WAFF 48 Local News

4.5 (2.9K)
68.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAFF 48 Local News

4.49 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
6 years ago, dogsmiles
New format
Use to use your app all the time but now less with your new format seems you are going backwards in utility and ability to quickly see the pertinent stories
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3 years ago, dissapointed and discouraged
Unbiased reporting
Americans have a great need to hear the news reported WITHOUT bias. Due to Hillary Clintons ‘despicable’ labeling of the Republican party as “Deplorable's” the “main stream” news reporters seem to agree with her. This is wrong on so many levels. “We the people” have the need, if not the right, to hear the truth reported and are smart enough to make our own decisions about what is right or wrong. This is true of both parties. Obama said that the American people were not smart enough to govern themselves. If the power to govern is put into the hands of the few on Capital Hill, our freedoms (yes yours too) will eventually disappear and a big part of the blame can be put on the shoulders of main stream media. Why? Because too many of the public do not have the knowledge to research for themselves to get the complete story, this doesn’t mean they are ignorant, just educated in other areas. Also much of the blame for so much hate in our country can be laid at your feet also because of so much one sided reporting and their obvious hate for former President Trump. The reporters in New York have the largest part of this blame but it goes down to the local level to some extent also.
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4 years ago, Big Al 1925
NFL football game September 10
To whomever this may concern I know I’m not on the right page that you guys sure don’t seem to make it easy for someone to leave a rebottle y’all had the NFL football game yesterday and it just y’all hate it when will of fortune should’ve been on I really enjoyed that show and I don’t care anything about the football are used to watch football until all these overpaid self righteous players Neal instead of standing up and putting their hand over their heart and being respectful I think that these players are making so much money they don’t care they should have to go to years in the military before they ever get to play football and I just have no respect for him an hour and never watch the game again so please put it on at another time
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8 months ago, nicetalkn2ya
App Pop-ups and Alerts
When sports notifications are toggled off in the app, pop ups and alerts regarding highlights and scores of high school football are still received. This has happened multiple times. I have reported my concern through the app and asked for this to be corrected, which has not happened. People are allowed to chose their own notification preferences. You should honor these preferences. Forcing app prescribers to be subject to your notifications, ignoring their preferences, makes prescribers feel you are insensitive to their concerns and requests and may cause subscribers to find other information sources.
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6 years ago, scodoodle
48 news review
All over best in news (local and national), community events and weather! Your team is tops in my book! I are primarily tuned in in the mornings beginning with the 4:30 news cast. It is so refreshing to begin the day with a smile thanks to that crew! Professionalism is exhibited, yet the relaxed display and often bit of humor, simply starts my day with that smile! Keep in keeping on!!! Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion and appreciation!
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8 months ago, Hikerbee
This app is so bad that it is totally unwatchable. I have to turn it on at 4:30 just to watch the 5:00 news which typically only comes on Monday thru Friday. I spend that 30 minutes trying to get the app to show anything at all and usually get something from Ohio, though a few nights ago I got news from Alaska. Most days it won’t come up at all. And when I do get news there are at least 15 or 20 minutes of commercial, some from Ohio and a few typical ads that display when playing computer games. I finally got the WAAY news app and now I can watch the news 😁
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3 years ago, waff app stinks
New App Stinks
This new version of your News App stinks. It locks up all time while I am trying to open it and I have to get out of the App (sometimes by restarting my phone) then go back in. It also has some kind of counter that puts numbers above the icon that I have no clue what they mean or how to get rid of them. Also all the crazy advertisements you have buried in the news that look somewhat like a news story headline stink. You use to have the best news app out there but now it is the worst.
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3 years ago, JCLZ1980
Too many pop-up ads
This is ridiculous. I mean, how many pop-up ads can they cram in? It’s a NEWS app...not a game spam app. WAFF already had horrible writing and tons of errors in their writing. Now you can’t look at 2 news stories without a pop-up add for some janky game no one wants, and they don’t let you skip them without getting redirected to the App Store first. Wish I had a better way to report this and get the app taken off the store. Don’t waste your time on this. I’d rate it -1 star if I could.
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3 years ago, ZigFellow
Updates Need Fixing
Updates 6.6.6, 6.6.7 and 6.6.8 have, in my opinion, been a mess. The screen icon now tells me I have 22 notifications, but upon opening the app there is no way I can find to clear them. And while organizing stories by geographical location is a cute idea, in my opinion it makes getting an overview of the news difficult. Last, navigating in and out of the story tiles is more difficult than needed.
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4 years ago, caitseahorn
WAFF is great, app doesn’t follow suit
WAFF is my go-to for news. The app is ridiculous. I can’t watch the videos attached to the news story without watching a commercial (understable). The commercial plays, I cannot make it full screen while it plays, then the news video comes on and any time I try to watch in full screen, the app crashes. To reopen and attempt to watch I have to watch yet ANOTHER commercial to get back to where I was originally. Can’t have a great news station with great news stories with a lacking app.
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6 years ago, uncle 123
You can help their family to me in there are kind want to 48
I love 48 Your arm great team and we gotten good business to me I feel like 48 is their state of grandma will get paid on this team I know I’ve been there I am paying 48 what is their ETA view me all about Special Olympics your kind wonderful hard worker
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6 years ago, Scottsboro resident
New Format
I like the prior format better than the recent change. Too much non-news and have to scroll too much to choose news stories you want to read. Would prefer a couple of pages listing all news stories. 15 second ads before news videos usually means that I go to another news source for stories. You do a good job updating and giving up-to-date news it’s just too hard to see an overview of all the news.
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1 year ago, Windladybug
Noisy ads in foreign languages
They’ve made me start having to watch loud ads that seem to be in Japanese, making it especially hard to figure out how to get out of them. I’m mostly giving up on this app as a result. The other news stations don’t bombard me with useless ads that I don’t even understand. I just want the news, period.
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6 years ago, anendigo
To many big pictures, less news.
As the title says the big pictures consume the viewing space. Far fewer news stories. One must not go to several tabs to get a regional news up date. This may be peculiar to my device, but once the initial opening image is viewed and one scrolls Dow, it is just a repeat of the original image,...with more pictures.
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3 years ago, Johnsoca
Not a Fan of the Updated App
I am not a fan of the updated app. When you click on a notification, instead of opening the article referenced by the notification, it sends you to the Home Screen and you have to hunt for the article yourself.
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1 year ago, ortootltom
The news is rarely updated over the weekend and onTues you will still find Friday’s news articles. With the new update you see even less news than before. When watching Channel 48 the Broadcaster will tell you to go to the app for a link to something and the link is not there.
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3 years ago, workshop1668
Mostly junk
Maybe three actual news stories sprinkled in between fake news ads trying to get your click. Sadly this is the state of ALL American local news apps trying to squeeze every penny they can from ads. Stick with the broadcast to get news or just use the weather app.
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3 years ago, chiefpuppy
Problem after update AND the so called fix.
App still will not open even after a so called fix for the Home Screen. App will not open on phone or iPad after automatic update. I had no issues with the previous version. All I get with this update is the 48 logo screen. So frustrating. I cannot recommend this app unless they fix the issues.
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6 months ago, tbengland
Ad-infested junk
The app has devolved into a holder of junk ads that won’t close and prevent you from seeing any “news”. Sad state of affairs for a decently liked news station. This app is junk, and I’d be better served standing outside and listening for the goings-on around me than trying to gather the news from WAFF’s app. Do yourself a favor and don’t get the app. If you have it, delete it.
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6 years ago, 17707R
App format is not good
The older version of this app was much much better. Way too much advertising now. This new format tends to blend in all the news stories in a “center” reading along with ad boxes and pop ups in the middle and bottom of the screen while scrolling the news. Not happy with this update at all. The prior version was a lot better. Word of advice WAFF: sometimes less is more.
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6 years ago, My new I-phone light
Great news source
Convenient and always up to date on local news!
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2 years ago, you just dont want a comment
Could you please stop showing a needle going into someone's arm.... we all know what an injection is.... I think it turns people off, instead of encouraging them to get vaccinated....
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2 years ago, NZ06LH
Sports are not breaking news.
I set the app to only notify my for breaking news. Sports announcements are not breaking news. I tried to repot the issue, however each time I try the app crashes. I will not longer be using the 48 app or be watching their channel. WHNT 19 doesn’t have this problem. They are way better.
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3 years ago, Haleyville4me
New App
This new App is too busy and a lot of navigation is required. The ads overwhelm the news that I am trying to see. I realize that a upgrade may have been needed but you may have lost people like me who read your news 3 or 4 times a day. Thanks
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3 years ago, Momma Blue
Love the site but latest update messed up the app. Can’t get past hitting the app and crashing. Hope you can fix it soon!
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3 years ago, Jason.Bowling
iPhone widget
I would pay to be able to have a WAFF Weather widget!
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10 months ago, Xranger04
Useless clickbait
This piece of junk app is useless for serious news. You have to close an ad to even get to a news story then you are assaulted by ads every time you so much as touch the screen. It’s worthless for news. Basically unusable. Shame on WAFF for putting this off on the public.
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2 years ago, AMP35749
Latest Update Makes App Unusable
The only thing that loads when you open the App now is the ads. Have to close and reopen every time, not worth the effort. Same problem with their new weather app update. Was best local Huntsville news app now I don’t even try to use it.
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11 months ago, Shoerose
Random videos
I deleted your app because some stupid developer decided it was ok to allow videos to randomly blurt out when the app is opened. People are sometimes in places where this is unacceptable, like laying in bed next to someone sleeping, in the doctor waiting room etc Moron
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3 years ago, Acuffj
Too Complicated
Sometimes when I bring up the app and the banner page comes up that’s all i get. I have to force your app to end and restart it. When then it takes about 15-20 seconds before your app completely loads. It is a terrible app.
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3 years ago, mhps15
Used to like it until new update
Old version of the app was so much easier to use and user friendly now I can barely use the app.
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1 year ago, Anderson Evans
No weather. No sports scores. Late news updates.
It’s really a useless app. They want you to download a separate weather app? And good luck trying to find sports scores. Many news stories are days old and don’t get updated often enough.
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3 years ago, Hazelthedog
The update 2 days ago has caused the app to not work. It won’t load. It only shows a plumbing ad and then stays on the WAFF logo page. Please fix this. I have enjoyed your app for a long time.
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6 years ago, Recently Retired 5-0
Goodbye to 48 app
I agree with other reviewer concerning latest update. Way too much advertising and sports section is horrible. Same sports articles become stale when left on site for weeks. Surely the sports world is a tad more active! I will delete also.
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3 years ago, Mommyshelton
My favorite new app
My favorite news app until they updated it and now it want even open. I can’t open it all
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3 years ago, bkb nickname
The app shows a number Luke a notification of something but nothing inside, just disappears when app is opened. Make it go away or I’m deleting this app.
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6 years ago, ridiciolous
Horrible app
Worst app ever. This new update has the news totally useless. This one is more about advertising than news. It doesn’t update very well to current news. Go back to the old version please. Why attempt to fix something that’s not broke.
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3 years ago, NellieBean76
Do Not Like New Layout
The new layout is too jumbled up and hard to navigate. This use to be my favorite local news app, but not anymore.
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6 years ago, jeneefir
Latest update
Completely dislike the newest update/design. So much advertisement and the same article is posted over and over on the same page. I wish the old one would come back
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4 months ago, Remove nickname option
Does not show local news via the app. When the local news station WAFF 48 is not broadcasting live
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5 years ago, OutsidePlaying
Trouble since last update
Normally I love this app, but since the last update I can not open it on my iPad. It starts to open and then closes. Been that way for two days.
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6 years ago, Need news easy
You had very good app until last update, now it horrible, same news in to many places has no end just scrolls over and over. I will be deleting this app very soon and use someone else's if not restored to the way it was.
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2 years ago, DS6855
No Option To Cast Live Stream
I mainly wanted to watch the live stream during severe weather when my satellite is out. Oh well it would probably be too late by the time I got through the ads anyway.
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6 years ago, VJ WIll
Very helpful
I enjoy the news alerts. Good job 48 News Team Guntersville
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5 years ago, Lomax44
48 News Review
Great news source! Accurate and detailed and dependable!
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6 years ago, Mekemadee
The Best
I love 48 news. They are always on top of things here in the valley. Thanks 48 News Crew!!!!
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6 years ago, wastedreview
To much advertising.
Your last update was terrible. Way to much advertising. Can not find the news. It’s advertising overload. If it isn’t fixed soon I plan to delete you news app off my I-phone. Have a good day
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6 years ago, Traveler September
I do not love me the new format
This app is more complex and busy to look at since last update. Simple visuals are always better.
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4 years ago, Tendersole89
Nice app but...
The ads is annoying for a news app the moment I was in the middle of looking at severe weather and a video pops up. Please take away the ads ...
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3 years ago, WAFF48 News Lover
Why did you all change your app
I do not like the new setup of the WAFF48 App. I miss the old app.
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