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Gray Television Group, Inc.
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12 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBKO News

3.04 out of 5
123 Ratings
1 year ago, What's Breaking?
Notifications Issue
Seems like every story is now listed as Breaking News. Breaking News should be just major events, high profile events, etc. I don’t want a notification for every story posted. I have turned my notifications off due to this annoying problem.
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6 years ago, Sexton50
Love this app!
I’m thrilled to have this app, so I can know any breaking news or weather issues for our area. I’d be clueless if I didn’t have it- I rarely watch news channel until 6pm or listen to radio unless in vehicle. I feel better knowing I’ll be informed of any issues dealing w/important news or weather around me. Thank you for offering this great app!!
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5 years ago, Ashlain1994
I can’t even open the app, it immediately crashes. I use to use this app all the time but for the past month or so it hasn’t done anything but crash.
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4 years ago, Lirp
I’ve stuck with the the app for a long time despite numerous crashes, issues and annoying ads. This last week you’ve added an ad that lasts nearly 15 seconds before I can even access the news. Completely ridiculous when someone is wanting to quickly catch up on events that could be important. Very disappointed with the app.
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6 years ago, pgr60
Sports is s not news
I have sports notifications turned off but they keep sending me sports notifications under the guise that it is news. I am annoyed that every time my alert goes off and I think it is going to be news or weather related it’s just some drivel about a coaching change.
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7 years ago, Bookworm0100
Worst app ever!
I can't even get to the news because of the ads! Literally could not clear the ads off the screen. Every time I clicked on news another ad took up the entire screen. Could not see the news. Horrible and endlessly frustrating. You get much more info off Twitter. Why do they allow that? They must be really hard up for money.
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5 years ago, MrCommonSense76
Great app
I love that I can get my local news and weather info. I would like it even more if this app would get added to Apple TV. I stream and that’s the service I use. I can get the app on my IPhone, but not on my Apple TV.
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4 years ago, willie is fat
Trying to read your news articles or watch your videos and there is so many advertisements on here that manipulate you into touching them thinking it is news how about just some good old news thank you
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5 months ago, bbbfarm
Advertising is misleading
Advertisements for miracle cures and government handouts are mixed in with news articles. Disclaimers or a notice thst this is an advertisement is in very small print thst most people will not see. I don’t understand how a reputable news organization can allow the advertising to fall in line like that.
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8 months ago, willimay
I only live 30 miles from you and have very poor reception. Some of the broadcasting people look very unprofessional. Not what it use to be.
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4 years ago, Ellie13008
Where’s the 7-day?
I use this app mainly to view the 7-day forecast and now it’s gone from the weather tab. I have looked everywhere for it. I can sometimes find it under a news story, but not every time. Please bring it back!
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3 years ago, Ilikequilting1
After the latest update. The app won’t even open up.
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5 years ago, mirandabees
Too many ads
Get rid of the ads. You can’t even find the news without swiping past a ton of ads.
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3 years ago, 123MyRadar
App will not open
App will not open up . Removed it downloaded again still will not open . Was able to download the weather app but not the news needs fixed
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7 years ago, Meddum
Too bad
I can't get wiki on satellite so I would keep up with the news on my phone but the ads are killers even when I get an alert I have to watch an ad before I can see what the alert is. I hate to loose WBKO but I'm deleting you. I have been a viewer all my life but it's now goodbye. Adios, sayonara, have a good one!
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8 years ago, Kypreggo
I do not like the new weather...cannot see the rain percentages because of the colors.
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4 years ago, Bennyedawes
More ads than news.
Just like the broadcast more ads than news. Calls itself hometown news I didn’t know I live world wide. All local stories are covered by WNKY. Tried opening app today can’t open said. Error downloading data. Really.
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7 years ago, cepurpus
Used to be good!
But, deleting now because of the Ad you have to watch before being able to view the homepage. It opens as soon as you click on the App. Too many ads throughout.
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6 years ago, Yokusen
WBKO website
This website is becoming a joke. With all the pop-up advertising, you can’t even get into the website. I depend on WBKO News to keep me informed. Please do something!
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4 years ago, Ky Avon Rep
App won’t load!!!
The new/latest update will not load on my iPhone. It starts to load then kicks out. Haven’t been able to use the app since the update.
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6 years ago, Bigbear787
Ads and crashes.
Ads before home page and if I get pasted that my weather crashes. I hate to remove it but it does me no good.
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5 years ago, marrichtod
Can’t get app to open
I used this app a lot but for the last month or so it won’t open. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, A-L-H
New update causes app to crash as soon as it is opened.
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4 years ago, PRockFury
Just junk
The app is just junk. Everything absolutely terrible. Full of advertising
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4 years ago, _LZRD
Crashes Instantly
The app instantly crashes as soon as I try to open the app. Fix it please ffs. It’s so annoying
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6 years ago, King prance
Weather video
Every time I press the weather video, the app crashes, need bug fixes ASAP
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7 years ago, Rcflyerjr
To many ads
It was a great app. Use channel 5 out of Nashville now. To bad I can't watch my local station
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4 years ago, 58gmail
Appear / disappear
As soon as the app is opened, it closes. Deleted, reinstalled, nothing works.
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7 years ago, Perganurg
Completely ruined..
You've ruined this formerly great app with ads... way to go!!
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5 years ago, LHarper83
I can’t open the app. Haven’t been able to in weeks... pls fix this!!!
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6 years ago, Hay Farmer
Videos won’t load. I’m on WiFi, too.
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4 years ago, jfgohxx hi p TY bj
Liberal bias
Very obvious this station is controlled by liberals. Tell the truth, the whole truth.
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11 years ago, TacoTits
Use it daily for hometown news
Overall a great app, updated often and one of my go-to sources for daily news. That being said, I miss the feature from the previous version where it would remember where you had scrolled to when you read an article. For example: if I scroll down to the 10th article on the news section and read it, when I go back to the menu it takes me all the way to the top instead of remembering I was 1/2 way down the column. A small feature, but really annoying! Thanks!
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11 years ago, Sandman7445
Only one complaint
I like the new layout but, my only complaint is that the app restarts every time you switch to another. Even if it's left running in the background.
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8 years ago, Luke154
Not good stream no longer accessible under accessible
Not good stream no longer accessible under liked it better when you could watch directly from the Apple Watch instead of going to the website change it back please please please
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9 years ago, Donkey00%7
Not so good.
If you are able to read the articles in 10 seconds, then you are good. Otherwise be prepared for the constant closing of the app over and over again as you try to read the articles. The best part is it takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 mins for it to open. WBKO/Gray television can do a lot better.
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9 years ago, Cards008
I like the app but don't appreciate the weather alert I got at 6:30 am on Saturday morning when it only said the temp and it was going to be cloudy. My husband also got it, it wouldn't have been bad if we got them every morning but that's just it we don't! This is the first one in a looong time.
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8 years ago, docbike
App doesn't update sports scores!
Got a text from the old system about the Louisville game and 45 min later still no alert about the game FROM THE NEW APP!! As a fact of the matter there is no place in the sports app to pick alerts for local teams!! That is the only reason I subscribed to this in the first place. Still a lot of work to do if it's gonna work! JMO
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11 years ago, Zack Powell
Amazing App
I live in the Bowling Green area and have been wanting an app that keeps me updated on newer events around my home town. I love it!
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8 years ago, Carebear8530
From good to ok
This app just recently changed its icons on the weather section, the new icons look like they were created by some young girls still in grade school. I find my self going to my the storm app I recently installed on my phone more and more because of grade school art project that used to be the WBKO weather page.
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8 years ago, Jbunch73005
Love getting my local news updates.
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8 years ago, Granny Zackamo
I really like this app. It keeps me informed on the weather and important news too. I use it daily. Thanks
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8 years ago, Ahmed94200123
Good app
I use it everyday to check weather
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8 years ago, BigWolf16
JD Winsett
This is the most amazing app I have for whether and all around forecast
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8 years ago, XterraDude420
Stupid pop up ads!
This used to be a great app until recently when the ads started popping up. The latest one won't let me get past it unless I click the link. I don't think so!!!
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8 years ago, Ozrocu2
App will not load!!!
Ever since the app was updated, it will not load! It just sits there spinning! Very frustrating when you want to catch up on local news.
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7 years ago, BrittTATTED92
It is okay
Remove the ads.
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9 years ago, MiSS DeSii
I just downloaded this app and it won't even load or anything. It just keeps closing out. Please fix!
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8 years ago, Photo swaps gay
Click on a video that you want to watch and the video that plays has nothing to do with what you clicked on. Please fix!!!!
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11 years ago, N8rboy31
Not working
Not working since recent update.. Just shows blank lines when you click on headlines.
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