Wallpapers & Themes for Me

4.7 (75.9K)
158.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wallpapers & Themes for Me

4.66 out of 5
75.9K Ratings
2 years ago, wild west chicken hawk squid
People have been complaining on how you have to pay at the beginning, but it just pops up something and you have to wait for the ‘X’ to pop up and you click it if you don’t want premium. As myself, I haven’t had premium but while I was scrolling for wallpapers, I saw some and they are amazing! People also complain about the ads, and while I will say, it’s not like there are not any ads, but there are not a bunch. People have been saying, “Every time I touch the screen, ad.” Like, it’s not even that much ads. People just need to deal with it anyway- In my opinion, this is a very good app with very high quality wallpapers. Other apps I have experienced have very glitchy and low quality wallpapers without premium, but with premium on those apps, they are so good! But I think people need to make apps where just because people cannot afford premium, or their parents won’t let them have it, I don’t think that they should have worse wallpapers. In this app, it’s a fair share and premium doesn’t make it more high quality, it just has more wallpapers to unlock. As for right now I said I don’t have premium, but the non-premium wallpapers I’m using on this app are amazing! If you see this creator, keep up the great work! The wallpapers are amazing!
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2 years ago, whale hello there 🐳
this is a pretty great wallpaper app. i wish that they had tennis, disney*, and more ocean wallpapers though. and please please please make a search function. the overall quality of the app is great. like, i've tried several other apps, and they all take forever for the wallpapers to load. idk if its just my wifi is better or something, but it's SO nice. and the ads are ok, i mean they're not great but they're not super unreasonable either. *if you have rights to make disney wallpapers, PLEASE do it! you would make a lot of people super happy (including me 😏) edit: thanks for responding, most app developers don't even care about their customers. i'm impressed with this app and its developers
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6 years ago, Barkerf5
Needs change
I was originally going to comment on the good wallpapers but lack of search, which I believe is essential to a good wallpapers app, but now I’m having issues with an ad. I understand that a free app will most likely come with ads but now every time I try to look at wallpapers I’m blocked by a local ad from my area that will not close and thus I’m unable to use this app altogether. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Can someone please point me in the right direction to a good wallpapers app that has search function and will actual let me view wallpapers. First Zedge now this app!!! WTH So per developer response to my review, the functionality limitations is due to the app being free? Well if my review was actually read I said that I was unable to use the app period because of a local ad that was in fact blocking me completely without closing, not that I had an issue with a free app having ads. And I did review your other apps and they do look to be good for the paid versions which would solve the ad issue indeed but that doesn’t solve the problem of an ad preventing me from using this particular app and in terms of functionality of a paid app well the comments on those apps show no search options as well which was the second part of my review though not the more important of the 2.
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4 years ago, Darius - the IPad Pro Rookie
I had to see for myself... Unbelievable
After reading everyone’s comments and seeing a lot of good reviews and some bad I had to see for myself. What surprised me the most was how blatantly unapologetic these App developers are about wanting you to pay for their app before you even get a chance to see what they have to offer. After downloading the app, they automatically showed me the prices for their subscriptions before I could even see what they even offered! Can I at least see your app and see what photos you offer before asking for my money? THE ANSWER WAS NO! I opened up ONE photo to see the quality and an add popped up and I could not even close it to see what other photos they had to offer. No matter what I did I couldn’t close the add. I closed the app and tried to reopen the app thinking it froze but no luck. All of this happened within 2 minutes of me opening the app. Maybe I did something wrong when I first downloaded the app so I tried the download on my other iPad to see if I was at fault. IT HAPPENED AGAIN! So the message that I got was, PAY FOR THIS APP, NO YOU CANNOT SEE WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR, IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT WE OFFER YOU MUST PAY FIRST. A 4.7 out of 5 is great but am I supposed to trust that what you offer is worth my money? Such a bummer.
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6 years ago, UHUMMMM idk
Great but...
I love this app, but I think that the developers should keep in mind that the premium price,$9.99, is a little too much for a wallpaper app. The wallpapers are beautiful and all, but seriously, you only get about 20% of the new wallpapers without premium. The wallpapers you don’t get with premium aren’t good at all so it literally forces you to buy premium or the $3.99 app. I don’t mind the ads that much, but getting them every 40 seconds is a little annoying but not a big problem. If the developers read this, I think it would be best to compromise by making premium a little less expensive, ads every 5 minutes of at least every 3 minutes, and and those without premium would still get at least 40% of the wallpapers that are GOOD. (Not the trashy ones with bad HD or an ok picture that people get and 1 minute later they don’t like) I would definitely start loving the app a lot more and tell my friends if any of these things could get fixed.
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6 years ago, gorgeous games hunter
This app used to be my go to for wallpapers. I’ve tried many, but this one was successful for the longest. Unfortunately, the new update makes it really obnoxious to use as a free app. I understand having a paid version, I understand having adds, I even understand having ads to promotes the paid version. But, I feel like there really is no place for users who don’t want to pay anymore. The wallpaper selection available to these users has seemingly diminished, plus the app shows the ones you have to pay for, so you have to scroll through five to actually find one that maybe you’ll like but chances are you still have to pay. And the price is way too high! $7.99 a week just for wallpapers I change every 4-6 weeks! That’s absurd! I know I would never pay that much for an app, especially one that doesn’t provide me with anything but fun phone wallpapers. Mostly, I’m upset that you left your free users behind. This update has made the app considerably worse... and I plan on deleting.
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7 years ago, PickyCatz
Great But...
I like the wallpapers, and I'm even ok with them getting saved on my phone with my photos. What I don't like is #1 the adds are annoying!! Every few swipes I have to close an add. Then there is a banner on the bottom. Please do something with the adds. And...#2 I can only scroll through the list of images one by one. It would be so much easier if the images were organized as thumbnails that we can select and view to decide if we want to keep it or not. As it is now, I have to scroll through each image hoping that the next one will be the one I like. That would be fine if I have time to spend just scrolling through pics, but I don't! If those two things can get fixed then I would rate 5 stars! Now, I've only had this app for less than 20 minutes so if I'm missing something it'll have to be with the next review.
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6 years ago, mishacat67
Okay, for premium you do not even have to make it premium because all premium does is gives it better pictures. For those pic’s you have to download premium and pay money but, I found out a way to get those pictures all you have to do is screenshot it! To screenshot all you have to do is hold the home button and the sleep button at the same time and then crop out the other things and press done and save to photo’s! So they thought that we could not get the pictures but, I found the way!!!
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1 year ago, californiadreamin' 2010
App has been ABANDONED by developer…
This app used to be wonderful, but now unfortunately no longer the case. No new images since early December, the last calendars appeared in November, no New Year/2023 content at all. And, yet, every time I open it, I am urged to become a paid subscriber. And it’s EXPENSIVE! Subscriber for what? Old images and out-of-date calendars? These developers have (had?) another wallpaper app, with many of the same images, which also offers a paid version which I used happily for years, but now the same thing is happening there and that app has no new content either. I quite understand that there are often purely business-based decisions to be made, but but the devs could please at least take five minutes to inform their clients (and iTunes) that these app have been retired. Apple should probably take steps here. If you read the app write-up, and the promises made, it’s bordering on fraudulent.
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2 years ago, Starflight 4
I hope this gets read and put where everyone can read it before they download the app, because if you were like, this app seems great! YOU ARE WRONG!!!! So I’ve had bad luck with these kind of apps, but this was just terrible. You had to watch an ad before you downloaded the wallpaper and when you went to the next one! ITS SOOOO STUPID!!!!! Also, RELAX ON TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO GET PREMIUM OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT!!!! Like, literally. Now the most important part…. THE WALLPAPERS! Why is basically EVERY wallpaper premium? It’s just like, I’m looking through the wallpapers, then I find one I like! Of course I have to watch and ad before I can find out that THE WALLPAPER WAS PREMIUM!!!! It was soooo annoying! I downloaded like three wallpapers in five minutes, in other apps, it would be like, ten in five minutes! But there were TOO MANY premium wallpapers! So PLEASE change these things, if you did, maybe you wouldn’t get so many bad reviews.
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3 years ago, MyssCrys
Zero Loyalty
I agree your wallpapers are beautiful- that’s why I bought your OTHER paid version. You know, the one you only had to pay for once? The one you closed without telling any of your paid customers you were closing, in favor of a far greedier paid version? $10 a month, are you SERIOUS?? So, I’m not paying for ANOTHER paid version when I already paid for an ad-free version. And before you blather on about “you can always use the free version” — I already bought an ad-free version! Why on earth would I be ok with going back to a version that has so many ads you spend more time watching junk than you do looking for the wallpapers you actually want? I won’t use this anymore, nor will I use any other app your company offers. I will also advise anyone I can to do the same - horrible business practices, especially for customers who had been happy users of your product for at least 8 years!!!
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7 years ago, Myles432
A few things can improve
The ads are annoying. I've been using this app for 3 years and I don't recall seeing so any ads in the past; now the ads are very annoying and they block out good wallpapers that you just want to hurry up and get. I do not like when a "mystery wallpaper" shows up and makes you watch 30 seconds of an ad. I just want the wallpaper and I want it now. Here's something that will improve this app a lot. Show all the wallpapers in a 2 or 3 column, because no one likes having to scroll through the wallpapers one by one and waiting to find the one you like. It'd be much easier and more convenient to see more than 1 wallpaper at a time. Anything other than what I said, I do enjoy. There are very good wallpapers and they are organized well. - Miles
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7 years ago, juleshasfallen
Cute Wallpapers, but Sucky App
Don't get me wrong, the wallpapers were great! It's just the app overall that needs some work. For one, I was asked to review the app not 5 minutes after I downloaded it. It would be awesome to have at least 20 minutes to check out the app's quirks. Second, when you save a wallpaper, it takes up room on your device. And, I don't know about you, but I don't have any space to spare for photos I don't need. Lastly, it takes up too much time to browse through wallpapers. It seemed that every time I pressed the screen an ad popped up. Plus, you just plain have to go through a lot of crap to save a wallpaper when it should be the press of a button. The wallpapers themselves are fun, but it's just too difficult to get to them.
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6 years ago, hehssybwgybwugwybw
It lost its charm
I would have given it a rating of 5 stars but I’m sorry I only have to give it 1. This used to be my favorite app for wallpapers way before it became popular. It was way beyond my expectations. Not only do they provide lots of wallpapers to select, the quality of the wallpapers is even impressive. However, the recent updates of the app has disappointed me. Over the past few years, it was an app that you can download great wallpapers for free. Now you have to pay for you to get those amazing wallpapers and whats left for you to download are not that even good compared to the paid ones. I’m totally disappointed for the developers but I know there is nothing that we can do. At the end of the day, business is business and these people need to earn a profit in exchange for the quality and experience that they provide.
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2 years ago, ToxiKDeath
Enough is Enough!
The App store has turned into nothing more than boring cell phone games and just about every application has a price or paid subscription, including wallpapers? Enough! This application was nothing short of ads ads ads and it was so pathetic I had to uninstall. I see you tell all the unhappy users to "buy" a subscription but you've got to be kidding me and at those prices? Who does this? I wouldn't pay that for any app period! Same goes for Fonts, what happened to this App store?! The prices here are always the one regret each time I swing back to buying another iPhone. The Google Playstore is superior to Apple's store, better applications and so many more useful applications are FREE. I love my iPhone and Mini but this is beyond ridiculous. 0-5 * if I could.
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3 years ago, Thatsinconceivable!
Beautiful wallpapers but…
I have a lot of wallpaper apps and this one definitely has the best quality and selections in my opinion, HOWEVER, I find the user experience painful. So, when you're scrolling with the grid it’s fine, but when you click on a photo to enlarge it, you cannot back out to where you left off in the grid. You have to select the “X” button to close the wallpaper, but it takes you back to the Home Screen, so now you have to start all over again (you even have to select the category again). Good luck if you scrolled too far down! Please fix this! Every other wallpaper app I have doesn’t do this. I actually stopped enlarging photos so I didn’t have to start at the beginning again and it’s annoying. Also, I clicked on your “How to use your app” page and it also says you can swipe up to get other options and customizations. Just so you know, this function is not working at all. I’m on version ios15 with iPhone 13 Pro. Maybe it’s a bug for my phone.
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7 years ago, Cook N Happy 2016
Great fresh screensaver/background colors
I love the fresh bright colors in the app. Plus, a great variety of choices and themes to choose from. I've used this app for a couple months and so far I love it. I have one small complaint though. When saving a picture it is annoying to touch "save" then to have to touch the X and then the same picture is still there as if I didn't get it saved. Other than that it's great!!!
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2 years ago, Dancer3205
Nice app, but one issue
When you click on an image, you can view it full screen. If you press the “back” button, it takes you all the way back to the home page, instead of the category screen where you see all of the pictures. This is particularly annoying because I can be kicked back to the home page, and then have to scroll a bunch in the category to get back to where I was originally. Can you please fix this? The back button didn’t always do this - probably in the last 6 months
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6 years ago, vertigami
A Bit Disappointing
I’ve enjoyed looking through these wallpapers for years. Over time the ads have become more frequent, long, frustrating, etc. Lately they’ve seemed to consume the app. Now a subscription plan for an ad-free version has been introduced. I never minded the ads in the first place, when they were proportionate in number/frequency to the actual content. I also wouldn’t mind paying to remove them and help out the developers; I believe people should be compensated for their work. But $5.99 a week(!) to view images is ludicrous. I have to wonder if the ads in the free version were increased in order to strong-arm people into choosing the paid version. I have simply deleted it for now. :-(
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4 years ago, Howie Jenkins
Extremely visually inappropriate ads
The ads on the free version are SO extremely inappropriate!! I understand having ads pop up constantly, that is how you make your revenue, but half naked (maybe even 80% naked is more accurate) ladies in several DIFFERENT rotating ads, big, front and center is enough for me to just delete the app. Not giving this app a dime. My daughter is 6 and (unfortunately) needs an iPad for school. She loves changing her wallpaper for fun so my husband found your app and downloaded it. We were loving the wallpaper images, really well done and unique, but once I saw those ads pop up (like every 3rd image), NOPE!! Very Disappointing. You need to change the “Age” to 18+, NOT ”4+” as it currently says!
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6 years ago, AllGee
The new premium doesn’t add more wallpapers
In the description of the new update with “premium”, you say there are more wallpapers added with premium. That is not true. You made it so the half of the wallpapers already on the app, became premium. I have some of them downloaded from before the premium existed. Why should there be premium if an add pops up every time I scroll 3 pictures in? Or why can’t you actually do what the update says and add more pictures with premium on top of the amount that get uploaded for free. I used to use this app all the time, but now I go to save a wallpaper, the only ones I can save are the worst ones.
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6 years ago, Not very good. 😔
It's ok but......
So I got this app maybe about 2 days ago and I like the backgrounds a lot! The backgrounds are amazing and I'm in love with the sun set ones they are amazing too! But the only thing is, is that every time you save an image you see in the screen a "would you like to buy this app?" And then you say "yes!" Or "no way!" I don't like that part but it also gives you a notation EVERY MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you don't have this app yet then say don't allow for the notations. Bye bye hope you think this is helpful:)
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5 years ago, Gypsy1Autumn2
Pastor James (Jim) Rosenberg
I would love it, if you the developers of “Wallpapers and themes for me” would please release the Animated Rocket I really liked, exactly like the one seen in the “smileys and people” section of the tiny pictured items to help you better express your message in order to more accurately enhance the writers message, viewed exactly like this one 👉🏽🚀 seen in this review, in which is “seen blasting off in a “really cool” live animated scene” off blasting off into the Sky!🤷🏽‍♂️👍🏽
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5 years ago, dexter--jexter
This app is really cool! Maybe I should give it 1 star for so many options, thats how amazing it is! There is an INCREDIBLE amount of options, and I LOVE all the pictures. There is one for every mood, season, and all that dazzle! There is just ONE itsy-bitsy problem: The membership. I dont want to watch an add for some of my wallpapers and I CERTAINLY do NOT want to pay for a wallpaper app. Please reduce membership, less ads, I dont want to watch a video for a “member” item... but normally that would be awesome, but JUST Like Smule Sing, i dont want to be reminded all the time. Other than that, this app is AMAZING! It hasn’t crashed or ANYTHING, so i’m giving 5 stars for Perfect! 🤩 (Membership is not a huge deal, just a dislike; which most people would agree. It’s a WALLPAPER app.)
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6 years ago, Ily_Nicole
I’ve had this app before and I just downloaded it again and I have too say I’m very disappointed! The app used too be that you get any wallpaper and for some you had too watch a video. And that was okay because you could still get all the wallpapers. But now you can’t get half the wallpapers! Any wallpaper that is a nice wallpaper is only for premium. I was very excited when downloading the app again because I remembered all the good wallpapers but now I’m surely not downloading again unless this can be fixed!
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6 years ago, Addie0707
Good app but annoying ads
I agree with everyone who says that this app has way to many ads! I don’t want to be scrolling through the wallpapers and right when I’m about to chose an wallpaper.. BOOM a 30 second ad just stands right in my face like “Howdy do ma’am I’m going to be here for a while”. And I dislike the ‘Secret Wallpaper’ what if that wallpaper is really good and then I find out that it is a secret wallpaper! But other than that the app is great. Just try to get rid of the ads. Thanks - N/A
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5 years ago, CuteMonster101
Two things
I really love this app! Super real and captivating pics that keep you hooked for a while. There is definitely room for improvement though. Two problems: every time you swipe four times, an add pops up blocking half of the photo. Also, the starred wallpapers are only for the "exclusive" but they do let you watch a video to save it. (Eventually you run out of those options and have to wait a while). Other than that, the app is great!!!
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5 years ago, Shugasnap
Amazing And Free
When you get app I always look at the reviews but when I looked at a review for this one. You don’t want to know what it said. It said that you have to pay ten dollars! But when I went on to the app. It said that Try Free befor subscribing so I did that stuff. Then when I looked at the wallpaper I they wore the best! After that I never told you that I had one pitcher in photos now I have like 45 pitchers in photos!
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2 years ago, Snowy_*2 star fox
Pretty good!!
Ok, so, it does ask for a subscription, but you don’t have to do it. Which doesn’t bother me at all, there is adds but I understand that to keep your app running you have to have adds to sponsor you so you can keep the app running. The developers did a really good job, the images are VERY high quality. Good job developers! I wish you luck with this app!❤️
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6 years ago, the awesome girl🦄
The best wallpaper app!❤️
This actually the best wallpaper app i have ever used so far and this app is very useful to me. I hade many other wallpaper apps but they didn’t work very well for me. This app is also full of very cute and cool wallpapers. And i really like how you did topics so I won’t get lost but then i really do like the pictures in this app they are cute,cool,new,awesome,fancy,tropical and other really cool ways.❤️ this is the best wallpaper app i had in years!❤️
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6 years ago, fnseriously
App constantly shutting down.
App repeatedly closes every couple of minutes. I was considering buying premium until I realized I can not have the app open for more than a few minutes because it just closes and then I have to start over at the beginning scrolling through wallpapers. Really disappointing. There are some really beautiful wall papers. Considering how much you are charging per week for your app you would think there wouldn’t be such a frustrating bug. You should really work this big out or make your app free no one is going to pay $9.99 per week for an app that doesn’t work properly.
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6 years ago, 7d train
It's great but......
It has super awesome and cool looking backgrounds. Then comes the bad part, it has a lot of ads! When you scroll for every 5 backgrounds an ad pops up. It gets annoying because if your looking for a really pretty background and you swipe through...... 40 backgrounds, at least 8 ads would pop up. I love this app though and I really think you should download it, bye! 😜
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5 years ago, potterhead820
It was okay
The app had not great wallpapers and they said new content included but it was always the same things. So not my favorite app and I also think that if it is going to do a free trial thing it should do more than three days then you have to pay. I think that it should at least be a week. And I also had a question if you get the premium thing or other of the things you offer do you get like special backgrounds or wallpapers or do you get more and I did not like how there is that because then we have to pay like four more dollars just to get a couple wallpapers so no this app was not my favorite.
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6 years ago, gabstena
It used to be free Now it’s not really
Before, you could download any wallpaper, I didn’t mind the ads. But now, you get ads AND you can download maybe 1 wallpaper per 20 in the app. Really disappointed, I’ve been using it for years but now I just deleted it. Not worth the space it’s taking up in my iPhone. Update: Even though the developer responds to everybody that the ads are understandable because the app is free, that’s not really what everybody is complaining about. We are complaining because they started scamming people who already had the app with their “premium” feature as the wallpapers that were free before aren’t now.
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3 years ago, lonmont
It alright :/
I mean I just downloaded the app and most bad reviews I see is about ads and I hate the ads they are so freaking annoying like for real I understand to advertise your company or game or what the heck but when you make us watch a 30 second ad and make us play a mini game and not even let us play it just makes us download the THATS when you go to far but this I hate too most pictures we need premium for and why is premium 7.99$ that’s way to high why do you need an app where your gonna make us pay just to use the app that’s dumb like fr
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2 years ago, jdi77
You cannot download anything unless you pay a high fee
I am not cheap, I pay for apps and subscriptions all the time. This app however is just evil. The sales tactics used are extremely aggressive. Stuff is constantly in your face. They offer to let you use a limited version, but either it doesn't work or the limits aren't clearly stated. I endured this app for a few minutes to find a wallpaper I liked, tapping the save button did nothing. So either that wallpaper isn't allowed for the limited version (and they're not telling me) or this thing is broken.
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5 years ago, rbellag18
No paying
Right when I got this u thought it would be cool but once I opened it,it asked for my location while using I didnt allow that and then it asked to send me notifications I said no then it said "try free without subscribing i pressed it then i had to buy it i hate these kind of apps cause I dont want to spend my money on an app I'd rather do it bond something useful
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7 years ago, Auntlusia
Need better way to search for content
I agree with others regarding the vibrant pictures and yes, the ads are annoying but I understand folks have to make a buck. I would like to simply see a good search function to enable me to get to content quickly. It doesn't mean I won't spend time in the app to see the ads. It just eliminates frustration. Also, if I can't get around easily in the free one, what are the chances I can get around in the paid version? Just a suggestion.
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6 years ago, SparkleMaster783
Annoying “Premium” Stuff 😡
I used to love this app, because there is an incredible variety of wallpapers for free. I repeat, for FREE. Now, everyone has to pay $9.99 a week for wallpapers. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think this is exactly fair. I mean, they are just wallpapers! Nice ones, but still wallpapers. If this app took away the “premium” thing then I know for one that I would be very happy. But if other people like the premium stuff then honestly, you do you. But still, I think it would be awesome if we could have free wallpapers all around. That would be great.
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2 years ago, beautiful Nicola
Love it
The high quality pictures I love. It’s hard to find good wallpapers. Only thing that was annoying was when you would go to view all in a category, whenever I close one I was looking at it would take me back to the categories to select view all again. I got the subscription too. Not sure if it’s just me or if that’s something everyone experiences..
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4 years ago, SWAGG_SO_MEAN
outstanding quality
As someone who has the IPad Pro 12.9 (4th Gen) I love the wall paper I get from this app It’s a really eye popping treat. Every time I open my iPad my eyes are really dazzled by the pictures. They seem to come to life right before my eyes. I liked to move my iPad back and forth and the images appear to dance right on the screen. This my first review in a long time. Thanks
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6 years ago, Killaroach
Decent collection - the app itself needs work
This app has some good wallpapers if you’re willing to flip through for extended periods of time and put up with ads that are a bit too frequent for my liking. The app itself tends to crash after a while which exacerbates the lack of a search option forcing you to have to start swiping from scratch with no guarantee that you’ll get much farther in the queue than the last time before it crashes again.
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5 years ago, 1913WitchyWoman
I like rich dark colors that are not busy. It is to hard to find your icons when there is a lot going on in the background. Sometimes simple is better! I also like flowers that are large like the purple & pink ones that take over the whole background. Not busy, but stunning wallpaper. Thank you for letting me give you my opinion. Nascar Fan ☮️♥️
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1 year ago, Sunny421
Did you just quit in November?
I paid for premium because I feel the developers of any app deserve to be paid for their efforts. It was great at first and then I noticed no new calendars for Dec. ok, we’re all busy around the holidays. There were no new calendars for Jan, Feb, Mar, and April. Come on, get off your “you know whats” and create some calendars. They are perfect for the lock screens. I also keep getting notifications of new screens, but where are they? Needless to say, I won’t be renewing this subscription for another year.
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1 year ago, mctiger723
Limited version
I have used many apps similar to this so I don’t mind watching the ads and the photo on here are high quality for sure, but what really bothers me and made me uninstall this app almost immediately is that upon first glance or browsing you can’t tell which photos you can and can’t save if you decide to keep to the limited version until you click on the photo and I personally don’t want to spend unnecessary time to have to click on every. Single. Photo. to have to see which ones I can/can’t download.
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3 years ago, ᴬᴸᴾᴴᴬʙᴏʏᴼᴮ
Why Can’t I Search For Backgrounds
This app has all sorts of backgrounds, but I have noticed a lot of people would like to be able to search things, for example one time I really really wanted a lizard & snake background because soon I am gonna get a pet lizard or snake, but I couldn’t search it, this app has some really good backgrounds, it has really dumb ones too, it is really not the best,+ you can do a $9.99 spend, and That money it isn’t worth it spending on background, but for example if it was $1.99 dollars it would be a lot better
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7 years ago, Amna alheidous
Wonderful images💖
Woww!!!! I love all of the images in this app, the pictures just keep getting better and better with every swipe. Oh, and I absolutely adore the abstract themed images, they just make me feel like an astronaut waltzing through the universe from a galaxy to a galaxy.☄️🌌🌌 And i cannot end this review without mentioning the epic underwater ocean images❤️❤️ seems like paradise 🏝🌊🐬
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2 years ago, Heyamelia13
It does not let me play
Ok so this is meant to be a fun wallpaper game well actually I could not play it because you has to pay. And when I even subscribed it never let me play even if I put my password but I’ll still give it a three star just because at least the game shows stuff when you join unlike others where it just shows a black screen. Hope I get a response for this note.
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7 years ago, Misslex13
Great themes but
I'm a little disappointed that the calendar wallpapers that you all have done are almost the exact same every month. I wish there were different themes for the months based on the season or upcoming holiday. I feel like you guys used to do that. I am now using a different app that I don't like nearly as much because they actually give me a variety. It's not a big ask, just a little extra creativity on your part.
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2 years ago, KrystynaMichele
Long time fan, now disappointed
I have used this app for years. I love the calendars for my Lock Screen. I would save 5-10 images a month and happily watch as many ads as needed. But something is missing, no calendars have been created for December and that is the feature I use the most. Illness is going around and maybe the graphic designer is behind, I have sympathy if that is the case. But my fear is that calendars are not going to be updated and I need to find a new app. Please let me know! I’d gladly make this a 5 star review.
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