Washington State Fair

2.4 (41)
65.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ply Interactive
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Washington State Fair

2.37 out of 5
41 Ratings
2 years ago, Chris Lemagie
Just Okay
This app works perfectly fine if all you care about is looking at the days events, navigating the fairgrounds themselves or looking for services. I was disappointed to find out that the application does not allow you to login to your Washington State Fair online account so that you can view purchased event and concert tickets within the app itself. Aren’t we beyond the point where we have to search through email, for our order info, and click on a “Mobile Tickets” link to view our purchased tickets? purchased fare and event tickets should be available within the app itself.
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3 years ago, Wolfgirl516
Could be really helpful if….
The app would be really helpful if it allowed the calendar to work but it keeps resetting to 1970 before I can even make a selection so we can’t plan our trip unless I literally click on each icon on the map and then scroll all the way down to the date we want to go. This makes the app pointless to me as I’m back to the good old pencil and paper to figure out our day……
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2 years ago, Olympia Rob
App is ok. Has to be viewed in portrait mode though (at least on iPad).
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5 years ago, Med04
Great looking app!
If you’re patient with it, it’s a great app! View everything that is happening at the fair, once it has aaalll loaded, you can save anything you want to visit later. Save and share food spots, bathrooms, events, even buildings! Tap around the interactive map. The best state fair app I’ve come across!
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2 years ago, A4Cabrio
What is the use?
I had set up an account online and later decided to download the app thinking that I could save event tickets in it. Alas, the app doesn’t provide any place to log into my account - the Settings menu option just takes me to the iPhone settings where this app isn’t even listed - so I’m not sure what I would ever do with it. I guess it has a map? Yay. I think this might have been impressive on the original iPhone, but not so much in 2022.
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2 years ago, SpicyTea18
Great App To Use During The Fair 🐮
This was my first time using the WA Fair App and it was great! All the functions worked perfectly and made things so much easier to find. Food, bathrooms, etc were super easy to locate. Fantastic app and idea.
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3 years ago, ncej
v3.0.14 Update is Good!
The latest updates made this app responsive, reliable, and up-to-date. I’ve been using it all day and it’s been much better than a paper map!
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2 years ago, Music4Life58
Worst App Ever
Close the app - lose your favorites . Try to find something with a cue word - tells you nothing available or maybe only one choice - only later to find out there were many more choices . Try to interpret the map - good luck. I went back to paper with greater ease.
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2 years ago, fisc3577
Map is useful, where are the ride prices?
It’s nice having your location on the fair map, but it’s absurd that ride prices aren’t listed with the rides. That feels intentional as these rides are steep in price.
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5 years ago, Harpgirl82
Calendar of events
The Calendar takes too long to load and has to reset every time I look at a single event. Was easier last year to operate.
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3 years ago, Scrapingrandma
I’m not sure who is responsible for setting up the web-site but it isn’t working at all! Everything I hit just sits there. When will it be up and running. You should at least have the entertainers listed. Nancy
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7 years ago, inkliss
Worthless, inaccurate
Booths that are closed show up as open in this app. Booths that are open show up as not existing in the app. What is the point of having an app that doesn't tell you where things are that you want?
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7 years ago, Robert CK
So many notifications...
Keeps asking me if I need help while walking around. With no option in app to turn them off. Been at the fair an hour and I have 8 notifications.
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11 years ago, KKeeper:(
Next year will probably be better...
Needs a search function (so I could search for scones, etc). Location names should be identified upon hover instead of showing black balloons and the red green blue painted lines would have been nice to see on the map. The find your car idea was good though and the moving blue dot to see if I was going in the right direction was helpful. I also like the event planner to help me choose and mark things to go to.
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3 years ago, chloester
App force quits
2 days before the fair and the app doesn’t even open
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4 years ago, errhoads
App crashes and continuously
Poor quality. App continuously loads & crashes.
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6 years ago, Ym2c
Won’t open
All I get is a spinning circle. Deleted and the and reloaded with the same result
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2 years ago, kat621
Still buggy
App is blank
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5 years ago, Racefan799
Not working
We’re at the fair and the app is broken. Total waste of time.
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5 years ago, bcoll85
Can’t even open the app.
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6 years ago, DavidS_
Don’t Bother
Crashtastic in 2018. Doesn’t stay open for even 10s
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8 years ago, Vis42
Great except for 2 frustrating parts.
Almost everything about this app is awesome. But there were two parts that I feel were overlooked in development. It's great that you can search for things on the fairgrounds map - but when your search results include multiple pinpoints it's frustrating that the map isn't labeled to know which is which. Secondly, and more frustrating, when using the "My Planner" feature (which is an awesome option), not all of the attractions can be added to my itinerary! Why on earth isn't there a "+" sign to add things like the Antique Merry-Go-Round or the Speedy ride or Sillyville?? I understand those attractions don't have specific schedules like other events do but without the ability to add them to my itinerary, am I just supposed to remember them in my head?
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11 years ago, Kimberly-in-SEA
Nice to have an app to plan ahead!
I'm really liking this app for planning ahead. With two little ones we are trying to fit everything in before nap time and this saves me from printing at home or relying on the paper copies when we get there. My only suggestion would be to make it possible to add activities that aren't timed to the planner. For example, we don't want to miss Piglet Palace but from the Fun menu there is no way to add it to the planner. I'm hoping to use the planner to make sure I hit everything.
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9 years ago, BreezeAye
Gives a good overview of activities at the fair, however, the app does not help to plan your day. It just makes a list of what you selected you would like to see. The day planner could use a lot of work. The list of activities which you choose are not organized. It would be helpful if the app showed where each activity was so you could plan your day by time and location.
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9 years ago, 206FairGoer
Not sure what problems others had. We used it to find parking, plan the day and things we wanted to see, and see ourselves on the map and how to get to the next exhibit. Much better than a paper map!
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11 years ago, rzrgrl
It half works. Lots of bugs. Have to refer to the website anyway; might as well just stuck with that.
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10 years ago, Bjornkarl
A Companion App Done Right
Short and Sweet review! Pros: Super fast, and easy to navigate. Lots of great features, including an ability to populate a location-based map of the fair with locations of the all-important Scone Huts. Professional look, too. Cons: Hangs up a bit on Iphone 4's. Yeah, yeah, I'm a dinosaur.
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9 years ago, Tjfourteen
It was VERY helpful!! Couldn't have made my way through the fair without it
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11 years ago, harborgirl
App won't launch and keeps shutting itself down. Haven't seen any screen except big swing. I have a strong Internet connection and uninstalling/reinstalling app didn't work, either. Might be useful but not now. One star until bugs fixed!!
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7 years ago, SarahIvyM
Fairgrounds Map was not helpful - couldn't show me my own location relative to attractions. Couldn't find the advertised "find my car" option so ended up using my phone's map to pin it.
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9 years ago, Schwmi
Horrible and Worthless
Map isn't accurate and has no detail, which makes the rest of the app pointless. Fix the map issues and it might be somewhat useful.
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10 years ago, Bmark15
No effort at all. Map is worthless.
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10 years ago, Robfgkk
Very Cool
The Trip Planner with map locations is a great tool for organizing a day at the fair.
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9 years ago, feras_n88
When I tried to open it, it crashed!
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11 years ago, ~Heidi
Great App & easy to use! See you at the Washington State Fair! 🎡🎠🎢
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7 years ago, Supercooper123
Crashes - useless
Won't even open.
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11 years ago, Glaydepfs
Way too cluttered and events and food are all jumbled together
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4 years ago, AMA2008
The app won’t open
I downloaded the app today 6/19/2020 and it won’t even open, I tap it, it expands and then closes instantly.
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