WCPO 9 Cincinnati

4.5 (282)
56.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WCPO 9 Cincinnati

4.49 out of 5
282 Ratings
6 years ago, 24smilysuz
I would like more info in the weather daily, they only show current pressure at that time of day and humidity, pollen etc. I need to know the Highs and Lows of the day so I can track Migraines. So this app is lacking in the most important information for me personally. Weather Bug works a whole lot better.
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4 years ago, abennett123
Loving it!
Relocating from California nine years ago I appreciated having your alerts/app for the past couple years, but now!!! I’m loving it!!!! My twelve year old daughter and I look forward to the morning weather announcement. We both laugh together and and bond, let me tell you it’s amazing to start off your day with laughter and joy. Thank you!!!! God is so good. I have even taken a screen shot and forward it to my sister and friends in California. They wish they could live here... hahahahaha. Not really ;) I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate and enjoy it. Thank you!
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2 years ago, mommameti
I left Fox19 as reports on weather on app showing several days ago. I want instant results weather so I can go. Not sure why prev weather necessary. Have WCPO Love this app can get weather updates and top stories and traffic. Love it and think it is on target for what I have been searching for. WCPO is great.
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3 years ago, Eilio Tiberius
My favorite Cincinnati news app
I’ve tried the other Cincinnati news station apps and kept going back to this one. It’s the easiest to use and I like how it’s organized showing a simple list of stories. Every once in a while I look at the others but none have topped my fondness for WCPO’s. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, dklein209
Equal treatment of all stories
When I open the website I immediately see many different stories. I can see your brief overview of each story and decide what I want to read. I don’t see any bias and I am always searching for that. Good job. Keep up the good work
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4 years ago, MorrisAB
Best source for local weather
I depend on this app for local news and weather. It’s very quick with news updates and bulletins, and I rely on the morning weather (plus it’s always good for a laugh). This is the best source for Cincinnati news and weather.
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4 years ago, 30grnds
Love the way the weather updates are written! Sooo clever...
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3 years ago, Sgam4
The morning weather notifications are THE BEST
To whoever writes the morning weather notifications...you’re hysterical! I start every weekday laughing. I don’t live in Cincinnati anymore, but I keep the app just so I can read them!
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1 year ago, MarnMav
STOP sending weather alerts
STOP sending me daily weather notifications. I specifically have weather notifications turned off in the settings of your own app. Yet every single morning I get daily weather notifications and sometimes also multiple times a day. STOP IT. I want news. The app is good for that. Not weather. 1 star until you stop
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4 years ago, Monster Munchkin
LOVE the morning alerts
Don’t ever change the person that’s writing the daily alerts because they are hilarious!!!! I actually look forward to them!!
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6 years ago, MrsMason7
Sorry Coverage
I can’t believe there is a news story investigating how often police officers are late to work and what is done about it! How many times do journalist publish stories with less than credible facts? I’m a nurse, not an officer... But for crying out loud! Your health information has to be kept confidential so that it can’t be used against you, but minor infractions like police tardiness make the news... I’m so over this. #DELETE #DontDownload
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4 years ago, td957
Jumping around and then crashes
They need to update the program it’s silly to be looking at something and it always crashes...........
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4 years ago, Uniquer2
Annoying when reading
It’s annoying when reading a story and that “top stories” drops down causing the entire page to shift... Still one of the better news apps at the moment but hella annoying
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4 years ago, Me45011
Be a news app
There are many news apps to choose from. I’ve downloaded a news app because I want NEWS. Quit trying to be all cutesy, clever & socially relevant and just provide news in your notifications. No one wants or needs to hear the cute little one liners your intern comes up with. Just report the news or I’ll find another station/app.
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4 years ago, Joe85!!
Morning Alerts
Give the person doing the morning alerts a raise. That person is a genius!
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6 years ago, Troken
Top of the NEWS
Always top of news,first class reporting of the news.
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4 years ago, Sobeit26
WCPO news
I like the variety of news items and stories.
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5 years ago, Jimm652318
More updates than I want
I only have it for traffic updates but frequently get other notifications I’m not interested in
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3 years ago, Chuckles1852
I would like more news about northern Kentucky.
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3 years ago, Excellent Chef
Stories jumping around, constant crashes
Stories are constantly jumping around in the app as you scroll through and app crashes multiple times a day. Never had these problems until the past six months.
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3 months ago, Walkersmom777
Great app!
Best weather and up to date news in Cincinnati…
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4 years ago, Zsadrthjjh
Frequent crashing
I would like to use this app more often but it is aggravating. It crashes often while scrolling through headlines. Need to fix this!
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4 years ago, Parazest
Issues and More Issues!
App is frustrating to use due to: 1. predictably aborts after three or four minutes. 2. upon launch, loads content while you are reading and constantly resets back to beginning of list.
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4 years ago, Clamball
Horrible slow app
This app is horrible. It takes forever to load videos and pictures. I can go directly to the website and the speed is as expected.
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4 years ago, Stacey Marie 0987
Love the morning alerts
Who ever writes the morning alerts is HILARIOUS! I love waking up to a good laugh. Please, don’t ever stop.
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2 years ago, Lukesbabydaddy
News updates
It seems like there are stories on the app that are outdated and lingering for days.
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5 years ago, irsgman
The app no longer works without Kathrine Nero
The WCPO app stopped working the day that they let Kathrine Nero go. Without Nero, there is no Channel 9. She was loyal to channel, the city and her viewers for 20 years. She was the only woman that my wife would allow me to wake up with Monday through Friday.
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4 years ago, Not paying ‼️
Great news & sports. I have never had it go down. Thanks 9 on MY side!😂
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4 months ago, Richard Dicky boy
You are Excellent
You do a very. Good job you are excellent Richard Harp.
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4 years ago, OracleSqlMan
Home Page Does Not Update
Using iPhone 11Pro, iOS 13.3.1. The Home Page of the mobile app has not been updated on my phone in a while, unless of course, that’s on purpose. Current headline is “How did Scott Noel die!” From Jan 30.
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4 years ago, Ethancaddy
Can’t log in
Anytime I click the app it just takes me right back out of it: fix this and I will change back to 5 stars because I do love this app!!!!
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10 years ago, bniesz
Best looking local news app
It's pretty unusual for a local news app to have a pretty design, but this one does. When I wake up, there's an alert with the morning weather and traffic waiting for me on my screen. Some news stories required a subscription, but those are stories that I don't see on the other new stations in town. This app goes above and beyond.
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3 years ago, BobPilot
Why your app opens safari?
The app should work by itself, not forcing safari to open.
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4 years ago, msplc
The “humor” attempted in the daily morning weather notifications is juvenile and annoying.
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4 years ago, Happy Jack 6
Need to fix this problem
App is freezing up and jumpy. Never used to be this way.
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3 years ago, censoring my comment even
Articles written from a biased slant. Report the news and facts instead of pushing your left winged agenda down our throats.
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5 years ago, WCPO
Incorrect again
Where is the rain that was spoke of for today?!! Ruined my weekend!!!
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6 years ago, Statistik
Ad sensitivity
Do something about it and this 1 rating becomes a 5
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5 years ago, South1987
Left leaning news outlet that never provides dual positions in politics! Just another Trump hating media outlet!!
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6 years ago, Huneyb2003
WCPO = bad journalism
Don’t download.
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9 years ago, heltemes
What happened, WCPO?
For the vast majority of my life, I have been extremely partial to WCPO. I have gone to WCPO for any and all stories, local, national, and global. When abroad, I would check in on WCPO to see what was going on back home. I went to WCPO on 9/11. Weather? That was always 100% WCPO. Then something happened... This "Insider" racket is the single biggest letdown I could have imagined. Everything that made WCPO great was now only available to those willing to pay for it. And I'm not one of those people. I enjoy tradition and sticking with what I know, but I am not going to pay money to a few enticing stories I can find elsewhere and then a TON of content which is barely even worthy of a click on a free website, much less worth any money on a LOCAL NEWS website. The time the powers to be decided to make the "Signs to watch for in teens for suicidal behavior" or however it was worded a PAID article- every single last bit of respect was lost. I'm guessing it's expensive to keep that overpriced Bell helicopter flying (should have gone with a Robinson), so it's up to the faithful and devoted WCPO readers to foot the bill. I hope they enjoy it, but count me out. Oh- the ads in this app are panic inducing annoying. I KNOW YOU HAVE A HELICOPTER BECAUSE IT HOVERS OVER MY HOUSE ALL THE TIME AND I KNOW YOU HAVE A MORNING SHOW BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES!!! WHY DO YOU THINK I GOT THIS APP?! BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MORNING NEWS SHOW?! Knock it off!!!!
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10 years ago, Pieeeeeee 123
5 to a 2
WCPO was my favorite of all the news media apps. However, they are now posting stories or headlines that require you to log or sign in to read. You are given a picture and headline, click on the story and you are given a little bit more, then you are prompted that if you want to read the rest you must log or sign in. I'm sorry WCPO, but I will be deleting this app, if this process continues. If I had that much time, I wouldn't be reading the news through a phone app in the first place, I would be viewing your website from another source. Is the traffic to your website in such demise, that you need your mobile readers to login to read "the rest of the story?" It feels like false advertisement or a lead on to me. I hope this trend does not continue.
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10 years ago, xnailsx
As the subject says, this sends WAY TOO MANY PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. The traffic and weather are good, although sometimes they are sent way later than other news apps, but then it will send MANY terrible and useless notices, such as 'Go to our site to tell us your favorite HS Football team'. I checked my phone thinking I had a text and it was for THAT??? I stopped using the 5 app because it sent too many useless push notifications. Now I am looking for one to replace this crap. They need to either make categories that you want push notifications for, or get it through their thick skulls that NOT EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT NEWS! Enough with the push notifications!
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7 years ago, Keotla
Clunky and difficult to use
I've been using this app for reliable local news since I moved to Cincinnati 3 years ago, and have loved it. However, I was dismayed to open it after the recent update and realize that I could no longer navigate easily, select a category or find anything I was looking for. This "update" was a HUGE step backward, in my opinion. Let me easily pick categories! I don't care what you think is important for me to know - I'm pretty capable of figuring that out on my own. Ugh. If this doesn't get fixed, I'll likely be forced to look for a different source of information.
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8 years ago, Michelle A Goode
Still lots of free content, best alerts
This app has the best alerts of all the Cincinnati news outlets. They consistently send out information on major closed roads, big announcements, some sports news and weather alerts. Some stories have a paywall (which isn't that expensive) but most are still free. It's still a really useful app.
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9 years ago, Amanda Absher
Nice with one BIG problem
I like getting alerts for big news stories and being able to read more info about it easily. The most frustrating thing is having to be a member to read certain articles. I looked into it and pricing is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to pay to read certain news stories and refuse to cave in. Very frustrating to click an article only to find out I'm supposed to spend a fortune to read a little story.
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10 years ago, meganlizzie
Whoever designed the new update should be fired
I can't find anything, it took me 10 minutes of searching to find where the weather alerts were listed. And then when I clicked on the link a bunch of pictures of temperatures popped up instead of a list of weather alerts. So I had to download a different news app just to see if there was a thunderstorm warning tonight. Horrible layout and design, the whole minimalist look just isn't working. If you actually would like information on the weather, don't waste your time downloading this app.
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10 years ago, didleday
Worst Cincy news app
App crashes often. Links are within app to get from one page to another sometimes takes to wrong page. Some stories fail to load. Went to read one story and wanted me to "sign in" toy expo account...I don't have one, don't want one. Thought about making one using a secondary email address but app has no ability to allow account to be made! They really downgraded the weather section from the wonderful weather app they retired. I will just read news from another local station and not bother with channel 9 again.
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6 years ago, Mikeonwry
What do you consider News?! Sports, the best place to eat, trendy restaurants, any entertainment are NOT news! By my estimation 40% of your headline stories on your app, are not news. There are many things going on in the world. Maybe you should see what the Guardian app looks like. Then your ridiculous WCPO Insider takes what little bit of interesting stories there are, and puts them out of reach. Maybe your aim is to keep Cincinnati ignorant. If it is, you are doing an excellent job. I thought I'd leave you with an honest assessment before I delete this app
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7 years ago, Million cats
New update is TERRIBLE
The new design for this version is terrible! You have to scroll continuously until you find an article you'd luck to read, there is no organization, other than weather and traffic. The older version was great, you could click on the topic you wanted and then the subtopic, making it simple to find the information you need to know. There is also way to much spam included between articles, I would suggest a new format for the app which relates the the past version.
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