Watch OWN

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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watch OWN

4.81 out of 5
36.8K Ratings
1 year ago, M-Easy21
Too many ads
Love the app there is way to many ads and the ads are extremely long. I have to see 2 minutes of commercials just to watch anything. Every show has 5 commercial breaks and every commercial break is over 2 minutes long and at the end is another 2 minutes of ads. Now when the ads play for the 2 minutes it’s the same 1 ad playing over and over for the whole 2 minutes. I have seen the same Lincoln commercial every commercial break for the whole entire commercial break there’s no mix of commercial’s and needs less commercials
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5 years ago, Pretty Jonesy
Way too many ads!!
I’ve been an OWN app user for quite a while now however it’s getting to the point to where I’d rather not bother with the app at all. With a busy schedule, the connivence of being able to tune into my favorite shows at my own leisure is a great benefit. I enjoy tv and have a few cable apps downloaded to my phone however unlike the other apps OWN is the worst! The ads are ridiculous. I thought one of the benefits cable apps has to offer is limited to no commercials. OWN is the only cable app that plays up 8 commercials and frequently throughout the show. It takes away from enjoying the show on the app. You would think after paying for the network they would at least offer some type of benefit like other cable apps but no. Also, not to mention there is no 10 second rewind/fast forward option. So whatever you do do not rewind/fast forward to much because it’s a very strong possibility all those ads you had to patiently wait for to finish will pop back up for you to have to watch all 6-8 of them again. The app spares no pity for the watcher when it comes to the ads. The ads seem to be the most important aspect of the app. It’s possible that I could just be over reacting or possibly just beyond spoiled from the other cable apps that are just way better then the OWN app.
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4 years ago, MommyOfLilly
Can’t log in with cable tv provider
I came to the reviews to see if anyone else was having problems logging into this app when you put your cable provider in and it seems like a very common issue. The app freezes or the page just won’t load after you put in your cable information. I tried logging in on my IPad, Firestick and my phone and was finally able to log in on my phone after trying for almost an hour. I was so excited to be disappointed once again. Not only does this app have a ridiculous amount of commercials for one show, the app crashed in the middle of it and then logged out of my cable provider. Once again, the page froze up when trying to log back in. I have deleted and reinstalled the app 3 times and it still freezes after attempting to submit my cable information. I’m sad to say I’m deleting this app for good and would not recommend anyone downloading it and getting stuck in this big loop of logging in, the app crashing, logging you out then trying it all over again. I would honestly give this 0 stars if I could. 😡😡
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3 years ago, lacyayn
Over it!
I am home a lot working on various projects and like to have background noise so I watch a lot of the discovery apps. (I know OWN is. It necessarily a discovery brand but their app is the same format). Lately I’ve been watching own’s live daily and I enjoy it. My problem is with their commercials. They repeat the same commercials multiple times during a break and it’s gotten ridiculous! For example, currently a “Nissan sales event” commercial is playing and twice today I’ve seen it FIVE times during ONE commercial break! It literally played 3 times back to back. I’ve got the dang thing memorized and it’s barely lunch time! I’m so sick of seeing the exact same commercial!!!! This seems to be a problem across all the go apps I’ve used (tlc, Id, own..) and the only response I get from customer service is “I’ve forwarded it to our technical team”. That was in February! Nothing has changed. Sooo frustrated and over it!!
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7 years ago, jabaldes
Wish I had something nicer to say...
I was absolutely THRILLED to find the OWN app and start watching quality shows. So much so, that I cancelled Netflix. I am shocked that this app is so glitchy. It continues to just kick me off during an episode ... then to add insult to injury, once I get the show and episode pulled back up, it starts it all the way back at the beginning vs. remembering my place. And then, the commercials... sweet niblets. Sooooo long and the exact same ones over and over again. So when I fast forward and try to find my spot, I get a truckload of the same ones I have been seeing for way too many minutes each break. Love the network, ready to give up and go back to Netflix because the app is making this way too painful. Fingers crossed OWN is not OK with this having their name and brand behind it and the issues get resolved quickly!
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7 years ago, Dr. ATF
Less is More
When I first started watching this app the commercials were extremely long. I would only have so much time to try to watch an episode and would end up falling asleep or putting my phone away in frustration. The last 2 episodes of Iyanla fix my life was perfect! 1 commercial at the beginning and 1 at the end. I was able to fit in 2 episodes tonight instead of my 1/2 an episode due to the commercials. It was like you all read my mind. On another note, I actually remember years ago when people doubted this whole “OWN” network thing Oprah was doing was gonna work. 😆😆😆😆Aren’t haters adorable😆😆😆.
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6 years ago, SharronDenice
Jeez OWN let us live, no commercials
In order to get OWN I had to get the highest cable package and even then it wasn’t included. I had to then pay more to add it to the package because OWN is a super premium channel but Ok I still move forward. Now I’m watching the episodes I missed on OWN and every 2 minutes I have to watch 2 minutes of commercials. Have some decency, cut this out or add a monthly fee for the app to stop this madness. No one wants to pay this much to still have to watch commercials. Please let us live and enjoy the network without having to watch these commercials on the OWN app. Just stop trying to sell us stuff all the time. Let us have a moment to just enjoy the network and if we choose to pay more for this opportunity? Allow us to, but please stop forcing us to watch sales pitches, we need an option to avoid this. Thank you
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7 years ago, Dee Dee Jackson
Love OWN's App
I have nothing negative to say. This app is just fine to me. Once connected to the internet or a cable provider, everything works smoothly for me. I travel a great deal and it's always nice to watch my favorite shows live or the day after. Everything has a positive and a negative... it's about perspective. I choose to see the advantages of this App and all the good aspects of it. The negative will be there but that's not where I focus. Oprah, thank you for giving the world access to your amazing vision, to the many talents such as Ava, Tyler, Iyanla, and many more. I am and will continue to be inspired by you.
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6 years ago, Ms. Marcus
The app no longer works on my device
Up until about a week ago the app worked great. I was able to catch up on missed episodes. The latest version of the app does. To play on older versions of the iPad. An update to an app should not block older versions of device from seeing its content. I am able to download the app, it then it forces me to get the update in the App Store. When I go to the App Store its aye that the newer version of the app only works on 10.0 iOS. My iPad does not update that high. And I'm not buying another one just for the OWN app. All other apps update without any issues or problems with the version iOS I have. I also have a smart tv that is Google and the own app is. To available for that device at all. I guess I won't be able to watch anymore of my OWN shows.
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6 years ago, mlnhm
Too Many Glitches
As a person with a hearing deficit, I often need to rewind, but there is not a button to rewind. User friendly apps have 10 or 30 second rewind buttons. Another difficulty is the commercials. When you rewind the app does not recognize that you’ve already watched that segment of commercials and it makes you watch them over again. NOT good! Many apps will skip over the commercials when you rewind, recognizing that you have already viewed that set of commercials. OWN needs to update the app to better utilize a rewind function without making the viewer constantly repeat the commercials. This issue stops me from watching most of the shows. Too exhausting.
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7 years ago, Sherika Alexander
A bit frustrating
I love OWN, but I'm 50/50 with the app. I realized some time ago that I cannot watch my favorite OWN shows unless I'm connected to a wifi network. I have enabled the cellular data for the app in my settings but still, it won't allow. I have unlimited data and thought the purpose of downloading the app was to watch shows in an "on demand" type of way. I was told it is the app and not my provider. All of my other network apps don't give me a cellular over data issue when I try to connect to watch outside of a wifi connection. Other than that, its cool. I do wish you could watch uninterrupted though, with no commercials, but all of my network apps do that so its a fair call there.
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4 years ago, skylardei
Commercials! Too many
I fell asleep during the many commercials. When I went back to find my place I had to watch 6 commercials first before I could even see where I was in the show, 30 seconds ran of the show and another set of 6 commercials ran I couldn’t even see enough of the show to see if I was where I wanted to be. I wasn’t. I Had to move 2 more times each time watching 6 commercials before I could see where I was in the show. I almost couldn’t be bothered to continue to watch thru all the commercials. In an hr show there were about 7 commercial breaks showing 6 commercials. If you want to back up or move forward you add a commercial brack for each move.
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5 years ago, Michigan Breeze of Knowledge
Way too many commercials!
Watching a show on OWN means you have to watch 5 commercial breaks plus one 30 second commercial at the beginning of each shows’ episode. Each of those 5 commercial breaks has 6 or 7 full length commercials. Part of the trend with Apple TV, streaming or Netflix/amazon is that you never watch commercials. So for there to be an average of 32.5 commercials per episode, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Let’s say I want to each two episodes, I’ll have to watch 65 commercials. There was one old show I specifically sought out to watch OWN. But after I am done with this show that can only be watched on this app, I won’t be watching any more on OWN jus because of the commercials. I would like to add that I wrote this is whole review during 1 of the commercial breaks. That is how long they are.
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3 years ago, Disa P. Pointed
LENGTH OF COMMERCIALS AND FREQUENCY OF COMMERCIAL BREAKS ARE EXCESSIVE AND DESTROY VIEWING EXPERIENCE. The shows are great. A major flaw of the app is that it’s trying to replicate an ancient version television where you watch 3-4 minutes of commercials every several minutes. Given the number of commercial breaks and how lengthy they are I found my interest in the show and its plot for that episode to be diminished and having to reorient myself once the show returns only to have to sit through more commercials that I intentionally dont watch. It would be helpful if OWN was more creative in its approaches to advertising
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7 years ago, kjohn1973
Crashes During Commercials
I hate to ding the app for it, but it crashes during those Ford commercials and I have to close the show and reopen it. There is no resume feature so you have to sit through 15 sec of commercials, them fast forward to the spot you left off then sit through another 3 minutes of commercials and hope that it doesn’t crash during the Ford commercial again. I’ve had it happen 2 to 3times in a row and it kills the viewing experience. I understand the network needs the commercials for revenue but please have someone check out the operation of your app periodically using regular (30mbps) internet connection speeds to ensure it’s properly working.
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6 years ago, Crowned_phoenix
Love it, but without the bugs.
I love that I can access my favorite tv shows on the go. Until maybe November when I started using the application more. When I am watching a show the app crashes. Most times it’s during the ads. The ad will play for a few seconds, and then it stops. Te creen goes black. I close the app in attempts to refresh it and it does the same thing during ads. I can never complete the show. I’m not sure if it is an issue with my own phone or Apple product. I don’t watch television and stream mostly from my phone. It would be nice to be able to enjoy my favorite channel again.
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5 years ago, Billie1979
I’m REALLY disappointed... this is OPRAHS network for Pete’s sakes!
I have had this app downloaded for well over a year. I don’t know why. I have NEVER been able to successfully watch ANYTHING on it. In the settings of my phone for my Own app, it shows me logged into my cable provider but the actual app acts as though I’m not and just spins the circle when I click “sign in” to my provider. Update after update and this never gets fixed. It makes absolutely no sense. I love everything on Own but I don’t watch anymore because of the app. The app is so terrible I won’t put it on tv either because without access to the app also I won’t be able to keep up with thins so I just say “screw it.” But I’m super disappointed. It’s 2019. *shaking my head*
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4 years ago, Amtrak fan
Performance issues with app
I have been having issue with the app for some time now where on the mobile phone version it doesn’t allow you to sign into your tv provider. When you click to sign in it acts as if it’s loading and just doesn’t load and the buffering biocontrol just goes away and will keep doing that every time you click on it. Now, the biggest issue and problem I have had was with the iPad version where you click on the app icon and all that will show is the welcome screen and the app just never load it just shows the welcome screen and that’s it and to get the app to properly work I have to delete it and re-download/re-install The OWN app and sign back into everything.
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7 years ago, TeamKennedy
Great Channel, horrible app
I love OWN and was so happy to see that they finally had an app that allowed me to watch my favorite shows! But this app is disappointing and frustrating to say the least. Long commercials that loop over and over again. Glitches that happen in the middle of the show that completely boot you out and make you start over from the beginning of the episode. And did I mention the never-ending commercials?! On more than one occasion, I've tried to watch an episode (of different shows) and deal, unsuccessfully, with the aforementioned issues and I just give up out of frustration and turn on Netflix. Really hoping the OWN team works to fix all these issues because if they do, this app will be just as fabulous as the channel:)
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11 months ago, Margaret L. Thomas-Ministries
I love OWN
🌟 Hey friends! Just wanted to share some love for the OWN network today! 📺❤️ I can't help but feel uplifted every time I tune in to OWN. 🌈 From inspiring stories to empowering shows, it's like a breath of fresh air for my soul! 😍✨ Whether it's Oprah's incredible interviews, Super Soul Sunday's thought-provoking discussions, or the heartwarming moments on shows like "Queen Sugar" and "Greenleaf," OWN never fails to brighten my day. 🌞💖 The network's commitment to showcasing diverse voices and promoting personal growth is truly commendable. It's a reminder that we all have the power to overcome challenges and create positive change in our lives. 💪🌟 So, if you're looking for a dose of inspiration, laughter, and genuine human connection, I highly recommend tuning in to OWN! 🎉📺 Let's spread the love and share our favorite OWN moments in the comments below! 😊💬 #OWNNetwork #Inspiration #PositiveVibes #UpliftingContent
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2 years ago, City Bee
I love the Own network. Thank you for putting out great content that symbolizes my own perspective. Oprah you are a blessing, since the age of years old i have always loved you and your shows. Thank you. Truly you have been a blessing in my life. I don’t think any of this would have been possible had I not learned how to manifest my dreams into reality, life has shaped my humanity and made understand what love and loyalty looks like. You will always have my support: and so will my Lion King.)
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6 years ago, Nessiemillie58
OWN watcher
Have always loved the OWN network. However trying to locate it on tv programming for me in my area is very very difficult. It seems that availability is almost next to none. I started using the app especially since The Paynes are back, however trying to access the show through the app is difficult as well as for one thing the list of providers is very limited. The only way I can access the app to use I have to be within the current list of providers coverage area, and again that is not easy. Just an afterthought increase providers listing and add back to tv programming as well.
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7 years ago, Shannon
Love app!!
So glad U-verse was added as a service provider!! I could not keep up before due to my provider (U-verse) wasn't listed. However my sister could as she was Direct TV. I'm very busy and on the go every week night and would forget to set record time so I'd have to stay up late or record overnight to watch what was missed. The OWN app allows me opportunity to keep up with shows and watch them whenever I'm between practices and games so no late nights and staying up late to watch recordings! Thanks OWN!!!
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6 years ago, W1zardr3ss
Update disappointments
I was so excited for the app update as I could see it was allowing a more fluid sign in from my provider like other apps. It shows ‘connected’ via the apple sign in but asks me to sign in via provider directtv and when I click it it won’t give log in info but an error message. Still can’t access OWN and I watch it often from my device. Hope this can be sorted soon. Up until these issues the app was always great.
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6 years ago, DJGrayle
Glitchy and ohhhh the ADS!
I like the actual shows if you ever ma age to get one to play through with crashing and starting over. And that’s if you get past all the commercials that that sound twice as loud as the show when they start. It’s very frustrating trying to watch a show. I have not once watched a show from beginning to end without the commercials driving me crazy with their volume being so much louder or the show starting over after the commercials and having to go through the same commercials again when I try to fast forward to the spot it left off at. It’s so frustrating I don’t want to watch anymore.
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5 years ago, Ms Angie
Crashes at the same commercial points
Currently this app cannot be casted to the television via chrome cast because during commercial breaks it freezes at the same commercial spot and never comes out. It will not fast forward beyond it and if you stop casting and restart it starts the whole episode over. It has taken me an hour and a half of wasted time to get through one show because I kept trying to find ways to get past that point as if it’s normal to work that hard to watch something. It did not have this problem if you watch directly on your device but I don’t watch tv by putting a 5 inch screen to my face and holding it for an hour, so that’s not really an option.
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7 years ago, MommiDee
Happy to have the App, but it needs work!
I was very happy to have the ability to watch OWN on my cell phone; however, the app needs to be rewritten because there are a number of glitches that make me want to delete the app from my phone. I do not like to review the same commercials over and over. I want the opportunity to fully rewind or fast forward shows. Last week, the app would not allow me to watch shows. I kept getting an error message and could not get technical support. Having to continuously log into my cable provider is ridiculous.
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7 years ago, Yetta1214
I love the app, I just have one recommendation
The app is great and I can watch the shows I love from anywhere which is spectacular. The only problem I have come across is when looking for the current season of Iyanla: Fix My Life and I go to the show page within the app it shows me previous seasons but not the current season. It's a little difficult to figure out from the home page which are the most recent episodes of the current season. I hope they hurry up and create this app for the Firestick.
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1 year ago, oops not
Keep creating positive TV
I know sometimes it can be boring to some, but there is a level of black excellence we come to expect from Oprah. We enjoy funny, we enjoy drama, but we love our black love and seeing our people shine in a positive light. Please bring back Black excellence in Huntsville. No more tearing each other down! Love the other shows too, but I would like to start back watching Huntsville. Still here for the spinoff !
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6 years ago, TLeggz
Not a reflection of Oprah’s greatness
The two stars is literally because Oprah’s name is attached. This app is the absolute worst. It constantly crashes and the same ads replay over 15 times. It’s terrible, if I get a call or pause for too long it will start all over then I have to watch 20 commercials to get back to where I left off at. I have to constantly log in to my TV provider while I’m still watching the same episode I’ve been trying to get through. The app developers should be ashamed to attach Oprah’s name to it because I can guarantee that she expects things decent and in order and this is neither. I expected more 😒
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7 years ago, Grace'sMommy
Oprah for the win Again
This OWN app can’t get any better. I didn’t grow up watching The Oprah show... I started to get into Oprah’s show just as it ended. I would record shows via Comcast box and I discovered how cool Oprah was. Fast forward life and now I get into this OWN app... of course I live for apps! life, family, home and work would probably fall to shambles w/o apps for shopping, eating and helping me work out. Seriously! Now I’m catching OWN!!! Oprah ! Yay!
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1 year ago, Disappointed cusomer2
Does not have the show I was looking for
I saw various advertisements of the show “All Rise” being in the OWN network now in which I was enticed to subscribe to watch this specific show. As I subscribed and searched through the selection of shows available I found that episodes for“All Rise” were not available and only clips were available to be seen. This is disappointing because it appears I was a victim of false advertising and I really wanted to watch this show. Hopefully this issue gets solved and I can watch this show but if not then I will be taking my business and resources to another subscription service.
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7 years ago, Mookie 1969
Just for Good Measure !!!
I would love to give it 5 Stars but alas I can not,,, 2 reasons,,, 1) the commercials are the same every break.I understand that it is a business and money must be made,,, but can we get a "variety" of goods that must be peddled to us. 2) there are missing seasons and episodes of show,,, case in point,,, where is the 2nd season of Master Class ???,,, it goes 1-3-4-5 just like that. But overall I like your app. If I see changes implemented to the 2 reasons I have mentioned I will augment my review post haste. 🙂
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4 years ago, ChrissySnow66
Zero stars!!!!
I have had the same problem with this app for so long but thought I’d give it another try. I was just curious why you have to keep verifying your cable provider each and every time you open the app? It always takes me several tries to verify and now this time, I keep getting an error message telling me my password is incorrect (which it’s not because I’ve already verified it with my provider!) I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Fix this bug please. This is super frustrating and it seems like this is an ongoing problem according to the reviews. If I could give zero starts, I would!
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4 years ago, Pinky10566
Too many commercials
It’s a great app and really good shows but way too many commercials like others have said you can go fix dinner go to the bathroom get dressed and all that time then the commercials are over and by that time you lose your place with what was happening on the show or lose interests. With all the money own has they can at least limit the commercials. Even some regular stations don’t have as many commercials.
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7 years ago, God,s Kid
Fine acting with it.
Been with Own since it's launch. Seen the infant step improvements, and what I now will call, teen years. So proud to see history being made, the programs are getting better and more addictive. As you can tell, I'm a fan. My current criticism...toooo many commercials. Yes, I know bills must be paid, but hopefully when OWN becomes an adult the commercials will be few to none at all. Yes, I have downloaded OWN's app. for my iPad, and use it often.
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2 years ago, constructive critic 85
Love the network. The app is ANNOYING
Every time I open the app there’s a pop up for a show. Fine. That happens on many network apps. Then you scroll down to search… another pop. Swipe it away, select the show you want. Another pop up. Scroll to the episode you want to watch. Another pop up! It’s so frustrating. Literally every second- no exaggeration- there’s a pop up while I’m trying to browse. Please fix. You have the banner on the Home Screen with the new shows. There’s no need for non stop, invasive pop ups.
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7 years ago, DirmiaJo
OWNing My TV
I absolutely love this app! It has great quality shows that work very well with my AppleTV. The quality pictured from my phone to the television is great! It also has updates of new episodes in a timely manner. The app is so great that I have been watching new and old episodes of a variety of different shows that are available on the app! Thanks for a quality product! It is OWNing my television!
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7 years ago, HealthLover11
Love this app!
I love how I can catch the OWN shows I love on here! I'm not concerned at all that I have to wait a day later than it premiers on live TV. My only hang up is the commercial breaks. I understand without commercials, users would have to pay a subscription fee, but if we're paying for a streaming service (i.e. Internet provider w/ streaming) to be able to watch shows on the app, then maybe fewer commercials? Just a thought. Overall, I'm very pleased with everything!
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4 years ago, Justefabb
Not the a Best App
Not only does it play too many commercials. Like really there is about 2-5 mins of a show and 10 mins of commercials. They literally come on every 5 mins and are longer than the show segments. Additionally it’s very frustrating that every time I open the app which is at least 2xs a week I have to login to my acct to view anything recent or live. I just don’t understand why it can’t keep the login more than a week. I don’t have this issue with any other app and I frequently use other apps. Hopefully OWN can get it together.
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6 years ago, liftedlife
Unfortunate and frustrating
I love the possibilities; hate the execution of this app. So many of my favorite shows I looked forward to seeing while traveling this month. Majority of times app flat out won't open; can't get past go! I have deleted/reinstalled app numerous times in effort to reset. If it opens and I pause viewing for an hour or stalls and same problem resumes. I have wasted too much time on this trip attempting to see my shows. I'll try to catch up when I return home. Watching default networks now! Developers pls fix this soon (got a history of glitches😳🤦🏽‍♀️😳) Oprah, network and viewers deserve better. Much better!
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4 years ago, Funfunfum
Bug Fixes for Apple TV
Tried to watch programs over the past few weeks, and the ad keeps restarting, and will not advance. After several times, it will stop and kick me out of the app all together. Have never had the problem before. Have uninstalled and reinstalled at LEAST seven time, and the same problem persists. Thank God I can stream to my TV from my phone, but I don’t feel like that is what the app in Apple TV is for. Please fix this five star rating has dwindled down to three. Thank you!
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7 years ago, ShePlays82
Unable to log on via U-verse
For the last few days I have attempted to watch locked programming by logging on with my U-verse credentials. Before the log in screen even appears, I receive an "uh oh an error occurred, please try again" message. I even backed out and clicked on several different cable providers listed in the app and was able to pull up there sign on screens with no problem. I've also restarted my phone as well. Please fix this so that I may log in and watch my favorite shows again!!!
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1 year ago, Mrs Michna
Response to OWN
Guess I am not sure what you would expect of me to say I do watch OWN as much as I am able to however I do enjoy it still @ wish dr Phil was still on OWN cause I sometimes cannot remember where his show is on! Thank you for asking not opinion, cause I want to continue watching good programs on my iPad of phone when C away from home!
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8 months ago, Nikag4
Way too many Ads!
This would be a great app but it has the most ads I have ever seen. It’s the same ads over and over again for at least 2 mins or more. It seems the longer you watch, the longer the ads become. I honestly expected more from this app. I would rather pay to not watch ads, however that’s not an option. You will have so many ads per episode! So be prepared to occupy your time while all the continuing ads play. Other than that the app has many great shows on it. The ads will make you just not want to watch anymore.
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1 year ago, PortraitofaDiva
Powerful Perspectives of Color
I love seeing black people from perspectives of power. Educated, business owners, entrepreneurs and realtors who are all successful in their own right. I love seeing black live displayed. No one else finds this valuable or worthy enough to be displayed. I could go the rest of my life only watching OWN and I would be just fine. Thank you for this Ms. Oprah. I salute you.
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1 year ago, tamba
This show is the number one hit for OWN I have watched every episode and I love the entire crew on this show well developed. Other love and marriage I'm not fond of they just do not have that quality and excitement like Huntsville. I wish that the Huntsville show was on for more weeks. I noticed that a new love and marriage is coming in Detroit and I'm from Detroit so I guess I will check it out in June. But for right now love and Marriage in Huntsville is my favorite show keep it going and please bring back the young lady you let go. I love that part when she told Tiffany that she would drag her and to be honest she needs to be dragged because she keeps up too much gossip and mess.
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4 years ago, ddgirl53
I am retired and could no longer afford cable so I canceled after being told that I could watch my favorite shows on Netflix and I cannot so my baby brought me a fire stick and I still could not watch my shows so I downloaded the app and can see some of my shows on the own application. I can’t figure out how to get it on my TV from the fire stick? But I love OWN!
Show more
7 years ago, Nannydj5
Excellent shows
I am enjoying this series of Greenleaf as well as the many shows that are OWN station. I have watch all of the series that are on the OWN station and I feel so happy that we have this as an African American. Thank you Ophra for doing this and Queen Sugar is the tops !! It’s awesome. Not to mention the others that is written by Tyler Perry. I can only say thank you thank you. What God has for you is for You!
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2 years ago, Corryne
Doesn’t keep track of watched episodes
One would think with Oprah’s wealthy network, they would be comparable with other network apps. The tracking of watched episodes is very glitchy and I often find myself spending a half hour plus, trying to backtrack to the last part/episode I watched, only to find myself in a whirlwind of nothing but ads. Would rather watch on other platforms than this one.
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