WashU Mobile

4.6 (752)
85.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Washington University in St. Louis
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for WashU Mobile

4.59 out of 5
752 Ratings
10 years ago, KBo5523
Great Combo of previous WUSTL Apps
Nice to have just one app to handle all of the previous apps available. Also, mobile Webstac finally works for adding bear bucks!
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6 years ago, Jamie_Pi
A little clunky, but useful
This is a pretty helpful app, if not a little bit clunky in places. It's pretty helpful when it comes to getting around on campus, but the integration with other WUSTL services leaves a bit to be desired.
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7 years ago, STL cubs fan
Course listings are a mess
The course listings section shows courses that are not taught in the semester shown. The whole section is a mess. Also, the courses are sorted by title rather than number, making courses hard to find. The course section on the app is pretty much useless. Very disappointing, there is no reason it has to be this way, it is just a poor design.
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7 years ago, gracesiu
Not working for iPhone iOS 10.3.3 user. Settings...Notifications... -- can't see your app.
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5 years ago, Kaslinn
Worked great until the last update. Now it crashes anytime I try and bring up the West Campus Shuttle tracker. It’s the only feature I use on this app so this is massively inconvenient.
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5 years ago, ksaintlouis
New update crashes app every time it opens
The most recent update is causing the app to crash. Can’t even get it open.
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5 years ago, chppe
With the new update (3.0), the app simply crashes a second or so after I open it.
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6 years ago, Jszyle Awesome
I would like to be able to sign into webstac and not be logged out every time I exit the app
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10 months ago, AboveItAll
Buggy & Useless
Not worth the storage space.
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10 years ago, Taylor Murphy .
Good update.
The upgrade is nice. Still annoyed that you have to use the app in portrait mode, which makes it a pain to use with the iPad. There's always Safari, I guess, which remains my WUSTL app of choice for this reason. Also there is no caching of anything still, or so it seems. A few weeks ago someone asked me for directions and I couldn't help them because we were outside. Oh well, right? Still, I'd very much love to see downloaded data like the maps and be cached (until overwritten) so it can be used when it would be most useful, like when I'm not already near a real computer.
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7 years ago, Doña Violeta de Flores
Food Options are broken
While the circ tracker was broken before, now it's the menu choices that are broken. As someone who is both dieting and has an allergy, being able to check the ingredients and nutritional content of my food options on the fly is key. Currently, many places are simply showing up as "Closed for the summer" or blank, despite the fact that classes have already begun and all locations on campus are serving food. Please fix this and I will update my review!
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10 years ago, Shamzz
Latest Update Broke Everything
Well, almost everything. The interface is really buggy, the search bar in the map menu doesn't work, the keypad that is used in searching doesn't go away when you're done with it. Also, I can't find myself with the self track arrow thing in the maps menu anymore. If the interface is a bit more polished I'll give it 4 starts, but everything needs to be fixed for 5 :/
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9 years ago, moonmuser
In the latest update, courses are listed in alphabetical order rather than by course number. This may be helpful for some users, but as an administrator I really need to see them in numerical order. It would be useful to have both options.
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7 years ago, JWBailey-STL
New map is difficult to use
The new Transportation section of the app is awesome, showing many more options beyond the circulator! However, the new web-based Map section is difficult to read and very difficult to use.
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10 years ago, Nathan P. 1995
Problems with the new app
I love that all these apps are now in one place but some parts of this new app I've used are not fully operational. Courses is the biggest problem. You can't see multiple sections or the full course descriptions. All the things that were clickable in the old app no longer exist. Please fix this and I will be very happy.
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7 years ago, Zarthong
Please put the calorie count for bagels in the dining section under cherry tree
Please put the calorie count for bagels in the dining section under cherry tree
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10 years ago, Screwed kver
Circulator app aspect broken
There have been multiple times in the past month where the circ icon is permanently stuck in a place not showing it's real location. As an architect, this app is my life blood. Please fix!
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10 years ago, Quantumstuff
Good, but some issues
Sometimes crashes. No landscape mode on iPad. Could use search function for course listings. But otherwise good!
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10 years ago, BingNeedsALife
Absolutely wonderful
So useful and works really well. Surprised more people aren't rating this app.
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10 years ago, Barb Coleman
Great app!
Glad WU is packaged into one easy download! So much easier to get everything you need on campus!
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10 years ago, DP289
Used to work...
When online course listings was developed by CompSci students, it worked like a charm. Now when you get to a specific course, the app flakes out and kicks the user out without being able to see course details. Bring back the student developers!
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10 years ago, lolobaobao
Always crush when I check out courses
This edition always crush when I use my iPhone to check out courses under MEMS department. It doesn't happen on my iPad.
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8 years ago, Cassatx
Just get it !
Good to have on your phone in case of emergency ! And it has menus for dining spots on campus etc...
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10 years ago, Tomgift
Great app
what a wonderful newcomers and visitors Other Universities should Check this out
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9 years ago, McGillicutty 69
Love that it pushes emergency alerts to my phone
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8 years ago, Davlin1
Can "Recent News" or "Top Stories" be added in the Newsroom Section
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7 years ago, Eric1580
Student Health Services
Please note that the app is sending those that are looking for Student Health Services to Brauer Hall. Student Health Services is located in the South Forty. Please update the location as Brauer Hall is clear across campus.
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8 years ago, BitingChaos
Go to the "About" page and swipe. It will always crash.
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10 years ago, onenote cant sync hate it
Terrible accuracy
It was a great idea to combine all of the wustl apps into one but now the circ app doesn't work at all. Checking the schedule causes the app to close and the circ never shows the correct location (always an error)
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8 years ago, Luvs2Draw
Circulator never online
The circulator tracker went offline a month ago for many of my floormates and me and was never restored. A fix would make the app perfect.
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7 years ago, Cutter957
Map downgrade
Newest update was a downgrade for the map. Where's the list of buildings?? Where's the blue dot as you walk to the red dot building?? Please change back to list all buildings and have dots as you walk.
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10 years ago, Jer01
Please fix!!
Same as others discussed below. Pull up a course and go for more information and it crashes EVERYTIME!!
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10 years ago, 1991hgz
Can't use map offline
Can't use map offline
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7 years ago, 0242231678
circ never "online"
Even though the circ has been running, for the last four days the app has displayed "circulator offline"
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10 years ago, User225935
Courses crashes every time
Major bug!!!! Courses crashes every time you try to view a specific class.
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7 years ago, Jerry Naunheim
Bad, bad, bad
The maps function in now totally messed up. Please change it back.
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10 years ago, Mark S Wrighten
Best app ever!
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10 years ago, Steve=X
Great App. But Improvement Possible
First I have to say that this is a really good App. It put so many frequently used information together. It is nicely designed… ( 2000 more words here omitted. ) But there are a couple of questions I would like to ask the programmers (designers): 1) Why does this App only have Portrait display? Is there any technical problem here? For a mobile App, it would lose a lot of fun without rotating it if it is possible. And for this App, there is at least one place which needs landscape: For example, when you start the App and choose WebSTAC. After you log in with your WUSTLKey, there is a link at the bottom of the page: “WebSTACT Full Site”. I would really like to have LandScape here if I tap that link. So I think it would be a lot better to be able to rotate the screen for this App. As far as I can tell, I do not see any technical problem there. If you do, probably I can help. 2) For the Maps part, if you choose Maps from the first view, then pick any of the building name, it will bring up the Google Map with a pin on the building. That is great. There is also a Google Logo at the bottom left corner. If you tap that Logo, it will bring up the Google Map App and run away from your App. To go back, you would have to close Google Map App first. Then start WUSTL Mobile App again which I think you should try to avoid that kind of situation. I am not sure if Google requires that. My guess is that we can disable that link and keep the Google Logo there. 3) As for the Map Types Picker button to choose the map types, either Standard or Hybrid. Can you also add in the Satellite map? Some people may just like that kind of map. It is understandable to choose the red color as the tint color for this button. But why is the background color white? It may look funny to see the four small white part right outside of the button? 4) In the table view of the buildings, there are some buildings listed twice which I think it could be the problem of the database. For example, I found "CID school”, “Holmes Lounge” listed twice. Hopefully those problems could be fixed in the next version. Thanks, Steve
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10 years ago, daddymigo
App crashes
Same issue. Trying to view BME 320B, and kicked out.
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7 years ago, scarletbloo
Circ app has been offline for 2 weeks, pls fix asap!
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