WEAU 13 News

2.3 (97)
81.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WEAU 13 News

2.27 out of 5
97 Ratings
4 years ago, LyndsayEvonne
Not working properly
The weather widget isn’t working properly anymore. It’s been 54 degrees and sunny for like 3 months now. I like using WEAU for my weather rather than the iPhone weather app because it gives a more accurate prediction but now the widget isn’t working so I don’t use WEAU anymore. Bummer
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4 years ago, <=CAT=>
If you like ads and crashes, this app is for you.
There are more ads then news. Now there are ads mixed in with the headlines and in every story. We'll I guess they figured more ads is more important then the news. As far as the articles, not only are they inaccurate the spelling mistakes are usually numerous. Haven't they learned about proof reading or using a spell checker at least. Terrible!
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1 year ago, disappointed 045
What’s the purpose of it???
I try to look at the weather report and it wants me to download another app, so why have this one. Then I’m trying to write this review and there is two ads planning over each other in the background. About as useless as their left wing politics! Deleting since it’s completely useless!!!
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7 years ago, Spiritsgirl
Was a good app now ... too many annoying pop ups
This was a good news app for my area... now I am not happy with it because when you open the app an ad pops up that you have to cancel before being able to read the news...... TV -13 my advice get rid of the pop up ads. I am using this app less now because it works like some of the cheap free games .....
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5 years ago, Dit4687:69
Still a worthless app
Ok for local news but will lock on to certain locations for weather and not use current location. I vacationed in Oregon and all my weather still opens to Oregon forecasts and radar. Now you must watch full screen commercials before entering app. App just not worth it. They should take a lesson from local competitors app. Deleted for good
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6 years ago, One Long Shot
Lack of info
Recently the “feel like” temp and the wind direction hasn’t been showing up at all. No where else can you find out which way the wind is blowing on the app. Needs to be fixed as well as the pop up at the opening session of the app.
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6 years ago, Hgfxhhhujfe
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years it’s just fine, no complaints here!
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2 years ago, FergMcG0425
Another left leaning news agency
Looking for local news reporting, but get tired of the definite tilt to the left. Wouldn’t mind if reporting was more balanced, but it just isn’t.
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3 years ago, keekee58
Stopped working
Had an iPhone 8. This app ran fine on it for 2 years. Then it quit loading. Can get notifications but nothing else. App will not open. Same on my brand new iPhone 12 Pro. Did the usual uninstall reinstall. Still not working. 👎👎👎👎👎
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1 year ago, Tom Brulport
To much fake news you added to the app.
Sick of your pop up fake news app. Switch to WQOW 18 news app. Which doesn’t have all those fake news pop up news advertising. Make that one Star I gave you a -10. So good by to you 13 news app, say Hello WQOW 18 news app. Tom Brulport
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6 years ago, Pdrier
To many ads
Every video, news cast you want to see you have to watch an ad. Very annoying if they would actually fix this, less time watching ads more time watching news stories that you want to see I would rate the app much higher.
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5 years ago, Dave20014
FYI, just so people know, and I hate to say this, but WEAU's website has been hosting malvertising ads, so until they change that, please avoid. This comes from our security expert at my IT company. Stay off the app and the website untill they change it!
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5 years ago, Angiesescape
I haven’t been able to open for many days. Deleted and reinstalled and no better. Guess news 18 it is.
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4 years ago, royroddey
Blares ads when opening app
And the app is poorly designed. Lots of misleading ads. Get your news somewhere else.
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2 years ago, skinney turkey
Your app is poorly designed, difficult to maneuver
Apparently it doesn’t work unless you give it permission to track you
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3 years ago, Dsteinmetz
App not opening!!!
Every time I open the app it flashes and reverts back to my Home Screen, very annoying especially when I want to read the headlines.
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3 years ago, Rev51
New version doesn’t open
Looks like you up dated to a new version 4 days ago. And now it no longer opens on my iPhone.
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6 years ago, cjgundy
good news app but get rid of your BS ads or charge for no ads
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6 years ago, Littlelid22
Bait click...
I hate the fact that this app must rely on bait click ads to operate. I refuse to use it any longer. I will find some other way to get my local news.
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5 years ago, Hostmatty
Too many ads
Every time I open the app, I'm forced to watch the same 30 sec ad. Just go to the mobile site. Same layout, no ads.
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5 years ago, benrud105
Constant Freeze Up
The app constantly freezes up while scrolling or reading stories.
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4 years ago, lm7878
Good local news weather is hit or miss
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5 years ago, dkkjjkkkk
Doesn’t load after last update
Won’t start on last update. Will miss the closed school warnings
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5 years ago, Wskillard
30 second add ....
Used to be my favorite news app. Not any more a 30 second election add before the app opens. Fix it to a banner or something else
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5 years ago, waunona
Are used to enjoy using this app now it freezes up about 80% of the time when you try to use it
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3 years ago, Anton Rang
It works, but ...
Edit: One star, after seeing through iOS 15’s privacy report just how many trackers this app was reporting to! The ads were annoying but the tracking has pushed me to delete it. Visit the web site in a private window (to avoid some tracking, though not all) instead. This is an improvement from just using the web site, but there’s more work to do. The weather link from the home page is nice, though it’s a bit disconcerting that tapping on the time/date icons brings up a modal dialog with more information. Oddly, however, the “local weather” link (vs. “current conditions” or the home page) just goes to the WEAU web site, and has a slightly different forecast than that shown in the home page link. The menu on the iPad (oddly, reached by clicking on three lines) is a mess — each entry is so large that you have to scroll through them, even though there are only 11 of them, and for 7 of the 11, you need to click twice (clicking on "Closings" results in a second menu with just "Closings" as a choice). This really needs a redesign; a standard iOS pop-over would be a far better way of doing it. The "Settings" button changes its function depending on the page you’re on, which isn’t obvious. (In the weather page, it brings up a location editor — which only accepts zip codes — but in a story page, it brings up settings.) (I'll be looking through the new version to see if these are improved!) The “Today’s events” screen shows only the first four events, and doesn’t allow them to be scrolled through — so you’ll miss a lot! The “Terms of Use” comes up in a tiny modal dialog, which makes them rather hard to read. (OK, not that anyone does.) So, better than the web site (except for “today’s events”), but hopefully it will be improved over time!
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8 years ago, Cdunvfhxvsfhfhhg
It works....
...especially for loading embedded ads. Usually three small ones per story. Stories are sometimes so brief they must be for ad revenue, then they are updated several times over a week or two, even though a beginning reporter would have gotten a reasonable amount of info the first time. On the good side, stories are more timely than on the television.
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3 years ago, Duckster3000
Bad update
App will not open now after update
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4 years ago, hypoxyz
App crashes
Whenever I open app it closes immediately! Not happy !!
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3 years ago, Freeway44
IOS 15
Won’t open after upgrading to IOS 15
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5 years ago, purpledude84
Poor app
App disappears when trying to open.
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2 years ago, getridifbiden
Fake news,
Very opinionated about republicans
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3 years ago, cancel yourself
Horrible media
Horrible Leftest news reporting A disgrace to eau claire
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7 years ago, sharry hebert
Trinity Lutheran Food Pantry in Eau Claire is closed today and it is NOT listed!!!
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8 years ago, Jason Ripp
Updated App - Same Bad!
App crashes constantly. They brag about the "new" settings you can use for notifications, closings, etc. They even allow you to set by zip, city, etc. Unfortunately, none of it works!!! You can enter in a zip, for example, and it comes back empty and just sits there. Then it crashes. It's the same App WSAW in Wausau uses and it acts the same there, too. Very bad App. There are MANY local news apps to choose from. Why waster your time with this lame one? I'd give it a zero if it were allowed.
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8 years ago, Ag480670
What happened
This app was recently updated. It doesn't feed news correctly as sometimes the news is the weather. The weather part of the app they took out the meteorologists written weather report which was quite valuable. Why??? Overall it is 2 stars.
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8 years ago, More on dumb bass
Annoying unnecessary alerts
I have weather alerts enabled in the app but all other alerts disabled. Why do I keep getting unrelated, unimportant teasers for the 10:00 news? If it doesn't stop, I'm deleting this app.
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9 years ago, Jetsze
New website
Really like the new app. Much easier to read and navigate
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10 years ago, Our_Burden
App crashes whenever a search is attempted. Other than that it is working fine on my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.
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9 years ago, Plow77
Great app
Go to local news app, would love to be able to send stories on Messenger but app won't allow or 5 star
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8 years ago, Brdgcrklogn
Weather video problems!
As soon as you click on weather video it crashes the app. Needs to be fixed. Has Been this way for over a 1/2 year now.
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10 years ago, Playing hard 80
Works when it wants to
This app is ok would be better if it would work all the time!! Can't get the news at all now!!
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9 years ago, Wisdriver
Like the new layout of the app.
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7 years ago, Blo9391
Can't get site I want to show
I want Rock Falls to show and only thing that comes up is Mondovi as a home site
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11 years ago, Monkey14148942279
Crappy app
App shuts down when you tap on the radar loop. Uninstalling shortly.....argh. Make the old app available until the junk new one is fixed
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10 years ago, Blademan386
This app crashes phone after iOS 8 installed
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10 years ago, C@twoman
Does not open on older iPad. I have OS 5.1 and despite promise, it does not open.
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10 years ago, Paul Prorok
Very good app
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