2.8 (9)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WEAR ABC3

2.78 out of 5
9 Ratings
7 years ago, Sportsfan2
Fastest and best Pensacola news
Works great on iPhone 5.2. The WEAR web news team gets it first and gets it right! This is the best way to get Pensacola breaking news. The WEAR webpage and app gave the quickest and most accurate updates to that horrible murderer on the loose situation last weekend. I noticed the Associated Press used their reports 'word for word' across the US. I also like the WEAR weather app to stay up on the the Pensacola area daily forecast and weather alerts.
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3 days ago, Original Gappy
Getting the news…
The only thing I don’t like is you CAN NOT in large the pictures… How can you see a robbery suspect or a missing person when yo can’t see them…
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6 years ago, udontknowshake?
Getting from article to article is tiresome
This would be a 5 Star review IF ONLY you could give us left right swipe functionality for next article. Instead of this, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the article and press the link to the next article. It is a tiresome process especially if you aren’t interested in reading the very next article. If u aren’t interested in reading the next article, u either must press it, get to it, scroll down to the bottom of said article u don’t want to read, and press on the next link at the bottom of page. Either that, Or u must go back to the list of articles and access the next one u’d like to read like that. Most news apps have left right swipe functionality to view next articles. I really hope you will make your app to have this function. It would be much more effective and a bit more of a breeze to get through. Hope this makes sense, as I love to read Pensacola news, and I am from Louisiana. Thanks!
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6 years ago, lalady70563
WEAR notifications
I would think that fewer notifications would be more effective. It is my understanding that notifications are to inform of important events happening currently of which people should be made aware. On a scale of 1-10, the top 25% of stories would qualify. Not every story is newsworthy and can be considered a 10, but the amount of notifications I get on my smart phone from WEAR is staggering. Only Fox News exceeds WEAR in that capacity. Please consider reducing the notifications sent out every day to the truly important ones (i.e. Amber Alerts, etc.) and relegate the lesser ones (i.e. drainage ditch issues and such) to the evening newscasts. Just a suggestion. P. Reed
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10 years ago, Fyhbogess
Not useful at all.
The app is super easy to use but I have a couple complaints. First of all, it is never as "up to date" as the stories say they are. For example it will say something was "Breaking News" 1 hour ago, when really, it's a story from 9 hours ago! And the only reason I know that it is a broadcast from nine hours ago is because the newscasters will state the time-NOT because there is a correct time posted on the link-because there isn't, which was my second complaint. During the storm it would have been nice to be able to rely on this app but I was unable to. Highly disappointed.
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2 years ago, QuitWork
Best in the Bay
For 33 years I listed and sold real estate in Pensacola Florida. Since I moved out of the state, I needed a REALTOR who could sell my property in Pensacola. It was not a hard decision, because I’ve known MARTHA HOBGOOD for 30 years. Martha has handled every aspect of the listing and sale of my property in Pensacola with the utmost of professionalism and integrity. In my opinion, there is no finer real estate agent in the greater Pensacola area than Martha Hobgood..
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8 months ago, PAP $$44
Sorry Service
Why can’t your app be as up to date as other channels? Yours is so antiquated it takes twice as long to show a “breaking news story “ and that’s IF you ever do get it. I’ve added it to my app page a couple times and it just mysteriously disappeared. I have channel 5 loud and clear but that’s all I get forthe Gulf Breeze area where I live. I also have apps for Arkansas, KARK, KATV and KTHV. They all perform properly with breaking news except yours. Please help . Thank you.
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12 years ago, Hrb24
Works great in the iPhone 5
I am updating from my last review, which was not good. Just upgraded to the iPhone 5 and the app works great, it's even compatible with the 5! Awesome job guys
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3 years ago, dave________
You may be reading reviews and thinking, “I’m not really concerned about the opinions on content or commercials.” Here’s is a review you should consider. I have a new iPad and a fast internet. However, this app will not stay on live feed. If you are going to advertise “live TV,” then the app should be simple to use and actually function, neither of which this app does. I hit live TV: Lloyds auto glass commercial. Then, blank screen. I hit live TV again: Lloyds auto glass commercial. Then, blank screen Repeat, repeat, repeat
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12 years ago, Diemuzi
I really do enjoy watching WEAR 3 but this app is just as horrible as visiting WEAR TV's website in mobile mode. As of version 1.7 each time you open the app it redirects you to one of their built-in ads. Then you've gotta reopen the app again and it takes forever to load. Once everything loads, the information is so out-dated that it isn't even worth using. There are still stories on there from a week ago that aren't even being reported about anymore.
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8 years ago, Tdean2000
Usability Issues
I use an iPad and have issues with the app's orientation. Most apps seem to allow portrait or landscape, but this app seems only to allow portrait. It seems as though it is intended for use on a phone and not a tablet. I twice attempted to leave feedback directly to/for the developer but could not locate a send button. This review is the only way I know that I can connect with the developer. I'm just asking for a version that allows both orientations.
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13 years ago, LuvSumAdam
Please fix
Not worth to one star I had to give it. What little news is updated, you can't read because it says no text and that's all it says. None of the videos will play. What a joke and I'm not laughing. Come on channel 3 get with the program and fix this ap. UPDATE: waited for a fix to come out and you released one that stated the video bug was fixed. Well the videos still won't play, so I'm uninstalling.
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12 years ago, steph130
Needs bug fix- updated review
Enjoyed this app until recent update. Now crashes when opened. App support link just goes to mobile website- no place to report a bug. Update: deleted and reinstalled; working fine again! Good free local news app.
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4 years ago, Liz271926
There is no reason that if a live broadcast freezes and I have to close it and reopen it that I should have to watch another ad before I can go back to the live broadcast. I understand that they sponsor the app but good lord I don’t need to see there as every single time I open the app to watch something. Or every time I change video’s I swear if I have the app open 10 min atleast 3 of those 10 min are spent watching ads for a law firm! Annoying!!!!
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7 years ago, Pearlcrest
From so-so to worse
Still buggy, notifications don't go anywhere, and now, navigation is less friendly, and Display is horrible. Have to jump around to get to news instead of being able to do all news, and text is so large only half the headlines show like a disappointing teaser. They should have just fixed what was broken instead of creating another mediocre product
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12 years ago, Nissan850
Great Update
I see no problem with this app at all. With new updates it looks nicer and run smoother for me. No complaints here... It's just a local news app after all, and it's free... These other people expect WAY to much for a news app. I give it a 4/5
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10 years ago, Momma wags
The videos work just fine for me, the app is easy to navigate, only issue I had was trying share stories on Facebook. I always get an error, but other than that it's pretty good.
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5 years ago, Crestview gator
Keeps me up-to-date whether the app is up-tp-date or not.
Keeps me up-to-date whether the app is up-tp-date or not.
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2 months ago, DanielBarnes22
Who is the Editor?
The articles on this site are riddled with basic grammatical errors. Florida already has a reputation for low education and this app isn’t helping. I can’t send articles to friends from out of state because it is an embarrassment. This new channel is truly a disappointment and a negative reflection on Pensacola. Do Better.
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11 years ago, AppRatingNickname
Very basic way to get a few news stories...when it works
If the app is working, and the news pages were loaded properly, this app is a quick way to read a few news stories. It's full of typos and glitches - very frustrating at times.
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3 years ago, Tnbplus2
Not a go-to for news
Behind on timing & numerous grammatical/spelling errors within app. Pushing towards left-leaning, bias national news. Weather info is fairly good. This app (& possibly news station) prefers to report on crashes & arrests…not a lot of positivity from their viewpoint in NWFL news.
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8 years ago, Marlin2222
Guess you still don't care
Once again, your failure to respond to overwhelmingly negative feedback can only lead one to believe you simply don't care. This App is useless without landscape presentation. Very unfortunate that that Pensacola does not have a reliable news app other than the PNJ. Please take some hints from the WKRG app!
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7 years ago, Steelviper
Slow to update. Whoever is in charge of this app you need to be fired. It's our only local news app and you do a terrible job! I watched Hannah McKensie do a live feed on FB over an hour ago and your stupid app still has no story on a shooting just blocks from my house!!! I would rate this app LESS if I could.
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1 year ago, jb123458765
App does not function with iPad
Every time I launch the app the news app goes blank; also I have rebooted numerous times and deleted the wear channel 3 app and reloaded it is still blank, I checked for updates ;app is still dead and not functioning
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12 years ago, PandaSimmons03
Delete and reinstall.
If the app doesn't work after the last update, delete it, then reinstall it. Works great for me now!!
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3 years ago, Subliminalhints
Horrible app
This app is garbage! It never works right, freezes, and won’t let you go back nice you’ve clicked on a story. The stories are filled with ads and the news isn’t actually news worthy. The articles are poorly written. Journalism is dead and so is this app.
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7 years ago, Jhoward0000
Works more often after update
But they still don’t care to give you any notification controls. Turn off to possibly miss an important update, or turn on so you can get about 40 per day, many duplicates about manufactured news.
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5 years ago, Megs3812
Useless App very disappointing
There is no sound with this app or setting controls for this app. It’s pretty useless to watch live or receive weather updates cause it doesn’t work!! I will just continue to use Allen Strum Facebook page to get my weather. Too bad WEAR get an app that works!
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9 years ago, Rathmullan
Not working
App not working. It load some multi page weather app that does work either
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4 years ago, jimotr
No landscape viewing
Unable to view stories via landscape on iPad. Only able to watch via Potrait. I looked in the settings and I don’t see any place where I can change it to Landscape.
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10 months ago, 1@%-#23$+
No longer providing live news feed
This used to be a very useful app. However it no longer can provide a livestream local feed for news. Might as well be an app for a paper.
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3 years ago, Haukehe
Want weather? Not here.
Your app used to be awesome. Now, not so much. Weather reduced to 30 second sound bites. Can’t even see the hourly percentages for rain fall. Living on the coast and making a living on the water… your app is a fail.
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13 years ago, mkh18
Needs updating
When you open the app it never updates. It is very annoying. Even if you close it and then re-open it. It's great that it is free but it needs some upgrades. I deleted it not worth the hassle.
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7 years ago, Admiral911
Worst TV app ever
I seldom write reviews but this app is absolutely terrible. It has a settings feature which has absolutely no settings control. The live stream has quality so bad its unwatchable. Let alone hoping for an Apple TV app...just abysmal and Sinclair should hope for a new app developer.
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4 years ago, Jay0276
this app could be a LOT better without the numerous ads you’re forced to watch before you can actually watch the news.
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7 years ago, patrick castleberry
When clicking on a notification it takes forever to load the article and most of the time the app crashes before the article is displayed. The worst app every created.
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3 years ago, a1bandman
Not Good
The news feed is almost always a day and a dollar short on being current with the news.
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3 weeks ago, Chris Nelson
App is broken, opens to a white screen with logo but never fully loads. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no change. Deleted it and will use website.
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5 years ago, Frigate65
Too aggravating to use. Last updates made the app useless and I agree with too much Levin. Also agree that not updated in a timely manner and seems to be in a frozen state. Old news is not good news.
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6 years ago, Gobraves01
No audio with video
This has been a problem for MONTHS and still has not been fixed!
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4 years ago, bull durm
My self
Can’t watch their weather on the internet without it freezing,looks like adds are taking over my phone just like in old days trying to watch on computers .
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4 years ago, Sillyror
I have tried to use this to get a more accurate idea of the weather forecast, however they only show you temperatures, not rain chances. So it’s honestly pointless for weather.
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12 years ago, Foodlovee
was good, but....
Well this was a decent app for a while and then a couple of days ago an update was released and now it redirects you to an ad website. Way to screw it up with an update that wasn't needed.
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12 years ago, Money $$$$
App failure
I loved the app until update. I have deleted and reinstalled twice but still crashes. I still have 3G phone so not sure if compatible.
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5 years ago, sam1am53
Old News
Shows old news for 3 or 4 days, here it is 5/5 and the top news is from 2-3 days ago. Not worth downloading.
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12 years ago, Acfroze
What the hell is going on?
Now every time you open it you get redirected to another site. Can not even get support. I like channel 3 but i am done with all there web crap.
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13 years ago, A seldom viewer
A poor ap
This ap for WEAR 3 is very seldom updated and I am using it less & less. This shouldn't be surprising since the tv is poor in it's coverage of local news but alas it is all we have.
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7 years ago, perte24
Still needs a lot of work
Haven't learned a thing in the past year. Still doesn't work in landscape and drop down menu is still useless.
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7 years ago, Fgc117
It crashed my Iphone 7
The message: Allow 'WEAR ABC3' to access your location even when you are not using the app froze on my Iphone 7 even I chose either 'Don't Allow' or 'Allow'
Show more
5 years ago, ewt45
Too many Levin commercials
Every time you want to play a news item, you have to watch a short commercial. I don’t need this, it’s a waste of time and deleted the app.
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