WCTI News Channel 12

2.3 (4)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bonten Media Group Holdings Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WCTI News Channel 12

2.25 out of 5
4 Ratings
8 years ago, JM@NB
Love It !
My top three: 1.The home page and subsequent pages are easy to navigate and logically presented for selection. 2.Alerts and notifications are actually useful. Users who complain can easily adjust their preferences on their phone. 3. The local news is well done and if I get bored there is always the "Irresistable News" section.
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6 years ago, KB Kelley
The News Leader in Eastern North Carolina
I have followed WCTI12 since my family and I moved to the area in 1991. We became friends with Jan, Skip, Wes, Anna, and Dominic just to name a few. The news has always been factual, fair, and balanced. Skip and Dominic’s weather forecasts were second to none. We have missed WCTI12 since moving back home in 2012.
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8 years ago, Up to Date Olive
I Check this app Daily
I love the radar weather feature. Plus you can live stream he newscast! And it sends you push notifications when there is breaking news.
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7 years ago, JayGeorAck
Very informative
We love watching the news on wcti. They report on everything as it's happening if possible. The weather is usually right on point and that really helps when I have to take my elderly mother out. We really appreciate the news teams and what they do.
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9 years ago, rvf4112911
Great App
This is my go to app for the latest news and weather. It is easy to use and provides accurate information. I like that I can get the live stream when away from home.
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7 years ago, hakman2428
Outstanding local updates. It seems to be a day or two behind and keeps old news for a long time. But very good app.
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6 years ago, MedicMark11
Needs a couple fixes!
1. No audio with any video. 2. No method to report issues to app support. App support link in the App Store only opens the app. The app itself doesn’t have a support link. No solution found. App format is great and would rate as 5 stars, but no audio on video playback renders the app useless. I’ll continue to visit the wcti12 website to hear the news stories.
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6 years ago, concerneddailyuser
Before the new update app was fine now after the update all of the good qualities of the app are gone. You shouldn't have to scroll through every local article to get to the national articles. Another thing in the weather section you can no longer hit a play button on the radar to see the direction of precipitation. Went from a great app to a terrible one
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9 years ago, Queens Creek
I like it!
Very informative local news site. Well organized and easy to navigate. I like the simplicity of its appearance, without all the website designers' extraneous visual window dressing.
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9 years ago, Coocooforroo
Love - Hate Relationship
I love when some important news event occurs and an alert is sent. But, I hate when the app wakes me up at seven am with an alert telling me it's going to be real hot today, or as today's alert informed me...it's going to rain a lot today. Stop the early AM nonsense alerts. I have an alarm clock already.
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7 years ago, LCFad
Good source for news
Love the staff at News Channel 12- they take seriously " getting the facts right"! Wish I could get Livestream to come in stronger on my phone!
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11 years ago, XangDaBangBang4397
Something Went Wrong
The app was working great, but something went wrong. When I entered the app, a white screen and a big banner that said Georgetown University at the top of the screen appeared and blocked my access to the news. There's no way to get past that! Can you fix it?
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4 years ago, SilvyrRayn
Location Services
Why is it that every other app that has weather can lock onto my location, but every time I load up this app to check my forecasts, I have to manually change it from New Bern? It’s getting a tad bit annoying. I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO ACCESS MY LOCATION WHILE USING THE APP!
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8 years ago, Mrs. Oglesby0530
Love this app
I currently don't have this channel on my television so I got the app so I could check the weather and keep up with local updates.
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11 years ago, Lynnfhnc
Bad info
I hate this app!!! It works fine but wcti12 will post a headline and when you click on it there is usually only one sentence about the story. It's useless!!! If you don't have the entire story ready, the don't post anything. Most days I can't get home in time to watch the news so this is the only way I could keep up but they just don't update it enough.
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8 years ago, TWesSmith
Not Always Up To Date
The app offers some good information, but is not always updated timely. Events can happen and they appear on the app several hours later. Live streaming weather is not always "live". Still need some work on that feature.
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7 years ago, Feel'nlLikeAncient1
News Wherever and Whenever I Desire
This is my go to app for accurate and reliable news wherever and whenever I desire.
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12 years ago, PiratePT09
Good idea in theory
Every time I open this app it crashes or will load the first page, but freeze when I click on "local news". This would be a great way for me to get local news, however if it continues to crash I will uninstall.
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8 years ago, Resa341
I love this app! I have no cable and being able to have this app on my phone is great! Always up to date.
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7 years ago, Hawkinsville Follower
12 News
Back to five-stars after getting rid of the Bluetooth glitch.
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7 years ago, katencole
I hate to watch news
I hate to watch news. I love this app. It allows me to choose the news I want know about.
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7 years ago, finegrandma2
Uh, but
If the morning news person who does traffic and other small news could get through one piece without saying "uh" or "uh, but" I would not be changing the channel. Why does she say that, all the time? It is very annoying to try to listen to!
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8 years ago, GeorgieGirl0629
Good app. Dependable news and weather. Alerts are timely. Few seldom have issues with the app closing.
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7 years ago, Toehead60
Good information on time
I send kudos to the staff at channel 12 news for doing a good job reporting on the current events and keeping the public informed on the happenings in our state and a broad.
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9 years ago, Anniek9999
Much improved
A vast improvement over the previous version. I'd like to see a longer projection on the future cast of weather.
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10 years ago, Robert Rogers
Not a bad app
Not a bad app for getting the headlines, all tho some days the headlines don't get updated The radar works pretty good also It's nice to be able to read the news and also keep an eye on the weather with one app!
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7 years ago, Death5150
Great News
Love the fact that it's always up to date.
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8 years ago, KWendel
Great app
This app is perfect! Love getting local updates, weather and what's going on in my area.
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9 years ago, Trophy_98
Constant Crashes
Please please fix the constant crashes. IPhone 4S The radar loops too fast. Can you slow it down or put something on there to allow the user to select the speed? Would like a pin on the radar map for my location. Also would like to be able to make pictures in stories enlarge. While looking at the news it automatically by itself switches over to the app store. I don't know if it is trying to force me to do a review on it or what. App crashes all the time. Im using I-Phone 4 S
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8 years ago, Ck1973gg
Stop the daily 7am weather alerts
This app is useful to keep up to date on local news, however, the daily 7am ish weather alerts just to tell you to wear sunglasses need to go, or the app wil.
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6 years ago, Lilysgram
Change BAD
Changes to this app aren’t good at all and when you share a story it doesn’t even show what is being shared! I’ll leave it alone until it’s fixed...just a waste of time now!
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9 years ago, Qaiyaz
I was fine with the last version of this app. This one is buggy, keeps taking me to the App Store while I'm reading the stories and has too many ads between stories. The format is less intuitive. I think this was a bad upgrade.
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10 years ago, AaronJH
Use it daily
No complaints. Works as it should for me.
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7 years ago, Asdfghjkl3000
Take 45 seconds to open the page. I uninstalled a reinstalled and still 45 seconds. Sad. And the news do not update through the day sometimes I see news 3 days old. But in the tv have new news. Please fixed.
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8 years ago, LJPRBA
Love hate relationship
News is good but but at times!
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11 years ago, Don't like hi-jackings
Might have malware
Seems to have some type advertising hi-jacker. After clicking on 2 or more news stories it pops me to a pub ads site on the web browser. This is annoying to say the least. Will delete the app and see if the hi-jacking stops.
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9 years ago, Chris28570
New design is great!
The app is much better with the new design.
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12 years ago, Richlands
Keeps turning it's self off.
This app worked great for a while now it keeps shutting it's self down when I want to read a story or look at the weather. Kind of disappointed.
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9 years ago, Pa-Pops
Nothing special to this app.
It does what a news app you expect a news app supposed to do. Inform the local public of news.
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9 years ago, u don't need to know who I am
Everything is ok except for the huge ads. Too big and too many of them.
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3 years ago, Hwfan1981
Navigation problem
On iPhone 12 Max, the back button for articles is too close to the upper left margin. 80% non-responsive.
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12 years ago, Air360jg
Great for our local news!
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8 years ago, Pat and Lisa
App is easy to use. Radar app is spot on.
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4 years ago, Skewed One
Broken App
For the last two days, the iPad app is worthless. When you click on an article, you see nothing but the title again, ad pictures, and black boxes.
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9 years ago, Boonedaddy3781
It's alright
Don't really like the up date that should go back to the old screen.
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9 years ago, Me sassy 2013
Awesome reporting!!! Glad to have news alerts!
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9 years ago, Kalvinusmc
Love It!!
Personally I think it's a great app!! Keep up the good work!!!
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9 years ago, Andeasy
Easy to navigate! Concise news!
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9 years ago, Flatbroke1953
Liked the old app. better. Easier to navigate
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9 years ago, leahlane
Poor writing
Poor writing and many grammatical errors. Usually a disappointment. Wish the writing was of better quality.
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