Wallpapers - for iPhone

4.7 (289)
56.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Livintis W.L.L.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wallpapers - for iPhone

4.68 out of 5
289 Ratings
5 years ago, Curtis Cato
Simply the best
By far the best wallpaper source I’ve ever used and heard of, great selection, delicious high quality images, easiest app interface out there. All in all it’s simply the best, easiest recommendation ever and easiest 5 star rating I’ve ever given out.
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4 years ago, Kaedon Kat
Simply the best
I can find a simple wallpaper and make it look ligit!
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5 years ago, sniperpheonix1
I read the reviews and I believe it but I wanna see how bad it is. The other wallpaper app is much better with more selection it’s called Background and more options with better res besides that I have an iPhone XS and I don’t understand why I don’t get the access if I paid $1000 dollars already and have to pay more for the phone plus the plan. Please fix for people like me with the xs and xs max section
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6 years ago, Jeremy Kleis
Awesome wallpapers - finally!
Been looking for an Awesome wallpaper app for ages and I finally found it. The wallpapers are super clear. Other apps have ones which are just pixelated or sizes wrong but these are truly amazing. They have a lot of cool categories as well, and I love the custom features. I’m not sure what the color square feature is called, but it makes the wallpapers loook really cool. I wish I could add lines on it tough, maybe this will be added later. UPdate: still loving this app, they update with new wallpapers really often and since I love to change my wallpapers super often I find this amazing. Suggestion, allow us to customize the blur level, sometimes it’s not enough, and maybe allow us to save favorites as well .
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7 years ago, Jam7382
Fantastic app
So much better than all the other wallpaper apps out there. The images are super high resolution and look amazing on my iPhone X. They keep adding new categories and sections quite often which is awesome. I'm someone who changes my wallpaper super often so this app is perfect. One suggestion would be to add a daily wallpaper feature and one would be to allow us to save our favorites. And maybe a way to upload wallpapers as well.
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6 years ago, EmanXL
Had potential, lost it.
The wallpapers on this app are quite amazing. I was blown away by the high resolution and creativity. But there is one problem, you have to pay $2 a week for it’s services. Sure, you could download a low resolution wallpaper from the app. But the resolution is absolute trash. Like seriously, they purposely made the resolution as bad as possible while still being recognizable. It’s surprising that so many apps utilize this membership tactic, but it’s even more surprising that you find it even in the simplistic “one job” apps such as this one. I am very confused why this application still has a decently high rating (I believe at a 3.8), even when 9/10 written ratings are one star. Overall, this app is not good and I do not recommend.
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6 years ago, Aziz putra
The best
Finally found the best wallpaper for iphone X app Good job guys
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6 years ago, Spankmymoto
Subscription Fee!! 🤬🤬🤬
Indeed, great wallpapers. However, I don’t reward developers for these types of subscription fee based services. They need to do better than that and the only way to send a message is not buy and give a 1 star review. I’m amazed to see the review score as high as it is. Makes me think they have people they know writing reviews for them. Show more
7 years ago, Come2us
Charge 1.99 a week for subscription when it crashes all the time
How can you charge 1.99 for a app a week when your app crashes constantly?! Don’t you think you should be testing the app first before you attempt to sell it on the App Store at this cost? It’s all creators like you guys that make for a crappy experience for an application.
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6 years ago, Tshirley09
They have a nice selection and offer a low quality option download if you don’t want the pay the $1.99/week for pro....Yeah. $1.99/week. 😂 That’s ridiculous! The low quality is blurry af and you can’t even make out what it is. It’s like 1990 resolution.
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6 years ago, Greg-_
Another Subscription only wallpaper app.
Instant 1 star. Can’t use it at all without paying a ridiculous amount of money. I wouldn’t have given it a bad review if it had free wallpapers along WITH the subscription. But no, the developer has to be money hungry about it.
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6 years ago, Jayjee7667
This app is a joke, don’t purchase it
The low res. is TOO low. The fact that those who want cool and abstract wallpapers can’t have them because you’re too concerned about a photo that’s charged for a dollar is ridiculous. Uninstalling this.
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6 years ago, آیدین
Too expensive
Nice photos collection but why I should pay 2$ a week for something that I change rarely
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6 years ago, KindleKind
Not free!!
I should’ve looked at all the reviews. Instead I looked at the featured glowing review and downloaded the app. I deleted it two minutes later. I’m not willing to pay two dollars a week for wallpaper.
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6 years ago, samuel850450
Is a bad app
This app is bad because you have to pay and you don’t pay and you choose a picture your picture comes out being bad and it looks bad
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6 years ago, how many friken nicknames are there?
They make you pay for everything. You can save low resolution wallpapers to your phone for free, but they are so pixelated that you would never use them. This app is a joke.
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6 years ago, gabemason
Not free
You gotta pay to access this thing and you won’t know that until you install it and tells you to upgrade. I don’t think it’s worth it.
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6 years ago, snapchat the gold digger
Why do you want to pay $2 a week for this bad app just go find other apps that have the same quality
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6 years ago, iNolan321
Not free
Wallpapers are good, you just gotta pay. I’d rather just go on google images.
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6 years ago, Anas Iraq
Don’t get the app 📌
You have to pay 1.99$ per week. Most apps you can get for 1 $ unlimited time. This is new thing came to App Store , we have to pay weekly 🖕🏻 I can get a full episode in 4K with 2$ 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
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6 years ago, raist3001
Are you crazy??
1.99 a week??!!! Almost 10 dollars a month??? For wallpapers anyone can find free on the web??!! Down loaded and deleted. Only a sucker would pay you 1.99 a week!
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6 years ago, Memo A.
Not free
The app will make you sign up for a 2 dollar subscription a week! That’s more expensive than an Xbox gold membership. Ridiculous.
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6 years ago, I_Phon3_X
How stupid is it that you can’t even have a decent background without having to pay 2$ a week???
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6 years ago, Brad Guerrero
Way expensive!!
$2 per week and I don’t even change my background that much! No way!
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6 years ago, muse013
For a fee not free
The app could be amazing, but the fact they require $1.99 PER WEEK has me deleting it without bothering to try it. Seriously? That’s over a hundred bucks a year yo. FOR WALLPAPER!! Yeah... no.
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6 years ago, MatthewKirby
Have to pay for it
Terrible for the money, there’s way better alternatives, don’t waste your money.
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6 years ago, Naphistim
Essentially a scam.
Will not let you proceed without enabling the stupid typical 3 day trial/1 week charge BS that every other ad app has. How has Apple not stopped this behavior yet?
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6 years ago, LewLisaSmith
Not free
Beware all ye who download. They make you sign up for a free trial, then it’s 2 bucks a week. You can’t access anything without doing the free trial.
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6 years ago, {Kyle A.}
The app seems good until you figure out that it’s useless IF you don’t upgrade. What a scam. These people are just so greedy!!
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6 years ago, majadon
Why make it a free app when you have to pay to get a good wallpaper, don't waste your time with this.
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6 years ago, Im zDarkz
Really $2 dollars a week?😕
I think this is a scam $2 dollars a week just for a wallpaper I’m good I’ll just stick to google
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6 years ago, thehorrorchord
Immediate Paywall
why not just charge up from instead of wasting peoples time
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6 years ago, 25885336743
I Regret downloading this
Very very bad resolution only if u buy and subscribe u get a good pictures
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7 years ago, Danny Martin jr 23
They make u pay weekly for this app so not worth it
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6 years ago, jwynn
For wallpaper?😕
$2 a week! So dumb. Who would pay for that $h1t?
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6 years ago, PaleRider319
Not free like it says.
It’s not free. There’s a free trial but nothing is free about this app. Complete waste of time.
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6 years ago, casbc
Need to pay
Not free. First thing appears a msg to pay 1,99
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6 years ago, B Rate Celebrity in a Day
Weekly Charges? No thanks.
Uh no, I’m not paying 2$ a week.
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6 years ago, joao03t
Not free
You need to pay
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6 years ago, ٣z ,
No thing free
1.99$ per week 👎
Show more
6 years ago, gat89
Apple please ban this app
Garbage app 👎🏾
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6 years ago, Dantheman580
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6 years ago, king cuban
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7 years ago, paco porter
What a rip off!
I downloaded this app a few weeks ago (Beginning of Dec 2017). There was no indication that there would be a charge for the app. The wallpapers are very pretty. I just tried to download a new wallpaper I liked and now the developer ways to charge $1.99 a week! No app, especially this one is worth $103.48 a year! I don’t mind if there are ads from time to time... I understand everyone needs to make a little money. Whoever developed this app should get a grip!
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