WDAM Local News

4.5 (4.5K)
73.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDAM Local News

4.55 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Mossycreek
Animal Welfare
Thank You for the opportunity to express my thoughts on your station. I enjoy watching your news coverage morning, noon and night. I am extremely pleased and impressed by your continuous coverage of situations good and bad, that go on in our community concerning animals. Being an animal lover myself, I do so appreciate your stories and highlights. Thank you for taking the time to inform and investigate, especially the animal cruelty-dog fighting rings, that go on all over the surrounding counties as well as ours. The only way to help these poor innocent souls is to call out and bring to light the torture and barbaric events that continue to happen. Hopefully, Mississippi will change their laws and start handing down stiffer penalties.
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1 month ago, Southern mawmaw
Growing up with channel 7news
I grew up watching channel 7 and we always watched the midday news and always watched The 10 pm news and even as an adult when I travel having the weather app and the news app I don’t miss anything that’s important for our state and local community Thank you WDAM
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3 years ago, Rose2451
I have tried this app before. I saw that it says that it has been updated. So I decided to give it another try. It still does not work. This app will not open unless "Location Services" are turned on in settings. This is NOT necessary for any of the other 265 apps that I use. I am the victim of extreme, stalking abuse and would NEVER want to broadcast my location at all times. I also use a VPN to block tracking. Literally, all other apps that I use, including WBRZ News app, my national news app, and all shopping, editing, and gaming apps, open and work just fine with zero problems. In fact, most apps give the option to refuse to allowing any tracking at all. Please fix your app so that all residents of the area can view the local news conveniently at any time too.
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4 years ago, missbyrdie
Hard to Find
I have such a hard time finding anything on this app. Your weather app spends time with video sucking up power at a time when we may not even have power, rather letting me read or hear just audio on what is happening with severe weather. I was trying to follow election results and FIRST there was no info available under Election Results! It was the least informative on important election. SECOND it took a while to find what was available. Next, difficulty finding high school football scores. All I want is to know what they are and you seem to have difficult time providing that information.
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3 months ago, Taken sides
I know this is an NBC station, but you are in South Mississippi and we don’t want to hear how great Biden is paying student loan debt every night on the news. You neglect to say that the taxpayers are paying it. It’s not coming out of his pocket. Plus, it helps the white student a whole lot more than it does the black if anything this is bias toward black students. I only watched this station to catch something local that might interest me but every time y’all get on something on a federal level, you take the left leaning side of it in a right leaning side state. Why is that. who are the editors of this stuff that they can’t tell the story from both points of you and not just a Democratic.
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11 months ago, CrazyJoker 48
Amateur “reporters”
Almost all stories lack important details. For example vehicle accidents, the cause is almost always unknown. No witnesses are ever interviewed. If there is a shooting, the motive is never known! Once again, witnesses are rarely interviewed! Very poor reporting on crimes. They take very little video footage of all stories! Maybe 10 seconds worth, that will be shown repeatedly while the anchor talks. If there is an interview, it’s very, very short! Never over 30 seconds! They don’t pay their journalists enough, no motivation to take initiative, investigative journalism is almost nonexistent! They rarely stay employed at WDAM for 6 months or longer. I think most of them are interns paid minimum wage!
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6 years ago, Jennifer169
This was a great app but since the update it’s not better it’s hard to share things it’s hard to find new stories. I’ve noticed wdam is not sharing on Facebook since the update so I have to go looking for the news now
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3 years ago, Onetwobucklemyshoe12
Last update
I’ve been using this app for a few years and loved it. Since the last update I can’t open it or use it. I’ve noticed it opened once when I have my location settings on. I’ve never had to have my location settings on until this last update. I do not regularly have my location settings on, please change this so I can view the news without having to turn and keep my location settings to on
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3 years ago, naw-d-1
I can tell you!!!!! The republicans that voted against Trump today can clean their desk out..... we will spend big money to get them out of office..... Democrats is liars and they will pay for their dirty money they take!!!!! Go Trump see you in 2024....
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1 year ago, street tamer will
Locking up and having to restart
After commercials the app locks up and you have to restart the news cast and scroll past the commercial to watch further. However it will happen again and I have to repeat the steps. Either you fix it or I will watch WWL in New Orleans and delete the wdam app.
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3 years ago, bchdbcrc
This app has become non-functional on an iPhone since the latest re-invention. It won’t open 95% of the time. When it does, it’s hard to find what you want to read. I’m reading some reviewers saying it will open with location services on— I don’t care to have my phone broadcasting my location at all times. I like WDAM, but this app is awful.
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4 years ago, ,!,$:9:)484;):
What happened?
I updated the app and now it won’t even open the screen comes up then kicks me out
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3 years ago, Me2113
Update is terrible.
I can’t watch or read anything without back to back ads. I understand you have to make money but dang y’all. I just want to read the news. Also it’s very clumsy and not easy to navigate...which doesn’t really matter if you can’t actually click on something without multiple ads. I give up.
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6 years ago, Local weather on the go!
Sports and updated layout
One thing I can say is missing is the Friday night area football scores from around the pine belt. The sports tab doesn't cover the games either. The layout of the page before the update to me, was a little better. But, still enjoy the news coverage
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4 years ago, mdw123123123
Too many ads
Too many ads!!!!!! Ads will pop up while you’re trying to read a story or watch a live coverage on severe weather. Have to watch the ad first before you can see a severe weather forecast
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6 years ago, algatxmsinms
Site doesn’t seem to be updated in a timely fashion. I enjoy what I see but wish it was updated on a regular basis.
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3 years ago, Superman4eap
New update slows app way down
App worked fine until last update now it won’t load pass the main screen and if it does it freezes
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6 years ago, gran 5
Keeps me in the know on all the news
Easy to find what the latest news is .
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6 years ago, adjunt
Review of WDAM
The web site is showing out dated news nothing current. What’s the problem?
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3 years ago, Happy3487
App won’t open
I downloaded the update now the app won’t work. 🥲. This is the main way I get my news because of my schedule. I hope they fix it soon.
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1 year ago, "B" "B"
Problems all the time
Every time I try to watch the news broadcasts wether latest edition or live, it is locked up by an add about some stupid online game. You need to fix this problem so people can watch the news without being cut off in the middle.
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12 months ago, …xyz123…
Poor app
There are more ads than news coverage (some of which play back to back three to four times), and then it’s a toss up if you’re getting your local news coverage or one from another state!
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6 years ago, Cisco1955
Great news casting
You are my go to station when anything is going on in my area. I feel safer with WDAM on my side!
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4 years ago, Jo Ann McArn
Answer to star rating
You can always depend on WDAM.
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2 years ago, Dr. Psychedelia
Share My Opinion Instead
Why does this app demand access to shared location in order to access news? I will not be needing this app anymore. I, like many others, value our privacy far beyond the value of WDAM’s lackluster articles.
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3 years ago, need local
WDAM where are you?
Having to listen and view channel 12, thank goodness for their coverage. We sure need our Nick and WDAM weather. Conservative South Mississippi despises the View but we need our local TV
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6 years ago, Get it fixed please
Just one thing needed
This is a good App. it just needs to be more user friendly & intuitive to use.
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3 years ago, Nikol2477
New update
It is more complicated to get to the part of the news you’re looking for, especially when receiving notifications
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6 years ago, lm79245b
Recent Update has completely ruined the WDAM news app experience for me personally... it WAS absolutely my favorite app for 2yrs !?!? Am I missing something???
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3 years ago, piece of feces
Why change a good thing
I have no idea why someone would change a perfectly good app and turn it into this junk that is the latest update
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3 years ago, Disappointed$$&&@@
Live Stream
I used to be able to watch the latest live WDAM newscast but now I get random news. To make matters worse, I now can’t find the sunrise headlines anywhere. The app is now basically worthless to me.
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6 years ago, southernmsgurl
Decent app, latest updates meh
This is a decent app that I use daily but do not like the change of the interface on the Aug/Sept18 update.
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3 years ago, Nickname23332220
Latest Update Slow
The latest update don’t want to open most of the time and when it does the layout is horrible
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4 years ago, mb3581
Get rid of the trash full-page pop up ads
Full-page video pop up ads that you can’t close until the ad completes is a horrible user experience.
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1 year ago, Dogfish6
Since a previous update, the app no longer loads the story, it starts then stops mid download. The frame and title load correctly. The wLOX app does the same
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3 years ago, alwaysinthecar
Not easy to navigate
The app is a little disappointing.
Show more
5 years ago, DCJIII
Inserts sarcasm. Thank you for adding video ads to each article with this latest update. We didn’t need that fixed. It was working perfectly fine. I hate ads.
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6 years ago, Calford1968
I love it!!!
Stays on top of the latest news.
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6 years ago, Stick 1970
Always informative stick 1970
Show more
6 years ago, LadybugMom3
I don’t like the update
The updated version is not easy to use. Please make it better again.
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5 years ago, Brygiar
App crash when trying to open
App is crashing on iPhone XR with iOS 12.3.1. Latest app update has not fixed the crashing problem. Please fix, thanks.
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6 years ago, nene47
My station
I have watched WDAM for years
Show more
8 months ago, WUZZO WUZZO
Who have the WIZZ???
Show more
6 years ago, Pooldoctor
Old version much better
The new version is not nearly as good as the old one. The stories are repetitive and not as easy to navigate.
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3 years ago, SweetSwill
This app is poorly managed… it is rarely updated…Since we don’t get a daily newspaper in our area I had hoped that the WDAM app would fill that void but I am sadly disappointed…
Show more
6 years ago, Kevellie
Cheap news
You report mostly dirty Laundry not news that is of any consequence And ,the app??? Liked it better before. Ps!!!!! Please proof read your stories. A lot of the time it is as if a 5th grader is writing.
Show more
6 years ago, manley79
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!
WDAM news was my favorite app. The recent update is absolutely AWFUL! I can’t even begin to understand why it was changed... get it together People
Show more
6 years ago, Upsman2
New update sorry. Does not give any scores in sports on games waste of time Also news for 2 wks ago still on website
Show more
3 years ago, Jh6166
Since the most recent update the app continues to crash
Show more
6 years ago, Brad_Mc.
New Website
The old site was better and way more user friendly
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