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Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wenxuecity

1.6 out of 5
111 Ratings
2 weeks ago, PG8964
Crash, unstable at all!
After several use of this app, it’s crashed and frozen so that I cannot open it at all. I have to delete it and reinstall. But, it freeze again after few days of use.
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2 years ago, uyt556
Too many ads!
Absolutely one of the worst apps! Full screen ads pop up every now and then and you can’t disable it until the ads are played for about 30s or longer. Total waste of time and I will never download any of the recommended apps because of the annoying practicing of shoveling the horrible ads through your throat. The app developer has no sense of how to properly treat their users.
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2 years ago, username udl
User name registered but activated but stuck in “under check”
While the only way to resolve it is to post a message under feedback forum, which itself requires an active user name. Frustrating!
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3 years ago, unknownusr
Could not be connected
All of sudden, app is not working. Please fix it.
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2 years ago, TDA listen
So buggy after the last update
New phone with latest iOS. So updated this app by the way. Everything is wrong. It shows blank screen literally every place, literally every time! Poor quality.
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3 years ago, Scientist2010
Cannot connect to news
Showing “do not connect, please try again” every time with no contends uploaded. Install and uninstall do not help. I think it comes from the last version upgrade.
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2 years ago, jdfbfjhreb
Full screen ad without close button
Full screen ad without close button only force close the app. I want to give this app zero stars instead of one star.
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2 years ago, Xtele2000
The ads are so annoying
I understand ads are necessary, but the way ads are being displayed is making the app almost a pain to use.
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11 months ago, SeriouslReviwer99
Poor customer services and no responses at all
This business seems to treat her customers/members in a disrespectful way. They closed memberships’ accounts without any notice and rejected to respond any email inquiries. Very unprofessional!!!
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1 year ago, Greypoint01
It should be 0 star
Random pop up ads like other users mentioned. App is slow. Wasting time to install it. You should never try to install it.
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7 days ago, msftml
Raises device temperature
When launching, it immediately raises the device temperature. It maybe caused by bug or on purpose background execution. It at least damage battery on device.
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8 months ago, Icesalmon
Reading experience
Apart from the prevalent ads, I’ve found that scrolling isn’t smooth at all. Is this a known issue? And does the app support high refresh rates?
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6 years ago, Palmbreeze
Not able to insert picture/video on IPhone 8 Plus
Somehow this app, even though it shows a black text box asking you to allow access to photos, clicking on the text box does not bring up the standard iOS message asking whether you allows this app access to photos. So this app is not shown in the list of apps that have requested for photo access, and thus user cannot enable photo access. Very bummed!! Please fix it!
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2 years ago, s_reader
Printing support
Would like to see if this app can enable printing article from HP smart printing mobile app.
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4 years ago, endutuvhsktoejg
Too many ads. Biased news ...
One-sided, biased news from well known propaganda media sources.
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4 years ago, t56301
Crappy app
Slow and taking up lots of resources on the phone. Worst app ever used.
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2 years ago, woaini007
Too many forced ads
Bad bad
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4 years ago, Ftwnjp
Very biased, don’t waste time
Very biased, don’t waste time. Most news are fake or misleading.
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4 years ago, DesperateForVPN
dead app
Wont even display a jack! Must be bunch of retarded idiots running the app... LOL
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3 years ago, 樱桃女
fake news more and more
fake news more and more
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7 years ago, fyuanster
Bug exists
The functionality of sharing news with wechat is not working, and it always populated an error message saying bundlid can not be found.
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7 years ago, 脆弱的手镯
Ads will play sound automatically
If you looking news in a quite place like in bed, the ads will play automatically and scare you like your device got virus. If this happens when you in a public restroom, people will wondering what your are watching when you are in there? :) delete it will stop the surprise.
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8 years ago, MikeLovesHDR
Give back the font size zoom function plz
Fonts of the latest version is smaller. Don't like it. Also plz restore the fonts size zoom function. Thank you!
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11 years ago, DanceTango1
Speed is #1, but can't share articles
The performance of this app is super on iPhone! Much better than other apps I tried. I would give 5 stars if it allows sharing.
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10 years ago, -121-
Regret for the software upgrade
I regretted the updates because the ad is just simply annoying. I can tolerate moderate ad but not loading all the time. In addition, it resizes the screen every time it loads a new ad. At first it has a bug, which requires uninstall and reinstall again. But this time I am done with it and uninstalling it for good.
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11 years ago, Arjun Brooks
overall is good
Suggestion for improvement for news detail view: 1. Font is too small. 2. News Header should NOT always there when scrolling. Give more space for news content.
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8 years ago, Dogsrule1239
Cannot click open first level responses
When I read the forums in the app, I can click open the main topic, but I cannot open any of the responses--most of which have following-up responses.
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9 years ago, Fjk390
Worst upgrade
This new upgrade did only one annoying thing in that it add ads everywhere. There is even pop up ads with voices and sounds. You cannot even close the ads for a few seconds. Very disappointed. I quit using the apps. If there is a 0 star rating, I will give it!
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11 years ago, Entropylife
Happy in general
But no option to find top blogs, and no search option.
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6 years ago, A long time WXC reader
Very annoying in-your-face video ads.
The ads are getting more annoying. I understand you want to make a profit. But not like this. Uninstalled it and will never look at it again. Just use the web version.
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11 years ago, Liang79
Need font settings
This is a straight forward and usable app. However it does need a "Settings" section with capability to increase font size.
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6 years ago, Apparently a bug
Can’t change font size
It does have options for small, medium, and large font size, but whatever you choose, it will only show the default medium size, which is way too big on iPhone.
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6 years ago, Shawn006
Cannot close comments
Once you open comments, you cannot close it. You also do not see if your comments get posted or not.
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8 years ago, Nafgnahz
Font too small after the update
Please add setting to change font size
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10 years ago, Domo1980
Annoying ads, slow loading
Need refresh to load news.
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10 years ago, 青青子衿——悠悠我心
Full of Ads
Thanks for the fix. I still have to give it one star. I understand putting ads is necessary to make money and keep the development going, but please not on every single page. It is too much.
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6 years ago, Simpleaf
Pop up with the same ad which I can’t get rid off!
The apparel ads from the same company keeps popping up, I tried hundreds of times to have it removed, it still pops up no matter what, drives me nuts!
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11 years ago, Jackxpi
Font is too small!
The header font is fine, but the content font is too small. It would be better if the latter were configurable. Or simply use a larger font.
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4 years ago, 登陆权
Need rating reviews function
Rating reviews is a most important function. Please make it happen!
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5 years ago, 悠嘻屁屁猴
Bugs everywhere
app will exit when you try to zoom in pictures. No reason cannot refresh the news.
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6 years ago, hdiicmndjcubaq
iPhone 5s does not work with the latest version.
Upgraded the software version, but does not work on iPhone 5s.
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5 years ago, svchw
Ad mania
Latest version has mandatory ads popping up on every news click. Awful experience. stupid move from wenxuecity. You’ll lose all the readers.
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5 years ago, phuuuuck
Worst app in history
Nothing shows when opened. Tons of bug and glitches are everywhere. Will never use this app again.
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5 years ago, Louisville2011
Does not work
Recently the app stop loading news and contents. Deleted and reinstalled but it has similar problem. Need to upgrade.
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10 years ago, Jack Zheng
Crash & full of ads !!!
App crash when starting. After uninstalling & installing, so many ads found in each screen. Garbage app!
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10 years ago, zathuria
Crashes after the upgrade! Fix it please
Crashes right away after the upgrades
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11 years ago, GordonSSL
font too small
Font size should be configurable
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11 years ago, Eagle eye mv
Great news app!
The best Wenxuecity news app! Simple and clean, and fastest!
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8 years ago, happycow222
Worsen than previous version
This is worst update and it eliminates many good features. I don't like it and please go back to last version.
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6 years ago, JGao
crashed when opening
Please fix. The app crashes at every opening. It start happening yesterday. iOS 12.0.1
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