WE tv

2.4 (1.5K)
61.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
10.9.0 (1311)
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WE tv

2.45 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Muva 🍍
Doesn’t work for live streaming
I tried to watch a show on the app while it was on live tv and there were glitches so bad that i gave up on trying to watch the show! The audio was going in and out on my iphone and to be sure it wasn’t my phone I signed in on my tv only for it to do the same thing! Now i have to wait a week until the new episode is released until i can actually watch it without the glitches. When it comes to rewatching an episode on demand, the app isn’t complete trash but for live tv, I do NOT recommend! I will be using my my tv provider app instead to stream WEtv because I just found out that it works 100% better. So heads up: IF YOU WANT TO WATCH A SHOW ON LIVE TV ON THE APP, DO NOT GET IT !!!!!!
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5 years ago, Underground music lover
Worst TV channel APP yet
I watch a lot of shows on my iPhone at certain times. I have Fox apps, cbs, tnt, USA etc etc etc and even mtv app works better than this. Yours is horrible. Decided to give love after lock up a try so I downloaded this app instead of watching it on the direct tv app where I watched a few repetitive episodes. Beyond even the app function WEtv just absolutes SUCKSSS! I’m on episode 2 getting the EXACT same show as episode 1. Then go to episode 3 and wayyy way too many minutes of the same footage they showed on episode 1 and 2 is now repetitively re shown on later episodes like it is new content. Never seen this before from any network. I pray it’s not like that on your actual channel. You guys really need to work on this. I have so much patience and after painfully watching 3 “full” episodes and the astonishing disorganization of them with no chronological order of shows content.. not knowing if you missed certain things or why they keep showing 10 minutes of episode 1 in each proceeding episode, not even to mention the horrible tech glitches to watch this messily put together/edited show.. I’m about to say bye bye to wetv and it can yet again stay irrelevant like before I found love after lock up.
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2 years ago, slynnrenee
The worst
In order to make this review, I have to put at least 1 star. But, NO stars is more appropriate. That’s how bad this app is. It’s the worst tv app I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never had so much trouble trying to watch my shows. It has no problem letting me sign in with a cable tv account, but after signing in, there is no content to watch bc the shows won’t load. Just pretends to load. When I HAVE been lucky enough to actually get a show to load and try to watch something in the past, it was extremely glitchy and had horrible blurry picture. Only seldom would I actually get to watch something with no issues on Roku. It seems to have gotten even worse recently. I don’t understand why this app hasn’t had the updates it needs. I would never recommend downloading this app on either phone or smart tvs or Roku. Just a waste of time and memory space.
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2 years ago, becca282
Worst TV Channel App
WE is by far the worst TV Channel App I’ve ever used or should I say “tried to use!!” I’ve tried to watch what was currently playing LIVE as well as On Demand Shows that have already aired live, through my cable tv provider login. I have yet to be able to watch even a minute of one of the shows on this Network App. It continuously shows the circle going round and round, showing it’s buffering. There’s only been one incident where the show stopped buffering however I was then given an error message. I’ve tested my wifi box out with other similar apps so I know it’s not the speed of my internet. In enough words, don’t even waste your time downloading this app because it’s absolutely pointless. Personally I am extremely disappointed being as this is or “WAS” my favorite network. Please Please fix your app already!!!!
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4 years ago, Bellavictoria64
In one word… Frustrating.
What is the problem with this app? Try to view things on here is so so frustrating. As you sit there watching it you feel like I’ve already seen this part before what is going on, only to find out that it keeps repeating the same segment I've just watched. Then when I try to rewind, it just keeps going either back to the very beginning, or it just goes straight to more commercials that I’ve just watched. Get that figured out and this could become a great app at Five Stars.
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3 years ago, THE RUNZ
Worst streaming app I’ve ever downloaded and is a complete waste of device storage space! And more importantly, has absolute worst developers. I read 2 yrs of reviews and in 2 WHOLE years the developers haven’t managed to make the app consistently useable. We’re not asking for better content, we are just asking for the ability to use the freaking app. I’ve been trying to watch the last 20 mins of a show for the past hour. Exactly what I said. The app force closes itself every freaking 2 mins. And when it’s reopened I have to watch the same 5 commercials again. Now I’m finally on the last 3-5 mins of the show and it’s starting to crash as soon as the show is loaded. *Apple pls delete this worthless app from the app store. 🙏🏾
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8 months ago, HuluHate
This app and website is completely worthless. You can never get through a one hour show without it freezing and shutting down, skipping to random scenes while watching, and the incessant ads that continuously glitch and freeze while you have to sit there and force yourself to wait til the ad is done glitching so you can finish your show. I don’t understand how these corporations don’t have more pride in their products it has taken me 2.5 hours to watch a 40 minute episode. are y’all ever going to make your website functional or do i have to wait until another streaming service/media company to buy wetv so it’s actually accessible to the people who’d like to view some of the shows on here?
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1 month ago, Nicani
What is the purpose of this app?
I am looking at reviews from like 5 yrs ago and still there is no change or upgrade to this app. I don’t understand why WETV and the developers won’t do a software upgrade to their app. It’s as though they don’t want anyone to use their app and if that is the case, they should remove it from the store. It doesn’t just not work on the app, but it doesn’t work on the internet as well. This has got to be one of the most underdeveloped and non-functional apps I’ve ever encountered. You would think with all of the very bad reviews going back many years they would want to improve, however I don’t see that and it’s a really bad thing. WETV you need to do better or remove the app.
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3 years ago, Tazzie637
Get your app together
I’m not understanding why every time I open the app & choose my show, it buffers for more than 5 minutes.. I have to close the app, clear it from background, and reopen it multiple times before it will load the episode, and when one episode ends, it takes almost 10 minutes to buffer before it loads the next episode.. It’s mildly infuriating.. I do have full service & full WiFi when this is happening so I know it’s not a connection to internet issue..
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2 years ago, Aisha Shere
This app, website is infuriating and deplorable
Can’t play videos. Initially, I thought it was due to the iOS update, but that’s not the case. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, still no correction. Please fix as I’m trying to watch a few programs. Thanks! Update: 2 years later…still running into streaming errors, where the show never loads. Wanted to watch Marriage Bootcamp for months. Also, no updated content on the app, but the website has current programming. Would like to watch a show that is 6 episodes in, but the app is stick stuck on last year. Cannot mirror website bc the of wetv browser. WeTV is ghetto compared to it’s competition. Get it together ppl.
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2 years ago, Neicy.Collins21
When I try to log-in using my TV provider, it says the password/username is incorrect. I never have any problems using any other apps, as I use the same exact password/username to log-in. Update: This app is still useless. I am deleting this app off my phone and TV. The developer clearly doesn’t care because, based on the comments, the problems have been consistent for 3+ years with no resolution. The update history shows several updates but nothing ever gets fixed. Now the streaming episodes don’t work and when I try to watch live tv I just get an error message. I can’t even enjoy my favorite shows.
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2 years ago, MeseeMee
Horrible App
I literally downloaded this app to watch Brat Loves Judy. After I signed in using my provider the only shows listed are Waka & Tammy and Love After Lock Up. There are NO options to watch other shows there’s also no option to search for the show you want. But if you use the web browser it shows everything. I don’t want to mirror my phone to the TV to watch the show that’s why we have the app on the Roku. But reading through the comments for the last 3yrs YALL DONT CARE haven’t fixed anything based on consumer feedback. If I could give ZERO stars I would. Uninstalling such a waste of time.
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5 years ago, cmcmcmcmccm
This app is useless
All I want to do is watch trash tv for 40 minutes and this app is constantly having issues. Ive been trying to get it to work for 4t5 minutes now. Deleting, restarting, blah blah blah. I go to my tablet and same crap. Other issues I’ve experienced are the app downloading two icons on my fire stick that i need to switch between in the middle of episodes to get them to work, making me force stop the app constantly to finish an episode, not letting me sign in and taking me to the same page over and over or showing a blank page. This app is complete crap but of course i need it if i ever want to watch an episode on we tv.
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3 years ago, Baby bird too
The worst
This app is quite possibly the worst streaming app I have ever used. If the constant commercial breaks wasn’t annoying in of themselves; add the same one repeated 4 times in a row every commercial break, the commercial suddenly starting smack in the middle of a segment, 30 seconds of the show boom another commercial, and once the break ends, the show doesn’t pick up where it left off, or it starts on a portion of the show you already watched. It’s like WE found the worst developers on the market with the goal of making it impossible for viewers to watch a show/series.
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1 year ago, gccckk
This tv app is so horrible.. first off I have to reopen the app 30 times and clear it before it actually works. Then when it does work only 2-3 shows pop up, if I’m lucky and one of the shows is the one I want to watch I have to watch it buffer for nearly 5 minutes before it even plays. Then when it does it’s either going to show commercials every 2 minutes or none at all but you never know. With this app having so many horrible reviews for years you’d think the creators would have done something by now!! Smh
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5 years ago, tdrop21
My favorite way to watch Love after Lockup!
After I watched one episode of Love after Lockup at my friends house, I was instantly hooked! I decided to download the app to watch the episodes on my train ride to work the day after they premiere and I could not be happier with my decision. Easy to use, especially for a technology amateur mother of 3 (I know y’all can relate)! Can’t wait for Life after Lockup.
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11 months ago, Ashz2012
If I could give this APP a (-1 or -2) stars I would!!!! It takes way too long & most of the time I’ve got to completely REBOOT my entire phone & then try going back into the APP & then sometimes it still DOESN’T work UGH!!!! And NO it’s NOT my internet connection or service because I can log into several other apps & have NO problems whatsoever but too make sure I can even try to get into this APP I DON’T have any others opened & streaming!!!! They really really NEED too FIX whatever glitch they’re having with this APP & sooner is better!!!!!
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8 months ago, KLashone
Worst app ever!
I’m not even able to watch any shows! I sign in and it never loads for any show which is ridiculous! This needs to be fixed because this is the most janky app I’ve ever experienced. It tells me I have no internet connection which is a lie, then it says “ something’s wrong on our end”, like what? I hate this app, never had any issues on any other apps that I can watch shows on. This app is a waste of time, I have to watch it on tv or on the ACTUAL WEtv website. This is ridiculous.. TAKE THE APP DOWN NOW! 0 out of 5 stars
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3 years ago, Anonymoustfgy
Idk I’m not feeling this app
Ive connected my spectrum cable to the app to watch it live when I’m on the go with my phone or on my Roku. Sometimes there is no sound. Or the sound goes in and out. It’s not any of my devices that have the issue it’s the app. It freezes a lot and it’s very annoying. Honestly pointless to use the app trying to watch shows live. But I can say I don’t have issues when I am watching a already aired episode on the app.
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8 months ago, Queta610
For this to be an actual network your app is horrible. Whoever is your digital content person they need to be fired. For almost 3 yrs now this app has had several glitches while watching live tv. It barely allows you to sign in to watch the shows. A lot of times the shows don’t even update as they are supposed to weekly. Like seriously get your stuff together. Your app is literally one of the worst ones I have ever encountered and it’s sad because I really want to watch your shows
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5 years ago, Pink-Koko
It’s not the app that freezes up - WeTv Issue
I watched the web version of WeTv and when it goes to an add it starts to freeze. People are blaming the app, but it’s not just the app at all. It’s best to cast/watch through your cable’s mobile option or WatchAtt or whatever other options you have. But the wetv site and app both just have issues but it appears that it’s on wetv not the app developers fault.
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1 year ago, AmandaRyburn
Y’all, this app is ridiculous.. like why can’t I watch a show that has already been out for over a week.. WE APP in general is like this.. even on my firestick and the computer!!! Y’all need to get it together… and why can’t we watch programs that have already been out for a year or two.. I can only choose from 3 shows to watch.. and WE has way more than that.. I wanna watch stuff I missed..
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1 year ago, ShellzG6
The WORST app to watch your shows!
I don’t know who developed this app but they need to go back to the drawing board. This app has to be the worst app to watch your shows. It doesn’t matter if the app is on your phone, tv or computer. It is full of glitches, the words are off to the sound and it will stop and glitch out while watching a show. Please fix it or put the shows on another streaming app so we can actually watch the shows without the frustration!
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3 years ago, ceeceeteatea
App closes unexpectedly
The app shuts down unexpectedly during commercials. When you try to go back into the app to resume the episode, it requires you to watch another commercial and then still goes back to the beginning of the episode. The app also shuts down completely every time the Zales commercial tries to play. It’s frustrating and makes you not even want to bother trying to watch shows on it.
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1 year ago, smejbdn
This app is the worst. When watching a show it constantly freezes and will randomly say that I have no internet connection. My internet works fine, We TV, your app is the problem! I’ve watched the same ads for about 10 minutes just to get back to my show but as soon as the ads are over “no internet connection.” Don’t waste your time or storage with this one. Would leave zero stars if possible.
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4 years ago, 1Tomek1
Casting to the tv.
What casting? It would be a great app if the casting to the tv actually worked like it does on my other tv station apps. What’s up with the tv casting NOT working on the WE tv app? Update: The app now works & I can watch the shows broadcast on it. Whatever you did to fix it, congratulations! It worked!
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3 years ago, WorstApp1026
The worst app
This app is so frustrating it freezes out of no where. Casting is horrible, the show pauses if my phone goes to auto lock, I have to change the setting in my phone so the show can continue when it doesn’t freeze. It’s super annoying, why has this not been fixed? Why bother having an app when it doesn’t work properly?
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5 years ago, helpmewetv
Keeps telling me no subscription
Wth I have contacted my cable provider to make sure I have this channel I have checked parental controls I have emailed the people with the app nothing in return this is so irritating I hate paying for a channel that I can’t access because it is saying I don’t have a subscription even though I do has to be a bug because a friend tried to log in as well with a different cable company and they received the same error message and they to are a paid subscriber
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1 year ago, Kb112009
At what point does the app work?
I have downloaded and deleted this app multiple times over the last few months hoping for some improvements. None have been made. The live TV and available episodes will attempt to load but never actually play. I'm confused on how an app from a widely known network can be this trash. Came back just to write a review Don't waste your time downloading. It's free but still not worth it
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2 years ago, kmcc23
You have a serious problem for over a month
You all have a serious problem connecting a paid cable service to link and watch shows. Atlantic broadband was changed to “breezeline” and for over one month when I click on it, it does absolutely nothing!!!!!! There is no easy way to report an issue because you all constantly have issues and no man power to fix them apparently.
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2 years ago, itsmewhoeverisay
App rarely works
The app doesn’t position correctly on the screen anymore. It cuts off a lot of the screen and has been this way for months now. Often, you will receive the “it’s not you, it’s our end” message. There’s also so many commercials in one episode it’s ridiculous; it might SEEM like 4-5 commercials and then when they begin it’s (1 of 10) (1 of 9) smh . Download if you please it’s just a hassle most times.
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2 years ago, Benjora
Tv shows
There should be a place on the app where all the shows on WEtv is listed so that we can click on them and watch it. There is a new episode of Brat loves Judy but I can’t watch it on the app nor can I watch the other episodes anymore because there is no way to click on the show if it’s not on the front page. This is ridiculous!!!!
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9 months ago, Aunteecoco
Worst app ever
The fact that you can’t watch any past or current seasons is ridiculous. What’s the purpose of the app?? I truly don’t care for the love tv app as I can stream any of those shows elsewhere, however, particular shows are only found on WEtv but you can’t watch them. The Home Screen only displays 3 shows and 1 you can’t watch because it hasn’t even aired yet!! Complete waste of time. Wish I could give ZERO STARS!! Do better.
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1 year ago, Janessa Orona
I literally can’t watch my show anywhere else but this app & it ALWAYS has problems and it seems they never get fixed. I hate that you can’t look up shows on here I was watching a show it disappeared from my “home” in the app and I can’t find it no more. I really wish WE would just fix their app.
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3 years ago, Lilac376
It’s a shame how difficult this app is to watch since I would love to watch some of these shows. The shows keep buffering and when they do play they keep jumping back to a previously seen part of the episode. Sometimes I can’t even get to the end of the show because the episode plays only to a certain point and then jumps back. Frustrating and a waste of time.
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2 years ago, Cduvalsaint12
Used to be great but now you Can’t stream or smart cast to your tv, logging in with your provider creates glitches. This is now one of the worst apps on my phone and just taking up space
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7 months ago, ikillphil
Downloaded then deleted
I downloaded it because there was a show I wanted to watch. I don’t have cable. Just streaming apps. This app won’t allow you to watch anything unless you have cable and can link a cable subscription to the app. It kept insisting I sign into my “spectrum” account but I don’t even have one. Would have paid to see my show but oh well guess I’ll go get the bootlegged version.
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2 years ago, Carah S.
Never works
If I could give the app and network zero stars I would the app just whirls around endlessly and never plays anything . I haven’t been able to watch anything since it upgraded saying it would be making things better I should have just stayed with the outdated version at least it was playing. I wish all the shows would go to an actual working network
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2 years ago, Alyshawrx
Never works. Pointless.
This app is super frustrating. There’s no point to even having it. Any time you try to watch something, a message pops up saying “oops! we’re having difficulties on our end”. I’ve been trying once a day for about a week, just to see if it ever corrected. Surprise - it didn’t. Just use the Fios app or whatever other streaming service you have to watch stuff.
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1 year ago, LemonLEES
Fix your app!!
How are you guys releasing shows but the user isn’t able to watch them via app on Apple TV nor iPhone?? Terrible. It was horrible already but it’s gotten worse. I try signing in and it’s only showing the page load with a yellow loading symbol. And it does it with nothing else to come.. it’s an endless thing. We the users need a serious update from wetv app developers!!!
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2 years ago, Ms. Be
No Chromecast Option
Recently upgraded the app because the older app wasn’t responsive. The old version had a chromecast option this one doesn’t, just Airplay which constantly drops and has poor quality. I wish they would allow chromecast and the live tv option which they also removed. This app has always been garbage, but It’s now it’s even more. Thanks
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5 years ago, trumexican
WE APP Amazing
I love when I can go back and watch shows I’ve missed. I also like watching them again because it’s great to see such a great show . Truly blessed and spoiled to have this app wouldn’t miss it for the world .
Show more
6 years ago, JaiC13
Why is there still no 10/15 second Rewind button?
I am pretty sure there used to be a Rewind button, but with one of your previous updates it was removed and not put back. I don’t get why since that ‘small’ addition means a lot to TV watchers. And WETV App does freeze quite a bit, which is surprising.
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2 years ago, River Was Here
The WORST app
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I detest this app. You can’t search for particular shows, you have to hope the show is on the home page if you want to watch it. The orientation doesn’t work, you can’t view it in landscape mode. The app is constantly down and you get an error message if you try to watch a show. It’s simply not user friendly.
Show more
3 years ago, ATaylor95
Worst app ever! Skips parts of shows!
This is the worst app ever! I’ve only had it for less than 24 hours and it’s already driving me nuts. The app constantly skips and jumps to certain parts of shows. It’s so annoying because it will not let me go back and watch the parts it skipped over, it will only just jump right back to the parts before or after it skipped. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
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9 months ago, Lennox420
Does it even work?
Home page only shows one episode of 3 shows and there’s no search bar or browse area
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5 years ago, nikkit1994
I made sure I got this channel to watch some shows I love but you don’t have every season or in the right order and don’t have every episode in full episodes. How the heck am I suppose to show every season and every episode if you don’t have them in full. This is the only way I can watch them and I’m extremely disappointed. I love marriage boot camp and I can’t watch it all I’m super extremely disappointed
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1 year ago, just to remove ads
No main menu
This app is so frustrating. There’s no main menu! You can’t get to the list of shows. I tried everything. I also tried screen mirroring my phone to my TV and the app doesn’t work. I finally got the app to work directly on my TV itself and it times after and gives me an error message after 10 minutes. Terrible.
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3 years ago, Valdito
Needs Some Serious Work
Problem: Fail to connect to the server. Buffing and Stopping after commercial Losing sound and sound not synchronized
Show more
5 years ago, Jefferyrosb
Love WE
Never really had any problems with this app. And enjoy their live TV. But sometimes it takes hours to get it to logon but when it’s fixed I’m happy once again.
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