WANE 15 - News and Weather

4.6 (6.9K)
87.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WANE 15 - News and Weather

4.62 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Not Me SS
I don’t see much written about accomplishments of PresidentTrump. This point In my life I am making more money. Going into retirement very financially stable. All my children are working and have a good future. Under President Obama there was no future. We are much better off today. Stop printing The negative narrative. “Be Positive” in your reporting!
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4 years ago, JuddnKristi
This used to be the only channel I watched and listened to. However , in the current t political and societal issues over the last year - WANE 15 has easily made it evident they are swayed to one side. Professional journalism should reveal news and be completely UNBIASED. When it is clear to even a child that a newscast is representative of a certain political view - is racially charging situations within a community by their method of reporting and helping create divisive mentality within a town they should be uniting - they are worse off than the politicians they criticize or the criminals they highlight. Stop mentioning color only when it’s white on black and start referring to people as people. You don’t report stories saying a black man did this to a white man or another black man - but you most certainly do say color when it’s a white man. Stop referring to our President of the United States as if he is a fool and invalid ...... stop showing such unity to the left. Stop allowing a drive for popularity to motivate your journalism - be real , not biased. Be truthful - not editors making stories that speak to hearts of the misled and misinformed. Neutral - be neutral !!!! And maybe - just maybe people will begin trusting the media again.
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3 years ago, I Loved Lucy
What does Trump have to do with Wane?
I understand that you’re in love with a Cheeto, but leave your political views to social media, not on a review of a news app. It’s not appropriate and quite frankly it’s totally Kindergarten. As far as the app, I would love to give it five stars, but it glitches out too often and who ever has the responsibility for proofreading what gets posted does a horrible job and the misspelling or grammatical errors make you appear very unprofessional. Other than that, I appreciate the local view of events around us, and feel that political bias is not a subject matter that I would pin on WANE.
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2 years ago, Lhfghg55674)!$
Ads ruined this app for me.
This is the best local news, but the ads made me delete the app. Any time I would click on an article, using the app on my phone, I would instantly be taken to a Safari webpage of a spam ad tracker page. Safari notified me it prevented 58 trackers from profiling me. I started getting a lot of spam after that. I deleted your app, reinstalled and same problem. I tried using your website instead, same problem. I don’t have this issue with other local news apps or websites. I really hope you can get better ads and not these bad ones that track your viewers and create spam.
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1 year ago, JuneGarden
Great to Have but Doesn’t Work Well
It’s great to have the news in an app. However, this app has some major issues! Reading the news this morning, a pop up add (which opens up in a web browser) was initiated four times when trying to click the back button. Also, clicking back in some other areas brings you back to the top of the page so you have to scroll back down again and again to get to through all the news. I have never reviewed an app before but this one is so annoying to use that I felt it necessary. It’s better to just use the webpage instead of the app for Wane TV.
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4 years ago, T Ricky
Ads lower quality of news experience
I do not mind advertisements, but when they are formatted to appear as news rather than ads, they become "fake news". In addition, the slow loading of inline ads interferes with reading of the news article because the page keeps jumping around; you a fixed container size to avoid jumping due to resizing as the content loads. The opening ad requires one of the more extreme actions for dismissing. Very annoying. Besides being inconvenient, it delays getting emergency weather updates. 5 star for the news. 1 star for the poorly done ad experience.
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1 year ago, CEO Fieldbrook Inc
Weather problem
WANE 15 weather morning and noon weather casts. On the tv screen, during the forecasts, there is a small box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This box says WANE 15 with the current(?) temperature and the current time…as expected the time is always current and correct. On the other hand, the “so-called” current temperature is NEVER CORRECT‼️🙃For instance, the on-air picture and meteorologist said 50* and the box continued to say 47*‼️Why can’t these two be compatible ❓❓This bugs me every day. Ed Collins
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5 years ago, laurieef
New ads causing glitches
This app has been working great until they introduced ad “articles” in-line with the news. Now it reloads while scrolling so you can only see 5 or 6 articles, then right back to the top.
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6 years ago, LuvKasey
Hate the pop up ads!
Getting frustrated with the pop up ads that get in the way when trying to watch the weather forecasts. It’s not bad enough that they pop up but then you have to wait a certain amount of time to close some of them out. By then you’ve missed part of the forecast and have to rewind it to go back. And yes, I have blocked pop-ups on my phone but I still get these on the WANE 15 app. Please lose the stupid pop up ads 😠
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3 years ago, Pmj4henry
Totally Undependable
The worst app on my phone. Never know if it will open. Have to delete it and reload continually...at least once every two weeks; sometimes every other day; occasionally multiple times in one day. This is the only app out of 100+ that has this problem so I know it’s not my phone. Add this to the live broadcast problems with Wane TV and the conclusion is simple. They have one of the best broadcast teams, but are stuck with a very mediocre tech department.
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6 years ago, Valerie - CC, Indiana
Wane TV
I have been an avid 15 watcher for many many years Always trying to provide the latest and most current updates for the viewing audience Thank you for that and keep it going
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6 years ago, 48355
Your app would be pretty decent if you updated MUCH MORE FREQUENTLY!! Sometimes on the weekends, it is over 24 hours behind. Also, how about updating when there is “breaking news”.
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3 months ago, sigcerj
Excessive ads
I’m tired of being bombarded with ads. Wane 15 is sooooo bad. 30 second ads before each video. A 10 second video. Then you can’t skip and are forced to watch it over and over and over. I’m OVER ads
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4 years ago, DonDonColey
News Team Rock!
I am amazed at the incredible team that is a part of Wane TV. I find them to be personable, humorous, and serious when speaking to the heart when appropriate. True professionals. I love the diversity on the team as well.
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4 years ago, Benwarpup
Stop automatic video playing, please!
Please remove the feature of automatically playing videos when you click on an article! If I want to watch a video, I’ll click on it myself! Instead I have to hear an annoying 15 second add before I can pause the video just so I can continue reading. It didn’t used to be like this...PLEASE FIX!!
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4 years ago, joprob
Lots of video issues lately
Love watching this app for weather forecasts but in the last 2-3 months, the videos have been playing zoomed in. There is no way the user can fix this so you end us seeing less than half of the screen and they have become useless. Please fix this and then it will go back to 5 stars.
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5 years ago, vagabond01
New format
The previous format had you swiping left or right to move to the next story. Now I have to wait longer between stories when scrolling downward and have to skip over “suggested stories” that I might have already read.
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4 years ago, hi klien
Not worth it
Sure they have all the latest news and all, but this app keeps freezing. When I scroll from Crime to World News it doesn’t always respond. Sometimes I am halfway through an article and it literally just goes blank. I love watching this station on tv, but clearly they don’t care about this app. It’s the only app on my phone that I’ve had problems with to this extent.
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11 months ago, NJSouers
Ms Nancy
I love your news n weather! But I would love to know how much rain falls over nite or daytime. Or tell me where to find that data, please.
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3 years ago, goocal2020rev
Stop freezing!!!
I love the WANE app WHEN IT WORKS!!! I’ll try to click on a notification and it freezes instantly, I try to shut down the app and go straight through the app it freezes. I can’t look at anything, and it drives me insane. Please fix it
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6 years ago, Silver Aspen
App needs improvement
TV news is wonderful, however the old mobile app was so much better than the new one, The layout was better and it was easier to navigate. It was also more visually appealing. However I have noticed some changes to the new app that are headed in the right direction.
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3 years ago, csegly
Don’t like sound automatically starting, would rather just read the news and click on it for the comments if I want to hear them.
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11 months ago, SJ 1957
Preferred NEWS Provider// accept multiple ADS
I’m so disappointed to repeatedly be bothered by MULTIPLE ADS with pop up pages websites(I’ve lost count). I don’t use App as often —because horrible experience!! Being harassed by multiple Ads disappoint & create a negative experience.
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4 years ago, Banditboy55
Hate the video
I like this app and would give it a higher mark but I hate how when you tap on a article to read and the video automatically starts playing... so irritating. I want to read the article not watch the video, if I want to watch the video I want the option of hitting play, not having it start playing automatically.
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6 years ago, Dmarschand1705
You all do a wonderful job providing information that’s needed and even some so needed but welcomed. Thanks for all you do
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5 years ago, go tell it on the mountain
This is where we always go to get our news!
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4 years ago, Reed_Rook
Please Fix It
Please fix the app so that it doesn’t immediately start playing the videos when you click on a story. If I want the video to come on at full commercial volume, I will click on it.
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5 years ago, fwurbanmom
Swipe up annoying
I love staying tune to all things Fort Wayne but the swipe up ad every time I log on is extremely annoying. Coverage on wrecks in the news feed is equally disturbing. Is there nothing else to post about?
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11 months ago, Johnfwy
Ads open with only the slightest touch
The app itself isn’t bad, but if you even so much as touch their sponsored ads, the ad opens in your default browser immediately. May not be a problem for some, but it drives me batsh1t crazy. Won’t be long before I delete it permanently.
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5 years ago, gollygussy
Like having notifications on my cell phone.
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4 years ago, theboilermaker
Advertisements at full volume ruin the app
Ads that launch at full volume even when phone is in silent mode ruin the app for me. I no longer use this for my news because it has been disruptive more than enough times.
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4 years ago, Catlady44
I get to know what’s happening in area where my relatives reside. But would like more news from Peru Indiana also
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3 years ago, harrybunley
Was my number one station
Until y’allDisrespected had no nothing good to say about our President of the United States you wondering how your station is doing who really cares, So convenient to know that you guys don’t care about your grandchildren or maybe graduate and grandchildren when I was in a socialist country thank you news 15
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3 years ago, Auntie Teacher Mom
New App Update 👎🏻
The new update (August 2021) is not good. When a news story is clicked on, the article scrolls in a choppy manner, making it difficult to read. It’s very annoying. It did not do that before the update.
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6 years ago, Childcare1956
I love the app and 15 news on the TV, I like the breaking news when sent to my phone it is very informing keep up the GREAT WORK!
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6 years ago, cmpulver
More variety in sports department.
You would think all we had were football teams in Fort Wayne. Cover the others sports equally.
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5 years ago, Wthas
Wane TV
I’m wintering in Florida and I love to get the news from Ft. Wayne and around the area. The school closings and weather are great too. THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Jessicamae1996
Go back to other layout!
Not liking the layout since the latest update! Want it the way it was before!
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4 years ago, kathya2021!
Bring In Some High School Kids to Edit!
Clearly, the local stories have not been proofread before publication. The writing is childish and hard to understand sometimes. And the bias ... yikes! The headlines are slanted and the stories are often not fair. The Pyramid Style of writing (Who, What, Where, When, etc.) was, apparently, not taught to WANE reporters.
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6 years ago, Rosette79
It would be great if it would quit crashing all the time!
I really like this app, except for the fact that it has started crashing all the time!
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4 years ago, sonnijojo
I would like more details on the weather for example the rain percentage possibilities for every day. Frost and freeze warnings
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3 years ago, Hey_ther12
App Constantly Freezes
You open an article, try to scroll down and it is frozen and times out. Tried deleting and downloading again, same thing.
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3 years ago, pm-dc
The stability of this app is not good
I tried to open it this morning and all you see is the splash screen with the line “coverage you can count on”. Apparently the the app you can’t count on working. Disappointing
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4 years ago, Tricky Nick78
Playing ads
Super buggy, ads play automatically when open a story. Good info after these issues. Would not recommend.
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4 years ago, kiltsnelvis
Overwhelming ads - I deleted it
This local app is inundated with ads that you can’t mute or close. More ads than content. Other local news outlets don’t have nearly the same number of ads and pretty much the same content, so I’ve switched.
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4 months ago, JD Pelz
Cannot access news
Since last update app freezes at finding location screen. Both my wife’s and my iPhone doing same thing.
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4 years ago, H Town Joe
When it comes to reporting the weather I notice that they avoid reporting for Huntington. Makes me mad.
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4 years ago, Look So Real Reborns
It freezes all the time
It freezes and shuts off all the time. It’s very annoying
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3 years ago, SNickols
Review of WANE 15
Your coverage is very apparently liberal, left and progressive. I only look at your local stories and read those with an understanding of your bias! At the moment, the weather and sports seem ok! It is sad true journalism is dead by suicide.
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6 years ago, ChillinQuillen
Ehh ok app
Sketchy layout and hit with ads first thing. Could be better if they put in some Siri suggestions to access certain parts quick. Don’t think I’d recommend.
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