Wallcraft – Wallpapers, live

4.6 (122.7K)
194.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wallcraft – Wallpapers, live

4.59 out of 5
122.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Lemz13
Diverse wallpapers, many options, always love and enjoy!
I have been using this app for about a year now, and I really do enjoy the variety of wallpapers that they offer. There’s a very diverse group of options and selections that are available for anyone. And typically if there’s a wallpaper that’s locked you can watch if you ask get some coins and get it. These wallpapers have really added some nice flavor and diversity to my options and I really appreciate having them because for some reason I just make my phone more aesthetically pleasing‘s and that overall increases my feelings with this app because it just has such a great variety of options in terms of wallpapers that I’ve never really disappointed with what I have! I do give this app a five out of five stars because I think that it has a lot to offer, sometimes it’s a challenge to get certain wallpapers and sometimes there’s so many that have the coins that you have to watch a lot of ads if you wanna get those, but nevertheless there’s always options available and that’s what I really love about this app!
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2 months ago, LovePyrs
Four stars instead of five because…
This is one of my most favorite apps. I literally spend hours looking at all the wallpapers almost on a daily basis. WallCraft has so many wallpapers and wallpaper designers! I would love to give five stars but WallCraft is missing two key features: 1) being able to look up wallpaper by the designer’s name and 2) being able to sort the newest wallpapers by specific designers. For example, I love the work by Cristian, who has about 6,500 wallpapers they designed. The app crashes every time I look through their designs. The closest I’ve been to being able to see all 6,500 wallpapers is around 5,000 before the app crashed. Very annoying. But putting in a sorting feature, like the ones on WallCraft’s home page were you can opt for seeing what’s popular or what’s been added since my last visit, would be incredibly helpful. Cristian is only one of a number of favorite designers who have large collections of wallpapers. I love the new “Collection” category! Being able to see what other users like and adding them to my favorite collections is fantastic. All I need to make this app close to perfect is adding a way to find favorite designers by their name and being able to sort their work by most recent uploads. Please consider adding these features! Thank you!
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10 months ago, Dixonericjameseric
Amazing and worth the pro!
Got a random want to change my phone background. Usually I just google and scroll through photos until I find a decent one but wanted to try out a wallpaper app like one I use for my PC. This was the second or third app I checked out and originally liked it because of the options without having to purchase and only having to watch a couple quick ads. I quickly started liking more and more of the exclusive wallpapers. I started watching ads to collect enough of the coins to unlock one wallpaper so I decided to see how much it would actually cost to unlock exclusive content. Only $13 and you unlock all the content forever which I think is kind of a no brainer, unlimited options for wallpapers and live wallpapers, but even the subscription for $5 a year isn’t bad. This app has a very diverse and beautiful and vast selection and I don’t think I’ll ever have to snag a photo from google to decorate my phone screen again. Wonderful app!
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5 years ago, Gracejkay
Best Wallpaper App
I’m not the type to write reviews, but I love this app so much; I wanted to praise it. This is the best Wallpaper app I’ve ever had on my iPhone. The photos are high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and gorgeous. There are many to choose from that will fit your style perfectly. I want to add that this app doesn’t have ads that pester you constantly. Every once in awhile you will get a very short ad after looking at some wallpapers, and occasionally you can watch a short video/ad to unlock specific wallpapers, but for me personally, this is not an inconvenience to me. It’s just the right amount to not bug you, but enough to where it still supports the app you are using. I don’t mind at all because every other app I’ve had for wallpaper has been annoying with ads, and I wasn’t impressed with the selection. Maybe this is only my opinion, but I truly encourage others to use this app if you want quality wallpapers for your Smartphone.
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4 years ago, D/ArK
Great app but this last update killed me a bit
Edit: since the last update I can’t even watch an ad to unlock anymore. This app went from being 5 stars to me to a 1 now. If I could give 0 I would. This app started out great and was wonderful at first, but now it’s just sad. I’ll keep it until they fix the issue, but if they don’t I’ll be promptly deleting and looking for something better. Ok, when I first got this app, I absolutely loved it. All the wallpapers I could ever love to have. All great quality and very beautiful designs and everything. This app is truly one of the better wallpaper apps I’ve seen, and has quite a great variety. Up until the last update, I used to watch ads to unlock locked wallpapers. Now I have to wait 24hrs to unlock one by one, seriously? The app like I said was one of the better ones, but this update really killed my mood, and for some paying a subscription service is a little much. So in order to unlock everything I have to pay a monthly based fee? As a college student I struggle to pay for classes as it is but yeah. I really hope this changes back to the way it was before, if not I’ll need to move on to another app that has the same great quality but no subscription required.
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2 years ago, Tvon5432
Bad Reviews??
I’m shocked to see the amount of recent bad reviews under this wallpaper app, as it’s my absolute favorite one I could find in the App Store! I’ve probably downloaded at least 50 over the course of a few years too. Wallcraft images are seriously incredible. Super high quality! Love that you can download portrait size or landscape size. Also, most of the bad reviews are due to ads popping up. I got a year subscription early on and haven’t seen an ad since. So I can’t relate to that annoyance but can understand why that would be frustrating for some. However, users need to understand that the people who create these apps need to get paid too. Those ads and the subscriptions are how these app developers and artists who create the wallpapers get paid. So if you come across an app you love, then do them a solid by subscribing or watch the ads. I’m sure it’s appreciated!
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5 years ago, Danny 141
AMAZING; get this app 100%!!!!
I was looking through a couple of apps tonight trying to get a few dope wall papers and most of the apps would even let you look at any before have the price pop up that you need to pay to continue. When I opened this app I was astonished at the quality of the wallpapers. Most of them which were completely free!! All HD and there’s options for landscape, portrait or original for picture orientation. Super customizable with incredible quality, it was exactly what I needed. Aside from the massive free collection there are certain papers where you just watch an ad video and you get access to the wallpaper. I normally don’t leave reviews but this app deserves it 100%. I’m amazed!
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4 months ago, ColbaltDuck170
Irritations that give it 2 stars over 5 stars
I downloaded this app cause I loved the wallpaper options they offered on here. They are awesome and so diverse!!! But there are flaws/disappointments that keep it from that 5 🌟review. 1...the ada after ads after ads and for what.... One coin after a 5-second ( feels like 5 mins) ad. Yes, you need to maintain the app, but to watch 20 ads ( it adds up for each one) for one coin for wallpaper. It gets to be pretty ridiculous. Instead of one coin, have it be 5 or 10, and after 7 days, offer a bonus. Add things, like games (like puzzles) for opportunities to win games to receive coins for wallpaper. 2...premium account to “like” wallpapers. It would be great to still “like” the favorites, but after so many days or weeks, those would disappear from our liked list. Like add wallpaper for (hopefully) more than 3 or 7 days. 3...disappearing photos. This one probably bugs me the most. Whenever there is a wallpaper of particular interest, (this kind of falls in line with '2') but doesn't have the significant coin amount to get it, the app does will refresh every so often. That pic disappears and it is difficult to find again, almost impossible to relocate again. Even if we can’t like our favorites, would be great to find some way to relocate that pic again. At the current moment, those are the flaws/disappointments that bug me the most, and some feature(s) could find a solution for it.
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2 years ago, NachoCamacho
Ads Don’t Always Pay Back
While I do enjoy/love looking at the absolutely beautiful and amazing images/wallpapers, that this app has to choose from; half of the Ads that I need to watch, to either earn points or to view the “pay points to view/buy”, do not give me access to view a wallpaper or do not grant me the 1 point credit after viewing. Particularly, the Google App Ad does not work with either granting the 1 point after viewing credit or doesn’t acknowledge that I watched the entire ad at all. Also………… I wanted to download a Landscape version of a wallpaper and of course it asked me to watch an Ad, in exchange for receiving the downloaded wallpaper. After watching the Ad and not receiving the downloaded wallpaper, I tried again 2 more times. Each time failed. Out of frustration, I instead selected the “Original” version and after watching the required Ad, I immediately received the download. So, when being given the option size (Landscape, Portrait, Original) to download for a specific wallpaper, after watching an Ad; if a specific size is unavailable or cannot be downloaded, than that option shouldn’t be also be highlighted. I like this App and if the significant/inconvenient errors I found can be addressed/fixed, than I would be happy to give this App a better review in the future.
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9 months ago, Mellow00man
Ads-Ads-Ads-Ads !!!!!!
OMG at all the ads! Look guys, I do understand the reason and purpose of the Ads. But lemme just say You guys have ruined this App. You gotta watch an ad to open the app, watch an ad to click for a preview, watch an ad to back up browser, watch an ad after EVERY SINGLE click. The you gotta watch a 30 sec ad for a single wall craft coin. Each wall paper is atleast 10 Wallcraft coins. So you ya need to watch atleast 5 Mins of ads to download a wallpaper. Ok cool then I get it, but to have to watch a 30 sec ad just to enlarge the pic is asking a bit to much, especially since there are so many other wallpaper apps that have not sold the soul of their app for Ads Ads Ads and more Ads. Sorry I just had lyk I feel like you guys have ruined a really great App. There are just way to many options out there to buy the “ad free experience”
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2 years ago, gold medle Ella
Great 👍🏼
I am only 10 so I am very new to this. But all in all I think it’s a GREAT game and you should get it. The only thing that I have was that you don’t have ALL of the wallpapers and that is annoying and getting the picture to be my wallpaper was the tiniest bit frustrating so here’s how you do it : tap on the picture/ wallpaper you want and it will bring you to a bigger image of it and some other little buttons on the bottom. Then you tap on the middle biggest one and some options will come up you should tap the one that has a add Icon in the very side of it then you watch the video and it will be in your pictures. Good game
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4 years ago, kolkolkolkolkolkol5342
You need this
So I got this Wallcraft app not expecting much I thought “Oh this will be just like any other wallpaper app expensive and terrible quality” But when I opened the app and saw the wall papers that were free! They were so amazing. Then I tried to get an other wallpaper but it said “You need a subscription for this” Then I thought “Oh no so great after all...” But the app surprised me again! And it cost only 1$ and I bought it and was amazed they were even higher quality and I had a particular fondness of the “double” wallpapers where on the lock screen it would be something like a sad face and when you unlocked it it would be a happy face. This app genuinely amazes me YOU NEED THIS
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3 years ago, HerusAleron
Good App!
I was tired of finding low quality or bad wallpaper apps. Since I downloaded this, I don’t have to search anymore. This app has beautiful high quality backgrounds, sorted by category and you don’t have to pay for (most of) them! You can buy tokens for premiums wallpapers if you want but you can also watch ads and access a lot of them for free. Some do require tokens but you are given 2 for free for downloading the app. There’s also a random button for a random wallpaper, you can save your favorites, and they give you quality and portait/landscape options for download. I really do enjoy this app a lot and it’s easy to use.
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2 years ago, Starflight 4
LOVE IT! But tiny thing
I LOVE this app! It doesn’t have to much ads, it doesn’t constantly make you want to buy the premium, and the wallpapers are amazing! I’m literally addicted to scrolling through the wallpapers! But there one very very tiny thing. Alllllllllll the premium wallpapers. When I’m scrolling through the wallpapers, I probably download 4, but if there was less premium wallpapers, then I’d download 8. There is just a lot of wallpapers that I like, but I don’t have premium so I can’t download them. As I said, LOVE IT! But there was one tiny thing. So please make some of the premium wallpapers available to the people who don’t want to pay for premium. Thank you for reading this! (I HOPE someone reads this)
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1 year ago, CNinetails
Not really worth it
The wallpapers on this app, admittedly, are beautiful. I would download a lot of them if I could. However, for the majority of the wallpapers, you’re required to watch 11 adds before downloading anything. If you wanted to download 10 possible wallpapers, you’d have to watch 110 adds. Of course, some of the wallpapers don’t make you watch so many adds, but you still have to watch at least one before downloading. Taking the same scenario as before, you’d likely have to watch adds for 300 seconds, which is roughly 5 minutes. 5 minutes, to download 10 wallpapers. While I understand that whoever made this app wants to make money, there’s a big difference between making an app for people to enjoy and making an app out of greed. Maybe things will change, but until then, this app feels like a solid waste of time.
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5 years ago, Bengall49
10/10 Hands Down the Best Wallpaper App
There is nothing to debate. This is the best free way to get wallpaper for your phone. I started out using their website for wallpaper for my computer and later discovered this app, which to my liking, is just as amazing as the website. I am pretty picky about my wallpaper, and not even really about the actual picture, but the quality. This app will know what kind of phone you have and adjust all chosen wallpapers you download to the best quality, the actual resolution of your device. No other app competes, so just download this already.
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2 years ago, jdaddythegoat
Worse and worse.
App was good a while back.. had a lot of variety. Slowly started to lose variety and also started showing ads once you click on a wallpaper you MIGHT want.. which means you’d have to sit through an ad even if you ended up not wanting the wallpaper. And nowwwww, you have to watch an ad on each wallpaper AND again, for whichever quality you want. Before, it was an ad for the original size or something like that.. I used to love this app, and showed it to my mom, but quickly realized it is not elderly friendly. She was so lost after trying to look for something and realizing how many hoops you have to jump through just to get a wallpaper.. just stick to google. Or maybe there’s a better app. This one is trash now.
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3 years ago, 👵🏻🔪
Fix the ad problem
I’m not one to write reviews, but I think this app is amazing at everything except the ad problem. Every time I go to click on the ad to get a point or coin or whatever, it shows the entire ad and then it just freezes up and doesn’t allow me to exit it unless I completely exit the app, and then at that point I don’t even get the coin/point that I wanted in the first place. So I literally just watched a full ad for nothing and it completely ruins this app for me. This happens ALL the time and is extremely annoying. Again, I’m not one to write reviews I just want this app to be the best that it can be, but until that bug or marketing trick gets changed, not worth it in my opinion.
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7 months ago, e.e
Great just needs a little QOL update
Great selection, high quality images and lots to choose from. One thing is my favorites keep disappearing, unsure if this is a bug or because the image is no longer available, but I’ll look through for a while and favorite a bunch and when I come back to pick a new wallpaper for my phone more than half have disappeared. The suggested images when you’re browsing are great but it would be nice to have the option of returning to either favorites or main menu instead of pressing the X button 10 times. Fantastic though, highly recommend.
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1 year ago, JJ_from_support
Can’t do anything without watching ads and or paying
Try to download a single wallpaper from the category that wasn’t premium or anything that stated it was premium when I tap on the wallpaper to download it it would play a five second ad and then after that a pop-up would say pay to unlock. Just kept happening every time over and over. I was trying to find any free wallpapers that would just let me download it and it wouldn’t. It just wouldn’t let me do it that simply I couldn’t long person download it I had to sit through the ads and sit through there. Please buy this, and I still couldn’t unlock anything. I still can’t download anything.. who pays for wallpaper it’s free on the Internet browser just go to a site and download an 8K wallpaper just like that
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2 years ago, dwilson849
The amount of ads you all have stuffed into this app is SHAMEFUL. In less than one year, this app has gone from showing the occasional ad if you want the original size and resolution, to a bloated piece of crap that makes you sit through an ad for EVERY. SINGLE. WALLPAPER. Even if you just want to get a better look at the picture, not even download, you have to sit thru ad after ad of grifting gambling apps. And don’t give me some crap about “the ads help pay for licensing of the photos” I have NEVER seen an app this completely packed with ads. You make the free user experience so annoying and intolerable that you figure the individual will be fed up and pay for the ad-free version, when instead they are more likely to delete this piece of junk, like me.
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3 years ago, Lenoxer45
Honestly good
I don’t really care for the adds because most apps anymore you have to pay to use. This gives really good wallpapers and I honestly seen so many I want to use but don’t have enough space too. I highly recommend this app. The one down fall is I can’t find a few I’ve been looking for. For example I don’t see an AC Shelby Cobra in the cars. A really big let down but I can’t expect it to have every car in the world. Overall a very well built app. Props to the creators.
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2 years ago, natalia5857376749567937894
To many ads
This app was super bad because it had to many ads and the ads were on every ten seconds. I really think that you should change that. 😬And I couldn’t even press a button without another ad coming on. That is why I rated this a one star review. 😬Again the ads were horrible and when I tried to exit out of the ads the ad button froze. 😬Which was my worst experience for having to watch ads. 😬I understand that this app wants to make money from people buying no ads, but this is way to far with the ads. 🤭The ads were also way to long for me, and for there to be so many is just horrendous and dreadful.😬 This was the most traumatizing experience of my life.😨🥴😥
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2 years ago, dolly.llama
Money grab.
Want a cool new wallpaper? Gonna have to watch an add to look at it. Wanna download it? Let’s give you three options for format size, but you’re gonna need to watch an add to download any of the three INDIVIDUALLY. Find one that’s really cool? Oh that ones premium, and gonna cost 2x more than a Netflix subscription for your phones wallpaper. Did I forget that just opening the app gives you an add? Or that several of the wallpapers require you watch 13 ads to earn tokens to be able to use that wallpaper? Of course your still gonna need to watch another 2 ads to download the portrait and landscape versions so your phone doesn’t look weird. This app could easily get a 0 star rating if it was possible.
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7 months ago, RIGHT-RINGER
This app LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE! I was in a deep depression, my parents left me, and I as all alone living with one of my friends, but my friend wasn’t a good friend. the only thing that I enjoyed in life was marvel comics. THIS APP LET ME GET MARVEL WALLPAPERS!!! Once I saw my Home Screen, I wasn’t the same person ever again! I started to do something with my life, and decided to be a SHIELD agent when I grow up! I realized that I could be whoever I want to be because of this app. THANK YOU GUYS! MY LIFE IS IN YOUR DEBT!😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍😘😍😍😍🥰😘😍🥰🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍🥰😘🥰🥰😘🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘🥰😍😘🥰🥰😍😘😍🥰😘😍😍😘😍
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4 years ago, l*#ckt%ed^*ck
Beat wallpapers
I can honestly say when I downloaded this app I was skeptical but after looking at wallpapers till my eyes hurt and they were all beautiful and they have such a variety I can’t help but say this is the best wallpaper app I’ve downloaded. It has something for everybody. I’m all about nature and country and they have more wallpapers that I can choose from out of 365 days of the year one wallpaper a day if I wanted just for the country. Love this hat and the wallpapers are high-quality you can’t go wrong with this app.
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2 years ago, Someone you'll never know
Definitely a put off
Has a really nice variety of pretty wallpapers of all sorts of categories but I stumbled upon the 18+ and was curious about it because in my mind wallpapers are supposed to be pretty PG because why would you have something in appropriate on the screen of your phone that everyone could see you know. And to my disappointment the 18+ section was filled with half naked women. I scrolled down to see if I could find a male and I couldn’t find one. Not that I would ever put a half naked person as my wallpaper, but it just shows how normalized it is to objectify women. It’s pretty disgusting.
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2 months ago, Beebullbrox
The adds really do destroy the app.
I understand you need to make money for your work. That’s totally fine and I respect it. I also have no problem with adds so the company can gain revenue and offer a product for free etc. But more times than not I get stuck in super long never ending adds just to download one pic. You have to watch an add to look at a picture. Then you have to watch another add to dl a picture. But the worst part is the adds you watch just stay on forever and don’t go away. Sometimes not even giving me an option to get out of the add. It’s just become pointless at this point. It’s a shame because the app used to be really good. But now it’s virtually unusable IMO.
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3 years ago, Gardnergarden
I just got this app and it's awesome!! You just have to watch two short ads and you have the wall paper! I used to have to search up a photo on Google and then screen shot it but then the photo wouldn't even fit my screen!! But now I just search up a category like I'm using mine in Christmas because it's almost Christmas and then I find a cute photo and it is pretty and it fits my screen! 😆😁 Be kind to everyone and have a good day!
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5 years ago, Cranky ape
Suggestion otherwise amazing
Normally I don’t leave reviews but I wanted to say how much I’ve loved this so far I’ve already changed my background multiple times. But I’ve noticed some wallpapers with similar picture have different tags maybe there should be someone checking the tags and another thing is the Wallcraft artists maybe have a way to find one specific ones art because I’ve loved one but I can’t find anymore from them. Maybe also have an in app way to contact a support for suggestions I hope this helped some
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2 years ago, SimplyScarlett
Free to use wallpapers!!
This app is amazing! Most wallpaper apps have subscriptions but this one has many amazing wallpapers free! However some of the wallpapers you have to watch an add to get 1 off the currency which I think is fine and totally worth it! There is a subscription for the exclusive wallpapers and so you get lots of the currency, but without the subscription you are pretty set up anyway! I would really recommend!
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11 months ago, Kingdom1492
Best Wallpaper app ruined by bloated ads
This used to be the wall paper app by a long way. The recent updates have at least tripled the number of ads, now I can look at maybe 1-2 Pictures before I get a 20+ second ad, where I used to be able to look at half a dozen between ads. They also now started pay walling wallpapers where you can no longer watch an ad to download. I’m fine with ads but this is just a dev being greedy knowing they can make the experience bad enough people will pay for the app. It’s a shame because this app used to be amazing. Now you’re better off just going to one of the wallpaper Reddit groups.
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4 years ago, RpgFL89
I Love This App
I love all the different amazing artwork this app offers. From nature to animals to fantasy. As a returning artist (I haven’t drawn anything for about 12 years) I’ve found many many many pictures I enjoy recreating as pencil drawings and for future endeavors when I get other tools. And I love that most of it is free just a few select images are locked behind a fairly cheap paywall. Keep up the excellent work. If I could I would post a couple pictures I’ve recreated.
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4 years ago, 💖TaylorSan💖
Oh my gosh, let me just start by saying that this is the best wallpaper app I’ve ever had :))) I usually get one, only download a few wallpapers and then delete the app immediately but this one is just amazing! It has thousands of free to download, gorgeous wallpapers and it has the search thing where you can look up whatever you’re trying to find. And I’m not bombarded by ads and pop ups asking me to buy a subscription! One tiny thing I’d like to say is that I would love to see more wallpapers from tv shows, movies, games, etc. I love the game Life is Strange 1,2 but there’s nothing specifically from that game or other things I love. But with that being said, this is an amazing app that I’d 100% recommended to anyone wanting a wallpapers app! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, PrettyPiercings
Definitely my go-to for wallpaper
Honestly I loved it so much I immediately signed up for the 1 dollar monthly a few months ago. I don’t have to worry about ads and everything is available to me. I only knocked 1 star because the search function is kinda derpy. When searching, it’d be awesome to have results for all 3 types of wallpaper: regular, live and double. Instead, it just shows results for regular. Please think about implementing this in the future. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
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1 year ago, V1BE KING
I have a problem can you fix it?
So I’ve had a problem for a while I can’t get any ads which is weird cause everyone in the reviews say something abt the ads working or so to having to wait 24 hrs til u can get another locked one but I can’t get ads I love everything else with it tho. Top quality wallpapers. If your looking to download an wallpaper app this is it right here just my only problem was ads but all the wallpapers are really good!!
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5 years ago, im blessed by this dude
This put all other wallpaper to shame shame I say shame
I got this and trust me I’m a teen and when looking at theses papers I just got blown away looks so realistic and man I’m just one of those people who show love and respect for things that deserve it and this most decently is one of them. So if u poor common over u rich common over cause even if u are the ones that cost aren’t even good the free ones man like whoa and 40,000 different papers like the heck get this now if u want wallpapers cause dam!!!
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4 years ago, maddie aves wells
One of the worst do not download this app it just takes your time away downloading it
It was glitching and would not let me download any after one I turned off and on my phone And Tried and tried again it would not work so this is why I write this review so please try to fix your problem please I would love to see it working finally, thank you for reading this message . And I all most forgot it would only open to the locked ones so I got mad because who would make an app that only lets you download one and that’s it I don’t want you to take this the wrong why but I do not recommend this app at all.
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4 months ago, Some Problems!
You guys??
Howdy! Ya’ll are complaining because of the coins. Are we just gonna ignore the high quality wallpapers for only a 30 second ad? … Not everything was the coins, I can’t even! It literally looks real, so stop being bitter and giving this app a bad rep. It’s lovely, well made, haven’t seen these pulchritudinous wallpapers in years! P.S. Delete the app if ya don’t like it and stop complaining. -Josephine
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12 months ago, NoHoldsBarredCritic
Really Great Wallpapers
A lot of times these apps don’t offer especially nice looking or unique wallpapers, but this one does. There are a lot of aesthetic wallpapers that you can tell were designed specifically for mobile backgrounds. I don’t love the amount of long ads you have to sit through just to browse the wallpapers. I don’t mind “earning” tokens for premium wallpapers by sitting through ads, or even an ad showing every so often while browsing, but the frequency and length of the ads is a bit much.
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3 years ago, BenCha86
Enter wallpaper choice, greeted by 20 second ad. Attempt to download said choice, get another 20 second ad. Wallpaper doesn’t download and have to back out, greeted by same ad. Select choice again, another 20 second ad. Doesn’t download again, back out, same 20 second ad. At a certain point, it’s just excessive and though technically multiple impressions I’m not sure your ad clients would appreciate the double and triple dipping with same viewer at same time that shouldn’t actually count. On top of that, at least make sure your app runs smoothly.
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2 years ago, _deLo_
High Quality. Many Options.
I’ve been using wallpapers that I’ve downloaded from safari recently. But they didn’t have much quality. But the wallpapers on this app are very high quality. Another helpful feature is that there are variations of wallpapers. Overall, everything is very well made. There are ads, but not too many.
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11 months ago, Wallpaperlov
Amazing App
I love this app because it gives you many options of wallpapers. I enjoy changing my wallpaper often because it allows my photo to have a different feel and look. I highly recommend this app! I enjoy using and browsing the unique features it features. It offers from live, exclusive,AI,double, wallpapers!! truly love the app! a must download
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4 months ago, anna abcdefghijklmnop
Amazing but…
This app is really helpful!! I would advise to get it. There is me small problem. There are adds BUT DONT STOP READING PLEASE you have to pay to get them off. But it’s a good price!!! $5 a year or $13 unlimited. One time payment. It’s amazing!! It’s a really good deal and almost anyone can pay. Thank you to the people who made this for making the payment reasonable it’s really helpful!!
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4 years ago, diana Shahtala
This app is pretty great! It has super cool looking wallpapers and they look really great on my phone! The only thing is.. it is really hard for me to get the wallpapers on my phone. I have to take a screenshot, then trim it, then save it to photos, and then put it on my phone. It’s quite a long process in my opinion. I wish that this app had a tutorial or some sort of way to give instructions to the user on how to use it! Otherwise, my friends love this app and wonder how they can get their own perfectly placed wallpaper like this. I say, Wallcraft.
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8 months ago, DannysMyNanny
Great App with truly high res photos
I always like changing my wallpaper to mix things up. Lower quality wallpapers that look grainy have always bothered me. This is the first app that I’ve found that’s truly provided high quality photos. The AI is fantastic as well. While the price is high for a premium purchase, for me it’s worth it as someone who likes changing the wallpaper daily.
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3 years ago, Master We Made It
Hi like this app Beautiful wallpapers but one thing
I really like this app I got it Because I like the pictures I decided I wanted a live wallpaper however there’s one problem I searched for any live wallpaper however it wanted me to pay and I’m broke as heel so please just make some live wallpapers paid again I really want to go to live wallpaper but I don’t wanna pay. Bye it’s Archs and have a good one.
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4 years ago, I love dogs 🐶🐕
Amazing app :))
So, I usually have a lot of trouble finding nice wallpapers with really good photography. But this app makes it so easy! The pictures are really good quality and their is short adds, not long 1 minute ones! I really like the search bar, it makes it so easy to find what you need! Overall I give this app 5 stars! I would recommend to download it :)
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3 years ago, AgentStrangerThings
Great app
This. Is great but it could have a bit of tweaks first of all I don’t like that you have to pay for a lot of the cool wallpapers so I think maybe they should make that like they shouldn’t so you don’t have to pay for it but other than that the app is great and has a lot of cool wallpapers I think this is just add more wallpapers because you could do a lot more so yeah
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3 years ago, Hands0fBlue
Way too many ads
Literally every time you click on anything you run into a non-skip ad. It’s seriously excessive to the point where it’s basically unusable unless you’re mindlessly poking around on it while marathoning a tv series. Two stars because the photo quality and selection were good. It would have been three except the one that I did download was not sized to my phone screen as the description stated it would be. Aspect ratio was completely incorrect. Too much work for the amount of payoff. Skip.
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