WESH 2 News - Orlando

4.6 (5.1K)
110.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WESH 2 News - Orlando

4.62 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Barb of Silver Springs
WESH 2 staff
Your news anchors along with the rest of your staff are very professional, respond to messages and comments, are always nicely dressed and take their responsibilities seriously. But at the same time they display some sense of humor when it is appropriate. I watch many of your news programs daily and the only change I would like to see is a little variation between the topics between 4-5-6 and between 10 and 11.
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6 years ago, GFelter
Click on notification to not be brought to that article
This app is average and the main problem is when you receive a notification about a particular article in Notification Center and click the notification, the app is merely opened. You are not taken to that specific article. This makes the app much less useful to me. If I click the notification I want to be taken to that article. Most every app that displays something in Notification Center takes you to that particular subject when the app opens. Edit: There have been several app updates since I wrote the review a while ago. The issue has not been fixed. When you click on a push notification you are brought to the main page and not the specific article the push was for. The app is now uninstalled. I can not think of another app where you select the notification and are not directed to the specific article. Bye WESH 2 news.
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6 years ago, CentFlaFam
Unnecessary Notifications and Bloated Ads 👎
Used to use this app as my first source of news. Have noticed most of the content is extremely negative with very little positive news. Local news text alerts are horrifying, babies being mailed to death... I had to remove alerts because (although I know bad things unfortunately do happen) I can’t take hearing such horrifying news every single day! I have also given up on streaming news because the ads are so terribly long, by the time the news loads... the spacex rocket has already launched or I have lost interest in trying to see the news and moved onto something else. Please bring back a more user friendly app for your long time viewers who just want relevant news that may affect us in our area!
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5 years ago, Videoeditman
Great content, horrible execution then this happened
I’ve reviewed a handful of apps ever, but needed to write one for this. Content is fresh, mostly local. Like their website news is not updated after the initial story, and they don’t have the same news stories they had on air. The worst is on weekends the app blasts clickbait notifications that have nothing to do with local news and you can’t turn it off. I kept the app for now but disabled all notifications of news. The other bothersome, but important part of ads. When you get a notification of some urgent content like say a tornado warning, you have to watch a long ad before you view the news. I understand the ad setup, it this gets quite frustrating when it’s important.
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5 years ago, FLMomOfThree
Can do without the loud ads automatically playing.
I love WESH and for the most part I like the app. My biggest complaint is when I get a news alert or want to open an article, it automatically starts playing an ad....loudly if my phone volume isn't turned off. This is inconvenient and there should be a way to open an article and not have the ad before the story start playing right away. I close out of the app and never read the article when this happens. It's too aggravating and embarrassing if it happens when others are around me.
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5 years ago, KimSzath
Dear WESH,
I love your station, and I go to your app first for my local news when I’m away from the house. Please, please stop running ads when there’s an emergency, such as BAD WEATHER. During Hurricane Irma, I needed updates, and freaking everything I tried to see cost me minutes of previous time watching advertisements! I uninstalled your app after that for months as a protest—I’m sure you didn’t care that you list ONE user... but please. Use common sense.
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6 years ago, Smalvin32163
It’s very reassuring to know I can find any all stories happening in my area and all the way to the coast. I can’t always catch the evening broadcast, but I can always check into the app. Emergency alerts, weather, major crimes, sports, special interest, arts and happenings and all the stories that bring a smile to my face. I feel like they’ve tried very hard to give the big picture. What more could I ask for?!! Just keep up the good work!!!
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4 years ago, Above C Level
Early Morning News
I moved to NE in early March. As an early riser I would watch Jason Guy and the rest of the morning crew. I was surprised that Amy wasn’t going to be a part of the early weather team. I miss y’all and the excellent reporting WESH has done and continues to do. I’ve got you’re app on my phone so I can see you. The local NBC station has a lot to do to catch up with you. All the best to everyone and here’s hoping the I4 Ultimate is making progress. 😊🇺🇸👋
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4 years ago, mebss
I find your app to be one of the more reliable news sources. Thank you for your dedication to timely and accurate information. I'm also impressed by the range of your TV News Anchors. The longevity of those like Dan, Claire and Gail is perfectly complimented by Jazmin, Stuart, Meredith, Jim and Stewart. Thank you for building and sustaining the careers of so many. The depth of the reporting is greatly enhanced because of their dedication.
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4 years ago, akastitch
Horrible morning streaming
I live in eastern Polk Co so of course my tv services cover Tampa and not Orlando.....I was so happy to see that part of this app was live streaming of the news. Well, it’s terrible. It makes you sit through anywhere from 2-12 adds at a time and when it returns it’s in the middle of the story......it’s so glitchy, it freezes then goes black, it also plays like a broken record, it will play the same 15 seconds or so several times.....please fix this I was happy to see my favorite news channel streamed, but this app needs so much work
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6 years ago, Jidyoung
From a Newcomers Perspective!
WESH News app has done an Outstanding job at keeping me updated and well informed! And FAST and ON TIME! I can be at home but in my kitchen , where national news can be heard from the den but my WESH News app has ALREADY alerted me on my phone nearby occurrences!!! Coming from the West coast so much of this can be new info to my knowledge and WESH News app delivers CLEAR AND EFFICIENTLY!!! Thanx and keep up the good work!!!
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5 years ago, jcirwin69
Miss the weather app
Navigating through the weather portion of this phone app is annoying...or I’m not seeing things clearly enough..all I want to do is check the weather with radar. I watch the news if i want, do not need to see it here too...very much miss the previous weather only app. Also, I get nothing but a black screen when I open the app. Have deleted and reloaded to no avail. Has been happening for two weeks at least. I’ve stopped even trying to open it...thank God for the NOAA app so I can track the weather reliably.
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5 years ago, My2Toys
Too many ads!!
This is my favorite for the news but there’s WAY TOO MANY ADS!! You can’t watch a video without an ad and most of the time it’s the same one repeated in each video. You can’t understand half of what she’s saying so it’s a waste of time anyway. I’ve quit watching most videos because of this. Plus I get an alert on my phone for a story, click on it but many times it doesn’t take me to it. Without these issues I would give 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Okayiswell
WESH 2 reporting
We moved here from New York. After checking all the local news channels, we chose WESH 2. Your news stories are reported with the facts with no agenda by your station. It is refreshing and informative. The American public is quite capable of hearing facts and making an informed decision. I thank you and applaud you on your faith in your viewership
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4 years ago, Alex Alexson
This app is unusable - won’t even open
If you live in the Orlando area and want breaking news alerts without more information this is the app for you! You will get multiple alerts a day, mostly meaningless spam and the few worth looking into won’t open in the app. Actually the app doesn’t open but has a beautiful loading screen animation that I could stare at for hours while wondering what other information was relevant until I fall asleep. Overall 0/10 go find another news app for Orlando this one is awful. Despite the garbage app WESH news is reliable.
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2 years ago, OrlandoGRITS
WESH 2 App
This is my “ go to” local news app. The interactive radar however is extremely frustrating, first because you must chosise either Past or future, then it’s runs SO FAST it’s impossible to get a clear idea of the timeline….. you can’t watch the time and the weather map at the same time. I tried emailing them and never received any response. Slow that radar display down so it’s useful!
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4 years ago, Mint latte
My favorite in the early morning.
Lots of up to date information and a big start with the weather and road conditions. I like the morning team and it makes me feel they are friends and want me to “join in” on their get together. Well done.
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4 years ago, Jbo5503
They are extremely slow at keeping articles current. One example-Today is May 26. This is the first day the articles with supposedly the updated Covid-19 information isn’t from May 4. When a notification for breaking news pops up and you click on the link, it doesn’t take you to the breaking news, it takes you to the main page. They keep old news on the main page. Just disappointed with this app. Doesn’t reflect or compliment the news team very well.
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6 years ago, Dan Lebatard
Articles never open after swiping on them
You know what’s annoying? Getting an alert from this app, swiping on the notification expecting to be taken straight to the article or video, only to be taken to the home page and not being able to even find the article or video. What’s the point in even giving notifications if the user can’t find the article or making them scroll continuously to find it? There’s no point in even having push notifications on for this app
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1 month ago, ss2012-1
Location required
You are REQUIRED to provide access to your location just to use the app. As in it won’t even open unless I agree. I shouldn’t need to allow access to my location to read the news. I can manually add my location if I want “personalized “ weather. I never allow notifications of any kind from news apps, so they don’t need it for that purpose either. Really poor WESH. The local FOX and WFTV apps don’t require it, so I’ll just use their app instead.
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4 years ago, Dr Starbuck
WESH Channel 2
Hello folks, I moved to Florida with the family 40 years ago from Western New York. We have been watching Channel 2 since the move! There has always been good journalism combined with appealing reporters, unbiased and fair!!! Plus I am an avid fan of NBC World News also, the channel stays right there! Thanks for all you do!!!
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4 years ago, TechPhotoFan
Too many intrusive ads
I installed this app over a year ago. I turned notifications on after the Coronavirus pandemic was in full force. However, when I click on a notification the first thing to open is an ad or promotion video. There are so many intrusive ads in the app that it makes it annoying and a waste of time to attempt to read the news report or watch a video. I decided to delete the app. I’ll try using their website to see if it is more useful.
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5 years ago, Nana948
I was a WFTV person until 2 years ago I just got tired of the same silly stuff that they do. So I started watching you on weekends with Alex and Eric then I started watching during the week and I was hooked . I love the personal touch between anchors primarily Jason and Michelle. Thank you for such a great team of personnel
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4 years ago, Vikter_57
Wesh2 news
I just love how Wesh2 shows what’s going on in the local counties. Especially the weather. No other news app/stations tell what’s happening in my county. Since I’ve only lived in Kissimmee for almost five years now. So that information is especially important. 👍🙂
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6 years ago, Pokecreeper21
It’s ok...
There are some things that I am happy I got this app for... ex: I was going to go see a movie but I saw an alert that there was a shooting at my local theater, so I didn’t go. But other things are pointless I get alerts for things that really aren’t anybody’s concern like things about a love letter that was found from 1977 like nobody cares about that i only need this for important things and the app does that.
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3 years ago, Tune Taur
Wants to send you to the App Store to buy crap
As far as news apps go, this is decent, but I absolutely LOATH that every day I launch the app, I get a dialog that wants to send to “Carb Watcher” or some other. If I wanted that app, I’d already have it. I’d would MUCH rather have an innocuous banner ad. But if I get a pop-up, I’ll close it without reading it. And I’ll likely uninstall this app.
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5 years ago, Angrymomsunited
Mediocre at best
It’s nice to have news in your pocket but the articles are typically FULL of errors (grammatical and otherwise). The “breaking news” updates come through roughly 12 hours after the news actually broke. Hoping to stay updated on the weekend? Forget it. Friday evening-Monday morning your news stays the same(I guess news doesn’t happen on weekends). It’s handy to do a quick weather check though!
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4 years ago, Tennisfan63
Accurate reporting
I relocated from Virginia to Florida and the news I’m used to getting was hit and miss. Now that I have the app, I get news before its reported in Virginia or DC. and it’s always accurate but not exaggerated. They report it not try to influence.
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2 years ago, Baseline45
Maybe It’s Just Me
But when the Breaking News stories pop up on my screen and I go to the website they won’t be there. Quite often I’m in the middle of something else and can’t look at the moment. I’ll look a few minutes later and can’t find the Breaking News story.
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5 years ago, pixieshor
Dear news
This news channel is awesome I can play every thing is awesome when I am watching it the weather forecast and traffic camera it is the best🥰🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🦄🦄🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌻🌻🌻🌼🌺 to wesh 2 news 🍻🥂💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 it’s like my birthday on Christmas 🎄 day🎅🏻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😺😺😺👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🤠🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳☺️☺️☺️☺️😁😁😁😁
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5 years ago, MelissaParrot
Yours is my favorite station to watch in the morning, but now that I don’t have cable I have to use my iPhone app to watch. And boy is it glitchy. Video stops and goes back 10 seconds several times in a row, and sometimes just stops all together. It has to be the app because the other news channel app I use does not do this. :(
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4 years ago, Rkirtlee
Current News
Too many times WESH will notify of breaking news. The headline will be about a recent event but the article will be 5 days old. News in the app should be updated more often. You have to check the date to see if you are reading about current events or something written a week ago.
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3 years ago, AuthenticCount99
Even when phone is in silent mode, opening up the app forces a very loud commercial to play in an attempt to force app users to hear it... how insulting! And if advertisers are willing to pay more to force their advertisements on people, they too are part of the problem and should realize it doesn’t attract people to their brand or product. People often must put their phone in silent mode for very good reasons, but the marketing folks at WESH obviously don’t respect that. Very foolish.
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5 years ago, smartini24
Commercials ruin it
This morning it played the same commercial 6 times. 6! I’ve been using this app for a year now and loved everything but the live TV commercials. I definitely don’t think they’re taking into account their audience. Money is money, but at some point they have to consider people don’t want to hear 6x in a row Toyota is clearancing 2019 models. 🙄
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3 years ago, G8tergir1
News that only matters to the Left
Much of WESH Channel 2’s News only lends itself to the favor of the Left in America. Truth in Our News is what matters! Listening you however “We The People” in this area do get Central Florida’s info First from WESH Channel 2 before anyone else 👍Thanks for that!!!
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5 years ago, artandnumbers
Notification are often click bait
I have deleted this app before. I want to have notifications on so that I know of weather alerts and breaking news that matters to the community at large. Don’t send me alerts about someone’s toilet exploding in a thunderstorm or other sensationalized headline whose only purpose is to get me to open the story.
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4 years ago, andsing
Too many commercials
When we get notification of a “breaking” story and then open the app we have to sit through sometimes multiple advertisements before finally getting to the story. While I know advertisers help pay for the app service when a story is critical or “breaking” I should not have to sit through so many commercials before getting to it.
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3 years ago, Diane in Florida
Have commercials able to skip past if we don’t want to see them. Don’t have every story live. I just want to read the news, not have it live on every story.
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6 years ago, William L. C.
Pop Up Adds
Ever since I did the latest update there are now pop up adds that repeatedly take over the screen. On average I have to close the add about 3 to 4 times each time I am reading a small article. As this is a local news channel for me and one of my most used apps on my phone it is very sad that I am putting it “away” into a folder to see if the next update fixes it. If not I will be deleting it. (Please fix this!)
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4 years ago, @manlake
Radar man
I throughly enjoy checking in with your active radar. My wife drives from Titusville to Jacksonville twice a week and with active radar we can see what’s ahead for severe weather if any. It’s very helpful anytime so thanks.
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4 years ago, VegasNeal
WESH Weekends
I love WESH and all of the professional staff who bring us the news every day. The only downside is the app on the weekends. The news is not updated and the weather stays on the same day through most weekends. The app is not reliable on weekends. I have to look elsewhere for news and weather.
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6 years ago, Bkind1234
My review
I use this app mostly to check weather reports, it is good for that. I also check local news. My only complaint is I keep getting kicked off the app for some reason, annoying as I have to go back in and start over.
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7 years ago, Deacon Golden
News concern
Really love your news especially striving so hard to get it quick & correct. Now this hurricane season has been difficult to cover however I don’t see any coverage of US Virgin Island. Overall I Thank you for your broadcast news teams.
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5 years ago, LucFon2
Needs to be improved!
Sometimes you receive a notification and cannot even find the article. Some notifications are of something we have heard about for three or four days. Also I just hate having them come crying because you didn’t look at something for a few days, sometimes you can be away or too busy to check it. I love TV Chanel 2 but this is in need of improvement!
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5 years ago, 1887butterfly
Great news app
I love/use this app because I am originally from central Florida, but I live on the west coast now. So you can see that I can keep track of the weather and other news alerts. I have called and told family members about weather warnings, traffic alerts.
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4 years ago, Many Hats
I used to really enjoy the news alerts but having to here the alert sound every time it rains is really annoying. This is almost summer in Florida. It always rains! Maybe just severe warnings.
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4 years ago, fresget
It had a bug they fixed it great
Thank you wesh 2 News stay safe and thank you again.. I wasn’t able to watch not one now I’m able and works great thank you...
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5 years ago, Monica65
Why do ads cut lines out of the stories?
I like this station for local news. But, when I try to read stories in this app, anywhere an ad is inserted within a story, the story loses a line of text. I understand the ads are needed, but sometimes the missing line is important to the story.
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6 years ago, Pine Island Pam
Received notification, can’t find story
This app is average. I get frustrated when I receive a news notification and then can’t find the story. When I open the notification, it takes me only to the app, not the story. After unsuccessful searching, I open a different news app to read the story. Find myself using other apps more.
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5 years ago, DLholdem
I’d gladly PAY
Please with the ads already!! I would gladly pay a monthly subscription to avoid all the ads. It’s a great app, but the ads are killing me. Could you make another app available for subscription based so I can get my news without ads?
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