Watch TBS

3.3 (11.2K)
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Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
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3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watch TBS

3.35 out of 5
11.2K Ratings
3 years ago, soulphreak
Happy hour
It’s just not TBS you can’t watch old episodes of American dad on any app The App is OK I only put it on so I can watch American dad episode but they only run like 5 episodes anerican dad used to show American dad in the afternoons on TBS but now the show is young Sheldon I mean come on guys you’re going to show reruns of friends all morning and young Sheldon in the afternoon you have so many good reruns and shows that you could re-run and even original shows that you guys made over the years that you can broadcast instead you broadcast friends during the day. Now instead of running 35 episodes of Friends from 7 am till 2 pm and young Sheldon from 2 till 7 pm you should split it up your time slots 7 AM to 10 AM your can run friends, from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock you could run young Sheldon from 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock you can run an hour Bob’s Burgers then from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock you could run two hours of American dad come from 5 o’clock to 6 o’clock you could run an hour of family guy from 6pm to 8 pm you run 2 hours of The Big Bang Theory then from 8 PM until 10 PM central standard time you’re on your new shows like miracle workers and OG then Goan after that at 10 PM at 10:30 you’re on Samantha bee on Wednesday nights and on the other nites of the week your run an hour of Rick and Morty then its 22 pm so run more big bang theory or maybe another rerun Those are just my thoughts and suggestions. But definitely run more American dad on the app.
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1 year ago, Bm3255
Apple TV app is a 1, iPhone app is a 4 or 5.
This works pretty well on the phone, but the Apple TV version is just plain awful. Navigation is horrific. It often even stops navigating around and I have to quit. When using my phone as the remote, when I search, it doesn’t pop up a keyboard on my phone to put it in quicker. Resuming movies does not exist, even though it shows before you click on the movie a bar with how far you were, but you click on the movie and it starts over (if it opens). And then scrubbing is not the best, and once you get it to where you want to resume and hit play, it continues playing where you were. It often takes 3-10 tries of scrubbing before it finally goes to the spot I picked. I also have to sign in every single time I use it. Just wrote this while sitting here with the movie I wanted to resume tonight endlessly loading in the background. Please, please, please fix this app! The iPhone seems to work well.
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4 years ago, Wavejumper416
Worst app of all time for streaming
This app is SO AWFUL I only use it to watch the post season baseball. And at that, it only crashes 40-50 times a game. Rewinds itself back minutes at times. Just shuts off goes black. Closes itself. It’s like whoever screwed up the Obamacare website when they got fired all started the TBS app. So far as I write this it’s stopped 4 times. The game is in The first inning and I’ve had to restart it over 10 times tonight. Piece of garbage. As big as TBS is you would think the app would be solid. And it isn’t new. This has been like this for at least two years. Oh. And if you want full content on your smart tv app, you have to download it to your phone and cast. So even the smart TV is garbage. I’ve made zero reviews on streaming apps. That’s how BAD this app is that I took time to even write anything. It’s complete garbage. Beyond garbage. If I made an app like this I would be fired for incompetence. TBS, GET IT TOGETHER. It’s 2020. People use apps and expect they work for the most part. This is a joke. UPDATE: about 15 minutes after I posted, no joke, it’s crashed at LEAST another 20 times and done all kinds of weird stuff rewinding. I can’t believe a major network’s app is so horrible. It’s so frustrating. I’ve had it on 4 devices over the years and does exactly the same thing. How anyone can rate this anything but a 1 surprises me. iPhone 8S plus. 6S Plus. iPad Max. And iPhone 11. All the same problems. Garbage. Just complete garbage.
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2 years ago, Carter the zombi
Spontaneously rewinds during live sports broadcasts
TBS and TNT, both during live sports broadcasts all of the sudden rewind back several minutes. Most infuriating is it typically happens during the 4th quarter in basketball or the 3rd period in hockey. There may be 3 minutes to go in game and then all of the sudden there’s 8 minutes to go. The quickest way to get back to live is usually to quickly tap screen to go to west coast stream and tap again to back to east coast stream. Then you have to sit through commercial again due to their screw-up (likely the reason they never fix this problem as I see there’s other complaints for same issue or for when it just freezes in general, also a typical problem). I have literally missed the end of games as it has happened near the end and as you try to get back to live feed it’s over. Could try to sit through the rewind and hope it doesn’t happen again but shouldn’t have to. I’m not sure developers want to fix this problem but if you don’t know how, maybe you should contact the developers of literally ANY other live stream app and ask them how to avoid problem since this only seems to happen with your apps. Will maybe leave exact same review on TNT.
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2 years ago, Smittytwostep
Horrible app
First off, why do I have to watch app ads before live tv when using the cable login I pay for? I’m paying to have tbs, which obviously shows ads, and the app shows even more ads. That’s overkill and annoying. Second, after that 30 second ad, it doesn’t even play what I’m trying to watch half the time. The feed fails around every 20 minutes on my iPad and apple tv which makes me exit, click live tv again, and watch another ad before I’m back live. It’s a horrible app and I wish they didn’t have NHL playoff rights. Oddly enough TNT’s app is fine and you’d think they’d be similar seeing as they are owned by the same company. UPDATE: Your help articles are a joke, they just say to restart the app or device. IF ONLY I HAD THOUGHT OF THAT! Tonight I was watching Caps Panthers game 6. With 2 minutes left the Caps were down 3-2 and pulled the goalie. Suddenly the video stopped and instead it would show a different still image every 5 seconds or so. I restart the app, watch the ad, and I was back just in time for the end of regulation and the Caps had scored to force OT. I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW BAD THIS APP IS AND HOW MUCH I NOW HATE TBS. You’re a television network. It’s 2022. You should know how to stream live video.
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3 years ago, Agogobot
Worst app for watching sports
Seriously. Such a bad streaming experience. Streaming quality seems like it’s barely ever above 240p-480p level, I have yet to see it stream in anything near 720p for more than 5 seconds, constant stalling, crashing, the pre-roll commercials every time you open the app (or the stream fails and you have to reload and see another of the same ad) is just appalling and literally no other app that carries sports does this (when you turn to TBS on TV, do you auto-cut to commercial 5 seconds in during a program? No. Don’t do this here either please). Also the commercials crash half the time. I will literally not ever consider LoanDepot as a service simply because I’ve seen their ad over 200x times in one series of baseball and it’s now a rage trigger lol. Stop it, please, you’re literally hurting your partners by pre-rolling the same ad over and over and over and over. MLB and the playoffs in particular deserve far better than this garbage experience for their fans. Especially as paying cable customers. Fox Sports is your North Star, the difference between the two experiences mind blowing. You can do so much better, please do that.
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3 years ago, Eatchikinmor
Incredibly frustrating
Whoever’s idea it was to force a 30 second ad in on every livestream load should seriously reconsider it. The amount of time I’ve wasted having to sit through Loan Depot’s ad on postseason baseball this year is irrational. So much time in fact that taking the two minutes to type this review out feels brisk, and inconsequential. Close the app? 30 second commercial. Minimize the app? 30 second commercial. Accidentally start to minimize the app? 30 second commercial. Inadvertently bump to another stream trying to navigate your (sometimes frustrating) ui? 30 second commercial. I could go on (like your app) but I think I’ve driven the point. And they’re all the same! What makes it worse is the stream starts, and then your commercial cuts in after you’ve watched the stream for a moment. I will never ever consider Loan Depot for any future borrowing now, in fact, because of the volume of frustration I now have subconsciously associated with it. Which I imagine is the opposite effect advertisers are after when funding you for such endeavors. No one else does this even near this aggressively.
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2 years ago, Well, yeah, sure
Don’t listen to them
They’ll ask you to “stick with them” while they sort out their issues. Unless you have 15 years to waste, don’t bother. Between this app and TNT, it’s easily the worst experience I’ve ever had with a streaming service. It’s 2022, the fact that I can’t exit the app or even check notifications without having to sit through an ad to join a program already in progress is unbelievable. You better hope you have the best internet in your state too, because otherwise you’ll have laggy playback that will actually force the program your watching to jump back 3-4 minutes. It’s a real fun experience while trying to watch a sporting event. I’m serious, do not do them justice by downloading this app. Try and find it playing on AM radio, even that would be more enjoyable than trying to deal with the TBS or TNT app. If you need to watch it, just go to your local sports bar, at least then you can get drunk with other people who aren’t dealing with the absolute trash shoveled out by Ted Turner’s empire. I award you zero points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
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1 year ago, No Longer Insomniac
Use the app a lot, a few grievances
I give it three stars because for the most part, the app works as expected. I do have a few thoughts: 1. The app is quick to provide the previous day’s content on demand. I can generally expect to be able to watch something the next day. 2. The app does log me out of my TV provider quite often, forcing me to frequently log in again. 3. Usually, an episode will not go full screen when I rotate my phone the first time I open the app after a while. I have to close the and open it again for it to go full screen. This also happens when I have to log back into my tv provider. 4. If I leave the app for whatever reason, my progress in an episode is forgotten. It may start again after the last ad break, but most of the time starts completely over. Like I said, just a few minor grievances. I mostly use the app on my iPhone 12. I like the app enough to keep using it. It is convenient and the sound is pretty solid compared to the fire tv app.
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8 months ago, IamAldolpho
Worst app for watching sports. Get with the program TBS. Worst app for watching sports. Get with the program TBS. Update to developer response/request to provide additional info: I have an MLB AtBat subscription - have since the app launched many years ago. For whatever reason, in my location, the MLB app doesn't include Xfinity/Comcast as an option to select provider so I can watch postseason via the MLB app. So my only option is to use this TBS app for games broadcast on TBS. Same for Fox, ESPN. I've become accustomed to navigating around the MLB app while watching "picture in picture" (PIP), for stats, box score, and other features in addition to using other apps on my phone with the game still showing in PIP, such as responding to text messages. This app is not PIP capable while MLB, Fox and ESPN are, and to make matters worse, if I do switch to messaging and come back, I have to wait for a 15 second ad to play and finish. Additionally, Fox and ESPN have access within the app to some game stats like box score. I am sure TBS puts a boatload of money into the rights to broadcast MLB postseason...invest a little in your app. Thanks.
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4 years ago, climardo
Greed destroys this app
I first downloaded this app to watch 2020 MLB playoffs. I experienced problems upon launch. I was prompted to allow notifications and declined. Then the app hung on the splash screen. I thought, this is crazy... if everyone else hd this problem then the app would have an even loower rating. So I restarted my iPhone - same thing. Delete and redownload the app - same thing. Then I thought, let’s see what happens if I accept notifications and what do you know? It launched past the splash screen and to the EULA or terms of service or whatever. I finally get to watch the game on my phone, but before it will play the live stream, I have to sit through a 15 second ad. Every time. If I leave the app to respond to a text? Ad. If I swipe down to check my notifications? Ad. That’s so greedy it’s crazy. They still show the TV ads and sometimes they show different ads while TV ads are playing, just trying to squeeze out every bit of revenue they can. Greedy. And lastly, there is no PiP support, yet. Fix this stuff. The ads issue is worth 2 stars and the other issues are 1 star each. Good luck.
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8 months ago, Funinthesunsrq
CAN’T Sign in with Cable Provider
Today is Monday, October 9, 2923 and this is in reply to the message from TBS I received today and for which I was surprised to receive. I have already tried to work with the Help Bot on TBS and input all this specific information and it went nowhere. It was a complete waste of time. I’m tech savvy and I know how to operate a login and a password. The TBS site is not working and you are not aware of it because no one is going to spend all this time to obtain a resolution. Even my phone calls to GA were not successful at speaking with a person. Please reply again and let’s work together by phone to recreate this problem so you can implement a test procedure to fix. Thanks again! IT, After you sign in, the screen goes white or it goes white, crashes and takes you back to TBS app Home Screen. This is a TBS problem and not iPhone problem. Over the years, the app has worked beautifully, then over the last 2 months it’s not functional. I left a vmail today with TBS in GA to be directed to IT. Please fix!
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2 years ago, catie.raschka
Difficult to keep using
I try to use TBS, and it streams my show for about 15 minutes then randomly refreshes to the home page. Additionally, every time I exit the app and go back in, it signs me out and loses the progress in my show. In fact, it just opens back up to the main page and I have to search for what I’m watching every time. It makes me not even want to bother using the app at all. This would be fixed if they let users exit the app and still have a small window playing the show/movie in Picture to Picture like all of the other streaming platforms. Also, it does not let you go full screen. Every time you click on that button it rotates but keeps the next up list open and the show itself is not my entire screen. I try pressing the full screen button a couple more times and it never works. Even when trying to just rotate my phone with portrait lock turned off it doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Katnip1979
One of the Worst Video Apps
This is my first App Store review. I tried watching the MLB post season NLDS through this app and I’m greeted with constant bugs. I have to keep restarting the app to work. The MLB games lag and the video pauses then tries to catch up and action is missed. I had to watch a home run off the opposing team three times because the app couldn’t catch up to live play. Even the commercials don’t work. Imagine watching 5 secs of a commercial five times during a break and never knowing the end. I don’t like commercials the same as the next guy, but cmon. Have to watch the same 15 sec commercial every time the app has to reboot even in the middle of an inning (see first comment above). Since there is no set top box app for Apple TV prior to 4th gen, I tried using AirPlay. The video on the TV displays boxing all around. This is a format/ratio issue that other video apps don’t seem to have an issue with. My impressions of TBS is very low after using this app. These are things the developers could fix if given the time, resources, and/or training.
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2 years ago, Jkeeton
I like we can watch shows not on demand
I like we can watch shows that aren’t available on demand through our cable box, but the ads are out of control. The 2:57 minute ads that pop up 5-6 times during a 30 minute show, come off as abusive. That’s right, abusive. It plays the same ads over and over, for so long. TBS forces you to use this app, and it pops up a warning on every device this app is on that says something to the effect of you have to sign in, but due to streaming rights the app won’t save your history on the app. So you better finish what you watch or possibly get stuck watching up to an hour of commercials to finish a show. I watched a 30 minute show earlier, and since my phone locked or my phone lost a fast connection and I had to keep rewatching the same ads. That’s abusive. It should at the least save your place so you don’t have to rewatch ads you’ve done watched. Kindly Yours
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8 months ago, R1Y2A3N4
App so bad I’ll write a review
I hate this app with every bone in my body. It crashes all the time which matters exponentially more considering the only reason I use it is to watch playoff baseball and basketball. 5 seconds left in the NBA Finals? Perfect time to crash. Oh and don’t forget, every time you start it back up you are forced to watch a commercial. Why am I being punished for your incompetence? The only enjoyment I’ve ever gotten from this app is reading the reviews of users that hate it is much as I do. I’m a product manager that has launched an app in the App Store - if I ever put garbage out there the way TBS & TNT has, I’d be looking for new employment. It’s like you had interns put this together years ago and just never picked it back up. I could keep going, but considering that it’s been this bad for this many years, I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting my time. Turner has its contract and therefore its fans by the ba||s, and they don’t care to do a thing about it.
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5 years ago, ksilvernail21
(FIXED)App Won't Recognize New Cable Provider
I used to love this app. but I recently moved apartments and changed cable providers from Spectrum to Verizon. This app refuses to update to the new cable provider. It just gives me an error message "AuthZ Token Failed" The error message is a dead end. There is no option for updating cable subscriber info. All attempts to contact help service within the app have been ignored which is even more infuriating! Why have a 'contact us' option if you dont monitor it and respond? Terrible customer service experience. UPDATE: This issue resolved itself on my iPhone - but it is still not working on my iPad (strange). I'm awarding a 2nd star because at least now I can watch on my phone. UPDATE 2: It's now allowimg me to change cable provider on all my devices. Updating review to 4 stars.
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6 years ago, Jane&Paul ITunes
review 2 I want to thank TBS this app stalled 10 times during tonight’s MLB playoffs it reversed during a commercial break and went back to the beginning of the inning I had just watched- it stopped and would not restart 5 times causing me to miss several very exciting parts of the game and since i cannot pause reverse or fast fwd the live game I had to guess what happened!!! WOW WHAT A WONDERFUL AND COMPLETELY FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE THANK YOU TBS thank Google sponsor of the game thank you to MLB for providing such a totally disappointing and horrific way to experience America favorite sport !!! review 1 I have had the exact same experience as the first review listed and I agree do not buy the rights to broadcast a game if you cannot deliver. We stream a lot of movies and TV we stream from the internet from our iphones (6&6+) we have good internet download speed we screen mirror through Apple TV and we have never had as many issues as we had with TBS APP while trying to watch the MLB playoff games. Stalls shows more commercial breaks than live tv and it hands during the breaks and misses parts of the game you cannot pause or reverse or fast fed nothing and we do have a provider so we are actually paying for the service we are not getting it free !!!! So it is a major rip off !!! Sending this same review to MLB and T-Mobile which was the major sponsor for the game so they are both getting ripped off also!
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3 years ago, MaddiGrace2021
Worst Streaming App Available
Including TBS, I have 12 streaming apps on my phone (which is ridiculous and defeats the point over cable) and TBS is by FAR the worst. Chrome cast struggles to connect, the pause/stop function isn’t easily accessible, streaming cuts off and won’t allow you play approximately 30 seconds for EACH episode I try to play. It’s a super frustrating user experience, especially when those 30 seconds happen to be the “big reveal” that the show is building towards. In addition to all of that, the captions are pitiful. They seem like someone with a WPM of 20 was given the task to write them and the first try was what they went with (seriously, I would LOVE to fix them). They’re strife with spelling errors and typos and are functionally nonsensical. Unfortunately TBS has some shows that aren’t available anywhere else, so I’m hoping they improve the app experience before the shows become no longer worth the hassle.
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5 years ago, RefToo
Too Many Commercials; Frequent Crashes
I spent more time watching commercials than I did watching actual content. Furthermore, the commercial countdown continued to increase instead of decrease with each new commercial. A single commercial break that started with a 150 second countdown ended up being 225 seconds long by the time it was complete. My beef is not with the commercials themselves. I understand why the commercials are there. My issue is with the ever increasing countdown. My other complaint is the number of crashes the app experienced while I was watching. Many of these crashes happened during commercial breaks, so after restarting the app I’d have to sit through another set of commercials to get back to my show. In the end it took 45 minutes to watch a 22 minute show. No thank you. Two stars for effort because, believe it or not, I have experienced worse apps.
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2 years ago, Father of Ida
TBS: Tremendously Bad Service
Open the app, a commercial plays. Then the event/show you’re trying to watch doesn’t. But that commercial will seamlessly play again. Then in the event your event/show does play, it will stall out and just stop playing. And then you have to close and open the app again. And watch the commercial again. And Lord forbid you’re at the end of an intense sporting event that’s about to have its epic conclusion and — wait, it stopped. Hurry, restart it so we can watch the game there’s only 13 seconds left. Sorry, you’re gonna have to watch this commercial for the 97th time before we can get you back to the conclusion. And now that we’ve got you there it’s already over. Broadcast has ended. And now you can watch this commercial again on your way out. Just a terrible, terrible, terrible app. Or as Charles Barkley, a frequent face on Turner would say, turrible.
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3 years ago, Dub_B
Come on TBS.. fix your ads during the game
Honestly this is the worst app to stream a sport game. I get that you have sponsors and contracts that lead to commercials and ads. Every time the stupid app freezes and then starts playing again I have to watch a 3o second ad? Bottom of the ninth Freddie Freeman hit the game-winning hit and I miss it because a 30 sec ad decided to start playing. I am extremely thankful to be able to watch my Xfinity subscription via the TBS app for the MLB playoffs. But you guys got a fix that ad s*it. If my cell phone gets knocked from my lap to the ground I have to watch a 3o sec ad - anytime something interrupts the stream.. whether it’s my fault or freezes on your end.. I have to watch a 30 second ad I’ve already watched it, why do I have to watch is 77 times during one baseball game, it’s a joke.
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3 years ago, Islander4250
Wow. This app is the worst.
The only explanation that I can think of for this buggy and clunky app is that no one at TBS has ever streamed anything. It is the only explanation for how this app continues to be as terrible as it is. Having to sign in randomly multiple times while watching a show, having the show randomly restart if you make any adjustments to your screen, randomly switching to live tv while streaming, and the awful opening page that only gives you the option to watch the advertised episode with no way to click through to the show page are only a handful of the reasons that this app is by far the worst streaming app out there. It’s only saving grace for me is that there is very little that I actually want to watch in their library, so I rarely use the app. I have deleted this app in frustration more times than I can count.
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6 years ago, FlyersNfillies
Horrible for streaming
Tried watching the AL postseason for baseball and the app continuously froze and had to be restarted...while I had full att service also there’s no play or pause options and everytime I had to restart the app I had to watch the same advertisement being played instead of going straight to the game. Also Streaming from the TBS website is just as horrible sitting at home with perfect wifi on my computer and the same problems with the app take place on the site add that to the fact it takes half an hr just to get it to start playing. Then out of curiosity I tried watching a TBS tv show the “guest book” same horrible streaming app continues to freeze and had to be restarted at least with the tv shows there’s a pause and play even though you can’t get through the show without it freezing. You’d think a broadcasting company like TBS could afford a decent app.
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6 years ago, BrianDaly
Avoid at all costs
Freezes and resets every 5-10 minutes, an entire batter behind the cable stream during playoff baseball, constantly have to be working on your phone to watch tv, have to log back into my cable account every night bc it won’t remember it. Horrendous app, incredibly inconsistent, better off refreshing twitter to find out what’s going on. This app would start out great, but slowly lag more and more before freezing and resetting, only for you to find you’re 4/5 minutes behind live tv. I never thought I would dislike my favorite team going to the World Series this much but congrats TBS, you did it. You created the biggest tease of an app that will show 4 minutes then freeze and make you spend another minute getting it back again. Nothing like staying up until 1 am go watch baseball only to spend the night rebooting this catastrophic app 284 times! Great job TBS!
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12 months ago, Shortround82
This review contains sarcasm
If you like a huuuge selection of shows(that you can probably count on your fingers), with an extremely limited number of episodes, maybe the longest and highest number of commercial breaks I’ve ever seen on a streaming app, a handful of so so movies, and super buggy reliability, this is the app for you. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because they have American Dad and that’s basically the only redeeming quality of this app. The only problem with that is they constantly remove episodes and don’t let the new seasons stream for any real amount of time and will have one or two random half seasons of the older ones. If you want to be disappointed every time you open up an app get this one you will never be disappointed at how disappointed you are
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6 years ago, Jackthryedlexxi
Very impressive
I use the optimum app very often- and often that app crashes and freezes. It’s refreshing to have an app such as this TBS app, which streams very smoothly. Never has it froze or crashed on me. I can watch my Seinfeld episodes in peace, with smooth playing from beginning to end. 👌🏾 As someone else has pointed out, the only downfall I see is the limited number of episodes I can watch. If I am paying for this channel, and this channel has already showed many episodes of a series, why is only a limited amount of episodes offered at a time? ie, only 4 episodes of Friends. Maybe at least 15 episodes at a time can be available.
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6 years ago, Jawqqqq
Chromecast streaming issues
Just to be clear this app normally would receive a 5 Star but I’m giving it a 2 star until this recent issue is resolved since the feature I use most is useless to me now. Ever since may 4th I have not been able to stream the live streaming of TVs for the east coast and small problems with the west coast. I updated the app and the problem still persists. This has never been a problem in the past, just recently. I have and older version of chromecast so I might buy a new one with better connectivity/signal strength but that can not be the only issue as I said before it worked perfectly before. May 3rd I was able to stream the app east coast channel live most of the day and there was no issue what’s so ever. Love the app but this has become an annoyance and I hope it is resolved soon.
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3 years ago, FCBrown00
Terrible Terrible App
This app is awful. It stalls for extended periods. If I rewind a little it replays 3 minutes of commercials that it just played seconds before. It continues on with the dialog of a scene while commercials are playing over it. It stalls over and over and OVER right after 3 minutes of commercials, then plays ALL the commercials over, then stalls, more commercials, etc. sometimes up to 18 min of commercials before the show starts again. It’s interesting that the commercials never stall. Only the show. Casting from tablet to TV - another mess. On my tablet - the shows play in a logical manner (when the app is functioning). The commercial breaks occur at breaks in the show’s action. When casting and watching on a TV, the commercial breaks ALWAYS occur in mid-sentence when a character is talking - then 3 minutes of commercials - then back to the rest of the sentence. An epically terrible app.
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3 years ago, kcebttocs
Worst streaming app I own
Trying to watch in the airport because my flight is delayed and all the restaurants are closed. I downloaded this to watch the mlb playoffs. Every time I have to minimize the app for any reason, it reloads and forced me to watch more commercials. I signed in with my tv provider. Then I minimized the app to send a text, it made me sign in again. Then it made me watch another commercial. I had to turn up the brightness. I was rewarded with another commercial right in the middle of the game. If I see one more t-mobile commercial I’m going to change my flight to go to atlanta and kick the Ted Turner in the nuts. Don’t be fooled by the 3.8 stars. They must have hired people to increase their ratings. This is a 1 star app. But it’s the only one broadcasting the mlb playoff game so I’m going to go watch more t-mobile commercials now I guess
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6 years ago, Killakillll
Terrible live sports quality
TBS is quite possibly one of the least efficient live streaming services I’ve ever used. The entire NBA Playoffs it seemed like their app wasn’t capable of handling the amount of traffic that games of that magnitude drive in. The result: terrible video & sound quality, ridiculously long loading times, and multiple instances of freezing that require you to restart the app. Now it seems that same ineptitude has bled into the MLB postseason. Here I am with full service on Sprint’s LTE network and I can’t get anything better than a choppy baseball game that looks like it’s in 180p quality (same goes for when I’m on the WiFi). I have ONE MESSAGE for TBS: STOP BUYING RIGHTS TO GAMES THAT DRIVE IN TOO MUCH TRAFFIC FOR YOUR GARBAGE APP TO HANDLE!!!! Leave it for a company that cares enough about quality and reliability to make sure they’re ready to provide an enjoyable experience to their audience!!!!
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3 years ago, TheyCallMeHead
Terrible Streaming App
There are so many things I would rather do than stream the MLB playoffs using the lousy TBS app. Need to connect to wifi? AD!!! Need to send a quick text? AD! Literally doing ANYTHING while streaming from their app will initiate an advertisement. This is in addition to all of the regular scheduled commercials part of the normal programming. It’s completely ridiculous and I will recommend against using the app until something is changed. Also extremely annoying that you can’t use Picture in Picture while streaming with this app like most other streaming apps. The only nice thing about the app is that you can use chrome cast to send your stream to a TV and avoid all the additional advertisements but that doesn’t help when your only option is watching from your phone.
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4 years ago, Sonnetjie34
Terrible viewing and access experience on Apple TV
The app is truly not user friendly or easy to access on Apple TV. Firstly, you have to sign in through the provider every time you want to use it. Secondly, there is no search function (like seriously?). Thirdly, once you are able to get to the episode you want to watch (having made peace with the very limited content of the series in question), access issues are encountered more often than not. The app unhelpfully points out that “oops, it has a problem playing the video”, and then takes me all the way back to Home, which I had to navigate around in a number of clicks and scrolls to actually get to the content I want to watch. Please help, as online watching is supposed to be much easier than this.
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6 years ago, Mister mirZda
This app has the worst interface!
This Apple TV app is the the worst. Literally THE WORST app interface in the whole TV app store! It doesn't use the standard interface that every other app uses. You cannot use the basic touch interface of the Siri remote. It reacts to literally ANY touch. It constantly pauses/play. You cannot use the simple skip 10 seconds click on the left & right of the remote. This overlay or whatever it is that you are using is not working. Please use the basic Apple TV controls. PLEASE! I also hate all of the issues with having to constantly sign-in that others report. I’ve also noticed it happening more when the app is launched from TV app. If you play the show from within the TBS app directly it doesn’t happen as often it seems. This is 1 star ⭐️ until something changes for the better.
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8 months ago, LittleLima
MLB Postseason Needs Better
I’ve been watching baseball through various apps all season. Yesterday’s NSLDS games were the first time using TBS. It was horrible. I couldn’t leave the app or it would not play the game when I came back, essentially holding my phone hostage. Even if I swiped to see a notification it would restart and force me to watch an ad. It would freeze so I could hear the excitement of the plays, but miss what happened visually. All the other apps allow you to leave the app and keep a small screen so you can text and still see what’s going on. That technology has been around for a good while now… idk why the MLB would contract these important series to TBS without them having something like that in place. I seriously hope that they improve their app before game 2.
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6 years ago, neverrevieweduntiljustnow
Leave the live broadcasts to the pros
I never review stuff like this. This app is absolute junk. Downloaded it to watch the MLB playoffs and immediately upon opening the app I'm met with a "Sorry, we're having trouble loading content right now" which is a terrible sign given the first playoff game featuring two of the biggest markets in television. I go through the usual rigors of closing and reopening to the same infuriating message until finally by the grace of God I get some live action...for a whole three minutes. Then, black. No picture, no sound, but somehow still connected. I gave up and decided this was a terrible enough experience to go out of my way and write a review about it. Please TBS, stop kidding yourselves and let the networks that can actually handle stuff like this do so. You're just making yourself look bad.
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6 years ago, HeatherCaitlin
Not bad!
It’s easy to fast forward, rewind, and pause shows while watching which I really appreciate, since I usually watch before bed and resume the next eve. I like the selection of shows available and how ads don’t overwhelm the watching. However, I wish the app kept me signed in— it seems to automatically sign me out overnight, or after a few hours so then I have to go back in and click through sign-in again. At least the sign-in is fairly easy. Also wished it moved the shows I was watching to the top instead of having me cycle through the list to find each one again.
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1 year ago, Jimgt15
This app works 50% of the time, I figured a big company like Timewarner would have the budget to update or fix any issues. Update on the issue, the problem is that when I open the app on Wednesdays to watch AEW Dynamite I click on the option to sign in using my provider info and it use to sign me in, now all it does is just spins after I click sign in. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling and it just doesn’t sign in, it gets stuck on the spinning icon that usually ends after your signed in but in my case it’s stuck for as long as I leave my phone on (15 minutes) before I end task.
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2 years ago, mwyner
Awful app
Using this on Apple TV. This is what you get when you let a random person write an app or the higher ups say “hey we need an app.” Only seems to allow 1 device to be logged in to your account since I signed in in living room and basement and next day had to sign in again to living room. No list feature to save shows you want to watch. Episodes are listed out of order. “Rats in the Kitchen” shows like episode 7, 8, then 1, then a couple others, than 2. This will be deleted after we’re done watching since it’s so bad. Developer doesn’t seem interested in fixing problems since they keep responding with the same copy/paste message and issues like this show up in the reviews from years ago.
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4 years ago, eemmoooooo
App keeps crashing last few weeks 😤😡🤬
I don’t understand my TNT or USA or SYFY apps all work just fine I can stream to my tv through my chromcast device but I can’t never stream this TBS app to my tv never it works for a few minutes and it just drops stream signal out the blue always never fails! What the heck #TBS fix what ever bug this app has I don’t understand why the app keeps crashing ...... all my other apps work just fine but while I want to stream live tv or the Big Bang it never works longer then maybe 5 minutes and that’s me stretching it. Please fix been like this for a few weeks now. About a month ago in had no problems I got an iPhone 8 Plus good Wi-Fi and all my other ya apps work just fine but yours! Come on????
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5 years ago, simiannojob
Streaming Issues, but ads work fine?
The new app has a great fresh look but functionally is somehow worse. Streaming live tv has constant stuttering and freezing. Sometime the audio continues but the video is frozen. Now they’ve made it so you’re not really watching live TV. Instead, when there are designated commercial breaks on “live TV” it plays a set of pre-loaded ads that are the same few ads over and over. This is regardless of the actual ad duration for the live TV - thus your ads will finish and then you will return to the live stream having missed a random portion of it. There also still isn’t an option to select favorite shows for quick access for on-demand shows.
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3 years ago, real_Mike_Esco
Commercials play on “live” tv wether or not it’s airing!!
This app is mediocre as far as the menu options are concerned. Nothing objectionable but nothing remarkable either. The problems lie with when the app plays commercials on live tv. If you login, use another app, it freezes or answer a text it triggers a commercial even while the show is on. It’ll still play all the other commercials during the break without fail. I only downloaded the app to watch the games while I’m not home. As soon as my team is out of the playoffs I’ll be glad to rid myself of this annoying app!! Here’s hoping MLB comes to it's senses and finds another station to broadcast playoff baseball with more app experience. Heaven help the NHL playoffs if this is what tbs has planned
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2 years ago, Mcmurdy1980
Terrible app
I only watch TBS for post season baseball. This app is terrible. It freezes at big moments, it’s more interested and will always work when it comes to showing you ads, you don’t have Picture in Picture. In fact, if I go to change my brightness, the app stops working and when I come back it can’t recover from the loading. I Am forced to reload the app only to have another ad play even though the game is currently live and not in a comercial break. I have missed moments because of the lack of stability and ad walls. The app should only load an ad when the game in in a commercial. I’m not seeing this. I just wish I could watch this live on my tv provider app or somewhere else. This app is terrible.
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2 years ago, Twty3956
Worst app ever!!!
This is by far the worst streaming experience with an app I have ever had. You guys should really just take this app down and start all over again. I just downloaded the app today and have had more issues just today then I’ve had over a period of time with other apps. Why when I’m watching a show instead of the next episode playing something completely out of the category of what I’m watching will pop up to play next? Then when I go back to select the next episode, which was episode 3, it started playing episode 5. I have tried for like 10 minutes to watch episode 3. After that, it just crashed and the home screen of my tv popped up. This app is almost pointless.
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7 years ago, Jaredk16
Why must I watch an ad every time the stream crashes?
The video quality is great. However, I downloaded the app so I could stream the MLB playoffs while at work. I have great LTE connection, but the stream fails at least once per inning every game. The video cuts out during major action in the game, and the worst part is that I cannot simply press play and join the stream instantly, but I am forced to miss an additional 15 seconds of ball play to watch an ad! How ridiculous is that?! This app has a lot of potential, but you guys need to work on the load your servers can handle on each stream. I can understand ads between innings and perhaps when you open the app, but why must I watch an ad each time I reopen a stream without even closing the app? You're killing me, Smalls!
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1 year ago, Whhockey3
Negative 100 stars
Hot garbage. I’m going to continue to keep putting in bad reviews until it’s fixed. New episodes of a show get put up but don’t play and when they do decide to play it plays for 10 minutes then a box pops up with the next episode to auto play and it can’t be stopped. There’s no cancel button or any way to stop another episode from playing before the current episode is even finished. Once again these media companies just want money money money but will do nothing at all to fix problems or even communicate with viewers. You think after all the bad reviews they would address the problems nope who cares as long as we get paid by the service providers.
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5 years ago, KcBic
Very frustrating...
Overall, great concept for an app. I like being able to stream shows and movies but this app needs some major improvements. It constantly disconnects from my smart tv even going from one show to the next (without closing the app) and it will randomly log me out of my account. Additionally, if I’m watching a show, click the power button to lock the screen, and then open it back up, I can’t see where I’m at in the show. This is particularly frustrating with movies if I’m not able to finish them in one sitting and want to see the time stamp so I can come back to it. I have to close the app and reopen it so that it displays the time progression properly.
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2 years ago, StantonMac
Great content, baffling design decisions
There’s great content on the app and is generally easy to find, but a couple things make it harder to use than it should be… 1. There’s no “My list” or “Watch Later”. If I see something I want to watch another time, I have to remember what it is and go searching for it when I want to watch it. 2. There’s no “continue watching”. Again, if I start watching a movie or series, I have to go search for it again to continue. It does remember where you left off, so that’s a positive. 3. The “Home” page is more like a “Featured” page, with a handful of shows shown full-screen that you scroll through. I’d expect the home page to allow me to see more than one suggestion at a time. 4. Selecting the magnifying glass brings up the “browse” page, with both a search bar and a collection of categories to scroll through. But that page requires a lot of scrolling if you’re looking for something specific (as in the case of 1 and 2 above).
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4 years ago, They screwed this one up
The worst of all the streaming apps I use, by far.
No multitasking ability. Any time I need to do anything while running the app, it disrupts the video and forces me to watch a commercial before returning to watch what I was watching. Every single time. Even if I just need to do something simple like swipe down on my iPad to adjust the brightness. You have no option of having live sports play in a minimized screen if the app gets minimized. The screen just disappears and when I click back, you guessed it- I have to watch yet another commercial. On top of that, the video quality is grainier than any other app I’ve used (even with high band WiFi). I sincerely hope the developers commit to improving this app because it’s really frustrating.
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6 years ago, Kmedders
Worst app in all of Apple TV
TBS guards their mediocre content closer than Fort Knox. I hav 3 AppleTVs and you are required with this 💩 to log into each of them at least weekly. Fox, Food Network,MLB Network, etc do not. They pull they same info I enter in 3 times a week, at least, that’s saved on my Apple TV. It is getting to the point that I dontt want to use it. I go to a pub to watch Baseball playoffs and am done with this POC. And, it’s not just logging in. You literally have to go on another device on line to log into their website. That then sends you over to your cable provider’s site and you have to log in with them. So incredibly frustrating I’m growing to hate TBS. Catch up to the year 2018. Or at least 2016 or get new app developers.
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