WCF Courier

2.3 (28)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WCF Courier

2.25 out of 5
28 Ratings
9 years ago, Okshaw28744
Great app but one issue
We have been using this app for years on other devices just fine. We have not had problems with it except for one line of phone. Let me explain, we had a iPhone 6 in which the app would crash when trying to do anything in the app. The phone itself was replaced and restored and again did it on the new phone. This phone is being used by a older lady who has no other things on this phone. When your app crashes we have tried reinstalling it and it does the same. We have tried to hard reset the phone and it again does the same thing. When we install on a separate device it works just fine. Please advise!!
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6 years ago, Cranky Old Man 1901
Ver 5 update less usable.
This version may be more usable on a phone screen, but it's definitely "two steps back" on my iPad. It no longer works in landscape mode, which in itself is a reason to no longer use this app. And now the visuals overwhelm the text in a way that make it much harder to scroll through and find stories. It seems more appropriate for a TV news channel than a print newspaper. Edit: I forgot to add that this app also fails to display, you know, actual news articles. When I click on a banner (i.e. "headline"), the resulting article screen is devoid of any content.
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5 years ago, Suzy76kroert
Totally Useless
On iPad I can’t use landscape mode. I can’t even access my account settings. “Settings” only lists how often you want notifications. There is no customer service link. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t even show access to the entire paper, as I’m viewing this on a Sunday and there is no Sunday Celebrations link. The Courier is making it as hard as possible for people to want to subscribe to their paper.
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2 years ago, stalkara
Notification settings
I wish there was a way to turn off notification settings for sports. I’m not a sports fan! Its all or nothing. Kwwl allows you to control notification settings.
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6 years ago, Garysglock
I have been reading the Paper since I was a little boy now I’m 70ish and this is the craziest Most difficult app I’ve ever used The courier is chasing away there customers. I’m paying good money to read your digital paper and it’s harder to get in then going through an Air port with a pocket full of change. Please fix or I’m going to stop trying or die one of these days
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7 years ago, RobbyCO71
Very useful and simple, but could use some upgrades to bring it into the 21st century.
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4 months ago, Whiteplum3
Finally deleted it
As a subscriber I finally deleted this app. It recognized me but froze and would let me see articles. It wanted me to “subscribe” (for less than what is automatically taken from my account monthly). Too much disfunction to mess with anymore.
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2 years ago, Cdub 69
Fix this app
Ever since I updated to the new version of this app it has been the same stories on it everyday. It never updates daily with the new stories and news
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6 years ago, MDTreloar
Update Disappointing
The new version of this app looks pretty but has limited functionality. I don’t see a way to search for stories and no longer see comments attached to the stories.
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2 years ago, Mommao114
New update blocks content
I can’t access any of the news articles. Always wants me to sign in…disappointing!
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7 years ago, The spiderpig
Pop up ads are annoying
I understand advertisements but the pop up ads in this version make this app unusable imo.
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6 years ago, DuckFawn
This app is so bad it's ridiculous!
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10 years ago, Me12344567890
Updates are disappointing
Let's just say, every time WCF updates their app, more advertisements become present and in a more obnoxious way. My suggestion, ignore future updates for the app or just download something different altogether.
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9 years ago, Micahsd01
Not as good as previous versions
They took away the ability to view the "call the courier" section among other sections. That was the only way to access that section from a mobile device as I can't browse to it through the website as it keeps going to the mobile site where it doesn't exist. Also the link for app support goes to an area of their website that doesn't exist.
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10 years ago, Seible
Easy to navigate.
Better than the last version.
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14 years ago, santi77
Good to see this on the iPhone.
I have been waiting for this app. I don't like the web version, it's too hard to get around.
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10 years ago, Ronni1618
Poor company
No longer allows viewing obit's for free. This one part that should be considered a free section. Shouldn't have to pay for something like keeping up on this item. This my only way to keep up on this section. The price of subscription is to expensive. Seems to go down a lot!!!
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10 years ago, J. Collins
Ads block comment section
I love the app and it's great.... But the ads within the articles block the ability to get to the comments and see all the crazies leaving absurd comments.... Please fix!
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9 years ago, Hawkeye89
Obituaries are "Premium Content"...?
Sorry, but I don't really think so. Especially since the families of the deceased are already paying to have them published in the first place. And "Call the Courier"...? Nope. At least the web site lets me answer a few survey questions in order to see the "premium" content!
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9 years ago, 2 cul 4 u
Newest version crashes upon opening.
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8 years ago, recycled 2
Better than nothing
But not much! Poorest excuse for a newpaper app I have ever seen. Functionality is designed only for a phone. No real story lines. Only a very few articles. Why can't they make a real news app instead of this pathetic piece? Lee Enterprises could do much better!
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10 years ago, Leftydb
Courier review
Excellent work byCourier staff!
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10 years ago, Reader1957
Great look!!!!
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10 years ago, TrinetteW
Great app
Love it!!!
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13 years ago, Meighan Sxy
Hometown paper
I am glady this app was made. Now i can keep up with home right from my phone!
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