WBTV 3 Local News On Your Side

4.6 (4.9K)
74.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBTV 3 Local News On Your Side

4.6 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
4 years ago, cindyduckwort
I really love you guys❤️ And I love the App it's right on time. Thank you for all you do for us. I have to say CNN sent this notification at 2:14 am. The message alert for it woke me up? I thought to myself, do you guys live with the President?LOL😂! But you guys are on time!! Don't worry I am not complaining! Cause you guys are the best? I have been watching you since I was a little girl? I am 54 now.
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3 years ago, Foxy Trainer
Update is not user friendly
The update from a couple of weeks ago is not very user friendly. There is also an issue with the notifications. There is almost always a high number of notifications that show up in the bubble, but when ai click the bell within the app, I’ve noticed some are older. Also, when clicking on the notification (which I assume should take the user to the article), the app crashes. This has happened since the first day of the upgrade. I occasionally try it to see if it’s fixed, but the problem persists. In case it matters, I’m using the app on an iPhone XS Max.
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3 years ago, Wolverine.1983
Ok, but..
It works fine for stuff that is already there. It seems very unstable. Whenever I try to add a location for the weather it crashes. It has also crashed when I've tried to make other adjustments in the settings. Also I have an ever increasing number of notifications for which I am unable to view. If I open the notifications tab, it's always empty. When I tell it to clear notifications, the number pops back up after a few minutes.
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2 years ago, One Evil Squirrel
Sorry for the 1 Star… 0star is not an option
Used to love my WBTV app. Closings section does not work. The new alert sound you have chosen is absolutely atrocious and I can’t change it. And the amount of click bait, fake news stories, etc, etc that you have in the app is horrible. I know we all have to pay bills (ads). But you cannot pay your bills without compromising your integrity as a new service? It must be time for some new leadership within your corporate structure, failures like this often happen at top management levels. There are many more flaws within the app, I will not further waste my time explaining them to you. Please download the app yourself, use, look around and let me know if you can still take yourselves seriously as a news source. (Similar flaws exist in other local news apps, and I will get to them shortly too) Feel free to contact me and discuss… as you can see, I do not candy coat….
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6 years ago, AJB1946
Revised App means drop in Quality
Usually when an app is upgraded with a new release it is characterized by many improvements. This one was a Giant Step backwards. This app now has extreme redundancy, with a single story appearing up to four times in one listing. Reading down the page is over worn by numerous large advertisements and often multiple copies of the same ads. Besides repetition of ads and stories, the delisting under multiple sub headings makes this app much less likely to be used by me. Community sub headings are worthless when they do not provide new information that is not already included under the general topic of news. In summary this release was a major disappointment. I find myself relying on it and watching this channel much less frequently. Unless it gets much better quickly, I will delete this app entirely.
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3 years ago, crapppie king
You have the best radar nobody can beat it I look at it a lot I can depend on it it’s got the right back ground it’s very clear I’m a nut when it comes to your Radar so don’t change it it’s perfect I’m talking about my phone I’m 75 years old and you will always be by my side keep up the good work Sam Allen Salisbury n.c
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3 years ago, Hubers Club 4
News - Weather - Traffic - Daily Must-Have
I find myself accessing WBTV more than any social media account. With breaking news, all the wacky weather we’re constantly experiencing, and daily traffic - It’s comforting to know; I’m provided the MOST up-to date information and alerts! Thank - You, WBTV!
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4 years ago, 🌸🙏❤️
Media coverage
I think there should show equal coverage of police killing of any race . To much time pushing race as reason blacks killed by police and little on the other skin colors. The media stirs the pot. Report the true news. Killing is wrong except if your life is threaten . Stop making these criminals out to great people most have long criminal history white brown and black except in rare cases. How about more time spend when a police officer is kill one time is not enough. Thank you for letting me vent..
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5 years ago, dj Savannah Rose
Chatty Hattie
Thank you Channel 3 for this interview. It’s always uplifting and heart felt to see and hear the Legendary Chatty Hattie. Yes I love and respect her dearly. I graduated from her private College in 1999, and I could never be more appreciative for the education under her tutelage. Thank you Channel 3 for keeping Ms Hattie in the spot light. She truly is news worthy. Sincerely, Libbie Gates
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3 years ago, Iowawolfpacker
Hate the new update!
I’ve been using the new app for several weeks now and I still find it difficult and counterintuitive to use. The only reason most people ope the WBTV app is for news and you have to click to view top stories. Then you get there and the headlines aren’t complete because they are too long. I really tried to give it a shot but this is a downgrade, not an upgrade!
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3 years ago, ReadsWithJoy
Bring back the original app please
I don’t see how this app is better at all. EVERY time I open it a full page ad appears for spectrum and ads are so abundant on the page I’m reading it’s extremely distracting. I am a huge fan of WBT radio, long time listener and have turned to you for local news but please....this app is not an improvement in any way, shape, manner, or form. I’ll be forced to delete it from my phone if this isn’t improved upon. Thanks.
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3 years ago, RB445
Hurt viewer Disappointed
I am appalled that you would entertain the idea or survey of President Biden impeachment. You have Trump who led an insurrection and started this withdrawal. He refused for a year to honor visas Biden cares about the country. Trump was not impeached for a that he did. I will stop watching your channel because you have crossed the line. I am not a Democrat but I am an American. How about Trumps courting white super mist views. You should be ashamed to even conduct such a survey. Shame on you. I thought you were nonpartisan. Boy was I wrong!
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6 years ago, gokdenmom
WBTV Rocks
Thanks for being a wonderful news station!! You all seem to work well together and the coverage during the hurricane was fantastic by the weather folks!!
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1 year ago, aleutbecker
Clunky and outdated
The news app is clunky and outdated. It is 12/26 and the news is still showing the weekends news. I want to see current local news that is current and I don’t want to see the same articles over and over. If I wanted that, I’d buy a paper and leave it on the table.
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5 years ago, chappy 2809
Not current news anymore
Your news updates are no longer being current. Most of what is on the site is multiple days old. Prior to this new app update it was a little better. When I first started using the app their news appeared to be more current. Starting to look for a new app for my news
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5 years ago, Over 70 long time viewer
Website updating is slow
Am I the only person that has recently noticed that the web page stories are not updated quickly ? Compared to other TV sites, it seems that the articles are not updated with new stories or the old story is a day behind.
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3 months ago, E Anne G
Inaccurate Reporting
No availability for written feedback! I want to complain that on QC AM they incorrectly reported that cicadas are once every 200 years. Not Right!! The once every 200 years is the two different cicadas emerge together!!! Inaccurate reporting is not acceptable. It needs to be corrected!! Elizabeth Gut
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1 year ago, linda stiles jones
Unable to download
Says my I phone is too old to download 😮
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2 years ago, HLF63
No follow-ups
Not sure if this correct place to express my views but only way I found so far. News articles are relatively good but I never see any follow-ups on lingering news items even though it’s stated there will be a follow-up.
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3 years ago, PMC6000
New format 👎🏼
I don’t like new format where the home page has a bunch of garbage then you have to click at the top to get the news. I come here for the news and not the extraneous stories and if I can’t get it in one click I’m not using it anymore . Deleting the app today until you can fix it .
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2 months ago, Political games in local news
Selected news coverage
I find it strange that WBTV does not cover all news equally. Just strange how they cover former President Trump’s legal woes and not cover DA Willis’s legal issues. First, I thought, well it must be that it is not in NC and then I realized, that WBTV covers a lot of news that does not occur in NC. Please quit putting politics as an agenda in your news. Report the news accurately regardless of the politics involved.
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3 years ago, Kaboodle's Mom
WBTV News App upgrade
DO NOT LIKE THE UPGRADE!! Wish I could go back to the old app! Too hard to navigate, too many interruptions with noisy “news breaks”, and can’t find half of what I’m searching for! As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! I wish the review would allow for no stars because that’s what I’d give!
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5 years ago, scotthilt
The app itself is great, but the amount and type of ads are infuriating. I would gladly pay a reasonable YEARLY or slightly higher one-time fee to remove all ads. I would also love a dark mode when reading articles.
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3 years ago, NC REDLEG
Content good, bad app
Hate to say it bc this is a pretty good news group but the app is terrible. Lags or just won’t load. Have to close a bojangles fried chicken ad every time I’m able open or view one of the categories. Should look for different developer or structure. Older version vastly superior.
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2 years ago, Awesomepack
Too many ads and fake news, rarely use it
More worried about creating more spam for myself than getting a valid news article to read
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10 months ago, radical6969
Update more often
Needs to be updated more I don’t want to see 3 day old news. Needs to be within 24 to 36 hours not 3 or 4 days old
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4 years ago, Olderwisergramma
WBTV ioys for real
When a luxury home blew up in Ballantyne BT honored the request to keep their distance for the sake of victims and emergency personnel. As a mom to both police and firefighters this blessed my heart.
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6 years ago, CarolinaGrace
Too many ads
I use to love the WBTV app until this new update. There are so many ads just scrolling that you can’t read the titles good anymore and the titles run together with just black words on a white page not even separating the titles efficiently. Please just give the news without so many ads!!
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2 months ago, pjhduramax
Good news app
Good news app for Charlotte nc. Some surrounding towns. I’ve unchecked the news bout sports but still get news bout sports. Don’t give a hoot bout overpaid sports players.
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5 years ago, Canteen Man
This app is horrible. They have the news for my hometown is the reason I got it but it’s hard to get to the news because of all the pop up ads. Their latest update made the app more difficult and did not stop the pop up ads. Don’t waste your space and time on it.
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5 years ago, takemyjobrob
Trustworthy & accurate
Great local coverage in & around Charlotte
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1 year ago, M H D
Upgrade for Quick Access
Really wish I didn’t have to see a bojangles D each time I clicked on a story
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3 years ago, BMTaylor
Too Many Ads
Clicked on an Alert and had to go through 3 ADs before getting to Article. Alert did not even take me to Article. Hate their new App. I have just turn off all alters, while deciding whether to delete App
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3 years ago, 1ep60
Since the update I get 15 notifications an hour and none show up in the app. It’s slow and too klunky. Will delete and look at it again when you fix it.
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6 years ago, fxdllvr
Too many pop up ads
I just updated the app and the ads are about 3 times what they were before.
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4 years ago, Nanneyboat
I do NOT watch the commercials!
When I go to see a news bulletin from WBTV but am forced to watch a commercial, WBTV immediately looses me. I click out of there and go look for the story somewhere else. Why would I want to wait on a commercial for an important news bulletin? You loose me!
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5 years ago, Big_Dave_420
Was my favorite!
Was my favorite app for news and weather for years until the last update. Now it just closes every time I try to open it. 😢 please fix this and I will change it back to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, jjjjjaaab
New app
Updated phone this week and new format is more trouble than old lot harder to Veiw started using 36 more because I just really didn’t like new version having to put a nickname to submit is a little ridiculous plus al are taken
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2 years ago, lunamacar00na
Doesn’t work most of the time
I’m on a newer iPhone and try to watch live news and it hardly ever works. It is even worse after this latest update.
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3 years ago, Zeph315
This app will NOT download
I like WBTV , this app was working , but I have tired repeatedly to download it again to my iPad & it will not download, yet all the other ones do fine. I have been trying for months, WHY CAN’T YOU FIX THIS THING ?!
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5 years ago, Sausage McGee
Terrible update
Unless an improved update happens very soon, I plan to delete this app. The previous versions were far superior compared to what we have now. Tell the teenager who developed this app to use Agile for your next release.
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3 years ago, NC_Charlotte
To many pop ups
I get I have to see an add before I read an article but pop ups? And every time I navigate to another section? No thank you. Delete
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3 years ago, DJH136
Updated App is HORRIBLE!!
Constantly getting pop up adds. App and stories are slow to load. The old app was much better. If this continues, will delete app.
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4 years ago, Sharinks
Fake news
I will be not watch your news no more if you want to lie I’m done you have put my life as well as other people’s life at risk I’m done with all the news stop lying for bill gates and his followers get you a chip not me
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5 years ago, JStarHass
Mews is generally good but look is disturbing
What is up with the overly made up female cast? Think this has gone a bit too far.
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3 years ago, Aware8
Horrible changes
This app used to be somewhat easy to navigate but the recent changes have made it so chaotic that I will just get my news from WSOC
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5 years ago, Lynn97A
WBTV is the BEST! I rely on the station to provide the weather and news! Great programming as well! You get it all on WBTV!!
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5 years ago, 639375
Useless articles
To many useless articles. Man waiting on his wife at Christmas Show. Such a stupid article! Rowan DA article. Another stupid article. Doesn’t this happen everyday in courtrooms?
Show more
3 years ago, TUTUHAWK
New update
HORRIBLE!!!! You click an article from the notifications and it closes the app and does not open the article
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5 years ago, Mike P in SC
App crashes when opening after latest upgrade
After updating, the app will no longer open.
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