Vroom: Early Learning

3.9 (77)
59.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vroom: Early Learning

3.87 out of 5
77 Ratings
5 years ago, sevenworlds16
Keeps Logging Me Out!
This app is useful and fun and I love the look of it! I’ve used many of the activities with my baby and they’re great. I hate to complain about a free app but I do wish that it would stop logging me out every couple of days! It’s not a big deal to type in my email and password again but it’s getting kind of annoying.
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4 years ago, Furst time mom
Absolutely love this app! I had no experience with children until I had my daughter. During this quarantine period It’s been really hard for me to figure out how to teach her things. And then I’ve been finding that parenting books and online resources are not as helpful as I had hoped. But I found the library, although closed, has a webpage that recommended this app. And now I know why, it’s amazing! These are easy fun ways to fit education into every day activities. At first going through the discovery activities seemed overwhelming and made me feel even worse. Because I wasn’t already doing these things and she’s already three months old. But now that I’ve been going through them and fitting them into our every day routine I’m feeling them a lot more comfortable and confident as a mom. I am now recommending this to my fellow mother friends. Thank you for making this app!
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5 years ago, Suzanne56
Great potential!
Vroom app has great potential to assist parents of 0-5 children to access age-appropriate ways to interact with their children. As a SLP, using an app like vroom could be an important tool to provide parent education and support However, using a child’s birth month and year, is not helpful for parents of children with developmental delays. By providing additional categories including developmental age of child and specific areas of development such as language and motor skills, this could be an awesome app families. I gave this app only 2 stars because I entered a 3 month old child and received activities for a 3 year old child. Would be very confusing for parents not aware of developmental norms.
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5 months ago, Coffeeandslippers
Easy and fun!
I love the reminder to engage with my kids in ways that we both enjoy and I feel so good about. Understanding the science of how our interactions help their brains grow reminds me how important it is for us to play together. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge to remember to just do it!
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7 years ago, bwenigma
Good ideas
In terms of ease of use and stability - I can not say. However, in terms of ideas for interacting with your little loved ones, I think it is great!
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3 years ago, Md-shees
Good tips, frustrating app.
As another reviewer said, it keeps logging out. To make it worse, sometimes when I log in it doesn’t remember me and I have to enter my child’s info again, then I end up getting multiple push notifications for the same thing. Want to love it, but please fix the bugs!
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4 years ago, Flixs
Can’t add child. Even tried with a new phone and new account.
We had our second child earlier this year and I wanted to add him to the app but couldn’t: after entering his DOB and name, nothing happens. Oh well, I just looked for some activities from our first child’s list. But then I recommended the app to a neighbor and guess what, they can’t even add their first child! So the app is simply not working and therefore useless for them.
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7 years ago, Nikki071503
Helpful, reliable, and insightful
This app provides daily, clear and useful information. It is a pleasant reminder to continue to do what I've been with my three kids.
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5 months ago, Fremonster1999999
Good tips for dads
The app has lots of ideas on ways to play witj my new baby. And I like learning about my baby’s brain and how we are helping it grow. Thanks!
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5 months ago, UVP Dad
Make the Most of Everyday Moments
This app gives you access to 1,000 tips that are great for brain development! My kids appreciate it.
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5 years ago, chris.the.nerd
Would Be Good
This app would be 100% better if it didn’t keep requiring me to login 1 out of every 3 times I open it. It’s not like you should even need a login for this app...it doesn’t really have personal information.
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2 years ago, BB4ever!
Brain builder!
Love the new updates. Easier to navigate and pick activities I need to build my babies brain. Love that it’s backed by science!
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3 years ago, R.B.W.
Great tips but login issues
I love the app, but unfortunately it’s got bugs that make logging in really difficult. It’s too bad because the brain-building tips are so good. 5 stars for content, 1 star for access, so 3 stars overall.
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9 years ago, Running full tilt
Great age appropriate activities
I'm a speech language pathologist and got this app to see if it would be worth recommending to the parents of my students. The activities are simple and usually can be completed during every day activities, which is the best way to learn. The only thing I would like to do is be able to go back to a previous day's vroom and mark it complete. Often we do them, but I'm not obsessed with checking it off right away and forget. The point of the app is to interact, but marking a vroom as complete is satisfying. Although, getting a new badge every day so far for completing them is annoying because of the time it stays on the screen. Regardless, I will definitely be recommending this to my parents this school year.
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1 year ago, Ksimply202
Great concept. Poor execution.
Was excited to use this until it froze and i could not move up or down. Closed out app, went back in and still froze . Please fix developer.
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1 year ago, @TheRealKoala
Not functional
I can’t even a review because I can’t use the app’s full functionality. I cannot scroll up/down to access the categories, only left/right through the tips.
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5 years ago, jsl7
Love this app! I hope they continue to expand:) What a great resource for parents and families.
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5 years ago, Tenanananaanana
Log In Every Single Time?
I’d love to be able to see what’s going on in here but I DO NOT have time to log in. It’s not a bank app or anything. It’s completely unnecessary to have to log in every single time. App’s not getting used because of this
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6 years ago, momld
Awesome parent resource
Awesome app for parents birth to 5 to include developmental games and daily learning for motor, language and cognition skills!!
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5 years ago, thenaneiwantistaken2.0
I’d love to be able to use the tips everyday without logging in each time.
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6 years ago, Jlynique
Grandma A
Love this app gives advise that is easy to follow and do-able
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6 years ago, SalesVIP
What happened here?
I loved this app BEFORE the update. Now it logs me off randomly and the new design is confusing and messy. Hope they fix it.
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7 years ago, Avi Wavi Wavi
Still crashing, but great idea
I want to like this app since it's something I care about but it doesn't work properly on my iPhone 7
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6 years ago, hreeneggsandham
Love Vroom but miss the old format
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7 years ago, Jennilee80
App doesn't work half the time
App doesn't work half the time
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5 years ago, JesDes5
Cool concept but annoying log in
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7 years ago, Laff38
Love the app, but the notifications don't work.
I love this app! The activities are fun and unique. But I'm not getting the notifications to look at the Daily Vroom. I have the notification turned on within the app and on the settings on my phone but I'm still not getting them. So I'm missing some activities if I don't remember to look at the app that day so I wish there was a way to look at the previous days activities; the ones you might have missed. The only notifications I get are when I set a reminder to do the Daily Vroom. But otherwise, I like the app content.
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8 years ago, FruitPOP!!!
You won't be disappointed :)
I take my daughter to our local library weekly, for story time. As I was there I came across a flyer advertising the app. At first I didn't think much of it but once you set it up it's so educational for parents and most of all your little ones! You are able to personalize it which I love because it's personal to your child's growth. You get to choose from tons of categories of creative fun to bond and teach your child things appropriate to his or hers age. At the same time it shows you the "Brainy Background" why and how it will improve and benefit them! It's a genius concept. Perfect for all parents especially first timers :)
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8 years ago, Kris10smc
Awesome app!
As a busy working mom, this is a great option for keeping the kids occupied in a productive way! I love that you get explanations of how each activity helps brain development. Only downside for me is that I wish it had more for kids a little older, as I have a 7-yr old who can still benefit from brain-developing activities. For little ones though, this app is ideal!
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7 years ago, MomOfTwinsPlusOne2015
Great Reminders!
My mom is a parent educator, so most of these activities aren't new to me. BUT, what I love about this app is that it reminds me to do these activities with my little ones! I have a three year old and one year old twins, and so life can be pretty chaotic. This app has been so helpful in reminding me to do many of the activities that I had forgotten about or just didn't think to do with my kiddos because life gets so hectic at times.
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8 years ago, Mommylife509
Best ever!
I really enjoy this app, I'm a first time mom and I'm also in my thirties and let me tell you I'm learning a lot as I go! With this app I feel like I'm doing so much for my baby, I can clearly see how she is growing physically and mentally. You really can't put a price on how amazing it makes you feel as a parent to be able to participate in your child's development and this app gives you the ability to do so. So enjoy! I know I have!
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7 years ago, 3gg1956
I wish this app had been available when my kids were small. Great ideas along with understanding why it's important. Yes, start talking and singing to your newborn! And so many ideas about how to fit those moments into a busy day. Thanks for making this available at no cost to all parents. Looking forward to many languages other than English too.
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7 years ago, Beks4837
Easy to use and increase interaction.
This is such an easy way to find new ways to talk and interact with your child. The app is easy to use. I do wish there was a way to go back to a previous day's activity bc I'm not always able to complete that activity that day depending on the time I look at the activity.
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7 years ago, MagMegMig
Making me a better parent
I love this app! Just a couple notes: I have notifications turned on in the settings of the app and have allowed vroom notifications in my phone settings, but I'm still not getting notifications. Also, please make it possible to mark yesterday's vroom complete.
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7 years ago, Hatemuffin
Baby days!
I love hanging out with my baby, if I ever have time that I don't know what to do to entertain us, this app has fun ideas. *I'm taking 1 star off because I can't get the app to push notifications. I have to go look for the daily activity. It's not a big deal, but I usually don't want to be on my phone if we're playing.
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8 years ago, Go Detroit Tigers
Wonderful App!
I discovered the Vroom app through my non-profit work, but couldn't wait to share it with my daughter and her five-month-old son. Her background in neuroscience makes her a tough sell, but she loves it! I love the concept, and it is so accessible. Thanks for creating this wonderful tool for parents (and grandparents and caregivers).
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8 years ago, Su98765
Fun for the whole family!
Sometimes my child isn't interested when I want to do these but the ideas stick in my head and I've noticed other opportunities to use them later. Sometimes I feel a little silly but she loves it when mommy plays (builds her brain)!
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8 years ago, Hotmommainthemaking
Great app for parents
I love this app. I love all the different activities they have for my two girls. Sometimes you just need help coming up with simple games that help with your child's develop and this app does it. I really like that the activities are stuff that I can incorporate into what we do already.
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8 years ago, "A" Mom
PERFECT for new parents!!
I've always known that babies need stimulation with things that they can hear, touch, and of course put in their mouth. This app is perfectly catered to that! Love it! We are sometimes at a loss (being new parents and all) with what/how to build our little one's brain.
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8 years ago, Milesmeow
Great for giving parents ideas and keeping the kids engaged
I really like this app. Often when I need to think of ways to engage kids in a light activity I would consult this app. I love reading about why certain activities are beneficial for my children's development.
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9 years ago, adyuen
Good app
The app works great for me. I like the daily reminders of easy activities to do with my kids and the explanation of how it benefits them. I do wish the app would let you go back to previous day and mark that you did it in case you forgot that day
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8 years ago, Molls225
This app is so great. It is easy to use and I love how it sends you daily reminders. No parent has all of the answers or does everything perfectly. Vroom is one small thing you can do to help you on the crazy journey called parenthood. Thank you for the much needed support!
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7 years ago, luckycharm5286
So many fun ideas!
I just got this app and had no problems signing in as others have mentioned in their reviews. I'm always looking for new ways to interact with and entertain my little one and this app has been fun for both of us!
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8 years ago, 16OrneroIT
These Vroom activities are wonderful ways to relate to your grandkids. Short and sweet, and they make adults think just as much as the little ones. The Vroom apps are the perfect reason to get Grampa and Gramma to make the jump from their 10 yr old flip phones!
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7 years ago, Deanjboo
Great for babies
My baby loves a lot of the ideas and it makes daily things even more fun and when I'm feeling like we need a new idea or change we can try something new.
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7 years ago, Librarygit
Not able to sign in
I downloaded the app because it was highly recommended to me. Upon trying to create an account it said the email was in use, but when I went to forgot password (though I had never used this app before), it came up with an error. Tried Facebook; another error. A different email; another error. I would really like to use this app if this can be fixed!!
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8 years ago, Angie&Jossue
Love It
It's a fantastic tool. As I learn key developmental stages of childhood; I teach my son. I love it because I find new ways to interact with my son, by following others' tips. I am sharing priceless moments with him, and learning together. I am grateful for this genius and generous app.
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7 years ago, ZoomieDos
Fun with Your Child
Fun, interesting daily activities to do with your child. I appreciate that there is science behind each day's activity and that you don't have to be a teacher or have a degree in child development to have an impact on your child's development.
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9 years ago, Tymsawers
Vroom all the way
I started using Vroom a couple weeks ago and it has quickly become a daily ritual to look and see what activities it has to suggest for that day.
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8 years ago, KratomCured
Help this generation
Young parents aren't very good at educating their children, kids lose interest in learning to watch tv or play video games. Apps like this are needed if we want competent adults in the future.
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