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User Reviews for WDRB News

4.57 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Local Observer
Happy local stories ?
Please place sports related stories into a sports category and relevant national and local news stories in your main events column. Also “If it bleeds it leads” is getting a little macabre. Thank you for asking.
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6 years ago, Weweedman
News from my hometown, but...
Of the local news sources in Louisville, WDRB is the easiest to navigate, has the least slant left or right and leaves their opinions on the opinion page. My only complaint is the tag they often leave at the end of a news story “We will update this story as it develops”. I have found that means we will never hear about it again or I will need to look elsewhere for updates.
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5 years ago, OnARoll125
Great Coverage, Poor App
This is a review of the app, not the content provided. I am very disappointed with WDRB’s new app. The home screen is organized strangely with both horizontal and vertical scrolling sections of stories. The headlines are hard to read on top of the story thumbnails. The weather section has been redone, but is missing some key links like the weather blog. Pressing play on the forecast video just brings up the WDRB mobile website instead of playing the video directly. Long story short, the old app was better. Much better.
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5 years ago, Yngturk
Good news site, but...
WDRB has some great writers and reporters, but it’s very frustrating when a story breaks. Breaking news will get a couple of sentences, ending with “we have a crew on the way to the scene. This story will be updated.” And frequently the update never comes, or comes hours later. It’s like they don’t feel the need to update until their next broadcast deadline. Or maybe they just don’t have the personnel to update. Also, been having trouble lately with the app freezing.
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5 years ago, Timbofosho
Closings? Don’t bother
If you’re looking to find school/business closing via the app, don’t bother wasting your time unless you’re facility will be one of the first five, alphabetically. That’s all you can see in the app, you cannot scroll or search, and it’s all because they had to put 5,348,674,179,983,562,871 ads on every page. You can bet your bottom dollar the ads don’t get cut off/work perfectly. Two stars because there actually is news buried in there somewhere.
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5 years ago, BigD4672
New UI
This app worked fairly well before the newest update. It would crash sometimes but I understand that, its an app and that happens. Since the new update came out though, none of the links for news articles work. They show there’s no information or no content. I like the new UI but nothing works, please fix this, I like using this app for news in Louisville but right now its unusable.
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5 years ago, Disappointed user in KY
Meh... Don’t like the update.
I used to love this app, which was my go-to for local news and weather. Unfortunately, the latest update drives me crazy! My biggest issue is with the basic navigation. I never had a problem moving from News to Weather. I now have to search for the weather page (last seen in the “more“ section?). Once there, many of the features that I once loved are gone. (A prime example is the visual graph showing the chance of precipitation by the hour.) Similarly, the visual cues are difficult to interpret. (As an example, are the dotted lines underneath the cloud supposed to mean rain, slow or a mix?) Again, I long for the old days.
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5 years ago, Lonergan
New version
The new version of this app is awful. Instead of making stories easier to access, I get presented with just a couple very large photos of news items on my iPad. It takes much more navigating to find stories or view something other than the top news stories. I used to look at this app nearly every morning, but I’m going to look for another news source that is more user friendly.
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5 years ago, CrankyFred
Pop ups, Really
The new layout is almost impossible to view on my phone. The text in the picture is to small and the layout is messy. I can’t find the news and getting around the app is too much trouble. The old version needed some updates but this isn’t it.
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6 years ago, Rondewla
Of news communications. I often go to this site during the day for latest news. I do wish the stories were updated like you say will happen BUT, does not.
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6 years ago, Country2402
Keeping up with my hometown
This app is very good and is easy to use. I lived in Louisville for more than 40 years and use the site to keep informed. If I had a complaint concerning this app, it would be that the the stories are seldom updated. The sports writers are excellent and I enjoy their columns.
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7 years ago, OtiscoIn
Stories rarely updated.
This app is easy to use. Sometimes there will be "Breaking News" about a serious matter where it will not ever be updated. I think most TV execs have been slow to realize just how many folks get their news online. Please update stories.
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6 years ago, KillEmAll300
5 stars
I really appreciate this local news app because I don't have cable and I can still keep up with news alerts in the community . Thanks WDRB
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4 years ago, ry599
Only complaint is when you receive the “breaking news” you get it twice. A nice feature in the future would be to chose what alerts you want to get like news, sports, weather for your specific area etc...
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6 years ago, Handydanny
Not working well on iPhone
Can’t really say if it’s me or the app but on my iPhone it is really choppy and occasionally crashes. When swiping thru stories sometimes shows same story two or three times and sometimes won’t load story at all.
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3 years ago, Kelbar
Best information, great app
The app is easy to use and contains great information. For Louisville and Kentucky this is the best option available.
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7 years ago, CrazyWalt
A Favorite News App
I consider WDRB to be a very reliable station for accurate local news and weather. I watch it live at various times of day and often check out the alerts as they occur.
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6 years ago, dcurts
Great iPhone application
The News and Weather area Great apps for quick access to local News and Weather!
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6 years ago, satisfied watcher
This app is great! I get news updates even before they hit the news. The weather team is awesome at their forecasting, couldn’t be happier!!
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6 years ago, telltale1379
Fix your app
App keeps kicking me out right in the middle of reading an article. Don't remember having this issue before last update. This is the only local news app I keep on my phone, and read it daily, but it is becoming frustrating. Very close to deleting the app.
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5 years ago, leslieAsanders
I love this app it shows you live coverage if you’re not able to see it on tv. This is my favorite station. Keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, AbbySpen
Update is terrible
Loved the original version but the newest update is terrible. I cannot turn for the wide view which is what I like and I only see the same stories...over and over again. I love WDRB but this app is not user friendly and does not seem to carry more that four or five major stories. Will find another news app to use.
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6 years ago, Oldham Mom
Finally can cut the cord!
We kept cable because we do not get WDRB on the antenna. Now, we can finally cut the cord and yet enjoy our favorite news channel! Thanks WDRB.
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11 months ago, Skull998
30 minutes of commercials
Non stop commercials in the app while waiting to watch the weather update. Closed the app and restarted it to find the road conditions and they slipped the weather section. I swear you can’t get updated weather without all nonsense
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5 years ago, twins4
Best news channel ever
I watch you all every day great news team keep up the good work
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6 years ago, nenelori27
Best coverage, whether it is breaking news or bad weather, WDRB has the most accurate and dependable information.
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6 years ago, SWATT4-4
Great coverage!
Always accurate and timely information.
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7 years ago, Picnic day
I enjoy knowing I can go to news on WDRB and find out what is happening periodically anytime, all day every day.
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7 years ago, MarnieMerrow
Love it!, especially the "active radar" feature. Still love it! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Tswt321456435
New Version
I like nothing about this new app. The layout is awkward, it is difficult to find what I’m looking for and the ads are ridiculous. I loved the old app and used it several times a day to check the news and weather but using this new version is a chore.
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5 years ago, Pullatch
As of a few days ago
Was a pretty good app. As of a couple of days ago I started getting an annoying pop-up ad from the bottom of the screen that keeps popping up over and over again. It will take about a week of this BS and I will delete it.
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4 years ago, cross and puzzled
Last update has too many ads that pop up as you scroll
Used to be my favorite local news app but I guess like all the others, they are selling advertising space. It interrupts the flow of reading the news which is the very reason I use app Oh well.........
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6 years ago, bo warner
Love this app!! On the go, better than newspaper because it is real time!
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6 years ago, Jim Robertson
Best in Louisville
I'm always impressed with the Quality of local reporting from WDRB.
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5 years ago, Frizz646
No content
Worked fine until the update. Now no news articles will open. Fix and I will consider updating review if I still have the app. May delete and go with another news source.
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5 years ago, jafran01
The old app was great. Now if there’s an update and I click on it, I’m sent to the home page with no update to be found. It also appears they got rid of the alerts button so you could see the updates.
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2 years ago, MarisaMarieB
I don’t mind ads but at least give us the option to mute the sound. You wake up the whole house with just one swipe to the left. Deleting app
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6 years ago, KY LTC
Great App
App is easy to use, gives good info, and is very timely!
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6 years ago, red hen🙋
I love the people on this channel.
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5 years ago, Captain dicklesburge
Love this app. Had it for a long time but just recently upgraded to a iPhone X’s max and now the app is freezing when I open it. Please fix the issue.
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6 years ago, Adam -chiver
Freezing every time it opens. Aug 29
This is freezing on every attempt to use.
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5 years ago, FredShafar
Too many ads
The latest update has ads out of control and makes it tough to read a story.
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4 years ago, Chubacha
Frequently does not load
Shows nothing frequently
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2 years ago, mbatech
Too many ads.
App is a piece of garbage. So many ads. Pops up. The commenting system is just awful. Lots of misleading left leaning headlines.
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5 years ago, AggieFNP
New Version is the PITS
The old version worked great. I understand the need to keep on the cutting edge, but y’all dulled the blade so you can’t cut water. If I could give y’all a 0 stars I would!
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6 years ago, Nannie Tutt
Great news channel 👍
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6 years ago, JenLynMed
Crashes. Live feeds.
The live feeds keep crashing.
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4 years ago, Everyday is Saturday.
If I could give fewer stars I would!
This version has more bugs than a mattress in a flophouse. ONLY read for Bozich & Crawford, now no tab for them.
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5 years ago, Dan7556
New Version is not providing story content - error message
New Version is not providing story content - error message
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5 years ago, Reviewer41o6
News good, app poor
Love wdrb news but the new app is terrible. Only displays in portrait mode.
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