Watch TNT

3.5 (29.5K)
68 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watch TNT

3.47 out of 5
29.5K Ratings
5 years ago, cvevc
Ok but too many ads too often
I like this app a lot, I only use it to watch NBA games so I’m more than happy there. But the amount of ads that pop up are crazy. I know there are autoplay ads basically everywhere now, but this app takes it to the next level. If I want to watch a game on my phone, I open the app and have to sit through an ad before the game comes up. Fair enough. But ANY and EVERYtime I leave the app, I have to sit through another ad to watch the game again. If I take 5 seconds to text someone, I have to open the app again and sit through a 15 second ad. If I just want to look at my notifications or the time, another 15 second ad. Even if you close the game but stay on the TNT app, still another 15-20 second ad before watching the game again. Every single time. This gets really annoying when you are missing live game time for an ad you’ve seen 8 times already, or when you sit through one just for the program to come on right as it’s going into a commercial break.
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4 years ago, mtairos
Awful App, Exits Video Randomly and does not Allow You to Resume Among Other Issues.
Firstly, I don’t understand why the smart TV TNT app would exist just to require you to download the phone app to cast onto the TV. Secondly, this app is awful. Trying to watch a show while casting will randomly switch to a different live video without even pressing anything. It allows you to do other things on your phone while you use the app but then will also randomly switch to live video. You are unable to see what you have recently watched or resume the video it randomly exited out of so you have to scroll through the video and try and find where it left off. I would like to delete and no longer use this app as soon as possible but unfortunately I can’t watch the show I want to on any other service without paying for another extra subscription. This needs to change. I don’t understand why this has such good reviews. EDIT: Have checked all the suggestions after the developer response and am having the same issues. I even tried using the app on a different phone and the issues still occur. If you exit the app, the video you’re watching will stop and switch to a different video. Since for some reason there isn’t a feature which saves your place on the video that you have been watching, we have to restart it and scroll through to try and find where we left off. Still do not understand why it has 4/5 stars when so many people in the recent comments are also having issues with the app.
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7 months ago, ally917
Incredibly buggy
The app is honestly useless. The same issues persist for years without ever being fixed. When a customer has access to TNT through a paid cable subscription, there's no excuse in 2023 (almost 2024) for not being able to stream a game from their phone. Yet it's always a toss-up as to whether or not you'll be able to log in to your TV provider through this app. I can't even count how many times I've watched the 10 min free preview clock winding down, desperately trying to no avail to reach the log-on screen while missing the first quarter of a game. No matter how long you wait or how many times you restart the app/phone, it'll just keep loading (while draining your battery) and never bring up the screen to allow input of username/pw. Really aggravating. This is hardly the only issue with the app but it's the most critical. There are lots of other glitches and a lack of basic functions like pop-out player. Even when it was once possible to log in, it still wasn't possible to use the phone for anything. Even pulling down the control menu to adjust your screen brightness will cause the video to stop and force you to watch another 30 seconds of ads after you swipe the menu away. Horrible.
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2 years ago, Carter the zombi
Spontaneously rewinds during live broadcasts
TBS and TNT, both during live sports broadcasts all of the sudden rewind back several minutes. Most infuriating is it typically happens during the 4th quarter in basketball or the 3rd period in hockey. There may be 3 minutes to go in game and then all of the sudden there’s 8 minutes to go. The quickest way to get back to live is usually to quickly tap screen to go to west coast stream and tap again to back to east coast stream. Then you have to sit through commercial again due to their screw-up (likely the reason they never fix this problem as I see there’s other complaints for same issue or for when it just freezes in general, also a typical problem). I have literally missed the end of games as it has happened near the end and as you try to get back to live feed it’s over. Could try to sit through the rewind and hope it doesn’t happen again but shouldn’t have to. I’m not sure developers want to fix this problem but if you don’t know how, maybe you should contact the developers of literally ANY other live stream app and ask them how to avoid problem since this only seems to happen with your apps. Have left same review on TBS
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6 years ago, Ben88888
Can’t just be me
EDIT: I wrote the scathing review below last year. I got an email from the developer apologizing for my user experience, promising improvements. But this year the app is somehow worse!!! Now not only does it freeze constantly and play a 30 second commercial upon reboot (making you miss game action) but it just randomly rewinds by minutes. Seriously, this is THE WORST app I use. With all the resources TNT has, why the eff is their app this pathetically awful? I see the tnt app has a good rating. What?!?!?!?! I’ve found it to be the most buggy, least reliable, most frequently crashing app I use. As if the CONSTANT crashes weren’t bad enough, they play a 30 second commercial every time you have to reopen it. Which is doubly obnoxious when you’re watching the nba. I thought the problem might be my older iPad and Apple TV. Of course, I didn’t have this crashing problem with any other app. It was time so I upgraded. And STILL this is the buggiest, crashiest, most annoying app I use. Also, no Apple TV app makes me sign in more often. And the iPad version doesn’t have a volume control. It can’t just be me who has this app crash constantly. But they have a good score. I don’t get it. Hate. This. App.
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2 years ago, PenguinWithHat
Other apps work better
I’ve been trying to watch NBA and NHL games on this app and the TBS app (which is exactly the same functionally as this one), but compared to other apps I use for the same thing, like ESPN, this one lacks the functionality and features. There’s no picture-in-picture (my biggest gripe), the video stops and completely refreshes every time you swipe out of the app and return to it, which is made even more annoying with how there’s always an unskippable ad you have to watch through every time it reloads. For me, who does delivery work for uber, etc, I switch in and out of apps a lot. Just having the game playing in the background so I can at least continue to listen to it is so much easier. This app is the exact opposite, only allowing me to view it if I’m not using any other app, and having to reload and play a long ad every time I come back to it. Picture quality issues are there but less of a gripe. I just REALLY wish there was a picture-in-picture function, and I really wish you didn’t have to watch an ad every time you return to the app.
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6 years ago, Kgmac819
So far so good
App works nicely on my phone. The shows have streamed seamlessly without any hiccups or crashes. I also haven’t had any issues with the sign-in that other users have complained about so perhaps they’ve fixed those bugs already. One thing on the app I haven’t tried yet is the stream to tv feature with my Roku device, so I’ll update my review once I do. The only thing that is holding me back from giving it 4 stars though is that I wish it allowed us to download their shows ahead of time (even with commercials pre-downloaded is ok with me since they’re short on the app). I would hate to waste too much precious data on this since I don’t yet have my own plan and have to share data with my family, so I hope they implement this capability in the future. In fact if they do, it could potentially increase app engagement by a significant amount and help differentiate them from their competitors since not many tv network apps have this capability that I know of, other than STARZ.
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4 years ago, Kahlil Gibran Jackson
Please fix this app
I was glad when I thought that I could be able to watch the NBA playoffs with AT&T app on the go as well as at home but to my dismay I found that this app is a strong need of an update in connection control. Countless occasions the app will crash while in the middle of watching a game and it takes forever to reload. It also then claims to have connection problems with my Wi-Fi and mine phone Internet is completely fine. For this to be a major channel for NBA they really should do a lot more effort into fixing this app altogether. I was glad when I thought that I could be able to watch the NBA playoffs with the TNT app on the go as well as at home but to my dismay I found that this app is in strong need of an update and connection control. Or countless occasions the app will crash while I’m in the middle of watching a game and it takes forever to reload. It also then claims to have connection problems with my Wi-Fi and my phone Internet is completely fine. For this to be a major channel for NBA they really should do a lot more effort into fixing this app altogether.
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6 years ago, PopsDaniecki
I-Pad user...
I’ve read many reviews on this app before using and, while all apps have their shortcomings on one device or another, it works flawlessly on my IPad. The necessity for the extent of the commercials within ALL programs I have viewed to date is certainly contrary to one of the premises that individual video apps should be aspiring towards but, I suppose, the marketplace and it’s costs dictate such...don’t they? Or is this company simply trying to garner profit at every possible quarter without regard to building allegiances with their patron? The world of modern entertainment is rife with such profit vs duty to consumer questions. The company who finds, builds and delivers content withOUT the interruptions during the delivery/viewing will be the company who ultimately wins loyalty in their users. But surely the directors of such media stalwarts know that, right? Or is it simply about securing an ever increasing profitability and stock value? As I said, so many questions in simple delivery of something so simple these days...
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4 months ago, Phil Macklemore
Hit or miss
Usually pretty good, I haven’t had the sign in issues that others have had. But right now I am having a problem with their Roku app where some audio will play but the video won’t pop up and I’ll get an error. When I try to cast from my phone, the iOS app tells me I have to enable casting by turning on the local network slider that is already enabled. No matter how many times I close the app (even uninstalled and reinstalled once) the app won’t recognize that the setting that needs to be enabled is enabled. All I need is 1 out of 2 of TNT’s iOS or Roku apps to work to be content and today they are 0/2. Oh well, such is life. The Picture in Picture feature is a nice addition, looking forward to utilizing that on the go.
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4 years ago, Mando God
Casting is bad be warned
I use this to watch snowpiercer exclusively. Can someone tell me why download a tv app if it makes you download the phone app just to cast. I wouldn’t be complaining if the casting to the tv worked. The first week I had no issue and cast to tv worked well with my 2019 Samsung UHD. Second week I tried but cast would not work. The video never started only buffered then disappeared. I tried redownloading the apps but to no avail. The only way to watch this episode was to screen mirror. For some reason in screen mirror snowpiercer showed in what appeared to be litterbox mode? When the ads played during the break it showed in full 4K. Mind you the ads also sometimes freeze in between each other so you have to restart the ads over. Third week same issue as second. Until the tv app is fixed to be independent from this app or the casting to tv works flawlessly every time and the ads stop freezing, this is gonna be a 2 star review. I only give 2 stars because casting worked to my Samsung the first time and I did not have another tv to test.
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9 months ago, Klocman123
Held Hostage by TNT
It is ridiculous that TNT doesn’t allow you to stream their channel on the Xfinity streaming app even while in my own house on Xfinity Wifi it says streaming is not allowed on this device. Other channels make sure you’re connected to your in home Wi-Fi and some channels let you stream them on your providers streaming app but TNT forces you to use their app to stream their channel even if you are still at home. Not only this but the user experience for the TNT app is horrendous. How are you going to have a streaming app that pauses the steam anytime you want to do something on your phone. Even simply things like adjusting the brightness on your screen stops the stream. Switching to another app to send a message or text even though you switch right back to the TNT app not only pauses the stream the moment you swipe up to leave the app but it will send you back to the main menu the majority of the time. It is pointless to have a streaming app for a phone if you can’t even use your phone while streaming. Would give negative stars if possible.
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2 years ago, alatina2234
Needs serious work and improvements
This is my first review and unfortunately it isn’t a very pleasant one. This app needs a lot of work. It makes watching NHL very difficult. For starters the performance is very inconsistent and that is across multiple different wifi connections. A lot of freezing and buffering even with a strong wifi connection. Secondly, the ads are very frustrating. I understand ads are necessary but this app feels like it spamming ads at you. During the middle of action in a period it would just cut to an ad break when there’s clearly a game still being paid. Many times after coming back from ad break the game wouldn’t start playing and would be frozen. This would force you to close the app and relaunch it only to be met by another ad. This all goes for the TBS app as well. If it’s working well it’s great but that is unfortunately at times a big if. The ESPN app runs much much better and hopefully they can give some advice to Turner on how to have a functioning app.
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2 years ago, nborg92
Pretty terrible app
App obviously can’t handle smart casting! Pretty consistently stuck on buffering screen. I’d assume it was an internet issue, but a.) when the (repeated) issues begin I restarted my WiFi multiple times, and b.) every other event I’ve steamed from different apps have not had anywhere near the issues I’ve had with this app. Otherwise, it’s fine—but what really gets me is when I went to report the issue once I finally had a very limited working connection, it would not let me continue to watch my event because it said the TNT channel was not included in my cable subscription. Which! It! Is! I had to sign out completely of my other working subscriptions (linked on my phone) and sign in to a different subscription I have!!! It would not even let me sign out on the app specifically, I had to go in and CHANGE MY SETTINGS to sign out. Pretty ridiculous! Bummed the NBA playoffs are on TNT because of this issue. If you’re going to broadcast/stream one of the biggest sport events of the season, please, please, PLEASE be able to support it!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Jj21_
I have been using TNT App for years. Plenty of good content to offer and of course sports. Particularly NBA. But the UX/UI of the app is EXTREMELY poor. It’s beyond awful. And there has never been any improvement. The team should look into making the tnt app shrink to a bubble to still view as a user swipes out of app to multitask. If I want to change volume or change brightness of my phone the app freezes and will not continue forcing users to close app and start all over again. This happens so often especially through out a sports game and it’s incredibly frustrating. The app Operates in an outdated manor and is not user friendly or enjoyable at all. Very inconvenient. Please think of a UX/UI that is better and in am to delight the user which would bring us back to the app and use it more. When NBA games are on I dread the fact that I have to use the app because it only brings issues EVERY TIME. Thank you for allowing us to provide feedback and please seriously consider our feedback and take action to resolve the issues we consistently encounter.
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1 year ago, G.7.8
: Works on Phone but Unable to Cast to TV
I recently tried out TNT that promised to allow me to stream content from my phone to my smart TV. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed with the experience. The service simply did not work as it was supposed to, and I wasn't able to stream anything at all. I was really hoping that this service would be a great addition to my entertainment setup, but unfortunately it just didn't deliver. This was especially frustrating because while allowed to test the app I had considered signing up for the service before trying it out, and I'm glad that I didn't end up wasting my money on something that didn't work. In the end, I would not recommend TNT to anyone else. While I can't speak for everyone's experience, I know that I was really disappointed with the service that I received. I think that it's important to do your research and read reviews from other customers before committing to a streaming service, to avoid being disappointed like I was. I should add that although the streaming service didn't work as expected when I tried to stream content directly to my smart TV, I was able to use it on my phone. However, I was still disappointed that I couldn't cast the content to my TV as advertised. Overall, while the streaming service worked on my phone, it didn't meet my expectations for allowing me to stream content on my TV.
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6 years ago, Susi4711
Nice app but needs back catalogue
I’ve been using the app for the past several weeks and have enjoyed it so far. Haven’t had any problems with streaming on my iPhone 6+ (I do have 300mb with 5G wifi). I agree with the repetitiveness of the same 6-7 commercials, but it would be worth it if I had access to the back catalogue of shows & seasons. Why would I be interested in watching The Last Ship, for example, if I cannot start at the first season? It is highly annoying to jump into the middle of a good series and not be able to start from the beginning season. TNT has invested too much into great writing and production of its series not to proudly put them all on display, cancelled series included. Please consider this, or at least disclose why they cannot be shown. It was the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place instead of streaming through my provider.
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2 months ago, pemgune
I use Chromecast for almost all my TVs. Most of the time this works great because I can use my phone and Chromecast to cast to the TV in any room. That is, too often, with the notable exception of TNT. Their mobile app has the hardest time making the initial connection to the Chromecast device, then once it gets going it’ll play for a while then completely drop the stream. So then I spend a few minutes re-connecting, and a half hour later the stream drops again. No error message, and never any streaming issues on my phone, just when I attempt to use Chromecast. One reason this isn’t an issue for other networks is because they have an app for smart TVs that allows you to stream directly through the TV without having to cast from your phone. But it’s clear TNT doesn’t prioritize their technology development team because their TV app just says to install the phone app and Chromecast through your phone. I would, TNT, if I could.
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2 years ago, Tankeray
Not user friendly
The UI isn’t the most intuitive, no way to rewind even a little bit. You need to watch an ad before you can stream live tv, but the worst part is it resets you EVERY TIME you lose focus on the app, meaning watch the ad again. You want to reply to that text you got? Too bad, the second you do, your show stops and 15 seconds of ad revenue later you can watch. Want to flip apps to look up that actor? Another ad. Want to simply adjust the brightness of your phone without even leaving the app? NOPE! Ad time baby! Video freezes and you need to go back to show selection without even leaving the app to select the same show as before? WATCH THIS AD AGAIN! Did your video just bug out and rewind two minutes earlier suddenly? Either rewatch those 2 minutes or BUY THIS PRODUCT. It gets incredibly tedious to not be able to do anything without it forcing you through the loading ad. Every. Single. Time. You. Touch. The. Screen.
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2 years ago, noods85
Terrible at screen mirroring
Watching the app is great but when u need to stream a channel on the tv TNT blew it big time. I tried something they’re inept with, technical issues that I adjusted. WHAT A CONCEPT! I only got this for basketball playoffs and what a word I really want to say ING JOKE. So other than “great content” how are you guys any better than the other networks that don’t put out the same constant garbage somehow getting renewals when better shows get canceled but you gotta prevent that otherwise someone creative might take that “hard earned money” you pedestal lowlife silver spoon out of touch morons. Wish I could get rid of this crap channel. At least my condo pays for it. Lots of tumbleweeds running through your channel here. Can I give less than a star? I feel bad for the ones who earned it
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3 years ago, SuperchiefFalcon
Terrible for watching NBA playoffs
This app has been bad for years now. All I wanna do is watch the game and, more importantly, the inside crew’s reaction to the game. Unfortunately the app would rather play ads then the content it’s supposed to provide. Just now the broadcast cut off in the middle of a Laker’s possession just to show two minutes of ads, then it rewinded the game like 4 minutes and made me watch the whole series again before cutting to more ads and eventually a live feed which let me see 30 seconds of actual live footage at the end of the quarter. Oh, and even when you dont get idiotically timed ad breaks, you also arent ever watching truly live footage. They ALWAYS make you stare at a stupid sponsorship card before everything you watch, so it’s always on at least a 5-10 second delay. The inside crew deserves a better app than this. You’re better off watching highlights in the morning. This app is truly infuriating.
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2 years ago, kyle0837
Unimpressed With App
This app is very annoying to me to use. I use it only to watch NHL hockey games. Upon leaving the app for anything having to watch an ad every time leaving the viewing is very annoying. I typically need to watch on my phone as I have a wife and children who don’t typically enjoy watching as much as I do. I can’t even send a text with the app open in the background without returning and watching an ad. That mixed with the video feed skipping regularly or freezing up and needing for me to close it frequently makes viewing significantly more of a task than it should be. I will only use this app for hockey games and only if they’re being televised on TNT, otherwise I will never use it. I will say, however, I am happy with the current NHL televising crew for both intermissions (biz gretz and the boys) and the broadcasting team, and the features TNT offers during telecasts, the shot speed counter is a neat feature. Otherwise, in reference to the app itself, I am extremely unimpressed and annoyed.
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5 years ago, mikeR5555
Cuts out constantly
Unfortunately, as a soccer and NBA fan I have to use this app fairly often. I will say: when it’s working, it’s great. Consistently good image quality and they indicate how long ads will run. Nice touch. However it hardly ever works. During a single match or game, you have to anticipate the app cutting out 6-10 times. Meaning if you’re casting, you have to to disconnect and reconnect, over and over. Or if you’re watching on a device you need to restart the app entirely, over and over (which often doesn’t go smoothly). Maybe not a huge inconvenience, but when you’re trying to watch the Champions’ League or the NBA playoffs, you’ll almost certainly miss potentially huge moments at any random time. I don’t have this issue to this extent with any other streaming app, so it’s a head-scratcher why the developers can’t keep a stream up for more than 20-30 minutes. Especially when you consider the magnitude of the games they are broadcasting.
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2 years ago, nba-watcher
Good but hasn’t had updated features in years.
For the past 4 years or so I have used the TNT app to watch NBA and movies. Everything is stable and smooth such as linking my TV provider, searching through movies, and the overall video performance. However, the only problem I have and would like to encourage the devs to push new features for the app. For example, most other video focused apps now allow you to switch over to messages without interruption to the video. Where there is a mini player whenever you exit the app. I think adding this feature would enhance the app and improve everyone’s viewing experience if we could switch over to another app during a commercial break but still could watch without missing anything.
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1 year ago, Flackofever
This app is terrible. I haven’t been able to login to my tv provider through the app in months. Every time I attempt, it just takes me to a white screen where it perpetually buffers. I’ve already got in contact with the support and I had already tried everything they suggested. They claimed to have put a ticket in and I let them know that if they took one look at these reviews then they would realize how many people are having the same issue. It’s obviously a glitch within the app that you guys have yet to address, which is insane to me. I just want to stream NBA games legitimately and it’s crazy this stupid issue is preventing that. I wonder if the NBA knows you guys are affecting their viewership. I don’t have an issue signing into my tv provider through any other app. This is the only one posing a problem. TBS app works perfectly but TNT doesn’t. Y’all really need to fix this before the playoffs, straight up. This is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, NelNel89
Kind of Works with problems
I just bought a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max a week ago and this app works ONLY if you have full 4g/5g.. one I got good service, it would play but the screen was black, then I’d have to close out of everything to open it back up upon doing so I hit play, then received a call I was visiting with someone on the phone then it started playing in the background of my phone call, this causing me to end call, stop the show then recall the person, once finished with the call I clicked the app, it played for a couple minutes, then updates available for the app either.. also if you close the app to make a call or check a text or anything for that matter upon opening the app it says sorry and comes up with something that says we cannot watch this and then you have to back out of the show you were watching and then re-click your show to start watching again
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2 years ago, Bynuimonvt114
Horrible app to watch NBA or NCAA basketball
I absolutely dread when I have to use the TNT app to watch basketball. It’s glitchy, crashes constantly, and only lasts maybe 10 minutes before it freezes forcing me to close the app and restart it to watch the game. The app never works longer than around 15 minutes before crashing or freezing regardless of my wifi connection or service. Furthermore, when using the app I am committed to it and cannot leave the app to use other functions or I have to refresh it in order to go back to the game I’m trying to watch. This issue is nonexistent in the ESPN and NBA apps as I can go to a different app and continue to watch the game in a smaller sunscreen. I honestly hate that TNT has so many of the NBA games now because their app is absolutely awful. The developer should seriously consider overall of the entire app because it currently does not function good enough to enjoy watching basketball on.
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4 years ago, LonelyCast
Functional at best
I have only used the app to watch the NBA live, and boy does it make me want more games on ESPN. This app fails both in functionality and in design. The fact that the app has to completely reload the live stream if I have a lo battery pop up, use the drop down menu on my phone, etc. is a terrible design flaw albeit it incomprehensibly seems to be an intended feature. But this is a minor issue compared to its technical failings. From randomly jumping back 2-10 minutes further back in the game. Playing ads well past the play resuming, ads playing in the middle of gameplay, are just the most common issues and needless to say this is awful for watching live sports. TNT please fix this garbage app if you so choose to be the “presenter of the NBA” or whatever deal is. Every game I watch on this app makes me hate you, and it doesn’t have to be like this.
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5 years ago, Okalie dokalie
Live Streaming
I’ve been using the TNT app for multiple years to stream basketball live. I have to say, it took me a very long time and plenty of tantrums to write this review. I tend to ignore a lot of my text messages due to that fact that I cannot reply through my iphone’s notification bar without stopping the current stream leading me to unwanted commercial breaks that sometimes replay itself twice and even a third time.. of the same exact commercial.. I sometimes want to turn the brightness down but that also leads me to more commercials! I gave up on this NBA season after both of my teams lost but still curious as always, want to watch any basketball game and realize that this app on my iPhone - even after re downloading the app, using WiFi or LTE seems to give me a frustrating experience. PLEASE fix the live streaming services. I’d love to watch some live basketball without petty interruptions.
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2 years ago, PrettyPleaseFixMe
ArE yOu StiLl wAtChiNg???
I downloaded this app specifically to watch live sports with the NBA playoffs starting up and the worst part is the question that will pop up before even halftime of a sporting event is “Are you still watching?” Your answer of yes or no simply does not matter as after this is presented good luck having the video resume without having to A. quit the app completely(which still doesn’t work all the time as the video resumes with sound but no image on the screen-another issue I constantly run into with this app) B.(what I typically have to do) which is essentially restart my whole Xbox and pray to whatever God may be out there that this works and the image returns for live viewing or C. which is being done today which is quitting the constant headache of even having to deal with the app. I find it astonishing how bad this app functions when apps like ESPN make live sports viewing extremely easy.
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3 years ago, Swede.1
Don’t waste your time! App freezes on loading
The app will load one time and allow a sign on to the tv provider which is reported as successful. However it blocks access to any content because selecting any content pops up a “sign on to your tv provider” window. The sign on button is disabled however the Watch Later button is active and takes you back to the content catalog. Clicking on any catalog choice brings up a nice black screen with TNT proudly displayed on the center. Only recourse is to close the window, but then restarting the app takes you back to the large white TNT on a black screen. Apparently waiting 24 hours is the only way to get back to the content catalog. One would think that the developers would have tested the app on IOS 14.4.2 but apparently that was beyond their skill level. This is a great app to pump up your frustration level as well as eat up time.
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4 years ago, Mike hates water
When will it be fixed?
This App has got to be the worst streaming option for any on demand or live game viewing period. It’s been over 2 years and judging from the 15K one star reviews the developers at TNT must not really care at all to fix the issues that everyone as a whole is seeming to be experiencing. Constantly have tried to re download the app or refresh it and still no difference and on top of that the app will just kick you out and state that it’s experienced an “error” or is having trouble playing whatever title. This happens on both WiFi and data service so the response from the developers stating that could be it is just false. I have no idea why the nba is partnered with TNT for this streaming service or maybe they just need to hire better developers because they are at the bottom of the heap in their platform at this current state. Very disappointing and seems as if they really could care less like I stated earlier.
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6 years ago, Soccerjoshj07
Awful for Apple TV
Have to re authenticate every other week. Stream often fails and app crashes. Sometimes live tv fails to play and you have to switch from east to west or vice versa. Stupid “ad” before you start a live stream, so if the app crashes and it’s in the middle of a basketball game, you have to watch that 30 second intro ad again before you can start the live stream. Maybe have that intro ad once per 24 hours? Issues trying to re-authenticate when it’s in preview mode, clicking sign in doesn’t do anything but pause screen you have to force close and try again. Can’t sign in during the dumb 30 second intro ad so once you authenticate you have to watch the ad again. Even though Apple TV is a few feet from router with 100mbps connection, stream often comes in and out in low quality. All in all a terrible app for the Apple TV. Doesn’t run much better on iPad. Oh and it’s not iPhone X compatible yet.
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1 year ago, Pandora nickname
Constant problems
This along with the TBS app are the glitchiest apps I have ever used. I only use it to watch AEW and if we’re available anywhere else without paying I would never use this again. There are constant problems with randomly being logged out and then saying it is unavailable in my area when I am still in my living room. Today it’s new bug is every time I click on the most recent episode of Rampage I have to sit through an ad, then the second the episode starts I get a little pop up saying that last weeks episode is up next with no way to stop the auto play. I have deleted the ap and downloaded it again 5 different times and turned my phone on and off and it still happens every time. It’s just impossible for me to watch the show I want to today unless I go on my laptop which really isn’t gonna help me on the elliptical at the gym
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6 years ago, Drizzzy Drake
Always an error
I can never stream the playoffs smoothly without having this app crash and say error we are having issues playing this video right now. Then when you click to watch again itll always make you watch a 30 second advertisement. Absolutely horrible, every 2 mins it crashes and i have to watch a 30 sec ad while im missing crucial parts of the NBA playoffs. This app has never seem to run smoothly. They need to remove the advertisements if the app is going to crash every 2 mins. And they claimed to have fix the sign in issue but it always signs me out my provider and i have to sign back in just to watch. This app is just horrible . The watchespn works perectly smooth without buffering and without no 30 second advertisements every time and itll also let u listen if ur connection is poor instead of freezing. I have a iphone 7 plus and this app still cant work right
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2 years ago, flathert
Awful for live sports
No good, terrible, awful. I’m a hockey fan. Tried to watch my team play, game goes to overtime and it NEVER BROADCASTED THE OVERTIME. Also didn’t switch to the next game, just played an infinite commercial break while OT happened. On top of not getting to see the climax of the game, on mobile you have to watch an ad any time you start the stream, even if the game is going and the TV broadcast is not on commercial break. To make it worse, any time you go to a different app or even shift the screen in the slightest, the app reads that as you having left the video and makes you watch another ad. No Picture in Picture that allows for multitasking. In a 65 minute hockey game I probably missed about 10 minutes because of the horrible mobile app. By contrast, ESPN+ works flawlessly. Improve your app or let someone else take over your NHL broadcast because it’s a disgrace.
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6 years ago, Boltontech4
Apple TV Joke...
I wish I could give this app as good of a review as I would the content on TNT. I love Claws. Please start making the seasons LONGER!!! Anyways, the Apple TV app is a joke. The custom playback interface is screwy when using the skip forward or backward function on the Siri remote. PLEASE START USING THE APPLE STANDARD INTERFACE. Also, the app often crashes when resuming from a previous session. For example, if I’m in the TNT app on Apple TV, then I navigate to another app for a little while, then come back... The app crashes at launch. So cheesy. The app constantly needs to be signed into with my provider. I have deleted and reinstalled, and still the same old thing. Navigating around in the app feels SO sluggish compared to navigating around tvOS (Apple TV Operating System). And only if that were all but, TNT doesn’t even include all of their content in this app. What you do include usually expires after a short period of time. Reliable, rock-solid TV. This is what people want. Why, oh why, after a long day of work, can’t we get something like this with ease. Especially since we can’t even get access to this content without paying Mediacom, or Comcast. I have to have two subscriptions!!! Why don’t you folks have DirecTV Now available to sign in with?
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6 years ago, kc92891
Connect better via hdmi
I use an lightening HDMI adapter to watch TNT on my TV through my iPhone.(I don’t have a tv that supports AirPlay, or Apple TV, whichever it’s called) Most apps work great but with this app the streaming is terrible while connected. It’s play sound and no screen, I’ll have to watch commercials a majority of the time because I have to restart the app to get it to work. I’ll have to start it up on my phone and connect it once the show already starts playing on my iPhone. I have to tap the screen to keep it on before my iPhone screen dims bc it won’t keep it on. App in general is great, when just on my iPhone it streams perfect. The problems arise when I connect is to my tv via HDMI. Would be 5 stars if this wasn’t a problem.
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1 year ago, Angelo Stinger
Sloppy Glitchy Slow Playback Bad Resolution
I’ve had this app on xbox series x, xbox one, and my phone. It’s always glitchy, logs you out every chance it gets, takes ages for the video to play, and then freezes most times so you have to close the app out and try again, but then now you’re logged out of your provider, so you got to re login to that…. When it plays it will play the audio and the playback is still frozen on 30secs earlier, but it comes back. (Yes this is on various kinds of internet connections) and when you’re finally up and running, the resolution is 2010 at best which is tragic, I love everything about TNT though, may be why I’m so harsh on the app because it would be one of the best ones if they could fix the bugs.
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4 years ago, twobluestripes
App won’t function with Chromecast
I’ve used the TNT app in years past to stream to Chromecast. I just redownloaded it tonight, and the first thing the app asked was if I wanted to connect to a TV streaming device, so I know it’s still intended to be compatible, however, when I play a video and press cast, the TV displays only the TNT logo. I’d tried restarting all the wifi, apps, phone, Chromecast, and no change. Looks like I’m not the only one with this issue and the developers need to take a better look at their casting integration. Pretty disappointing, since the only alternative for the same function is casting a tab of the TNT website from Chrome with a laptop. EDIT: The response from the developer below is supremely unhelpful. Obviously I have done those things and the problem persists. This is not a simple connection hiccup or user error, but obviously a persistent problem with the app that is widespread.
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5 years ago, Lynnandy
App freezes / solution
I had problems with it too, long time ago. We use fire tv and Apple TV, when it freezes on commercial I go back out of the show and straight back in, when it restarts right before the commercial that’s when I pause it, forward it just after commercial point and start it again. It’ll jump to commercial and freezes. That’s when I press menu button /back button/, it’ll resume commercial, after commercial it jumps to the show but it freezes that’s when I press play. I know its lit’ complicated and really annoying but it works like magic. As I mentioned earlier I had this problem long time ago but it came back again today. So I just pause, forward, back and play every commercial. That said, I’d expect for paid network to provide easy to use and trouble free app, take some of our money and actually build a well working app!!!
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6 years ago, JaybeShack
You will never gets live stream
This app must be a network hog. I submitted a ticket for it not streaming properly and always telling me that it could not play the video at this time. The tech tells me in an email that is must be the connection may not be good enough. Even the ESPN hog app will play live video and the TNT app will not. Very frustrating. Make the app simple so the level of connection does not matter. Would rather watch video than get a message every time I turn on the app that the live stream “Cannot play that video at this time” message. Do something to make this better. Have not be able to watch live stream for a long time and have just about given up on TNT and TBS and will not be watching those stations from the app or TV soon because it is too frustrating to try and get the app to work and hours worked don’t allow me to watch the shows on TV.
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6 years ago, cMurda3469
Really TNT?
First of all let me say this app is a huge disappointment. I am I huge streamer, almost literally 24/7 (Unless I’m sleeping) I am a big fan of networks having their own apps and that is mainly what I use with my Verizon account. This app does provide a lot of good content which I like, but I have mainly been using it for the NBA Playoffs recently. The fact that you have to watch an add EVERY TIME you wish to watch a game is ridiculous, even if you watch the game for 10 seconds and then close it out and reopen it. Which leads me to my next issue, I have never used and app that “Has encounter an error” before. Within about 2 minuets of streaming I get that error about 75% of the time and then I have to go through the whole process. TNT please fix the add issue and all of the over all bugs so that I don’t have to stream through Reddit and can actually support you guys.
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6 years ago, Jonny d223
Needs better support for Chromecast
I use the app and cast to my TV via Chromecast. Which would be great if it reliably worked. I can stream the live broadcast of NBA basketball games for a continuous 5 to 10 minutes. After about that much time the live stream freezes and the TNT logo shows up, like when you first connect the app to the Chromecast. If you try to start playing the stream again, it gets stuck with the spinning wheel, and plays nothing. Have to disconnect from chrome cast then close and re open the app for it to start casting again. Really, really frustrating to do this. It happens on both my Chromecast devices in my home. I have plenty of WiFi bandwidth and speed to stream without issues, and None of the other “castable” apps I have and use do anything like this. Casting from the app to a TV is a great feature but please get it working better ASAP. Thank you! JDA
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3 years ago, Frugal user
Wonkiest app on my phone
I have an iPhone 12 mini running the latest iOS version and this unfailingly is the worst one I’ve got. For example I was trying to watch Sixers-Bucks while cooking dinner last night. All of a sudden the app switched to a commercial and when it came back to the game it restarted from the point where I had initially signed on about five minutes before. When it got back to the fail point the screen froze and it began cycling through a series of still images, although the audio proceeded apace. I put dinner in the oven and went to the den to watch the game on tv. This is not an isolated incident. While it’s not always the same problem, there is always a problem with this app. Other networks don’t have any trouble producing an app that can show live sports. TNT needs to step up its game.
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2 years ago, christobhen
Cant sign in to my provider
Ive been using this app for over 2 years. Now that NBA is in preseason, Ive been trying to catch some of the televised games. When I opened the app everything was fine but I was logged out. I attempted to log back in but when I click my tv provider, or any on the list, the screen is blank and its all white. I attempted to wait for it to load but nothing happens even after 10-20 minutes. I attempted to delete the app and redownload, same issue. I even try to go to the help screen and that fails to load anything. I am downloading for apple ios/iphone. Update after receiving further advice: still unable to sign in. Ive tried all recommendations listed on help screen. Still facing same issue. It is the same for the TNT and TBS app’s which are under the same organization.
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3 years ago, Dmoney11xgang
Worst app on the market
This is my first review ever. This app is light years behind technology. It’s always crashed and had bugs problems but now that smart TVs are becoming popular it’s embarrassing how bad this app. The fact that I have to cast the shows/movies from another device basically defeats the point of having a smart tv. But It wouldn’t be much of a problem if the app actually worked but it doesn’t. The shows and movies crash, it’s very slow, and it has problems detecting the device which your casting from. To put the icing on top, everyone has been complaining about the same problems in the comments section for months and yet the developer respond with the same generic responses. Stop telling people to turn of the WiFi and restarting the app, and actually fix the problem.
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4 years ago, Way2niceko
Get it together: Streaming Atrocious
Come on now TNT developers get it together. I am writing this review in the middle of trying to watch InsideNBA after the constant freezing during the NBA semi’s. This is the I lost count how many time your app freezes or won’t load. Can’t you tell my frustration, I am writing this review on commercial break and I just have to leave a review which I barely do . This TNT app has been lagging and awful for multiple devices Apple TV App , IPad App, and Apple phone app! I had to call a few other people to ensure it just wasn’t me. And no it’s not my WiFi either. Please Fix it!!! This unacceptable and I am forced to watch your app because you show the NBA games. I wanna love this app but you really make me want to delete you once NBA is over. I enjoy your channel, please just get it together! Peace and love.
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5 years ago, Laura luv
Can’t even log in- customer service no where to be found
I’ve been trying everything I can try for weeks and no matter how hard I try, I cannot login. It gives me the option to choose my provider. I choose my provider and it takes me to step 2, but the page remains blank, no area that lets me put in my info and password, then it tells me congrats, I’m logged in and then it tells me I can’t watch anything because it’s not in my subscription (which it is) and tells me to contact my provider. I try the “contact us” thread and I do not get any response. It’ll even ask if they’ve solved me problem. I say no, the computer asks how they can help and from there, I get no responses... and around and around we go. I can’t find a way to contact TNT to fix the problem. I’m leaving one star until someone fixes this problem. UPDATE: COX
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7 years ago, CarterATate
Most Frustrating App
This app constantly freezes, jumps around, loses audio and video sync, loses video quality, loses the video entirely and frequently commits actual murder. One of those is false, but the rest are quite true. Get your apps ready for the big time, TNT. In the meantime, let the big boys play at the table. An absolute travesty of a streaming app and entertainment experience. Update: following the NBA offseason, while many teams upgraded to compete better, it’s clear that TNT was not among them. Despite running the app on great WiFi and an iPhone 8+, the app continually freezes, jumps around, and crashes especially during commercials when the streaming service conflicts with the tv service. Also, the same commercials over and over even within single breaks is just horrendously annoying. Embarrassing app for a media company
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