WECT 6 Where News Comes First

4.6 (3.7K)
74.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WECT 6 Where News Comes First

4.6 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
5 years ago, QueenMow
I have this app on my iPhone and it’s flawless!! Love and depend on it!! I was so glad to find this app for my tv streaming, unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well. I live in Wilmington NC so I really need to be able to stream my local news and weather in the mornings. Not giving up on y’all you are an excellent news & weather station.
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6 years ago, betn2nature
Please take notice of Wallace
I’m from Wallace ... but have you ever noticed that Duplin county is rarely included in any news, weather, maps, etc? WECT focuses on New Hanover, Pender, Columbus, Brunswick & Bladen counties. Wallace is a 35 mile drive into Wilmington. It would be nice to know we folks here in Duplin were recognized as valuable viewers as channel 6 news and weather are watched most prolifically in the Wallace area, and not to mention most of us in south Duplin shop in New Hanover county - ALWAYS have. I’ve always felt I was a part of the greater Wilmington area but feel we are not considered a part of you guys. How about taking notice of us? As a matter of fact, New Bern, Little Washington and Greenville leave us out too, but these areas are not as close as Wilmington ... New Bern does end its weather map at Kenansville but still get little reference to us - WECT does not show us on your map. Ha! Not funny!
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3 years ago, Bugamoose
New version is just garbage
Everything was fine for years then this new version was released. Nothing but forced advertising before you can read a news story. The advertising is usually videos that you must watch before you can read a news story. Also, when you get a breaking news notification it no longer takes you directly to the breaking news story in the app. Rather, it lands you on the home screen then you must figure out which menus to drill down to get the news story. This new version has absolutely ruined the user experience to the point that it is just unusable. Complete garbage. I now solely use the WWAY app for my local news.
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4 years ago, Ret AK
More news updates needed
I read the WECT news app every day to stay apprised of happenings in the Wilmington area. However, it seems the web site is not updated in a timely fashion and does not keep abreast of news updates. I find myself reading the same news on your web site that I read the previous day. I would suggest that more timely updates be applied to your web site to stay current with activities in the Wilmington area. Thank you.
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4 years ago, jFutrelle
More Issues Lately
1) When I mirror to my Apple TV, the app isn’t set up to keep your phone from sleeping, so you have to touch the screen every now and then to keep it from crashing. 2) The stream sometimes gets stuck in a loop of about 10 minutes of news 3) The ads sometimes have no sound or half sound (no voices in ads), which I guess I don’t mind 4) Been showing as “off air” during live broadcast times lately
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3 years ago, dryvowel
I love y’all thank y’all for all update , acutely delivering the news to us soon as u get it. That’s so much appreciated, and u have all my support don’t really have anything bad to say at all !!!! Y’all the best keep up the good work , and be safe out there !!!!
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6 years ago, JfromNC
The "new" app needs work
I find the new layout to be a jumble of huge and small pictures, different layouts popping up during the same viewing session, articles out of order i.e. latest news toward the bottom as you scroll. Like reading a newspaper that's come apart in the wind!
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5 years ago, bryson3434
WECT News is always super professional yet personal. In fact, I feel they are all good friends of mine simply because I spend time with them (by watching their broadcasts) every day!
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5 years ago, JoeBravo64
Terrible, buggy app!!
Installed mainly for the picture uploading, but you have to register, which I did, got confirmation that I was registered. But it won’t let me sign in. Uninstalled. UPDATE- Gave it another shot, tried to reset password. It sent the reset link in the email, but that didn’t take me anywhere that I could change it. When I clicked on the contact us link, it errored out saying the app could t send emails. This app is garbage.
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3 years ago, pysays
Too much advertisements
I always watch your station. I’ve always had an app on your station. The last update what is absolutely terrible because there’s more advertisements then there is news
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3 years ago, weather fanatic #1
When I get a notification on the app (Apple) I tap on the app, which then goes to the main screen. Then then there is nowhere there to go to read the notifications. When I finally figure where to go then there are no notifications listed.
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4 years ago, Hunter d martini
Great local news app!
I’ll be honest I actually downloaded this app as a joke, but now I love it! Very informative, and not NEARLY as cringy as the actual WECT broadcast! Sorry guys but it’s true (still love y’all though!)
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3 years ago, Pj!8
Not a fan of new look
I don’t like the updated app look. I liked the look and navigation of the previous version better, jumping right into your news stories. The new version is clunky and takes too long to navigate where you need to get.
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6 years ago, WiseCrackingBroad
Dependable & comprehensive
Look forward to my Star News everyday — for 23 years! Great coverage of local events & news. Dedicated staff & excellent customer service. Lucky to have this fine team in our community. I love newspapers! Also subscribe to The New York Times & rely on Wall Street Journal, too.
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3 years ago, George Hanover
App is great but a little buggy
Having the news alerts is great, but the app is a little buggy. For instance, if I click on a notification, the app won’t work if my phone is turned sideways.
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3 years ago, Henri_Gunther
Information on point
Love the app since its always a good time for the news to slap you in the face.
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4 years ago, dismondpearl
Thank you
Thanks for keeping us well informed during this crisis
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3 years ago, hampsje
Not as good with new update
So the app has been great until the latest redesign of it. App has tendency to fail to load/open and just spins. Have to close and reopen which is a pain. No clear way to contact support to report this issue to get fixed.
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3 years ago, Richard D H
WECT6 is contributing to the destruction of our country. My household stands on Christian beliefs and I find it heartbreaking so many people are lost, and WECT6 is endorsing the lost. I hope our paths cross because I will give you some Great News, some TRUTH, but as for WECT6, my household will not be listening to their fake news. We are deleting all apps and will not be tuning in!
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3 years ago, Beach girl 8
It keeps crashing and I can’t open this app at all. Need a new update fast. Plus the ads are annoying. If you are putting out a alert. It shouldn't take me an ad then I have to search for the alert. The old version was fine and never had a problem.
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12 months ago, G-Cloud
Worse Version
I have been using this app for years. Although it does have a few improvements, it continues to ask me to allow Bluetooth connections. I understand that it should ask initially, but every time I open the app is excessive.
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4 years ago, Gramnik
Unreliable and poor writing
There have been too many errors with reporting and especially true of the last 3 months. The writing always has grammar and vocabulary errors.
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3 years ago, brbj2020
New version not as good
The new version mixes sponsored “stories” with news. They are sponsored ads, not news. Wish they would go back to old format…or at least a better one.
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3 years ago, SPalmq
Why, why why???
Why is it that every time a website does a major overhaul they ruin it. Too many graphics and not enough news. You failed...
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3 years ago, clratt
Not liking the New app
Not a fan of the new design. The first page is either live stream or contact instead of news. Too many steps to find the actual news or articles you want.
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6 years ago, Skibby monster
Not that great
So I get notifications but when I click on a story I want to view it takes me to the main page not the story I want or it just takes me to a black screen that never loads. App needs work.
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4 years ago, ginahenn
Could use improvement
Links don’t always lead to the story you’re looking for. “Updated”stories are sometimes weeks or months old with little new content.
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2 years ago, LlamaMama713
Crashes or doesn’t open
I get news updates in my feed. When I click on them to read the story, the app crashes/won’t open. I have to go to the app and then search for the story.
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11 months ago, Pam Hewett
I always watch WWAY since I was a child
It’s the best channel
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6 years ago, anonymous_11-11
What is the music about in the background?
The annoying music in the background is making it hard to hear what the meteorologist saying. Is that supposed to be enhancing something? It is not working.
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5 years ago, ghlhsgj
Terrible update
New Update crashes before even opening.. have reinstalled cut phone on and off. However not shocked it’s a microcosm of WECT.. they can’t even report the news correctly 75% of time why would you think they would get this right.
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3 years ago, Tired61
The new update is terrible. Crashes often, hangs up. When it does work too many ads. I was tired of the click bait on the previous version, this is worse. Sorry WECT but it’s WWAY for me. I’m deleting the app.
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3 years ago, PamCraven
New version is awful
Looked at the old app dozens of times a day. Mew app is clunky and waaaaaay too many ads blocking stories. Just downloaded and subscribed to Port City Daily to see if it’s better. They seem to have a nice user friendly app.
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5 years ago, chris1029283873744747474747473
WECT the most updated app
I have had this app for years it’s always been on of my favorites. Now all they do is update give reminders fo the new updates and do updates again every week or so
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4 years ago, Loyal WECT viewer
Ad problem
Please add a function so users can stop video ads from automatically playing
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6 years ago, Lori AF
Tried to update
I tried to update this app because I was getting old news but it didn’t give me the option. Where I would tap to update, it was just spinning. So I uninstalled the app and tried to install and it still showed it spinning.
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3 years ago, Mary Lu hu
Too many ads, not much info
The prior version of this app was streamlined and easy to navigate. With this app you waste so much time wading through a swamp of ads it’s not worth the effort to get to the stories.
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3 years ago, VyporX
Too many ads
This app is meant to show the local news, but I have to sit through two 5 second ads first just to see what’s going on. No thank you. Deleted the app.
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3 years ago, Tinareaves
Not working since updated
I have even deleted the app and downloaded again. Still not working since I updated it today
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4 years ago, Baldheadedtireman
I stopped watching because of fake news.
This station is full of fake and racist news they report what they want you to believe. It’s always one sided stories. One of the most liberal stations I have ever seen. Idk what happened but it’s just plain sad.
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1 year ago, milesdn36
All ads
Not worth waiting through the ads. Plus the weather dude in the morning is a creepy used car salesman. I ain’t trying to buy the weather
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3 years ago, Nunayobidniz
New update makes it unusable. Deleted.
Can’t just see the new. Ads, live tv, circular menus that just lead you back to the beginning. It’s not usable for someone that just wants to read the news.
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2 years ago, DanB Goad
-10 is what the rating should be!.
This APP has accessed my data 120 times while I was sleeping!. It’s constantly crashing and sluggish loading!. It used to be the go to APP for weather but since Hurricane Florence the APP BLOWS WORSE THAN THE HURRICANE DID!.
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3 years ago, Gordo_NC
New version is broken
The older version was fine. Newer version is Not very user friendly. Not a very clean look once the app is open, it’s a very busy screen.
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4 years ago, Ricky bobby34
Terrible news reporting
WECT has failed the public in reporting fair and unbiased news. Unfortunately, they have become part of the fake news movement with a leftist agenda. Fortunately, most of us are smart enough to recognize it!
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3 years ago, Bnix76
Seems to be like all media, from the left.
Ironically, I can’t see why I’m typing!! This app is one sided and that’s all I can attempt to write since I somehow can’t see the review!!
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6 years ago, Red Knee
Better luck in the future.
The procedure to surf your news has become very cumbersome. Way to many paid advertisements!! I’m at the point of not using your site at all.
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3 years ago, Drew gman
New Version is bad
Switched to a different app developer (I’m assuming). New version is bulky, riddled with ads, and slow to load. WECT content itself is good, the app just doesn’t deliver it well.
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6 years ago, GamerBo$$
New layout horrible
I was having a great time with the old layout and now overnight I don’t know how the heck to use the app!! I’m not tech savvy but this app used to easily be navigated but here we are you messed it up
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5 years ago, mommannie
The update is terrible!
I did the update and now the app doesn’t work. Fix it Now the app works, but it doesn’t update the news! Put it back the way it was. Thinking of deleting the app and goin with WWAY.
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