WDSU News - New Orleans

4.7 (3.8K)
117.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDSU News - New Orleans

4.71 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
7 years ago, Love this Radar App
I am a news junkie and I want to know it all AS IT HAPPENS! WDSU is right on the ball. Also I am big into the weather hour by hour as I was a “Weather Watcher” for 12 yrs all volunteer, 365 days of the year. We had snow 6 mos out of the year and that is NOT easy to measure - blowing snow. Also at that time I did not have a thermometer that automatically recorded the low or the high of that day; therefore, I had to get up all night long to check the temps in our frozen tundra area to get the low for that night. And to think this was all volunteer. Now I am still a person who watches the weather, winds, dew points and esp humidity all throughout the day. I am right on top of things weather-wise as that is how I plan my day, according to the weather. Margaret is great!! Regarding the news, I need to know what is happening where, as well as when did it happen or when will it happen. And then I forward the info on to others from there. I’m most often the first to know about it, and then I share it around to appropriate people to make them aware. So WDSU, just keep it coming. Also I love the repeat versions available on my cell. THAT IS A MUST! I rarely am available to watch it at its normal air time. I have to be able to see it at a later time. By the way, I don’t have a tv at all, so I watch all your shows numerous times DAILY on my iPhone. MS. Joy New Orleans
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4 years ago, sellico
Need more time with sports
I’m a dedicated WDSU viewer along with my friends but the sports daily news is weak and if It will not cover more swac mainly southern u I’ll start looking at wwl there are a lot of S U alumni in your viewing audience. Especially during football season we get much more NICHOLAs state and southeastern. SU is right down the road in BR. Again a little less weather and more sports.
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2 years ago, Gbruer
This is got to be one of the most unreliable apps I’ve used to date it crashes so many times I have to watch a different channels, always seeming to happen during the weather but never the commercials sometimes I get to watch all the commercials and nothing other Leaving make sure the app was updated and the same thing happens When watching it on the TV from the my local app, it seems to work fairly well but not perfect it’s really sad that we’re having bad weather. They tell you to stay tuned with the app, but the app freezes up and crashes constantly. Come on WDSU a lot of people in the greater New Orleans area in Mississippi gulf coast. Use your app for important issues.
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6 years ago, Winners2
Stop the Harassment!!!
Is this app supposed to be used when “I” want too or when WDSU wants me too? This is the only app I have seen that STOPS sending you the news that you requested if you don’t open it enough. WOW!!! Whomever is in charge should realize that this app isn’t the only source of news for WDSU. Am I going to start getting alerts on my tv that I haven’t watched the channel enough? This definitely needs to be corrected. No one has time to open your alerts all day to make you or your quotas our priority. Thank God you guys aren’t the standard.
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6 years ago, 1NOLAPearl
My go-to source for local news!
I’m an avid reader and I’m obsessed with the news. This source is just as important to me as the Associated Press...it’s my go-to source for local news, weather, and events. I can always expect the information to be current and reliable. Love it & the Lagniappe is that it’s naturally NOLA!!!
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7 years ago, Mom to twins
Video ads
Video ads immediately when you click on new report -even when you send a news report notification. I will stop looking at your news and delete the app of it continues. Ads are fine but not when I can’t choose to not watch when I want to see what the report is. I will use other news outlets as Your news is not all that breaking when I get the same notification from others.
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4 years ago, Be'Be'1
I really enjoy this app. It gives me updates periodically on everything that happens. You can’t ask for better news while constantly on the go. I would recommend everyone to download this app. and take it on the go wherever you go.
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4 years ago, Madeleine68
We always watch WDSU ! Even try to catch you guys in our camper whenever possible ! I love the idea that I can know what is happening as it is happening even if not at home to watch it on tv Please don’t make changes too often so that I always feel at home with your app! I like the reporters and have been watching WDSU since it first came on TV. We had the first TV in the block where I grew up and everybody would watch what few shoes where on. I remember the logo of the French quarter patio. The only change I would make is the music on the show. It is s little dated !!!
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4 years ago, ssssytttrrrrrmmmnnnn
News Junkie
I can and do trust this station for my reliable local & regional news and weather. And I have done so for many years. They have not let me down. Thanks, ‘DSU, the first station in New Orleans! Thanks for presenting information for intelligent people.
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3 years ago, Andrea Lee-Nicholson aka Drea
Staying Informed
I love your APP. Keep allows me to stay on top of topics and issues daily w/o the effort of googling. Sorry to stay that good news in New Orleans and in world issues have been far and in between. We are definitely in trouble time.
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6 years ago, Ping-Ping0399
I gave a 3star rating because the app is great other than one issue. it would have gotten a 5star rating if not for the issue of when I get an ALERT for breaking news or update on major stories I swipe to open it, and it takes me to the general home screen of the app and the actual breaking news article or update is no where to be found.
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6 months ago, Mellow yellow bellow
Live News
Just being able to watch the news at a convenience on your phone if you don’t make it home in time for the news on the tv …I love it
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4 years ago, Twisted D Dave
Dave in Covington/Gentility
I have been following WDSU my whole life, and the news & WeatherRadar!! Never let me down, Breaking news and I’m so very pleased with the whole crew!! #10 overall!! Also at 7:00am I’m following the Today show!! NBC News has never ever let me down!! AMEN— Nuff Said!!😀🤗 David approves
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4 years ago, usmcgbk
Ads in middle of article
Need to stop putting advertisements in the middle of an article but at the end. If you are not doing this then whoever handling your app. Even you close advertisement could read missing information.
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6 years ago, NOLACyndy
Channel 6
Probably no longer Channel 6, but WDSU has been a New Orleans station forever, and I appreciate being in the know. A great app, even better if you don’t watch the news, and it gives updates in real time!
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4 years ago, Janet-s-c
Go-to spot for news
Before I retired I would watch WDSU every morning as I got ready for work. Now I like the app so I can focus on whatever is important to me at any given time. I keep track of COVID info now to keep safe.
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3 years ago, Lostkub
Way too many notifications
They notify you about every little thing. Even when I went to change which ones I get, so that it would only be important information which I actually want. But apparently they think everything is important and constantly send notifications to your phone even at 11pm at night. Hope you don’t like to sleep!
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5 years ago, adsunshine day
I hate how y’all tie up programs all day to day same thing over and over can’t you just break in once hr or run tape it is very annoying the sad part is when the storm finally gets here no electricity so we can’t know what is going on ya lol spend hrs speculating and show no programs and why do y’all always use the 1ocock slot to Take the soap off people that what it lose a day I don’t think People who watch a game or talk show needs to keep on a daily basis
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3 years ago, OmegaRacer
No stars
There is something wrong with the app and web site I try to play the news and neither of them will play it. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app and exiting the web site and they still don’t work. This seems to be an ongoing problem with trying to watch the news. It maybe time to change networks or something.
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4 years ago, 477 lady
Great coverage
Want the correct information 24-7 ? Watch WDSU! Doesn’t get any better than their coverage. If you travel you are still in the know with the WDSU app! Awesome!
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4 years ago, vassikat
Great, fast news and weather!
I feel connected with current events throughout the day!
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5 years ago, BitzieBoo
Breaking news
I like that I can look at the breaking news anytime I want. It’s convenient & interesting. I also like that I don’t have to suffer through commercials. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Food lover 77
Interactive radar
I used to depend on your interactive radar for many years. However since you updated it to 6 hours of weather radar I’ve switched to a different app. It just takes way too long to load. It was better at 3 hours. I really don’t need to see rain which happened 6 hours ago.
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4 years ago, mary pom
Local weather
I love to be able to get instant local radar not jus the large cities and surrounding areas
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3 years ago, green eyed brother
Reginald Arceneaux Jr
I’ve been watching channel since Dan Milhan and Norman Robinson… good news deliverance. Margret Orr is a great meteorologist. Took the bull by the horn after Dan Milhan. She’s doing great with alllll the storms and has been for Many years. I live in the Gordin Plaza Subdevision
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4 years ago, sewdis
I keep the WDSU app open as it keeps me informed of anything that is happening! Thank you for all that your staff does to keep us up to date from weather to news!
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4 years ago, christinemaryforet
Channel 6 news review
I love , love, love getting the news earlier than hearing it on the tv. Great job channel 6 news! I love Margeret ore , she is the best weather caster ever!, and loves helping people such as food drives etc.
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6 years ago, TBizzleFL77
Great app but..
Hate the same commercials over and over and over again. I would never go to these places because I am weary of hearing about them.
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5 years ago, ok let eat
King cake baby
I think she’s one of the prettiest babies that knows how to eat the best king cake from Nola mama born and raised in Nola now a transplant in West Virginia great pictures thanks for sharing we love the Mardi Gras season and we have sent it all the way to West Virginia to Kansas and to Colorado
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4 years ago, cdb5864
Good App
The best thing about the App it’s very efficient with it’s alerts! Keeps you up to date on what’s happening! My rating comes within the App. More times than not you start reading a story and it’s incomplete; there is no where to hit a “continue” to finish reading the story!
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5 years ago, jayebird27
News Watcher
I love this station I watch the news at 4:30am everyday When I don't watch it I feel incomplete like something is missing Keep up the good work Love you😘😘❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Lydjahh
My Go To source!
I subscribe to several national news sites and find that WDSU is on top of not only local, but also the timely national news. Keep it up!
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5 years ago, IZ426
I like receiving the news and weather via my phone throughout the day. You really provide a wonderful service!!! Thank you so much!
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3 years ago, buffieredd
WDSU great news and people
I know that at any time I will always get the latest news from the entire family of WDSU. ✌️🙏😊
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6 years ago, Greenwave3
Need to improve!
Alerts don’t link to topic but to main news page. Site full of bizarre behavior news, sometimes staying on main page for days and weeks. Lackk of local news of the day, political, events, special interest. Too much fluff, little substance. Remember: who? What? When? Where? Why or how?
Show more
6 years ago, Gertgold
Wish y’all would quit asking if I want to be removed. Not going any where!
I have Family that lives NO. Thank you.
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3 years ago, bcnola
Terrible functionality
For the Nowcast: They make you listen to ads every time you open the news so you miss part of the news The news will not continue to play if you get an email or notification. You have to start over and listen to the opening ads again. You cannot do anything else on your phone or tablet while the news plays. When clicking to read a story you MUST listen to the video. There is also no place on the video to silence the video. So no checking a story at work. It’s terrible to use to try to check or to watch the news.
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4 years ago, Memewanda
News & weather
When I want my news and weather I go to WDSU channel 6 have been for over 50 years and I love the app!
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6 years ago, challenge IN LA
Please get rid of the yellow couch chit chat! So unprofessional sounding. Nothing but silly cackling. The reporters go from professional talking to high pitched laughter. And the bright yellow doesn’t help at all. I just cringe when it happens and in early morning. However anytime during the day wouldn't be any better. Catherine L.
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5 years ago, girly girl go
WDSU always has the current and most active news a step ahead of other networks!
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7 years ago, Affgator
Updates Quickly
WDSU app has breaking news faster than the rest.
Show more
7 years ago, S Cassidy
Prefer WDSU Weather App
I much prefer using the WDSU weather app. This news and weather app isn’t nearly as precise or user friendly. Fine for a news source. Will be finding a new fav weather app.
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3 years ago, Jeh..May
Awesome app, Considering the sign of the times. Keeping us all up to date..Thanks
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6 years ago, Deep South Admin
Great Job WDSU
Love watching your broadcast several times a day. My favorite channel for the latest news and weather
Show more
6 years ago, Hammond, USA
Weather forecast
My go to place for radar and forecast.
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6 years ago, UrbanPeace
Paid option, maybe?
I enjoy this app, but find there are too many ads floating throughout the app. I would gladly shell out some duckets for a smooth ad free app.
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4 years ago, Lara 08
No way to silence adverts
Every time an alert comes across I go to read the story I have to listen to 15 second ad. Many websites have ads when you enter them, but they all have a mute button so I can open it in a public place without bothering everyone around me. Uninstalling and will use NOLA. Com instead
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3 years ago, SFV70775
African American Ancestry
Thank you for the meaningful coverage of families who helped paved the way to change in our community. The effect of their sacrifices are evident. Thank you WDSU
Show more
6 years ago, DeniseNOLA
I love having the WDSU News App! I know immediately if there are school, weather, traffic or other issues like fires or crime!
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9 months ago, hlcistop
Viewing Reports
It would be nice to be able to see the same reports on the app as on the new from that day.
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