WALB News 10

4.6 (4.4K)
62.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WALB News 10

4.64 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Blaq girl
My Fav
I love watching as well as Kia to WALB the broadcasting system is amazing. It keep me updated with new and live coverage news along with the weather. This is by far one of my favorite news sources. I also love the staff along with how everyone does an amazing job to presenting the best news to the people of surrounding Georgia. We couldn’t ask for a better news station WALB you are the best
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6 years ago, Lou Set
Very informative on region covered, However not much local news on my area of interest. As a resident of North Georgia and family roots in Montgomery /Jeff Davis county. There is not much coverage in those areas.
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5 years ago, Dugger1968
Progressively worse and now it’s dead
In my opinion this app has gotten less user friendly. For example you can no longer view pictures on the main page of a story. And now with the latest update it does nothing but crash so for all intents and purposes it’s dead. One would think that they would test this app for bugs before they release it to the entire world.
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1 year ago, dlcpht
I get the same news over and over again. Apparently there’s no news on weekends since you never report any. I never know who’s going to be reporting the news because there’s always someone new. Surely y’all can do a better job. I’ve started using the Fox News app more. At least they actually have news.
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6 years ago, communitynews
We also need to be heard.
The app needs to have an option for the people of Georgia to respond and give opinion on subject matters that relate to health, services, and anything community based. The people of the community need to be able to respond or the stories posted in the news will always be one sided. Give the community, the city, the state, the people a voice.
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3 years ago, ditch doc
Too many advertisements, you have to close at least 3 advertisements before you can read the news
Too many advertisements, you have to close at least 3 advertisements before you can read the news
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6 years ago, Jerrod from Georgia , USA
Just visiting
I live in Patterson Ga. but travel to Albany 4-5 times a week. I like to know what is going on around me. WALB does that. Good and bad news. I would say top shelf group of people working there
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1 month ago, Hoosierboy.
Y’all need help. Stories that are very newsworthy being ignored, misinformed reporting, horrible editing, etc. And this website needs tweeting as well. Get it together. Your turnover rate is alarming as well. If you need real consulting, let me know. I’ll definitely proof read stories for grammatical and informational purposes.
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6 years ago, big dog perry
The importance of news
I love the new center 10app cause it keeps me up to what is going on around here locally and the weather also
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1 week ago, Namabobo
Getting my news
I now live In Ocilla and I love looking at WALB in the mornings I had to switch to Fire stick tv because of our income and now we can't even get walb in the morning we don't want to see LNL we want walb local
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3 years ago, Anonymous-180
WALB-10 update
App is completely useless since the update. Entirely too many ads that must be closed in order to advance. Once in the notifications screen, clicking on any notification causes the app to crash. Complete waste of an update. App is no longer useful.
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6 years ago, feGomer
Liberal News media undertone. (Half Fake News)
A liberal city getting their daily dose of local, half fake news, spin. For half of the reporting it’s news but there is always that left wing undertone to the reporting on things. WALB, stick to reporting the news and nothing but the news- then leave out emotions and undertones.
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4 years ago, Picture Gam!
Happy Lady!
Y’all are doing an awesome job keeping us updated with the latest on everything!
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5 years ago, lannhar
Bad update
The app used to keep me up to date on all the news. Since it kept giving me an “update now” when I opened the app, I finally updated. NOW my app doesn’t work. I open it and it closes automatically. I had to delete it all together. Not pleased with this update at all. Get it fixed and I’ll go and to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, SWGA Dawg
New version is a huge step backwards
The amount of ads are unreasonable, sacrificing functionality to make ad revenue. Updated layout is much more difficult to use than previous version. This app just went from daily use to uninstalled.
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6 years ago, Chetclay
Your app is my go-to for the latest area news. You do a great job of updating. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Almandjoyy
Recent update
App will not stay open after I did the recent update earlier today. iPhone 6s owner and Albany resident and like being able to have all forms of the news at my finger tips. Fix ASAP please.
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3 years ago, Luminous52
Latest update is awful
I am very sorry, but I absolutely hate the new update. The ads are larger than the articles. Touching a notification throws me out. It is difficult to find all the stories. I wish you could return to the prior version.
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3 years ago, Cvkjr
Five star now
The new update is fantastic! Thank you!
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2 years ago, dsctbke
Deerfield Football
What good is this “breaking news” if you can’t find one word about the Deerfield football game when they are playing for a state championship????? The last mention about Deerfield football was the Terrell Academy game which was weeks ago!!!
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5 years ago, Shazbot47
Nice app, latest version crashes on startup
FYI iphone 6s —————- Thanks, ver. 6.2.10 works fine. 👍 As usual, great job.
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6 months ago, don't provide personal info
Unable to access on cell tower
If I am not corrected to Wi-Fi the app displays a connection error and will not open. I am on Verizon. When I’m back home I am too busy to open the app.
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6 years ago, Red racer
The recent update was a mess so to fix it delete the app off your phone completely. Then go to App Store and download again fresh. Everything will work.
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4 years ago, PeaceQueen8
I’m into it😁😌
Learning what the news is
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3 weeks ago, owk1962
When you get notifications and click on it to go to the App, 90% of the time it doesn’t take you to the story. Deleting the App.
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1 month ago, Ctwaby
Too much squeeze for a little bit of juice.
There are way too many ads. It’s just not worth fooling with the app.
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3 years ago, Waiting For Baseball
New App is Bad
The new app is so bad. I click on the alerts and go down a rabbit hole of ads and never get to the story. Please go back to the old app. This one is completely unusable on iPhone.
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4 years ago, johnhayessss18
This is a good app right here with great valuable information
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4 years ago, Wyllie 62
Favorite News Station
WALB is my number one station in Southwest Georgia. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Savannaboyt
Great job
I love you guys I think you guys doing a Great job
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6 years ago, Trav!!78
New walb app
I don’t like the new walb app... Not easy to read !!!! I miss the old app!!!
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6 years ago, Coralue
News watcher
I love to watch WALB it is my favorite station
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3 years ago, DJW 59
Excellent news coverage 😀😀
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6 years ago, live streaming fan
Live streaming news RIP
Don’t know if live streaming the news is still available, or option is gone. If it’s been removed, app is worthless to me.
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4 years ago, Lil John 2014
Come on update already
No news stories updates or weather updates for 12 hrs. Come on now!
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5 years ago, Dan Halenz
Ads ads ads
Just removed this app due to the excessive amount of ads. In the middle of reading an article and video ad. The annoyance is not worth the time.
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3 years ago, pitts60
New App
This new App is terrible !!!!!!!! The old one was so much better. Takes to long to load and navigating is horrible
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6 years ago, 921dot
Love it
I enjoy very much
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5 years ago, Roufscpd
Once I did the latest update that was prompted, my app stopped working
My app stopped working after I did the latest update.
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3 years ago, RCSOK
Too much
The old app was more user friendly! Don’t like the new one at all!
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5 years ago, mtowens86
Installed latest update and now it will not open
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8 months ago, Shurrodd
Pending viewer
Too much negative news, you need to cover some more positive stories
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4 years ago, PakatkaBlueCrab
WALB TV-10 update
I had no problem until I installed the update, now it opens and the app crashes
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5 years ago, John boy 109
Update Error
Did the recommended update now the app won’t even open.
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5 years ago, Dire52
Latest update
Just updated latest update now won’t let me open WALB app! Please fix !
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4 years ago, DJ_Jason811
App closes unexpectedly
App continues to close all the time for no reason - this app is not dependable at all.
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5 years ago, JMY 777
Do not update
Updated app. and now it will not open on IPhone 6.
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6 years ago, Jamie Pounds
Better like it was
Only local news is on it. No others. National regional state international nothing. And STOP ALLOWING YOUR REPORTERS AND WRITERS TWIST THE STORIES LIKE CNN OR A BUNCH OF US ARE DELETING THIS APP AND USING FOX NEWS.
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6 years ago, zT;8
App review
It looks like a newspaper. I hate this format. Too small
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3 years ago, B5WLW
update ruined the app
fire whoever made this new update to the app because it’s horrible!
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