WCBD News 2 - Charleston, SC

4.7 (2.6K)
89.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Media General
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WCBD News 2 - Charleston, SC

4.71 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Rat210
Outstanding coverage
Channel 2 WCBD delivers timely, accurate news that I can use. The newscasters genuinely appear to like each other so the broad casts flow well from scene to scene. My favorite overall news is the early morning with Temple, Brad, Octavia, and Josh. They are simply the best around! Temple Ricke’s midday is awesome and Brendan, Carolyn, Rob, and the great sports team all knock themselves out to get it right and get it out there. The cub reporters are doing great work, as well. Whenever I travel I can’t wait to get back to my WCBD guys!
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3 years ago, TKheaver
Lazy reporting
Why are all your articles so negative. How about reporting some positive things? Also, how about being balanced. Your C19 coverage is like all the other hyper media. This has nothing to do with how contagious it is. It is about keeping the high risk people safe, not how many people get it. 80% of deaths are in nursing homes. That is where the emphasis should be. 99% of people who get it have no symptoms or mild symptoms. It is the flu, unless you are 70+ or comorbid. Why do you not talk about how many people in the country have the antibodies? The CDC and many others have shown that the real number are about 10x higher than the number testing positive. So, that makes the ratios just like a very bad flu season. Look at the deaths in 17/18, and no one said a word that flu season.
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5 years ago, Blacksabre6
Settlement of present contract blackout
WCBD— please know that we are desperate in returning to coverage. Have never experienced such a void in local news and weather. There are so many people here that want your station available to the audience presently blacked out. We will change carriers next week if not remedied. You all make a difference in this entire viewing area...
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10 months ago, 87Squeaky
Best in Charleston
I love the Count on 2 team. They are always quick with the top stories of the day and sending news alerts. Their app has the most local news of the main stations.
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5 years ago, chelaney lane
Missing you every day
Wishing for whatever reasons of your absence that something gets solved quickly. This is just a very terrible horrible no good very bad day without Charleston’s NBC crew. 😫 Laney Lane
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5 years ago, TedBuck
This would be a good app except for TOOOO MANNNY COMMERCIALS.......and hate the ones that flash different items. They are very distracting. When trying to read n article, you read a couple of sentences........the print disappears while another ad is downloading and you have to wait until the article your interested in reappears. It’s more of a commercial site than a news site.
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6 years ago, MrsKescwi
You can Count on 2 Lowcountry!!!
Always the first with breaking news and weather notifications!
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5 years ago, wont take password
News weather on coast
When is THING going to completed. I’ve been watching Josh long before he went Charleston. Miss his honesty. From Greenville fan
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7 years ago, SassyApple1
Love the live stream
A bit challenging to search on stories but overall like the app. My most favorite reporter is by far Stetson Miller!
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7 years ago, u r tops
Count on 2 is tops
Great weather men and Christine, super news reporters I can always count on getting the truth not glorified. Keep up the good work Thank u
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4 years ago, genteel_gentleman
Easy peasy lemon squeezey app to navigate.
Current events...weather...national news...at my fingertips....WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE !
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4 years ago, Xbellefillex
Crashing since last update
Ever since the last update the app crashes when you click to view the news. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and it didn’t help. Please fix this. Need the news especially right now.
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7 years ago, Dbosley2015
I truly do not like the new app. You open to only a couple of local news and then have to search for anything else. It's far more cumbersome to find anything.
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4 years ago, Tom Norman
Screen constantly freezes
Screen constantly freezes. It’s not my iPhone, because this is the only app that constantly freezes. I’ve restarted my iPhone several times. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Channel 2 app. No joy.
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2 years ago, helpgiven
Please update. News is 10-12 hours behind.
Please update this app. Your Channel 2 needs to greatly improve this app.
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5 years ago, grandmother customer
Great news team
Love Channel 2 news! Thanks!
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6 years ago, GeorgeBJr
Not a good app
Posts headline but no story. Opens straight to advertisement that you have to close just to see that there is nothing other than the headline. Not good for breaking news.
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4 years ago, JNW91
App crashes and no sound alerts when all notifications are on. Please fix!
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4 years ago, stanleywxxxxx
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2 years ago, apfbg
Poor app management
Pop up ads freeze up the app constantly
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6 years ago, sls10123
Confusing alerts
Since your alerts cover GA NC SC, et al why don’t you specify the state that the alert is about. Example: driver killed in Greenville. Go one step further and say Greenville , SC.
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7 years ago, cataus
Rob you do a great job! 🏆🌞🌈☔️⛄️🌦💨🌝 enjoy watching! Like the guys and gals.
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6 years ago, BilroyB
Ad cluter
Ad for diamonds gets in the way plus stories very hard to retrieve. Must ditch.
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4 years ago, Kkkkhfjddjjsjdjd
Tired of seeing Geico commercial
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11 years ago, Sunseaair
Great app
I enjoy catching up quickly on the go! I wish it updated quicker. I do like the breaking news, It helps with traffic and getting around the city. I love the morning show and hope they keep Josh with Brad they make the show. This is my second review, the news needs to update faster. It really is not breaking news, it's everyone knows it and now I can read about it in the evening. The weather is non existent. The misspelling of words is constant. I still love Josh and Brad!!!
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5 years ago, canalgirl1
Vicki Danik
Update on the investigation of Vicki Danik’s death???
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10 years ago, JennGM
Thank you for showing City Meet!
Wow, first time one of the biggest kids sporting events in Charleston could be watched at home. Way to go Channel 2 for being a leader in this area. Great job with coverage!
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10 years ago, Zizzjt69
Too many non real news stories in the News category and breaking news alerts. For example you have a sports category leave the sports stories there. Local sports also is covered in news 2 blitz and is not News. Fires, road closings, robberies or major crime these constitute legitimate news alerts; the a change in the unemployment rate changing is not a breaking news story and does not qualify for an alert. Also quit popping up advertisements when I click on the news page thinking I'm getting news and I see an ad instead.
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11 years ago, MCHammer5
Great for quick local news!
I love this app bc of its push notifications. It keeps me in the loop of everything happening around town. I mainly use it for the quick updates, hence the reason for 4 stars. Not sure about its other functions. Will continue to use.
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7 years ago, Arrowinder
Slow. Should be called a HISTORY CLASS
Slow to update news. Can be a day or more for news of major interest to be posted. Most items are available on the Internet long before this sight post... Yesterday's news tomorrow or maybe the next.. The top headline has not been changed for five days now.. A very poor source for news..
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9 years ago, WWFx4
Edisto Fossil
I live in Columbia but have a home at Edisto. I keep up with what is happening with your website. I also like your weather app as it is MUCH more user friendly than WIS in Columbia. Your station does a very good job both at hitting the highlights and in depth reporting. Thank you!
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10 years ago, Meany SC
Slow to update the news.
News is very slow to update. Weekend updates rarely happen. It looks great, but news updates need to happen more often. The breaking news ticket on top of the screen often shows the same breaking news for 2-3 days. Not sure it's breaking news at that point.
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9 years ago, Ihavenonick
Great app.
This app is very easy to navigate. I enjoy the notifications. It makes it easy to stay informed with the latest news and weather.
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11 years ago, Heartbeat 56
Tv station
They are very good at updating on their website the latest news when it happens .Really enjoy this app.
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8 years ago, Donnie Wayne Todd
Still Beta?
I have always like the news 2 app, but recently it seems all the app does is link to the website, which too me, is clunky. There also seems to be a lot of 'click to...' with no link to click.
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10 years ago, SraGomez
Used to be a good way to get what qualifies as news here in the Lowcountry. App-wise it works well - easy to use, etc. Not always the freshest stories, though, sometimes they keep stories on for days... and nowadays there are ads ALL over it - when you open the app, in between each and every headline - and some designed like headlines. This app is soon to be deleted!
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11 years ago, Patty Baxley
Enjoy all the traffic alerts and knowing you are watching out for all changes pertaining to news in our area. Thanks.
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11 years ago, Apostapo
Love it
If it would update a little quicker, that would be awesome. Other than that it is a great app, and I love getting traffic updates on here.
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12 years ago, Lifsafitch
My favorite local news app
I really like the functionality of the app, as well as the way it is laid out. Very user friendly.
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11 years ago, All Workday
Channel 2 news app
Latest update was great. Very fluid and new format has me using much more than before.
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12 years ago, Patski88
Great App
My one complaint is that you allow too much sports creep into the 'news' section. You two sorts sections already.
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9 years ago, KGBazzle
Love the alerts
The alerts are great for being on the go and wanting to stay connected.
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13 years ago, Ghjkl56
Poor excuse for a app
Other TV stations around the US have IPAD apps that offer great local radar. Would expect something more useful from WCBD.
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11 years ago, MoncksCorner58
Great App
I enjoy having the news and weather pushed to me. It is very informative and up to date.
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11 years ago, Ford 2002
I enjoy channel 2 news app. I love how it gives me weather alerts and breaking news.
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11 years ago, Rjs2005
Pretty good.. Could be better.
News is a bit slow to update... On the other hand, I really like the layout. Overall, one of the better news apps available.
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9 years ago, Yardbird12
I like it.
I like having the local stuff they show there. And the radar and forecast come in handy as well.
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11 years ago, Bossy D
Weather info difficult to find
Needs MUCH improvement. The weather section does not have a daily forecast or if it does - it is too difficult for me to find. Way too busy sections and enough local info.
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11 years ago, Columbia watcher
News app
The format is amateurish and misleading. The news is not updated with any regularity and has little new and breaking stories. I look at the app now no more than once per week. I look at WIS News from Columbia several times per day With the wonderful folks at the tv station, it's a shame the app is so bad
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11 years ago, DJ Texas Pete 90.5
Layout is a little busy for my tastes
WCBD tends to go a little crazy with push notifications. There's no reason for a local station to push national news. The layout is very busy as well.
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