WBTW News13 - Myrtle Beach, SC

4.7 (4.7K)
63.2 MB
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Last update
2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBTW News13 - Myrtle Beach, SC

4.72 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
5 years ago, all fords
I’m loving WBTW 13
I’m overly glad to have updated factual instant alerts that WBTW staff/team keeps me instantly informed of the latest news even ahead of the scheduled on air news cast especially the potential threatening heat wave and various surprises with the weather also preparing how to dress keep me aware of the news current headlines comedic yet professional crew I love this family friendly news station you truly earned my respect
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4 years ago, Gerald Rounbehler
Great news coverage and weather advisory
Mature newscasters and very neutral concerning their personal political views - this is why I switched from another channel to this one - just report the news with as many facts - not personal assumptions - as possible for each item of importance to our community’s - that’s about all I can say - this news channel and news casters and weather advisors are great.
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6 years ago, Babychiane
This is where I go to find out about the local news. I don’t get The Sun News, so this TV station is the next best for what’s going on in most of Horry County. What I don’t like about TV13, is that they pay more attention to parts of North Carolina instead of focusing just on Florence/Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas in our County.
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5 years ago, Jabo1710
T V 13 had its roots in Florence and for a long Time was the go to station ... but now even though over half of its coverage area and population is outside of the beach area... we get very little coverage... it’s now nothing but a beach station...example ... Beach Ball Tournament...was announced as the biggest on the east coast ... we all know attendance is always very low... even the video spot shows small stands that were almost empty ... the 33 rd PEPSI Classic starts tomorrow at the Florence Center which holds over 7500 and is attended by thousands ... TV 13 sports did not even mention it.... TV 13 you need to do better than claim the part as best coverage ...
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4 years ago, Cuddle up
News ———Weather
I like ch. 13. It keep s you updated on everything. They tell you when and where something is going to take place and what is going on around you. I need my Alerts a little faster. Y’all are the BEST
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4 years ago, sewgirl109
Miss you in NC
Wish we were still able to receive your broadcasts just over the NC border in Calabash. Your information is so much more valuable than what we’re getting now out of Wilmington!
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4 years ago, Counselorlinda48
Marion County
We love this station but usually there is little to no news about Marion County! When the weather forecast is put on the screen, it seems that The Pee Dee gets only a few seconds flashed up there. Then Horry County ( beaches mainly) get all the attention. There are good things happening in our county but we are ignored!
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5 years ago, MyersRogerV
Poorly Designed For News App
This News App is poorly designed. One is not able to view news in a easy visual format . Everything is hidden under headings so you are forced to drill down under each heading which are not clearly defined. Suggest the designer look at other News App’s to see how to this one more visual for users to “want too” read the news article.
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6 years ago, Linruss
Keeps me up with my home
Now that I can no longer get WMBF on cable or air antenna, this app is very useful and I really appreciate having this access. Please continue to offer this service.
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6 years ago, Princess Pookiebear
The Best There Is !
You can always count on these guys who gives as much accuracy as possible with a news’ piece. Thank You.
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6 years ago, Pam 10 4
Moved here five years and always watch WBTW. Turn on first thing in the morning and see Marla for the weather. News men and woman are always up beat. One thing that up sets me is all the attorney ads.
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5 years ago, Avcad59
Go news
WBTW is my go to spot for news and weather in Myrtle Beach. First place I look in The Morning & the Last place I look at Night.
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6 years ago, Lynlarry
We like that it keeps us up to date on what’s happening.
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4 years ago, DV k get b
Add a search bar so that we can better access the articles we are interested in.
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7 years ago, Tony in MB
Change isn't always good
The old app was perfect. Everything was on one page and you could browse the important headlines easily. The new app has only a few article titles available at one time. It takes too long to see what is available.
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6 years ago, Niknaklen
Keeps me in the know of what's going on in Horry
We the ap and I know what is happening where we live.
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7 years ago, Rgrharrell
This app is great and gives me all the news and weather I need
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6 years ago, Mountain Valley Gal
Can’t Trust Alerts!
I keep getting severe weather alerts for a location 400 miles away that I have never visited. On my location and alert settings, my correct location is the only location. This is a daily occurrence. Very annoying!
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4 years ago, DebHK
Most current results
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6 years ago, Armyvetztn2014
Good App
Very simple fast and easy
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3 years ago, lynh6
No article
I get a notification about a news article and then when I try to open it “article not available” pops up
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3 years ago, LA Customer
Stopped working
The latest version is not working properly - please fix- app is locking up after selecting an article. Great App before this version
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5 years ago, bs chief
Please, please quit with the hurricane coverage, can only talk so much. Please go back to regular programming.
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4 years ago, fabkl28gh49
Too much audio
Too much audio-video...some people just like to read without someone mumbling about.
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6 years ago, cowboyhardee
Hurricane Florence
Great coverage for Hurricane Florence!! All of you guys were fantastic!!
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6 years ago, mdluhos
Love wbtw news!
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4 years ago, Mavswillwintonight
Stream Not Working
Stream hasn’t been working for the last several weeks!
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4 years ago, Dimple Jayne
Sorry CBS station
Why do you stop people from watching the CBS national news just to show us that ugly weather girl??!??
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6 years ago, Nexstar Manager
The pop up that populated each time you open the app is very annoying.
Show more
3 years ago, Rhondalovesthisgame
Wish there was a setting to stop getting updates that have Joe Biden in them... I hate #PedoJoeBiden
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6 years ago, Rufus 99
World Cup Soccer
The biggest sporting event in the world gets bottom billing on your sportscast today.
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6 years ago, Graham7198
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9 years ago, Barbeedoll0215
Love this app
I truly enjoy this news app. Keeps me posted on all local news as well and nice to know news from across the nation/world. Alerts are awesome and the summary gives me enough info so I don't have to open the app if I don't have time but I still feel informed. With children in our local schools the updates are extremely important to me. Amazing app with NO problems and I've been a avid user for 3+ months. Thanks.
Show more
12 years ago, Holden0623
Fantastic source of news
Videos are up to date and accessible. Very accommodating! Always accurate news source
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9 years ago, Jd4133
Nice local news app...but...
...would have given 5 stars if we could comment without involving Facebook!
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9 years ago, W.ya
Very helpful and informative gives you local coverage like no other
Show more
9 years ago, fplisy64
Great app for travelers to Myrtle Beach
We could find out anything about Myrtle beach. Great for weather forecast.
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12 years ago, T. Tom
Great videos!
I really enjoy the videos, however it's not always an appropriate medium for the environment I find myself in. It would bd helpful, for me, if there were more written commentary accompanying each clip. Thanks guys!
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12 years ago, Tcwollard
Good app
Good app but to many videos, and sometimes behind other stations in releasing breaking news
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10 years ago, wedgefield
Wm Cross
Love the app Better video than live t v Doesn't break up /no signal Works well
Show more
10 years ago, Nmblr
Way too many ads
This app is so annoying - full screen ads when you first start the app. Other ads move and are very distracting. Should be much more professional for a news station.
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9 years ago, dragon18109
News app
Love the app and the live news
Show more
11 years ago, 19barney
Helpful and informative while traveling.
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9 years ago, Jenks58
Great app to get local news and weather!!
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12 years ago, Navybrat2937
Great news app!
Great News app! Been watching WBTW with Nicole and Bob since I was a little boy. Love them!
Show more
9 years ago, butterflygirl2013
Beach lover
Love the app, and the live news!
Show more
11 years ago, ClubDog
The app is fast and always working.
Show more
10 years ago, Semperfi 2013
Great place to get myrtle beach news
Show more
11 years ago, Caras mom
Love this app
Fast, reliable.
Show more
9 years ago, Mgwggood
Good coverage
But could use a little more "in depth"
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