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User Reviews for Washington Post

4.82 out of 5
513.5K Ratings
3 years ago, JR Burke VA
Faulty print edition
I use both the digital version and the soon to be replaced print versions of the wapo apps. With what is available in the most recent versions of the digital app, I fear that many of the features of the print app will be lost in the upcoming move to a single app. Two of these features are: control over which section are downloaded when the app opens and the ability to change pages with a simple touch instead of a swipe. At home, with excellent internet speed, choosing which sections to download is not critical. However, when travelling and at the mercy of a hotel’s slow speeds, it does become very important. I have had cases where it took over 15 minutes to download a single section. The touch vs. swipe may seem insignificant to some but if you must work with one hand while holding your iPad having the ability to turn the page with a simple touch is important. I hope the Post keeps these and the other print addition features when they finally retire the dedicated print app.
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2 years ago, Jumpdad77
More Left Leaning than Centrist. Disappointing.
The other day I noticed on a couple media bias graphs that the WP was dead center with the highest amount of original content. As someone who doesn’t fit in either political party I have been longing for a news source that works hard to see both sides, like I do. So, when I saw the graphs I decided to order a subscription at a promo price that seemed generous. The first two days I read as much as I could and seemed to be getting what I had hoped for. Then yesterday I opened the app and was dismayed at what I saw yesterday. Four out of the six featured pieces were obviously left leaning on the issues of state rights, abortion, and the use of presidential power (9/5/21). Were the other two right leaning to at least attempt to give a little balance? No, they were not. They were about items that didn’t have a political impact. I’m going to give the Post a couple more weeks to try to prove me wrong on this, but I’m not all that hopeful. Has the news media swung so far left in general that the Post just looks centrist by comparison? I love the way the app is arranged. But I do have a complaint about the search feature. I searched for articles on Indonesia and got several hits from a couple of weeks ago. When I attempted to click on the links the only place they sent me was back to the front page of the current day.
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3 years ago, AppUserOmAhHung
Overall good, but...
I’ve been using this app on both iPhone and iPad and it continues too a good way too navigate and read the paper on these devices. One thing has changed with the latest update. Previously, when opening articles from the WaPo email news digest I receive several times a day, it would open them in the browser and not the app, which was fine. The browser would have the little arrow in the upper left corner to get back to the email app to continue going through the list of articles. Now when clicking on a link in the email WaPo digest, it opens the browser and from the browser offers to view the article in the app. After clicking to open the app, the return arrow lead back to the browser, not the email app. There is an unneeded clunky browser step in the middle. A fix to the app to allow moving back and forth between the email digest and the app would be a great feature in an upcoming release (which would make it operate as seamlessly as The NY Times app). Also when clicking on a link in the email digest when there are no open windows already open, it often jumps to the browser but then nothing happens. Also, oddly, from scrolling through the reviews, I appears the vast majority are about the WaPo itself and have nothing to do with the actual WaPo app.
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3 years ago, Sulanegripes
Best of the three Post apps
This is the best of the three apps that the Washington Post has out there. The print version is exactly what it sounds like; nothing wrong with it, but I get tired of zooming in and having to find the continuation of the article. The newest app has a slick design, so it looks very current, but it is terrible to use. This app is the ‘middle’ one; it is a continuation of the first digital-native app they came up with, and although it isn’t super pretty, it has a nice display of multiple articles, so you can decide what you want to read rather than having one particular article pushed on you. The articles read cleanly, and the graphics are well incorporated. Major problems with it include the fact that even for subscribers some of the advertising — especially in videos — is intrusive, links sometimes connect to paywalled content, and, most importantly, if you are mid-article and leave the app, when you restart it, it resets to the front page. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to relocate the article that you were reading previously. Better reading apps (Kindle, Apple Books, etc.) reopen to what you were previously reading and give you the choice when you want to return to the top-level directory.
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4 months ago, hmp181
Slanted Washington Post
When I was growing up in Washington DC, Northern Virginia my father was a great reporter who was well respected. He wanted me to read the Washington Post which I started to do at a young age. At this time the paper appeared to be a good place for learning the news. He stated that it was overall unbiased and had good information and reporters. I grew to enjoy reading the paper in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Trouble with the paper is it’s honestly a slanted paper. Constantly attacking Trump and not doing any substantive stories about Biden and his apparent incompetence and probable criminal if not treasonous activities with a possible pay to play enterprise. If Trump has done immoral or illegal things then yes the truth should be revealed. The same is true with the Biden’s and the Clinton’s. This was the newspaper who exposed Watergate but won’t look into the Clinton’s or Biden’s alleged involvement in probable criminal enterprises. My father was a hard nosed fair and honest reporter who went with the truth no matter who was involved. He taught me to look at things impartially. This helped me greatly in my professional careers. The only reason I still subscribe to the paper is to read about Washington area sports. The rest of the paper is only worthy of lining the bottom of a bird cage. Sad a once great paper is now pretty much a worthless shell of its former self.
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6 months ago, Jean L.O.
The Big Picture
My husband and I live in Nebraska. We actually have two homes, a shouse in northeast Nebraska and a home in Lincoln. It has given us both great anxiety in recent years to see what has happened to our democracy. My grandfather immigrated from Sweden. He deeply treasured the opportunities that were afforded to him and other family members when they came to the United States. He prided himself on being politically astute. That desire to know what is happening in our beloved country and to participate in the political process was passed on to his family. My husband and I were Peace Corps volunteers in the 60’s and we lived and worked in 6 other countries. We have been proud to be citizens of the United States. We have great difficulty understanding the behavior of a significant number of our present day politicians. In spite of all this, we strive to stay informed about our country now and about what may happen in the not so distant future. We greatly appreciate the work of the Washington Post to keep us informed about the State of our Nation! Thank you!
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6 years ago, TimothyJohn1085
A Forgetful App
I subscribe to both The NY Times and the Washington Post. It’s interesting to compare how the two papers use mobile apps to present their content. Each has its advantages, but I find that the Washington Post Classic app has a couple of significant deficiencies. On the plus side, the Washington Post is a more visually appealing and less cluttered presentation compared to the NY Times. But there are two behaviors that I find limit the usefulness of the Washington Post Classic app. First is the fact that it does not give any indication of stories that have already been read. The NY Times app, for example, dims to a fainter gray the headline text of stories that have been opened. Second, and most infuriating, is that the Washington Post Classic app seems incapable of remembering the reader’s position within the app. Leave the app to read a text message? When you return to the Washington Post app you’ll be returned to the story you were reading, but once leaving that you’re back at the top of the story list and forced to scroll and scroll to re-find where you were. This often happens even when you haven’t left the app at all and simply close a story. (Note that I’m using a current generation iPad Pro.)
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3 years ago, tuckerruns
Always very informing and well researched articles
Wa Post does a very professional job of researching their articles. I appreciate the level of professionalism in journalism. It would be interesting to me to read more articles in regards to political issues of why the differences in political views. What are the reasons why some people want to believe in conspiracy theories. Why some highly educated people either buy into them, or just use them for their own aims. Also it would be interesting to see articles that explain the basic core beliefs of republicans vs Democrats, and how those beliefs are taken to extremes. We are in a time where we don’t want to ask our families or neighbors about their beliefs because they are just that, their beliefs and it does not provide any goodwill to question another’s beliefs, so if we can read about a reporters conversation with different views and maybe question their thoughts that may not make sense to some, that could be helpful. Thanks for great journalism!
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6 years ago, Distant reader
Video ads
For the last week, I have been plagued with a video ad for a personnel service that begins talking shortly after I start reading an article. I can't find any way to turn it off and it is irritating and intrusive. Am getting to the point of cancelling my subscription if it doesn't stop. Update, it is now broadcasting this same talking ad every single time I try to read an article. I am regretfully canceling my subscription. I will check back in a couple months to see if this has been fixed, but for now, can't stand it. Another update. I did cancel, but like the post so much, I regretted it and renewed the next day. Now I am canceling again. Every single time I tap on an article to read it, a voice blares, “For the past 25 years, PNP personnel services...” I did write to the help desk, and got back an email that did not resolve the problem. Nobody else has complained about this, which leaves me wondering why I have been so blessed with the attentions of PNP personnel services. I’ve tried easy solutions, but no setting addresses it. If anybody has any ideas, I’d be happy to try them. I love the Post, but have come to hate PNP personnel services more.
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5 months ago, schmoo56
Always Top Notch
I grew up in DC in the 60s and the Post was always on our family’s stoop despite little money to spare. My mother said it was important to be aware of the world around us and since there were six of us, it was a bargain. Like most of us, the Post has had its up and downs, but it always strives for excellence. Journalism is a tough business, especially with the multitude of social media options. Along with the NYT and the Boston Globe, it is my go to for honest reporting—-they endeavor to separate fact from fiction. One thing—-I am really torn by the Post’s scoop on Jack Teixerira’s horrendous distribution of top secret documents. On the one hand, I am fairly certain the Post helped pave the way to JT’s arrest, but I struggle with whether or not they had to reveal all the documents that had to do with national security. I know, I know, citizens need to know what our government is up to. But…Loose lips sink ships? For me the bigger story is how in the world did a slimy punk get his hands on this info and what are we going to do about it?
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3 years ago, Bahasa Indonesia Student
I’m just a WaPo digital basic lady, so maybe I don’t have all the options that I’ll now complain about. I am a full access New York Times subscriber, so I’ll make a bit of a comparison. I like NYT so much better because it is less jumbled up and the articles refresh at least daily (with breaking news at the top) so I don’t have to sort through all those articles I already read. On WaPo, the same articles are featured for a week at a time. On NYT, I choose my own view of favorite sections and I get the crossword, so there’s value in a full subscription. I check the news like 10 times every day; I don’t want to see the old articles forever. It’s cool to have the WaPo print edition, but navigating it on a 5” screen isn’t easy. The writing is strong, and the WaPo is more gossipy on politics than the NYT (which I consider a good thing;). Plus I live in VA and it’s good to get that local flair. Still, I’m not looking at WaPo as much as I thought I would because of the article refresh problem, and because I can’t curate my view for my favorite sections. Last thing, I do hesitate on the WaPo because Jeff Besos owns it. One guy shouldn’t own the world and its news.
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4 years ago, SocratesSeven
Exclusive new tools to keep up with the news?
Since the update today the app does not open/simply crashes every time I attempt to open it. Is that one of the exclusive new tools? Just wondering.... When I attempted to open the updated app, the app would show the opening screen (grey page with “Washington Post” in the center of the screen). This remained for roughly thirty seconds after which the app would suddenly close. When double-clicking on the iPhone home button following the crash, a “ghost image” of a page from a Washington Post article that I last read before the update would show as one of the open apps. I assume—but cannot say with certainty—that this article was open when the app updated. In order to resolve the situation, I deleted and then re-downloaded the update app. After signing into my Washington Post account via the reinstalled app, I successfully regained access to the app/Washington Post content. I’ve not encountered further issues with the updated app since that time.
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2 months ago, grantgreen
The seven morning news summary
I generally like The 7 on The Washington Post it has some items usually there that are unexpected and not in the usual news cycle items. I like the commentators generally. However some aesthetic issues bother me a little bit. The music in between the articles is now become quite old and boring. They need to change that up. And sometimes the music doesn't go with what the last item was because the item may have said somebody died or something for example and the music comes on which is bright and doesn't fit with what the persons just said in the article. maybe no music would be appropriate at that time. The background art is a little dubious as well. They might consider artificial intelligence of drawing that's neutral that won't take away from the articles. I think one of the pictures shows an eye looking at you which is kind of weird. Primates do not like to look at another primates eye in general.
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3 years ago, Davjazz
A New Trick For An Old Dog
As a born and bred New Yorker from the forties, now retired in Florida, I escaped the cold with only one source of print media, The Times. I continue to read it in digital form and the machinations of New York life remain interesting to me. A like minded friend whom I met upon settling into Palm Beach County alerted me to the benefits of reading The Post. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know of its existence. Anyone who lived through the Watergate era had to be impressed by the quality of investigative reporting that it produced. I have been reading it daily for the last five years. It has become the foundation of my national news ever since. The quality of reporting is excellent, appropriately focused and it certainly disdains sensationalism. During this past year of COVID-19 and the election I stay in touch with breaking news throughout the day. Thank you for asking for my opinion and for producing such a high quality publication. Respectfull, David Eidelman.
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5 years ago, DanMcDermott
No Comments, Poor Support for Subscribers
This app doesn’t show comments on the articles. So if you want to see the comments you click on the share to/open with button and click Chrome. But wait, that doesn’t allow you to open in Chrome. You can only bookmark or add it to a reading list. Why can’t you simply open it in Chrome, you ask? I was curious too! So I called their support phone number since there is no option for developer support or feedback and the “developer website” simply links to the newspaper homepage. At the 800 number I got a very nice lady overseas who did not understand my question. I asked for a supervisor who also didn’t understand and said I would have to “search for the article in a mobile browser.” So I called the 202 number and explained that I was a paying subscriber in Virginia and could I please speak to a DC/Virginia based person to ask a question and (now) make a complaint. I got a recording and left a voicemail. Instead of a call I got an email asking me to write what I wanted. I called the 202 back and explained to a nice lady in DC what happened and she said to email back requesting a call. I did so. As for writing what my problem is, I decided to go ahead and write that right here. Under a single star.
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3 years ago, GinAndPopcorn
This app is a joke - a bad one
I subscribed to The Post over an hour ago and have spent most of my time since then trying to get signed in to this app. When I open the app and enter the email address on my WaPo account I get a pop-up telling me that I need to sign in on the website so that the site and the app can share my info. The Boston Globe and The New York Times don’t ask me to jump through hoops like this, but okay. When I sign in on washingtonpost dot com I receive an email telling me that a link has been sent to my email for one-click log in. Okay fine. I go to the email and click. It takes me back to the website and I’m all logged in. Then I go to the app and - lather, rinse, repeat. I was able to log in to the website using my email and password on my laptop, but when I want back to my phone to give it a try - same stupid loop all over again. I do not want to have to log in to a website on my phone. I want and need the convenience of an app. Apparently I’ll not get that here. I don’t currently have a personal laptop or desktop to use for this. I’m glad I got a good promo rate to subscribe. I won’t lose more than a few dollars for this month. I’ll be canceling once I hit “send” on this.
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5 years ago, MiniMims8
Great news source, lousy app
No question, WaPo is my go-to news source for All Things DC. It's profoundly satisfying to read well researched, trustworthy journalism in a day of claimed witch hunts and fake news. So why does such a fine media outlet have such a crappy app? The navigation is awkward at best. Ads are often intrusive, disrupting reading. We subscribers get only partial versions of the print or browser-ready WaPo with the apps. Whole sections are missing, to say nothing of less popular articles. And there are no comments. WaPo comments are worth reading if only because some DC insider anonymously posts a news nugget from time to time. Many are thought provoking or witty or both. WaPo's app developers have been aware of these issues with the app for a long time-I mean years. The app developers always promise fixes but seldom do apps change. It's jarring that journalism of WaPo's quality is delivered with the faulty, user hostile classic black or blue app. It's outrageous that the app is unleashed in an unsuspecting world by WaPo publisher Jeff Bezos, the guy who practically invented seamless digital usability with his little ecommerce venture. Fix the problems, man. Deliver apps as good as the WaPo news reporting.
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2 weeks ago, what8ever
Stupid ai
Once again, search by typing in the author’s name and the article I want is NOT listed, even though the article is in today’s eblast “The Post Most.” Since the title is a long sentence, I type in the portion I think is somewhat unique. Zip. Zero. Nada. I’ll sure someone, will if there are Ny real people at WaPo, will say I don’t know how to type or use a search field… okay, copy and paste the “headline” into the search box results in absolutely nothing. Don’t be fooled, AI is stupid. Companies launch as WaPo buy a subscription, load it on to their server, and then don’t bother to check, test, nor try it. Well, I guess no human beings work at WaPo. So, it time to stop paying and cancel the “subscription.” Note: I reported this same problem about a year ago, and several months later, search seemed to work. Perhaps, subsequent updates broke broke the working search, and nobody bother to check. That’s common of many companies in that they announce a new feature or fix some feature but don’t teat everything and actual broke exist features. Stupidly stupid. If human beings would test the entire platform, there would be no need to constantly release updates that fix x, y, and z.
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2 years ago, Believer in "liberal media"
I love the Post
My reading of the Post goes back to Watergate when it was all alone in reporting on the scandal against fierce opposition from the government lead by Nixon. So I trust the Post’s reporting. Another reason I like reading the Post is the great literary style of it’s writing. Sometimes I reread a sentence because it is so well written. Even straight news reporting often has interesting phrases. I really enjoy Martin Weil’s weather writing. Sometimes it’s almost poetic. And I’ve watched a Robin Given (can’t spell last name) advance from writing about fashion to interesting and timely commentary on important current events. I also enjoy seeing the variety of different ethnic names of the writers of various news stories This is a very American trait that I am dismayed to see under attack. So keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading. PS Thete are several other columnists I regularly read but don’t have time to list them
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5 months ago, Tigerdg
Bug that WP Won’t Fix
I like the paper, and for the most part, I like the app, too, but there is one aspect of it I do not like. If I go to Print Edition, Archive, there is a bug that results in a mismatch between the date at the top of the page and the day of the paper selected below. For example, if I select the paper from the calendar for Monday, April 24, it will say “Sunday, April 23” at the top (the date of the paper I will get will match the one selected in the calendar). This anomaly usually isn’t a problem; I just ignore the date at the top of the page. But on Sundays, if I go to the Archive page and select a day prior, I can read tat day’s paper, but I CANNOT get back to Sunday until the next day, Monday. I know it’s not just me because I’ve tried it on my other devices, devices belonging to other people, and the same anomaly exists. I’ve tried submitting trouble tickets (twice) to the app developers, and they act like they don’t know what I’m talking about (despite the fact that I send screen shots) and that I’m the only person with this problem. They refuse to try to fix it.
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3 days ago, Krusselleanes
Consider this
Dear Washington Post, Yes…I’m aware that the times have changed in ALL profitable industries. Be clear, this review is NOT about that. Instead, as a suggestion, please read the most current book by Alexandra Robbins. You don’t even need to read the entire chapter to understand her gist. Why? Because I am a lifetime reader of WaPo. Now go to the July 16 issue - G section. On G3 there is the data analysis for the week. Kids aren’t looking for topics that don’t concern them. To further my point…read the largest photo in the Lifestyle section AND the front page of today’s Business section. Talk about high interest stories for upper elementary students. Please have enough professional faith in veteran teachers to use the resources available to them. Let’s perpetuate and build readers in the DMV area…. these are your future subscribers to your online access… Please take this up the chain. You can do this. Thank you.
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3 years ago, "Ginny"
The Washington Post: The “go to” news for news
I was, since the age of FIVE, when I learned how to read well, an avid reader (seriously!) of anything except sports, in the New York Times. Fast forward to the ripe old age of 66, and slowly but steadily, since 2016, when the presidential election was lost to a would-be despot (will-be?), I gravitated toward the Washington Post. Recently, I look the leap, and I am now a subscriber to the Washington Post. As of now, I am an avid supporter of this fine newspaper, and even when I know an article I am about to read is one I will find utterly awful because of the subject (such as racial bigotry and Trumps’s constant tweeting random/or lies), I KNOW I will be reading what MUST be read for the sake of TRUTH, not “fake news” or “alternative facts”. The Washington Post simply IS to me what the NEW YORK TIMES was- superb journalism without the backsliding. I couldn’t be happier with my first choice in news readership!
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5 years ago, Jack Jouett
An appreciation for the courageous
Our Founding Father’s created a government that was is supposedly designed with “Checks and Balances.” What they did not plan on was that moment when one of those branches lacks the integrity or courage to executed their solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Sadly, that is where we find ourselves at this moment. The WP and others in MSM - particularly print media - have courageously stepped in to fill the breech to bravely defend the Rule of Law, and the concept of Human Decency our forefathers valued so much. So far, their reward - to come under an attack that seems to get stronger everyday. At some point history will show us who were the heroes and who were the villains of this moment in our journey. No doubt - America’s Free Press will be among those heroes. My hope is that ALL of America comes to that realization soon. I’m not sure we will ever truly appreciate the great patriotic service these journalist have performed for our nation.
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2 years ago, Robbedinthedark
A new year for WAPO
I read WAPO daily, and NYT, the guardian, the Atlantic, listen to NPR; I used to read WSJ, I like Spiegel, CN news, nothing in the Middle East, read Moscow Carnegie Int’l for peace and security. The combination of this effort gives me an insight into what is going on in the world and domestically. I stopped reading WSJ; the subscribers are too racist for my taste. The NYT is somewhat similar to WAPO; last year was good for both newspapers. WAPO accepted about 80 % of my comments, the NYT barely 20%. Carnegie no longer accept comments, the comments were too damaging for allied countries in the middle east. I am no longer interested in what they have to say. Comments are extremely important for a large sector of subscribers. WAPO IS SCREENING AND REJECTING MORE COMMENTS. Progressive democrats may decide to create online their own forum and subscriptions for WAPO/NYT may plateau. Forums end up becoming more radicals. There are plenty of good publications waiting for readers. WAPO SHOULD NOT TAKE READERS FOR GRANTED.
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3 years ago, bwcox3
I retired from USPS in 2017. The Post Office was created during the birth of our nation. It was created as a Service for our nation not a business entity. That was changed under a Republican Administration in 1972. It was was made a quasi government enterprise to make a profit. In which it did. The government took their profits for many years. Then in another Republican Administration in 2007 made sure the Usps was saddled with paying forward health expanses and pensions so far ahead that people not born yet will have the pensions and health care funded. No other government entity has this burden. This was done to hurry the break up of the Usps so it can be pickup by private companies. My know the history and the job,,I know the Usps. I have always considered the Usps a Service to the American people not a business . It should not be saddled with fiscal burdens to destroy it but it must be returned to what the founding fathers wanted,,to be a Service to the American people. Thanks BW Cox
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2 years ago, mmbrownie
Google ads block recipes- WP does nothing.
I have written again& again to ask WP to PLEASE provide the option to “x” out google ads in recipes. On any other site I can “x” out ads & put the recipe in PDF form in iBooks on my phone. I’m a paying subscriber & can copy recipes from NYT & many other sites after I “x” out google by clicking on the “x” in the ad & then click on “ad covers content.” It works everywhere but not on WP site. I did that on several ads in today’s “special” recipe from WP but could not on a US Cellular ad. So the stinking ad covers a huge chunk of the instructions for the recipe. Thanks, WP, for not giving a rip- for YEARS. I’ll never look at recipes again on your site & I’m considering ending my subscription. Their “tech” team seems to not have a clue. US Cellular’s ad is an encouragement to never use their service. I don’t now & never will.
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1 year ago, FrankXray
Search is useless, lack of dissent
A recent article I had seen while scrolling the app was no longer visible. I searched the subject’s name but only older articles appeared. I went on Google and found the WaPo article and that link brought me back to the app. A frustrating work around and I’ve had to do this many times. Also, sometimes certain stories linger on the home page for a few too many days. And the Crossword sub-section frequently forgets my progress and I must restart a puzzle if I dare step away for too many minutes. Those are tech issues which will likely continue to be disregarded (they’re a year old at least). Content-wise, I would like to see more dissenting voices — throw rocks at the establishment and think critically and not as all one team. When one of your own reporters is blatantly hypocritical I shouldn’t have to go on Google to find (the thousands of) dissenting voices calling her out, this time with no self-critical WaPo links BTW.
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4 years ago, Honest Mitch
Too Few Quality News Sources Remain Nowadays
I grew up at a time when mid sized cities had quality local papers and televised news. Nationally there were three major networks that provided political balance and maintained actual journalists to report and anchor. Another commonality, what these sources provided was information edited with integrity and published with an attempt to provide factual reports. Today, CNN does retain some of that character and the actual news segments of NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC appear to do the same. I gather that lately even Fox does that .occasionally . However, financial stresses and the internet with its information flow has led to a lot of shrinkage - and the reduction of reliable sources of valid, factual news. The Washington Post is one of the few to come close to maintaining journalistic standards in reporting and editing. I appreciate this paper and the other media sources and employees who try to keep a decent news flow in our Country.
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3 years ago, Tavavilla
Hold the door
Having watched numerous videos of the insurrection on January 6, I was still not prepared for the horrors this article portrayed regarding the experience of the DC officers who were trying to hold the West Terrace door. The vivid and detailed accounts were much more profound and heartbreaking than the videos could ever convey. I have no idea what it was like for these police officers, however, in my eyes they are all heroes. I was struck by the betrayal of these officers by President Trump. Through sheer strength and determination, these officers tried to hold the door and keep the insurrection from spilling into the Capital building. I am amazed and grateful we did not lose more police officers during the insurrection. While losing one officer is too many, from this written account, it is clear we could’ve lost more due to the president’s inaction. Thank you for this incredibly vivid account of what these officers endured.
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1 year ago, yesitstimenow
Survival tool
I long for a functioning “fourth estate”, the investigation and information check on our three branches of government. WAPO consistently delivers accurate, relevant, and fair coverage that opens my eyes to change and spotlights news on the intractable obstacles our society still has not solved. As a native I want local, practical news about government actions, DC goings on, and who is influencing whom…(and for how much!) As an American I rely on news analyses that correctly recognize pivots and shifts in our society. Simply put, Washington Post gives me all of this... and more. Even among the many competitors for my attention, even after 35 years, WAPO still provides the absolutely the best sourced and best synthesized information about our nation’s Capitol, national policy summaries, and local news. It is a big part of my life and my ongoing education. Bless them all.
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6 months ago, Kel3001
Very good coverage, too many “alerts”
The W Post has very good coverage, especially of US politics and world events. And despite those on the far right who can’t stand any news that contradicts their world view castigating WP, I find their reporting to be largely without bias. They *do* seem to have a bias for presenting a lot of pesky facts, which further aggravates those on the far right who deal in opinion and innuendo. As long as they keep the subscription price reasonable - which it is, especially when compared to other news outlets of their stature, I will continue to subscribe. My biggest complaint is their overuse of news “alerts” for items that are not of sufficient importance to merit an alert. They seem to do this in an attempt to increase viewership by encouraging the recipient to click through to the main site or app.
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5 months ago, Analog guy in a digital world
A terrific app for a great newspaper
I am new to this app, but not to the Washington Post. This is one of only a handful of “must reads” for anyone wishing to stay fully informed. It’s location in our nation’s capital gives reporters there the advantage in detailing the workings of our government and the activities of our elected officials (plus the goings-on of the unelected players). If this were all the WP did, it would be enough, but there are many other articles on a wide array of interests, including things to do and see in and around Washington, local and national sports, and a roster of talented columnists covering anything you could imagine. There are multiple packages and price points for the app sufficient to include any reader, and the app itself is very user-friendly. Download it and see for yourself; you won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, tyler arson
Clickbait Headlines
While Bezos owning the Washington Post may have helped get them the right tech to modernize their website and apps, the biggest downside I see, and one that I think has contributed to our culture of polarization, is the exaggerated, hyperbolic clickbait headlines used to drive user engagement. I can’t go a week without seeing how so-and-so “brutally” “took down” so-and-so and similar. For someone who seems to pride himself on the quality of his reading repertoire and started his business in books (and who’s so wealthy you’d think he would set more limits on this), Bezos has optimized eyeballs at the cost of de-elevating the quality of the Post’s reading experience, and it’s uncomfortable—I want a Post subscription to balance against the New York Times, but I feel less elevated reading today’s Post headlines, to the point where it feels like less of a stretch to think that Bernstein and Woodward must have reported for the Times rather than for their “modern” Washington alternative.
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2 months ago, get rid of dstractions
More emphasis on newsworthy positive.
Frightening how much advertising, hacking, interruptions not desired crowd into the actual news reporting. Frightening how google overrides my safari. Apparently this is the way the internet works now and everyone I mention it to hates it also. Stressful. Annoying. A huge waste of time deleting. No wonder we are in a mental health crisis. Aside from the time it takes to eliminate trash and waste, instant news is a miracle, the WP is filled with useful if heartbreaking information. I wish the writers were more representative in their numbers of the actual population of this country. Also wish the Senate represented the population numbers of the State. It is beyond belief how incorrectly and unfairly they represent the people in various states. Democracy is an uphill battle against power interests and money. Will never change. A tribute to courage and decency that the fight continues. Thank you.
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3 years ago, rozica
Great quality journalism, functionality leaves much to be desired for me
Despite having had a subscription (through the Apple store) for a while now, in the app I can only read a couple of articles or so because after that, when I try to go to another article, be it through a link embedded in the article I’m currently reading, or by going back to the home screen of the app, I am sent to the subscribe screen. I tried to restore Apple store purchase, but I get a message saying that no subscription associated with my Apple ID was found, and to try to sing into the Wapo or make an account. I tried to delete the app and re-install it, I restarted the iPad several times, to no avail. I HAVE a subscription, and I DON’T want to sign up for more accounts, our information is out there enough as it is already. Please look into this and try to fix the issue. It is possible, for instance the Wall Street Journal app seems to have flawless functionality. I really don’t want to drop this subscription, but if I am unable to read the paper, I may end up giving it up.
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4 years ago, Grizzly Rocket
Superior Factual Journalism
We hear the term Patriot being thrown around by blow hearts that want to twist the information, they believe if they speak their falsehoods numerous times that people will believe their narrative is the truth. But in reality they do not have facts or truth. The Post and it’s journalists have verified facts that speak truth to power. Journalists at the Post are professionals and not two bit imposters that fill present day public positions. They understand that any false information not varieties would be career ending. The Post’s Journalist are our true PATRIOTS! Those that tell the true story fear reporting falsehoods. Those that tell falsehoods have no fear of telling falsehoods because their only survival is to bend the truth to their universe, they fill if you say unverified falsehoods enough there must be some truth in what they say. Free journalism verified is what helps keep are lives free!
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2 years ago, SidPhoton
Great content, I only wish it worked well
First kudos to the WaPo the content is mostly excellent top to bottom. But neither the app, nor the browser version (I mostly use Safari) are smooth experiences. Dynamic page resizing when ads refreshing, distracting ads is probably the biggest issue, but sometimes small text or photos that won't allow zoom are super annoying especially if it happens mid article. Two particular nits, crosswords - you'd better finish it in one go, the save function works randomly, and usually not at all. And the absolute worst is the comics, slightly better in the app, but many faves are missing. In the browser it almost seems like a different selection altogether, but so many issues, it feels like an editor had never been there - dead links, each comic has it's own form of date navigation. But like i started off - it is a great selection.
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5 years ago, Halimaryland
Check the Post every morning., noon and night
I love the convenience of this App even though I have news aggregators for my favorite topics. On this app, the Washington Post stands alone because, for me, it is special. I trust it. Sometimes I want to skip the rest and just see what The Post has to say about something. Sometimes, I receive articles before the stories come out in print and that’s fun for me. But I also enjoy searching through historical archive stories that evolved over time. I frequently compare WAPO’s perspective with that of papers and topical magazines in the U.S. and abroad. This app makes it easier. The Post verifies it’s breaking stories. So reading the paper via the app gives me deep insight into both fools gold and fact-based stories that arise in other media throughout the day, The Washington Post app gives me many entertaining and informative articles to easily share with my friends on social media. I also confidently reference articles at the Post when I write online stories on topics that the general public might find interesting.. In short, I appreciate WAPO’s in-depth, longitudinal stories, award-winning research and unique, fact-checked perspective. I like having it with me all day long on my phone.
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6 months ago, iPhone user 385
Horrible up scrolling
I recently manually updated The Washington Post app and discovered that they’ve added this really annoying “feature“, where when you scroll to the top of an article and go up once more it transports you back to wherever you clicked to get to that article. Frequently one may scroll to the top of the article to check out the author, the headline, the time of publication, etc. I am used to being able to scroll quickly to the top of anything on the phone. The top of an article is an important location. So you may scroll quickly to get to the top. So now when you do that you get sucked right out of the article, because obviously you are not going to scroll with exact precision to the top. Incredibly, incredibly annoying. Knocking down two stars because of this. Otherwise this app has always gotten praise from me.
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2 years ago, Mark from Herndon
Great Paper, OK App
I mostly like the Washington Post app—except for its terrible search function. It is easy to scroll through the promoted articles and jump from current stories to related items. I also appreciate that the advertisements are relatively unobtrusive, unlike, for example, the Richmond Times Dispatch, which is difficult to read online because of its obtrusive pop up ads. I am frustrated, however, by the inadequate search capability inside the Wapo app. I am often unable to locate articles I see in the print edition when I want to find them online and read them in the app. We should be able to search for an article by author or by the print headline, but neither of these methods work consistently.
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3 years ago, T Loves C
No Options for Upgrading Subscription
I am a basic digital subscriber that was interested in upgrading to a premium subscription so my wife could also access the WP app on a bonus subscription. Every time I went to settings the app told me I was already a subscriber with no options to upgrade from basic to premium. I sent a help request and the WP agent redirected me to the same spot on the app which obviously didn’t help. My only option was to let my free subscription expire and it looks like I have to start over. There is a $39 introductory offer for a premium subscription. That’s all I wanted to do. Appears that subscribing to the WP through Apple News did not provide any options to upgrade to the $39 into offer except if I wanted to sign up got the $149 annual offer. Overall experience was pretty frustrating as if anyone reading this will actually care about how difficult it is to upgrade this subscription. Also, why Apple News did not offer both a basic and premium subscription after a free trial is beyond me.
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2 years ago, ellenthered
Journalism is almost happening
I give the New York Times 4 stars. I wish I could give them five but in the past two decades or so they have backed away from genuine journalism and participated instead in “bothsideism” which is not journalism. It is reporting truth on one side and lies and propaganda on the other. No ethical journalist would provide a platform for propaganda and lies without labeling it propaganda and lies. Sadly, the NYT believes reporting both sides and giving equal weight and validity to both sides equals responsible journalism. It does not. The fourth estates sole purpose is to inform with facts and truth - not to print lies. This leads down the road to tyranny. Sadly the New York Times has not yet grasped the historical fact that when tyranny comes one of the first institutions terminated are the press. Pay attention NYT - your “both sides” reporting may be the cause of your demise.
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4 years ago, Struggling Optimist
Five Stars for The Dedicated Journalists of the Washington Post
This is more of a profound, heart-felt thank you to the hard-working, dedicated journalists and all the staff of the Washington Post for being our light in the darkness as our nation struggles to steer our democracy out of the quagmire of Trump and all he represents. I don’t know where we would be or how our democracy would survive without your efforts on behalf of truth and justice. I start and end each day with you, and trust I will find the answers we all are seeking in your stories. I’d also like to thank the families of your journalists and all the staff of the Washington Post for their sacrifice of time and family life that allow these pieces to be written and to become lifelines for us all. We and our country are in your debt. Thank You! Renee A. Huss, Ph.D., St. Louis, Missouri
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3 years ago, L_S
A great app that is a background hog
I have used this app for many years and it keeps getting better with each release. However, recently it has become a background hog. Some days, half of my battery usage is this app doing something in the background. That is, even when I am not using it, with “Background App Refresh” turned off, this app is busy eating up my battery and working away. I don’t know what it is doing. But I refuse to let some app do so much that I know nothing about. I’ve now deleted it. I’ll use a web browser to access WashPost unless this gets fixed. (Question for Apple: How can this happen with “Background App Refresh” turned off?) Aug 1: Per the developer, updating to IOS 13.6 solved the problem. All is good again.
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2 years ago, Pady Ann
civility and balance. Write that.
Tell the truth more. I see slant and agendas everywhere on every page —not even counting the opinion page. Build readers up with the stories of our nation and not just stir up today’s click bait hate rant. (While criticizing Facebook!) Raise your game and write the hard stuff with context, nuance and our history of change and growth — which we can prove. Has any other country in history accomplished what we have? Tell that. How about a history section. Tell our story. Show how far we have come and how close we are to falling in the chasm. Weed out the hater/silencers who devour good, imperfect people. Find normal people to write about. And what’s up with the shaming, slamming of the senator from Az? Not falling in line use to be an American tradition. Knock it off. Help us see the evil is mostly in ourselves, in our own corruption. Investigate and weed out your corruption. Help readers weed out their. I’m trying to weed out mine. Very few of us are actual victims. Stop promoting victimhood. We are, however all sinners. Rid yourselves of the dripping cynicism and anger in much of what is written. In short start acting like a grownups. You could bring civility back in writing style. You could do this. Just tell us the objective truth. At least once in a while —-
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3 years ago, Jasperblu67
Accessibility features lacking
Very nice UI, but! The accessibility features (such as font size) are very limited. Max font size is nowhere near large enough, and I’m unable to find any further options for features such as text to speech, nor a method by which suggestions can be made. Please do better for the visually or hearing impaired, app Devs! 20-30 year olds with perfect vision/hearing, and who are able-bodied in general, must do better, especially if your companies leadership expects more and more folks to fork over their hard earned $$ to “popular” subscription models for accessing your digital content. Only the most diverse and robust options will survive this pandemic, and personally I’d prefer it be the WaPo who wins the rat race over the NYT (who, by the way, has many larger font options, just saying).
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5 days ago, OldPutsKin
The Indispensable Washington Post
The Post I Has never been more necessary in its long and storied history than it is Right Now. Given the current climate of overt and covert frontal and rear guard attacks on our government, our institutions, our very Democracy and Truth Itself, The Post is a beacon in this awful miasma that helps us all divine what is real of people, place and thing….we would be bereft in so many fundamental ways if the people who serve as our guides and counsel at The Post weren’t so dedicated to their mission of keeping our republic, our free society informed and thinking. Thank You All for your commitments to maintaining a just, thoughtful, reasonable and fair discourse in the midst of the current mayhem that has been inflicted upon us by forces that would undo us. Amen & Awomen!
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3 years ago, Hemuparikh
I decided to try WP as Conservative hoping to find journalistic neutrality! Send me any article that shows your appreciation of what Trump, or Republicans are doing that’s opposed by Democrats but you at WaPo like it. I haven’t found a single article praising a new approach to Middle East peace, or value of Border wall. Also in fairness no article that shows corruption of Biden clan. No mention of Hunter. Or how Democrats Systematically damaged Trump by creating media storm about false Russian collusion and Ukraine phone call. Both these had to be well understood by elite in media as ‘not as bad’ as they were made out to be right from the start. I wish no one on Right stoops this low for the sake of Union. Judiciary is trying to hold us together by trying to go to middle, and It would not be too much to expect that from Media if they acknowledged legitimate ideas and accomplishments of ‘Right’. On the other hand I won’t be surprised if Biden is quickly discarded on health grounds and more left leaning leadership takes over. And WaPo will applaud it as gracious exit.
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4 years ago, MommaKBeary
WaPo is tracking what you do--even w/ paid subscription
UPDATE: After some research, it looks like the reason it won't recognize me as a subscriber is because I have private browsing on, and I limit ad tracking. So basically WaPo is forcing digital readers to give up our privacy to access their content. Wow. Big brother is watching everything. It's not like I have things to hide, but this does feel like overreaching because I'm PAYING so it's not like they aren't ready making money from me. And they don't make it explicitly known that they're tracking you, even as a paid subscriber. Feels wrong to me. Ugh! App repeatedly "forgets" that I'm a subscriber, and whenever it prompts me to sign in again, it will not allow me to see content.I'm a paid subscriber, I have a valid account online, and saved password, but somehow this app won't recognize it. The old print app recognizes it, but not this digital page. Too frustrating to read. I'll get my news elsewhere and stop paying for denial of access.
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6 months ago, Goodbye Fascist Tendencies
Preeminent Paper
The Post is almost always on the Federal Gov. stories right away with excellent reporters. So I learn the facts and possible future soon. The columnists are also on the events right away, doing good analysis right away. I always read D. Ignatius, almost learning every time. He is in James Reston’s league. While the last Republican Presidential candidate I voted for was R. Nixon, who so surpasses Trump as to render Trump a nothing, I always read G. Will and thank you for having him. I might disagree with him, but I learn the conservative view. Sometimes he changes my mind, always he educates me. I am a retired lawyer and analyzed a case with “why does my opponent think he/she can win.” Sometimes, I would see and adjust strategy. Mr. Will makes me think that way now.
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