon, with the exception of when a new comment is added. I also think the notifications should pop out without having to click on the new comments section and waiting for it to load. It is also hard to find other people's video, it may be better to have an option to search for the creator. VoiceThread claims to be "perfect" for education, but it still needs a lot of work before becoming "perfect".
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12 years ago, Turrean
Looks pretty, but buggy
I'm delighted to have a VoiceThread app! Our school has purchased accounts for every student, so mobile access is great. The iPhone version works fairly well. I managed to make a VoiceThread, upload an image or two, rearrange media, record comments, and a few other things. I did have a few app crashes while trying to locate media on my phone. I love the "bookmark" feature. HOWEVER...the app for the iPad is very glitchy. I was able to add pictures using the camera, but every single time I go to my iPad photo library, the app crashes! I've given it permission to use my location, I've deleted and reinstalled the app, and it still crashes. My settings are the same as on my phone: location services are set to "on," "Use Ed network" is also on. The "reset" button doesn't seem to actually do anything, either on the phone or the iPad. I am baffled. Also: from a design standpoint: the edit button is a tiny blue-grey button in the upper corner of the screen. The "delete" button is a huge red button right below the VoiceThread. This sort of makes it seem as if I'm being encouraged to delete :-) Why not put the all-important edit button above the delete button, or better yet, with the "share," "bookmark," or "vote" buttons? Editing is a much more important function than any of the others. It ought to be a prominent button
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3 years ago, Maddie11334
If I didn’t have to use this app for school, I would not be using this app. The amount of times it has crashed on me in the past 20 minutes when trying to get on to do school work is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never had an app crash so much in my 10+ years of of using apple. My app is up to date, device is up to date there shouldn’t be this much crashing especially after updates that are specifically for these crashing issues?? People use this for school and have deadlines to learn material by, how am I supposed to learn when I can’t get through more than 15 seconds of a slide without the app crashing?? It’s so frustrating!! I also tried to reach out to this apps customer service team, left them my phone number AND email, 3 WEEKS later and still have not received ANYTHING. No follow up, no email, nothing. VERY poor customer service and a VERY poor excuse for an app.
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3 years ago, jp22643
I usually don’t write reviews for apps but I use, or should I say, attempt to use voicethread very often because my nursing program uses it to present our lectures. I downloaded the app so that I can routinely play the lectures and listen to them anytime or anywhere. I’m extremely disappointed!!! 95% of the time the app will not load to open, and once I get it loaded it will crash EVERYTIME after 7 seconds. Most of the other nursing students are having issues using the app as well. Literally the worst app I’ve ever attempted to use on a daily basis. Voicethread works on my laptop but MOST of the time the lectures are modified to the point where they’re difficult to read the slides and even the professors can’t seem to figure out why. I will suggest that our program and future programs use a different software to post lectures for the future. The success of all nurses and students depend on it.
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2 years ago, APerilousJourney
It never works on my iPhone or iPad regardless of whether I’m using the Canvas App, Safari, or Chrome browser. I cannot get it to load the audio portion of the videos that my teacher creates. The audio only ever works when I access the videos from my PC. I even troubleshooted some things to see if it was the devices but every thing I did still can’t resolve the audio issue. My teacher only embeds the videos into the weekly module on canvas so the only access I have to the voice threads are through canvas. When I click sign in it redirected me to the VoiceThread app but left the lecture on canvas, still unable to play audio. Either fix this app and make it more user friendly or stop recommending it to professors for lecture use. I’d rather have a PowerPoint with audio recording over it. 🙃
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11 years ago, APWH-Joe
The concept is here, just not enacted correctly. Voicethread has a great concept. You create an account, you create your own recording, and there you go. You can share ideas, videos, stories, and your voice. You can try to teach others or create a presentation. Following, any other user can comment on your work. They can provide text or their own voice, their comment adds to the presentation. This is really cool. However, it isn't that simple, as you may want it to be. The desktop version is there, you can easily create them. It is intuitive. However, the application itself is just... Bad. For people to see your creation, you must make it public. However, you cannot do this action through the app, thus people can't find your voicethread. In addition, it is hard to maneuver and use. Voicethread's concept is solid, just their app isn't.
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9 years ago, Rickaster
Updated Review!
OK, I had given the app 1 star because I couldn't figure out how to read a long text comment. I finally figured out that by slowly sliding the progress bar along the comment's section, you could see sections of the whole text comment. Voicethread thinks of text comments not as immediate whole comments, but as a timed speech - with a time section in the thread corresponding to how big the comment is. It only shows you part of the comment at a time. By sliding the thread's progress bar along the comment period, you can see the whole comment in snippets. Kind of an odd thing, but it works fine. So, fully functional. 4 stars, not five because I didn't figure it out right away.
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9 years ago, mnrockclimber
Awful, awful App
This app is terrible. First it tells me I can't watch the video of my teacher because I'm not on Wi-Fi. Fine. I exit the app and join the schools Wi-Fi network. Error message still shows. I have to hard reset my phone, join the Wi-Fi network, and then launch the vt app. Then it works. It doesn't detect real time changes to the network selection. This is a repeatable bug. Whatever state you first launch vt in, that is the only time it ever checks the network. If you aren't on Wi-Fi when that happens, you aren't ever getting video even when you join a Wi-Fi network. Also, every single video I try to watch starts three seconds from the end of the clip and won't let me start it from the beginning. I have not yet been able to successfully watch any of the videos my teacher posted. This app is junk.
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11 years ago, MikeAck123
decent at best
overall, your app was mediocre. I used your app for a project in my AP world history class to have a conversation between Marco Polo and his family. The app was somewhat successful in recording the conversation between all of us, although it was a little buggy. The one thing I suggest for the app is that you guys find a more convenient way to share the voice threads among numerous groups of people. the only way right now to share is through email and sometimes that fails to share among wireless devices. the way we had to do it was to log in our voicethread account online and copy and paste the link into google docs, and then open it from there. if you guys fix that and make the app a little more user friendly, i would suggest this app to people i know.
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11 years ago, Appredeem
Okay - needs work
It is much more difficult to use the app compared to the PC. Also, while playing the VoiceThread, it is difficult to determine who says what and when. One large problem is that I could not add comments or voice in the "creation" process in which I could only add the pictures. I could only add such things under "editing" mode which was confusing. Also, my fellow students and I have had trouble sharing VoiceThreads through the app and have had to resort to using the PC version in order to share our Voice Threads. Also, the search bar never was able to work. Our group even added obscure tags to our presentations and we still could not found ours. Aside from the negative, the app works with no crashing or other technical bugs.
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4 years ago, ari liz
not user friendly
This app is so difficult to get anything done on. It is laggy. It is slow. It makes uploading anything very difficult. The art edit feature is delayed when used with the voice recording too. It is the least user friendly app I have ever used. The website is ok, but my computer does not have a microphone on it so therefore I am unable to record anything on it and i am forced to use the app. If i could use another app i would, but I am being forced to use this app for a class. It makes work that should take 30 minutes take an HOUR and 30 minutes. I would never ever recommend another teacher force students to use this. It is a waste of time trying to figure out how it works. It is the biggest waste of storage I have ever had on a device. Deleting ASAP.
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11 years ago, iPad 2 all the way
Just got the app for my ipad 2 and already loving it. Its very easy to learn especially if you have watched the tutorials provided on the actuall voice threads website. There are also plenty of tutorials within the app as well. I have done several tests on saving and deleting of images and thus far have had no issues. From reading other reviews people were stating crashes, the only crash I am experiencing is a "session has timed out" message which is easy to fix since you just need to log back in. For those of you that are having trouble with the app it self as far as crashing, as for any app a simple way to fix that problem is make sure all your background apps are off, specifically the apps that run off the internet: twitter, facebook and so on. Also I am using this for an English class project, no I am not being forced. I must say I wish I knew about this sooner for I could have used this for so many different projects.
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2 years ago, Cindyheartly
Stupid information assignment tab
This app is stupid all in all. So many complications to get it to work on computer vs mac book vs ipad. This new feature of assignment due tab that wont go away on my screen….. has made may studying extremely inefficient. I like to multitask usually with a split screen, with this new assignment tab….. you can’t get rid of it and it take up the whole split screen so you cant actually see the VoiceThread video. So at the end of it all, I can’t take my notes on the same computer…. I have to get another electronic device… which also had issues playing the video to even see the slides. What a stupid app. I have tried my best to be open minded, but i hate this app. Wish my professors found something more efficient.
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3 years ago, allpleasestopthemadness
Should be zero stars
I never review apps because it’s a waste of time but this one just annoyed me beyond belief. Not only would it not let me access the voice thread, but it put me in a sign in purgatory where I was signed in on blackboard through the app but when I went to go view the voicethread it would send me back to the login screen every single time. Lol what’s the point of signing in if you can’t view the content? Sometimes apps shouldn’t exist outside of better functioning ones and this would be one of those instances. Hopefully it gets fixed but after reading how many people had similar experiences to mine I doubt it. Anyone giving this a 5 star is an employee or barely used the darn thing, because it’s an app that legitimately does not function correctly.
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12 years ago, SoCaTeacher
Amazing Interface
I am a 6th grade teacher and I use voice thread for presentations in science, social studies and math. I have been sitting at home reviewing voicethreads as my family goes through their morning routine and the ability to do so on my iPhone has completely expanded how much time is available. Because I don't have to be at a computer, I can review and make comments in any 5 minute window of waiting I have. I love the voice comment interface. It is easy and fun. I can't wait to show off my students work to everyone in the copy room this morning!
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5 years ago, Adrian Garibay
Terrible App, Outdated
I have to use this app sometimes for my class. This app is terrible from the beginning. When you login, it says” Open in app”... like what? It’s like a website...just in app format. It’s terribly slow to upload the photos( and I have 4G LTE speeds), and many other issues have plagued my use of this app. It’s just outdated and unintuitive overall. There is no direct way to share between accounts, and you cannot change permissions on mobile. I have to switch to my laptop to be able to edit off another account...and I still cannot find that setting. We need a true app-format, a more intuitive interface, more mobile freedoms, and more connectivity options. Also have it optimized-it makes my device (iPad Pro) feel underpowered. We need an update!!!
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2 years ago, Shuntae😍
Grad programs BEWARE!
I’m not one to write reviews. I usually abstain from unless I’m absolutely wowed or entirely disappointed. Voice thread falls to the latter. I am so disappointed in this app and absolutely dismayed that universities see this app as an option to help facilitate learning! It does not work 90% of the time. Some days none of the videos will play. Some days the audio will not play. And that’s if the app opens at all. It’s frustrating this app has reduced me to tears on more than one occasion as I attempt to submit work and it does not go through. Recording yourself is already a daunting task but add in having to do it 5 or 10 times and it’s absolutely mortifying! Grad students beware if you see your professors wants to use this app I implore you ask them to read the reviews!
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3 years ago, EmEdStudent
I have never written a review before
But I have to for this app, which is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Have you ever signed into an app, logged in, and immediately been brought to a screen telling you to use the app instead WHILE USING THE APP? Other issues: constant crashing for doing high-intensity tasks such as “rewinding” or “pausing”. The app has NO memory, so should you close the app to check mail for 5 seconds, it will have forgotten not only where in the VoiceThread you last were, but the whole presentation itself. Not only that, but there’s no way to easily track or search your most recently viewed threads. I imagine VoiceThread was unprepared for the onslaught of usage due brought about by COVID, but come on, it’s been 6 months! Your team can do better.
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11 years ago, LanceOlney
Not a bad app for Projects
I have used other similar apps to voicethread, but I have found voicethread to be better. I like the ability to comment on other people's voicethreads allowing for interesting and funny conversations. It takes some practice to learn all the features, but the finished products can be great. The app is not perfect however, it lacks some features such as adjusting the amount of time for a comment to be displayed and the ability to change a picture without deleting the comments on that picture. Overall it is a handy app for making cool presentations on an IPad.
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1 year ago, Mer:$
Your app is useless if you are trying to use it on an iPhone and sign in through an institution. Picture this: I open the app to sign in, and I sign in through an institution. The institution’s method is to sign in through blackboard, so it takes me to Safari. I sign in to blackboard, and it opens my blackboard Home Screen like normal. I navigate to the class I am in, and the assignment which requires VoiceThread. I click to open the assignment, and it reroutes me to a page that asks me to either open or download the app. I click to open the app. I am them brought back to the VoiceThread app, where it asks me to sign in. If I click sign in through an institution, I am brought back to the same cycle of logging in to black board, only to eventually be brought back to the VoiceThread app, not signed in. It’s like Ground Hog Day without any of the jokes. Why make an iOS app if it’s not going to work in the first place? I wish I could give it zero stars. I suppose one star will have to do, but I really hope you guys fix this issue that makes your app unusable.
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11 years ago, Nick.merlino
Dissapointed would be an understatement...
I got this app for an AP World History project and we intended to use it for it's simple functions. Only creating a slideshow of images with text comments. After I made one I attempted to share it. I did but no one else could find it. In fact, I couldn't find theirs either! So we're all stuck there not being able to search for the projects. We created a page with the links to all of our projects and for one of them only I could open it. The rest of the group was denied access. I'm not sure what's wrong with your sharing settings but they need to be fixed. Not to mention the lack of capability from powerpoint-like options. I would suggest to find another way and not download this app
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12 years ago, su02420
Virtual Treasure
Today I got the email from VT that their app was out! So of course I grabbed it. VT has been my go to tool in the primary school I worked in for assessments and sharing tech work done by my k-2 students. Digital microscope images, readings of original stories, images and commentaries of field trips- easy, accessible and teacher friendly. And when the app was up and running on my phone, every thread was there - voices and images alike. I can't wait to write in the iPad app for the new online class I'm about to design. Love ya VT - always have. Sue
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12 years ago, brocansky
I am an art history instructor who has used VoiceThread since 2007 to foster warm, participatory, online learning experiences. It has changed my approach to teaching, reinvented the possibilities of online learning, and empowered my students. Images, voice, and text work together to stimulate different areas of the brain, resulting in increased memory retention. VoiceThread support the needs of far more students than lectures and videos combined. The slick, easy-to-use app is long-awaited. Try it. You'll like it. And you'll be dazzled by how easy it is.
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11 years ago, ryanjohnson0430
This idea behind this app is a good concept, but the application itself doesn't flow very smoothly. At first it was difficult to figure out, and by the time I figured it out, I had to make a new voice thread account due to too many voice threads made. Also, I found it annoying that I couldn't go back and edit a voice thread I had already made. The sharing function didn't work well on my device, as every time I tried to share any of my voice threads the email wouldn't send. I had to go onto the computer to share my voicethread. Overall, this app has a lot of potential, but needs a lot of work.
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2 years ago, BabyDragon9000
Worst app in existence, teachers stay away!
I only have this installed for a college art class. If you’re looking for an app that will constantly crash on you and delete any & all edits to a photo after uploading, than this is the app for you. Don’t you just love buttons so small you’ll constantly tap the wrong one well look no further! Any photo rearrange or edits to your photos will result in a crash! Don’t be apart of more than one group or else you’ll see every portfolio but yours unless you filter the groups but just remember any filtering will lead to the app crashing. There are no updates to fix these issues, ever! Have fun with crashapp...I mean voicecrash....I meant crashthread...all of the above!
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1 year ago, JaymoLobo
Avoid if at all possible
This is at best a pitifully poorly written version of the not very good computer app. It times out without warning and discards your work. It also occasionally creates videos with no audio. It is almost guaranteed to frustrate and annoy you while simultaneously stealing your time. The only way to use it successfully is to hit record exactly one time, then ONLY click SAVE as soon as possible if you are fortunate enough to finish recording before it arbitrarily times out. if you do anything else, it is highly probable that disaster will occur. If you are unfortunate enough to have to use this app, you have my sincere condolences.
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3 years ago, JillReviews
So Incredibly Frustrating
I am required to use this app for class in order to encourage speaking practice during the pandemic. The app never keeps me signed into my institution and I always have to go some type of convoluted route to access the presentations I need to view for the week. Uploading my comments to a slide can take forever and I generally find the app nearly unusable. Furthermore, I cannot upload my own files to create an original VoiceThread. Instead of opening my iCloud Drive, the app takes me to my photos despite me not having clicked on “upload a photo.” I have tried to access the web version, but I cannot on my tablet (which is my primary computer).
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3 years ago, Alliekass
A mess
The VT app is actually trash to use. My main device I use for school work is my iPad, and VT does not allow you to access them through web browser so I am forced to use the app. This wouldn’t be an issue if the application did not crash all the time. As soon as the presentation exceeds a certain size, it crashes. I do not understand how there is not better support of the app especially when most schooling is online and teachers are using VT to deliver asynchronous lectures. Since clearly there is not enough resources being diverted here, I can only hope that with enough one-star reviews that it’ll be taken off the app store and then maybe they’ll do something about this.
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8 years ago, mistermayank
Good service - horribly difficult-to-use app!
Using VoiceThread for school. The "+" icon in the middle is so difficult to close (and it is incredibly obtrusive - doesn't make you want to consume the content, regardless of how good it is, at all!) and when you want to listen to audio, there is a particular graphic that is so obtrusive, you can't even see the content while listening as they intended it to be used! Really want to access this stuff on my phone but it looks like my computer will have to do. What a shame. My suggestion is simply to make it easier to use and easier to focus on the content that we care about. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Nykkij
It’s so bad... Just awful
There is not much value in writing this review, as they are paid by educational institutions instead of end users. If they were actually paid by the user, they just might fix this atrocious app. I’m only here to vent my frustration. Using VT in conjunction with Canvas is terrible. Canvas is quite good (4/5 stars) but VT... constantly have to close the entire app to complete a SINGLE ACTION (comment, view thread, edit, etc.). Sometimes audio/video playback may work, sometimes it won’t. Close the app and start again. I will give them the benefit of a doubt and say they may not have the resources to make this app good. Still, I am grateful I will never have to use it again.
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10 years ago, RebShmu
I've had no end of trouble with this app. I like the website, and the older versions of the app used to work pretty well, but lately it keeps crashing or not actually showing the content of a thread. I'd also like to suggest that new comments be available just like they are on the website, where the icon on the bottom of the page be a different color or something until viewed. Currently, the only way to see if a comment is new you have to go to the activity page and then when you click on the comment you hear it without seeing the thread screen.
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