WBAL-TV 11 News - Baltimore

4.5 (4.5K)
121.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBAL-TV 11 News - Baltimore

4.46 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Ptpee
Ease up on the push notifications
I like getting news stories and things as notifications, so I can just look at the banner to see if I’m interested. I do that for several news apps. I dislike that this is the only news app that then leaves the little ‘1’ next to the app. The only way to get rid of it is to go into the app and find the specific story, then open it. This happens once or twice a day too and is quite annoying. Others may not be as annoyed by it though. Another thing that would help is some kind of filter by topic. The search function is usually decent at this, but it’s not as great at letting you browse a topic. This is just a potential improvement though.
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4 years ago, UserK2222
Inappropriate “breaking news” notifications
I like this app, for the most part. But the alert notifications are driving me crazy. I have my settings limited to “breaking news” (locally and otherwise) but the notifications that come through are, in large part, completely unnecessary. I absolutely want/need to know about traffic issues, security incidents, and local/city/state/country/worldwide URGENT events and happenings. I do not need to know RIGHT NOW about strange colored grasshoppers in Texas, childhood obesity statistics, and other random human interest stories that you decide to push out for no reason. That’s not “breaking news”. It’s not worth interrupting someone’s job or life to stop and see if there is a problem that needs their immediate attention. If you want to push human interest articles then there should be two levels of “breaking news” options for people to choose. Because I’m about finished rolling my eyes when my phone alerts for the tenth time in a day with unnecessary stories - I’m just going to find a different news app to use.
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6 years ago, Corsoman03
I really like the app and I use it just about every day. There are two things that I don’t like. The first is that some stories stay on the app for days or even months and the space could be used for other stories. The second issue is that often times you read a headline and open the story and it has nothing to do with the headline. You really want to read the story that the headline was leading up to but the story that you open has nothing to do with it. A big let down.
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4 years ago, Pat-A
There are so many ads that the BS and other News Channels attempt to load into the narratives of a news story that it challenges any reader to keep on track other than just ignore the interruptions. Of particular annoyance is the inexcusable insertion of a photo ad that covers up part of a paragraph of a news item. If you place an ad in the middle of an article please ensure that you have not blocked from sight, the text of the article from the reader. This is an insult to your readers and an insult to your consideration of your customers. Simple formatting would allow your staff to properly insert an ad in an area separate from the text of the news story. There is no excuse for continuing to overlay an ad on top of news text and infuriating to the reader.
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4 years ago, jws1110
WBAL-TV missing point of NEWS alerts
100% agree with user K2222. I do not want “didja know?” curiosity or human interest stories as news alerts. By overusing news alerts, it’s like WBAL is crying wolf. If something more urgent does happen, I might be dismissive to the sound of the alert. My suggestion is to reduce the number of alerts. Ask yourselves, would you want to be interrupted in YOUR job to find out about something that’s interesting but irrelevant to you at the moment? Does this news impact the local community or nation right now? Is it serious enough that schools might close and roads shut down? Is it of life and death importance for another state or country? If the news is about Prince/notPrince Harry, might be interesting to many, but not worthy of an alert. For improved subscriber service, develop options for the news about which they want to be notified immediately. For example, an interest in politics doesn’t necessarily mean the person wants to track primary results as they come in. Or maybe they do. Creating personalized customer services is the best way to keep current subscribers and to bring new ones in.
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2 years ago, Señora M.
Local News OK interface
This is a great source of local Baltimore news, but at times can be difficult to navigate. Most frustrating is receiving a push notification that entices you, then the notification is cleared before you can click on it (clear notifications or reading the push on your Apple Watch). When you enter the app there is nowhere to see what the push notifications were like I am able to do with all the other news apps I use. The pushed article is rarely on the home page. I’ve been unable to read so many articles because I can’t find them or remember enough about the topic to use search effectively.
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5 years ago, Not Happy333 
Begging for readers
WBAL is probably my favorite news station, but this constant notification asking me to open the app to continue seeing updates is just ridiculous. If I have my notifications turned on AND I go through YOUR app and customize them like you ask us to do, why do I NEED to open the app every so often in order to keep receiving updates? No other app does this and it's highly annoying. I don't need, want or have the time to read every update you push through. Most times the update headline is enough to peak my interest or not and let me know what's happening. I should never STOP receiving notifications unless I turn them off! Please fix this highly annoying issue.
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5 years ago, Tim Post
So ad-ridden its hardly useful
Sorry, WBAL, I’ll always be a loyal watcher, but this app is so crusted with repetitive, invasive ads that I deleted it. Every story you click force plays the same ad you just saw, unless you scroll fast enough to make it stop and scroll back up. Then there’s ads all through the content, some of it junk syndicated stuff- I know you need to make money but this just isn’t working for me. I’m tired of seeing ads for stuff I was just shopping for elsewhere. And you have invested almost nothing in features around good content. The only use left is school closings and I can get that easily elsewhere. If you put the focus back on the user experience, let me know, and I’ll be back.
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4 years ago, Mr_Charles 310
WBAL app review
The app isn’t too bad. I love it when there is breaking news flashing across my cellphone screen, and it gets me the opportunity to either watch a video, or read the breaking news story. I love to keep up with what’s going on in my state, and or city. The only thing I hate is when I tap the icon for video, a commercial plays, then the screen goes blank, and there is no video that goes with the story, and then you’ve watched the commercial for nothing, and no video.
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6 years ago, Macuserdad
I have mostly enjoyed this app since its inception. However what I dislike the most are two annoyances: 1. Some stories stay at or near the end for weeks if not for months. 2. Too many stories that I finish reading revert you to the very beginning of the app instead of taking you back to where you last left off. Very annoying. When this happens more than twice I will quit the app and not view any other stories or news items. I don’t want to waste so much time re scrolling back where I left off. This should be addressed ASAP.
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4 years ago, pds100
Love the Notifications
I enjoy all the notifications. Most time WBAL is the first to post. It’s not too much for me because I can read it quickly and move on. One if the other notifications I receive won’t go away until I hit the home button, now that’s a pain. I do have an issue with spelling and missing words. Even one story reprinted frm AP was wrong and I had to call
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4 years ago, TarheelGiantYankee
I really appreciate this APP. I receive breaking world news with this APP before CNN. I did not rate this APP a 5 because of the ridiculous breaking news that I receive daily. The alert will come up and usually it is related to something that is not necessarily news. Another type of alert should be added like “general news”. Someone’s personal story is NOT breaking news. Otherwise this APP provides good information.
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5 years ago, Susaninmd
Great App, minor flaws
I use this app several times daily for weather and local news. Very accurate and concise. Some stories could use a little editing. 2 flaws: 1. Some of the old stories stay on the feed for weeks 😖. Use this room for new stories. 2. When clicking on an alert the story is “not available “ and the headline disappears so read the headline before clicking on it.
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4 years ago, martinez#1
An American
Have been listening to your 11:00 pm news for years, but lately it is so very slanted. The news is not reported without prejudice. The news that is reported always leans to the left. I always thought the journalists were supposed to deliver the news without prejudice. The big news to be reported was about general Flynn that day, instead all the news talked about was how terrible our country is an racism. I have lived outside of the good ole USA an there is nothing better then being an American. There is a lot of bad in the country but, there is more good. Try living outside of the country an perhaps you can see what a great country we have.🇺🇸🇺🇸
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4 years ago, Bow5892
Started out ok...
The app started ok but the quality seems to be slipping. Weekend push notifications are not news updates but rather a storyline of something that is supposed to be uplifting. Push notifications can be hard to find on the app if you don't click on the push notification when it comes through. Glitches and grammatical errors with the reports makes me use as on an as need basis. The app has crashed multiple times when opening reports. When did the inner and outer loop of the beltway become “clockwise” and “anticlockwise”?
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4 years ago, Trvlnldyl
Helps with Maryland news
I like the app because I was born in Baltimore and lived in Maryland for most of my life but now live in Tennessee. I like being able to keep up with MD/Baltimore news. I would like to see one change - when I tap on the app because I’ve received a notification the app should take me to that news story. I use a local TN news app and it takes me directly to the notification story.
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6 years ago, jacoard
Slow to update articles
news stories remain for days past relevancy and sometimes stories are reported as news way after they have been on other outlets. As a subscriber to a local cable provider there should be an option to log in to app with provider information and receive more update to date news and more stories. Hearst is a large company i find it hard to believe it can update and provide more news coverage
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6 years ago, madandem
Timely and accurate information with aerials
This app keeps me current with breaking news, weather alerts and the day’s top stories. The footage of breaking events is accurate- concise on the alerts but most impressive is the visual photography and aerial shots from Capt Roy! I get alerts for both local and national breaking news. You can customize (ie school closings).
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6 years ago, MizJaxsn
The app used to be updated more frequently, but often the information is the same for several days especially the weekend. The news on the website is updated frequently, but the app seems to lag. Often, I get news alerts from WBAL, but when I go the site, I do not see the link. I have to hunt. I can only find it if I catch the alert on my screen. If I missed it or face id im out of luck. I just check another local news app and find info quicker. WBAL used to be my primary, but not anymore. Disappointed because its my fav news channel.
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5 years ago, kgradke
Good but needs improvement
I use this app several times a day. My only complaint in terms of its use and need for improvement would make it better. It is not updated as I would expect. Stories are listed on the home page for days when newer “news” has not yet appeared. Seems like there should be a way to do immediate links to on air stories
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4 years ago, Grafefruit
Too much fluff
There is too much stuff on here that is just fluff and items that take forever to update. An example would be Sports. There is usually something different happening everyday with sports teams on the Baltimore area but instead of new stories everyday we get old stories for a week or more that do not focus on anything from channel 11’s area. Current news is updated regularly and is good. Just do not need so much useless fluff.
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3 years ago, panhead491957
The way to scare the public
At times the news will take a situation and blow it up to scare the public in many different ways they do this for different reasons if you’re going to watch the news make sure that you take things a little at a time
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3 years ago, Wonderboy67
Off switch for the foreign car commercials
I would give the app 5 star if they weren’t jamming Toyota commercials down our throats. Too, too many commercials. I hate foreign car commercials, it’s unpatriotic. Fix the app so we can at least skip these relentless, unwanted commercials. BUY AMERICAN!!! I originally wrote this review a year ago and obviously no one is listening to any of these reviews. The adds are getting worse. I may drop this app like many others have.
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4 years ago, Jensilb
Too many disruptions
It’s wonderful to be able to have the live news at your fingertips but this app makes it frustrating to watch. From the numerous interruptions in service to ‘black outs’ that happen for long periods of time and the skipping/repeating coverage it’s hard to watch. And sometimes the app just quits - forcing you to reload and rewatch the intro commercials again before getting to the news meaning you’ve missed half the content. It’s a good start but it needs work.
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4 years ago, MBZin
Received review request
Really like the app to get up to date area news. Would get 5 stars if could stop the videos from automatically playing when I view on my phone. Many times in public checking phone news alert and frustrating can not just read the information.
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3 years ago, Kimiann116
Love WBAL!!! It’s my go to News channel every time!! It’s a GREAT team, a class act, and everyone is extremely knowledgeable in their field! They are ALWAYS up to date on news,weather, and what’s currently going on in not only Baltimore but all over the world! They will always start and end your day with a smile! Kimmie🙂
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6 years ago, JoeMills52085
Click bait
I enjoy the app very much. I have push notifications turned on, and for a while they were limited o national and local breaking news. Recently I started getting click bait notifications that I do not consider news. For instance, I just received a notification about tips to help heal a sunburn. These sort of notifications do not interest me, and they make me want to delete the app and find a new local news source.
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3 years ago, Wolfpack_1251
Full of annoying bugs
Don’t send me a notification with breaking news and then not take me to the article. Sssoooooo annoying. Does this all the time unless you wait for a few hours. And, if you miss clicking on the notification, at least allow me to find the article if I launch the app. This bug has been around for years. App has potential but is constantly riddled with annoying bugs
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6 years ago, Light boy 1
Great app
If you need to know what’s going on as news is breaking, or updates to stories, or news that broke earlier, then the WBAL app is the way to go. It keeps me informed on traffic, weather, and important info that I can relay to my family and friends. Plenty of interesting videos and interactive features on this app.
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5 years ago, PowerWizard
Ad pusher app👎🏻
What could’ve been a great news access app is actually an irritating advertisement pushing tool foisted upon us by big media corporations i.e. NBC, as well as CBS and ABC. Too many push notification ads and frustrating streams of video commercials before you can access a story only to be interrupted by imbedded ads within a story. I really can’t endure more than 30 seconds of this app. I’m at the point of deleting it soon!!! Too bad... what could have been very helpful has been destroyed by greedy marketing groups. Follow the dollars $$$$$
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1 year ago, montegirl0326
Relevant Sports News Not Available
Why can’t I find NFL playoff information not related to the Ravens in the Sports section?!? Isn’t this relevant sports information? I love the Ravens, but I follow other teams as well in the playoffs. I don’t expect results of every NFL game during the regular season, but can we atleast have a list of the final playoff scores or the current brackets? I shouldn’t have to use google for this “news” when I use WBAL for my “news” app!
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6 years ago, bs31091
Push Notifications won’t open properly
Great other than when I want to read a story that I get a notification for. When I open a push notification the app just takes you to the home page and then you’re forced to dig around for the article (and good luck finding it.)
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3 years ago, Just me310
Reliable local news
I have grown up depending on WBAL for news, weather and reliable local information. I am delighted to see it has flourished over the years. While I get world news from other sources, no one beats WBAL for keeping me informed about my home town. Thank you and keep it up!
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6 years ago, ksmerhige
Top story and weather may be up to date but so many stories are days old and more even MONTHS old. It would be wise if there was a proofreader to check this site to delete, at least once-a-week, any news that is not current for a week! This subject is mentioned in many of these reviews yet it remains to be an issue. You ask for reviews but you do not care!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Lollis Dang
Is no news, necessarily good news?
Too many ads, many of the stories say no data available, some videos do not play, and some stories are on the website for a month. Now I know that there have to be more recent photos and stories, perhaps from Reisterstown and especially Carroll County, you know we live in Maryland, also. How about some road conditions from up here. I am generally worn out with Baltimore City and their on going problems.
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5 years ago, bshserving
Alerts Missing from App
I get regular news alerts and many of the stories catch my eye. I open the app and the alert is nowhere to be found. In fact, the headlines news tends to be two or three days old. It would be fantastic if the news alert was in the news.
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3 years ago, KellyECrawford
Hate the Unwanted Ads Prior to News Stories
I detest the ads that run prior to a breaking news story, but I get particularly peeved when they are placed prior to a live press conference. You must wait until the ad runs for a few seconds before you can bypass it and get on with the information you want to view. It seems as though the ads could be placed for convenience.
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4 years ago, Horhay jr
Like it a lot but...
Ok two things. When I get an alert and pull up the app there’s nothing new on the page. 2. Usually when I try to read a story there will be an ad in the column that appears to be fixed on top of the story. Text will be missing mid-sentence and the ad can’t be moved or deleted. That’s annoying. Other than that, thanks for delivering the news!
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5 years ago, N.Y. grandma
Better would be good.
Very poor reporting with little or no details or follow-up to local news. Videos often do not play and there are way too many ads. Weather alerts are meaningless because such a wide area is covered. Does the station want to be for Baltimore or for The Baltimore area?. Weather at the Ocean and at Deep Creek Lake is not weather for Baltimore. Items on the site are often old news and not updated frequently.
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6 years ago, App sad
No more traffic info?
I have used this app several times a day since it became available. I check it for news, weather and traffic information. Unfortunately it appears that the WBAL app no longer offers traffic info. That option is missing so no more traffic maps or cameras or anything related to traffic that I can find on the app. I depended on this a lot and I’m sorry to see that they removed it.
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4 years ago, Hampstead Country Girl
My thought
I love WBAL. Have watched and listened for decades...I wish their news would be updated more often and more quickly over weekends in the app. When news happens, I find myself going to other apps to get the most current. Thank you for always being there.
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4 years ago, Herald_Angel520
Liked separate weather app
I preferred when you had a separate app for weather. Also, the weather radar on your app shows too many hours of information when you hit the play button. I don't care about the radar from 6 hours ago. I want to know about the last couple of hours up to the present.
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4 years ago, sargenexile
App rating
Found alerts and news of the area I live and serve in are at times within minutes of first responders , and before other local stations , thus making them superior in all areas
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7 years ago, aspiritrider
Very Useful App
I have used this app while traveling (Chevy truck and fifth wheel) throughout the United States including Alaska and in two Canadian provinces. Works everytime and keeps me up to date with what’s going on in Baltimore, Maryland, the USA, and the rest of the world. Glad I have it. Very dependable.
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2 years ago, Irish Cream 12345
notifications are not feature story on app
More often than not, when a notification comes in on my phone, I can’t find the story on the app. I should just be able to tap on the notification and go to the story but it doesn’t work that way. Also, most of the “breaking news” is uninteresting. I wish there was an option for major updates, not so much random stuff.
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5 years ago, pwcountry
Weather info is Dead-on Accurate
I use this app to check the weather forecast almost daily and thereby see news headlines too. The forecast has been the most accurate that I have seen. Thank you WBAL!
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6 years ago, Werm12
Not HOH friendly
Not happy with all the videos being posted for news articles. For those of us that are HOH/ Deaf, they are pretty useless. Good subtitles would be great or the option to just read text versions of the videos. I want to know what’s going on too and it’s frustrating when you get an intro line that goes to a video you can’t hear.
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5 years ago, KI island girl
Weather feature stinks
The weather portion of this app used To be pretty accurate and helpful. Now it seems it doesn’t update quickly and the radar isn’t that good anymore either. When you see a storm coming and click on the icon to see the direction it’s gonna hit it takes you back like 5 hours prior and if you hit future it doesn’t show if the current storm coming is actually gonna hit your town.
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5 years ago, keneve21
Old news repeating
Many others have pointed out some news stories stay for days etc. how hard is it to come up with 10 NEWS stories each day?
Show more
6 years ago, MD Mikey
Did you miss our notifications?
I’m guessing this app was written by a team of parents whose children are off to college and don’t call Home enough. For the life of me I can’t understand why a news app would stop notifying you, the person who installed it onto your device, just because you haven’t opened it in 2 weeks. “Hey, you haven’t called Home in 2 weeks so we stopped paying your tuition until you do. Did you miss us?”
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