Fandango at Home

4.7 (267.9K)
61.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
VUDU, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fandango at Home

4.73 out of 5
267.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Galaxichain
Best Movie app ever
I tell my friends about it! No subscriptions! Finally an app where you can only pay for what you want with no VIP OR PREMIUM memberships. It’s very easy to sign up! They have great sales and a lot. They have movies that are soooo old and that I grew up with that I never thought I would see again. However I do ask that you start making more movies available some you can only rent and after you rent it then a while after that you can buy it or they have movies you can’t rent or buy with no explanation. Please fix that there are some movies I want but cannot have because of that. I also wonder if there is a limit to how many movies you can get. Also you can make lists to be more organized. I love the fact that movie theater movies are on here as well. However if you buy a movie you don’t like you can’t remove it. You also can buy a movie in HD, UHD, or SD but they still offer to let you buy other options. And some sales are for certain types like HD, UHD, etc. but yes all I ask is that you do fix the things I mentioned but I love the app it makes things more modern day and they have movie bundles and shows that help you not have to buy 1 at a time
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5 years ago, JessieBear88
Air pods not compatible anymore
Ever since the new update whenever I want to pause a movie by taking out one of my air pods the movie doesn’t pause anymore. It continues to play over speaker which I don’t want it to do. I even tried pausing the movie on screen then removing my pods and the movie kicks back on and plays on the speaker. I also tried turning my screen off for it to remain paused until I can get back to my movie and it plays on speaker in the background! This is very frustrating cause every time I need to walk away I miss part of my movie and have to rewind back to where I left off which isn’t perfect so I have to rewatch scenes again. I thought maybe it must be the air pods but now all the other movie apps I use actually pause when I double tap or take my air pod out. Please please update again and make it compatible again.
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5 months ago, Angelic Dragon =^_^=
Your update broke the app. It doesn’t recognize the password change on all devices.
This new update has me change the password on all devices not recognizing the New password I already changed on my phone. And YES I imputted the password correctly. Your app is forcing the password to be changed on every device over and over again not recognizing the original change. Then when you try to update it then there’s a problem updating. I don’t have email on my tablet because of space so I cant reset it on the tablet so now this app is useless because seriously I have to keep resetting the password every time I use a different device. I tried to get the email from the Google website and then it doesn’t open the app but the Website and it won’t update the password there. You BROKE the whole APP. Stop BLOCKING UPN’s. If I’m not home and using a free unprotected Wi-Fi I’m going to protect my stuff with a UPN. So I don’t get hacked. If I log on in the US without the UPN on I don’t have a transported to beam to another region. Also I purchased the movies they are MINE to play anywhere I want. If you want to block YOUR content that I DONT OWN fine but don’t Block what I purchased.
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2 years ago, WPol77
Very Good!! Once in a while issues
I love that they have huge selection of movies, they will just about have all your favorites and more Great Selection of shows from: Grimm, Soprenos, Billions, Flash, American Horror Story, Dexter, Originals, and more. The List is endless on both Shows & Movies!!!!! Great Pic Quality: Standard, HDX, UHD. Yes, there are some issues but they are very small and not horrific Do not believe some of the Reviews and read them carefully. Everybody has their own complaint but for me, it’s the large selections, quality, and playback; furthermore, other stuff is really not bad as people claim Bonus. If you have a blue ray collection at home, you can get copy of that movie for like $2-3 dollars-instead of buying it again for $15, simply by scanning the barcode on your blu ray.
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3 years ago, Map_Hero
App needs a serious overhaul
The app is geared towards buying movies, which you cannot do through the app. The first thing you see is a bunch of movies you can’t tell the price of unless you go to the website. The interface for watching a series is awful. If you use chromecast, it does not have an auto play feature. So once an episode ends you have to go back to your series and find what episode you are on to continue watching. The continue watching feature is cluttered and confusing. It will save multiple episodes of the series you are watching that are partially watched, even though you have watched the entire episode making it difficult to keep track of where you are in the series when you have to dive back in every time an episode ends. Overall the app works, just not well. It needs a complete overhaul that is geared towards watching the content you own, instead of trying to sell you things you can’t even buy through IOS.
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8 months ago, Zero cool76
John Carter
A book I read as a boy and when I heard that it’s was finally picked up, I had a front row seat the day it came out! I took my gf and all her little cousins. They thanked me after because it resonated with each of us inside our minds and made us think…. What if? Never stop dreaming and don’t save all of the really important things in life till later, because you may not have enough time’ PS.) the Kardashians were in the next auditorium over watching Project X which was some high school party movie even my gf wanted to go see that film instead but they didn’t leave me and after the film listening to the young kids sing this films praise was more than worth the feeling. Each time I watch it I remember how my choice affected young minds… Amen’
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4 years ago, MacBHoward
AppleTV app skips all over the place
I like Vudu’s service and massive menu of movies to buy or rent, but the format could use some work, and there is a bug. I’ll leave a review about this problem and maybe you’ll fix a bug that has existed on the AppleTV app for a long time. When I scroll slowly down through my movies, I make it to about 25% and the view jumps almost to the end of my library. If I scroll back up, it goes about 25% of the way then jumps to the beginning of the library. To pick a movie I usually scroll the menu in my iPad, pick one, then I search for it it the Search window on my AppleTV. That works, but I’d rather do a leisurely scroll to choose what I want to watch.
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1 year ago, Truth revealers
Disgusting family movie app
I wish I could leave 0 starts but it won’t let me. This app is disgusting. I redeemed a movie on it and was pleased then I started looking at the free movies. These movies are disgusting, I did not want to see them at all. I tried to put on the parental controls to get rid of them but it didn’t do crap. It’s like I entered a porn site. I called customer service and they were pointless told me the best thing I can do is delete my account. They also told me to just stay away from that content and not watch it. I asked if I could have them hide the movies because the covers of the movies we very inappropriate and they said deal with it. I asked what about my movie and they told me tough that I could not get my money back or anything. I am so upset at them, will not recommend to anyone. This app is disgusting needs a higher age rating. This app is for raunchy movies that needs a big clean up before I even consider keeping this app.
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3 months ago, Old Dog.
Ohana ….
As a Pacific Islander (Hapa) who knows very little Hawaiian language, this brought back how my TuTu would speak to me as a young kkki, she would sing and hula and speak to me in broken English. Although this movie is twisted and is a movie of betrayal, money and killing, I enjoyed just remembering tutu’s love for us all. In a strange way it reminded me of her. I have hundreds of Ohana spread out all over, Akana, Olsen, Kealoha the last names are uncountable.. so many. My blood is Eli’i to the King ,(Kamehameha the third) some day I hope to have enough to throw a family reunion. That’s my life long goal. Enough food and drink to feed the entire island of Oahu…. Papakoleia is where I’ll be. Aloha nu’i to all. Love your life, live your dreams. -Darin
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4 years ago, Linz@44
Love this!
This is an awesome app! Plenty of free things to watch, but also lots available to purchase if you want. I had never tried this until I decided to get my free digital copy of a movie I was waiting for shipment. I didn’t realize how cool this app was, and I’m glad I decided to get the digital copy and discovered this new way to watch on my phone. I have already watched some really great movies for free, and I like how there’s not much ads in the ones that do have ads, and it works perfectly. No issues at all so far. The movies change every week I believe, so there’s always fresh content and something for everyone even the kids! I definitely recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Kathyk13
Our #1 way to watch movies
We love having access to our movie collection from any screen. Our collection of DVDs hasn’t been touched since we moved ... four years ago. When I travel, I like that I can download a handful of movies to my iPad when I don’t have WiFi. I’m giving Four Stars because it lacks an important feature: I would like to see the ability to purchase and add to my library right there in the app. You have to open a web browser to complete four more steps to log in, find the title, click Buy, choose the format, confirm the purchase ... and THEN you can watch the movie you wish you could have purchased on demand within the app. I would have a bigger collection by now if you offered in-app purchases.
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1 month ago, phoenix_W
New update is terrible
I used to keep the whole series like big bang theory on my phone. Now with these past latest versions I can only down 3 episodes per season and only the beginning of that season as well. Why am I being limited? Every tv series I own is limited on. Every app is different as well meaning some apps on on TV Samsung you can restart a show/movie from the beginning but few app versions allow you do do that. The make your own list option is limited on size and one Roku very you can sort you move your list around so that if made a bunch of lists but your favorite list is on the bottom you can move it to the top but not every app allows you to do this. I’ve reported the download limitations on shows and was told it basically they don’t have a clue. They need to make it work like Disney plus and let you download a whole season
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2 weeks ago, KingPenn13
Great app overall…but
I have loved this app for a long time. But, since the switch to Fandango, I’ve had trouble downloading things I own to my iPhone. Three fourths of the time I tap “download”, it does nothing. If I back out of the screen a few times, or close the app and reopen, tapping “download” might work afterwards. But most of the time it doesn’t. And when it does actually download something, it takes forever (not the case with other apps, using the same network), and will only let me download maybe 1-2 episodes of a series. If I want to download more, I have to back out/reopen a bunch more times. This was not an issue before. I have just noticed it in the last few weeks. If not for this one flaw, I would give it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, WwerdnA
Caption issues
Running the app with captioning always ends with issues. I have the latest version, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, my phone is current but always the same problems. The captioning runs out of sync after a few minutes, or the video has one serious lag and throws not only captioning out of sync but the action and voice sound affects as well. Only when running movies or shows with captions on does this happen. It’s nice being able to turn down the volume and run captions when the baby is asleep. Can’t always use headphones so please fix this.
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3 years ago, ibdb4u
Great at what it is
If you buy something, and it can only be watched on its proprietary platform, you haven’t really purchased it. More like an unlimited rental until such time as the platform collapses or you choose to stop giving your identity to it. You cannot download items and watch them 10 years from now on whatever. The only values in BUY format is no commercials and current popular releases for a wider selection. On the other hand if you watch something free aka with commercials, they limit the commercials to only one per break. Quite tolerable compared to other streaming services.
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2 months ago, HollyBart🫶
This is BY FAR one of the BEST movie apps ive ever used, I love that you can buy all kinds of movies, and even if they are taken off you still have them in library. I can tell you this because ive owned this app on previous iphones and I have over 72 Movies and 5 shows. I reccomend 100% if you are willing to buy and watch movies for a price! If you are looking for free they do have a free with ads section, but its not the best movies. Otherwise please get! I love this app and im sure you would too! Please consider getting this app, you would enjoy it!!! 100% recommended 🤘🫶 Holly Bart
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3 months ago, Tmaas77
Great app, becomes more unstable with every release
Love the app, don’t love the reliability. Auto-play is enabled but doesn’t work, usually closes after every episode. When attempting to watch a season of a show, this makes it very annoying to open the app, find the series, find the season, and look for the next episode in line. Same thing when watching on a Firestick, app just closes itself. Having the ability to reset watch history would be extremely useful, as the app likes to list every single episode of a series as having 10 minutes left to watch In the rare event it does play the next episode in line, it starts with 10 minutes remaining.
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3 years ago, 1_2_3_4_5
Recent problems
I used to absolutely love this app I have hundreds of movies and hundreds of tv episode on here and I watched it every single day but ever since fandango took it over I’ve had nothing but problems. Half the time it won’t open and even when it does it crashes at random or the movie will stop playing halfway through, I’ll have to close out and re-open multiple times to get it to play again, I can’t see some of my movies/tv episodes in my library, I have to search them on the store to find and play them. I haven’t been able to get through a 30 minute tv episode without it crashing or starting over at random. Really frustrated and hoping they fix it because I used to love this app.
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5 years ago, Coleezzzz
Horrible Tech Support
I have used this app for awhile now. (It’s also built into my TV) I have purchased several movies as well as watched several of the free ones as well. I spent a dumb amount on the Incredibles 1 & 2 bundle package for my kids. Started our marathon. First plays fine, second attempts to load and immediately goes to the end like we watched in a matter of 2 seconds. I email tech support asking for assistance, I get a response 24 hours later advising to run a network test and to uninstall and reinstall the app. The app is BUILT INTO MY TV. I picked a different movie and it played fine. Their advice ... run the network test and advise of my IP address and the test results. Just think as tech support the power cycle/network blame game is over played. And truly I believe they didn’t even read my full email. Guess there goes the $35 I paid for 2 movies
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4 months ago, Mr. lucky 😎
A great app and awesome movies 🍿
I’ve emailed these people several times and they still haven’t gotten my movies so I can watch them. I’ve deleted this app three times and got the app back and still nothing else plays on it I’m not a happy camper because I’m going to loose all my movies and the money I spent on them. My basic reason for watching movies here or other apps is because I’m hard of hearing 🧏‍♂️ it is much easier to watch these movies and use my ear pods and I have to read everything in Closed Captioning to actually understand what is being said.. 😡🤬
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4 years ago, Padric2
Fairly happy so far
I’ve seen a few glitches, but so far I’m pretty happy with the app. Not as good as watching on my smart TVs but still pretty great considering that They have this much content available no matter where I’m at. Just wondering if it might be possible to be able to star rate things on the app. As it stands everything is at a 4 star default and am unable to rate via the app. By no means a deal breaker... just a bit more convenience for my lazy self. One more thing; why have so many previews arable to watch for movies you don’t have?
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5 years ago, Hot tin lizzy
Ok, could be better
Good prices and vast selection. We enjoy it a lot. Some improvements would make it a five star app: It really needs the ability to sort your library into smaller libraries for different family members. Right now, if my 10 year old pulls the app up, Bridesmaids, is right there. The parental controls they have are really not thought out for how a family will need and use the app. Also, sometimes a movie I buy “disappears”, and it’s just not in my library. Usually resolves itself over time but frustrating when you want to watch immediately.
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5 years ago, Mom24monsters
No accessibility
First, I had to get help buying a movie because there is zero accessibility. Voiceover on the iPhone does not read any of the movie titles. They expect you to pay a huge amount for HD movies versus SD movies, where as everybody else just charges one price and updates them as needed. Second, the movie that I purchased, though my voodoo account is linked with Movies anywhere, the movie that I just paid extra for the HD version of isn’t even showing up on movies anywhere, and therefore, iTunes. The website was hokey, and took forever for me to be able to change my billing options. This needs to be fixed! If I buy a movie, which I paid extra for, I want to have access to that movie. Blind people watch movies too! Stop taking our money if you’re not going to give us access to our movies!
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5 years ago, mokuleialei
Love it but Not all Hearts are Saved
I love this app so much and so thankful for the free movies but after going through all the Free Movies/TV Shows pressing the Hearts to Save to WishList, I get to my WishList and only a few are on the list. Why? I go back to the items, even play them and the hearts are shaded but yet not in the List at all. Can you please fix this? Oh and some movies are not even playable like The Chauffeur and The Tutor. I don’t get it. Please change this! I am eternally grateful for this amazing app and hope there is a deal to purchase monthly instead of individual movies too. Mahalo Plenny🤙🏾❤️💜
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4 months ago, Bucky Blitz
Cannot Access My Paid Content
Has been over a month since I could access my paid content after I received new IP address from my ISP. Multiple calls to customer support and “escalations”, still have not mitigated my issue. Is any easy fix as other apps were able to reset my account for the new IP address, but Vudu/Fandango, not only refuses to do so, but also refuse to engage on my “escalated” cases. When I ask to speak to a manager/supervisor I am always told they are on another line with a customer. And when I say I will wait, I am put on hold and then disconnected. Perhaps this abysmal customer support is by design so they can drive away business, but I would just simply like to be treated fairly and regain access to my already paid for products.
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2 years ago, KellyGeorge80
Loved it until it no longer worked.
I have an older iPad and got used to having to redownload an older version of the app. Today I get the same thing but I got the notification to approve the older version over 40 times with no download happening. I have kids so this app is the only way I get to watch anything on my own and if you have kids they are costly so there’s no way I can just buy a new tablet when this one works just fine. It’s kind of ridiculous to only focus on new stuff when some of us know the value of things and keep them in good condition. I can’t even stream via safari. It has to be the app. Fix this. Please. For the sanity of moms everywhere.
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2 years ago, SirenKnight
Lots of free movies - with lots of commercials.
I gave this 5 stars when I could watch free on the TV, but that feature seems to only be available on devices now. Add to that, the more you watch, the more commercials you get. Since I use it to watch mostly B horror flicks the number of repetitive commercials can get quite annoying. (That’s my reason for dropping a star.) That said, there is a decent selection of free movies. Additionally they offer specials and sales on purchases and rentals. They are less glitchy and quality consistent than many pay services so that’s a plus.
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4 years ago, Bubble779
Fix your payment for IPhone
I love this app but I think it is dumb to not allow people to rent or buy movies from their IPhone and to allow purchases to be made only from laptops. People are on their phone much more than a laptop so personally I think the company is shooting themselves in the foot for not allowing people to buy from their phone since if the company allowed purchases to be made from phones I could watch things on long car rides or when I’m away from home and don’t have a laptop or WiFi connection. Otherwise the selection is great but they really should fix this issue
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2 years ago, G00stap0
Space Saver
The wife wanted me to get rid of my DVDs, so I digitized what I could. Excellent app! Con: I have an ancient iPad that used to be able to use this app, but since the updates no longer work, I can’t open the app and use my account. I’ve tried the earlier version of downloading, but the update pop up won’t let me continue using the app. I know it’s just a programming glitch, but maybe fandango/vudu can fix this? I use this iPad for my kids on road trips, so they can watch movies and such. Overall, EXCELLENT app!
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2 years ago, Allen_31
Love the app… Upgrades necessary!
I love the app. It definitely makes the viewing from my phone that much easier. That is barely any lag when using the app and I own hundreds of movies so that definitely means a lot. Only issue I really have with the app is you can’t purchase anything on it. You actually have to go to the website so I find this very inconvenient because you have to go to the website to purchase a movie/ tv show and then you’re gonna go to your app to watch it or anything else for that matter so I just think it would make it that much more valuable. But overall, it’s an amazing app.
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2 years ago, TootieMayARNP
Worst Company Ever
Their customer service is non-existent. Don’t bother submitting your question or taking the time to do so. No one will ever answer you because they do not have a support team- that’s how much they care about you and your experience. They also do D2D- this is a ploy to get your money. This is not a free service despite the fact that you have already purchased the movie. What’s worse, you cannot redeem bundles. For example, if you have the Harry Potter 8 movie collection, you cannot redeem it for $2, AS YOU MOST CERTAINLY SHOULD BE ABLE TO! To prove they are a GREEDY company with bad business practices… browse their “bundles” you will find this EXACT bundle for a whopping $60!!!!! Yeah. Money and more of it is the bottom line for this despicable company. Stay away!!!!
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4 years ago, Enigmatik@602
Christopher Nolan is the last of the great visionary filmmakers, he’s the closest thing to Alfred Hitchcock. And in this age of flaccid and a mediocre total lack of culture, top to bottom. Music to cinematography and beyond, regardless of your points of view you must know there are few left that can inspire the greatness that could be. We all must work as one to drive the creation of ingenuity and. By recognizing the greatness that has come before and building on the very best of the past, in all its greatness and it’s faults, to produce the very greatest of our collective futures.
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2 years ago, Dark Wing Dennis
Decade behind app
What was cutting edge at the time 10 years ago when it came out but unfortunately they have not done much of anything since They have so many bugs, it’s not even funny. I’m a software tester by trade for 25 years and I literally can spend a month identifying bugs on this program. it’s just too bad they’re not willing to spend the small amount of money for a professional like me to do the job to help the customer. Proof of this fact is they intentionally moved the ability to write reviews from the homepage of the App Store so you couldn’t write a review unless you’re creative enough, like I am, to find how to do it. literally you have to call Jacques Cousteau to help figure out how to find the review that’s the reason why millions of people use the app but most of the reviews are a year old or older. I was just not using this application unless it’s your last resort. I’m going to bet if they’re this far behind on normal day one teaching high school functionality that they’re probably not up-to-date on their data security or encryption either.
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5 years ago, KellyRenee33
Love it but all things can improve
This is absolutely my favorite way to purchase and stream movies. I have spent so much money doing this and regret non of it. My only issues are there is no way to switch up payment options on the app. Sometimes I want to splurge on something but can’t easily switch to credit from debit so I don’t bother. Also a “watch from beginning” button would be nice. Add a “next episode” option when watching a tv series and I’m golden. 😂 Thanks for making this app easy and reliable to use. Love having my digital collection in one place!
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4 years ago, Mtn Dave
I have bought, or in your case, downloaded for free, many Apps from the Apple Store. Many Apps are priced, while others show, “In App Purchases Required.” I suppose that you could say that I’m gullible, but I looked at your App, and the App was free, and nothing was shown regarding In App Purchases. I suppose that most people don’t think like me, but there are In App Purchases required. Many In App Purchases at high prices. Yes you do have a large listing of “Free With Ads” movies, but making me watch ads is really the equivalent of charging me. And the quality of the Free With Ads movies is awful. I’ll never know what percentage of those movies are blood and gore, but it’s way over 50%. I would recommend that no one download FUDU. It’s misleading, and way far free.
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3 weeks ago, Zack E Blount
Movie download ideas
I was thinking maybe you could make it where we could organize our downloads and also instead of having the name of the movies next to the poster of what we downloaded, we could make it where we just have the poster in our downloads. Just because it’s not needed that we have the name of the movies we downloaded because we already know what they are. Just a little thought. Thank you!
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4 years ago, KC1NY
Really good app!!!
If you have any questions or problems with the app please call tech support! I have in the past and they where very helpful and fixed any problems I was having! I started using this app when my kids where so they could watch their Disney movies and my movies on the go. Way by for Disney had an app, I’m 51 now! They were their to pioneer the way for movies on the go ( anywhere ). Up to 100 movies in my library and still watch movies with it with my family. 👍👍
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3 years ago, DriftDaddee
Update or something
1st thing 1st. AMAZING APP!!! GREAT DEALS AND VIDEO QUALITY!!! Ive had it for more than half a decade!! BUT as of now the App crashed when clicking play on anything. Have redownloaded it and evrrything. Even shut the phone and service off trying. And even switched from wifi to data on multiple tries. It has done this before and you guys fixed it well. But this time idk if anyones just not said anything. But its been more than 24hrs on a business day.
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3 years ago, Belle2goldie
Deliver us from evil
It’s tragic that the protagonist has to die at the end after saving his daughter. I hated sad ending. Some parts seems to derived from other movies. The psychopath killer who dressed to the nines, like from the 70’-80’s era. Trying too hard to be look like a bad guy. Too many languages spoken. I prefer to read the subtitles for Asian movies that listen to them try to speak English language. But overall it’s an ok movie for a weekend. I just watched it bc I love the lead actor.
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10 months ago, Cerealkeller
Apple’s Greedy Terms
You can’t make purchases, but as I’m writing this I remembered it’s Apple’s fault. They want a cut from every purchase, knowing that, it’s no wonder they don’t sell anything on the app. I’m actually writing this so they’ll leave me alone for a bit. I do really like the app though. Downloads work great, and you can play stuff with the screen off without having to restart the video every time you pause.
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3 years ago, thecardiacwaltz
Great scruffy throwback
Having not read the book, I was surprised by how much critics seemed to savage what I found to be a fun & memorable little film. The dialogue was extremely well-written, and the cast breathed real life into their characters (a few of which were smartly underwritten). Yes the end result is a weird mishmash of ideas - that was, I suspect, the point! Once upon a time this would have been called personality. And all that in a compact 90 minutes? Sold!
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4 years ago, Horselover rider102894
I thought this was free
When I was getting some entertainment apps I saw this app and I was like WOW it says that’s all of the movies are free so like I got it and I put in my email and everything but when I got the email it said to press a button saying start watching so I press that and I click on a movie and I’m like woohoo!!! Free movies!!! And when I see the payment button I’m so mad because in the description it said all of the movies on us! Watch all you want so I think you lied to all of us thanks. So I’m just not trying to be mean or anything this is my opinion I don’t like to pay for things okay. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU GET THE APP AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO PAY MONEY!
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5 years ago, randomplayer#69523
Updated to three stars..
I actually like the app because who doesn’t like free movies but the CS stinks.. Every time I use picture in picture the app closes when a commercial comes up.. This is super annoying! I tried to talk to CS and all I get are canned answers.. I’ve already done all the normal things when there’s something wrong.. it has to be on their end.. I wish I could get some real help.. Maybe I’m the only one that uses picture in picture!?! Lol 😂
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4 years ago, Not Vudu, Vudunt
Poorly constructed App *NEEDS FIXED*
The features of the app are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. 1. If I fall asleep, a pop up appears asking if I’m still watching. This pop up must be native to the app only, because it doesn’t let my iPad time out. Instead I awake to a dead iPad that’s been on that same pop up all night. 2. You can’t touch anywhere on the screen while the movie is playing. If I want to move my iPad at all, and I touch the screen anywhere, it FF or RW 3. I have bought a couple TV series that I’ve re-watched on this app, and once you watch it one time, you can never again tell where you left off. It will always be “watched” no ability to reset. There is no bar indicating where you left off. These 3 things drive me nuts and seem like basic issues that should have been redesigned by now. They are actually annoying enough that if given the opportunity, I will bail from this platform. The movies are fine otherwise.
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3 years ago, Rocioe
Great app
I honestly have been using this app for years now and I’ve got to say it’s been amazing. I’ve always been a huge fan of movies and shows but personally I love the idea of owning them. There is always deals for shows or movies and a quality options. I use it on multiple devices and it hardly lags. Great costumer service, if I have any problems they get fixed pretty fast.
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2 years ago, Rntrian
Could be better
For a digital service it could be so much better. If you are wanting international movies better be fine with dubbed movies because you cannot change the audio to the original language. When signing into your account on a Roku better be ready to type out your full email and password, there is no signing in from a mobile or computer. No QR codes to scan to log in. 30% chance they do not have the movie you are looking for. Be sure the movie you buy is what you want. To delete a movie you have to call customer service and wait. I’m here because my movies transferred with the MGo/ FandangoNow move and I’m at almost 600 movies in my library. So, it’s Better than nothing.
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4 years ago, lHardRock
I was good until today 😒😒😒
Very disappointed i buy 3 movies and i check the quality of each one before pay and said they were UHD and 1080p and when I was ready to watch it turned out that only SD quality. When I call customer service I was only told that for the next time check better before buying, super disappointed I think Apple TV and Microsoft movies is much better they specify the quality before your pay Muy decepcionado compre 3 películas antes de pagar cheque la calidad de cada una y decía que eran UHD y 1080p y cuando estaba listo para verla resultó que esa solo calidad SD. Cuando llame a servicio al cliente solo me dijeron que para la próxima chequeara mejor antes de comprar, estoy súper decepcionado sinseramente creo que Apple TV y Microsoft movies es mucho mejor, ellos especifican la calidad antes de tu pagar
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5 years ago, SoCalChills
Great app for your digital library.
Haven’t ever had a serious issue with the app. Sometimes I’ll get playback errors but a restart of the app usually solves the problem. All my movies are always available and on all the devices I want them on. Good deals also on digital copies of movies and tv shows. And I love the disc to digital option. Only a handful of videos aren’t convertible so far, but hopefully become available in the future.
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3 years ago, john.r.t.
One Great Invention
Love being able to watch my favorite movies without having to get up, find the disc, open the box, put it in the player, and finally sit down to watch the movie. With all (or as many as you can add to your library. No Thanks to Disney and Fox for not having D2D) from your comfy chair you can find the movie in your library click play and enjoy! It’s as simple as that!
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5 months ago, Espo401
Stopped working on iPad
This app hasn’t had many issues but now for some reason my movies won’t play on my iPad. I press resume or play a new movie and all I get is a black screen, I can’t adjust anything (unless I do it before the play line with fast forward etc. disappear) but there is no sound. I can tell the movie is playing as the closed captions pop up but again no sound. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app as well as restarting the iPad. The app still works on my iPhone and plays on my iPhone. Never had this issue on my iPad before
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