3.5 (11)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBFF FOX45

3.45 out of 5
11 Ratings
2 weeks ago, jonasbrothersgirl1019
Better than Most
App is ………..decent !
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1 year ago, Rick from Sunshine Way
I installed this for local weather and then found out there's a separate weather app.
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4 years ago, tony3779
Crashes after commercials
For their Ad revenue it must work fantastic, but from a standpoint of getting the local news the app is useless. You get a notification of a story, click the notification to get more info, sit through the commercial, then the app crashes and closes. Like a fool you can try again but the process repeats. I am sure they get the credit for the ad revenue though. If and when you are lucky enough to have the app last beyond the commercial, you land on their main headlines page, but good luck finding that story you just got a notification on, because chances are the headlines you see won’t seem related to the notification message at all....... I deleted it to reinstall to see if it improved, which it didn’t, so I have now deleted for good. Stick to their Facebook page. The app notifications always said Weather was live on Facebook anyway when something important was going on. Unless they are live over the air they won’t be live in the app. It used to be much better, but lately the app is just more hassle than it is worth.
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9 years ago, Nursekrissy77
It's ok
I switched to a new news app because my last one completely revamped the app to everyone's detriment. This ones ok, but my biggest complaint is PLEASE stop putting the article title over the pictures. It is very distracting. Tonight for example, the heading was "82 year old man missing..." And his picture was posted, but you can't even see it because of the title...that happens with every article. What's the point of even using any photos if the viewer can't view them?
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8 years ago, montydad
Annoying Notifications
The Fox 45 app itself is OK for news, but lately the push alerts have gotten excessive. Every few hours, it send out an alert about a live Facebook broadcast..."We're going LIVE on Facebook at 10am," "We'll be having a LIVE weather Q&A on Facebook at 1pm," etc. I really only want push alerts about breaking news. I finally decided to just delete the app today. My phone is much quieter. :-)
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6 years ago, YaelleG
Click on Notification, Go To Unrelated Story
Here’s an example: today I received a notification that there was a shooting. Clicked that as soon as it popped up & it only took me to the main page, where all the news was. Except that particular story. Say what??
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9 years ago, Greenmonk3y
Love the new app!
Big fan of the playlist. I like the changes so far!
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8 years ago, PurpleUser
Slow app and lots of inaccuracies
This is an okay app to get up to date info on local news. It freezes up often, which is frustrating. And the info reported is often inaccurate and contains many grammatical/spelling errors. Wish they would spend some more time correcting the app.
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5 years ago, NetchaKanetcha
No sound
I watch this every morning or at least try to. Over half the time there isn’t any sound. I’ve noticed other people having the same problem. I don’t have this problem when I use this app on my iPad Pro.
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5 years ago, Derricksmithsr
Delete this foolishness
This app doesn’t even play sound.. please delete this foolishness and download WBAL news 11. At least they stay up to date and I can hear the news clips... shame on this app for taking up space on my device... I do not recommend this lazily administered foolishness to a single Baltimorean ..... do not download!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Eye4Detail
Unfortunately with this latest version it is impossible to actually use the app to do anything but view ads. If you actually try to read news, all it will do is throw you out of the app into Safari where it will show you an ad.
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1 year ago, Andrew8267
This app is absolute trash. Crashes all the time never plays videos properly but of course plays the ads just fine🙄🙄🙄big surprise… misspelling in articles all the time. Whoever runs this app and types these articles needs to be fired .. Do better!!
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4 years ago, Wonderboy67
Off switch for the commercials
I would give the app 5 star if they weren’t jamming Toyota commercials down our throats. I hate foreign car commercials, it’s unpatriotic. Fix the app so we can skip these relentless, unwanted commercials. BUY AMERICAN!!
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9 years ago, Fox45 Viewer
Suddenly stopped updating news feed
App was working fine until 3 days ago. Still get new news alerts but actual news feed on page has not changed In three days. No help option. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still no change. I have a iPhone 6 Plus.
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8 years ago, Webbymar
It's just ok.
Where's the landscape format. The information is good but the layout needs improvement. Not as user friendly as the other local news apps...
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6 years ago, NikMur
No sound
I love the app the only problem I experience was today. There was no sound to the live events or videos.
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10 years ago, Wild4Rock
Can't share news on Facebook got error message
I thought the sharing issues would be fixed! Every time i go share a story on Facebook I get error messages!! Deleting this App once again! Please fix the sharing issues!!!
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12 years ago, Kim and Ethan
Love it!
Great way to catch up with my favorite news cast when I'm on the go!
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5 years ago, lawn enforcemeant
Thank you for fixing the bug
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4 years ago, Jus2fine
App needs to be updated
Every time you open app in iPhone 11 Max the screen goes black. You’ll receive all the news notifications but when you go to open the app the screen goes black. Horrible app
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4 years ago, Lil munchin
Horrid site
This is one stupid site now my screen stays black for its opening page and than when you go to the explore part and hit local it goes black again. I guess they really know how to update their site. Horrid I.T. Division. Got rid of it
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5 years ago, Fed Up With App
Toyota Commercials
Every time I attempt to view a notification I get a Toyota add and then not connecting and tells me to “retry!” When I go to the actual app I cannot find the “notification” I clicked on. This app is terrible for trying to find out what is happening!
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9 years ago, Pure hatred of this app
Big chance for this app
Check out your competition!!! WBAL just bombed out in a big way with their updated horrid/questionable/ugly/convoluted app. They have nothing but 1 star reviews. You guys need to strike while the iron is hot and get better!!!!
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4 years ago, boxerbabe101
This news app is not kept up to date. Fox 45 apparently has not hired anyone to keep the app up to date on Saturday or Sunday! What good is a news app if it is not kept up to date.
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4 years ago, exposed fake news
Phone heats up when watching videos
Once you play a video for a good length of 3 minutes or more, my iPhone 11 Pro Max started heating up like crazy and battery drains fast! It’s the app’s fault and not the phone! Please fix!
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4 years ago, Phoenix1295
Latest Update Blacked Out Text
Latest update blacked out the text. All you see are large black boxes where there should be story text. You can’t see any of the news stories. Useless.
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4 years ago, Johnf819
Articles do not close
You have to close out of the app to get out of articles. I’m hoping they fix it soon or I’ll just move onto another news app
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11 years ago, Mike92550
So helpful
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2 years ago, krzyladi
Doesn’t work well
Freezes. Can’t watch more than 3 minutes before crashing.
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8 years ago, kaloberal
Waste of Space
The app is useless. Before the March 3 update it was a 50/50 chance the app would work. Now it just keps giving an error message. Totally useless. CBS local is much more reliable.
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8 years ago, Dark Horse (NB)
Not ready for prime time
App open on Ipad4 with 9.2 IOS and goes thru what appears as instructions but you cant get past the instructions. Also, app opens in portrait mode but no way to turn landscape.
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12 years ago, Dlkizzy
This app is worthless. Nothing is current. Wanted it for hurricane coverage cause our electric is out and cant watch the news on the tv, but all the info is days old.
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2 years ago, PowerWizard
Terrible app.
Terrible app. After this revision Vote for Question of the Day doesn’t work: No inputs provided to vote! App also locks up. Bring back original app! Terminate the app developer!
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5 years ago, Mymarch
App Stops Music!
Today is October 15, 2019 As usual your app stops all music, over and over. When you can’t fix this, it’s time to remove it. I’m sure it’s an issue for everyone.
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10 years ago, Josaco88
No sound
The app will not play sound. Otherwise it seems to work fine. An app for a television station that doesn’t play sound is useless.
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12 years ago, Yabmeister
Fighting Back
The Fighting Back section only has stories from 2010. Has everyone been ambivalent for 2 years?!
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12 years ago, Ryce03
New update
The worst update ever. When attempting to go back to news, the app jumps to safari. I'd give zero stars if I could. Please fix soon.
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6 years ago, Fituser2015
Meh, it’s ok
The app freezes when viewing a live broadcast and the sound works intermittently. It’s needs a lot of debugging.
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10 years ago, Princess Sylvie
Won't Load
Has not worked since the last update, very disappointed. Please fix!
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14 years ago, Benzmat
Fox 45
Great App! Keeps you informed,24 hours a day.
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10 years ago, Gadget3890
I downloaded to get streaming news during the ice storm. I said NO to 'push notifications' and now it will not even open.
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4 years ago, ravensfan31475
No sound!!!!
Every time I download the app on my iPhone X you can’t hear a thing when are you going to fix this
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7 years ago, LindaWilliams99
The news is old, it does not get updated, it’s like reading a newspaper from last week. Skip it
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7 years ago, Mobileshtrfly
Fox 45
I call it Fix 45. Let me know when you figure out how to deliver the stories you alert me about. Very frustrating. Deleting.
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12 years ago, Tausen1
Works good now..Guess it needed a day to install properly.
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9 years ago, Shabyscapes
Videos not playable on iPad nor iPhone :(
....with the latest updates
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12 years ago, Tdub747
Horrible- don't waste space on your phone
The same stock photo for every old story. Terrible terrible app.
Show more
4 years ago, AtiyyahGill
No sound
This app has a problem with the sound.
Show more
2 months ago, Pzqmtbxi
A waste of time
Down loaded the app and it never launched
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11 years ago, BaltimoreDave
Sinclair Propaganda Broadcasting
Why support the most dishonest news organization in Baltimore?
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