3.2 (160)
73.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WCTV News

3.23 out of 5
160 Ratings
4 years ago, cairo82
I have recently noticed the 7 day forecast is no longer on the app. If possible please fix.
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1 year ago, loukie cue
I have comfort in knowing that local news and weather is always a touch away. No matter what time or which day I need it. Thanks WCTV!
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3 years ago, Tishshu
I used to enjoy watching WCTV but seeing articles of Police supposedly abusing someone- No I don’t think so! We are better than that! Shame on you for even covering this! These are these kinds of things that have America in this shape! Deleting App now! Ron Desantis should really teach you how to be- Florida isn’t on this petty level
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5 years ago, Snakedoc702
Ads blocking stories
Recently, the ads on the pages are appearing in the middle of paragraphs so I’m not able to read part of the story. Can we fix this please? I’m having to depend on WTXL for news since I can read through the articles on there. Any help would be great. Thanks
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1 year ago, Dan1065cf
Latest update is horrible
This latest is HORRIBLE!!! Obviously it was never tested. It takes forever to load, if it even loads at all. Constantly freezes during use. I’ll use the website over this application all day long. Please fix this garbage!!
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1 year ago, Miccosukee User
App won’t open
The last couple days the app won’t open other than to say there’s no internet connection. All my other Apps open and work fine. I deleted the app and reinstalled to no avail, ???
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5 years ago, Denisetally
Ads show up over text in stories...
For a while now, the Ads show over the text, making it very hard at best, and mostly impossible to read a story. Why hasn’t this been corrected already?
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7 years ago, RABInc
They never seem to have any news updates on weekends or holidays. If I had another online source of local news, I would delete them. There is also an embarrassing lack of editing and competence in the English language.
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4 years ago, WideEye Surveillance
This app has been taken over with ads. Not to mention you can’t even open it without a 15 second video ad playing. Come on.... I get you need to make money but using this app is now an unpleasant experience.
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1 year ago, Mountaingirl1957
Not so great
Sometimes it works…not a great source for my local news. Sometimes the same stories are there for days…really? No new news more often than that? Lots of room for improvement
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1 year ago, as good as it gets in fl
Print size
I need larger and bolder print for me to be able to read your app. If you could do this I would greatly appreciate it.
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2 years ago, Joe 9600
Recorded Newscasts on VUit missing
I am not always able to watch a live broadcast and would catch on news programs missed by watching Recorded Newscasts on VUit. They are no longer available. Please fix or provide an explanation
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1 year ago, Medium friend
FSU Softball
Don’t understand why there is little to no talk about FSU Softball, there are 3rd in the country , won the ACC championship and hosting the regionals this weekend.
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7 years ago, Floridashopper
To many ads!
I will be deleting this app. Every time I open the app, a game app advertisement opens first! It takes several seconds before you are able to close the ad and finally get to the news.
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1 year ago, zxcdfft
Wctv has the best news Medea on local news MY HOME NEWS
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2 years ago, 8u4lunch
This is one of the worst news apps that I have ever seen. Stories of interest are not even brought up. There is a leftist bias. Stories lack key information. It just seems biased and lazy.
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5 years ago, security 2435
Incredibly hard to use
I am trying to get local news from Knoxville TN, it keeps defaulting to someplace in Florida. Cannot find a place to change that, if it is there it is well hidden. Very annoying.
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5 years ago, Midyette Plantation
Panda Pop
Sitting through 30 second Panda Pop ad is an insult to the dignity of your station.
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3 years ago, susie-s.
Pretty bad app
Whoever made this app did a really bad job. I’ll only use the WTXL app. Terrible app, keeps crashing, loads weirdly, and I can get the same news elsewhere, with better spelling!
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5 years ago, Chainsaw's Apps
Breaking News
I’ve turned off sports notifications. Results of a ball game is NOT breaking news. Any who cares already knows.
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4 years ago, iamnotbitter
Ha ha, as of today the app is giving me local news from Wisconsin 🤣
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3 years ago, MiaPage
WCTV has become a horrible news outlet. All they do anymore is COMPLETELY mirror everything reported on CNN. Do they have any actual investigative reporters anymore? If they do, they apparently care nothing about reporting the truth!
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4 years ago, Np'17
Annoying Ads
Multiple annoying ads, including one-sided political ads, open before you can get into the app.
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4 years ago, Sephedia
New updated version
Usually if something is not broken it’s not a good idea to fix it. I am not a fan of the updated version.
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4 years ago, JenFLA15
No search capabilities
Why oh why in 2020 can’t a new station byline a website with an actual functioning search mechanism? Drives me freakin nuts and no excuse for it.
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7 years ago, Tallahassee Naturalist
"Videos" causes app to crash
Clicking on "videos" causes app to crash every time.
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3 years ago, Cary Herp
The weather forecast on the Internet is always wrong.
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7 years ago, Meandmine59
Needs work
The colors for the weather are impossible to see. I can't see the rain chances because of the blue font.
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3 years ago, tally312
Current update
Your current update crashed the app. The app will not open
Show more
7 years ago, Paw1015
Too many ads!
Very irritating game ads pop up before the app opens. Hard to get rid of. About to delete!!
Show more
3 years ago, Tallyho fla
Terrible app
Lousy app. Unreliable. App is constantly down and won't load on iPhone and iPad.
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1 year ago, bskdnbd
Don’t work
Doesn’t work half the time
Show more
3 years ago, motorcyclepoppo
Mobile News
Please fix!!!
Show more
8 years ago, Nana's BabesHunter_Hailey
Updates Don't Always Show
I Like This App but sometimes when it shows you've got a update and you go to check it out it's not there
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1 year ago, holy old fool
Another liberal propaganda channel.
Total lack of balanced reporting. Journalism at its worst. Commercials dominate program time.
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9 years ago, ber9mm
Not as advertised
They advertised that you would be able to listen to the broadcast live, portraying that you could listen in your car. Well I guess you can, but with the audio come video which is not too bright of an idea if one is driving... There needs to be an option for live stream audio ONLY and I bet their attorneys would like that better as well... Besides I don't want to burn the video data vs. audio data which I assume is a lot less. If they add this it needs to continue playing if my phone locks, like a scanner app I have does... I was actually looking forward to the old 87.7 days of being able to listen to the news on the way home!!!
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9 years ago, BButler53
Bug issues with the newest version of the WCTV app.
The newest updated version of the WCTV mobile app is broken. After updating my iPhone 6+ last night I have been totally unable to view any video links within the app. I tried to view both the weather videos as well as the news. The only thing that came up while loading was a black screen with the WCTV header at the top and at the bottom a⏸ button on the left side and ↖️↘️ on the right side. I haven't had the first problem with my mobile app until last night. My son also has the same phone that I have and is also having the same issues. Many Thanks for your help in this matter.
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9 years ago, Actionbx
Not sure what happened
With the latest iOS 9 update for Apple, I can no longer view live video streams or view old video. It's been like this for several weeks and thought it would have been fixed by now. The app also needs a refresher look. Looks very dated and generic. But I wish the video portion would be fixed so I can view live steaming and past videos.
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9 years ago, MamaBearTally
Good but not excellent
News reporting is very current. However, I have never been able to locate daily recipes or contests.
Show more
8 years ago, scripture_is4me
No sound
There is no sound for the videos. Very disappointing
Show more
9 years ago, Jshdixon
Too much crashing
It crashes every time a commercial ends. Too much dead air when national commercials are blocked from playing. Very frustrating.
Show more
11 years ago, Youssef Hassuna
I was using the unofficial one the whole time. Keep it up!
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8 years ago, lil-bigfoot
8th grade reporting
This app is ok, semi user friendly from a mobile device. The reporting however, is horrible. *Misspelled words. *Unfinished reporting. *Not updated often enough to keep up with local news/events. *WTXL's app at least keeps up with current local news/events and refreshes "more often".
Show more
10 years ago, MistyMac
Update broke it!
It used to work until I updated it yesterday. Ever since then, the app won't open. Will just delete it soon if not fixed. Looks like this has been going on for a while...
Show more
8 years ago, Bloodbanker1
Lousy service
This app works rarely if at all. It almost never opens and frequently freezes. Apparently you have a totally unstable platform. If I had to pay for the app I would be asking for a refund,
Show more
9 years ago, Nolejeff
Streaming Newscasts
During the regular times of the news when it's supposed to be streaming, the commercial break logo is displayed constantly, sometimes for an half hour straight.
Show more
10 years ago, Minature
No stars
It won't stay open. Just closes up on me! It worked fine until most recent update was done!
Show more
8 years ago, Poppadagus
Since the last update app crashes as soon as it is opened.
Show more
10 years ago, Mtolive85
Will not stay open
It will not stay open app keeps closing!!! Fix it!
Show more
11 years ago, Mw2 expert
WCTV news
It takes forever to load
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