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User Reviews for WATCH TCM

3.71 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
6 years ago, zonabear62
What happened to the Schedule?!?
The new version of your app has taken away the single most important feature for me, and I’m sure for others as well. You’ve completely removed the TV broadcast schedule from this app, and with it the wealth of information about ALL of the movies on it, with only links to the WATCH selections that go to the website. It apparently has not occurred to the app creators that not EVERYONE who enjoys the channel, and the app, are the people whose name is on the provider’s account. So if those who have home access to TCM but someone else has the provider account in their name, then they are now utterly out of luck. No streaming, no schedule, nothing. I have loved this app for years, but now what will be the point of keeping it? “Please Sign In!” We’d love to, but we cannot! Please consider those other fans, and fix this issue quickly!
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7 years ago, Skate 13
I watch TCM almost constantly and exclusively!!! I love the old movies, particularly the ones from the thirties, forties and fifties, many of which I am seeing for the first time!! Absolutely wonderful!! I also enjoy the shorts, travel logs, even the occasional old commercials (which are the ONLY commercials I'll watch). LOVE the background information (wish you added for EVERY movie)!! And getting to know & recognize the wonderful character actors plus getting to see the superstars as they grew in their craft. Really miss Robert Osborne but Ben Mankiewicz is getting better and better! Jury still out on Vasquez, but she is improving. My only complaint is that you run the monthly calendar & wine commercial ad nauseum. We don't need it that frequently!! Sorry to see the monthly magazine go. Otherwise...THANK YOU for a wonderful service, which provides so many enjoyable hours of clean entertainment without foul language & blatant sexual displays--amazing how Hollywood has forgotten that people can be entertained without being bombarded with the least desirable traits of mankind. Yes, the Golden Age will not be found again (at least until God does housecleaning again). For we who are disabled and have little opportunity for outside activities, thank you for bringing it back to us so that television is not solely a vehicle for trash and misinformation!!!
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6 years ago, NicknameUnavilable
Redesigned app
Not impressed. Unless you provide a schedule of upcoming movies that will add some coherence to the disarray of features you haven’t improved much of anything. Movies need to be listed chronologically or alphabetically. Not in the random fashion shown. Films feature only gives the movie just shown or now playing. What is that!? The settings is really no settings at all. There’s nothing to set. Now this doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching TCM, but this new mumbo jumbo arrangement is too much work to use. Requires too much searching. You have to provide a schedule and not just a bunch of movies to watch. A feature I’d like to see added is a anytime search of actors that will include their personal history and filmography without having to wait for a movie to be shown with that actor in it. If a movie with that actor isn’t in films or watch list or whatever, I have to use google. Rather have that feature right at my fingertips using tcm. Soooooooo. The long and short of it is to put back the “schedule”feature and I’ll try to dig through the rest. And good luck in your never ending search for a Robert Osborne replacement. And by the way, why do you believe a movie would be better if the person watching is a little tipsy from wine? I know you’re trying to sell wine here, but do you really think people are that dumb? Drinking a wine with three different grapes isn’t going to make me laugh any harder while watching a Marx brothers movie.
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3 years ago, Joesqudy
Die hard TCM fan
This is the only channel I watch. It's like a history lesson with every movie. I don't even like current movies any longer, no morality, nothing about faith in them. In Many classics they were not ashamed to mention God, pray, love their country and be proud to live and die for our country. So many wonderfully beautiful love stories respectfully done. And I can't forget the dramas and comedies. I watch 24-7. My family knows not to ask to change the channel. I love the fact that I can take TCM with me wherever I travel and can watch on my phone or tablet!!!!!!! Love you TCM 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I want to be a "guest "programer before I die 😃 This app is excellent. I only wish the movies could stay longer on demand 😟 I missed one the other day and tried to watch it and it has already been removed. Other than this, I am very satisfied with app. This is just some constructive criticism regarding changes to the app; when the app was revamped, you took away the ability to rewind a few seconds and viewing the movie schedule, I was very annoyed. Now with this latest update, you eliminated the ability to view in full screen. Please correct those areas for watching in the app. I would greatly appreciate it. 😊🙏🏽
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7 years ago, HonestAnna
Best Channel Ever
After being a film lover especially from an artistic stand point I've seen everything. I fell in love with mostly independent and foreign films after noticing how dark regular movies had become. Independent and foreign films soon followed. One day in February I watched TCM and it happened to be the month of Oscar Films. I absolutely fell in love. I've watched this channel exclusively since and the joy it brings into my life is unexplainable. I'm an old soul and stand for morals and love. These two things have been lost in films but not in classic films. I won't watch anything but TCM and I can't say enough about this channel. They give us a glimpse into history and what the world was like in my grandmother's time. These films are the best I've ever seen and the acting as well as the plots are absolutely the most rewarding I've ever seen. It's funny to realize how many films have been turned into remakes but they never do justice to the originals. They have impacted my life in such a positive way and I can thank TCM enough for giving us the opportunity to watch these great masterpieces!!
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4 months ago, selat
App doesn’t work on AppleTV and support unresponsive
App for AppleTV no longer works and just opens to a blank black screen regardless of how many times I delete and reinstall the app, reboot the app, reboot my new and up to date (tvOS 17.2) AppleTV 4K with an active Xfinity cable subscription to TCM. I’ve reached out to TCM support and developers multiple times to report the problem and ask for assistance and I get the circular first tier “Are you logged in? Have you rebooted? Do you have a TCM subscription?” And other unhelpful questions that just repeat and clearly show they haven’t read or comprehend the issue or read the history of my problem and won’t take ownership of looking for or escalating a solution. The fact that the developer support link here goes to a customer service contact center and not actual technical support is clear that resolving app issues is not their goal. Supremely disappointing considering that the app is the only way I am able to access TCM as I have cut the cord and my Xfinity subscription is app based only so when channel apps like TCM’s don’t work, the $10 extra I pay for the package it is in is something I am now throwing away since I can no longer use it.
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4 years ago, SusieNotSusan
Love TCM, Hate the App
WatchTCM has been the only thing I’ve truly had to look forward to since I started quarantining over 2 months ago. I’ve always loved classic films and I’ve grown that love affair during this time, watching at least 1 film a day but often more. I use the app on my phone so that I can walk from my bedroom to my office to the kitchen without pausing. The app is the only thing marring my TCM experience. It crashes frequently if I pause a movie to answer a text or check an email, and most of the time clicking “resume” is pointless - I’m forced to drag the status bar to wherever I last remember I was in the movie because it won’t actually resume. God forbid I’m logged out for some reason; tonight my captions weren’t showing up (I keep captions on all the time) so I killed the app and restarted. Same problem. Thinking I needed an update, I came to the App Store to update. Of course then I was logged out and I have yet to be able to log in. The entire thing seems to be lagging and won’t let me sign in with my cable provider. I have excellent WiFi and I haven’t experienced this with any other app, streaming or otherwise. I come to WatchTCM for vintage films, not a disappointing and antiquated technological experience.
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10 months ago, Yngar10
Here we go (stop) again
Can't access anything because app says cable provider (DirecTV) doesn't allow access. Odd, because it did up until a few days ago, and nothing has changed on my end. None of the usual fixes work. Hopefully someone at TCM will read this and respond for the sake of all of us having the same problem again. Update: that problem went away through no apparent intervention by tcm or myself. Now a new problem: no updates to “watch tcm” catalog for almost a week. I got a generic “thanks, we're doing our best to deal with your problem” email from tech. I see they told another reviewer to look for a fix to the zoom problem in a future update. Since the last update was 11 months (and who knows how many iOS updates) ago, I expect that eventually all the other movies will expire and we will be left to choose between “Cleopatra Jones” and a perverted Roger Daltrey disaster. Having read some articles about David Zaslav, including ones ABOUT the GQ article he had taken down, I suspect he is behind this, and there will not be a fix for this or any other TCM app problem.
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7 years ago, MrRellik
TCM is my favorite
TCM is my favorite channel of all time!! Which makes this app my favorite too. I hate commercials and love black and white films. I love Noir films. I remember watching most of these movies stars since the 1960's. These are the real movie stars in my opinion and I do not consider modern stars even close. All my favorites are almost all gone like Eastwood. It is sad to see them age but on the other hand it has been enjoyable to watch people like Robert Duvall, Jeff Bridges, Diane Keaton grow into the great performers they are. These and a few others are the last of the great Movie Stars. I'm so grateful of TCM to be able to watch such good movies without sex, violence, swearing, and most of all commercials. The old movies weren't allowed to use the modern recipe of movie making and left a lot to the imagination telling a better story and performance. If I could only have one channel and app, it would be TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES!!
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6 years ago, JoelC224
Movies saved my life
When I was a child I lived in a very difficult situation and my only escape were movies. I developed the ability to lose myself in films and actually feel a part of them. But back then we had only 3 channels and your favorite films were on maybe once a year. Thanks to TCM, I can now watch my favorites and have discovered so many other great films along the way. This app lets me take my movies wherever I go which is a godsend at times. I constantly search TCMs schedule for upcoming films and set them to record . The shows hosts are the best, they provide so much backstory, insight & their own personal experiences with their films. TCM is always looking for ways to improve the channel & enhance their viewers experiences. To be a guest host would be a dream & I'm hoping to be able to cruise with them one of these years. Thank you so much Robert & Ben, you are two of the finest gentlemen ever.
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7 years ago, 40's film lover
A film festival on TV.
I have been watching TCM for years and it is the best channel on TV. You may watch movies on other channels, but where can you get the history of the movies you are watching on any other channel? You won't find it. I miss Robert Osborne's introductions, but Ben Mankowitz is doing an excellent job introducing them. Alex Baldwin learned his lessons well from Mr. Osborne and he continues the tradition on "The Essentials," on Saturday nights with new guest programmers. The programming is excellent. I love "The Star of the Month." When a star passes away, I love the way they honor them with a film montage. "Thirty Days of Oscar," is wonderful and I love the August line up when they dedicate each day to a different star. But they also honor the directors, screen writers, composers and designers. And don't forget the silent films. It is like having a film festival in your home. There isn't any channel in TV that comes close to TCM.
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12 months ago, valianthare
CAN’T REACH APP SUPPORT so you can have it here!
I’m pretty furious right now, because, 1: can’t reach app support; 2: can’t find information anywhere that tells me how to upgrade or even if that is an option; 3: when I try to upgrade through App Store, I’m told my plan does not include films I want to watch (period) but I can’t buy a plan; 4: can’t find my account on the app; 5: as per usual, a team of 12 year old boys (girls, at any age, could not create a mess like this) must have done your UI/UX design b/c there’s absolutely no way to navigate to any page with anything of substance or instruction or … perhaps your supervisors or their supervisors are 12 year old boys who made the decision to create an app without any navigation to anything of import; 6: I am not. I repeat, I AM NOT writing an email l, to then wait for a non answer. I am NEVER writing an email. THIS IS AN APP! Make it function as an app. If there is no way to buy a TCM streaming service, just say so. How stupid are you? I’m chucking the whole bloody thing and NEVER LOOKING FOR A TCM AGAIN.
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6 years ago, Tenenbaum family
Quality of airplay is terrible
Whenever I watch a movie, I like to watch it on the big screen. Since I had an Apple TV, I thought it would be a good idea to try and mirror my phone with the tv, but the quality and frame rate and the audio sync is just awful. See the video HUD is a lot different than the apple video HUD. When I airplay with the Apple video hard but there are no issues with frame rate or anything like that. But when I airplay with the TCM video HUD then frame rate drops the quality is bad, And the audio sync is bad. Now there’s only us trail when I am using Verizon as my cable provider. But as far as I’m concerned that has nothing to do with the quality of the video and it really angers me that I have to do this even when I look at the TV and when I look at the screen on my phone, my phone is normal and it’s all good and acts like it’s all normal and and there’s no issues. But when I look at my TV screen, everything is bad it’s all bad it’s all glitchy it’s terrible.
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2 years ago, Luv2bGramma
This is the worst app on the planet! There is always something wrong with it. Now it won’t work after only one movie plays! You have to delete the app, add the app back in, then sign back in again and then it will play one movie only AGAIN! OVER & OVER!! It keeps popping up with, “your subscription does not support this app”. But yes it does! Ever since they made it “more convenient” for all of us users by keeping us signed in through our TV service on our phone this has been happening. And it’s worse with the iPhones than it is with the androids. I own both kinds of phone and the iPhone has all kinds of problems all the time with this app. And I really don’t understand why TCM doesn’t even care about this app either? I have tons of movie apps and not one of them has a problem streaming movies. This is the only app that ALWAYS seems to have some kind of a problem CONSISTENTLY! And it never gets fixed and nobody at TCM seems to care! WHY???!!!
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6 years ago, Buzzscout
Love added features, MIss deleted features
I enjoy the ability to watch on demand, and added information. However, the deleting of schedule of movies, with or without information re: cast, tidbits , reviews when released, is sorely missed . It has decreased my time watching a film with my family, and isolated watching alone thru iPad, iPhone etc... when time permits. The schedule allowed our family and friends to discuss and plan movie viewing, rather than depending on movies on demand. We enjoyed the movies scheduled by actor, theme, etc... there must be someway to do both. And for my parents friends, who prefer a schedule in order to watch on television, you have taken golden memories away from them. It is either hit or miss for them by watching on TV. They did enjoy looking forward to a film scheduled at ... it gave them something else to look forward to doing that day as their world physically becomes smaller. Good luck with future upgrades.
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7 years ago, RLR8188
Great App for classic movie lovers
TCM has great movies including Classics that are family friendly and a wide selection and genre range I have been a fan for many years. If you are a classic movie lover and want a great app at your fingertips this is it. Watch a movie before you drift off to sleep and pick it up the next night where you left off, you can. Log into to your cable subscriber when traveling because your hotel has a lousy channel line-up but wi-if..this TMC app has you covered. Watch what is currently playing or pick from their constantly changing movie play list...go for it. Plus..reminders and more.'s free as long as you have a TV cable subscription with TCM, even if you are out of town as long as you have a Wi-fi connection. Try it!
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5 years ago, Horn O'Plenty
PLEASE bring back schedule and movie info!
Let me stress that TCM is fantastic. By far the best thing that happened to television, whether cable, broadcast, premium, streaming or otherwise. But a few major quibbles with the app: the removal of the schedule, and the elimination of access to film and cast information. Often I have needed to go back to the schedule to look up the title of a movie I had recently watched, and of course the ability to look at upcoming titles was invaluable. In addition, the inclusion of movie information, trivia and capsule reviews was wonderful. Why oh why would you remove these features? Now a few minor annoyances: Could you possibly scale back the incessant flogging of the TCM Wine Club. The British woman and the brother and sister team from Philadelphia wear thin after a while. I’m not sure why the TCM Wine Club has become such a major focus of the network, but it has become a major distraction and is jarringly out of place.
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2 years ago, evergreen18
What is wrong with this app??
I love TCM and when the app works it’s amazing. But lately it signs me out every single time I return to the app, and it freezes when I try to sign in. Literally every other streaming app keeps me logged in for months without having to sign in. If the tcm app would allow me to sign in I’d be mildly annoyed, but the app freezes most of the time causing me to have turn the tv or iPad off and come back. This happens on all my devices. It is beyond frustrating and feels like Groundhog Day every time I try to watch something. Is anyone else experiencing this login issue? Can the app developers please respond? Thanks — I only care so much because I love the app’s content …
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7 years ago, butterflyseashell
TCM is the best!
I truly love TCM. In fact TCM is the only reason I watch TV at all. I have learned so much about history through watching the films TCM airs. While viewing a film from another era I am graced to see what people were exposed to in the past. These films have colored in so much of my particular historical blank spots. History is no longer flat nor boring. It has come alive with TCM. I also now know and appreciate different directors and genres of film making. I do miss Robert Osborne. He was such a memorable host for a long time. The new hosting format is starting to grow on me but I still miss Robert. My kids tease me about what seems to them my obsession with TCM. They just don't get it! TCM continues to enrich my life and world view and I look forward to tuning in for years to come.
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7 years ago, Kimikor
The true IT in movies - from Kim Rogers
I love this station . I have for a number of years. When I was a kid I would stay up late nights with my mom and we would watch these black and whites while at the same time forming some good memories of movies made in the 60's and 70's . Its great to see these action packed adventures that still keep my heart racing. When one of my friends asked me why I watch them over and over again , I sarcastically say I want to see if the ending has changed .Thank you so much for giving me happy endings ,love that's rare and good comedies . TCM ROCKS!!!!! I wrote this message one year ago and I am still in love with TCM. I JUST WISH I COULD RATE IT WITH 100 Stars. Oh no I forgot that's how many different Stars they show in their movies each day .love it love it love it
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7 years ago, Popa E
Favorite since day one
There is nothing on TV that compares to the A list presentation of TCM. Being a movie buff brought up on black and white movies at a young age, it gets no better than with TCM. Crystal clear HD makes the b/w pristine and the color pop like never before. I look forward every year, the dedication of Memorial Day marathon tribute to the heroes and sorrows of the war, where we can see countless actors give such passionate performances. I look forward to the month of October when the nights are filled with horror movies, leading up to Halloween. Seeing my hometown favorite, Vincent Price every autumn, is something I will never tire of. Of course Christmas time, what else can you say. Thank you for the regular rotation of Hitch, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Errol Flynn, Kirk Douglas........ Love you TCM!!! Tom Effinger St. Louis, Mo
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6 years ago, CM Clements
Not happy!! Read the reviews and give us what we want!😤
This newest update is just as bad as the last. YOU STILL HAVE NOT RETURNED THE CALENDAR SCHEDULE FEATURE! Seems to me you should be listening to the users and most say they want this feature back! I rarely write reviews but felt compelled to finally do so for this app. This app really doesn’t even rate one star, in my mind. I’m using a new iPad Pro and haven’t had glitch problems, but have had to sign in over and over. The first update that brought us this ugly white icon was awful and this is just as bad. Settings are useless and no advance schedule. Fortunately, when this app first updated from the green icon to the white icon, I had updated my iPad before my phone. After seeing the update, I did not update my iPhone and still have the green icon app. It’s easy to see what has disappeared when you can compare both apps side by side. I WILL NOT UPDATE MY IPHONE UNTIL YOU FIX THE APP. IF YOU DONT FIX IT, I’M UNINSTALLING IT! Personally, I don’t think you developers are even reading these reviews. I think you are totally ignoring them. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t even TCM watchers or fans. How could you be and give us this crappy app??? IF YOUR APP IS SO WONDERFUL, WHY IS TCM CHANNEL STILL USING THE GREEN ICON WHEN ADVERTISING THE WATCH TCM APP????? PLEASE FIX THE BUGS AND GIVE US BACK THE CONTENT WE WANT. THATS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE US HAPPY!
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6 years ago, Foxtipus
Review of App not TCM channel
I have been a loyal TCM viewer since the channel debuted. I watch through the app via my iPad on a daily basis. The recent update has ruined the TCM app! Beyond it being not aesthetically pleasing anymore, it’s much harder to navigate. Several useful features are just gone including the schedule, the ability to flag your favorite performers/directors etc and be notified when their films are going to be shown, the ability to fill your screen with the video, on screen volume control, quick access to biographies and in depth film information and even the cool retro clock has been removed. Most importantly though the app is unstable. It crashes repeatedly. Movies mysteriously disappear from your watch list before their expiration date. If you pause a movie and come back later the movie often will not start from where you left off but restarts from the beginning. So many other bugs have made the app unreliable and almost impossible to use. Why did you mess up a good thing? Couldn’t you have added features (like the new sorting options) without completely changing the app to some thing worse? Please go back to the previous version and add features and content from there instead of sticking your customers and fans with this horrible reboot.
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8 months ago, turntha
I love TCM
I have had the TCM app for weeks. At first there was no problem getting the chance to see some of the great movies of all time. Then, when I was looking at my app and starting to choose a great movie, all of a sudden I could no longer enjoy it any more because now you’re required to have Direct TV. or some other company. I’m now living in a Hospice House and I no longer have access to another TV, since I no longer have my own home. I would appreciate it if you could read my comment and find a way for me (and I’m sure many others) to enjoy TCM again. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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6 years ago, Languorous Lass
So disappointed
Up until the complete redesign of this app, I had quibbles, but generally thought the app was well done, and I used it constantly. Not any more. The redesign has eliminated the feature I used most: the schedule. I don’t want to watch a movie on my phone if I can avoid it; I’d rather plan ahead and watch it on my TV. I also would check as I was on my way home from work to see what was on that night. But with the redesign, I can’t do that anymore. Plus, when I try to get information about the movie that is showing live (something I’ve done constantly under the previous version of the app), I can’t get to it. It’s incredibly frustrating. If the developers are concerned with the amount of bandwidth the above options take, they can easily clear out lots of space by getting rid of the full-length plot synopses. Why take up valuable megabytes with spoilers? Plus, I’m on the East Coast, but the app insists on showing me what’s playing on the West Coast before it lets me see what’s available in my area. Uh, thanks? I am so disappointed in you, TCM. Please re-institute the schedule and the information about the movie that’s playing live, and let me set the app to show me the East Coast listings.
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5 years ago, Dukeland Donkey
Disappointing app
I love TCM! Sadly this app is poorly designed. There are two things that I like about this app: I can stream live and I can watch many other available movies! Everything else is incredibly frustrating: Inexplicably there are movies featured in the main banner on the home screen that are not available to stream and contain no information about when they will be airing. This is incredibly frustrating when your browsing for a movie to watch and when you find one you really like it’s a dead end. There is a watch list where you can add movies you want to watch which is useless because there are only a small number of movies available which makes it easy to find the ones you want to watch. This is extra frustrating because this feature would be really useful for keeping track of the movies that will be airing live that won’t be available in the app. Unfortunately there is NO schedule available in this app. At the bare minimum this app should have a schedule. It would be great if you could look at the schedule, add the movies that you want to watch to your watch list, and then have the app remind you when your movie is about to be on. I could go on but these are my main complaints.
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6 years ago, Ddruker
App will not stream to Apple TV
The app works fine on my iPhone, but absolutely stops streaming video when I link my phone to my TV using Apple Play. All I get on both my phone’s screen and the television’s screen is sound, but no picture. When I turn off mirroring, the picture returns to my phone. Numerous other users have also experienced this problem. I have emailed TCM about this numerous times, but they have never responded. Update: Still no response from TCM. Further update: It is now the end of November, 2017, and I have yet to hear from TCM, despite numerous attempts to draw their attention to this major bug in the app. I have to assume either that it doesn’t matter to them or that they have no one actually tasked with responding to user emails. Either way, the app is now useless to me and I am deleting it.
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7 years ago, Mg1515
Bad streaming
Great channel, great content, great everything except.......right now when mirroring from iPhone/iPad only audio signal is working, no video is handed off to the TV and you’re looking at a blank screen. Have tested this with a few others folks and the result is the same. So while the programming content is usually about “old” films they keep that line of reasoning with their app. Have a pretty good amount of bandwidth here and when it does work it is prone to stuttering. The layout is good, but the buffering and the on again off again inability to mirror is disappointing. They seem to be the only media streaming app left that hasn’t updated to AirPlay. Hope it’s updated soon as everything about TCM is awesome excluding this app.
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3 years ago, Mr. Reeee
The App is Frustrating to use!
It’s 2021 and the app still won’t scale to the entire screen when using an external monitor! REALLY? Many monitors actually have MORE resolution than a 1080 TV! Some people don’t have television sets, using a computer monitor doubling as an entertainment hub. Imagine that! The app won’t even fill the entire screen of an iPad when the zoom /fill screen button is pressed. So, you’ll have a tiny movie image floating with a thick black frame around it. The iPad supports 4K output so by rights the app should be able to scale to whatever resolution and external monitor supports. The iPad menu bar items are ALWAYS VISIBLE, which distracts from the movie watching experience. Movie organization needs to be better. How about more than ONE sentence for the plot description in the main page… without having to go to another page. More cast members should be listed on the main page… Sometimes the main stars aren’t even listed, only supporting cast. Loading descriptions takes forever. I love TCM, but using this app is loaded with frustrations!
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6 years ago, FTW TX lawyer
Who directed this turkey??
I just downloaded the new “improved” tcm app which doesn’t modify the old app but totally replaces it — replaces a useful and interesting app that had enhanced the tcm experience. In its place I find an app stripped of the useful and convenient program schedules and stripped of the interesting short articles linked to each film. The new app is nothing more than a sales pitch for streaming video (apparently tcm isn’t as focused now on bringing classic movies to appreciative audiences as tcm is attentive to increasing cash flows for partnering internet service providers and cable providers) and for tcm’s giftshop of film collections. No reason to keep this version on my iPhone. I am already bombarded with enough unwanted ads. Is it possible to award an app a negative star rating? Tcm’s surely deserves it. I give this disaster one star only bc there is no lower grade.
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7 years ago, ' Hollywood Joe
' No Brag , Just Fact !
I've ben a consummate viewer since Robert Osborne introduced it to us .. and before that always pleased with what TNT did , but with 24 hours of great , vintage , and often the entire library of Metro , RKO and eventually ever studio's films from the 30 's , 40 's , 50 's and now even the recent classics ..I was in 7th Heaven to put it mildly ( Thank you Janet and Charles) I was a film exhibitor for 25 years and my Dad was a Fox executive in exhibition and distribution his whole working life , so you'll understand this . Forgive me for going on so ., i could of eliminated all of this .. and simply say .. ' I Love TCM , the best cable channel on the airwaves ' ❤️ Thanks , Joe Redmond
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5 years ago, JmOWolff
Virtually useless
I love TCM and the ability to view classic films on my mobile device, however I must say, I hate the updated interface, it’s cluttered it’s awkward and not accessible for the content I want to find. The previous version was basic but intuitive. Gone are the linear listings and quick access to the daily schedule. Gone too is the feature allowing you to enter a film title or actor to program an alert the next time it/they appear in the schedule. Previously it was so easy to scan the page listings, sort them the way you’d like, and make a selection. Please provide an option for a daily schedule, or if not, allow users to go back to the previous version. Again, I love the content, I just wish it wasn’t so frustrating. One star :( Ps. Noticing not one positive review in over a year. Get with it TCM :(
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6 years ago, melizabeth689
New Update Took Away Good Features
I never review apps but I use one so frequently that I had to leave feedback. The new update, while better looking and having some new features, took away a lot of great features of the old format. I was able to schedule reminders, see the full tv schedule, and learn more about movies and casting by just clicking on the schedule. If these features are still present I haven’t found them on the updated app and I searched everywhere. I’m really disappointed these features are gone. TCM is the channel I was almost on a daily basis. I don’t want to go to the website every time I’m curious about scheduling or casting when there’s an app available. I hope this gets fixed or is easier to find if still there.
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6 years ago, ChickenLee
New app is pared down and useless
The new version of the app may look nice but they have eliminated every useful and enjoyable feature from the previous version. The worst offense is the removal of the schedule, which I used ALL THE TIME. I truly cannot understand why this would be removed. Do they hate us or something? They also got rid of the content - cast listings, articles and notes about each film, as well as a way to search for favorite actors in upcoming movies. All the app does is allow you to watch movies, which in my opinion, is not enough. This used to be a favorite app and now I plan on deleting it. There is no point to it. Additionally, I do not have cable and the app does not even support Roku. Double boo!! I know there are more serious things going on in the world, but this “upgrade” bums me out a lot.
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3 years ago, 1bkm1
Love TCM, but new brand and intro is ineffective
We watch TCM to escape the modern junk that plays everywhere else. Now you’ve updated the intro to sound and look like any other 21st century tech company. I realize you’re probably trying to reach a different audience, but the reality is you’re TCM and people come because they want classic, not trendy. I work in branding, and have seen over and over businesses try to be something they aren’t, just to stay relevant. Ultimately, it is ineffective at best and detrimental at worst. People always struggle with change, I get that, but don’t ignore the reality that people who love TCM want to feel like they’re escaping the current culture.
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5 years ago, aaletta
TCM is magic.
I get enormous enjoyment out of watching TCM; the old movies are wonderful, and the commentary by the hosts is enlightening and amusing. I’m not so fond of the newer movies that you show, most of them can’t hold a candle to the earlier ones. I’m a huge fan of film noir, and the information delivered by Eddie Muller is inspired. When Robert Osborne died, I was concerned that perhaps TCM would falter, but the continuity provided by Ben Mankiewicz, and the addition of the two new hosts has kept the channel up to it’s usual high standards. I can’t thank you enough for the many hours of pleasure that you have given to me and millions of others
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3 years ago, ImAManAndAMouse
Still no Chromecast and that jingle!
Update: the app was useless to me before with no chromecast but i noticed a new red icon and i thought ‘great new features’. and then i opened this new update and the song scared the cr@p out of me. In all my years i have never seen nor desired that. And still no Chromecast. It’ll still be an unused brick taking up Home Screen space. Is that how TCM sees its viewers? (I should just delete it but hope springs eternal.) Old: Love TCM. Just bought a Chromecast to stream the additional OnDemand movies (not included on cable version) on iOS. But Watch TCM on iOS is the ONLY video app on my phone that does not allow me to stream to Chromecast. Give me the Chromecast icon, TCM! I will no longer subscribe if this isn’t fixed by the time my contract is up. Four months to go...
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3 weeks ago, xboom
Does not work on Xfinity
Still doesn’t work. The obviously don’t care one little bit. Lots of promises from tech support but zero action to fix the app. ZERO. If I could rate this -100 stars that would be generous. The app STILL doesm’t work after a month of working with them. Tech support is useless. They “said” all the right things and then do NOTHING to fix the problem. The app hasn’t been updated for a year. Is anybody home at TCM? Or doe they even care? The app works on my iPhone built not on my iPad. How hard could that be to fix? Thoroughly disappointed!!! Cannot sign in. I get a blank pop up where it used to ask for credentials. Tech support has been responsive but hasn’t given a solution. They seem to be guessing without a clue as to the problem.
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5 years ago, Majestic Twilight
Slightly Disappointed 😢😢
I have the Watch TCM app on my firestick. Watched movies fine until recently. Now every time I try to watch a movie I get "An error has occured" . I've tried logging out and logging back in with my cable provider, clearing the cache clearing the data, uninstalling and reinstalling the TCM app, reactivated my account and nothing is working. I just wish somebody could give me some answers somewhere along the line here as to what I could do to help make it work? I'm trying to watch the Fred Astaire “Summer Under The Stars” Collection before it expires tomorrow. Nothing has changed so if you have any ideas please let me know and thank you in advance.
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4 years ago, can't do math!
I love TCM!
A whole new world opened up to me when I discovered TCM. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve probably seen most movies at least 2 or 3—maybe 15 or 20 times! I especially love movies made in the 40’s and 50’s. I love the clothes, the hair styles, the homes and cars, the attitudes! The introductions and information about the stars are my favorite. My husband loves the war movies and westerns. I’ve even gotten my kids to stay and watch an old movie! I’d love to see some movies that have never been shown on TCM before. Not from the ‘70’s or ‘80’s, but true Hollywood classics. By far,TCM is my preferred channel.
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6 years ago, Iwuvrooki
App GUTTED, Completely Ruined! Not Even SCHEDULE Left!
Gone is the ability to "favorite" an actress or actor, to be informed & alerted to upcoming films of favorited actresses & actors, clicking virtually any information feature takes you off the app and online instead, and worst of all, THE DAILY SCHEDULE HAS ALSO BEEN REMOVED! Who in the world thought gutting this app by deleting THE most basic & most appreciated features for this app would somehow be GOOD things?! This app is absolutely worthless now. Whoever approved this utter stupidity and those who implemented it should all be FIRED. TCM is copying television cable companies and contemporary on-demand film apps with this dashboard dumbdown revision, but such an approach doesn't work at all. And how disappointing that TCM's audience and entire fan base have been cynically jettisoned in the process. DELETING UNTIL BASIC APP FEATURES ARE RESTORED.
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7 years ago, buckize68
So thankful for Turner classic movies
As a lover of classic movies, being able to watch them on TCM is such a joy! Nothing spoils the movie more than commercial interruptions, modifications to the length of the movie, or having to watch a wide screen film in the pan and scan mode that most networks utilize. I enjoyed the star of the month focus and I am so thankful that they continue to show movies from the 30s and 40s which are becoming harder and harder to find on other cable networks. How I miss Robert Osborne and all of his insight but the stable of people introducing movies today is top notch.
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4 years ago, FibroGirlTN
I ❤️ TCM!
Excellent app my friend! Big fan of your TCM channel 132 (Dish). Thank you for providing me with such great content. 🍿 Handpicking which movie to watch is your best feature. 🎥 Searching is very easy based on title or actor/actress. Too bad films are deleted, but if it’s storage related that’s understandable. Having said this, I stopped using your app. Why? Cutting the cord, ✂️ or should I say, the Dish satellite 📡 back in December. My service provider login is no longer valid. This brings up the one & only suggestion I have for TCM: Please allow a one-time payment or subscription access option. It could be set monthly, yearly or lifetime. Most classic film apps are somewhere around $10/month or $100/year (lifetime apps run upwards of $300). 💰 If this is already an option you’ve implemented, please comment below to let me know. Hey TCM, it’s definitely something to think about! 🤔 Film noir connoisseur, Becca 🙋🏼‍♀️👩🏼
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6 years ago, Farley213
Your update pics show Chromecast so where is it?
I’m such a huge fan of TCM and I’ve been asking for Chromecast for a while as you can see from my previous reviews. (2 years worth actually) so when I saw this new update show up, I went into the app page and your pics of the redesign show the Chromecast icon on the screen. I got excited so I updated. Go into the app and it’s not there. I went into individual movies, faq, collections, still not present. Please, you did a complete redesign why leave this feature out? Would love to be able to show these movies on my tv. Sometimes you just need a big screen for such classics. Ps. I’ll up my star count when this gets rectified. Thanks. Last updated review: No real update since nothing has been done in this area. Holidays are coming again, hoping it gets Chromecast compatible soon! Original review: I am a huge fan of TCM and this app...especially around the holidays! But I knocked this down one star because it would be even better if it was Chromecast compatible. It would also be great if this happened soon so I could watch the holiday movies on my TV! Thanks TCM for all the classics and Happy Holidays!!
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6 months ago, VintageLPs
WatchTCM does not work
From the dates of the previous reviews, the fact that the Watch TCM app does not work has been known for months. Ridiculous. I finally get my cable company to put TCM back on my lineup at Spectrum only to find out that your app has not worked for months. The app says Warner Bros. has been working on it but that cannot be true because a software engineer should fix it in one day. HINT: We cannot sign in with our User or Password because your list of cable carriers will not engage (cannot click on). Time to fire some people and take care of business. Imagine if a bank’s ATM machines didn’t work for months and they didn’t fix them. They would lose all their customers just like I quit Wells Fargo for their incompetence.
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2 years ago, Steve by Lake Norman
Great when it works
I watch a lot of movies on TCM, and it is nice to be able to watch some of them on my own schedule. The app works fine when it recognizes my cable system, but much of the time it doesn’t, such as right now. I have had to work through the cable company’s support lines to set things up and log in. And then the next time, it may or may not work, and then I have to jump through hoops all over again. If I know in time that something I want to see will be on later, I can set up to record it off cable, but I don’t always catch it in time. Otherwise, watching the movie seems more trouble than it is worth.
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5 years ago, Effeddddddd
Fixed!!!! TV Zoom now fills screen :)
I’m so happy the developers to fix the issue below. So now if you maximize the screen on your device and then zoom on your TV, you can fill the screen and not worry about the pixels on your plasma. Thank you so much! With the latest update to this app there is now no way to use the zoom on one’s tv to fill the screen. Before the update, one could enlarge it on one’s device, mirror to tv and then use the zoom to fill the screen. This is very very important if you have a plasma screen! Bars are fine for films one has never seen before, but if it’s a film you’ve seen many times or would just like to have on in the background to enjoy while doing other things, you don’t want to run the risk of degrading the screen on a regular basis. Other than that the updates are terrific. Picture and sound sync are far better than they were.
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6 years ago, GotTeeth
Style over substance
This app is much harder to use than the previous version. Getting to what movies are available to watch is an absolute pain in the as#. TCM...they’re called “movies,” not “films.” I’ve never once said...let’s go see a “film.” The app has zero capability to send crash - non functioning issues to the developers. They were kind enough to include an FAQ section that answers the most rudimentary questions one might have. My most recent experience with this app was trying to watch “These Wilder Years.” Paused the movie for 20 minutes, only to find that the movie wouldn’t start where I left off. I restarted the movie and tried to scrub forward to where I left luck...the movie just kept closing or crashing the app. All this fun happened on a new iPad and iPhone X. Now, no matter what I do the app shows the movie lasting only 48 minutes and the app/movie continues to crash randomly. TCM, I’ll let you in on a secret...making it impossible to share problems with the developers isn’t cool &’s annoying.
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6 years ago, Joeybug69
Dream Come True
TCM is the only channel worth watching on TV other than sporting events. This app is wonderful, and it has become my main motivation for regular gym attendance! It takes about three 30 minute sessions on the elliptical to watch an average film, so I have to keep exercising to catch the end! Thank you for the large selection. REVISED 10/18: The new version is very difficult to navigate, but the worst thing about it is that they’ve eliminated the best feature: there is no bookmark option that allows viewing from a previous point. It takes me about three days to watch a full-length feature, but now I have to scrub to the general vicinity of where I left off. Why would you ever remove someone so practical? Extremely disappointing...
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1 year ago, MovieWatcher999
TCM Tech Support is Terrible
I have had and enjoyed the Watch TCM app for many years. However recently it stopped working, and both my cable company Tech Support and Apple iOS Support indicated that the problem was definitely with this app. But, you can only email the TCM support, and after several emails with very standard response instructions (like rebooting the device, deleting and reloading the app, and resetting my cable password), it still doesn’t work, and now they have even stopped responding to emails. For all intents and purposes the don’t have any tech support. As long as the app works, it’s great…. However, it is worthless if there are even the most minor technical issues.
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