WCSC Live 5 News

4.6 (6.5K)
78.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WCSC Live 5 News

4.65 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Rosetree Cottage
Thru the years & Thanks for the Information and Memories
If you’ve lived in the tri-county area for awhile When someone mentions WCSC - Channel 5 you can’t help but smile It’s rare when journalists stay in an area so long But when they do you can tell it’s because they all really get along Fifty plus years ago my family moved just west of downtown I remember my sister and brothers watching Happy Raine instead of being outside running around We all grew up and went our separate ways Periodically returning for various reasons..but anyways One thing for sure was we all watched Channel Five And most of us live here again now and are just tryin to stay alive Many years ago there was Carroll Godwin, Mike Hiott, and Stacey and Charlie Hall Carolyn Murray, Warren Pepper were there as well and they all seemed to have a ball Bill Sharp, Debbi Chard, Harve Jacobs and Bill Walsh have shared the news, reporting and weather for many a year Through all the good, the bad and the ugly and sometimes even the tears Ann, Rafael, Joey and the newer ladies too You also deserve kudos for all that you do Please accept our sincere thanks for sharing the news and weather with us year after year. We know it’s just your job, but it’s a public service also to be clear And you’ve done it so well for so many years we just want to give you a shot out and a cheer
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5 years ago, Nav issues
Videos/follow stories
The worse app on playing videos! You always have to watch an ad then when you play video and of course you need to rotate your phone to get bigger view . Then the video disappears and most of the time causes it to pause. Then you have to scroll up to find it all over again. Quality always blurry and video half off when trying to view full screen. Follow up stories . A lot of stories are told as developing and never hear anything else on story.
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1 year ago, WDean87
Love having the news at ease…
I do not care for the amount of interruptions I get from the ads you sell to get revenue. More often I see ad space sold to whichever advertisers give the most. Seems like after reading a news article from a local perspective, you should not be bombarded with ads that have nothing to do with the article itself. If you were to target an audience that “would” click on an ad after reading an article, you would do better than “Click now! See how this person was zit free in a day!”. I also understand that you get clicks on these ad spaces by accident which would still net some monetary value. Clean it up is all I ask. Streamline the experience like others have. Please. I still do appreciate the reporting done. I still try to get through the ads you have to read the news. I still have the app. Just asking for a more refined ad space. Not open it up to just press an X button!? Makes no sense.
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5 years ago, Ol'FartDude
Not that positive feedback
The app is buggy. Crashed until I reinstalled it. After update. At least it must be a communication from the development team about the update. That might be easily detected if tested, which does not seem to happened. Video- it was mentioned in several comments- you can and perhaps must make full screen when you flip the device. You may use the libraries and methods that already there. Adds - beyond ridiculous. You play the adds content then throwing another picture add after which the video content is not played. The user must play the video again and watch another add preceded the video content. No feedback/comments available. Is that how good quality product being delivered? Understanding that the developer does its best.. maybe it worth to find someone qualified to do the work? Maybe it worth to rethink the marketing model? There are standards in app design and development. This is 2019. You are representing the city.
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6 years ago, Uni the Capi
Great News
I have been watching live 5 news all of my life. Live 5 is always accurate as well as on time. Live news always has the interest of the low country community at hand. Thanks
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3 years ago, Sucka'
Good news reporting. Really terrible app (seriously, it’s really really bad)
I’ve always liked live 5 for local news. However, content aside, each iteration of the app over the last few years has gotten progressively worse. This most recent one is no exception. A truly terrible app. The crown jewel of over engineering a fix for something that was not broken. If I didn’t have higher expectations it would be comical how bad this app is. Not user friendly. Layout/interfacing is cumbersome and needlessly complicated. Worst of all clickbait/fake news headlines are visually identical to real news headlines. If you want to get good reporting from a terrible app, this ones for you.
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6 years ago, Mixed feelings!
Live5 News
This at first was an awesome app...now it is getting bogged down with unnecessary ads and duplicated stories. Also the stories have a lot of misspelled words and are hardly updated once posted. Another difference is the reporting of news on the weekend seems to be non existent or very vague and again there are a lot of editing errors or the stories never get updated although they say “Stay tuned for updates”. Live5 News used to be my favorite until the quality off the app went down. I hope they correct these issues.
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6 years ago, Willyxyz
Used to be decent
This used to be a go to app for local news. Now it is apparently nothing more than an attempt to print the most depressing news they can find, and if there aren’t enough local murders, robberies, and teachers who do bad things, they go across the nation to find more of the same. Just scroll down on any given day, if you can get past the constant bad grammar and misspellings. Today - “the robbery approached the pharmacy counter.” Come on, you can do much better across the board.
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3 years ago, Dooleo
Notifications & Alerts
I rely on Live 5 for news and weather, and love the way your web designer categorized the Live 5 news app recently, however when there is a notification or 2 and you click on the app, you don’t know what the notification was for as it disappears as soon as you click on the app
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4 years ago, badkins68w
Excellent news reporting, terrible app.
Live5 has been my go to news source for 3 years running. The app needs news ways to advertise instead of a giant Pop Up “game” to play and download - forcing users to shut the app down only to wait for another ad to play just to read an article. That’s my only gripe - otherwise, keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, MjcDac1985
Layout leaves a lot to be desired and the ‘news’ is generally ‘old news’. Not a fan of the new look or much of the content older news. Also, might suggest updating video section. Same videos going back several weeks.
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2 years ago, Jarobsdad
It says when “live” news is not available that most recent newscast will be shown. No, it shows news from other areas not even in SC. Then went to watch a replay of “most recent newscast” and the most recent program was from the previous day.
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5 years ago, tconey
Videos are buggy
I use to love this app, the developers need to fix the video playback. First you have to watch a ad video, which isn’t a problem, but if you want to see the video you have to rotate to landscape, and when you do the video stops and starts the ad video again. In landscape the whole screen is not visible when you try to adjust the position to see the video, the ad starts over again.
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4 years ago, Hele & Jimmie
Ms. Helen Maxwell
Miss live 5 news when I am away. Look at on my phone a couple of times a day. I have been gone for 5 weeks but not coming home until we are clear of the virus
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3 years ago, Joel NH
Update Notification Settings
The constant COVID-19 updates and notifications are getting old. There needs to be an option to turn that off. I personally do not care about the new number of cases every 24 hours, each day of the week...
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6 years ago, Lisa in SC
Bring back the old version!
Live 5 News used to have the best app of all the local news channels. Lots of varied and interesting content, both local and global, up-to-the minute news updates, with excellent graphics, it was my go-to news source. Now it’s generic and looks like the others, tacky graphics/fonts, mainly just crime stories. Such a shame.
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3 years ago, Jeremie Weldin
Possibly the worst app on the app store.
This app only does one thing well… display the initial-launch-full-screen ad. Then it hangs. Sometimes you get in to see a story, then it crashes. Useless. Forget about trying the live video feature unless you want to watch an ad, then 5 seconds of terrible quality video, then crash, then repeat. Garbage.
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12 months ago, aliceft
Someone needs to check the spelling on some of the articles, the article about the woman killed in the 17-A crash states with no mention of a vehicle that (it struck a semi) so the statement refers to the woman as a it. Not good.
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3 years ago, News007
I do not like the new app design and layout. It is now time consuming to read the news. Having to go into each individual section of the news is not user friendly at all. Their is news that I’m missing due to the aggravation of working my way around the app. The new format has made me stop looking at the news.
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6 years ago, Rasheen30
Recommend for everyone especially if you like your up to date news and weather
Love the app🙂
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1 year ago, CharlestonMe
Too many notifications
This app would be great however Live 5 pushes way too many notifications. I like to stay up on local news but their pushes are too excessive. Had to delete
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5 years ago, chefwigs
Not only do they send me alerts with links that do not take me to the related article but to the entire feed where I then have to search, but when I need to know why traffic is backed up for miles, there is nothing there. I thought you guys were on top of things but no.
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6 years ago, Bhvfhgxgr
Very up to date
Always fast with what's going on in the city!! Watch it every morning from 5-7 a. m. And every evening.!!
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3 years ago, Boniker Snick
Recent app update is useless
When I get a notification from Live 5 and click on it, it no longer takes me to the story. It takes me to the homepage with a menu of different sections/news categories. What’s the point of the notifications if they don’t take you to the story? So frustrating.
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5 years ago, Dobsterator
Crappy App
So tired of pop-up ads and videos, and a total dearth of updates on weekends. Tired also of alerts that are just updates to previous, tired stories, and updates won’t clear unless you go to “updates”, and there are none. This shouldn’t even be offered on the App Store, as it’s just an “enhanced” browser. Amateurish and frustrating.
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4 years ago, jeaniceofsouthcarolina
Y’all are great but you tend to forget to mention doing your weather forecast to mention us up in the rural areas like St George, ,Harleyville etc and we depend on y’all for our forecast too but beside that y’all are fantastic
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5 years ago, Medtech3
Poor grammar and spelling
I read the small articles every day but am sometimes dismayed at the number of grammar and spelling errors. The "check back for more updates" that is often at the end of articles is also frustrating because there usually are none.
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11 months ago, weepoorsoul
Videos don’t rotate and expand on my phone. I already deleted and reinstalled the app because videos would not even load. At least I have audio and tiny videos now.⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, Diesel1209
Great app but...
Waaay too many pop up ads. They should offer a paid App without advertising. I would pay it. Other than advertisements popping up all the time I enjoy the app. Very easy to use.
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4 years ago, Holy City J
App only
The app itself is simple and not overly impressive. My issue is with the constant pop ups, which are increasing in frequency, and glitches. I feel that more important need stories should not be subject to a commercial prior to showing. Just my .02 The news content is what it is. Content.
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3 years ago, Carny
Paid content garbage
This used to be the best local news team and was a decent app with tolerable paid non-news content. This new app has no more than a couple of actual news stories in it. Time to change to one of the other local stations for my news.
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3 years ago, johns island resident
This app is 90% adds now
Very frustrating trying to find the news within ALL THE ADS. Liked the old version better too, it was much easier to find what you were looking for without added steps and additional ads. No thanks, I can find the Chs news elsewhere.
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8 months ago, unhappy customer 2,000,001
Why these ads?
I like the app but hate that there are ads that appear - and play at full volume - when you click on a story. It makes me want to uninstall it
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6 years ago, chilly and Sam
Live 5 news App
I like the old App better there was more news and less clutter and ads most people that are using the app have busy lives and are just try to keep up with what is going on in he area
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6 years ago, Ghjkl56
Live 5
Almost without exception, Channel 5 has professional reporters and delivers information that can be trusted. This carries over to their website which is very helpful.
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4 years ago, Lady EMKH
Stolen car
Thanks to harve Jacobs and live 5 news we got our Mercedes back! Best news, best people! Live 5 is always on your side !!
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2 years ago, discount shopp
Great for the latest shooting..
After a few weeks…the only alerts I see and get are the latest crime stories, accidents, shootings. There are so many interesting and wonderful things happening in the Lowcountry but they seem to only want to report on negativity. Ugh. Deleting this app.
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4 years ago, BrewJd
New advertisements ruin app
This app has always been the go to media outlet for our family. The new advertisement feature that comes up after opening 2 stories is horrible. There is no way to close the advertisement once it pops up and I have to close the app. What happened?
Show more
6 years ago, Fast Hornet 919
Too small
I have an iPhone 7 (PLUS) and I still can’t read this stupid small print. Last time I checked. Kids aren’t following the news. But I bet adults with poor eyesight are trying to read this little crap. Probably designed by some dumb young engineers!!! They screw up everything they touch.
Show more
3 years ago, Jennifer538
Dislike new format
The articles are set up like web pages within the app. Chunks of outdated videos in the middle. Terrible. Old format was so much more user friendly and easier to navigate. Gave it a try but switching to Count On 2 now.
Show more
4 years ago, Smjms
Channel 5 n Charleston
I watch channel 5 often,I enjoy watching the daily news every evening.
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4 years ago, quendndj
A lot of articles lack sufficient information to begin with. In regard to articles that state to check back later, rarely are there actual follow ups and plenty of times it is the same article reposted. Zero information on the driver who killed the tow truck driver and seriously injured the deputy. Why is that?????
Show more
6 years ago, EJackLaP
Get rid of the notice numbers
The app is well designed but there are times I open it, look at the newest articles and when I close it the numbers telling me there are new items wont go away. Can you fix that?
Show more
4 months ago, Vulcanipad
No way to limit news alerts to specific area only
Turning on notification sends alerts on events from far off places. Should allow us to filter news based on specific ZIP Codes we choose.
Show more
6 years ago, Pelican26
Stories are Repetitive
Read the stories scrolling down and there they are again
Show more
5 years ago, Redddivine
Simply the Best!!
I love watching the news on television but I receive the news quicker on the app!!! My Mom, Pearl Rutledge loves her some Bill Sharpe!!! Please give her a shout out!!!!
Show more
5 years ago, Great Great Granny
Live 5 News
I have been watching Live 5News and weather from the very first time.I am now 71 yrs old.
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1 year ago, Mzgrits
Full page ad
When you open the 5 app now you have to wait for a full page as to play, ridiculous! I want to open the news app!
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1 year ago, N/A1023
Why ads?
The ads, which pop up every time I open the app, lead me to different websites which I don’t want to be on. If I’m trying to see live updates on the news app, I don’t want to be redirected to an app store or a different website.
Show more
5 years ago, wonttakeanameeither
Versio 6.2.9
Just updated and this version does not want to play. It opens and when the main feed opens it immediately closes to the background. Tried opening from the background and it closes. Hope you fix it soon.
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