WDTN 2 News

4.5 (2.6K)
88.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDTN 2 News

4.5 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
4 months ago, Sugarbear 21
WDTN News App
Hello, about 2 weeks ago I started having issues accessing the news app. Every time it comes up when I click on a news story, it is wanting me to choose selections for receiving Breaking News, Local News, Weather, etc. I cannot get past this setup. I have deleted and reinstalled the app hoping that would alleviate the problem but it didn’t. I tried calling but there does not appear to be a dedicated phone number for technical support. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Tracey, Dayton, OH
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7 years ago, Gdogswag
Just 1 thing
Would like for Kelly King to stop interjecting the “uh’s “ when she is reporting .
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6 years ago, R.B.Clayton
Alert Fatigue
As described in other reviews, the interface isn’t nearly as slick and intuitive as it could be. But the big problem, in my view, is with push notifications. Just because you *can* send your users a news alert doesn’t mean you *should*. I appreciate the occasional alert related to a specific local traffic or weather event or to a significant breaking news story. But please don’t use push notifications to remind me to watch your impending newscast, or to tease some inane story, or to announce that Jeopardy is starting a half-hour early to accommodate special Olympics coverage. It’s obnoxious, and each extraneous alert brings me a little closer to deleting the app. Please exercise a little restraint.
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7 years ago, CMB553344
God awful!
Don't put more money in this. It can't be salvaged. Unorganized, can't find anything, just awful. Ch 7 isn't perfect, but they have the idea. They just let you scroll through news titles, and you can cover a lot of news fast. THATS the goal. Speed. Even your television station is losing viewership because of taking too long to deliver stories, and mindless interviews no one cares about. "5 on 2" is a ridiculous idea." Ch7 does one big thing wrong - they mix national stories into local stories and u don't realize you've clicked on Atlanta news til it's too late. Otherwise good app. Simplify, feed news fast, and people will return. Even B Davis takes too long.
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5 years ago, Starfleet Cadet
Notifications Settings are broken
I downloaded this app for weather notifications. I configured the in app settings for only weather notifications but I get notifications for everything. I checked and I double checked the notification settings over and over again to make sure the only setting that was turned on was for weather notifications but I still get notifications for everything. It is so annoying and frustrating to be alerted several times an hour about stuff that I didn’t intend to use this app for.
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3 years ago, b.kondritz
Filled with Ads & Poor Audio Control
This ap is filled with cheesy and misleading ads for miracle cures, etc. Not what I want in a news ad. Also, audio automatically plays when you click on a news story—even when you turn your sound off. Volume must be on lowest level and sound off. Competing news channel app much better.
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7 years ago, magi113
Not impressed
It's too busy and not as easy to find different departments. Also, in the weather section, I liked reading what the meteorologist had to say as they were informative about when the rain would arrive or when the cold front was coming through, etc. I found that to be helpful.
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6 years ago, Derboo
Works fair
I have a iPad error. Every time I turn this on it says slide up and when I do it says weight and sometimes it never comes on he just wait need some work done on other times it stops for no reason sometimes it comes back on sometimes it doesn’t. It’s either the cable service or the app.
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4 years ago, JMD2893
Automatic Video Play
This was my number one go to for news. Now when I click a link, it automatically plays the video associated with the topic - so annoying. If I wanted to watch the video, I’d tune into your news cast. This is a great way to wake your kids from a nap, as it isn’t user friendly when you try to quickly pause it before it’s too late. Well, it’s always too late. Will be deleting because of this.
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4 years ago, Glock lover
Horrible app
This app will play video at full volume even when you don’t select a video. You can’t read a news story without it automatically playing the video at full volume. Some people in the world would rather read than watch. Don’t force someone to watch crap they don’t want to watch. I deleted this app after having it for over 10 years. Ridiculous
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4 years ago, Keithshyne
Don’t waste your time if you don’t like being blasted with ads
This used to be me go to local news app in Dayton. At some point they introduced auto playing ads that come on at full volume, regardless if your phone is on silent or not. Automatic app delete, if that kind of garbage design is the approach being taken. I’m not anti-ads on a free app, but that kind of approach gets one star (and zero if I could).
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5 years ago, Htenaj3
Please stop sending an update every hour!! I receive up to 5-8 updates a day!! Sometimes more! They are no more informative than regular news. The actual info is fine, but low rating for all the time it takes to delete them in my mail. Now I’m deleting one more- the app!
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4 months ago, JF129604
WDTN News App
Don’t know what you did, but this app is absolutely useless! When I try to get rid of the swipe screen, it closes the app altogether! I have tried for the last five minutes to read a news story to no avail. Used to work on both my iPad and iPhone. It doesn’t, can you please fix this?
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7 years ago, JJCF04
Don't force me to sign up for alerts
Was a good app until you forced me to sign up for alerts and updates. I don't need another app letting me know weather and news updates. Should be my choice but that was taken away with the latest update. Only choice I had was to delete app and move on. You took away my choice as a consumer.
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4 years ago, Mike55five55
Video Auto Start
I don’t mind the app BUT I can’t stand how videos automatically start. It is super annoying when I’m trying to check out the weather forecast, for example, and the video starts blaring (especially when I’m trying to use the app inconspicuously).
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6 years ago, aljn135
Needs Improvement
WDTN is the channel I’ve watched for years, but if I watch it on the app, it skips and repeats way too often, or it just shuts down. My daughter heard it doing it and asked if it annoyed me. I told her yes. I’ve started watching WHIO on their app because their’s doesn’t do that.
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4 years ago, zuikomc
No more print
Lost my last local newspaper. This website is filling the loss nicely
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7 years ago, mlw2161958
Not Impressed either
You should have left a good thing alone. You also need to teach people how to proofread their articles and use spell check. It is horrible the misspelling of words and the in ability to construct a sentence.
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4 years ago, gffoodie
iOS 8 update please..no auto videos
App crashing, videos play on clicking an article, unable to see the article. If I wanted to watch the news I would do so. I don't want to see the videos and not be able to read the news.
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7 years ago, Dayton Native 67 Years
Confusing and not easy
Not user friendly, info hard to navigate to find.
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5 years ago, Butch Blair
Less weather, more sports. Jack & Hutch are great. You don’t seem to realize how many Steeler fans reside here.
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2 years ago, Perry3D
Poor Design
Navigating on this app is a nightmare. Hard to dismiss ads and actually get to the stories. After all this work I’d love to get more than 1 or 2 sentences about the story. Using it less and less and relying on other sources.
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7 years ago, Bluecowfish
Old is better
Prefer previous version I don't like clicking through to read headlines. Keep al on one page
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7 years ago, Shieldska
Horrible News app!
Too many ads, difficult to navigate, fails to open or crashes 70% of the time. There are other local news apps that are much better!
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1 year ago, Bjscott34
This app is good Need to live stream the news 4 5 6pm 10pm 11pm And early in the mornings too More
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4 years ago, Libertyellerton
No “Live Feed”
The “live feed” does not work. I tried to watch The 6 pm while I was away from the house and it was not working. I even tried when I got back to the house and it still did not work. Weak app
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4 years ago, harper 78
TooTo political only one sided very far left all news people need to really rethink it and be fair people all you talk about was the opposite person running for president how wonderful they are well let’s see what a great job they can’t do
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5 years ago, Riders 88
Minimal sports
Nice recap of local news. Sports heading still has Operation Football. Not any current high school scores or stories. Minimal College or professional news either.
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7 years ago, rbeedy
Really Bad
Please go back to the old app. This one is confusing, hard to find departments and doesn't offer news, closings or sports where they are readily accessible. A big step backwards
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6 years ago, LotusOH
Recent changes are horrible
Full screen pop up ads along with layout that shows no news at launch = deleted. Going back to WHIO app.
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7 years ago, Heidenhope
Not going to use it
Nothing about this update is good. It doesn't work either. I've been a loyal 2News follower for many years but this "upgrade" coupled with the horrid spelling and grammar that 2News allows was the last straw.
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5 years ago, Loving Soliraire
This is the best local news channel. I really enjoy it. Good job, guys!:)
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4 years ago, make weather easy
Very difficult to navigate to weather forecast without having to watch video
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7 years ago, DKArrington
Try again.
This layout doesn't work for me. If another version isn't out soon I'll be using other sources for my news.
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7 years ago, Capt jack79
Change isn't always a good thing
You missed the boat with this update. Pop up ads and too long to load.
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6 years ago, Avid drudger
Great news app
Great news app
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4 years ago, Y pay $ for locked games?
the ONLY news i’ll watch in Dayton!
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7 years ago, 10Vanderbilt
Hate it
I liked being able to scroll thru headlines and decide what I want to open at a glance. Used to be my favorite - deleting
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6 years ago, DaniVOhio
Awful - download WHIO instead
Worst app on my phone right now
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7 years ago, srdaughter
Change is not always good
Go back to the old layout. This one is horrible.
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4 years ago, Christian and conservative
Embarrassingly Left
They have become so liberal and one sided and biased! I only have the App for breaking news and I like Jamie for weather!
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7 years ago, MrScripts
Absolutely awful format! Very difficult to navigate, very little content. Not worth using the app.
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5 years ago, Mykidsmomlh
Not great
The layout is awful. I view WHIO because I’d the ease of use. I want it all up front. I don’t want to hunt. WDTN app is worst. I watch it on TV only.
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7 years ago, Cincy44er
I don't like the changes. I hardly use anymore. Not impressed at all.
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4 years ago, Brain Dead 70
App stinks!!!!!
Why do so many news apps need to have so many worthless ads?
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4 years ago, Parazest
mazda overload
Sick and tired of all the Mazda car ads interspersed with news articles...
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4 years ago, Now whio fan!
not news
just watched something on are president and what the headline said had nothing to do with the interview. so not gun friendly or country friendly news source
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7 years ago, Mike stockman
Horrid now
App used to be ok. New update absolutely blows. Hate it now
Show more
7 years ago, Pontiacformula2001gm
Stories are not updated. Headlines are misleading. Pathetic app
Show more
5 years ago, Toula Stamm
Love channel two!
Jack Pohl, Brian, Mark are fabulous!
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