Wanted Poster Pro

4.5 (24)
56.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nestor Borgo
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Wanted Poster Pro

4.46 out of 5
24 Ratings
8 years ago, Fireiceheart
It actually works and wasn't a wast of money like I had a feeling it would be. It works well, and is a really good laugh to send to my friends and family! I would suggest getting it. The only TINY problem (not enough to bring it down to 4 stars) is that the pictures are kinda black and white, but to me it looks cooler that way! It is AWSOME and really fun! 😂
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1 month ago, Mr.Ugay
Note to creators: you’re wanted for being the best app makers in the world
I love making wanted posters and I make one practically five times per week! With my new ability to make wanted posters I trick people in the thinking they’re actually wanted!
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8 years ago, Melody254
Pretty cool!🤓
I've made a few plus flyers for my granddaughter's campaign for student body president (4th grade). Vice prez last year! Pretty cool! However, I can't find a way to bring back up recent pics within the app so that I can edit & re-edit them after saving and printing! (i e...the pics were too dark @ printing). So to do that it looks like I have to just start over!😝
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3 years ago, Ghostmoth
Simple but hilarious
I know, seems limited but this little app is surprisingly flexible. I use the first two as templates for lost antiquities, ancient books and scrolls and yes maps! Just slip in the interesting phrase twists. WANTED becomes MUMMY, and off you go!
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8 years ago, Roberttjay
Very cute app
I got this just for the heck of it. It turned out to be much better than I'd hoped. I made some posters for my grandkids. It was easy. The grandkids love them, and they are very well conceived. Five stars for this one!!
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7 years ago, Maui Kid
What? An update!!!
Made my day! An update for newer devices and new templates!! My favorite program is a hit once again! 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!
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5 years ago, Venomouscave826
It’s worth it
I loved using this app to send funny wanted posters or missing pet posters to my Friends this app is worth every single penny
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3 years ago, Tjmcr27
Easy to use
Awesome fun app that is very easy to use and that comes with a variety of templates.
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4 years ago, Better with computer
Not a waste of money
This app is amazing. It’s so easy and fun to use. I definitely recommend this to anyone.
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5 years ago, Richie F.
Great App!!!
Very simple to use and is a lot of fun! I’d love to see more templates in the future.
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4 years ago, SurfingatSunset
Enjoying the app!
Certainly could use many more templates! Please expand the options.
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8 years ago, Brendabkb
Wanted dead or alive posters
Pretty easy to use funny just had trouble resizing all in all I liked it
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9 years ago, BJ The Truth
📢 Amazing Photo App.
📢 It works very well, I have been using for some time now without any issue at all. 👍
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9 years ago, Totally forgets bd's
Avatar 23
Love this app! Have a lot of fun. My family loves their individual posters 😜
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5 years ago, Susan J Cooper
So funny 😂 👏👏👏
Will make you laugh really funny
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4 years ago, Vara kiro
A very fun app, recommended
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8 years ago, Bill5239
Not iPad friendly
Not iPad friendly. Only displays in portrait. My iPad keyboard case doesn't function standing up on end. Please fix.
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8 years ago, IamZakariae
Great Great Great app totally recommended
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11 years ago, Jimmy Jam 4
So much fun!
Works great! Being able to fill in the information makes this app even better than a simple "put your head in the cut out" picture app.
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8 years ago, Masterpiece Eagle
It's stupid
It's bad
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11 years ago, ktmfactoryrider
Works but very limited
As I said, it works but only has limited things it does. You can take a photo, the typical IOS way, and insert it in one of five template. You can edit portions of the template but not all, about one-third of the template. It would be cool if you could edit all of the templates but the real kicker is if one could edit the photo. At least add a hat or other type of headgear. I'm sure it will get better. There are tons of easy things that could be added.
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11 years ago, emankcinsitaken
Wanted Poster Creation App
This suits my needs as I am imaginative enough to make use of it's functionality. There are sufficient templates to choose from. That is all, you may show yourselves out now.
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10 years ago, Stimpy232000
Simple and fun
This app does exactly what it says it does. It makes funny little wanted posters you can use with your camera or existing pictures.
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11 years ago, I eat flies
Well done...
This app is stable (no crashes) and functions quickly and efficiently. It's a fun little novelty app, and I got a lot of "LOL" when I sent some people a 'Wanted' poster of my little dog Sugarplum (she was a Christmas gift).
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11 years ago, Uncle Smurfer
Fun on the Run
It's great to find an app that's quick to use and great to share. I think I sent out 10 Wanted Posters in the first five minutes of downloading the app. Great job and thanks.
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11 years ago, Thisnamecantbetakenwhat
Very cool app
They put this game up for free today and I thought, okay I guess I'll get it, and I'm glad i did. It is a nice little app, but I probably wouldn't pay much for it
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11 years ago, Tina Dudley
Good app
Love the choices and ability to change what text says. Would love to be able to change font or move or delete text on poster.
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9 years ago, Linda La Dragona
Practical and funny
Is useful for those students who keep behind in their handled works.
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11 years ago, Maggie pdm
Great app! Easy to use and fun to see the final product. My daughters had hats and stick on mustaches in their photos to fit the theme. Lots of fun. Thanks for creating this app!!
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11 years ago, Dufferjohn42
Fun App
Able to create some real interesting pics. Share the app and some neat pics with your friends and relatives.
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11 years ago, me1234was1234
Like but!
Love the concept, but inappropriate to use for children due to the wording "dead or alive"! Would be nice to have the option to change to captured alive or something like that.
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10 years ago, LovinMath
Fun apps for students
This is a great app that is very easy to use. I am teaching a Wild West theme and the students will be using this app to create their own "wanted" poster.
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11 years ago, C g.
Fun & Easy
Great, fun little app. With minimal effort We had a blast making wanted posters. Look forward to future versions and addt'l templates!
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10 years ago, 129rg
Wanted posters
Fun and easy to use. Would be nice to be able to edit everything to make different types of posters, but it is nice.
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11 years ago, Mrs. Wilson-Carter
Fun easy to use! Students could use this for character descriptions for book they are reading.
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11 years ago, robloxpollice
I am not sure why, but I cannot edit the text for the wanted dead or alive poster, it allows me to open my keyboard but won't let me edit. Not sure why, I am on iPad 3 if that means anything.
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11 years ago, XMysticPathX
Love this app. Perfect for fun with photos of family, coworkers, friends and even enemies. ; ) Easy to use and results are very professional. HIGHLY RECOMMEDNDED !!!
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11 years ago, RavenLuni
Easy and fun!
I made a Wanted poster for my elderly stepmother (aka the "Bingo Queen"), and it became the hit of the assisted-living home they live in. Thanks for including Harry Potter motif too. Nice and diverse.
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10 years ago, Freerangechowhound
Making people smile
Nothing but fun. Put a person on a poster and post. Easy and the results are predictable.
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11 years ago, Holowac
Wanted poster
Very fun, easy to use and share results. Works flawlessly.
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9 years ago, Babalu12000
Too much fun!
I love this app! I now have a $1000 reward out on my cat for crapping on the carpet.
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11 years ago, TR#64
The kids get a kick out of it
Simple to use. Fun picture taking that the kids will like.
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10 years ago, R. Alex Grant
Nice App
This is perfect. Easy to use and works exactly as advertised.
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11 years ago, Old man LJB
Fun to play with
The fantasy poster was shot with my granddaughter as she is speed reading Harry Potter.
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11 years ago, V1ND1C4TE
Great but...
Great app! Recommended for artists and bored people. Needs more posters and editing options though.
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10 years ago, Angelp41705
Very fun and entertaining app. I haven't had any issues
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11 years ago, Zorthog
Easy to use and great for company parties. Wish there were more templates or a way to design more.
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11 years ago, Tuck #5
Wanted dead or alive
Great app. lot of fun putting anyone you want on it.
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11 years ago, Abe Guy
Finally Got It
I've bn looking for this funny type of app for a while now.
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11 years ago, cgfreethemice
It's ok
There needs to be more templates, and more options for editing.
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