WAVY TV 10 - Norfolk, VA News

4.7 (12.3K)
65.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAVY TV 10 - Norfolk, VA News

4.71 out of 5
12.3K Ratings
7 years ago, gld1234
Great update!
I was really excited when I saw the new layout and other updates - it has made the app very user friendly and easy to navigate to the stories you're interested in. The old version would occasionally crash but I haven't had that issue since the updates. Make sure to turn on notifications if you want to receive alerts. It's a great way to get quick blurbs about breaking news / weather. 5/5 I love wavy10!
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6 years ago, DDixs
City of Portsmouth
My only problem with WAVY is how The City Of Portsmouth & it’s Residents are treated on news program like no go ever comes out of our city, like all we do is walk around in this small city with guns in our hands and shoot each other for sport and nothing good comes out of here. Portsmouth and it’s Residents and loving respectful people and you should know that since you’ve been here forever. Try some stories like the loving stories you do on other cities.
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7 years ago, Ptstlucie
Love wavy news
I always loved the app! The new version set me back a bit for a while. I know I have to pull the top of the screen down now to update or refresh the page. But I like how everything is in its own category now. Love Friday Night Flights- Green Run Stallions Team Mom!! It would also be cool if you can just post all the HS Stats, on a page in the sports section. Anyways, Thank You Always for being on top of things. 💞
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6 years ago, gloriasue
Wavy 10 review
We love watching the News and weather on Wavy 10. The news is always presented with clarity and emotion. Each staff person has personal gifts that they bring to each broadcast. All of the Wavy personalities are active in our community I love how they interact with their fans They make us feel like we are a part of their TV Family. Thank you for the many contributions you make to our community. Gloriasue
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7 years ago, TEXAS CJ
Super Layout!
Really easy to navigate and get to the subject you are interested in. I lived in Chesapeake for 20 years, but moved to San Antonio 11 years ago. I'm still interested in keeping up with news since I still have friends in the area. Especially the military news because my hubby retired from the navy there. WAVY was always my favorite station. So I'm excited to see reporters I remember. BIG THUMBS UP!
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4 years ago, Deepanew
I love love TV 10, they are so informative, I watched the changes thru the years, and they have had a few. My grandmother use to watch when she was alive, and when John Cash was still there she made a blanket for one of his kids when it was born. As long as I live here channel 10 will be my news.
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7 years ago, shieldsbm
***Update***No VB news
Since writing the below review comment (1) has been corrected. Upgraded to 4 stars. I have two comments...1) There is no local news for Virginia Beach. The Va Beach tab takes you to the Chesapeake page. 2) The feedback link forces you to use the Mail app, I have chosen not to use this app and have a different email app. Recommend the feedback link be more generic and not steer people towards a particular app.
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1 year ago, ICEEHOT 8
App isn’t showing current events
The app has recently stop showing live news. After waking up in the morning, I like watch the morning news while getting ready for work. Well, for some reason the app is showing the news from the night before vice live morning news. Please fix this. I would love to watch current news and not previous news that I have already watched. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Capt355
My Link to VB
I live in Florida now , but have children and grandchildren in VB. I can easily follow Virginia news and weather to stay informed, though we are over 750 miles apart. I also track the weather to see what my Charter Boat and boating friends are up against.
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4 years ago, Kathleen Kit
Wavy is
The Best. Thank you for the simplicity of logging to your station!! Thank you for the great staff that brings us the news even under difficult conditions. Thank you for AlWAYS being ON OUR SIDE!!!
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4 years ago, Hilly jug
Biased Based Reporting
Very liberal left leaning news station. Leaves out facts and fails to do basic journalism. This news station use to report the facts, unbiasedly, but has now turned into a talking point news station. Based on the stories they provide they don't appear to support the local police, fire, businesses, or community. Would it hurt to present the facts and report a positive story about the community rather than becoming a political reporting biased fakes news network.
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6 years ago, DARBVA
Most informative
I have been a viewer of Wavy 10 News for over 30 years. Wavy is my #1 choice for news. I familiarize myself with the staff, and feel a close bond with them as I have welcomed them into my home all these years.
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7 years ago, drummergirl47
The update we've been waiting for.
Slick. Tasty. User-friendly. Doesn't take long to load from tapping a push notification. Major improvement. A+.
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7 years ago, SheSwan
Not much improvement.
The grid layout below the main stories is terrible. Are the titles above the picture or below? I figured it out after several attempts. I'm not impressed with the update. Keep trying Wavy. Additionally, I can no longer watch the live stream. It crashes or plays ads repeatedly.
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3 years ago, AppleseedRED
On MacBook M1
App is not approved for Mac, and with good reason. Most of the time, the entire page is blocked by an advertisment which seems to have no X or way to clear. It is more often then not, impossibe to actually get to the news page past the ad. I don't know if the same is true on an iPad, but it is just not usable on Mac.
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7 years ago, BlueEyedKitten78
Update not so great
When I open app it doesn't always update to the current news. Sometimes it shows news from previous days that I had already read. I have not found how to look at the weather forecast. When I select weather it goes directly to the radar. I am very disappointed in the update. I have started to use other news channels' apps and that is very disappointing.
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7 years ago, davevjordon
Easy to use, good alerts, alerts on Apple Watch too
What I like the most is that I get the alerts on my Apple Watch. If it's something I want to get the full story on, I can open my phone and read all about it. The App itself is easy to use. No complaints.
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2 years ago, jeffrbarnes
Very prejudice against the Right!
This station and its smirk attitude toward the new Governor and tries to ridicule anything he does before he even has a chance to help all Virginias! They do this just because of he’s party affiliations. The station does everything possible to stir up trouble, so they can sensationalize it, with their view point only! Just another example of how the media has ripped this world apart! I write this because I believe anyone and everyone has a write to treat as you want to be treated! Just because one’s views are different from others, should not give cause to yell, scream or commit fiscal harm or in anyway violate the constitutional rights! God Bless Robert Barnes
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4 years ago, KarenEDiGi
I’ve always enjoyed 10 news
I’ve always enjoyed 10 and that was the years before
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7 years ago, Lorenzo Cockbrush
New format is horrible
When I get a Breaking News notification, I click on it, and it takes me to a page with the exact same wording as the notification, and then I have to click a link to see the actual story. When I finally get the article pulled up, it’s laden with ads. We live in a time when people want their news instantaneously, and this app does not provide.
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3 years ago, El Dupa
Should have left it alone
This used to be my go to app for news. Now I am deleting it after this ‘new and improved’ update. Seriously? Look at the reviews. Everyone loved it before and now everyone hates it. If it was getting 5 star reviews, why change it to this amateurish piece of rubbish? They layout is confusing and so bland. Fire your current programers and bring back the old version.
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4 years ago, desmondhuz
One star...very ghetto...would not recommend...App is so jammed with advertising that you can’t get to any news. Click on a story and an ad pops up and cuts off 80% of the story you’re trying to watch! Try to watch a live stream and a 2 min video ad pops up. I know you have to make money but not by sacrificing what people try to come to your ad to get. App Deleted!!
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5 years ago, Tbrozart
Great Reporting
I Have the Wavy TV News app due to working many hours. Wavy keeps me in the now and delivers great reporting with less errors than some off the national news outlets. I enjoy daily!
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3 years ago, ChaoticZwoosh
The app gives you all notifications even if you have the options changed. I have mine set to give me only crime and weather, yet I receive every single notification.
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3 years ago, D. D1zzle
Needs update
The app is always restarting the ads if you swipe your screen on accident or if you tap the expand button. Needs fix’s. Also, if you want to watch live news and you want to catch it before it goes on commercial, don’t you get 30 second ads and then its more ads. Its ridiculous.
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6 years ago, jatebona
10 on my side
I’ve been watching wavy since it was eyewitness 10 Wavy TV 10 has the best of everything .the reporters ,the newscasters ,the meteorologists you can’t go wrong with wavy tv 10 .
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6 years ago, wrighton!
The Only Station that I watch!
I enjoy WAVY so much! They are just part of the family. When there is a weather event, I am tuned to them for accurate details.
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2 years ago, akoturf
This is the least efficient news app. The headlines are interesting but once you open the app you can never find the story it initially sent you a notification for. Even when it’s breaking news, it’s often impossible to get the Home Screen to link properly. 0 stars.
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2 years ago, Xlrich
Auto clicks ads
The worst offense of this app is that just opening the app (not scrolling or pressing anything) often opens safari (I.E. auto clicking an ad) This app is written and formatted around ads. Not, news with ads in it. But ads with news in it. Developer should be punished for these tricks and Lin Television should be ashamed of this product.
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5 years ago, guitarnbass
Number uno
Just the best news weather and sports in this area for sure .. never miss it . I find out everything I need anytime anywhere .. Thx wavy
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7 years ago, Halfcrabhalfflounder
Getting better...
I really enjoy the new layout and you're going in the right direction. I would rate the site higher if the local football and sports scores and stories were posted more quickly. Keep improving.
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6 years ago, Cecilia F M D
I always receive updates as things are happening. With weather, traffic and the good and bad things.
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6 years ago, johnrgarland
News viewers
Eastern shore listeners Do appreciate your including us in your news and weather coverage. Thanks for having longevity in the staffing also.
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6 years ago, cbus54
Excellent News Source.
WAVY 10 is an excellent news source. I like the up to the minute pop ups. Keeps me informed in local and national news.
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3 years ago, Tw06/15/21
Wavy10 uses Nexstar for its reports
I used to be the hugest wavy10 fan! Not anymore! After multiple false reports I decided to call it quits! Please note, they use Nexstar for their reporting. Aka wavy doesn’t even do any work. They just broadcast what they’re told to. I noticed that when I looked at who wrote an article that was filled with false information.
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3 years ago, mavb1
The latest update ruined a useful app
The latest update made the app much less user friendly. It is difficult to find stories, when I do find something it takes forever to load, it is no longer friendly to the eyes- what were you thinking! You really should learn that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
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7 years ago, J.Elliottforbes
Update not for me!
This is updated format is not for me. It's just like ch 13 which I seldom used because I didn't like the format. Guess I'll be primarily be using ch 3 for the time being. News is news for the most part so for me it's the format that will make my choice as to which station I'll usually select.
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2 years ago, No Ready
Click bait app
All this app does is provide a vehicle for advertisers to take you to there websites. Used it for 15 minutes the best I got was to read the headline on one news item. The rest was spent closing web sires and suddenly I was watching sports and had to delete and reload the app to get out of that. Pure garbage even for a free app.
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4 years ago, twgbrooke
Doesn’t always play
I wish they would get it fixed. Been a few years and it buffers more than it plays.
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2 years ago, UVMFJDad
Latest UI not friendly
On iPad it’s just a bunch of text lines, not attractive or easy to find interesting stories. May be better on other platforms.
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3 years ago, Lhhncfgkhh
Don’t auto play videos option does not work
The option to not auto play videos doesn’t prevent videos from auto playing. Makes it a problem if I’m not on WiFi
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6 years ago, ttntranch 2017
Wavy’s The Best!!!❤️
I’ve lived in Tidewater Virginia for 35 years and Wavy TV10 is the only station to watch and the only local news app I’ll have on my phone!❤️ Thank you for all you do🌊
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4 years ago, dr jfk
Freezes and hard to find content
The layout is pretty annoying to find local news. And every time I open articles it freezes. I have to try 3-4 times to read through one article. I can’t stream news content any longer either. The old version worked much better.
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4 years ago, Gator Burr
Poor Web page Layout
The different tiles at the bottom of the app just doesn’t work for me. WAVY should use the same layout as Fox News or CNN. That allows the user to thumb scroll through the day’s news without having to click on a tile and wait for a new screen to load with more news stories.
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5 years ago, G. Lee B.
Breaking News Won’t Break!
I often get breaking news alerts but then the app won’t display them. Either claims that internet is not working or just doesn’t display anything. Frustrating.
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6 years ago, NoName598342
Great while traveling
We stream local news while traveling to stay in touch.
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2 months ago, Kayla08090
Ok app
I would really love to be able to swipe left or right to get to the previous/next article instead of having to press back 😒
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6 years ago, Klaus¥
Wavy News 10 app - Too Many Advertisements
Way too many advertisements. When you launch it first thing you see is advertisements. Get past that advertisement and there’s more advertisements on the screen than there is news.
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7 years ago, Windeepoo
Like previous version better
I'm not really feeling the new update ; just seems to take too long to access the story plus all the adds are annoying.
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4 years ago, Tabitha D
App locking up
Over the past couple of months, Wavy 10 app has been locking up. I have to force close the app and then reopen several times to get it to work. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. However this did not fix it.
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