WAFB Local News

4.7 (16.5K)
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Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAFB Local News

4.67 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
6 years ago, VRTMLT
Delays due to ads
When I receive a tweet or notification that a news story is breaking and I go to WAFB Live, there is a delay to the broadcast because of several ads. I know “it’s all about the $” but very often I don’t even stick around for the news because I don’t want to watch the commercials. No “skip ad” option is offered. WAFB is my favorite news source. Thank you!
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2 years ago, blesidizme
Way Too Much Stuff Trying To Load At The Same Time !!!
Let’s just open the WAFB App and initially see Ads after Ads of the same of whom bombards us with commercials during watching WAFB on tv. The loading of Ads after Ads while attempting to see of read an article of importance keeps the article from loading and goes into a flickering state. If you don’t mind placing a string of 1000 extremely bright white blinking XMAS lights inches away from your eyes, you won’t mind attempting to stare at this WAFB App waiting for your choice of an article to load. So so sad !!! Try loading today’s most important Covid-19 map, after it finally loads i dare you to attempt to zoom into your parish without hurting your eyes during the stages of the screens only to come up blank white screen throughout the process only to start over again to finally give up !!!
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3 months ago, ChocMermaid
This APP, incl. its writers, needs a tune-up!
This app is so outdated! The people who write these articles for this app, write them as if ONLY PPL FROM BR AND LIVING IN BR are the only ones READING ABOUT BR! What about ppl who frequent the area and prefer reading news instead of watching it on tv? The information isn’t specific when doing reviews about local businesses and events, very vague ( I mean, wth is the Valley Park area? What street is the restaurant on the that you’re reviewing?) There are ALWAYS GRAMMATICAL ERRORS and misspelled names, as if this isn’t 2024 with an unlimited amount of resources for spellcheck! The information for positive local events ALWAYS pop up on the day of the event, but you’ll have every crime for the past two months FRONT AND CENTER! There are NEVER any follow ups to stories and the way you close out an article is just very simple and basic. DO BETTER!!!
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3 years ago, BR Allen
Absolutely awful since the update
I have had the app for years on my phone but the latest update is so bad I had to delete it. The interface is awful and bugs are a massive problem. First, the interface has two menu drop downs that are confusing at best and unusable at worst. The app has become nothing more than a single use web browser that is almost unusable. With regard to the bugs, there are two glaring ones that should have been fixed before the app ever went into production. First, the counter for notifications in the corner of the app icon keeps going up. No mater what you do to clear it, it still goes up. When I finally deleted it, I was showing 98(!) notifications. Second, when you do go to the notifications in the app and click on one, the app immediately crashes to the desktop, making the notifications pointless. All in all, it is a badly programmed app that should not have been released. Sorry to see it, as I have been relying on it for local news for over a decade.
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6 years ago, Honest Abby
This is not my go to app any longer. I use the competition station app now. Without a photo by each story it makes you read each and every headline - who has time for that. And annoying ads all throughout as well as a busy look with hard to read font. The old format was wayyyy better. And please only send Only Necessary and relevant to every person push notifications. Not trivial ones. I’m about to turn that feature off - and half the time when you tap the notification the article is not even there yet. I hope this is looked at as helpful so changes can be made. Love the tv newscasters. Not the app.
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1 year ago, Gwen Willis
The Best in Baton Rouge
Channel 9 is the best in Baton Rouge and always has been for as long as they have been on the air since the 1950’s. Always up to date with the news and the weather and the sports. The personnel are top notch as are the reporters in keeping us up to date with all of the news in the viewing area.
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4 years ago, An awesome bear
App Launch
I love using this app in order to stay updated, especially currently, but one thing has been bugging me. Anytime I click on a notification for an article, it opens first in the app then in safari. Why would I have the app downloaded if I didn’t want to view the articles in there? I don’t see where to go to fix this issue. I do not want to open safari every time I click on a notification to read an article. I want to read it in the app. Please fix this
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6 years ago, Tiger50man
WAFB. Chanel 9
The ONLY Chanel for News, Sports,& Weather I need. The Early Morning. To get started add in the Best Traffic Info for our area. Johnny is Great Noon to find what is new since early morning 5:00. To start the evening 6:00. Summary of the Day 10:00. My “Nightcap Of News” I seriously watch each broadcast! WAFB has the most concise reporters, The Best Anchors for each category of reporting & certainly not to mention the Very Best “ Spot-On” Weather Reports & Forecast in All Of the viewing Area. Hands Down Jay is by far the Beat Meteorologist in the Southeast part of the country if not the Best in the Nation I Truly Rely On WAFB for All News, Sports,& Weather THANK YOU & Continue To Lead The Way With The Professionals On Staff Jim Falgout. Geismar, La
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5 months ago, Alexfromdowntown
Pauses audio when launched
When launching WAFB9 while playing audio from another app, the audio is paused. This is really annoying, and I avoid using the app when using Bluetooth audio. No everyone launching this app intends to play a video. Please consider updating the app to only interrupt audio when a video is selected to play. This only happens when playing audio through phone speakers or Bluetooth, not airplay.
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6 years ago, LSU KAT GIRL
To the best News Channel in My opinion.
I truly mis seeing Donna Britt. She made me so comfortable when she interviewed my son Erik and me at St Jude’s in Memphis TN. I remember watching Mike Graham and now Jay Grimes for my weather. You hear the good the bad and the ugly news and you always the heart filled stories. Thank you for always being there. I will continue to pray for all the staff there. May God Bless you all! Salutes to WAFB 9!!!!
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6 years ago, Joed4jesus7777
Channel 9 news app
This app constantly keeps me up-to-date on current events. I love having it’s notifications popping up on my phone of things that I otherwise would not be able to know about until I got home to watch the news on TV. Thanks.
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5 years ago, dmfdom
Same ad EVERY TIME I try and click on a video
We love WAFB but the app is infuriating. It shows the same ad every time I click on any video clip. I just close it and look elsewhere for my news. Along with that, the clickbaity teaser push notifications are ridiculous at this point. There’s no information in them. Just a tease, “Click here to find out.” I understand you’re a business and need to make money but it makes the value of your product not worth the hassle anymore.
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3 years ago, ole swamper
WAFB channel 9 in Baton Rouge:
I grew up watching WAFB , with the children program, the news and weather, Sports. When hurricanes hit south Louisiana WAFB is always there with the professional staff covering every bit of it. There is no other station that covers the news and weather in sports like WAFB ,bar none.
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6 years ago, AprilRoxStudios
Update is horrible
The update made toward the end of August 2018, looks crappy. The quality of the photos and videos with the stories looks like footage from the '80's. Apps are supposed to improve not digress. Use multiple thumbnails of stories like the CNN iPad app instead of users having to scroll slowly down one story at a time, this is ridiculous.
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5 months ago, Nmullins81
Ads, Ads, & More Ads!
Not sure why I keep the app around, ads are out of control- both local and standard scammy ads about taking this one simple thing every night to lose 60 pounds in 4 hours, or how to lower your car insurance rates with carriers who are not even offering coverage in Louisiana. App stories are essentially click bait. It’s very sad that I can’t get my news with only local ads like on the TV.
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6 years ago, dale a walsh
The best
Your morning show best gives all the information that you need to know for the day Lauren and Matt are willing formed pleasing to listen to in the morning same with your afternoon report your night report of some of the best thank you for your reporting on personal note Lauren and Matt they are the outstanding👍👍👍👍
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6 years ago, Dennis el Toro
WDM, semi-retired 83 year old attorney
You present news & weather information in a straightforward manner. Other channels, particularly the oldest, delve too deeply into entertainment and cutesy presentations instead of presenting relevant information so that viewers can form their own opinions. Please continue to stay the course!
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12 months ago, Jwhla
Issues after recent updates
The app used to be excellent however, after recent updates, it no longer allows you to perform other functions on your device while watching the streaming program. Also, for the last three nights, when you turn on the stream at 10 PM, you don’t get the 10 PM news you get the 6 PM news. Very disappointing!
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2 years ago, Sleek and Fast
Need more options for types of notifications
The “breaking news” notifies you of every little thing. Most news apps have a separate notification for traffic updates. This does not. My phone is going off constantly every time a crash is reported somewhere. It’s a little excessive and now I’m going to have to turn off my notifications for this app completely and I didn’t want to do that
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3 years ago, john doesph
New version leaves a lot to be desired
WAFB was my go to for news in the BR area. The newest version is not the same. Sure, the advertisement loads without issue, but most of the articles are difficult to find and may or may not ever load (if you can find them). The only thing they have going is that the local competition’s app is marginally worse...for now.
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6 years ago, Lulu4411
I check this site everyday. It is a good way for me to stay informed. Thank you for updating this site. I was getting concerned that it was my phone but the updated version is much better.
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2 years ago, Cparker32
Too many ads
I used to LOVE the WAFB app and it was the only one I went to for information. NOW however, you can’t tell what is a current story, an ad/scam at that, or a story that happened today. I do not stream, I prefer to read the articles. So, I know this won’t make a difference, but you have lost one loyal viewer to WBRZ because at least their articles are current. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. C Netherland
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3 years ago, cbrou333
Can’t delete alerts when finished viewing.
The app takes forever to open. Also, you can delete the alerts and then they come back and keep adding up. I had 43 and finally turned off all notifications because it’s frustrating not being able to delete them permanently when done. The app is too slow. I liked the old one better.
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3 years ago, birds42
Not user friendly at all
I have used WAFB app since moving away 4 years ago. I find this new updated app confusing and not at all user friendly. Too many adds mixed in with news. Very slow to open. I think I am going to head to another local channel to get the news. Not sure who this site was tested on before it was released but it is the pits. Sorry!
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3 years ago, KLG443
Great if you want to watch old news broadcasts
We live out of state and were relieved to find that WAFB has an app so that we can keep up with hurricanes and other news impacting family still in Baton Rouge. However, the live broadcasts are non-existent and the most current videos available are over 48 hours old. What’s the point of even having the app in this case?
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6 years ago, J1L1J
Best App EVER
I’m always up to date in real time of what’s going on around me,,,great traffic updates as well as over all very informative,.! I love WAFB news channel and wouldn’t watch any other news station,,5* news!!!!!!
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6 years ago, froglegdowg
Home page
Home page has difficulty loading. Rest of the pages are good.
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4 years ago, BLB2019
Links do not go to correct location
I get notifications when breaking news happens. It always says click here to find out more or to listen live. A vast majority of the time, it takes to me to a list of headlines that includes nothing about the notifications story! So frustrating. Going to try the competition now.
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4 years ago, Tigerball1
Does anyone read these reviews
This is no longer my go to app. News is slow and far behind the other local stations. When I receive one of your alerts and immediately go to the app , the alert fails to come up or I have to scroll down ridiculous adds and stale news. The other two local news apps are clean and without clutter. Have you forgotten it is 2020?
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3 years ago, Any2307
Doesn’t load since last update
I’m very disappointed with the app since the update. I’ve deleted it, downloaded it again and restarted/reset my phone and it still doesn’t work. I depend on the app to keep me informed on the go but it’s useless in it’s current state. Whoever designed this app for you, you need to request your money back 🤷🏽‍♀️
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5 years ago, jillymc
This is the clumpiest app I have on my phone. Clicking through to a story from Facebook most often fails or goes to a different story than anticipated after what seems like interminable ads. Local news should not be so difficult.
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6 years ago, Shelbi Tate
The Best News App!!!
This is the best news app! Everything from my weather to the local breaking news is available as soon as it happens. And the best part is it’s FREE!!😃😃😃😃😃
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4 years ago, ReddMac
Delay dew to Adds
I stopped going to channel 9 when I would get & news bulletin. I feel like if it’s important enough to receive a news update or an alert I shouldn’t have to listen to adds before I get the news. I feel like If it’s important enough that I should stop what I’m doing to check on a news bulletin that I just received. I shouldn’t have to wast my time watching a Durn add!!! I know that’s how Yu make a lot if not all Your $$$. So I Not Saying To Stop Your Earrings, But Please run them with Your regular programming! It’s got to where I feel like Yu’re Sending me a news bulletin to watch or read Your Add, & to heck with the news!!! Thank Yu for Your Time! ReddMac
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4 years ago, Greg DoubleU
App content going downhill....
I always go to the link that’s the one-stop for everything corona in Louisiana. A while back, I was promoted to update the app and I did the “update”, which was weird bc it usually does it automatically at night. I’ve noticed that, since then, the link that shows the Louisiana coronavirus info statewide is constantly “reloading” due to an error. It never stays long before it reloads again. Plus, some of the “highlights” aren’t so recent. There’s the one about the lady thinking she doesn’t have to pay rent that’s been there for a year now? You guys can do better. So much better. I’ll check back. So, blow my mind!
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2 years ago, ProHoneyBadger
The ads are ridiculous
WAFB you needs to be ashamed of yourself the app ads are horrible and online popup are hideous and crap! the website is actually crappy! which is one of the reasons I’ve deleted WAFB Channel 9 and WBRZ from my phones and blocked them on my office computers. I don’t want shop while I’m trying to read the latest news!
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3 years ago, nikkirc
The old version was fine
I have no idea why WAFB needed a new app, but this thing is terrible. It never loads and when it does it takes FOREVER. I had to turn off the sound because it was annoying and couldn’t be changed. Please...for the love of everything good and pure, please go back to the old version. It was fine.
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6 years ago, Love0784
I wish
I really wish that I could watch the news as it’s aired on tv on my WAFB app that’s the only problem that I have to wait to read it.
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6 years ago, CrayzeeKaraoke
It was ok how it was
Before the newest “update”, you could scroll inside of an article to the next article with a swipe, now you have to back out of the article to go to the next one... it was much easier the way it was.
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5 years ago, Lizbking
Bugs when watching live feed
For now I am still using this app to watch live news in the morning, but it is crashing or freezing more frequently lately. Please fix this issue!
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3 years ago, WishYouKnewHuh
The update has fixed the issue so I will give it 5 stars now
Show more
4 years ago, Sexy Coco
The best mobile news app on the go to have. Always up to date no matter where I go.
Show more
3 years ago, Watermaker
Since the latest update the app now crashes. Deleted and re-downloaded. Now it works.
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3 years ago, cooperinplaqemine
New app pages
I don’t Think it is as good as the one it replaced. It is too busy. I enjoy seeing a menu of articles. It is a much more efficient way to enjoy the app. It may work for CNN, but I don’t care much for their app either The new app is not agile. It is clumsy to use and it doesn’t always give you what you select.
Show more
3 years ago, Dori0404
Hate the new format
I don’t like the new format. Really don’t like when you receive a notification, it shows you have x amount of notifications, even after you clear them all. I press clear all every time and when a new notification comes, I have 65 notifications!
Show more
4 years ago, across_mountains
Very good app — when it works. Has developed nasty habit of freezing at opening screen. Disconnecting from WiFi doesn’t solve problem, as it does when I have problems woth other apps. The only thing that solves the problem of it freezing is to delete this app, then reinstall it.
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5 years ago, C. W. G.
Channel 9 keep me informed on news and weather when I’m away from home.
News, Weather and Sports great station
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7 months ago, Ngeeee
Needs work
Love the news, but the app needs work. Ads shouldn’t default to loud volume, and the app should run more smoothly. Does not zoom or scroll very easily, especially side to side.
Show more
10 months ago, tcbol
Traffic section
This is my favorite part of the app. It doesn’t seem to be working for me as of now. Very frustrating to not be able to get traffic data and maps when needed.
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2 years ago, Tayparrab
Please have a literate person proof your articles.
The ignorance suggested by the number of grammatical errors in your articles is unbelievable. There must be at least one person employed by WAFB that is able to write a grammatically correct sentence. It disgusts me that others think all Louisiana people are as ignorant as those you employ.
Show more
2 years ago, lovegun77
Omg! Y'all need to fix this app asap! Every time I click on a story to read it ,it refreshes minutes after bringing me back to the front page many times making it unable to read the story. So very aggravating! I give y'all5days to improve, if not I’m out, nothing but fake news anyway! Let’s go Brandon!
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