WAVE Local News

4.6 (3.9K)
87.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAVE Local News

4.57 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Irene Clark
Are you by chance looking to hire a proofreader? I’m quite good at that. I have watched the 7:00 pm news on Friday for 10 minutes and have already seen two mistakes. Someone couldn’t even spell Kentucky and Dawn Gee did a weather story on Cabo “Sam” Lucas instead of “San”. Not only was it pronounced wrong, also spelled wrong across bottom of screen. For being my favorite news station, sad with these mistakes. Now I’m having trouble because all the nicknames I’m trying to use have all been taken. Considering the ones I’ve tried, that’s hard to believe.
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6 years ago, Pamalatta
Wave 3 Review
Absolutely love Wave 3 news! Love the whole entire team! I love how personal they are! They are a team that really cares about their news stories and the individuals that the news stories are about! I love each one of them across the board and to me, Wave 3’s passion shows in the awesome job that they do, in their coverage of the news! GO Wave 3 and thank you for always allowing your heart to be touched, whether reporting good or bad news! You are in my book, the best!
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1 year ago, Sleepy head 48
App Saying Bo Internet Connection Detected
I’ve used and enjoyed this app for years, and never had any problems. I’ve even gotten used to the complete app overhaul that took place back in late 2021 or early 2022 (still like the old option better where it takes you directly into the news, but I digress). Now every time I open the app, I get an error message saying that “no internet connection is detected”. However, I’m always online - and I cannot figure out why this keeps happening. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app about a dozen times, and I even tried using some other local stations app, but those are just awful. Please, please look into this, and please get it fixed. I’ll update my review rating once it begins working again.
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6 years ago, Chubacha
Closed captions and update
Very sad in 2017 still no closed captions on most videos in app. Good example is the Lamar Jackson one today. I know there will be no response. They could care less Update made it even worse. Clicking on articles many times gives 404 error page not found. Surely you can afford competent app programmers. Just copy how WDRB and other local channels do. This is absolutely the worst local news app.
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6 years ago, Fivepennys
I like viewing my wave 3 news app and the weather app also because when we do have bad weather my wave 3 weather alerts me if the weather is severe and I thank the weather team at wave 3 News I like Kevin Harden and Brain Good and I like Everybody at WAVE3News Thank you JohnNichols Johnpaul
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4 years ago, Grannymaeburns
Finding breaking news!!!
I hate this app. I get a notification about a breaking story and it is impossible to find on the news page. Example: i just got a notification that Two High Schoolers for Sou IN tested positive. Because I didn’t open it from the notification...I looked on the app. Don’t see it anywhere. Also...WAVE is VERY often behind WLKY AND WDRB on posting breaking news. I love your news personalities and that’s what keeps me tuning in...not the app or the coverage. Honestly since you have gone to news practically all day long...the content is worse. Not many want to watch the local news fpr hours a day!!
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1 year ago, Jambaleigh
Staff Writers need to proofread their work
Overall the news is provided in a timely manner and updated regularly. However, I have noticed many, many times the grammar and identification of neighborhoods is embarrassingly incorrect. For example, the St. Denis neighborhood has been identified as St. Dennis more times than I can count. The writing skills of these journalists could, and should, be improved greatly. Don’t they have to show somebody their story before it’s released for publication? Please, do better.
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5 years ago, Lg4773
Like it but loathe the ads
Like the app. It is easy to use but the ads get in my last nerve. Sometimes you get stuck in the ad and can't get out then you have to start the app again and see another advertisement! It's incredibly annoying. Update: still annoying. It’s also annoying to get a news updating your phone then go to the app and can’t find the story.
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4 years ago, hjlkpyrcv
Weather needs help
If I lived in Louisville I wouldn’t notice anything. This app would be great. However living outside of Louisville the weather needs to be updated. Many times the daily forecast will be days old. This throws off the 3 day and 10 day forecast. Then I change location to Louisville and it’s almost always down to the hour current. The worst for me is weekends. I wake up check weather on Sunday and it is still stuck on Thursday.
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4 years ago, Christy 236
App adds too many
I liked this app in the past. (I have updated this app). Unfortunately, the advertising keeps popping up as I am attempting to read an article. I can’t get the adds to go off my screen to let me continue reading. Eventually, I close the app and look elsewhere for my information. Sad. I like Wave 3. But not the app. Frustrating to attempt the reading of short articles. Even weather articles.
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5 years ago, Aseel63
Wave 3 news
It my favorite news station and there app is really useful to find out if your school is closed or not or to watch top stories
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9 months ago, Suzanne Tink
Worst news app ever
I used to really like checking local news on this app. Now I hate it. You open it and get an ad. You click a news story and again are forced to watch yet another ad. So I am deleting this app and will stick to other news apps that do not force you to watch an entire pointless video that I have zero interest in. You can’t skip the ads at all. No thanks!
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6 years ago, JR. Ewing
Typical liberal slanted trash news
Wave 3 is your typical, run of the mill liberally slanted news app. They will never say anything positive about anything that conservatives and republicans do while making everything democrats and liberals do sound like sweet music. I want to keep up with what is going on in my hometown so I picked the lesser of the evils since everything is slanted to the left. This app is a necessary evil. Luckily I can think for myself so seeing how they polish up garbage for the left is rather comical.
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2 years ago, nick name 3782759
Forced to watch an add before the app opens. Forced to watch another one when I clicked on the news link. I realize ads are how you make money, but these are horrible. Video ads that just start playing. I don’t want to watch that.
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4 years ago, loweguy18
It’s not as good as it used to be
I really do like wave 3 but I can’t watch live because it will black the screen out every second or two which makes it impossible to catch anything. My iPhone 11 is always up to date as well as the app so idk. Thinking about just deleting
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4 years ago, Plannergrl31
Good Coverage, but too many ads and glitches.
Good coverage, but the app has too many glitches. Can’t watch things live without it skipping or not playing at all. Have to close down the app and open it all over again to get anything to work. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Arial4331
Online edit?
A lot of grammar and misinformed published online - need proof readers! Will get breaking news alerts, but then can’t find the story on this app. Also the pop-up ads are terrible. Very disruptive. Mostly a good app, compared to others.
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6 years ago, CLJ1975
WAVE 3 App is LIFE
I could not make it without my WAVE 3 App. It truly does give me up to date notifications regarding weather and news. I’m the first in my office to know all the latest news. WAVE 3 App is BOMB!!!
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3 years ago, Andy F. N.
Used to be great!
Latest update to this app is a disaster! No longer get directly to news. Now have to open a separate page. I get out of the app and start seeing 10-20 notices of new stuff but when open no idea what or where the new stuff is. Have to scroll through everything. Wastes to much of my time!
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8 months ago, Pullatch
Ok app
So if you download wave 3 news and you have the crazy idea that you might want to check the weather then you have to download a second app for wave news weather. ??? Yeah, I know I ask to much for the local news app to have local weather. What a joke!
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5 years ago, jim.becker
Alerts Go Nowhere
Why don't alerts actually take you to the story about which you posted the alert? Instead, they just go to the news home page, with an hours-old story about a Bullitt County youngster who trained his pet rabbit to roll over and beg on command.
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4 years ago, magzel48
Great App
Like being alerted to breaking news, weather etc. Communication important @ all times, but now more than ever.
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3 years ago, kimk33
Notification sound is super annoying
The app updated to include the NBC notification sound. It’s loud and annoying. I can’t find the option to turn it off. Also… “breaking news” is clearly a relative term because I get notifications for all kinds of stories that aren’t important.
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3 years ago, DPC1212
WAVE 3 App
WAVE app was my go-to news and information app but not anymore. The new app makes you click through advertisements before it opens. Then you have to select the news stories, which again, more advertising, plus it is slow. Just deleted the app off my device.
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4 years ago, potica4
Up to date!
Always ready w the news at a moment’s notice!
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5 years ago, marcaela
Wave three news and weather
My morning must
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6 years ago, Becky W-R
New app
Let me say first wave news and weather is my favorite! That’s why you’re only channel I have app on. I like the weekend crew and mornings but don’t care much for the new app format. As a matter of fact I liked the old one better.
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2 years ago, Dennyups
App problem
Since your most recent update, my WAVE 3 app will not open. I have an iPhone 6S. All my other apps are working correctly.
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3 years ago, KYBuckeye54
Awful update
The latest update is awful. I continue to see the red circle with notifications. I look and clear them and then see 30 more not long after. I’ve changed my settings in the app but I am not optimistic it will change.
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8 months ago, BigD_KY17
App update not working
The app updated but now I am unable to see anything. It stops on the load page but no articles. Just wave 3 with the city and river
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5 years ago, TrishFromLouisville
Crashes When Opening
I am on iOS 12.3.1, using the iPhone 7+, and it crashes every time I open the app. It is also crashing when I tap on a push notification to deep dive into the app.
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1 year ago, Vinwoman
Video Ads Ruin It…
The news is updated frequently, but this is the last app I check because a video ad starts playing as soon as I launch it.
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2 years ago, moma. dee
I Love watching the wave 3 morning team.
They make my day better
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6 years ago, Litlwon
When you click on certain stories, that story is not displayed, videos are there instead. It is happening on multiple stories and quite frustrating. Please fix i!
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5 years ago, K**Yung**18
App crashes since update
Latest update is absolutely horrible. Ever since the update I have not been able to open the app once without it crashing. My iphone software is up to date and the app still doesn’t work. Please fix this issue soon!
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5 years ago, Hayhaycutiepie
Hate the Ads!!!
Love the app and alerts. Hate that alerts don’t take you to the story. Hate that I have to stare at an ad every time I open it up, even when I just minimized it I have to look at it again. Now I am getting video ads after looking for a determined amount of time. Love WAVE 3 but about to delete!
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5 years ago, mamadeud
App crashes
I love Wave 3. However, since the update, the app crashes and closes. Fix, please!
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3 years ago, Born2hang
Good App
Use the app often. Wish it had the traffic map available. Be the first and add the traffic info.
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5 years ago, kygene
Always the earliest to report
The fastest to report and the most accurate! Thanks WAVE3 News.
Show more
6 years ago, 106blake
New format
Hate the new format for your news. Practically avoid your site now and rely on Courier Journal and WDRB
Show more
5 years ago, MadArmywife
Update keeps crashing
This used to be my favorite local news app until I installed the new update yesterday. Now it crashes and won’t even open! Please fix this! Also, enough with the pop up ads already!
Show more
5 years ago, Emily1234e1234e
Thunder viewer
I was at home watching thunder and was disappointed with the view at times we did not need to see what was going on in the bridge it caused us to miss what was going on outside of it
Show more
6 years ago, Luvtheville
You app amazes me sometimes. I get notifications about something stupid and sometimes not even relevant to Louisville but then something big in Louisville happens and you don’t send out a notification. I’m probably going to remove the app soon.
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5 years ago, gemini rose 2
Like family
I grew up in New Haven not very far from Kevin Harned. I’m very proud to watch him on the weather A hometown boy doing well I get my weather from him every day. Keep up the good work
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6 years ago, AGPAMEN
Liked the format of the older version better
This “new” update has less picture and graphics but more duplicate headlines! The headlines seem to run together.
Show more
6 years ago, whywontitacceptanynicknames
New layout is difficult to navigate
I much prefer the old layout of this site with more stories visible on one page. Smaller square splash pages make it easier to find the stories I wish to read.
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2 years ago, StevePlymouth
Bad news
The app was the go-to news app for L’ville news, but a recent update causes me to get news alerts (2-3/day) and when i touch to open them, it’s just a 30-second ad. Now i have to switch to WHAS 11 app.
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5 years ago, Sigep418
Too many ads make it difficult to use this app without accidentally clicking on one... but maybe that’s what they want.
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6 months ago, Taken and scammed
Cannot control amount of unwanted notifications
Give better options for notices. Do not want everything interrupting my work. Some of us don’t give a flying fig about sports.
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6 years ago, mar2167
News site on Facebook
The site is to busy with ads and unecessry pop ups making it confusing to read. I don’t like it at all.
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