Watch Movies Now! At Home App

4.5 (2.1K)
20.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Flickdirect Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.6 or later
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User Reviews for Watch Movies Now! At Home App

4.51 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
3 months ago, Miadlphns1
Great movie app
Has all the latest movies, easy to use
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1 month ago, Papa Ronaldo
Highly Dissatisfied with Misleading Subscription Service
I recently purchased a subscription from this service with the sole intention of watching a particular movie. Imagine my disappointment when, after completing the purchase, all it did was show me where I could watch or buy the movie elsewhere. This is not what I signed up for and feels extremely misleading. I had anticipated direct access to the movie through the subscription, not a redirection to other platforms where I have to pay again. This is a complete waste of money and I feel cheated out of my hard-earned cash. I would strongly advise potential subscribers to stay clear of this service and look for more transparent, consumer-friendly platforms. A one-star rating is too generous for this disappointing experience.
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8 months ago, Dee P67
Misleading app
I’m really upset ( for not saying the other word in my head) . This app it’s a disgrace, cannot believe Apple Store let apps like this one . They say you can watch movies from theaters like the new one from Indiana jones and not play and sometimes they get you to another site to rent it after you pay for the year you need to put xtra money to rent ( I can do that without this app ) if I wanted to rent . I really I want my money back on this one and Apple need to check the developer before agreeing to put the apps on the store
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10 months ago, Natedog01811
This app is a scam
Do not download this app. There are many other apps and services that can provide the same service for a better price with more honest practices. They will charge you out of nowhere if you enter your card info. They also make it impossible to create a new password if you forget yours. Good luck canceling the free trial. I had to get a completely new debit card just to avoid outrageous charges from this app.
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8 months ago, jacob155
Scam alert
I weighed up for free trial thinking they o could watch any movies including ones that are in theaters, I tried 2 different moves that are still in theaters, you can’t watch them on this app, all it dies odd takes you to a place that you can preorder the movies, why would it pay for the more of I am posting for your subscription? I am canceling my free trial and will never subscribe again,
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3 months ago, josefran1004
Difficult to navigate
I am not sure if I make a wise decision First , do not send me a review FF if this app I don’t even know if is worth it !!! Let the people navigate to get familiar with the process , also I like to review the quality of the movies the performance let me keep working on it and I will tell you the kind of service is this After couple days I will tell you all about it
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2 months ago, Astro909
App is NOT to watch movies!!
I wasted my money tried contacting them after many tries to watch a movie to get a refund same day emailed them have not heard anything back. That’s wrong in many ways! Very upsetting to have pay an app you are just going to erase because it does not serve its purpose.
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5 years ago, iHussain723
Where the in-App purchase
I was looking for the premium version, but could not find it. PLEASE HELP!
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1 year ago, djzipod
Misleading search Tags
This app shouldn’t come up when you search for things like “soap2day” because it does not offer the same service as that.
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10 years ago, sparklePOP85
Love this app!!!
It is easy to use, easy to follow, and is something I use occasionally. If you want an app that follows e currently movies and movies coming up and when they will be released, this is the app for you! Also, as far as improvements, I would just make sure you are regularly updating the movies and times of release, maybe notifications if a TBA movie that you are following has been given a date, and also if you could give one week notifications if a movie you are following will be in theaters :)
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3 months ago, Fun fact about
This was so trash why did they even make this the most dumbest thing I ever could’ve made I couldn’t even sign in. I put my ID and it didn’t even work.
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11 months ago, Anonymous1989!
This a scam. Don’t waste you hard earned money to pay $65 to “talk to your friends about the newest releases and cou to downs to the hottest movies”. It’s ineligible for a refund also! Lesson learned. I should have just thrown $65 out a window.
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2 weeks ago, jssc1994
This app is a scam
It makes you suscribe to watch any movie, then it’ll just give you the options of where to watch it. Not worth it!
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4 weeks ago, Wait beforyou get it
3 stars
It good but you can’t many show or movies
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11 months ago, Shdhsishshwbdveienebre
They said that this app was free. So tell me y I was trying to watch wonder and tried to make me pay like I thought the app was free . So just for that I am going to give yall 1 stars!!!!😆
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1 year ago, Timlba63 baller
Not free
Would give half a star because I searched free movie app on the App Store and this came up so I downloaded then I realize I have to have a paid trail! 😡
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1 year ago, S3lf-made
You have to pay
This app won’t let you watch a movie if you don’t pay
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12 months ago, Movies noww
2 stars!
It’s alright it doesn’t have all the movies but some. Plus you can’t watch if you payy!
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3 weeks ago, David65465
Waste of money
The subscription service does NOTHING! You can’t watch movies from the app. Complete fraud.
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1 year ago, dhrbxnehdbfnf Bud gdbdb
It sucked it made you pay and trued selling you movies that weren’t even out yet
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6 months ago, Jessie32743763Rogers
You have to pay to watch any movies on the app
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1 year ago, exc puss
How do you watch the movies
Pretty good
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11 months ago, pris1002
How do I cancel this app!!!
I cannot find how to cancel this ridiculous subscription!
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11 months ago, Evybevyhi62
If you want free movies
I was on a car ride looking for free movies but I have to pay
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2 months ago, SwissLoc60
They are lieing I paid and still didn’t get to watch the movie
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3 months ago, Oh ok20183
This is the worst ap
If I could put have a star this is the worst app
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1 year ago, Zancuda13
Horrible app
This is a scam and it charges you for the free trial 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Horrible this app shouldn’t even be here !
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1 month ago, HollywoodHeather1
What a scam
Do Not download this app…it is a scam and you do not get to watch movies
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1 year ago, Slade2087
I canceled right away. Nothing on this app works.
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2 months ago, amanda 86
I want a refund
I want a refund
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11 months ago, Cold Burn
Just adds
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1 month ago, frinzik
I hate this
It’s locked bro
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7 months ago, __Gio__10
I Hate The App
You have To Pay
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1 year ago, missjucii
Keeps charging me for my 3 day “free” trial ! App does NOTHING DO NOT BUY ITS A SCAM!
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5 months ago, Sh;t
I Thoght it was going to be free and good
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11 months ago, Santos1234688
❌❌❌This app is a scam🛑🛑🛑❌❌❌
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12 years ago, Penny33*
Movie Clock Review
This is a awesome app! I love how so accessible and easy it is to use, and all of the great features available on it! This is a must have for any movie lover and likes social media apps! I give this two thumbs way up!!! Everyone needs this on their phones and computers!! It keeps you in the know on all the upcoming films, actors and information you seek in today's film!!
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9 years ago, Hitochiisai
Great, but
It would be nice if when saving the movie to calendar it save it as the beginning of the day not 8pm that evening, such a random time. It come out 8 according to this, when it actually came out last night at midnight. Also I wish it didn't auto open each movie as you click follow. If I'm scrolling through and following bunch it's really annoying that I have to click back on each movie as it opens them. Besides these things, it's an awesome app!!
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12 years ago, Phg7370
Great movie app for movie lovers!
All around great app....just two suggestions...when I click on a movie that is in a theater now, it would be good to have a listing of local theaters that are showing the movie, with movie times...also, the reminder part is great, but I would also like to be able to place reminders for the movies that are already showing...right now I have a sticky note that reminds me....
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13 years ago, gecko68
Usability and Simplicity at its best
If you are a movie buff, and want to know when those must see movies are going to be in theaters, this is the app for you. It's easy to use, and is not bogged down with useless functionality. You can save the movies you are interested in and set reminders. Once set it will remind you when a movie is released. Set it and forget it.
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11 years ago, The_GreaterGood
I love it.
This app was exactly what I needed for tracking movie release dates. I go to the movies a lot, and it's not only helpful for reminders of when they come out, but for telling people when certain movies will come out. The UI can get a little slow at times, but other than that, no complaints.
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13 years ago, Mariya N
Great app!
I love this app! Before I had to constantly check when the movie I like is coming out. Now I just set the alarm and forget about it. It’s very convenient the app just notifies me when the movie comes out. It has a simple design, easy to use, the movie list updates when you want it to, over all a great app!
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11 years ago, Mr. Rubbertoe
Poor FB integration
This was a good idea for an app, and it is very polished, but the Facebook integration really need some work. In the settings where you can set your information to automatically share to Facebook, I assumed it would do like most quality apps and report back to the activity section on my timeline… I didn't think it would post an individual status for each and every movie that I clicked a reminder for.
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13 years ago, Toasterz5
Way more than I expected
This is one of the more useful apps that are on the App Store today. It does what it says and it's even more intuitive and easy to use than you would expect. I'm glad I downloaded it. Its a great concept, and now I already have reminders set for a couple of movies.
Show more
13 years ago, ScreaminBlue
Cool app!
I've always been a movie buff, but now a days I'm too busy that I miss alot of good movies, When I watch a good trailer, I always tell myself that I'll watch thay movie, but it never happens. LOL. This app solves all that, you can even set an alarm for your favorite upcoming movie when it comes out. A must have Entertainment app for iPhone!
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12 years ago, JamesTheMovieMan
Perfect app for any movie fan!
Being a movie buff I always am waiting for movies to come out and counting the days until they arrive. With this app I no longer have to do this manually. The only recommendation I have is if they added a social area for my friends and to set up "movie parties"
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13 years ago, Aztecboi
Nice app
I'm a huge horror fan and so many times I see a preview for a movie coming out and I totally forget the name of it or when it's coming out. No with this app I can just check it and set a reminder and never miss any of the new slasher flicks or so called scary movies.
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12 years ago, Gristlebauer
Dang good Movie App
This app is near perfection. I could see adding on Bluetooth controls. So Maine we can make Remotes that work! For our Home Systems!! Also a way to connect to our cable provider and get a list of what is playing at home that day/night. Having an option to record would be dream Level. I don't know what you would need for that?? Also please add voice controls! I Would Like to use accessibility options sometimes. Also create a gesture based system over tapping or give options? I like swipes. I will really dig in and add more ideas Oh! Rss feeds on your App! I liked with Twitter are there any. Extra features I could use?
Show more
9 years ago, Paladin 119
Great app!
This app is awesome. It has a full list of movies and even let's me know when movies in following have more information or the trailer becomes available! Sometimes the loading is a little slow, but not enough to avoid this app. Great choice and a must have if you love keeping up on movies!
Show more
8 years ago, Extreme beastboy
Amazing app
I like how it shows how long you have to wait for the movies and when they release it and when it releases they put the trailer and also I like how you can watch the movies free when they come out amazing app 10/10 👍👊🤘
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